Sermon Transcript – The First Fruits of the Harvest

Series B – Pentecost Sunday – Sunday, May 24, 2015 | Pr. Chris Rosebrough

Welcome to the Teaching Ministry of Kongsvinger Lutheran Church. Kongsvinger is a beacon for the Gospel of Jesus Christ and is located on the plains of Northwestern Minnesota.
We proclaim Christ and Him crucified for our sins and salvation by grace through faith alone, and now, here’s a message from Pastor Chris Rosebrough:
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0:28the holy Gospel According to Saint John
0:30chapter 15 verses 26-27 and then chapter
0:3416 Verses 4 through 15.
0:38when the counselor comes whom I will
0:40send to you from the Father the spirit
0:43of Truth who goes out from the father he
0:45will testify about me and you also must
0:48testify for you have been with me from
0:50the beginning
0:52now I am going to him who sent me yet
0:55none of you asks me where are you going
0:57because I have said these things you are
0:59filled with grief but I tell you the
1:01truth it is for your good that I am
1:02going away unless I go away the
1:05counselor will not come to you but if I
1:07go I will send him to you when he comes
1:10he will convict the world of guilt in
1:12regard to sin and righteousness and
1:14judgment in regard to sin because men do
1:17not believe in me in regard to
1:19righteousness because I am going to the
1:20father where you can see me no longer
1:22and in regard to judgment because the
1:25prince of this world now stands
1:26condemned I have much to say to you more
1:30than you can now bear but when he the
1:33spirit of truth comes he will guide you
1:35into all truth he will not speak on his
1:38own he will speak only what he hears and
1:41he will tell you what is yet to come
1:45he will bring joy to me by taking from
1:47what is mine and making it known to you
1:49all that belongs to the father is mine
1:52that is why I said the spirit will take
1:55from what is mine and make it known to
1:57you this is the gospel of the Lord in
2:00the name of Jesus
2:04the word itself Pentecost is derived
2:07from the Greek word Pentecost means 50th
2:10and it stood for the festival celebrated
2:12on the 50th day after the Passover so
2:15you got seven weeks that’s 49 plus one
2:18right in the Old Testament this festival
2:21called shavu oath that’s the Feast of
2:24Weeks is referred to in scripture in
2:26Exodus 34 in Deuteronomy 16 as that
2:29exactly the Feast of Weeks because it
2:31occurs seven weeks after the Passover
2:33other names include from Exodus 23 the
2:37Feast of harvest because of its
2:39relationship with harvest the harvest
2:41season and the day of first fruits in
2:44numbers 28 because two loaves of newly
2:47ground grain were presented before the
2:49Lord this latter name however should be
2:51distinguished from the offering the
2:53firstfruits at the beginning of the
2:54harvest season as mentioned in Leviticus
2:5623 it seems rather technical but here’s
2:58the idea when we read the Old Testament
3:00the Old Testament is types and shadows
3:03the Fulfillment Christ in the New
3:06Testament so think of it this way the
3:09Feast of Weeks which is the day of
3:10Pentecost was one of the three Old
3:12Testament pilgrimage festivals where
3:15individuals were commanded by none other
3:17than Yahweh himself to appear before the
3:20Lord with gifts and offerings so there’s
3:23three times you have to appear before
3:25the Lord if you were a Jew in the old
3:26Covenant Passover feast of weeks and
3:30then of course the day of atonement the
3:32festival was primarily a Harvest
3:33Festival and celebrated the end of The
3:37Barley harvest in the beginning of the
3:38winter wheat Harvest
3:40Harvest is a big deal so as we look at
3:43Pentecost think of its Old Testament
3:46significance that what we are seeing on
3:49the day of Pentecost is the first fruits
3:52of the Harvest
3:54that’s what we’re seeing and so we
3:57return to our text in the book of Acts
3:59Acts chapter 2 it says this when the day
4:02of Pentecost came they were all together
4:04in one place and suddenly a sound like
4:07the blowing of a violent wind here comes
