Sermon Transcript – The God Who Cares That We’re Perishing

Series B – Fourth Sunday After Pentecost – Sunday, June 21, 2015 | Pr. Chris Rosebrough

Welcome to the Teaching Ministry of Kongsvinger Lutheran Church. Kongsvinger is a beacon for the Gospel of Jesus Christ and is located on the plains of Northwestern Minnesota.
We proclaim Christ and Him crucified for our sins and salvation by grace through faith alone, and now, here’s a message from Pastor Chris Rosebrough:
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0:27The holy Gospel
0:29According to Saint Mark Chapter 4 verses
0:3235 through 41.
0:34that day when evening came Jesus said to
0:37his disciples let us go to the other
0:39side leaving the crowd behind they took
0:42him along just as he was in the boat
0:45they were also there were also other
0:47boats with him and the Furious Squall
0:50came up and the waves broke over the
0:52boat so that it was nearly swamped Jesus
0:56was in the stern sleeping on the cushion
0:58the disciples woke him and said to him
1:00teacher don’t you care if we drown he
1:04got up rebuked the wind and said to the
1:06waves quiet be still
1:09and then the wind died down and it was
1:11completely calm he said to his disciples
1:14why are you so afraid do you still have
1:16no faith and they were terrified and
1:19asked each other who is this even the
1:22wind and the waves obey him
1:25in the name of Jesus
1:29teacher don’t you care if we drown
1:31that’s our text today what a great text
1:34don’t you care if we drown let me clean
1:36up the translation a little bit though
1:37the uh the word that is translated in
1:40your Pew Bible as drown is the Greek
1:43word apalumi and it actually is better
1:45translated as don’t you care that we
1:49it means to be ruined or destroyed or to
1:52perish and I think that’s probably a
1:54better question it kind of gets at the
1:55heart of the matter uh theologically a
1:57little bit better teacher don’t you care
2:00if we perish now the world that we live
2:04in I don’t know if you’ve noticed it’s
2:07wearing out like an old set of clothes
2:09you know like you’ve got your favorite
2:11set of clothes favorite set of Levi’s
2:13and you get a rip in the knee and maybe
2:15you’ve got that old favorite flannel
2:17shirt and the elbows blow out and maybe
2:20a pocket starts to fall off this is
2:22what’s happening to our world and we
2:25personally as individuals we’re all
2:28wearing out even faster than the world
2:31our world and everything in it is going
2:33from order into utter chaos and disorder
2:37so many of the beautiful and exquisite
2:39animals that the Lord has created
2:40they’re now extinct and more are
2:43becoming extinct by the day human
2:45society and while it’s far from heading
2:47into a golden age and said Society seems
2:50poised on the brink of moral Anarchy
2:53take a look around what’s going on right
2:55and it’s hard to believe that there was
2:57a time in my life when I was young
3:04yeah but with each passing day I see
3:09more gray hair less muscle tone and even
3:12my skin is beginning to show the signs
3:14of age and wear and as I approach the
3:16age of 50 and I won’t tell you how long
3:18I have before I get there
3:21it’s becoming very clear that the next
3:2320 years of my life if I live that long
3:25will bring with it an advancing
3:27decrepitude and ultimately I’m going to
3:29perish there’s no doubt about it and my
3:32best efforts have well they’ve only
3:34slowed the inevitable in other words I’m
3:37doomed you know as scripture says the
3:39wages of sin is death and as I slowly
3:42slide towards the jaws of death there’s
3:44nothing to hold on to to keep me from
3:46being swallowed whole fact is it’s only
3:48a matter of time
3:49so we return then to our text that kind
3:52of frames our thoughts as we approach
3:53this text I want you to kind of keep
3:55chaos in mind so it says this that day
3:58when evening came Jesus said to his
4:01disciples let us go over to the other
4:02side now if you look at the immediate
4:04context here Jesus had spent an entire
4:07day doing Ministry he had preached and
4:09preached in Parables and he was spent he
4:13was literally just dog tired and if you
4:16remember a couple of weeks ago Jesus you
4:19know had this proclivity at this point
4:21of really taking his ministry to the
4:23brink at least physically for himself
4:25which is rather fascinating because
4:27Jesus is none other than God in human
4:29flesh and so he wore himself out and at
4:31one point you know we read this a couple
4:34weeks ago his own family thought that
4:35maybe he had lost his mind and they came
4:38to collect him and bring the guys with
4:39the little white jackets you know they
4:41thought he’d kind of cracked and so here
4:45it says that the evening came he said
4:47let’s go over to the other side that
4:49means the other side of the of Galilee
