Sermon Transcript – The Light of Grace and Truth

Series A – The Nativity of Our Lord (Christmas Day) – Sunday, December 25, 2022 | Pr. Chris Rosebrough

Welcome to the Teaching Ministry of Kongsvinger Lutheran Church. Kongsvinger is a beacon for the Gospel of Jesus Christ and is located on the plains of Northwestern Minnesota.
We proclaim Christ and Him crucified for our sins and salvation by grace through faith alone, and now, here’s a message from Pastor Chris Rosebrough:
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0:27The holy Gospel
0:29According to Saint John the first
0:37in the beginning was the word and the
0:39Word was with God and the Word was God
0:41he was in the beginning with God all
0:44things were made through him and without
0:46him was not anything made that was made
0:48in him was life and the life was the
0:51light of men the light shines in the
0:54darkness and the Darkness is not
0:55overcome it there was a man sent from
0:58God whose name was John he came as a
1:00witness to Bear witness about the light
1:02that all might believe through him he
1:05was not the light but came to bear
1:07witness about the light the True Light
1:10which enlightens everyone was coming
1:11into the world he was in the world and
1:14the world was made through him yet the
1:15world did not know him he came to a Zone
1:18and his own people did not receive him
1:20but to all who did receive him who
1:22believed in his name he gave the right
1:24to become children of God who were born
1:26not of blood nor of the will of the
1:28flesh nor the will of man but of God and
1:31the word became flesh and dwelt among us
1:34and we have seen his glory glory as of
1:37the only son from the father full of
1:40grace and truth this is the gospel of
1:43the Lord in the name of Jesus Amen Merry
1:47Christmas it’s great to see you all this
1:49wonderful wonderful day you’ll note that
1:51there’s a lot of noise as it relates to
1:54Christmas this is an interesting way to
1:55start but I’ve tweaked a few things in
1:58my sermon since the last service but
2:00here’s the idea have you noticed there’s
2:02a bunch of people out there I call them
2:04Christmas Karen’s I I feel bad for
2:07anyone named Karen nowadays these are
2:09people who sit there and say you you
2:11can’t celebrate Chris it’s a pagan
2:14holiday Jesus wasn’t really born on
2:17December 25th and on and on and on and
2:19they go I always like to point them to
2:21the Liturgy you point them to the hymns
2:23we’re going to sing Point them to the
2:24biblical texts we’re going to read and I
2:26said could you point out the Pagan part
2:27for me right you know just let me know
2:29which parts the Pagan party when when
2:31you see it let me know and and of course
2:33that that never really satisfies them
2:34and they say well we are nowhere
2:36commanded to celebrate Christmas to
2:39which I say and we’re no we’re no we’re
2:41forbidden to celebrate Christmas either
2:43so there right you know we’re not
2:46Jehovah’s Witnesses we’re so we’re
2:47something different you know and and so
2:49over and again this is kind of a
2:51fascinating thing but here’s the thing
2:53this isn’t about December 25th this
2:57isn’t about paganism at all in fact if
3:00anything paganism can only like mimic
3:03can only like pervert can only like
3:05counterfeit the real thing this is about
3:08the celebration the hopeful and
3:12repentance celebration of the
3:14Incarnation of the Son of God and he has
3:18come as the brightest light in all of
3:21the darkness that we find ourselves in
3:24you’ll note that when God created the
3:27heavens and the Earth everything was in
3:30darkness and that’s really kind of the
3:32point of Our Gospel text John chapter 1
3:36is referred to in some places as well
3:39the uh the the Genesis one of the New
3:42Testament it is and it reveals something
3:45kind of behind the scenes in Genesis 1
3:48that we wouldn’t get anywhere else no
3:50unbelieving Jew no Jew who doesn’t
3:52believe that Jesus is the Messiah would
3:55have this other information in fact they
3:57can’t quite understand the doctrine of
3:59the Trinity nor do they understand how
4:01to deal with those verses in the
4:03biblical text in the Old Testament that
4:05talk about God God in a plurality of
4:08persons kind of a fascinating thing but
4:11the very first sentence very first
4:13sentence of the Bible
4:15begins with these fantastic words
4:24in the beginning God created the heavens
4:28and the Earth and it goes on and says
4:32the Earth was without form and void and
