Sermon Transcript – The Lord is Our Shepherd

Series B – Eighth Sunday of Pentecost – Sunday, July 18, 2021 | Pr. Chris Rosebrough

Welcome to the Teaching Ministry of Kongsvinger Lutheran Church. Kongsvinger is a beacon for the Gospel of Jesus Christ and is located on the plains of Northwestern Minnesota.
We proclaim Christ and Him crucified for our sins and salvation by grace through faith alone, and now, here’s a message from Pastor Chris Rosebrough:
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0:28holy gospel according to saint mark the
0:30sixth chapter
0:39the apostles returned to Jesus and told
0:41them all that they had done and taught
0:43and he said to them come away by
0:44yourselves to a desolate place and rest
0:46a while
0:47for many were coming and going and they
0:49had no leisure even to eat
0:51and they went away in the boat to a
0:53desolate place by themselves
0:55now many saw them going and recognized
0:57them and they ran there on foot from all
0:59the towns and got there ahead of them
1:01and when he went ashore he saw a great
1:04and he had compassion on them because
1:06they were like sheep without a shepherd
1:08he began to teach them many things and
1:11when it grew late his disciples came to
1:12him and said this is a desolate place
1:15the hour is now late send them away to
1:18into the surrounding countryside and
1:20villages and buy themselves something to
1:22but he answered them you give them
1:24something to eat and they said to him
1:26shall we go and buy 200 denarii worth of
1:28bread and give it to them to eat
1:30and he said to them how many loaves do
1:32you have go and see
1:33and when they found out they said five
1:36and two fish
1:37then he commanded them all to sit down
1:39in groups on the green grass
1:41so they sat down in groups by hundreds
1:43and by fifties
1:44and taking the five loaves and the two
1:46fish he took
1:47he looked up to heaven and said a
1:49blessing broke the loaves
1:50and gave them to the disciples to set
1:52before the people
1:54and he divided the two fish among them
1:56all and they all ate and they were
1:58and they took up twelve baskets full of
2:00broken pieces and of the fish
2:02and those who ate the loaves were five
2:04thousand men
2:05this is the gospel of the lord in the
2:08name of Jesus
2:10woe to the shepherds who destroy and
2:12scatter the sheep of my pastor declares
2:14the lord well there’s an actual
2:16declaration from the lord
2:18and boy throughout Christian history
2:19this is one that
2:21people who have been pastors and church
2:23leaders have not
2:24paid attention to the history of abuse
2:28from the pulpit from pastors throughout
2:30the Christian church in both rome and
2:32in protestant churches is well terrible
2:36and it’s real you know i always like to
2:38point out that
2:39uh you know back in the middle ages the
2:43the church they tortured heretics you
2:46know alas we here at kungsfinger we’re
2:47just not strong enough for that
2:49you’ll note that down in the basement we
2:50do not have a torture chamber
2:52and i do not try to compel you by saying
2:55now if you do not believe that Jesus has
2:58risen from the dead
3:00ah then we are going to well make you
3:04all right nobody does this right
3:08but the thing is is that throughout
3:09Christian history there have been
3:11shepherds who’ve not only tortured
3:13people in the name of Christ which is an
3:15Christ has not given to the church
3:17they’ve murdered people
3:19martyred them taken away their bibles
3:22in our day and age we have a whole host
3:24of people out there who claim to be
3:26god’s anointed the super special super
3:29apostle types
3:30and what do they say well if you send in
3:32your thousand dollar seed offering
3:35god himself is going to multiply that
3:37he’s going to give you divine health
3:39he’s going to give you divine wealth and
3:41you’re going to be the head and not the
3:43and you’ll have your best life now so
3:46like a fool you write the check for a
3:48thousand dollars or you clear out your
3:50savings account
3:51make it payable to apostle pastor
3:53anointed so and so
3:55and you wait and you wait
4:00and you wait and then he preaches the