4:10the Holy Spirit came from heaven filled
4:13the whole house where they were sitting
4:15they saw what seemed to be tongues of
4:17fire that separated and came to rest on
4:20each of them they were all filled with
4:21the Holy Spirit and began to speak in
4:23other languages we’ve got to be careful
4:25there’s a lot of abuse today in
4:28Pentecostal churches regarding the gift
4:29of tongues what passes for the gift of
4:32tongues in many churches is not the gift
4:33of tongues at all it’s utter gibberish
4:35it’s speak what this text is saying is
4:38that people who had never taken a
4:40berlitz course never studied you know
4:43the Rosetta Stone software were able to
4:46miraculously be able to speak in
4:48languages that they had never studied
4:51and they were Galilean fishermen to boot
4:53yeah so we’re talking about other
4:56languages now the fire of the fire of
4:59the Holy Spirit comes in fire falls on
5:02them this hearkens back to Moses and the
5:04burning bush when the fire burned the
5:07Bush was not consumed by the fire and
5:10God spoke
5:12so now the burning bush is not a bush
5:15the burning bush literally are human
5:18beings the spirit coming and consuming
5:21them but not consuming them and so when
5:24they speak they are not speaking on
5:25their own the burning bush now is the
5:28speaking forth the word of God a Word of
5:31Deliverance From Slavery much like Moses
5:35and the text then says this now that
5:37we’re staying in Jerusalem God fearing
5:38Jews from every nation they were
5:40commanded by God to be there that’s why
5:41they were there so this is a good place
5:43to kick off the church if you would the
5:45beginning of the firstfruits of the
5:46Harvest and when they heard this sound a
5:49crowd came together and bewildered it
5:51because each one heard them speaking in
5:53his own language utterly amazed they
5:56asked are not these men who are speaking
6:00can kind of read the subtext here these
6:03guys are kind of like unschooled
6:05unlettered dudes you know they’re a
6:07bunch of rednecks how are they able to
6:09do this
6:11then how is it that each of us hears
6:13them in his own language
6:16parthenians medes elamites residents of
6:18Mesopotamia Judea Cappadocia Pontius and
6:21Asia figuria and panphilia Egypt in the
6:23parts of Libya near Cyrene visitors from
6:26Rome both Jews and converts cretans and
6:29Arabs we hear them listen to this
6:31declaring the wonders of God in our own
6:35they’re hearing the gospel the wonders
6:37of God their hearing proclaimed in their
6:40ears in their own language that God
6:42raised Jesus from the grave here hearing
6:45them being called to repent and to
6:48believe in Jesus Christ the Messiah for
6:50the Forgiveness of their sins and
6:52they’re wondering how this is a bunch of
6:53rednecks are the ones preaching it
6:55amazed and perplexed they asked one
6:59another what does this mean
7:04so on the day of Pentecost Jesus’s
7:07apostles his disciples and those who
7:09were baptized they were baptized with
7:11fire and with power and they were not
7:13consumed by the fire of God and they
7:15spoke and God spoke through them in a
7:18way kind of reversing the curse of the
7:21Tower of Babel the spirit speaks to the
7:23disciples the people from around the
7:25world gathered in Jerusalem here the
7:26gospel proclaimed in their own languages
7:28and this was not meaningless gibberish
7:30these were known
7:32human languages
7:36human beings being what human beings are
7:38whenever we see the miraculous among us
7:41we have to come up with an explanation
7:43for it a reasonable way of kind of
7:45brushing it aside clearly what is
7:47happening in taking place before their
7:49very eyes is a miracle but human reason
7:51being what human reasoning is we’ve got
7:53to figure out a way to get rid of that
7:55so the plausible explanation was put
7:58forward some however made fun of them
8:00and said they have had too much wine
8:04we’ve got to find a way to explain this
8:05way clearly these galileans are drunk
8:09now I don’t know about you but
8:12if you’ve had a little bit too much wine
8:14you not only do not learn how to speak