4:51and leaving the crowd behind they took
4:53him along just as he was just as he was
4:55as a fine way of saying he hadn’t even
4:57had a chance to shower yet so Jesus is
5:00dirty he’s stinky he’s beat right so
5:04they all got into the boat and there
5:06were also other boats with him and a
5:09furious Squall came up and the waves
5:12broke over the boat so that it was
5:14nearly swamped now in your bulletin I
5:16actually put a little information there
5:17regarding the Sea of Galilee and you’ll
5:20notice that it’s in a bowl it’s actually
5:22in a bowl geographically and as a result
5:25of this there is a collision between hot
5:28air masses and cold air masses at the
5:31Sea of Galilee and that Collision causes
5:34there to be furious squalls that come up
5:36and so for a little fishing vessel like
5:38they were probably on the White Caps
5:41would get about three four five feet
5:43high and they were swamping the boat
5:46and what was Jesus doing while all of
5:48this was going on
5:51says he was in the stern sleeping on a
5:55that’s how beat he he was right so the
6:00disciples doing what the disciples do
6:02they woke him up and then they posed
6:04this question to him teacher don’t you
6:07care if we perish
6:10don’t you care
6:11if we perish now Jesus gives them his
6:15answer he does answer this question by
6:17the way but he does not answer it with
6:18words he answers their question with
6:21action here’s his answer he got up
6:24rebuked the wind and said to the waves
6:27be quiet
6:28be still
6:30and then the wind died down and it was
6:33completely calm now the way this kind of
6:36translates into the Greek you have to
6:38kind of understand something here I mean
6:40this happened instantaneously all right
6:43think of it this way one second there’s
6:47four five foot White Caps it’s all chaos
6:50and craziness water’s coming in they
6:53can’t keep up and it’s as if Jesus snaps
6:56his fingers and it there’s no
6:58intermediate state it doesn’t it doesn’t
7:01settle down slowly which is what you
7:04would expect to happen right it just
7:06goes from crazy to calm
7:11that’s what happened and Jesus of course
7:14he spoke to the wind in the waves as if
7:17they were kind of like his pet dog you
7:19know my dog Luther when he’s misbehaving
7:21is like stay sit you know this is the
7:23way he’s talking to the winds and the
7:25waves and what ends up happening is is
7:28that this terrifies the disciples
7:32and Jesus says to them why are you so
7:34afraid do you still have no faith and
7:36the text says they were terrified and
7:38asked each other who is this even the
7:40wind and the waves obey him now keep in
7:42mind these Jewish fishermen knew their
7:46they had it drilled into them as as
7:48youths in the synagogue so they were
7:51very familiar with this passage from job
7:53that we read in our Old Testament text
7:54and here’s what the Lord says in that
7:56text let’s read let’s take a look back
7:58at Job 38. the Lord answered job out of
8:02the storm now if you’re familiar with
8:03the story of Job Scholars really truly
8:05believe this is the oldest text in the
8:07Bible that it predates uh Moses and the
8:11writing of the Torah and the best way I
8:13can describe the Hebrew in here it is
8:15like the Queen’s Hebrew you know I had
8:18to talk about the queen’s English this
8:19is some pretty fancy Hebrew going on in
8:21here and in the story job if you
8:26remember is going to be sifted tested by
8:30the devil because the devil believes
8:32that if he’s able to take everything
8:34away from job that God has blessed him
8:36with that he’ll end up cursing God
8:38and so he’s put to the test if he would
8:41and he loses his family he loses
8:43everything that he has and is suffering
8:45greatly even in his own body and of
8:47course his comforters come by with
8:50really bad theology basically saying
8:52this is all your fault job I mean if
8:54this wouldn’t be happening to you if you
8:56hadn’t have done some kind of sin you
8:58need you need to confess that you’ve
9:00done something wrong to bring this on
9:01yourself and job maintains his innocence
9:04but along the way Joe begins to get a
9:06little bit impatient with God and kind
9:08of wants an explanation from God as to
9:10why he’s suffering in a way that he
9:12believes is unjust and so in rolls this
9:16if you would kind of like a large
9:18supercell thunderstorm with a tornado
9:20attached to it comes right it comes
9:23rolling right in and God’s going to
9:25speak to job end his comforters you have
9:28to put them in their quotes from out of
9:30the Whirlwind here’s what it says who is
9:32it that darkens my counsel with words
9:36without knowledge
9:38oh yeah that’s not going to make me feel
9:41comfortable can you imagine God talking
9:42to you like that you don’t know what
9:44you’re talking about
9:46uh-huh he says brace yourself like a man
9:48I will question you