4:02sermon don’t worry your breakthrough is
4:04on the horizon it’s just around the
4:06and of course your breakthrough never
4:08comes right
4:10and then you go to the pastor and you
4:11say you know i’m beginning to think that
4:13you’re twisting
4:14god’s word you know because i wrote you
4:15that thousand dollar seat offering and
4:17i’m still driving a pinto and he says
4:20touch not god’s anointed
4:22right or worse a pacer does anyone
4:24remember those things
4:26yeah i hear that those things are going
4:30are very expensive now on the resell
4:33market much more than when they were
4:34uh you know available uh as new cars but
4:38so what what do they end up doing well
4:40people’s faith they get it gets
4:42destroyed people’s money is fleeced
4:45lives are shattered and people end up
4:48walking away from Christianity
4:50and saying it’s all a bogus
4:54scam but here’s the thing every pastor
4:57needs to pay
4:58close attention to the fact that we
5:02a stricter judgment and god has declared
5:05a woe and when god says
5:07whoa you better pick step back and go
5:10because the woe is there for a reason
5:12woe to the shepherds who destroy and
5:15the sheep of my pasture declares the
5:19you see god is nothing like that god
5:21cares for people he doesn’t fleece
5:24his flock he doesn’t torture them
5:27if they’re struggling and if they’re
5:29sick or
5:30poverty stricken he shows mercy grace
5:33kindness and love
5:36in fact Jesus who was the head
5:40became the tail in the incarnation the
5:42highest went to the lowest
5:44and so keep that in mind as we consider
5:46our our gospel text today because
5:49there’s something kind of amazing going
5:50on you’ll note that
5:52in our gospel text we have that great
5:54miracle the feeding of the five thousand
5:57and aside from the resurrection of
5:59this is the only miracle that appears in
6:01all four gospels and
6:02one of the things i love is that each of
6:04the gospel writers has a
6:06slightly different emphasis that he puts
6:09on this particular miracle
6:11now in order to get the the co the whole
6:13gist of it
6:14i would like you to consider uh if you
6:16would the exodus for a second it seems
6:18like a strange place to go
6:20but it’s important that we kind of go
6:22when we go into the mall we look at that
6:24kiosk that says you are here
6:26so that we can kind of figure out what’s
6:27going on so you’ll note the book of
6:30tells the story of the people of israel
6:33the people of god
6:34enslaved to a tyrannical
6:38false god king who likes wearing snake
6:41okay that’s really what the pharaoh’s
6:43hat is all about it’s it’s you know it’s
6:45it’s a cobra you know in fact you can
6:47kind of think of pharaoh as like the
6:48original cobra kai
6:50guy right you know and a strike first
6:53strike card
6:54no mercy right that’s kind of his his
6:57and uh and the pharaohs of ancient egypt
7:00they were considered like osiris
7:02on earth and and so that’s one of the
7:05big things going on here so
7:07no where’s the snake hat big cobra kai
7:09guy he’s a stand-in for the devil
7:11children of god are in under slavery and
7:14just withering under the heat and the
7:17tasks and the labor
7:19and god remembers his promises to
7:21abraham isaac and jacob
7:23and he sends them a deliverer moses and
7:26he comes and he says let my people go we
7:29know how the
7:30story goes there’s ten plagues all the
7:32gods of egypt get judged and they come
7:35up wanting yahweh prevails and then
7:38with the death of the passover lambs
7:41instead of the firstborn
7:44the children of israel are finally set
7:45free from slavery and then god marches
7:47them out into the wilderness
7:49baptizes them in the red sea that’s what
7:51that was all about
7:52and then they find themselves on the
7:54other side of the red sea somewhere in
7:56the saudi arabian desert
7:58and well they’re hungry
8:01you know and so we have this interesting
8:03picture in chapter 13 of exodus it says
8:06the lord yahweh went before them by day
8:08in a pillar of cloud to lead them along
8:10the way
8:11by night and a pillar of fire to give
8:13them light that they might travel by day
8:15and by night the pillar of cloud by day
