Sermon Transcript – The King Who Comes in the Name of the Lord

Series C – First Sunday of Advent – Sunday, November 29, 2015 | Pr. Chris Rosebrough

Welcome to the Teaching Ministry of Kongsvinger Lutheran Church. Kongsvinger is a beacon for the Gospel of Jesus Christ and is located on the plains of Northwestern Minnesota.
We proclaim Christ and Him crucified for our sins and salvation by grace through faith alone, and now, here’s a message from Pastor Chris Rosebrough:
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0:28the holy Gospel According to Saint Luke
0:30chapter 19 verses 28 through 40.
0:34after Jesus had said this he went on
0:36ahead going up to Jerusalem as he
0:39approached Bethpage and Bethany at the
0:42hill called the Mount of Olives
0:43he sent two of his disciples saying to
0:45them go to the Village ahead of you as
0:48you enter it you’ll find a cult tied
0:50there which no one has ever ridden untie
0:53it bring it here if anyone asks why are
0:55you untying it tell him the Lord needs
0:58it those who were sent ahead went and
1:01found a Justice he had told them as they
1:03were untying the cult its owners asked
1:05them why are you untying the cult they
1:08replied the Lord needs it
1:10they brought it to Jesus through their
1:12cloaks on the cult and put Jesus on it
1:15and as he went along people spread their
1:17cloaks on the road and when he came near
1:20the place where the road goes down the
1:22Mount of Olives the whole crowd of
1:24disciples began joyfully to praise God
1:26in loud voices for all the Miracles that
1:29they had seen blessed is the king who
1:32comes in the name of the Lord peace in
1:34heaven and glory in the highest some of
1:37the Pharisees in the crowd said to Jesus
1:39teacher rebuke your disciples I tell you
1:43he replied if they keep quiet the stones
1:46will cry out
1:48in the name of Jesus
1:50So In Our Gospel reading today you might
1:53recognize this as our Palm Sunday text
1:56it’s kind of a strange way to start off
1:59a new church here by the way Happy New
2:03yeah it’s today’s the first Sunday of
2:05the new church here because this is kind
2:07of like the Chinese New Year no one
2:09understands how that all works it just
2:10happens so today is the beginning of our
2:13new church here so a happy New Year and
2:16today’s Gospel text
2:17we are anticipating the arrival of our
2:20King this is advent is the season where
2:23we’re anticipating the arrival of Christ
2:25and you can kind of put it this way as
2:28Christians We Are In Perpetual Advent as
2:31we wait for Christ’s second Advent in
2:34between his first coming and his second
2:36coming and so as we read in the previous
2:39weeks where Jesus said stay awake I come
2:42quickly he does indeed come quickly we
2:44just don’t know when to us it seems like
2:46a long time but God’s never late Jesus
2:49is never late and so we’re constantly in
2:51anticipation of his arrival and so
2:55Advent prepares us for Christmas and
2:58Christmas prepares us for Easter and
3:00Easter prepares us for the end of the
3:01world and so the cycle continues and so
3:04with our text today it is a fulfillment
3:06of the prophecy found in Zechariah
3:08Chapter 9 verse 9. let me read it
3:10Rejoice greatly o Daughter of Zion shout
3:13aloud o daughter of Jerusalem behold
3:16your come as king your King has come
3:17coming to you righteous and having
3:20salvation he is humble and mounted on a
3:25on a cult the foal of the Donkey
3:29Jesus apparently didn’t come to flex
3:31political muscle notice that Kings
3:33normally ride in on war horses right
3:35Jesus comes in on a borrowed donkey
3:38and I mean that borrowed we’ll talk
3:40about this as we work through the text I
3:43mean those of you who have experienced
3:46daughters old enough to date
3:48if a boy came to your door and asked to
3:51take your daughter out on a date and he
3:53was in a borrowed car
3:59I’m just saying okay just I don’t even
4:02need to fill in the blank we all know
4:03kind of that feeling we’d have inside is
4:07this really the right guy well notice
4:09Jesus doesn’t come in writing on his own
4:12War stallion he comes in on a borrowed
4:15donkey so we’ll talk about that let’s
4:17return to the text and I’ll be reading
4:19from my translation here’s what it says
4:21when he said these things he was going
4:24ahead ascending to Jerusalem and it came
4:27about as he drew near to bethphage in
4:29Bethany to the mount that is called of
4:31Olives he sent two of the disciples
4:33saying go into the opposite Village in
4:36which as you are entering you will find
4:38a cult tied upon which no one ever of
4:41mankind has ever sat untie it and bring
4:44it I like the idioms of the old world
4:47upon which no one of mankind has ever
4:50sat Jesus officially said right so if
4:53anyone questions you here we’ve got this
4:56dubious thing so you want us to do what
4:58I want you to go over to that Village
5:00over there what do you want us to do
