Sermon Transcript – The Love of the Groom for the Bride

1 Year Lectionary – Second Sunday After the Epiphany – Sunday, January 16, 2022 | Pr. Chris Rosebrough

Welcome to the Teaching Ministry of Kongsvinger Lutheran Church. Kongsvinger is a beacon for the Gospel of Jesus Christ and is located on the plains of Northwestern Minnesota.
We proclaim Christ and Him crucified for our sins and salvation by grace through faith alone, and now, here’s a message from Pastor Chris Rosebrough:
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0:28the holy gospel according to saint john
0:30the second chapter
0:39on the third day there was a wedding at
0:42cana in galilee and the mother of Jesus
0:44was there
0:45Jesus also was invited to the wedding
0:47with his disciples and when the wine ran
0:49out the mother of Jesus said to him they
0:52have no wine and Jesus said to her woman
0:54what does this have to do with me my
0:57hour has not yet come his mother said to
1:00the servants do whatever he tells you
1:02now there were six stone water jars
1:04there for the jewish rites of
1:06purification each holding 20 or 30
1:08gallons Jesus said to the servants fill
1:10the jars with water and they filled them
1:12up to the brim and he said to them now
1:14draw some out and take it to the master
1:16of the feast so they took it and when
1:18the master of the feast tasted the water
1:20now become wine and did not know where
1:22it came from though the servants who had
1:25drawn the water knew the master of the
1:27feast called the bridegroom and said to
1:29him everyone serves the good wine first
1:31and when people have drunk freely then
1:33the poor wine but you have kept the good
1:34wine until now this the first of his
1:37signs Jesus did at cana in galilee and
1:40manifested his glory and his disciples
1:43believed in him this is the gospel of
1:45the lord
1:46in the name of Jesus
1:48amen all right here are these words from
1:50our epistle text we’re going to weave
1:52together our gospel and epistle today
1:54but it says in our epistle
1:57that we are members of Christ’s body
2:01as Christians this is most certainly
2:02true we refer to the church as what the
2:04body of Christ but listen to what it
2:06says paul here quotes in verse 31 from
2:10the book of genesis
2:12therefore a man shall leave his father
2:15and mother and hold fast to his wife and
2:17the two shall become one flesh now when
2:21we think about those words we’re always
2:23thinking in terms of marriage but watch
2:25what paul says this mystery is profound
2:28and i’m saying that it refers to Christ
2:30in the church
2:31have you ever stopped to think that
2:33every marriage and especially Christian
2:36ones are a type and shadow of the love
2:38that Christ has for his bride at least
2:41they should be it is a union coming
2:44together and the two become one flesh
2:46and you’re going to note here that’s us
2:48we have become the body of Christ one
2:51flesh with him and so with that in mind
2:55we’re going to work our way through our
2:57gospel text and we’ll make callbacks to
3:00our epistle text to kind of help us out
3:01here i don’t know if you guys have
3:03noticed but the synoptic gospels matthew
3:05mark and luke
3:07they seem to be pretty straightforward
3:09kind of in your face it’s pretty easy to
3:11kind of work things out there if we were
3:14to talk about like cooking analogies
3:17preaching from a synoptic gospel is like
3:19ordering like a meal from the internet
3:22all the ingredients are already
3:23pre-measured for you all you have to do
3:25is cook it it’s kind of simple but the
3:28gospel of john’s really different all
3:30right you almost have to like get online
3:32and like look at youtube videos like
3:34from like people who’ve actually been to
3:36cooking school and sit there and kind of
3:38go alright how am i going to work this
3:39out let’s just say the themes in john
3:42they’re they are many they are deep and
3:45there are subtle nuances here i mean
3:48have you ever stopped when you’ve read
3:49this gospel and sit there and go did
3:51Jesus just diss his mother
3:54is that is that what happened here
3:56yes and no
3:57and and then
3:59is mary telling Jesus what to do kind of
4:02but not really and the did Jesus obey
4:04his mom not exactly you see you see this
4:07is one of these gospel texts you sit
4:09here and go all right i need to slow
4:11down and just kind of work our way
4:13through these things now so here’s our
4:15context first words of our gospel text
4:18on the third day
4:20third day from what the baptism of Jesus
4:23Christ that had occurred
4:26three days earlier and let’s just put it