8:17the pillar of fire by night
8:18did not depart from before the people
8:22if you would here’s god leading out his
8:25yeah he’s gonna lead them to greener
8:28pastures the
8:29the land flowing with milk and honey so
8:31that’s kind of the picture
8:32and then of course they get hungry and
8:34it says they set out from elim
8:36and all the congregation of the people
8:37of israel came to the wilderness of sin
8:40which is between elim and sinai on the
8:4215th day of the second month they had
8:44departed from the land of egypt
8:46and then the whole congregation of the
8:47people of israel grumbled against moses
8:50and aaron in the wilderness and the
8:52people of israel said to them
8:53o wood that we had died by the hand of
8:56yahweh in the land of egypt
8:57when we sat by the meat pots and ate
9:00bread to the full for you have brought
9:01us out into this wilderness to kill this
9:03whole assembly with hunger
9:05and already you gotta kind of wonder you
9:07know if has their brain
9:08been cooked a little too much in the in
9:10the in the saudi sun here because
9:13i don’t recall the children of israel in
9:15slavery sitting in shae’s lounges
9:18dipping their hands you know leisurely
9:20into meat
9:21pots and of course the egyptian slave
9:23master saying is there anything else i
9:24can get you could i top off your mai tai
9:26you know nothing like that so already
9:28things are a little squirrely in there
9:30in their remembrance of things and
9:32they’re grumbling against god well i
9:34maybe hunger and sun do that to you so
9:36then yahweh said to moses behold i’m
9:38about to rain
9:39bread from heaven for you and the people
9:41shall go out and gather
9:43a day’s portion every day that i might
9:44test them whether they will walk in my
9:47or not on the sixth day when they
9:50when they prepare what they bring in it
9:52will be twice as much as they gather
9:55so moses and aaron said to the people of
9:56israel at evening you shall
9:58know that it was yahweh who brought you
10:01out of the land of egypt and in the
10:02morning you shall see the glory
10:04of the of yahweh because he has heard
10:06your grumbling against yahweh
10:08for what are we that you grumble against
10:10us so moses said when
10:11yahweh gives you in the evening meet to
10:14eat and in the morning bread to the full
10:15because yahweh has heard your grumbling
10:18that you grumble against him what are we
10:20your grumbling is not against us but
10:22against yahweh
10:23and then moses said to aaron say to the
10:25whole congregation of the people of
10:27israel come
10:28near before yahweh for he has heard your
10:31and as soon as aaron spoke to the whole
10:33congregation of the people of israel
10:35they looked toward the wilderness and
10:36behold the glory of yahweh appeared
10:38in the cloud and yahweh said to moses i
10:41have heard the grumbling of the people
10:42of israel say to them at twilight
10:45you shall eat meat and in the morning
10:47you shall be filled with bread
10:48and then you shall know that i am yahweh
10:50your god
10:51and you’ll note this then begins a
10:53miracle that lasts 40
10:55years every day except for on saturday
11:00the children of israel would wake up and
11:02on the desert floor there would be
11:05mana what is it that’s what
11:08mana means it’s kind of a big question
11:10what is it
11:11and the lord fed them that way gave them
11:15miraculous bread from heaven but Jesus
11:17himself makes it clear in john 6
11:19that that bread from heaven that the
11:21children of israel ate was pointing to
11:23and that he is the true bread that has
11:25come down from heaven
11:26and so you know israelites know this
11:30whole bunch of jews in the middle of
11:33big miracle regarding food ah
11:36yahweh is the one who is feeding them
11:38and that’s the backdrop of our
11:40of our gospel texts today so in mark 6
11:43verse 30
11:44the apostles after returning to Jesus
11:46Jesus sent them out
11:48on a training mission he said to them
11:50come away by yourselves to a desolate
11:52place and rest a while
11:54for many were coming and going that they
11:56had no leisure even to eat at this point
11:58Jesus’s ministry has really