8:16fluently other languages you begin to
8:19struggle with the one that you have
8:23you start to slur your words and things
8:25like that yeah
8:28yeah right anyway it’s not it’s not wine
8:32okay this is not a plausible explanation
8:35but notice how our sinful nature is and
8:37this is what our sinful nature does when
8:39it comes to things like baptism and the
8:41Lord’s Supper water can’t wash away sins
8:43of course it can’t silly it’s water and
8:46the word of God
8:48stop trying to explain it away with your
8:50reason Christ can’t truly be up in
8:52heaven at the right hand of the father
8:54and truly present in with and Under The
8:57Bread and Wine when we take communion
8:58that’s not possible
9:01how do you know it’s not possible who
9:03made you God
9:04Jesus said takey this is my body take
9:06drink this is my blood shed for you for
9:09the Forgiveness of your sins
9:11so notice how human reason tries to
9:13explain away what God is doing right so
9:17Peter get in control of the situation
9:19stood up with the eleven raised his
9:21voice and he addressed the crowd fellow
9:23Jews and all of you who live in
9:24Jerusalem let me explain this to you pay
9:27attention this is an Apostolic inspired
9:30by the Holy Spirit
9:31explanation of the events that are
9:33taking place and see that’s the thing is
9:36that when it comes to scripture it has a
9:38lot of history in it but if God had not
9:40revealed to us the Theology of the
9:43historical events how would we know what
9:45they mean theologically and doctrinally
9:47right so Peter stands up and he’s going
9:49to explain all this fellow Jews and all
9:51of you who live in Jerusalem let me
9:52explain listen carefully to what I say
9:55very important words listen carefully
9:59pay attention God is speaking
10:02these men are not drunk as you suppose
10:05let’s just get that out of the way it’s
10:07only nine in the morning even we
10:09galileans don’t drink this early in the
10:11day that’s kind of what he’s saying
10:14he says no this is what was spoken by
10:17the prophet Joel in the last days God
10:20says I will pour out my spirit on all
10:22people your sons and daughters will
10:24prophesy your young men will see Visions
10:26your old men will dream dreams even on
10:30even on my servants both men and women I
10:33will pour out my spirit in those days
10:35and they will prophesy I will show you
10:37wonders in Heaven above and signs on the
10:39earth below blood and fire and Billows
10:42of smoke
10:43the sun will be turned to Darkness
10:45the moon to blood before the coming of
10:47the great and glorious day of the Lord
10:49now lest you forget
10:53here Peter is saying this is the
10:55Fulfillment of the Prophet Joel and
10:58you’re you might be tempted to think
11:00well when was the sun turned to Darkness
11:03and the moon to blood I wouldn’t that
11:05wouldn’t we have noted that
11:07were you not paying attention on Holy
11:09Week on Good Friday when Christ was
11:12crucified at noon it says the sun was
11:16and the moon did not give its light
11:19it was an eclipse of all eclipses even
11:22recorded in ancient history in Rome and
11:24in China this event
11:26people noted it
11:28a very dark and terrible day and when
11:31that happens is that not a sign of God’s
11:33judgment think of the darkness that
11:36befell Egypt and Pharaoh when they
11:39refused to let the people of God go it
11:40was a darkness that could be felt
11:42remember this is a sign of God’s
11:44judgment and truly Christ was
11:49God found him guilty found him to be the
11:52sinner and you say how is that possible
11:54he was completely sinless
11:56oh it’s real simple God has laid on him
11:59the iniquity of us all
12:01each and every one of us born dead and
12:03trespasses and sins our sin was put on
12:06Christ and was punished
12:09down to the dregs
12:12and so it was such a terrible and dark
12:14event that not even the sun could give
12:16its light
12:17and so all of these people there the day
12:19of Pentecost just seven weeks ago
12:22they remember that day of utter darkness
12:25and the strange things were taking place
12:28and so here Peter by the holy spirit
