Sermon Transcript – The Love Genuine

Series A – Thirteenth Sunday after Pentecost – Sunday, August 30, 2020 | Pr. Chris Rosebrough

Welcome to the Teaching Ministry of Kongsvinger Lutheran Church. Kongsvinger is a beacon for the Gospel of Jesus Christ and is located on the plains of Northwestern Minnesota.
We proclaim Christ and Him crucified for our sins and salvation by grace through faith alone, and now, here’s a message from Pastor Chris Rosebrough:
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0:23The holy gospel according to saint
0:30matthew the 16th chapter from that time Jesus began to show his
0:36disciples that he must go to jerusalem and suffer many things from the elders and the chief priests and the scribes
0:42and be killed and on the third day be raised peter took him aside and began to rebuke him saying far be it from you lord this shall never
0:49happen to you but he turned and said to peter get behind me satan you’re a hindrance to me
0:54for you are not setting your mind on the things of god but on the things of man then Jesus told his disciples if anyone
1:00would come after me let him deny himself take up his cross and follow me for whoever would save his life will
1:06lose it whoever loses his life for my sake will find it for what will the prophet of man if he gains the whole world and forfeits his
1:14life or what shall a man give in return for his life for the son of man is going to come with his angels and the glory of
1:19his father and then he will repay each person according to what he has done truly i say to you there are some
1:25standing here who will not taste death until they see the son of man coming in his kingdom this is the gospel of the lord
1:34in the name of Jesus all right i think a little bit of biography will help kind of understanding the main
1:40point of our text today so let me explain when i was a first-year university student my first university i
1:47attended was the university of california irvine and my my father had a lot of say in
1:53that he wanted me to study economics i didn’t know what i wanted to be when i grew up so economics sure i’ll study economics
2:01and i hated it by the way but my dad he didn’t want me to have a job he wanted me to focus on focus on my studies i didn’t really
2:09focus by the way i wanted to be a rock and roll star anyway i played in a band
2:15anyway all of that being said my dad had arranged with me to give me an
2:21allowance and this allowance of money really wasn’t all that great it made it possible for me to eat such amazing
2:27cuisine such as top ramen macaroni and cheese oh and my favorite hormel chili and when
2:34you you warm it up in the microwave and then pour it in a bag of fritos oh that was a king’s feast but what
2:41ended up happening during that time of my life what ended up happening during that time of my life is i would go to the atm
2:48because they didn’t have online banking at that time so you had to actually go to the bank to figure out how much money you didn’t have
2:54that’s kind of the way i looked at it right so i would go to the atm pop my card in put in my code and look
3:00at my balance and it would always just dwindle dwindle dwindle dwindle dwindle dwindle
3:06and as it got close to well single digits which is always a frightening number by the way and
3:11anytime you have single digits in your bank account that’s bad it’s bad i would call dad up dad i’m running out
3:17of money and he’d say well i haven’t agreed to pay you you know your allowance yet so i started skipping
3:24meals and things like that and it was just awful but one day i went to the atm
3:29popped the card in and there was a ginormous number there i was i was back to macaroni and cheese
3:35oh man it was gonna be awesome but the point is kind of this is that when it comes to our sanctification
3:43i want you to use this metaphor to kind of help us out scripture is very clear that when it
3:49comes to our sanctification that our sanctification doesn’t save us we’re saved by grace
3:54through faith alone so how how is it that we do our good works well a major metaphor that i would like
4:00to work on today is this kind of idea we have already been given by god
4:07this ginormous account as far as good works are concerned and the power to do them by virtue of
4:13the fact that we have the holy spirit but there’s another thing and that is is that as Christians
4:19we have truly been raised from the dead have you ever and maybe maybe some of
4:25you here you know have you ever noticed that you know we always celebrate the birth of a child but there’s always kind of a dark
4:32kind of a nagging thought always in the back of your head at the birth of a child because we recognize that every one of us were
4:39already born with one foot in the grave and then if you’ve ever had to like monitor small toddlers it seems like
4:46your job as a parent is to keep them from actually going into the grave and it’s a full-time job because they are dead set on completely being
4:53oblivious to all the dangers around them and so your job is like no don’t touch that oh put that down you know
4:59don’t run with that you know it’s just terrible right so but the idea here is is that we as Christians by virtue of the fact
5:06that we have been raised from the dead and this is true these are baptismal promises that we
5:12have the old has gone the new has come we must always remember that we already have one foot out of the