12:00kind of taken off and well Jesus and his
12:0312 disciples are stretched
12:05thin so they went away in a boat to a
12:07desolate place by themselves
12:09and many saw them going and recognized
12:11them and they ran there on foot from all
12:14the towns and got there ahead of them
12:16and when he went ashore he saw a great
12:19and the text says he had compassion on
12:21them i love the way the greek talks
12:23about it
12:23his splug needs a my his guts were
12:26wrenched for these people
12:28and there’s the big difference jude the
12:30half-brother of Jesus warns us that in
12:32the last days it would be shepherds who
12:34feed only themselves
12:37over and again you can tell when
12:38somebody is a true minister of Christ
12:41by whether everything is about them and
12:43everybody’s supposed to make
12:44their dream their vision their legacy
12:48the thing that they’re supposed to get
12:49behind or if they truly have compassion
12:52on Christ’s sheep and care for even the
12:54weakest among us
12:55you’ll note that friedrich nietzsche in
12:57his book on the antiChrist which gives
12:59you the real values of the world
13:01basically says that it’s a vice it’s an
13:03absolute vice
13:04for human beings to care for those who
13:08weak who are poor who are destitute
13:11instead he points to nature and says we
13:13need to be more like
13:14wolves where we well tear apart the weak
13:19and so nietzsche in his well epic work
13:22really laying out the values of the
13:24antiChrist in the world
13:25despises Christianity and by extension
13:28despises Christ
13:30because you’ll know when you come to
13:32Christ filled with the
13:34muck of sin or you are destitute
13:38financially or you are struggling
13:41because your body
13:42is failing Jesus doesn’t say well see to
13:44it yourself
13:45you should have taken care of that
13:47earlier you know
13:48after all you know an ounce of
13:50prevention is worth a pound of cure
13:52everything that’s happening to you is
13:54your own fault
13:56and you should have been tithing the
13:57whole time too you know what were you
14:00Jesus isn’t like that at all seeing this
14:04crowd of people in great need
14:07great need because they’re spiritually
14:09lost they’re physically
14:11broken they’re well under the boot of
14:14rome and all of them
14:15the whole lot of them are pretty far
14:19down in the financial status what does
14:22Christ have
14:23compassion he has absolute compassion on
14:26them because they were like sheep
14:27without a shepherd
14:28and he began to teach them many things
14:31the need is great so Jesus rolls up his
14:33sleeves it says boys even though we’re
14:35all exhausted and tired it’s time to get
14:37back to work
14:38and so he goes about first tending to
14:42their souls
14:43preaching and teaching to them the very
14:45words of god because that is who Jesus
14:48and so when it grew late oh yeah how did
14:50that prophecy go
14:52in the evening you’ll eat meat and
14:53you’ll know that i am yahweh
14:55yeah that’s kind of what’s going on here
14:57so the the day is far
14:59spent his disciples come to him and said
15:00this is a desolate place
15:02the hour is now late send them away to
15:05go into the surrounding countryside in
15:07villages to buy themselves something to
15:10this is one of those ministry moments
15:12where you just have to crack
15:14up and so Jesus looks at him and says
15:16you give him something to eat
15:18now i like mark’s account because it
15:20gives us a hint that maybe the disciples
15:22were a little lippy back to Jesus
15:24because they just ask him the question
15:26kind of straight up
15:28all right shall we go and buy 200
15:29denarii worth of bread and give it to
15:31them to eat
15:32you know knowing full well 200 denarii
15:34worth of bread wouldn’t go very far
15:36at all so Jesus said them how many
15:38loaves do you have go and see
15:40so they when they had found out they
15:41said five and two fish so he commanded
15:44to all sit down in groups on the green
15:48grass oh wait sheep without a shepherd
15:50had them
15:51sit down in groups on the green grass
15:54well that reminds me of that really
15:56famous psalm that we all know we all