4:36listen to the word and darkness was over
4:39the face of the deep the Hebrew word to
4:42home and there the spirit of God the
4:45ruach Elohim was hovering medic effect
4:50was was brooding was hovering over the
4:54face of the waters like a well like a
4:57bird getting ready to what we’re
5:00protecting its clutch you know of eggs
5:02something to that effect and so the very
5:04first thing we learn about the creation
5:07is itself is there’s chaos there’s the
5:10tohu of a bohu there’s the to home and
5:14the deep and there God is at work in the
5:17darkness and the Holy Spirit itself is
5:22and like a bird America fat it’s an
5:25interesting verb in Hebrew it’s only
5:28Birds and the Holy Spirit kind of a
5:32fascinating thing and then the first
5:34thing that happens is the logos the word
5:39of God that the VAR Elohim the word of
5:42God that the VAR Yahweh he then speaks
5:47let there be light
5:53and there was light
5:55oh man and you see that’s kind of the
5:59thing and so if you were to just take
6:01that little part
6:03God spoke God spoke and said let there
6:07be light well in Our Gospel text it
6:10begins with these words and RK and
6:13halagas and protests
6:17in the beginning was halagas the word
6:21and the Word was prostitio face to face
6:25with God was with God and the Word was
6:30God and now your mind is blown because
6:34the scriptures say there’s only one God
6:36I know there’s only one God and yet
6:39there are three persons in the one true
6:40God and here we we see two of the
6:43persons of the trinity in action God the
6:45Father God the son in the beginning
6:48going all the way back to where where
6:51Genesis begins in the beginning there
6:54was the word of God Jesus the second
6:57person of the Holy Trinity face to face
7:00with the father and not only is he with
7:04God he is God and he was in the
7:07beginning with God and all things were
7:09made through him without him was not
7:11anything made that was made
7:14and in him was life and listen to these
7:16words and the life was the light of men
7:19and the light shines in the darkness and
7:22the Darkness has not overcome it
7:25in fact I think a good way to think
7:27about it is is that since none of this
7:30our fallen to sin the complete
7:32destruction and the pandemonium that
7:34we’ve brought upon ourselves none of it
7:37is caught God off guard in fact he knew
7:40it was coming and the Very darkness that
7:43God creates the Earth the heavens and
7:45the Earth in is a foreshadow it’s a
7:48foreshadow of where we find ourselves
7:51think of it this way you and I were all
7:54conceived and born in sin as as King
7:58David says says in sin did my mother
8:01conceive me Paul makes it clear that
8:03none is righteous quoting from the
8:05Psalms and the Psalms say this in you
8:07know in two other parts that none is
8:10righteous no not one no one understands
8:12no one seeks for God all have turned
8:14aside together they have become
8:16worthless and this worthlessness of sin
8:20have you noticed that sin just leaves
8:24you empty it Hollows you out it makes it
8:28doesn’t make you a human being it makes
8:31you less than a human being how many of
8:34you can look back on your sin and sit
8:37there and go yeah that was the best
8:39thing ever man yeah that that sin was so
8:43none of us can do that in fact every one
8:45of us look back at our sin and sit there
8:47and go boy what was I thinking right we
8:51look back with a shame and guilt and the
8:55scriptures describe sin as what Darkness
9:00but see this is what makes Christmas so
9:03amazing is that Christ he is the light
9:07and he is the one that shines in the
9:10darkness if you were to kind of think of
9:12it in these terms we’ve all received or
9:14probably even given those Christmas
9:15cards that kind of wonderfully
9:17sentimentally depict theirs the city of
9:21Bethlehem on the night that Jesus is
9:23born right and the stars are twinkling
9:26and then you got that one ginormous
9:28supernova star out in the sky right
9:31Jesus is that light
9:34you see scripture says it this way that
9:37when we we have been strengthened with
9:41all power because of Christ according to
9:43God’s glorious might for all endurance
9:45and patience with joy therefore we give
9:48thanks to the father why do we give
9:50thanks to the father because he has
9:52qualified you he’s qualified me through
9:57the shed blood of Christ through the
9:59vicarious sufferings of our great God
10:01and savior for us on the cross he has