5:01Jesus uh okay there’s a cult there
5:04just untie it and bring it to me
5:08okay that’s called theft okay right you
5:13know back in the day I used to live in a
5:15place called horse thief Canyon and
5:17there was this big Oak Tree in horse
5:20thief Canyon and it had died decades
5:23before we had ever arrived there but as
5:25The Story Goes horse thief Canyon was
5:28named as a result of the horse thieves
5:30who were caught and then hung on that
5:33tree now I don’t know if back in the day
5:35the Cowboys in Jerusalem would uh you
5:38know get a posse together and go hunt
5:41down a cult stealer but you kind of get
5:43the idea this is a little bit on the
5:45dicey side and so if anyone questions
5:48you Jesus said for what reason you are
5:51untying it thus you shall say
5:54the Lord has need of it
5:57the Lord what
6:00since when does the Lord have need
6:05think about this for a second
6:09scripture says that God owns the cattle
6:11on a thousand hills
6:13I think he does
6:15Jesus doesn’t come to us in riches he
6:18comes to us in poverty and he comes his
6:21great triumphal entry into Jerusalem
6:24not as a triumphal King but as a beggar
6:27one who has need
6:31he’s humble
6:32having salvation riding on a cult the
6:36foal of a donkey so the Lord has need of
6:38it so those who were sent went and found
6:42it just as Jesus had told them and as
6:46they were untying the cult the owners
6:48plural said to them why are you untying
6:52The Cult
6:53and then we all say awkward
7:00and I I almost imagined they say like
7:03the Lord has need of it
7:07yeah because it’s such a silly sentence
7:09right the Lord has need of it oh okay
7:12that’s fine
7:18so they LED it to Jesus
7:22and then throwing their garments on the
7:24cult and they set Jesus on it
7:28and then while they were proceeding they
7:30were spreading beneath him their cloaks
7:33in the road now this is an interesting
7:36thing hematia in the Greek it could be
7:39cloaks it could be clothes we have
7:41people literally undressing to some
7:44degree or another in order to spread
7:48for The King The Humble King he’s not
7:50coming in on a red carpet he’s coming in
7:53on smelly laundry right
7:56yeah I mean this is this is his great
7:58triumphal entry all right so they’re
8:00spreading their their clothes beneath
8:03them they’re disrobing in some sense and
8:05as he was drawing near now to The
8:07Descent of the Mount of Olives the whole
8:10multitude of the disciples
8:13keep this in mind it doesn’t say the
8:14whole multitude it says the whole
8:16multitude of the disciples
8:19began to praise God in a loud voice
8:21rejoicing for all the Miracles they had
8:24seen now to kind of paint the picture of
8:27just how underwhelming this is in Acts
8:29chapter 1 verse 15 we have the total
8:32number of Believers in Christ post death
8:36and resurrection of Jesus are you ready
8:39for the whopping number
8:46that’s it
8:47so here we’ve got the beggar King on a
8:50borrowed cult coming in with a multitude
8:54of a group of people well
8:57if you think about it not much bigger
9:00than a Kong’s Winger funeral
9:02in fact I’ve been to Kong’s New York
9:04funerals where there have been more
9:05people than 120.
9:08Jesus was not a multi-site mega church
9:13he did not command the attentions of
9:15tens of thousands in fact when we read
9:17about Jesus
9:19basically taking Loaves and Fishes and
9:22feeding a multitude of 5 000 men
9:24John chapter 6 makes it clear after that
9:27he got into such a dispute and started
9:28saying such harsh words harsh words like
9:31unless you eat my flesh and drink my
9:32blood you have no life in you that most
9:34of the people who thought that Jesus was
9:36the bee’s knees decided yeah this guy’s
9:38saying some tough things I don’t think
9:39we can believe this
9:42so at the end of the day the final tally
9:45for Jesus
9:51that’s not impressive is it by all of
9:56the world’s standards Jesus is a total
9:58flop complete washout complete and utter
10:03he doesn’t own a private jet has to
10:05borrow a cult I mean what kind of loser
10:09are we following
10:11see that’s the thing
10:13Jesus didn’t come to flex political
10:15muscles and be well Successful by the
10:19world standard
10:21he didn’t come to call the Beautiful
10:24he called the he came to save sinners
10:28and Philippians 2 makes it clear that
10:30this is all part of Christ’s humbling he
10:34humbled himself and was found in the
10:37form of a servant and became obedient
10:41obedient even to death on the cross you
10:43think this is scandalous
10:46the cross is even more scandalous
10:50because there’s Jesus and according to
10:52the Mosaic Covenant
10:54cursed is everyone who is hung on a tree
11:00and there’s Jesus
11:01nailed to a tree
11:05by their standards and as World
11:06standards this man has nothing to offer
11:12you shouldn’t even be listening to him
11:15he is a despised criminal he’s cursed of
11:19God indeed truly he was but see there’s