5:19grave one foot in the new earth and are amazing things to consider in light of
5:25our texts today so these realities there are apprehended then by faith and the question will be do you
5:33believe this or not that your account has been filled to the brim and you’ll never
5:39outspend it in this regard let me explain we’ll use this text as
5:44our kind of beginning text we’re going to look at colossians chapter 3 verses 1 to 11. and you you can follow
5:50along in you know in your bible if you like and i’m going to point something out
5:55that’s it as a part of this in fact let me kind of talk about the road map that we’re going to do today we’re going to
6:00use colossians 3 to set up a concept in scripture regarding the realities of who we are in
6:08Christ we’ll take a little bit of a look at our gospel text and consider what it is that Christ was
6:14saying especially in regards that if anyone would come after me let him deny himself and take up his cross and follow me
6:21we’ll interpret that through colossians 3 if you would but then we’re going to look at our epistle text we’ll take a look at our
6:27epistle text and i’m going to do something i don’t do very often i’m going to give you my super rough
6:32greek translation on purpose because there’s something going on in the greek in this portion of
6:38romans that causes me to disagree with the translation given to us by the
6:44esv which is a an odd thing to happen but i’ll explain it when we get there and then to wrap
6:50everything up i’m actually going to read a portion of luther’s large catechism the large
6:55catechism on the section from the lord’s prayer lead us not into temptation that we’ll work it all
7:01together it’ll be a little bit of a longer sermon and hopefully there there will be some detectable continuity between all these
7:08pieces if not just blame the pastor and say well i don’t know why he did that what kind of sermon was that i’ll i’ll
7:14take all the blame but all that being said colossians chapter 3 starting at verse 1
7:20says then it says this if then you have been raised with Christ
7:26you notice that paul doesn’t say if you’ve symbolically been raised with Christ have you been raised with Christ yes or
7:33no well yeah what can you point to your baptism
7:38in your baptism you’re buried with Christ and you’re raised with Christ this is not symbolic talk that he’s talking about
7:44these are realities these things are true you have already been raised with Christ
7:52do you believe it or not you’ll note sanctification true Christian sanctification comes down
7:59to a matter of faith do you believe what’s true about you or not if you don’t believe what’s true
8:06about you then it’s like having a bazillion dollars in your bank account but never once writing a check against
8:12it because you don’t think it there’s any money in the account which is kind of silly so if you have
8:19been raised with Christ seek the things that are above where Christ
8:24is seated at the right hand of god set your minds on the things that are above
8:30not on the things that are on the earth and i would note at this point this is
8:35where we can see where peter fell woefully short in our gospel text today by the way have you ever stopped to
8:42think i mean how foolish is it to take god aside and rebuke
8:47god i mean that’s what peter did right remember last week in our gospel
8:54text he confessed that Jesus is the Christ the son of the living god
8:59already at this point he’s worshipped Jesus as god and so knowing this he takes Jesus aside
9:05and rebukes Jesus because Jesus is saying that we’re heading to jerusalem and here’s what’s going to happen boys
9:14rather than there being this fancy coronation forget about hiring the photographer forget about the
9:19flowers forget about the commemorative plates and spoons and all those things yeah i’m kind of
9:26referring to the way the british do things he says no i’m going to go there and i’m going to suffer many things the chief priests and
9:34scribes are going to kill me and on the third day i’m going to rise from the dead and peter’s like no way that’s just no
9:40uh-uh that ain’t going to happen far be it from you lord this shall never happen to you and
9:46you’ll note it is a testimony to the grace and mercy of god that the text doesn’t end here and say thus perished peter
9:54[Laughter] you know and the only thing left was this little black smudge mark on the
9:59ground you know who rebukes god and lives but you’ll note because Christ is going to
10:06the cross that’s why peter does not get struck down and die by rebuking god that
10:12which again i just think is just fascinating in and of itself so instead what does Jesus do he rebukes
10:18him and says get behind me satan you’re a hindrance to me and listen to what he says you’re not setting your mind on the things of god
10:23but on the things of man and you can pretty much see how this is going i mean peter is thinking all right Jesus is the messiah i got that right
10:31when he asked the question oh and that means we’re heading to jerusalem Jesus is going to be coronated
10:37and since i’m the guy who got the question right i’m probably going to be like chief of staff i’m going to be second in
10:43command of course Jesus is going to be on the throne but talk about a cushy government job i’ll have some power