15:58learned it in the king james too which
16:00is interesting
16:01how’s the song go the lord is my
16:05i shall not want he makes me to lie down
16:09in green pastures
16:10and he leads me beside the still waters
16:13ah i see what’s going on here here Jesus
16:16is this desolate place he’s having his
16:18sheep without a shepherd
16:20now he’s tending to them he’s fed their
16:22souls he’s going to feed their bodies
16:24so he has everybody sit down makes them
16:26lie down in the green
16:27pasture oh it’s a beautiful picture and
16:30so if the
16:31psalm goes on he leads me beside the
16:33still waters oh
16:34i think of baptism here he restores my
16:38he leads me in paths of righteousness
16:40for his name’s sake
16:42have you ever considered as you read
16:43psalm 23 one that we’re all very
16:45familiar with
16:46just the absolute patience kindness
16:50and tenderness of this lord who is our
16:53and indeed he is it’s exemplified in
16:55what we see in our gospel text
16:57regarding Christ he restores my soul he
17:00leads me in paths of righteousness for
17:02his own name’s sake
17:04and even though i walk through the
17:05valley of the shadow of death i will
17:07no evil and we all have a date with that
17:10that uh
17:10shadow of death thingy you know
17:13there’s a time coming you don’t know if
17:15it’s tomorrow next week
17:17five years or 20 30 years from now each
17:20and every one of us as long as Christ
17:21tarries we know that we’re going to have
17:23to journey through the darkest part
17:25and that’s the valley of the shadow of
17:26death but don’t worry
17:28it’s the shat the valley of the shadow
17:30of death it’s not it’s not the valley of
17:32itself the reason why death is but a
17:34shadow for us Christians
17:36is due to the fact that Christ who bore
17:38our sin on the cross
17:41bodily rose from the grave he conquered
17:44on the third day after he was crucified
17:46under pontius pilate
17:48death for us is just a mere shadow you
17:50know something that we need not fear
17:52so as anxiety causing as the thought may
17:56don’t worry we will fear no evil because
17:59Christ is with us his rod and his staff
18:01they comfort us
18:03he’s even prepared a table before us in
18:05the presence of our enemies
18:07ah that’s what we’ll be experiencing
18:09today note baptism
18:10the lord’s supper they’re all present
18:12here you prepare a table before me in
18:14the presence of my enemies
18:16and you anoint my head with o with oil
18:18and my cup overflows
18:20because of this surely goodness and
18:22mercy shall follow me all the days of
18:24of my life and then i will dwell in the
18:26house of the lord
18:29forever see the difference
18:33shepherds who care only for themselves
18:35compared to well
18:37our lord who is our shepherd who deeply
18:40cares for us and meets all of the real
18:43needs that we have and doesn’t give us
18:46the vain things that we want
18:48because of his great love for us so
18:50Christ has
18:52all these people sit down in the green
18:54grass and it says then
18:57that they sat down in groups by hundreds
19:00and by fifties and taking the five
19:02loaves and the two fish he looked up to
19:04heaven and said a blessing
19:05broke the loaves gave them to the
19:07disciples and set them before the people
19:10he divided the two fish among them all
19:13and they all
19:13ate and they were satisfied and this
19:16isn’t a metaphor you know
19:17all those wingnuts out there who claim
19:19that miracles and don’t take place
19:21this actually took place it’s written by
19:23eyewitnesses Christ
19:24really multiplied these loaves and
19:27fishes and
19:28fed these jews in the middle of the
19:31and they knew exactly who he was after
19:34that when you read
19:34john’s account in john 6 they were ready
19:37to make Jesus king
19:38by force so they took up 12 baskets full
19:41of broken pieces and those who ate the
19:43loaves were 5 000 men
19:45so the question then is what does it
19:46mean because clearly this miracle shows
19:48us who Jesus is
19:50at twilight you will eat meat and you’ll
19:51know that i am yahweh well that’s
19:53exactly who Jesus is
19:55but you’re going to note then this is a