4:28this way there’s a really good
4:31that mary had already heard the news
4:34about what had happened
4:35that’s just a real real real possibility
4:39in fact more than likely a probability
4:41and if you remember
4:43mary out of anybody knows exactly who
4:46Jesus is i mean after all she got
4:49pregnant without ever knowing a man
4:54conceived in her womb by the power of
4:56the holy spirit she was there when the
4:59shepherds showed up because the angel
5:02sent them
5:03she was there when the magi showed up
5:05from their long journey following a star
5:08and they worshipped Christ and gave him
5:10gifts of gold and frankincense and myrrh
5:13she was well with joseph when joseph
5:16woke her up and said it’s time to go
5:18i’ve just seen a vision of an angel in a
5:21dream saying that herod’s going to kill
5:23Jesus we need to flee to egypt and we’re
5:25leaving now in the middle of the night
5:27and she sojourned in egypt along with
5:30Christ and then slunk back after the
5:32death of herod she she knows full well
5:35what happened she was there when Jesus
5:37went missing that whole first home alone
5:39episode yeah episode you know
5:43it it’s it’s in the gospel of luke you
5:45get you get the idea
5:47she knows full well who Jesus is god in
5:50human flesh emmanuel and so you’ll note
5:53three days after Christ’s baptism
5:56well one of the things that was on
5:57Jesus’s calendar is that he got an
5:59invite to a wedding feast in cana in
6:03galilee canaan galilee’s not exactly a
6:06high rent zip code just think of it that
6:09way it’s it’s super low end blue collar
6:11kind of town
6:12and so there’s the issue and so as i was
6:15reading through some of the church
6:17fathers and looking at how luther
6:19preached on this text what i found
6:20fascinating is that there are several
6:22church fathers and luther who believe
6:25that because of mary’s involvement
6:28that she may have been kind of one of
6:30the wedding planners she wasn’t the head
6:32of the feast but she was intimately
6:34involved in making sure this thing went
6:35off but because it goes off in a low
6:37rent district here’s where we have to
6:40pay attention to kind of some of the
6:42cultural nuances
6:44it’s a bad thing
6:46if you invite a hunt a bunch of people
6:48to your wedding feast and you run out of
6:51think of it this way if you know we’ve
6:53all been to weddings and we’ve all been
6:55to receptions
6:56could you imagine getting an invite to a
6:58wedding and being told it’s going to be
7:00an open bar and you’re going to be
7:02served a meal as part at the reception
7:04only to get there and find out that well
7:07the the bride and groom ran out of money
7:10because they spent too much on flowers
7:12and now you’re going to have to pay for
7:14your drinks and if you want a meal uh
7:16sandwiches are available but you have to
7:18pay 15 bucks for them i mean people
7:21would be talking about that wedding for
7:23a long time worse than that they’d
7:25actually be talking under their breath
7:26about how foolish that bride and groom
7:29were and so your note what is at stake
7:33is well the honor the good name the
7:36reputation of this couple and mary
7:39involved in what’s going on
7:42she ran when they ran out of wine she
7:45said to Jesus
7:47they have no wine
7:52and Jesus’s response first word
7:57man i got to tell you okay in the greek
7:59the word woman here is not it doesn’t
8:02have the same import that english does
8:04but the what follows is actually kind of
8:06a pushback but you think of it this way
8:08i’ve said it before that you know
8:10imagine i’m 16. i’d like to do that from
8:13time to time think back to the days when
8:15i had a 28 inch waist yeah i had rock
8:18solid abs and i was a swimmer and yeah
8:20you know you look at my
8:22my high school graduation photos i look
8:24like some weird guy from the 80s you
8:26know it’s just i’ve got the whole thing
8:28going on but
8:29i can tell you right now that if my mom
8:32said to me when i was a teenager chris
8:34you need to clean your room
8:37and i said to her
8:38woman would you just get off my back and
8:41stop bothering me about my room okay i
8:44have i can attest with absolute
8:47confidence had i ever said that to my
8:49mother that the next thing that would
8:50have happened is i would have gotten a
8:52slap so strong in the face that my head
8:55would have been spinning so hard it
8:56would have flown off my neck like a
8:58helicopter all right that’s how bad it
9:01would have been so note here that’s not
9:03what Jesus is doing the greek is
9:06actually a little more
9:07way more polite he’s this is a term of
