Sermon Transcript – The Lord’s Prayer

Series B – Fourth Wednesday in Lent – Wednesday, March 11, 2015 | Pr. Chris Rosebrough

Welcome to the Teaching Ministry of Kongsvinger Lutheran Church. Kongsvinger is a beacon for the Gospel of Jesus Christ and is located on the plains of Northwestern Minnesota.
We proclaim Christ and Him crucified for our sins and salvation by grace through faith alone, and now, here’s a message from Pastor Chris Rosebrough:
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0:27The holy Gospel According
0:30to Saint Matthew chapter 6 verses 5-13
0:34and when you pray do not be like the
0:37Hypocrites for they love to pray
0:39standing in the synagogues and on the
0:40street corners to be seen by men I tell
0:42you the truth they’ve received their
0:44full reward
0:45but when you pray go into your room
0:47close the door and pray to your father
0:49who is unseen then your father who sees
0:52what is done in secret he will reward
0:54you and when you pray do not keep on
0:56babbling like pagans they think they
0:59will be heard because of their many
1:00words do not be like them for your
1:03father knows what you need before you
1:04ask him this then is how you should pray
1:08Our Father in heaven Hallowed be your
1:11your kingdom come your will be done on
1:14Earth as it is in heaven
1:16give us today our daily bread and
1:18forgive us our debts as we have also
1:20forgiven our debtors and lead us not
1:22into temptation but Deliver Us from the
1:26evil one
1:27in the name of Jesus
1:29that’s night for midweek Lenten service
1:32we’ll be looking at the Lord’s Prayer
1:35and I want to point something out from
1:37our epistle text before we dive into it
1:40there’s a lot of talk today about taking
1:43up the armor of God and doing spiritual
1:45warfare and there’s a lot of
1:48how will I put this
1:50talk that kind of over exaggerates it
1:53and what I mean by that it’s not that
1:55the devil isn’t real he truly is but
1:57there are people out there who think
1:59that spiritual warfare means them
2:01somehow going out and decree and
2:03declaring and claiming territory and all
2:06this kind of stuff and you’ll notice
2:08that the way in which we fight
2:11is to pray
2:15so many times people kind of have two
2:18different ideas about prayer prayer is
2:20kind of like the last resort you know
2:22somebody has taken ill it’s gotten
2:24really bad and somebody calls up we’d
2:27better pray and somebody says oh no has
2:28it really come to that
2:31right we’re to the prayer stage
2:37that’s one error but then the other
2:40is this idea that somehow
2:44prayer really doesn’t do anything
2:47you tell somebody or they come to you
2:50with a problem and they say something is
2:51going wrong and you say well I think we
2:53should pray about this
2:55ah no I I need something that works I I
2:58need some we need results right now this
3:00is an emergency we don’t got time for
3:02this prayer stuff
3:03both of those are Grievous heirs
3:07true spiritual warfare is waged on your
3:10knees it really is and it’s not waged
3:13against people
3:15because scripture says our battle is not
3:18against flesh and blood
3:20this is why we can pray for our enemies
3:23and we ought to pray for our enemies
3:24this is why we can even pray for
3:27terrorists who are lopping off the heads
3:28of Christians
3:31because our battle is not against them
3:34they are only doing the bidding of the
3:37one who we are really battling with the
3:39forces of evil the the true evil one
3:42so keep that in mind that makes it so
3:44that we can humbly pray for them knowing
3:46that if we’re not for the grace of God
3:48we could be the terrorists could we not
3:52so I wanted to frame tonight’s look at
3:56the small catechism and the Our Father
4:00with spiritual warfare in mind because I
4:03think we’ve experienced some of that
4:05here in the months past months
4:08the prayer really is the only way
4:10through it really is
4:12so we read
4:14in the New Testament that Christ has
4:16taught us to pray Our Father Who Art in
4:18Heaven I could probably preach a whole
4:21Sermon Just on those words
4:23and there’s a reason for that because if
4:25you think about it what an amazing thing
4:28that we are told by Jesus to pray as if
4:33God is our father and not as if this is
4:36not some imagination type of thing
4:37because it really is the truth
4:40you see all of this is in light of the
4:43Gospel you Christians you’re baptized
4:46washed forgiven redeemed regenerated God
4:49has given you all of these great gifts
4:51he’s taken you off the slave block and