10:03qualified you to share in the
10:06inheritance of the Saints
10:09in light
10:11you see
10:13in the earth that is coming the new
10:16creation the new Heavens the new Earth
10:18not only is there no sin
10:21we are described as existing in an
10:24inheritance that is bathed that is
10:27marked by nothing but
10:33it goes on
10:35he Christ he has delivered us from the
10:39Dominion from the kingdom of darkness
10:44yeah that’s right he has you see we were
10:48born in the darkness of sin conceived in
10:52it we’ve we’ve all lived in it I hate to
10:55say this but many times we’re guilty of
10:57like adjusting ourselves to the darkness
11:01and thriving in it enjoying it but see
11:05Christ has delivered us from the
11:07Dominion of Darkness he has transferred
11:09us to the kingdom his own kingdom
11:12in whom then we have Redemption and the
11:15Forgiveness of our sins we have been
11:17transferred out of the kingdom of
11:18darkness and we all know a thing or two
11:20about the darkness think of it this way
11:22uh you know how many of you like see
11:25here it’s it’s the dead of winter now in
11:27in North Dakota and oh I always like in
11:30at the end of the day getting into bed
11:32in the winter time why because the bed’s
11:35just a little cool the sheets are a
11:38little cold right and you know there it
11:40is it’s dark at night we’ve got the
11:43shades drawn and I pour myself into bed
11:46and oh it’s just a little cold at first
11:48but then my body heat catches up and the
11:51then I’ve got this nice cozy little warm
11:55spot right and there I am just enjoying
11:58my little warm spot in the darkness and
12:01then somebody turns on the light in the
12:03in the hallway
12:07right what what turn that thing off I’m
12:11trying to sleep here I was enjoying all
12:14that was and here’s the thing
12:16is that in a similar way like the
12:18hallway light annoys you in the middle
12:20of the night when you’re trying to sleep
12:22sadly the Light of Christ annoys us
12:26sinners because we’ve grown accustomed
12:30to the dark
12:31we like the dark and and as scary as it
12:36is we we’ve become well Monsters of the
12:39dark because of sin
12:41so the Light of Christ is the thing that
12:44shines at Christmas the light shines in
12:46the darkness and the Darkness has not
12:48overcome it and oh the darkness tries oh
12:51the darkness tries to overcome the light
12:52man I I I’ve been saying this since
12:55covet have you noticed that the world
12:57has completely collectively lost its
12:59mind right so you know here in the
13:01United States uh you know our our our
13:03Congress and our Senate they just
13:05recently passed it I A A bill supposedly
13:09to protect the sanctity of marriage
13:12and by that what they mean is they’re
13:14protecting the sanctity of marriage for
13:16people who marry who are of the same sex
13:19and and the lawmakers in Washington are
13:23talking about taking this gender
13:25ideology that that says you know it
13:27doesn’t matter what your plumbing is it
13:29doesn’t matter what you were assigned at
13:30Birth uh you know that you can choose
13:33your gender you know and you got to
13:35choose your pronouns and they’re they’re
13:37going to take this ideology and RAM it
13:39down our throats you can see this coming
13:41in the days ahead which will create all
13:43kinds of conflict
13:45um in the Earth but here’s the thing the
13:48darkness always tries to overcome the
13:50light and it never succeeds I think of
13:53the assigned psalm for Christmas today
13:56and the assigned Psalm is an appropriate
13:59one a good one if you were to think
14:01about it it is Psalm 2. it tells the
14:05story of the kings of the earth plotting
14:08against God and against Jesus Christ the
14:12Messiah here’s here’s how it goes it
14:14says it says why do the Nations rage
14:19why do the people’s plot in vain
14:22and it is in vain if you’re plotting
14:23against God right the kings of the earth
14:26they have set themselves and the rulers
14:28they take counsel together against
14:30Yahweh and against his Messiah saying
14:33let us burst their bonds apart let us
14:36Cast Away their cords from us and you
14:39just sit there and go that’s happening
14:41today it’s listen this is a time-honored
14:43tradition for Humanity sinful as we are
14:45born in the dark that we are in the
14:47darkness of sin under the power of the
14:50Dominion the kingdom of darkness we
14:53don’t want God to tell us to what to do
14:56at all in fact we don’t even want God