9:10endearment not a dis but what follows
9:12next is interesting
9:14he says what does this have to do with
9:16me my hour has not yet come
9:26all right what are we supposed to make
9:28of this
9:30i liken it to remember when Jesus took
9:32that trip outside of israel he heads up
9:34to the region of tyre and sidon and
9:36there’s that syrophoenician woman who
9:38has a child who is demonized and she’s
9:41crying out Jesus son of david help me
9:44Jesus son of david my daughter has a
9:46demon help and Jesus says
9:50he says nothing to her and the disciples
9:53are do you want us to tell her to go
9:55away she’s just annoying us right
9:58Jesus says bring her and and she comes
10:01and she kneels and she says Jesus help
10:03me my daughter has a demon and Jesus
10:05says i was only sent to the lost sheep
10:08of the children of israel
10:10and she pushes back and he says no no
10:12listen yeah it’s not right to take the
10:14children’s bread and throw it to the
10:17and you sit there and you go what
10:19what is going on here right and what
10:22does she do she says yes lord but even
10:25the dogs get the crumbs that fall from
10:27the table so give me my crumb
10:29all right
10:30and Jesus praises her and says woman
10:32great is your
10:34faith same thing i think is going on
10:38pushes back
10:40a little bit and always i find that it’s
10:42so bizarre that right after Jesus puts
10:45pushes back women what does this have to
10:47do with me my hour has not yet come his
10:49mother said to the servants do whatever
10:51he tells you
10:53what happened
10:54what makes her think that she’s going to
10:58act in a way that’s helpful here right
11:00he it doesn’t say that he went
11:04you know he didn’t wink at her and or
11:06anything like that instead what does
11:08this show
11:09mary is a woman of faith
11:12and even when it seems like she’s
11:14getting a pushback from her own god she
11:17knows full well what the word says and
11:19here’s where it’s actually super helpful
11:21note by Jesus pushing back a little bit
11:24it completely undercuts the roman
11:26catholic doctrine that if you can’t get
11:29an answer from Jesus pray to his mother
11:31she’ll get the job done
11:33okay Jesus doesn’t obey his mother here
11:36he pushes back on her right and then
11:40she in faith says to the servants
11:43you do whatever he tells you
11:45do whatever he tells you now Jesus could
11:47have said well that was an interesting
11:49exchange get you guys get back to work
11:53but here’s the thing and this is where i
11:56love reading what the church has thought
11:58about this text here in this text Jesus
12:01by his very presence is honoring not
12:05only this couple
12:07he’s also honoring the institution of
12:09marriage which is the very first
12:10institution that god created now i i
12:13have to say this because of the world we
12:15live in
12:16Jesus was
12:20and he was blessing by his presence
12:22a wedding the way god intended it you’re
12:25going to note that there’s a bride and
12:28there’s a groom there’s a male and
12:31there’s a female it wasn’t steve and
12:34brian okay
12:36we have to say that god
12:38created humanity as binary
12:42he created us male and he created us
12:44female and if anyone tells you otherwise
12:47they are under a strong delusion
12:50strong and so you’re going to note here
12:52when we consider all of the implications
12:55of this this is huge but note then that
12:59is the bridegroom of the church
13:02and here in this theme because paul
13:06makes it clear to us that every wedding
13:08points us to the relationship that
13:11Christians the church the bride of
13:13Christ has with Jesus himself one
13:16fleshing with him
13:18that there’s a little bit more going on
13:20here in fact i’ll talk more about
13:22Jesus’s hour in a minute so now
13:25his mother says to the servants you do
13:28whatever he tells you she’s absolutely
13:29confident that Jesus is going to do
13:31something here and so it says there were
13:34six stone water jars there and you
13:36cannot help but hear something like this
13:39and sit there and go you know i remember
13:40that number six in genesis and number
13:43six in genesis well there were six days
13:45of creation notice that there isn’t
13:47seven so we’re not in the sabbath rest
13:49you just have to sit there and go you
13:50wonder if this is some kind of a call
13:51back to old testament thinking and here
13:54we got
13:55six stone water jars for the jewish
13:57rites of purification each holding 20 or
14:0030 gallons washing water
14:04i seem to remember something in our
14:06epistle text listen to this husbands