19:56story that hearkens to the exodus
19:58isn’t the exodus all about you know
20:00people who are genetic descendants of
20:02people who are hebrews ah this is where
20:05we must pay close attention to our
20:07epistle text
20:08because Christ has so wonderfully
20:12taken us gentiles and he’s
20:15joined us with his big flock in fact
20:18that’s kind of the point of our epistle
20:20in ephesians 2 11 it says remember that
20:22once at one time you gentiles
20:25you norwegians you polish people you
20:27swedes you
20:28you celts wherever you’re from if asia
20:33south africa it doesn’t matter wherever
20:34you’re from
20:37we were all part of that group the
20:41in the flesh called the uncircumcision
20:44by those who had received the
20:45circumcision the jews
20:47that is the circumcision that is made
20:49with hands remember that
20:50you you and i all of us we were at that
20:54time we were separated from Christ
20:56and indeed that’s how we were born dead
20:58in trespasses and sins
21:00we were alienated from the common wealth
21:03israel as a result of that we were
21:06strangers to the covenants of promise
21:09and listen to the verdict having no hope
21:12and without god in the world
21:15to not have Christ is to have no hope
21:18to not have Christ is to not have god
21:21that’s how each of us came into this
21:25but paul goes on but now in Christ you
21:27who were once far
21:29off you have been brought near by the
21:31blood of Christ
21:32your good shepherd has brought you into
21:35the commonwealth of israel he’s made you
21:37familiar with the covenants of promise
21:39he has given you a hope and he is your
21:42he himself is our peace who has made us
21:46jews and gentiles one that’s why in
21:49Christ there is neither jew nor greek
21:51there is slave nor free
21:52we are all one in him and by his blood
21:56he has broken down in his flesh
21:58the dividing wall of hostility no more
22:01is there a barrier that says gentiles
22:04enter here
22:05upon pain of death that’s what the old
22:09sign said in the old
22:10temple instead Christ has torn down the
22:14wall of hostility
22:16how did he do it well by abolishing the
22:19law of commandments expressed in
22:21so that he might create in himself one
22:24new man in place of the two and so
22:26making peace and so that he might
22:28reconcile us both
22:29jews and gentiles to god in one body
22:32through the cross
22:34thereby killing the hostility he
22:37came and he preached peace to you who
22:40were far off
22:41and peace to those who were near
22:44i love the fact that scripture repeats
22:46this concept
22:47that god did not send his son into the
22:49world to condemn the world but that the
22:51world might be saved
22:53through him now there is a second coming
22:56of Christ when he comes in glory to
22:57judge the living and the dead
22:59but now the message of the gospel goes
23:01out that we who were far off
23:03we who were steeped in sin we who were
23:05guilty we who were hostile to god
23:08we who’ve participated in the rebellion
23:10of the devil Christ
23:11comes and he preaches peace to us and
23:14offers us
23:15pardon peace hope forgiveness
23:19and reconciliation with the god with
23:20whom we’ve sinned against
23:22how by bearing in his own body our sins
23:25and bleeding and dying for us on the
23:29what an amazing selfless kind
23:32merciful gracious shepherd that we have
23:34in Christ
23:36through him we both have access in one
23:38spirit to the father
23:39so then you’re no longer strangers
23:41you’re no longer aliens
23:43you all are now fellow citizens with the
23:45saints and you are now
23:47members of the household of god you are
23:49built on the foundation of the apostles
23:51and the prophets
23:52and this is the only place where you can
23:54hear this message rightly
23:56you can only hear it in the scriptures
23:58apostles and prophets is referring to
24:00our bibles
24:01Christ Jesus himself is the cornerstone
24:03he’s the one to whom the prophets
24:04pointed to
24:05and the apostles preached about in whom
24:08the whole structure then is now being
24:09joined together
24:10and is now growing into a holy temple in
24:13the lord