9:50you shall answer me where were you when
9:53I laid the Earth’s Foundation
9:57this question hurts tell me if you
10:00understand who marked off its Dimension
10:01surely you know who stretched the
10:04measuring line across it on what words
10:05footing set and who laid its Cornerstone
10:07while the morning Stars sang together
10:10and all the Angels shouted for Joy who
10:13shut up the sea behind doors when it
10:15bursts forth from the womb when I made
10:18the clouds its garment and wrapped it in
10:20thick darkness when all when I fixed the
10:23limits for it and set its doors and bars
10:25in place and when I say this far you may
10:28come and no farther here is where your
10:30proud waves halt very clear from this
10:33text God made the Earth God made the sea
10:38and so this little illustration makes it
10:40very clear if you know your Bible that
10:42when Jesus gets up and talks to the Sea
10:44as if it’s his pet and then it
10:46immediately calms down well you know who
10:49you’re dealing with you know in whose
10:52presence you are none other than God
10:54himself can speak to a Raging Sea until
10:57it silent and have the sea obey him and
11:01so the realization of who Jesus is
11:03terrified the disciples now it’s similar
11:07to the same kind of fear that we see in
11:09the Old Testament with Samson’s family
11:12you all know the story of Samson and his
11:14and his father you all know well let’s
11:17take a look at it it’s you’re going to
11:19find this in the Book of Judges chapter
11:2213. and so I’m going to illustrate what
11:26this fear that the disciples are
11:28experiencing is like by looking at
11:29another passage of scripture
11:32and here’s what it says
11:34Judges chapter 13. the people of Israel
11:37again did what was evil in the sight of
11:39the Lord so the lord gave them into the
11:41hand of the Philistines for 40 years as
11:43the cycle of sin captivity Deliverance
11:47sin Captain yeah this interesting thing
11:50going on there in the Book of Judges and
11:52here’s what it says there was a certain
11:53man of zorah of the tribe of the danites
11:55whose name was Manoa and his wife was
11:58Barren and had no children but the angel
12:01of the Lord appeared to the woman and
12:02said to her behold you are Barren and
12:04have not born children but you shall
12:07conceive and bear a son therefore be
12:09careful and drink no wine or strong
12:10drink and eat nothing unclean for behold
12:13you shall conceive and bear a son no
12:14razor shall come upon his head for the
12:17child is to be a Nazarite to God from
12:20the womb and he shall begin to save
12:23Israel from the hand of the Philistines
12:25then the woman came and told her husband
12:27a man of God came to me and his
12:29appearance was like the appearance of
12:30the angel of God very awesome I did not
12:33ask where he was from him and he did not
12:35tell me his name but he said to me
12:37behold you shall conceive and bear a son
12:39so then drink no wine or strong drink
12:41and eat nothing unclean for the child
12:44shall be a Nazarite to God from the womb
12:46to the day of his death
12:48kind of sounds like the the announcing
12:50of the birth of John the Baptist there’s
12:53some some parallel stuff going on here
12:55now the angel of the Lord by the way
12:58when you see this in the Old Testament
12:59that’s kind of code talk for the
13:01pre-incarnate Jesus Christ that’s who’s
13:03appeared here and it actually become
13:05very clear as the text unfolds so here’s
13:08what it says so Manoa prayed to the Lord
13:10capital r capital d That’s Yahweh he
13:14prayed to Yahweh he said oh Lord please
13:16let the man of God whom you sent come
13:19again to us and teach us what we are to
13:21do with the child who will be born
13:24and God listen to the voice of Manoa and
13:27the angel of God came again to the woman
13:29as she sat in the field but Manoa her
13:31husband was not with her so the woman
13:33ran quickly and told her husband behold
13:36the man who came to me the other day
13:37he’s appeared to me and so a Manoa Rose
13:40and went after his wife and came to the
13:42man and said to him are you the man who
13:45spoke to this woman and he said I am
13:50right yeah that’s kind of a hint there
13:53you know the Hebrew this is the same
13:56language we get Moses in the burning
13:58bush whom shall I say sent me I am sent
14:01you right so he says I am and Manoa said
14:05hmm now now when your words come true
14:08what is the child’s manner of life and
14:10what is his mission and the angel of the
14:12Lord said to Manoa of all that I said to
14:15the woman let her be careful she may not
14:17eat of anything that comes from the vine
14:18either let her drink wine or strong
14:21drink or eat anything unclean all that I
14:24have commanded her to observe a Manoa
14:26said to the angel of the lord well
14:27please let us detain you and prepare a