14:58defining what we are or who we are okay
15:01not only do we not want God telling us
15:04what to do we don’t want him telling us
15:06what we are if I want to be a cabbage
15:09then I’m going to be a cabbage and you
15:11can’t stop me right this is this is how
15:13this goes but the psalmist is clear on
15:16this this is just nonsense why are the
15:19Nations raging why are the people’s
15:22plotting in vain saying let us burst
15:25their bonds apart let’s cast apart the
15:28cords of God but he who sits in the
15:30heavens he laughs
15:32the Lord holds them in derision
15:35then he will speak to them in his wrath
15:37he will terrify them in his Fury saying
15:39as for me
15:41I have set my king on Zion and on my
15:44Holy Hill
15:47well uh oh now we’ve got a problem here
15:50at least the the gender people who are
15:52down with the patriarchy and all this
15:54kind of nonsense have you ever stopped
15:56to consider that Jesus Christ is King of
15:59kings and Lord of lords he sits on the
16:01throne of David
16:03forever that means he’s a king and yes
16:07he he definitely is a king that means
16:10the universe is run by a patriarch the
16:12grand patriarch of all Patriarchs Jesus
16:14Christ himself oh man the nation’s
16:17raging right now in all of their
16:21and annoyed by the Light
16:24they’ve got another thing coming when
16:25that light becomes visible to them right
16:29so I will tell of the decree Yahweh said
16:32to me you are my son today I have
16:34begotten you ask me ask of me and I will
16:37make the Nations your heritage the ends
16:39of the Earth your possession you shall
16:41break them with a rod of iron Dash them
16:43in pieces like a Potter’s vessel now
16:45therefore o Kings be wise be warned o
16:48rulers of the earth serve Yahweh with
16:50fear and rejoice with trembling kiss the
16:52sun lest he be angry and you perish in
16:54the way for his wrath is quickly kindled
16:57and blessed are those who take refuge in
17:00him and that is us we are truly those
17:02who are blessed to take refuge in God
17:05and so we’ll note the Light of Christ
17:08This Christmas and every Christmas every
17:11Lord’s day every day as the gospel
17:14continues to go out to all nations
17:16announcing to them pardon and Grace and
17:19forgiveness in Jesus Christ the light
17:21continues to shine and the Darkness will
17:24never overcome it even though it tries
17:26in fact if you were to think about it
17:28when Jesus was hanging dead on the cross
17:30Darkness couldn’t say that it won
17:33because Jesus says I freely lay down my
17:36life nobody takes it from me but I lay
17:40it down from my friends for you for me
17:43and so now Our Gospel text reminds us of
17:46the messages we heard during Advent
17:48there was a man sent from God whose name
17:51was John he came as a witness to Bear
17:53witness about what the light that’s
17:55Jesus so that all might believe through
17:58him he was not the light but he came to
18:00bear witness about the light
18:02but the True Light
18:04which enlightens everyone it was coming
18:06into the world
18:08and he was in the world and though the
18:10world was made through him yet the world
18:12did not know him what a strange thing if
18:17you think about it you know that I I’ve
18:20said it before I’ll just keep saying it
18:22if Jesus were walking down the streets
18:24of Downtown Grand Forks here in North
18:26Dakota and I was driving by in my pickup
18:28truck I wouldn’t stop I wouldn’t
18:31recognize him I wouldn’t sit there go oh
18:33wow there’s my Creator there’s Jesus
18:35right I think about that song that you
18:37know was it all the way back in the 90s
18:39terrible lyrics by the way what if God
18:41was one of us just a slob like one of us
18:44just like a Stranger On The Bus trying
18:46to find his way home every time that
18:48song would come on the radio I’d sit
18:49there and go he is he became one of us
18:52that’s the whole point of Christmas
18:53that’s the whole point of the
18:54Incarnation God has become one of us why
18:59to save us
19:01to live that sinless life for you and
19:05for me so that he can impute his
19:07righteousness to us as a gift
19:10he received our sin our iniquity bore in
19:15his own body on the cross that’s why he
19:18came if you were to think about it
19:19there’s a there’s a certain sadness to
19:23the celebration of Christmas and that is
19:25is that we can all picture little baby
19:28Jesus wrapped up in swaddling claws
19:31lying in a manger and we know exactly
19:35how this is going to end remember the