24:14in him you also are being built together
24:16into a dwelling place
24:17for god by the spirit you’ll note
24:21that with Christ because he’s come to
24:23bring peace
24:24we who are in him are not condemned we
24:26are forgiven
24:28we are not cast out we are cared for we
24:31are not
24:31shown the door we are shown mercy
24:36we are not treated with impatience
24:39instead we hear and should be hearing
24:42and seeing exemplified
24:44in those who preach to us that god is
24:47slow to anger
24:48abounding in steadfast love pardoning
24:51and forgiving trespasses and sins that’s
24:54exactly what Jesus
24:56is like and those who are his shepherds
24:58he calls them to be
25:00the same way and he threatens them with
25:02punishment and woes if they
25:04depart from that so coming back to our
25:06initial thought our old testament texts
25:08began with the words woe to the
25:10who destroy and scatter the sheep of my
25:13pasture declares yahweh
25:15therefore thus says yahweh the god of
25:17israel concerning the shepherds who care
25:18for my flock
25:19you’ve scattered my flock you’ve driven
25:22them away
25:23you’ve not attended to them behold i
25:26will attend to you for your evil deeds
25:28declares yahweh
25:32sobering words for those who abuse
25:36Christ’s sheep who care for and feed
25:40only themselves very powerful words
25:43indeed is it any wonder that pastors
25:45have a stricter judgment
25:47but then he says this but then i will
25:49gather the remnant of my flock
25:52out of all the countries where i have
25:53driven them and i will bring them back
25:55to their fold they shall be fruitful
25:57they will multiply i will set shepherds
26:00over them who will care for them
26:01and they shall fear no more nor be
26:03dismayed neither shall any be
26:06missing declares yahweh behold the days
26:08are coming declares the lord
26:10when i will raise up for david a
26:12righteous branch and he shall reign as
26:15and he will deal wisely he shall execute
26:18justice and righteousness in the land in
26:21his days judah will be saved and israel
26:23will dwell securely
26:25and this is the name by which he will be
26:28yahweh is our righteousness
26:32i i kind of like to think of it this way
26:33if we’re putting it in the metaphor of
26:36sheepy terms i mean sheep herding and
26:37things like this
26:38well what do shepherds do with sheep i
26:40mean there’s a cash crop there
26:42just growing on the outside of them so
26:44every year you got to shave them down
26:46you got to fleece those sheep
26:47and sell the wool and you know some of
26:49them they need to well be
26:50barbecued and eaten for things like that
26:52that’s generally how it goes
26:54but Jesus our good shepherd doesn’t
26:56fleece us or barbecue us and for this
26:58i’m very thankful
26:59in fact it’s quite the opposite Jesus is
27:02the only shepherd
27:03who doesn’t fleece his sheep instead he
27:06covers them in his own righteousness
27:08he clothes them rather than they
27:11clothing him
27:12and so you’ll note this wonderful
27:14prophecy in the midst of here god
27:15promising shepherd
27:17the son of david who will care for us he
27:19is our righteousness we are
27:22clothed in the brilliant white robe
27:25of his sinless perfection all of this as
27:28a gift
27:29and so when you do the contrast work the
27:32shepherds who feed only themselves and
27:34scatter the sheep
27:35compared to shepherd Jesus there is no
27:39and i would even argue any pastor who
27:42doesn’t exemplify this love grace mercy
27:44kindness patience and caring that Christ
27:47exemplifies when he had compassion on
27:49that crowd
27:50is not a real shepherd instead it falls
27:53under the condemnation
27:54of jeremiah 23 may Christ send us
27:58shepherds that are in his image
28:02that will care for his sheep those who
28:05on the last day despite the stricter
28:07judgment will hear well done
28:09good and faithful servant rather than
28:11depart for me for i never knew you
28:13but always and again compare your
28:15shepherds to Jesus our good shepherd
28:17the one who laid down his life for his
28:19sheep in the name of Jesus
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