4:55made you a son or a daughter
4:57and so when we pray the Our Father it
5:00assumes the gospel it assumes that
5:03you’re saved by grace because truly only
5:06one who is saved by grace would dare to
5:09address God as father and we are not
5:12doing this on a dare we’re invited to do
5:15so because of the love of Christ right
5:18so let us always remember when we pray
5:20the Our Father when we say our father
5:22that is explosive you see I remember
5:25back when I was in legalistic churches
5:29and I would always hope that I could be
5:31a Christian someday because I surely did
5:33measure up but see by saying that we are
5:36to pray Our Father Who Art in Heaven
5:39telling us that Christ is measured up
5:40for us let us always remember the gospel
5:43when the words of the beginning of the
5:44Lord’s Prayer
5:45so Luther in the small catechism asked
5:48well what does this mean Our Father who
5:51art in heaven with these words God
5:54tenderly what a great word tenderly
5:57invites us to believe that he is our
6:00true father and that we are his true
6:02children so that with all boldness and
6:06confidence we may ask him as dear
6:08children as their father now I’m a dad
6:12there’s dads in the room here you know
6:14we all have daughters and sons and you
6:16know they get to that particular age
6:17where they sure are comfortable being
6:18your son or daughter and they never
6:20really come cowering in fear hey Dad can
6:23I borrow the car it’s never it that
6:25that’s their confidence it’s never
6:29mayest I borrow the cover yeah it’s not
6:32it’s never like that right okay so this
6:35is the idea here God is our father and
6:38so we don’t cower in his presence
6:40because of what Christ has done for us
6:42we can boldly and confidently the way a
6:45teenager approaches father
6:47and says I need help with this Dad I
6:51need this or I need that so this is the
6:53invitation that is given to us and all
6:55of this is because of the Gospel
6:57Hallowed be your name
6:59what does this mean
7:01God’s name listen to this it certainly
7:04is Holy all by itself
7:05but when we pray in this petition
7:08Hallowed Be Your Name we’re praying that
7:10it may be kept holy Among Us also
7:15that’s the idea God’s name is Holy it’s
7:18been holy from eternity you can’t make
7:20it any more holy so when we say Hallowed
7:22Be Your Name we’re praying even then for
7:25us that God’s name is exalted that God’s
7:28name is Holy Among Us that we don’t
7:30blaspheme him that we don’t take him for
7:34granted but we truly honor him and want
7:38his name to be holy and kept holy among
7:40us as a church so how is God’s name kept
7:42holy well God’s name is kept holy when
7:45the word of God is taught in its truth
7:47and its Purity in fact when it’s not
7:49taught in its truth and Purity God’s
7:51name is blasphemed that’s the what it
7:53means to take God’s name in vain and we
7:55as children of God we also lead holy
7:58lives according to the word of God help
8:01us to this and dear Father in heaven but
8:04anyone who teaches or lives contrary to
8:06God’s word profanes the name of God
8:09Among Us
8:10protect us from this heavenly father
8:14so when we pray for God’s name to be
8:16holy we’re praying for sound Doctrine
8:19and true true sanctification through the
8:23Holy Spirit Doctrine and life and we’re
8:26praying that that would be in and Among
8:28Us here in this congregation and that
8:31what God would graciously protect us by
8:34sending only people who are teaching the
8:36truth that we would believe the truth
8:38about God and then live holy lives in
8:40light of the Gospel as those who’ve been
8:42set free from sin death in the devil
8:45your kingdom come
8:47what does this mean well the kingdom of
8:49God certainly comes by itself without
8:51our prayer but we pray in this petition
8:54that it may come to us also
8:57you see Jesus said the kingdom of his
9:00kingdom is not of this world you can’t
9:02Point somewhere on a globe and say ah
9:04right here this spot right here this is
9:07the kingdom of God can you
9:10no the kingdom of God is Among Us so
9:13listen to this God’s kingdom comes when
9:15our heavenly father gives us his holy
9:18spirit so that by his grace we believe
9:20his holy word and Lead Godly lives here
9:24in time and there in eternity
9:26see the kingdom of God is a little
9:28tricky to see I can see it right now
9:32but in just a few minutes it’s going to
9:35disappear outside of this building
9:37and you won’t be able to make it out
9:39much you can see individual people who
9:41are citizens of it and you can see them