10:49have some influence might even have a vacation home on the sea of galilee
10:54padded 401k he’s thinking he’s thinking about all the things that well we think about the things of man
11:01so coming back to our framing text and glo in colossians 3 set your minds on the things that are
11:07above not on the things of the earth everything you see here is transient nothing here is going to last isn’t it
11:14fascinating how people spend their days spend their days pursuing wealth
11:19influence power the pleasures of sin
11:25over and again this is what people have their minds set on but we as Christians because we have been raised with Christ
11:31we are set to set our minds on the things for above and here’s the reason why because you
11:36have died you are already dead your life is hidden with Christ
11:42and god this is true this is to be believed by faith so when Christ who is your life appears
11:49then you also will appear with him in glory therefore put to death what is earthly
11:55in you because of the reality of the fact that you have died
12:01and been raised with Christ and your life is hidden with Christ then because you are a Christian put to
12:07death what is earthly in you and if you need a thumbnail sketch of what is earthly what is earthly
12:14minded well scripture gives us that so we don’t have to guess sexual immorality
12:19impurity passion evil desires and covetousness which is idolatry
12:25and paul notes on account of these the wrath of god is coming and in these we once walked when we were
12:30living in them but he continues but now you must put them all away put away anger wrath
12:38malice slander obscene talk from your mouth do not lie to one
12:45another seeing that you have put off the old self with its practices and you have already put on the new
12:52self behold the old is gone the new has come so you
12:59have a new self you have a new self in Christ and have you ever noticed that the great conflict
13:05that exists within you on the one hand your new self only desires to do good things
13:12and your old self only desires your old adam only desires
13:17to do what is evil it’s kind of weird a mix between hot and
13:23cold water all together right so because you have put off the old self with its
13:28practices and you have put on the new self and this new self which is being renewed in the knowledge in the image of its
13:34creator this is why we do these things and this again this is not just merely some kind
13:39of a mindset to adopt a philosophy if you would to embrace this is a
13:47reality to believe be believed by faith and so you’ll note then that
13:52peter after being told that he was satan Christ lets him know that he’s a hindrance to him and the problem is he’s
13:59got his mind set on the things of man rather than the things of god Jesus then goes on and tells his
14:05disciples if anyone would come after me let him deny himself and take up his cross and follow me
14:14to not have your mind set on the things that are earthly to have not have your mind set on the
14:19things of man is to basically embrace this truth you and i are dead men walking
14:29some of you are dead women walking but you get the idea right we are dead men walking this earth this
14:37present creation under the curse as it is nothing lasts here why is it that people
14:44set up monuments to themselves build empires for themselves why is it
14:50that they are focused about me me me me me me when the one thing we know for sure
14:55there are only two things that are guaranteed in this life and that are that’s death and taxes
15:02don’t pay your taxes and watch you’ll you’ll end up paying them right just like you’ll end up paying
15:08your taxes you’re gonna die too so these are the things that are certain why if we are transient why if we’re just
15:15passing through do we focus on these things it’s because of our sin
15:21so Christ says whoever would save his life will lose it whoever loses my life for my sake will
15:27find it so note all Christians
15:32are given a cross
15:39and let me say that again all Christians are given a cross think of it this way
15:46when we talk about the promises of the new covenant what are the promises of the new covenant we are promised that our sins are
15:53forgiven in total from the sin of adam which is imputed to us at our conception
16:00to the sin that we commit as we’re drawing our last breath on this earth every sin in between is
16:06all covered bled for died for we have received full mercy and pardon from god
16:11this is most certainly true we are also promised eternal life given as a gift this
16:18is also most certainly true but Christ is also here giving us kind
16:24of the sub-promises that go along with that the other promises that we will be given across
16:30we will be made to suffer we will be persecuted and we will be sorely tempted by
16:38our own sinful flesh we will be tempted by the world and the devil oh don’t think for a
16:44second the devil is asleep in fact he’s the energizer bunny he has unlimited
16:50energy and uses that for the purpose of harassing us so one of the unsung
16:57promises of the new covenant is suffering and persecution and a cross and don’t try bedazzling
17:02your cross that’s just gaudy this is silly right and so you’ll note
17:08then the Christian life is following Christ where not to glory not in this world
17:14following him to a terrible torturous death Jesus leading the way he’s crucified