19:38movie Back to the Future right when when
19:41Marty McFly goes back in time to the
19:431950s and he sees what he sees his uncle
19:46right he sees his uncle and his uncle is
19:48still an infant and he’s in one of those
19:50playpens you know so he’s got he’s he’s
19:53in one of those kid playpens and back in
19:55the 50s they made him out of wood and
19:57they and they looked like little prisons
19:58and he says to he says to his uncle
20:00who’s this infant he says get used to
20:02these bars you know why because you’re
20:04going to be in you’re going to spend a
20:05lot of time in prison
20:07he knows the future but when it comes to
20:10Jesus we know how the story ends
20:13this this infant this completely
20:15helpless infant born under these mean
20:19circumstances in abject poverty who’s
20:22going to about have his life snuffed out
20:24by Herod who has to flee to Egypt but
20:26his parents have to flee take him and
20:29then he grows up and and obscurity in
20:31Nazareth we know how the story ends it
20:33ends with him on a wait a second
20:37that’s not where the story ends is it
20:41it ends with him walking out of the
20:43Grave on the third day just as he said
20:47proving that he is who he claimed to be
20:49God of God light of light very God of
20:52very God Emmanuel God With Us
20:55that’s the point and so even though he
20:59comes to his own creation although the
21:02world was made through him the world
21:04didn’t know him I didn’t know him that’s
21:07because of the darkness of our sin he
21:10came to his own people the people of
21:12Israel if anyone would have recognized
21:13him it would have been the Jews right
21:18who is this man that he even forgives
21:21sins was one of the first questions out
21:24of the mouth of the people who are The
21:27tribe of the world
21:29the people of Israel
21:30came to his own people his own people
21:32didn’t receive him
21:34but to all who did receive him
21:37to all that’s including you yes you
21:39Aussies too that includes you Aussies
21:41can you believe it right to all who
21:44believe him who received him he gave the
21:49right to become children of God
21:52you and I now adopted being united with
21:55Christ and his death and his
21:56resurrection and the Waters of baptism
21:58we being forgiven by God we are the
22:01children of God and we were not born of
22:04blood nor of the flesh nor the will of a
22:07man but we were born of God as Jesus
22:10says in John chapter 3 that which is
22:12born of the flesh is flesh that which is
22:14born of the spirit is spirit and you
22:16anyone who is born of water in the
22:18spirit baptism truly truly
22:23born from above
22:26he came to give us that second birth
22:28born of God
22:30and so the word the logos became flesh
22:34he is dwelt Among Us
22:37we have seen his glory glories of the
22:39only son from the father and listen to
22:41these last words of Our Gospel text
22:43because it tells us everything about
22:45Jesus Jesus he’s full of grace
22:50and Truth have you noticed that we human
22:53beings because of the darkness of sin we
22:56can’t really say of each other I can’t
22:58say this of any of us that we’re full of
23:00grace and full of truth right we human
23:04beings are full of rancor of hatred of
23:08malice and lies that’s kind of the way
23:13it goes and especially so of all of our
23:15politicians just saying right you you
23:18get the idea that uh but Jesus is not
23:21like us at all and thank God
23:25he is instead full of grace and truth
23:29so this Christmas as we contemplate The
23:33Mystery of the Incarnation the great
23:35rejoicing that we that we go through
23:37today as we as we share with each other
23:41gifts and we sing to each other these
23:44great Christmas hymns let us remember
23:47that we were all born in darkness but
23:50God said to you he said to me let there
23:53be light in fact not only do you say let
23:55there be light he is the light that has
23:57come to us so that we can now be
24:01transferred from the Dominion of
24:02Darkness have an inheritance in the
24:04Kingdom that he has established and
24:07there will be no darkness in what is
24:09coming and finally the darkness that’s
24:11even in you and me because of our sin
24:13will be driven out of us on that day
24:15that he returns in glory to judge the
24:17living and the dead let this be the
24:19Christmas of lights because Christ is
24:23the light that has come in the name of
24:25Jesus Amen
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