9:44doing their good works and praising
9:47their father in Heaven but we’re out
9:49then in the world doing our vocations at
9:51work and our families right but see
9:54right now we can kind of get a glimpse
9:55of it and then it’ll disappear
10:00so God’s kingdom comes when we believe
10:03when we’re baptized God’s kingdom is
10:06acting when we are at the halter here
10:09receiving Christ’s body and blood
10:12next petition your will be done on Earth
10:15as it is in heaven so what does this
10:18well listen to this the good and
10:19gracious will of God is done even
10:21without our prayer it is
10:24God’s will is done
10:25but when we pray this in this petition
10:28we’re praying that God’s will will be
10:30done Among Us also
10:32so how is God’s will done God’s will is
10:35done when he breaks and hinders every
10:38evil plan and purpose of the devil the
10:40world and our sinful nature which do not
10:42want us to hallow God’s name or to let
10:45his kingdom come yeah we’ve got well
10:48let’s put it this way God has enemies
10:50God has enemies that would be the devil
10:53the world and even our own sinful
10:55Natures right and so all of these three
10:59have conspired to make it so that God’s
11:01will is not done but we pray that God
11:04would break and hinder all of the evil
11:06plans of the world the devil and even
11:08our sinful nature and that his kingdom
11:10would come and that he would strengthen
11:12us and keep us firm in his word and in
11:15the faith until we die
11:17this is as good and gracious will
11:19so we talk about
11:21you know numbers that matter in church
11:24if you would some Churches they count
11:26nickels some Churches they count noses
11:29we need to count how many people die in
11:32the faith how many people have been
11:34buried trusting in Christ for the
11:36Forgiveness of their sins that’s the
11:37number that counts right fourth petition
11:40give us this day our daily bread now
11:43notice we’ve gone from this to this
11:47right give us this day our daily bread
11:49oh and that’s the hint by the way that
11:51this prayer should be prayed daily
11:53because if you pray for bread today and
11:56you say Lord give us today our daily
11:58bread well you’re going to have to pray
12:00this again tomorrow aren’t you
12:03yeah yeah and it’s important that this
12:06is a daily prayer because there’s a
12:07little thing going on here as well so
12:10so what does this mean well God
12:12certainly gives Daily Bread to everyone
12:14without our prayers yes he does he does
12:17you think of all the pagans and the rank
12:20idolaters and evil adulterers and sinful
12:23all kinds of caboodle laters out there
12:26all right and what about the sinners in
12:28here right
12:29and God feeds them all it truly does
12:33there isn’t a single person who can eat
12:35a small morsel of bread or any kind of
12:39food that God has not provided and the
12:42reason for that is is that all the
12:44things we eat are grown
12:46all the things we eat come from either
12:49plants or animals and did we make those
12:51no God did so all of these things come
12:55from his hand already so if God’s
12:58feeding all the pagans out there and
12:59he’s feeding the Christians too well
13:01then why do we pray give us this day our
13:03daily bread well I’m glad you asked the
13:07here’s what it says Daily Bread includes
13:09everything that has to do with the
13:11support and needs of our body such as
13:12food drink clothing shoes house home
13:14land animals Goods money a devout
13:17husband or wife devout children devout
13:19workers devout and faithful rulers good
13:20government good weather peace health
13:22self-control good reputation good
13:24friends faithful nervous
13:26faithful neighbors and the like and we
13:30pray in this petition that God would
13:31realize or help us to realize
13:34that to realize that this is all from
13:38his hand and to receive our daily bread
13:40with Thanksgiving
13:42so the idea is everybody has these
13:45things but by praying give us this day
13:46our daily bread we are praying that we
13:48would acknowledge that all of these
13:50things come from God they didn’t happen
13:52by chance they’re all truly from him
13:55what great gifts God has given us in
13:59good food and good friends with a good
14:01reputation good spouse all of these are
14:05wonderful gifts from our heavenly father
14:08and now the next part and forgive us our
14:10trespasses as we forgive those who
14:12trespass against us
14:15now remember this is a daily prayer
14:20so daily
14:22Christ knows that you’re sinning