14:30young goat for you and the angel of the
14:32Lord said to Manoa if you detain me I
14:34will not eat your food but if you
14:36prepare a burnt offering then offer to
14:38Yahweh for Manoa did not know that it
14:41was the angel of the Lord and so Manoa
14:43said to the angel lord well what is your
14:45name so that when your words come true
14:47we may honor you and the angel of the
14:49Lord said why do you ask my name seeing
14:51that it is wonderful
14:53kind of an invasive answer right so
14:55Manoa took the young goat Watch What
14:57Happens here
14:59took the young goat the grain offering
15:00and offered it on the Rock to the Lord
15:02to the one who works wonders and Manoa
15:06and his wife were watching and when the
15:08flame went up toward the Heaven from the
15:10altar the angel of the Lord went up in
15:13the flame of the altar
15:17that had to be awesome to behold now
15:19watch what happened so Manoa and his
15:21wife were watching and then they
15:22immediately fell on their faces to the
15:25why because they knew that they were in
15:28the presence of God the text says this
15:30so the angel of the Lord appeared no
15:32more to Manoa and his wife and them and
15:34Noah knew that he was the angel of the
15:35Lord and Manoa said to his wife watch
15:38we shall surely die for we have seen God
15:43the woman’s going to speak some sense
15:45he’s clearly lost his mind here because
15:47the woman was paying attention to the
15:49fact that not only does God preach in
15:51words he also preaches in actions so
15:53watch this she sees the gospel in the
15:56actions of the Angel of the Lord and
15:59here’s what she says his wife said to
16:01him if the Lord meant to kill us he
16:03would not have accepted the burnt
16:04offering and a grain offering at our
16:06hands or shown us all of these things or
16:08now announced to us
16:09such things as these
16:12so notice she correctly exegetes the
16:16actions and sees the gospel in it and so
16:19the idea is this is that knowing that
16:21God is in our presence that’s not
16:23necessarily good news and there’s a
16:25reason for that and each and every one
16:27of us we’re Sinners and we really kind
16:30of deep down fear and dread that idea of
16:33actually having to stand before God and
16:36give an encounting of Our Lives because
16:38we know what we’ve done and we know that
16:41we have fallen short and so the idea of
16:44being in God’s presence doesn’t actually
16:46provide us with comfort
16:47it provides us with well the same kind
16:50of thing that Manoa had here a little
16:52bit of Terror but notice the woman she
16:54paid very close attention to the actions
16:57and knew that there was gospel in it and
16:59she comforted herself and her husband
17:01with the gospel actions of the Angel of
17:03the Lord
17:05so let’s go back then and take a look at
17:08what’s going on in our text so the
17:11disciples they’re there in their little
17:13boat on the Sea of Galilee and the
17:16Creator himself is there among them and
17:20they are terrified much like Manoa they
17:23fear that they will surely die because
17:25they have seen God they are in his
17:27presence even though Christ has done
17:29something very gospely for us so like I
17:32said it’s not good news that Jesus is
17:34God and the reason for this is because
17:36we are sinners in fact it’s our sin that
17:39has brought chaos to the Earth
17:41it is because of our sin that there are
17:43storms hurricanes tornadoes earthquakes
17:46tsunamis famine pestilence and blight
17:49all of these are the result of our sin
17:51this is the undoing of the order of
17:54creation and harbingers of the impending
17:57chaos and doom
17:59caused by our sin but let me remind us
18:02like manoa’s wife that if God in human
18:05flesh meant for our destruction and the
18:07destruction of the disciples for their
18:09sin then he would not have calmed the
18:11storm and made the sea glassy calm
18:15and there’s the gospel it’s right there
18:17in his actions
18:20so the idea is this Jesus is not only
18:23God he is God for them and he has come
18:27to save them and by doing this he’s also
18:30shown that he’s come to save us so he
18:33said to his disciples why are you so
18:35afraid do you still have no faith
18:39faith for what
18:41faith that God doesn’t mean you harm it
18:44means you good that he truly loves you
18:46that he forgives you that he’s come to
18:48save you because he cares that you are
18:51perishing he cared so much that they
18:54were perishing he re and and
18:58let’s see he cared that they were
18:59perishing and restored order and
19:02silenced the chaos and he’s doing the
19:04same for you and for me Jesus cares that
19:07you are perishing he cares so much that
19:10he is sprung into action and he’s not
19:12sleeping and he has demonstrated through
19:15his actions that he has great love for