11:22kind of the issue he was cursed for me
11:25he was cursed for you
11:27scripture says in Isaiah that he was
11:30pierced for our transgressions he was
11:33bruised for our iniquities the
11:36punishment the chastisement that gives
11:38us peace with God was upon him or as
11:41Paul writes God made him to be sin who
11:45knew no sin
11:46so that you might be the righteousness
11:48of God
11:49so there’s Jesus on his way to the cross
11:53in a very unimpressive
11:58and he had to put it in quotes
12:01on a borrowed donkey humble
12:04having salvation
12:08so they began to praise God in loud
12:10voice rejoicing for all the Miracles
12:12that they had seen saying and here’s
12:15what the disciples said blessed is the
12:20despite the meanness and Poverty of this
12:23whole situation they are proclaiming
12:25that Jesus is the son of David that he’s
12:28the king blessed is the king who comes
12:30in the name of the Lord and we’ll talk
12:32about that remember that phrase in the
12:33name of the Lord in the name of the Lord
12:36in the name of the Lord in heaven peace
12:38and glory in the highest
12:41oh but the Pharisees were on the scene
12:43oh those Pharisees
12:45yeah they’re all about money they’re all
12:47about Fame they’re all about wealth
12:49they’re all about power they’re all
12:50about themselves and they’re not about
12:53to well let this sad and pathetic
12:58rejoicing in Jesus go unchallenged
13:00because they knew what the prophecy of
13:03Zechariah said and they knew that what
13:06Jesus and his disciples were doing were
13:08fulfilling Zechariah Chapter 9 9 and the
13:10Pharisees had already made it very clear
13:12yeah we get that you’re performing
13:14Miracles but we refuse to believe that
13:16you’re doing this by the hand of God
13:17instead we think you’re doing this
13:19because you’re doing this in the power
13:20of bials above they knew that Jesus was
13:24fulfilling all of the Prophecies of the
13:25Messiah and they said not that Messiah
13:28we need one who’s helpful who’s relevant
13:32who can help meet our needs get rid of
13:34these pesky Romans and help restore the
13:36glory of Israel not that Jesus and so
13:40here’s what they say to him
13:43the Pharisees from the crowd said to
13:45Jesus teacher rebuke your disciples
13:50shut them up
13:53they’re embarrassing us
13:56we refuse to believe that this is really
14:00the Messiah
14:02make them be quiet
14:04and Jesus’s reply is I say to you if
14:07these will not if these will be silent
14:09the stones will cry out
14:12and I don’t think Jesus was talking
14:13metaphorically here
14:15I think that’s really what would have
14:18and what’s funny is is that this story
14:21of the embarrassment and the rebuking of
14:23the Pharisees it’s kind of hidden in
14:25type and Shadow in another text of the
14:29Bible found in second Samuel chapter six
14:33the story of The Return of the Ark of
14:35the Covenant
14:36to Jerusalem when David is King here’s
14:39what it says
14:40when Obed when David went and brought
14:43the Ark of God from the house of Obed
14:45Edom to the city of David with rejoicing
14:48and when those Who Bore the Ark of the
14:50Lord had gone six steps he sacrificed an
14:52ox and a fatted animal and David danced
14:55before the Lord with all of his might
14:57and David was wearing a linen ephod
15:00he’d somewhat disroped taking some of
15:03his clothes off we have kind of a
15:05similar idea going on here so David in
15:07all the house of Israel brought up the
15:09Ark of the Lord with shouting and with
15:12the sound of the horn and by the way
15:14what’s the lid of the Ark called by the
15:16way do you all remember
15:18it’s called The Mercy Seat
15:22it is that mercy seat on which the blood
15:25of the day of atonement the sacrificial
15:28animal is poured out onto The Mercy Seat
15:31pointing us to Christ so Jesus is
15:34entering Jerusalem
15:36this time hidden in a box
15:39he would so as the Ark of the Lord came
15:41to the city of David McCall the daughter
15:44of Saul who by the way is
15:47the the Bride of David
15:50she looked out of the window and saw
15:52King David leaping and dancing before
15:53the Lord and she despised him in her
15:59and they brought the Ark of the Lord and
16:00set it in its place inside the tent that
16:03David had pitched for it and David
16:04offered burnt offerings and peace
16:06offerings before the Lord and when David
16:08had finished offering the burnt
16:09offerings and the peace offerings he
16:11blessed the people in the name of the
16:13Lord of hosts and distributed among all
16:15the people the whole multitude of Israel
16:16both men and women a cake of bread a
16:19portion of meat a cake of raisins to
16:22each one and then all the people
16:23departed each to his house and David
16:27to bless his household and then you can
16:30hear the very serious somber music in
16:32the background done done done but McCall
16:35the daughter of Saul came out to meet