14:25he knows this
14:27and daily he invites you to pray to God
14:30your heavenly father notice you prayed
14:33Our Father Who Art in Heaven
14:35long before you got down to this part
14:37so many times we’re tempted to believe
14:40the lies of the devil when the Devil
14:42comes and Whispers in our ear and says
14:43you know you’re not really Measuring Up
14:47I know what you did I know what you said
14:49about that person I know and I know and
14:51he just reminds and reminds and reminds
14:53you about all of the sins that you’ve
14:55committed right
14:57and so you are shamed and so shamed that
15:01you feel like you cannot address God as
15:03father and so you kind of
15:07put some distance between you and God
15:09right but notice it’s you putting the
15:12distance between you and God not God
15:14because when you opened up this prayer
15:17Our Father Who Art in Heaven God already
15:19knew that you needed to ask him for
15:22he did
15:23and yet you were invited to pray to him
15:25as Our Father Who Art in Heaven not as
15:28my potential father once I get things
15:30reconciled with you
15:34it’s Christ has done all the reconciling
15:35for you you are in him you’re forgiven
15:38you’re part of the family
15:40and so now we pray after praying all for
15:44these other things
15:45daily we now pray this forgive us our
15:48trespasses as we forgive those who
15:51trespass against us so we pray in this
15:53petition that our father in Heaven would
15:56not look at our sins or deny our prayer
15:59because of them
16:00we are neither worthy of the things for
16:03which we pray nor have we deserve them
16:07no truer words have ever been written
16:10the air that you’re breathing you’re not
16:12worthy to breathe
16:14the ground that you’re walking on you
16:15are not worthy to walk on the food you
16:18are eating you are not worthy to eat
16:21none of it
16:22and see we don’t receive any of these
16:25things from our heavenly father because
16:27we’ve earned them
16:29we’ve been given them as a gift
16:34so we ask
16:37we ask that he would give
16:40all of these things to us by grace for
16:43we daily sin much and surely deserve
16:45nothing but punishment
16:47so we too also will sincerely forgive
16:50and gladly do to those who sin against
16:53us that’s the other piece of this
16:55remember Jesus is one commandment it’s
16:57Monday Thursday the night that he’s
16:59going to be betrayed
17:01it’s the night when he institutes the
17:03Lord’s supper and he says and here’s the
17:06one commandment
17:07as I have loved you
17:10love one another
17:13as I have loved you love one another how
17:15has Christ loved us
17:20by taking all of our sin
17:22and dying for it and forgiving it
17:26so because of the great mercy of God to
17:30us we now having been set free from
17:34bondage to sin death and the devil and
17:37given eternal life purely as a gift by
17:41having been set free from all of this we
17:43are to live as free people and free
17:45people you know what they do
17:47they forgive
17:49they forgive because they’re forgiven
17:52how could you not forgive somebody who
17:55sins against you compared to the sin
17:57that you’ve committed against God those
18:00little measly sins that people commit
18:01against you even though they get under
18:03your skin and get your ire up and make
18:04you upset and mad and make you want to
18:06tell everybody about it
18:07all right
18:09they’re mosquitoes compared to the sins
18:11you’ve committed
18:14forgive because you are forgiven this is
18:18what we are to do Christians love
18:21because they are loved by God
18:24we don’t love God or love others in
18:26order to be loved by God but because God
18:28and His Mercy has loved us now we love
18:32other people this is what it means to
18:34live under the cross
18:36and lead us not into temptation
18:39what does this mean
18:41well God tempts no one so we pray in
18:43this petition that God would guard and
18:45keep us so that the devil the world and
18:49our sinful nature the Unholy Trinity if
18:51you would that they may not deceive us
18:53or mislead us into false belief Despair
18:56and other great shame and vice although
18:59we are attacked by these things and I
19:01would add daily we pray that we may
19:04finally overcome them and win the
19:06victory because Christ is won the
19:08victory for us
19:09but Deliver Us from Evil
19:12now I’m going to read the explanation
19:14from the catechism and I want to take it
19:16up a notch here’s what the catechism
19:18says what does this mean we pray in this
19:20petition in summary