19:17you this is what Romans 5 says starting
19:19at verse 6 for while we were still weak
19:22at the right time Christ died for the
19:24ungodly for one will scarcely die for
19:27even a righteous person though perhaps
19:29for a good person one would dare to die
19:30but God shows or demonstrates his love
19:34for us in that while we were still
19:36sinners Christ died for us well since
19:40therefore we have now been justified by
19:42his blood how much more shall we be
19:44saved from the wrath of God for if while
19:47we were enemies we were reconciled to
19:49God by the death of his son well much
19:52more now that we are reconciled shall we
19:54be saved by his life more than that we
19:56also rejoice in God to our Lord Jesus
19:59Christ through whom we have now received
20:04so the idea is this
20:06the gospel is there in Jesus’s actions
20:09and it points us to the Cross there is
20:12God among human beings in the midst of
20:15the chaos created by our sin
20:17collectively and they ask the question
20:19and it’s a good question do you not care
20:21that we are perishing
20:23and Jesus’s answer is I care deeply that
20:25you are perishing
20:26so much so that I’m going to calm the
20:30sea and he’s going to ultimately calm
20:32the chaos of that stormy sea which
20:35really truly represents the wages of our
20:37sin by going to the cross and bleeding
20:40and dying for our sins taking God’s
20:43punishment that we have all earned upon
20:45himself in order to make things right
20:48and now I think it’s significant then
20:50also little detail in the Book of
20:53Revelation remember the Book of
20:55Revelations the bat the back of the
20:57Bible it’s the last book there’s a
20:59vision of Heaven There and there’s a
21:00little detail and it’s not a throwaway
21:02detail and it hearkens even to this
21:05miracle and it Harkens in a way to
21:07comfort us with the gospel of that we’ve
21:10seen today here’s what it says
21:12Revelation chapter four I’ll start at
21:14verse 1. after this this is the Apostle
21:17John I looked and behold a door standing
21:20open in heaven and the first voice which
21:22I heard speaking to me like a trumpet
21:24said come up here and I will show you
21:26what must take place after this and at
21:28once I was in the spirit and behold the
21:31throne stood in heaven with one seated
21:33on the throne and he who sat there had
21:35the appearance of Jasper and cornelian
21:37and around the throne was a rainbow that
21:39had the appearance of an emerald and
21:42around the throne were 24 Thrones and
21:44seated on the Thrones were 24 Elders
21:46clothed in white garments with golden
21:48crowns on their heads from the throne
21:51came flashes of lightning Rumblings and
21:53peels of thunder and Before the Throne
21:54were burning seven torches of fire which
21:57of the seven spirits of God and here it
21:59is and Before the Throne there was as it
22:02were a sea of glass
22:05by Crystal
22:07right before the Throne of Christ is a
22:11sea of glass it’s the epitome of the
22:13opposite of chaos you remember in the
22:16Book of Genesis it says in the beginning
22:17God created the heavens and the Earth
22:19the Earth was out without form and void
22:21and darkness was over the the face of
22:24the to home over the face of the deep it
22:28says in Genesis 1. well the to home in a
22:31sense is really represents truly chaos
22:33and this is the way the Hebrews have
22:35always understood to home to home is
22:37chaos to home is the Deep this is where
22:39Leviathan is this is chaos out of
22:41control it’s the opposite of order
22:44and There Before the Throne of Christ is
22:48not chaos
22:49but the calm glassy see that we see
22:53figured Even in our miracle today it’s a
22:56sign to us that God is calming the chaos
23:00he cares that we are perishing and he’s
23:03making a new heavens and a new Earth it
23:06is all gospel promise and it’s all
23:08delivered to you through the preaching
23:09of the Gospel received in the waters of
23:12your baptism God is calming the chaos
23:14and taking this world which is wearing
23:18taking you and your body which is
23:20wearing out
23:22and ultimately he’s going to raise you
23:24from the grave
23:25he’s going to end the chaos definitively
23:27and restore true order in the creation
23:32new Heavens new Earth and all of those
23:35Critters that have gone extinct will be
23:37brought back
23:38and it’ll be paradise forever all
23:41because of what Christ has done and all
23:43of this because He does care
23:46that you and I are perishing
23:49so much so that he loved us and died for
23:52us because truly it’s not this life that
23:55we have to worry about or this death
23:57that faces us right now that we have to
23:59worry about it’s the second death that
24:02he’s truly saving us from
24:04think about that in the name of Jesus
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