16:38David and said how the king of Israel
16:40honored himself today uncovering himself
16:43today before the eyes of his servants
16:45female servants as one of the vulgar
16:48fellows shamelessly uncovers himself
16:55how this all works so David said to
16:58it was before the Lord who chose me
17:01above your father and above all his
17:03house to appoint me as Prince over
17:05Israel the people of the Lord I will
17:08celebrate before the Lord in fact I will
17:10make myself yet even more contemptible
17:12than this and I will be a beast in your
17:15eyes but by the female Servants of whom
17:17you have spoken by them I shall be held
17:19in honor
17:21so notice in this story The despised
17:24lowly made servants
17:27get it
17:29ones who have poverty get it and David
17:33is honored in their eyes for his
17:36rejoicing and praising of the Lord in
17:38the return of The Mercy Seat to
17:42but McCall
17:44the princess
17:45the rich
17:47the powerful
17:48the self-absorbed I’m sure her Tiara was
17:51wonderful to look at
17:55she was embarrassed by all of this
17:58showing that she had no faith
18:01she didn’t trust in the Lord she trusted
18:03in herself she trusted in her power she
18:05trusted in her riches and so she was
18:09by this shouting dancing and praising
18:12and much like the Pharisees she had to
18:14get her little quip in
18:19here’s how this story ends
18:21and McCall the daughter of Saul
18:25had no child to the day of her death
18:33the son of David is not married to an
18:39see it
18:40he’s not
18:42so she spends the rest of her life in
18:44her room alone
18:48and dies
18:53but the reality of the situation is
18:56who has no faith
18:58dies childless even if they have
19:00physical children
19:02because Jesus talks about fruitfulness
19:05the fruitfulness of the Kingdom as the
19:08one who bears fruit for the kingdom
19:10and that only happens by faith
19:13in the one who humbly trusts in the Lord
19:16and his mercy and his forgiveness and
19:18Grace and goes and tells the world of
19:21what Jesus has done and calls people to
19:23repent and to believe in him
19:26the one who does that
19:29fathers and mothers children and
19:31children and children some 60 some 30
19:34some 100 fold
19:38think about that
19:40coming back to our
19:44now let me remind you
19:47blessed is the king who comes in the
19:49name of the Lord was the phrase I wanted
19:51you to remember
19:53let me read again from Jeremiah chapter
19:5533 but a slightly different translation
19:57to help you see something here in those
20:01Judah shall be saved
20:03Jerusalem shall dwell in safety
20:06and this is the name by which she shall
20:09be called
20:11in our NIV it says it ESV it says it the
20:15Hebrew pronoun is she the nasb gets it
20:18right by the way
20:20in those days this is the name by which
20:22she shall be called
20:25the Lord is our righteousness
20:31so this Advent here we have our King
20:35writing in on a borrowed donkey
20:37people disrobing before him
20:41throwing their smelly clothes in front
20:43of him and shouting blessed is the king
20:45who comes in the name of the Lord in the
20:47name of the Lord as the Lord is our
20:50and she will be named by this this is
20:53her name
20:54and I think that reference is ultimately
20:56the church
20:57we who are in Christ we collectively are
21:00the bride of Christ yes that includes
21:02you men as well
21:03that’s the metaphor
21:05and like the brides of the past when
21:09they’re married they take on the name of
21:11their husband
21:12the name of the Bride of the of the Lord
21:14is this the Lord is our righteousness
21:18see we come to Jesus in poverty we come
21:21to Jesus in need we come to Jesus
21:24without anything on our own just like he
21:27was humble and came on a borrowed cold
21:29we come to Jesus bruised beaten battered
21:33bankrupt spiritually
21:35completely sinful and in need
21:38and Jesus rather than turn us away
21:41says to us
21:43I love you
21:44and he goes to the cross and he bleeds
21:47and dies for our sins and then he covers
21:49Us in his righteousness
21:52we are clothed in splendor Beyond
21:55and this is what Jesus does for his
21:58bride so that our name is the church is
22:02this the Lord is our righteousness not a
22:05righteousness of your own it’s a
22:06righteousness given and so this Advent
22:10as we anticipate the arrival of Jesus
22:14the arrival of Jesus born of the virgin
22:18let us also anticipate his second Advent
22:22where he comes in glory to call us from
22:26the grave to clothe Us in new bodies and
22:29so we shall ever see him without end and
22:32by the way what’s the first order of
22:34business upon Jesus’s return after the
22:37creation of the new heavens and new
22:38earth it’s the wedding Feast of the Lamb
22:43so let us anticipate that day
22:45when we get to write on our documents
22:49the Lord is our righteousness because
22:52that’s our name in the name of Jesus
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