12:30with the fire on him that isn’t
12:32consuming him and now God is speaking
12:34and saying this is what was fulfilled by
12:36the prophet Joel
12:37and you remember when the sun was
12:39darkened and the moon was turned to
12:41blood it just happened seven weeks ago
12:46so truly this was fulfilled
12:49the sun will be turned to Darkness the
12:51moon’s blood before the coming of the
12:52great and glorious day of the Lord and
12:55here’s the kicker
12:57and everyone who calls on the name of
13:01the Lord will be saved
13:06no one is excluded
13:09call on the name of the Lord
13:11today is the day of salvation
13:14trust in him believe repent of your sins
13:16and your wickedness put away your
13:18idolatry put away your adulteries put
13:21away your lies put away your slander
13:23stop coveting your neighbor’s stuff I
13:26don’t care if he has a red tractor
13:33put it all away repent there’s
13:36forgiveness being offered this day
13:38and this is what Jesus said the Holy
13:40Spirit has come and remember in Our
13:42Gospel text what did Jesus say the
13:44spirit would do
13:47this is important
13:49how do you know the spirit is working
13:50Among Us
13:53there are churches today sadly who think
13:55that the spirit is working when people
13:56fall on the ground and writhe looking
13:59like they’re being electrocuted to death
14:01or when the supposedly the spirit comes
14:03upon them and they start barking like
14:04dogs or laughing uncontrollably you know
14:07that this is these are not
14:08manifestations of the Holy Spirit
14:10Jesus said when he the spirit comes he
14:14will convict the world of sin and guilt
14:17and righteousness and judgment
14:21how do you know the spirit is working
14:22Among Us
14:24when God’s law convicts us of our sin
14:28when God’s word convicts us of our own
14:33and when we’re comforted with the
14:34assurance that Christ is bled and died
14:36for our sins and called to repent and
14:37believed that’s how we know the spirit
14:40is working because that’s what Jesus
14:41said when he comes he will convict the
14:43world of guilt in regard to sin and
14:45righteousness and judgment in regard to
14:47sin because men do not believe in me in
14:49regard to righteousness and judgment
14:51in regard to sin because men do not
14:53believe in me in regard to righteousness
14:54because I’m going to the father where
14:56you where where you can see me no longer
14:58and in regard to judgment because now
15:00pay attention to this listen to these
15:03because the prince of this world now
15:05stands condemned
15:08Jesus didn’t say you stand condemned
15:11he said the Holy Spirit
15:13would convict the world of judgment
15:15because the prince of this world now
15:18stands condemned that’s not you and me
15:20that’s the devil
15:22the one whom we were born in bondage to
15:25he now stands condemned he’s overthrown
15:29his power has been brought to not he can
15:32no longer hold you in slavery
15:38now think back to our old testament text
15:40two ways to read this we’ll read it both
15:44so it’s the day of Pentecost
15:46take what you’re listening here and
15:49think of now Peter is Ezekiel
15:53the Holy Spirit has come people can hear
15:56it but you know what their dead and
15:58trespasses and sins
16:01they are literally
16:03a valley of dry bones
16:06so listen to the preaching the hand of
16:08the Lord was upon me Ezekiel said and he
16:10brought me out by the spirit of the Lord
16:12and set me in the middle of a valley it
16:14was full of Bones
16:16that’s right every single human being
16:19descended from Adam and Eve
16:21through the natural way
16:23is born dead and trespasses and sins
16:27when you go to the store you are Among
16:29The Walking Dead
16:33so he set me in the middle of valley
16:34with full of Bones he led me back and
16:36forth among them and I saw a great many
16:38bones on the floor of the valley bones
16:39that were dry and he asked me son of man
16:42can these bones live
16:45seems like a difficult question for a
16:46human so Ezekiel cops out oh Lord
16:50uh you know
16:53yeah the answer is yes by the way so
16:56then the Lord said to me prophesy to