17:20your next and this is the reality of this whoever would save his life will lose it
17:26whoever loses his life for my sake will find it so what then will it profit a man if he gains the whole world
17:32and forfeits his soul or what shall a man give in return for his soul you by the way you can’t there’s nothing you
17:38can give in return for your soul in fact it took the suffering of Christ
17:43in order to redeem and save your soul for the son of man he’s going to come with his angels
17:48and the glory of his father and then he will repay each person according to what he has done and you hear phrases like this from
17:54Christ he’s going to repay everyone according to what he’s done and immediately it’s almost like one of those darth vader moments you feel like
18:01your neck is being constrained oh no i’m going to get repaid for what i’ve done because we all know what we’ve done
18:09but again i assure you i assure you the record of debt scripture says that stood against you has been canceled
18:18it has been evacuated of all its accusing power Christ has bled and died for all of your sins and took that entire record of debt
18:25and nailed it to the cross Christ took the payment that you and i
18:31earned the repayment if you would for all of our sins that’s why he was on the cross so we do
18:36not have to worry about being repaid for our sins Christ already took that payment so truly
18:44Christ as i say to you there are some standing here will not taste death and until they see the son of man coming
18:49in his kingdom and just a little bit of a note since it’s in our gospel text important to note that really there is a reference to
18:55peter james and john who are going to go up to the mount of transfiguration and see Christ in his glory that’s the
19:00fulfillment of what Christ says there so then what do we do in the midst of all this since i’m trying to
19:06talk about this in the context and of sanctification this is where i would like to consider
19:11what our epistle text says and let me read it from the esv here
19:16and you can find this in your bulletin if you want to follow along you’ll notice that the way it’s phrased in this
19:22translation these sound like commands they sound like imperatives let love be genuine abhor what is evil
19:28hold fast to what is good love one another with brotherly affection
19:34but when you read it in the greek it doesn’t read like commands it doesn’t read as imperatives at all
19:42in fact i might even show you guys this at the beginning of our sunday school class this section of scripture is not written
19:49in imperatives it’s written in participles it’s not a command these are
19:54not commands these are descriptions these are descriptions of what we
19:59already have in Christ allow me to give you just a rough
20:04translation of the greek that first phrase that the esv translate let love be genuine
20:11it just says the love genuine it’s not even a full sentence it’s
20:17almost like a header for this what’s coming next what paul is describing
20:23is what we already have what we already are in Christ
20:30and so here’s a rough translation the love genuine abhorring the evil glued
20:36to the good yeah the word the greek word is glued glued to the good and there’s a passive sense to that
20:42in the love of the brethren one another loving and brotherly love in honor out doing one another
20:50in diligence not slothful in spirit fervent serving the lord
20:57in hope rejoicing in tribulation enduring in the prayers persevering
21:06to the necessities of the saints giving hospitality pursuing
21:13you see the difference when you just give it a rough translation using the participles these are not
21:19commands this is a description of the deposit that has been put into your account and
21:25when i read it in this way who of you could say to me honestly i never want any of those things
21:34instead you’ll note this is describing the yearning of our hearts as Christians
21:40the yearning of your heart wouldn’t the world be an amazing place where people
21:47abhorred evil and were glued to the good had love brotherly love for one another were
21:54outdoing one another and honoring each other in diligence were not slothful in the
22:00spirit were fervent in tribulation enduring what a great place that would be
22:05but the thing is is that that’s describing here us in fact every true Christian
22:12congregation where there are those who have been raised from the dead
22:17made alive quickened by the holy spirit through either the preaching of the
22:22gospel or the means of grace this is what our new person is and
22:28does this is what your new man in Christ is and does and so because of that
22:36this is a this is a description of that rich deposit that god has made
22:42in each and every one of us when he’s raised us from the dead and so because of that the text goes on to say blessing those who are
22:48persecuting you blessing and not cursing rejoicing
22:53rejoicing with those who rejoice weeping with those who weep of the same mind toward one another
23:00not paying attention or minding the high things talking about the lofty conceited things of life but instead
23:07with the lowly going along hanging out with them being not wise in our own conceit giving
23:15back to no one evil for evil providing right things for all men and if possible so far as it