19:22that our father in Heaven would rescue
19:25us from every evil of body and soul
19:27possession and reputation and finally
19:29when our last hour comes give us a
19:32blessed end and graciously take us from
19:35this Valley of Sorrow to himself in
19:37heaven now this is most certainly true
19:40now in the text that I read today from
19:42the gospel of Matthew the Greek is a
19:44little bit stronger than Deliver us from
19:46evil evil is kind of a general thing but
19:49the text itself actually says the evil
19:53evil one he is the source of all of our
19:56misery he is the one who we read in
19:59Ephesians and him and his Dominion of
20:02Darkness are the ones that we’re truly
20:04battling against
20:05and so all of the misery of body’s Soul
20:08possession reputation and all these
20:10things that he sends our way those all
20:13come from the evil one so when we pray
20:16Deliver Us from Evil
20:18we’re talking about the effects of evil
20:21as well as the one who is sending all of
20:23that evil right
20:25so so the conclusion for thine is the
20:27kingdom the power and the glory
20:29what does this mean
20:31it means that I should be certain that
20:33these petitions are pleasing to Our
20:35Father in heaven so when you say amen
20:37amen you’re saying that I believe these
20:40petitions are pleasing to Our Father in
20:42heaven and are heard by him
20:45that’s the important part
20:47see the psalmist said but my prayers
20:49rise before you as incense the lifting
20:52up of my hands as the evening sacrifice
20:56the one who truly believes and trusts in
21:00Christ for the Forgiveness of sins knows
21:02that when we pray as Christ has taught
21:04us to pray that these are not some vain
21:07babblings that were not just talking to
21:10hear ourselves talk but instead we know
21:14and believe that God truly hears our
21:18prayers and there’s so much that we’re
21:20praying for even in these brief words
21:23and it’s important for us to realize
21:25just in saying certain sentences it
21:28means so much more than just that one
21:30sentence and God hears God truly hears
21:34you think about it if you’ve ever seen
21:36you know like model of the universe the
21:39Earth is like not even a pinpoint okay
21:42and our son is just barely even visible
21:44at all when you look at the vastness of
21:46space right
21:48and God is so much bigger than all of
21:50that and yet he knows the very number of
21:53the hairs on your head he knows every
21:55single one of them and he cares for you
21:58so much that he sent his son to die and
22:01bleed for your sins
22:03so when you pray to him
22:06he hears you
22:08he does hear you and you’re not some
22:11small voice off in the distance you know
22:15remember Horton Hears a Who or that you
22:17know who and Whoville could barely get
22:19his voice out so that Horton can hear it
22:20it’s not like that at all
22:23because you’ve been invited to pray to
22:25God our Father Who Art in Heaven every
22:29single time you pray
22:31you might as well be sitting on his lap
22:33and speaking right into his face or into
22:35his ear
22:37that’s the kind of loving father that he
22:40he hears your voice
22:42he hears your prayers
22:44and he truly cares for you
22:47and there is nothing that is good that
22:50he would withhold from you
22:52he cares more for you than you even care
22:55for yourself
22:56so much so that he sent his son to Earth
23:00be born of the Virgin Mary and suffer
23:03and bleed and die a shameful death in
23:05your place so that you can be clothed in
23:08his righteousness
23:10so when we pray Our Father Who Art in
23:12Heaven these are not just some rote
23:17this is a powerful prayer
23:19and the prayer of a righteous person
23:22scripture says and you say but I’m not
23:25really that righteous
23:27were you not here a couple of weeks ago
23:29when I told you about this fact that you
23:31were covered
23:32in Christ’s righteousness
23:35that wedding gown of Christ’s perfect
23:37white righteousness is covering you all
23:40by faith
23:44so he hears you he loves you
23:47he’s died for you he sustains you and he
23:50invites you to pray to him
23:54and Trust and Believe these words are
23:57not vain words
23:59but they have the ability to tear down
24:01strongholds and we wage war against the
24:05devil through these words as Ephesians 6
24:08says making all kinds of prayers and
24:11supplications to God
24:13believing that he hears us and he will
24:15act on our behalf
24:18what a great God we have
24:20in the name of Jesus
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