16:58these bones and say to them dry bones
17:00hear the word of the Lord yeah that’s
17:03right Dry Bones can actually hear God’s
17:07did the darkness not hear the word of
17:09the Lord on the day first day of
17:10creation when God said let there be
17:14does Darkness have ears
17:16not that I’m aware of
17:18having an ear doesn’t make it possible
17:21for you to hear there are many people
17:22who have ears who do not hear
17:29Dry Bones hear the word of the Lord this
17:31is what the Sovereign Lord says to these
17:33bones I will make breath enter you and
17:35you will come to life I will attach
17:36tendons to you and make flesh come upon
17:38you and cover you with skin I will put
17:40breath in you and you will come to life
17:43and then you will know that I am the
17:47and while he was preaching this did not
17:50God raise to life these dry dead bones
17:55now next week Trinity Sunday we’ll hear
17:57Peter’s sermon
17:59and in that sermon we will see how God
18:02raised to life those who were so dead in
18:05trespasses and sins they were the very
18:07ones who crucified Christ they were the
18:09ones shouting crucify him right they
18:12were so dead They Crucified the Lord
18:14and yet that’s the thing the power of
18:16the word of the Lord is so remarkable
18:19God’s word never returns to him void
18:22never and so while Peter was preaching
18:25to the valley of dry bones God raised
18:28them to life and we will hear next week
18:31that they were brought to penance and
18:32faith and they were baptized and their
18:35sins were washed away and God made them
18:38fulfilling his promise all who call on
18:42the name of the Lord will be saved
18:46every one of them
18:48and we are here this morning hearing the
18:51preaching of the Apostle Peter
18:53he’s not here physically but I’ve taken
18:55his words into my mouth and they are the
18:57words inspired by God the Holy Spirit he
18:59spoke by the Lord and so today I’m
19:00giving a living voice
19:02consumed by the Holy Spirit but not
19:04destroyed God is now speaking through me
19:07to you
19:08to trust to believe to have faith
19:11believe these words everyone who calls
19:14on the name of the Lord will be saved me
19:16you anybody whom Christ would call to
19:20himself and when that happens when
19:22anybody trusts in Christ they have been
19:24truly brought from Death to life and
19:27that’s just the beginning because the
19:30other way to read Ezekiel is to
19:31understand that this also was pointing
19:34very realistically ultimately to our
19:37real Resurrection those of you who are
19:39members of Kong’s Binger if you should
19:41die before Christ returns and you join
19:44us each Sunday from out there
19:48never worry
19:50there will be a day when Christ returns
19:52in glory and he will with a shout and
19:55the trumpet of the Angel declare the end
19:58of the age and he will call you from
20:01your grave and that grave that had held
20:03you for however many years you were
20:05there will have no choice but to release
20:08and you will be alive again forever with
20:12this is what it means to be saved
20:15not facing the penalty of our sins
20:18because Christ is bled and died for them
20:21and being called from our Graves and we
20:24will know that the Lord has spoken it
20:27our eyes the very eyes that you have
20:29today right now they will see Jesus
20:33and he will not be angry with you and
20:35you will rejoice on that great day we
20:38will hug each other we will Cry tears of
20:41joy we will be gathered together with
20:43him in the clouds
20:45the Earth will pass away
20:48this universe will die
20:50and then he will make a new heavens and
20:52a new Earth
20:53and God’s Dwelling Place will be with
20:57this is the promise that the Holy Spirit
21:01has told the apostles to Proclaim to you
21:04that Christ has risen he has conquered
21:06the the ruler of this world the devil
21:09stands condemned he’s defeated
21:12come out of slavery repent believe trust
21:16call in the name of the Lord there is
21:18only mercy and forgiveness
21:21and you will be saved
21:23in the name of Jesus Amen
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