23:22depends on you and that’s kind of the point have you ever noticed that you know sometimes you just can’t get along with
23:29somebody and it’s not because of you it’s because of them they just won’t stop attacking but as
23:36far as possible as as it relates to you with all men being
23:41at peace not avenging yourselves and then giving place for the wrath of
23:48god for it has been written vengeance is mine i will recompense and here’s the idea
23:53you’ll note that in this list then we can see the themes the the more subtle colors of the
24:00painting that Christ has picked is creating with the idea of taking up your cross and following him
24:06the idea that we are going to be suffering that in this parade while we are carrying our cross to our own death
24:12there will be people who will persecute us and rather than avenging ourselves we
24:19bless them and let god be the one who acts in vengeance
24:25and the lord is the one who will do that and so if your enemy is hungry
24:32my enemy you know the one who’s your enemy not because of you but because that person is determined to be your enemy if he’s
24:38hungry you feed him if he’s thirsty you give him something to drink this is what dead men walking
24:44do for by doing this coals of fire you will heap upon his head in other words don’t be overcome by evil
24:50instead overcome evil with good good text
24:56right so to kind of flesh this out a little bit more i want to read out a section from
25:02luther’s large catechism because i think it applies here profoundly
25:08and this is in the section of the large catechism regarding the petition
25:13lead us not into temptation lead us not into temptation so here’s what luther says
25:19we live in the flesh and we have the old adam hanging around our necks
25:25he does he goes to work and he lures us daily into unchastity
25:32laziness gluttony drunkenness greed deceit
25:39into acts of fraud and deception against our neighbor in short into all kinds of evil lusts which by
25:46nature cling to us and which we are incited by the association example of other people and by the
25:54things we hear and see all this often wounds and inflames
25:59even an innocent heart and so you’ll note then
26:04that’s describing my sinful nature your sinful nature my old adam your old adam and we can all
26:11say yep that sounds pretty familiar but if that were not enough luther’s here describing what we call
26:17the unholy trinity our the unholy trinity is our flesh the world
26:23and the devil and so luther then continues so next comes the world and the world assails us by word and
26:30deed drives us to anger and to impatience
26:35in short there is in it nothing but hatred envy enmity
26:42violence and injustice vengeance cursing reviling slander arrogance and
26:49pride along with a fondness for luxury
26:54a fondness for honor fondness for fame and power i hate to say this but i must
27:03that once again i did not make the final cut for the most handsome man on planet
27:10earth i did not make time magazines person of the year either
27:15but you’ll know watch the news pay attention to what’s going on is the world a happy peaceful place
27:24no not at all and so you’ll know all of this jockeying for power and prestige
27:31and fame and money and power this is all the temptations of the world
27:37but if that were not enough luther then gives us the third person of the unholy trinity the devil himself
27:44and he says then comes the devil and the devil he baits us he badgers us on all sides
27:51and he especially exerts himself where the conscience and spiritual matters are at stake
27:56the devil’s purpose is to make us scorn and to despise both the word and the works of god to
28:03tear us away from faith from hope from love and instead to draw us into unbelief
28:10false security into stubbornness or on the contrary to
28:15drive us into despair or into atheism or blasphemy and countless other abominable sins
28:23these are snares and nets indeed they are the real flaming darts which
28:29are venomously shot into our hearts not by flesh and blood
28:34but by the devil himself these are great and grievous perils and they are great in grievous
28:40temptations which every Christian must bear
28:49he did not say and he’s right he did not say that some Christians will bear
28:58these are the perils and temptations that we all as Christians must bear even if they come one by one
29:05and sometimes they do and sometimes they come in groups as long as we remain in this vile life in which we are
29:11attacked we are hunted we are harried on all sides
29:17we are then constrained to cry out and to pray every single hour that god may not allow
29:24us to become faint and weary and to fall back into sin shame and unbelief otherwise it’s
29:32impossible to overcome even the least temptation
29:37it’s always fascinating here you know people who do not understand the perils that they face the temptations they face
29:43as a result of their own flesh the world and the devil prayer seems to be a far and distant thing in
29:49their minds i always laugh at the church story about how a particular congregation was going
29:55through particular troubles you know and what ended up happening is that they tried to solve their problems
30:01on their own and it only got worse and so finally one of the church members
30:07meekly suggested maybe we should pray to which one of the leaders said
30:13has it come to that has it really come to that we need to
30:18pray but you’re going to note here taking up your cross
30:23and following Christ to his death means being harassed and harried the entire way
30:31in other words prayer is not something you’d use as a last resort
30:36prayer is the only way by which you can survive the ordeal at all because if you’re not
30:43experiencing trouble suffering persecution and trials hang on a second here in about two
30:50minutes you will be and the only way through it is that god
30:56gives you the strength through it have you ever been in an ordeal where in the midst of it as soon as it
31:02hits it just rushes on like a like a tidal wave like one of those tsunamis
31:07your whole life is devastated in the midst of it and you’re thinking to yourself how on earth
31:13am i gonna get through this
31:18but then the trial eventually passes and you made it through
31:25was it because you were so clever was it because you were so strong
31:30no it’s because god gave you the strength to get through it to endure it and that’s what we do we
31:38patiently endure these trials so then luther says so this then
31:46is what it means to lead us not into temptation when god gives us power when god gives
31:53us strength in order to resist even though the tribulation is not removed and the tribulation
31:59never seems to end for no one can escape temptations nobody can escape the allurements as
32:05long as we live in the flesh and we have the devil prowling about us we cannot help but
32:10suffer tribulations and even be entangled in them so we pray here that we may not
32:16fall into them and be overwhelmed by them to feel temptation therefore
32:22is quite a different thing from consenting or yielding to it we must all feel temptation though not
32:28all to the same degree some have more frequent and severe temptations than
32:33others youths for example are tempted chiefly by the flesh we all
32:38know this is true just watch mtv especially during you know spring break you get the idea everything
32:45about youth is about the flesh right older people though they’re tempted by the world
32:51others who are concerned with spiritual matters including pastors or strong Christians
32:56well they’re often tempted by the devil but we cannot be harmed by the mere feeling of temptation as long as it’s
33:03contrary to our will and that’s right contrary to the will that you have is the new man that you
33:08are in Christ the old man you put to death because the
33:14new man has come and the new man has been given to you so as long as it’s contrary to our will and
33:20we would prefer to be rid of it if we do not feel temptation it could not be called a temptation
33:27but to consent to it is to give it free reign and neither resist it nor pray for help against it
33:32so accordingly we Christians must be armed and we must be prepared for
33:39incessant non-stop attacks
33:47but i i’d like a little peace in my life please
33:52whoever finds his life will lose it so then we shall not go about securely
34:00and we do not go about heedlessly as if the devil were far from us instead we shall at all times expect his
34:08blows and be prepared to parry them even at present
34:14even if at present i am chaste even at present if i am patient and kind and firm in the faith
34:20the devil is likely at this very hour to send such a shaft such an arrow into my heart that i could
34:27scarcely stand it for he is an enemy who never stops
34:32or becomes weary when one attack ceases new ones always arise
34:41so at such times your only help or comfort is to take refuge in the
34:46lord’s prayer and to appeal to god from your heart dear father you have commanded me to pray let
34:54me not fall because of temptation then
35:00in your prayer you will see the temptation cease and eventually it will have to admit
35:06defeat otherwise if you attempt to help yourself by your own thoughts
35:11by your own counsel by your own power you’re only going to make the matter worse
35:17and give the devil a better opening
35:25well so much for having your best life now isn’t that the point that is the point
35:33so brothers and sisters take heart in this Jesus did not have in mind the things of
35:39man he did not give in to the temptation of the devil here in the voice of peter
35:45but Jesus did go to jerusalem and he did suffer many things and he did die
35:52and he did rise again so that we can be forgiven and have life and because you’ve been united with
35:58him in his death in his resurrection then embrace this truth because you are
36:05in him you are now presently abhorring evil because of what he has done for you you
36:10are now glued to the good because of what he has done in raising
36:16you from the dead you live in love brotherly love for one another
36:21in honor you are constantly out doing one another in diligence you are not slothful
36:27in the spirit you are fervent and serving the lord in hope you are rejoicing and in
36:33tribulation you are enduring in prayers you are persevering and the necessities the needs of each of
36:40the saints you are gladly meeting and hospitality you are pursuing
36:48do you believe that your bank account is full on account of Christ
36:54it is believe it and start drawing on that account it’s
37:00there for you every time you need it in the name of Jesus
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