14:11love your wives as Christ has loved the
14:13church and gave himself up for her so
14:16that he
14:17might sanctify her sanctified big word
14:21means he makes her holy sanctify her
14:24having cleansed her by the washing of
14:26water with the word it’s a little bit of
14:29a call here to an illusion regarding
14:31baptism and well the cur creation we
14:34find ourselves in but here’s the thing
14:36if you think about the old testament
14:37that’s where we get the law
14:39you get types and shadows you get
14:42glimpses and you get well people
14:44preaching about the gospel that will be
14:46when the messiah shows up and now that
14:48Jesus is
14:49on the on the scene here those six stone
14:53water jars of washing water and every
14:56time i think of washing water all i can
14:58think about is how i probably be looking
15:00for the cleanest of the jars myself if i
15:02were required to wash my hands in one of
15:04them have you know what i’m talking
15:06about like you know it’s like okay jar
15:08number one oh that’s how that’s been
15:09used a few times two years three
15:13five oh that’s clean you know because
15:15because i understand how bugs work right
15:17you get the idea but
15:20washing water isn’t fun stuff
15:22right but we’re at a wedding and so what
15:25does Jesus do
15:29this is where the next part of the theme
15:31is so helpful
15:32because you’re going to note what’s at
15:35again is the reputation of the bride and
15:38even though they’re honored by Christ’s
15:42they are about to have all of their well
15:47aired as dirty laundry in front of all
15:50of their wedding guests
15:51and we all know how gossip works but
15:53listen to what it says in our epistle
15:57not only does Christ love his church and
15:59gave himself up for her he sanctifies
16:02her and cleans her by the washing of
16:04water with the word
16:05he presents the church to himself in
16:08splendor without spot or wrinkle or any
16:12such thing so that she might be holy and
16:15without blemish i love this picture
16:18because here’s the idea Christ doesn’t
16:21look at his bride and go
16:22what did you get yourself into well you
16:24better clean yourself up and you know
16:26i’m going to go tell the neighbors that
16:28the reason why you’re going to be of
16:29late is because you just messed
16:30everything up uh-uh that’s not how Jesus
16:33works that’s not how Jesus rolls in his
16:36love for his bride he finds his bride
16:39covered in muck and the filth of sin and
16:43he washes it away he clothes her in
16:46splendor he presents her in splendor to
16:49himself he covers all of her sins so
16:52that rather than her heirs and her sin
16:55and her muck and all of her shortcomings
16:57to be aired before everybody else
17:00instead what is what she shows up as is
17:04dressed in magnificence and glory
17:07without spot or wrinkle without any
17:10blemish Jesus loves his bride so much he
17:13will give no occasion for anybody to
17:16speak poorly of her
17:19that’s you
17:22so even though your sins be as scarlet
17:25will and has bled and died for all of
17:28your sins and he is looking forward to
17:30the day when the marriage itself will be
17:33consummated you’ll note at the end of
17:34this cursed creation and the first thing
17:37we do in the first the new creation it’s
17:40a blowout party
17:43and yes
17:44there’s wine
17:47why it’s not grape juice
17:50and this is where we have to kind of
17:51step on some more toes here i have heard
17:54the sermons from those who are
17:58in pietism or legalism that this wasn’t
18:01really wine it was just it was new wine
18:04which means it had very little alcohol
18:06content and that and it was really akin
18:09to grape juice i would note this i have
18:12yet to see a sommelier
18:16smell the bouquet of welches
18:18all right
18:20i have yet to have somebody who knows
18:23anything about wine sing the praises of
18:25grape juice
18:28and you’re going to note here this text
18:30makes it very clear Jesus turned washing
18:33water into wedding wine and not just any
18:36wedding wine this isn’t two buck chuck
18:39this is chateau montelena 2004 cabernet
18:44all right it’s the best stuff this is
18:46200 bucks a bottle kind of stuff and he
18:49made six stone water jars each with 30
18:52gallons of water in them of the best
18:54stuff ever
18:56and here’s the thing based on the timing
18:58it’s already clear that people have
19:00already had a few to drink
19:04in other words Jesus has no problem with
19:08enjoying the gift of alcohol and even
19:10having a merry heart with it what is
19:12forbidden is drunkenness
19:15and so you’re going to note here this is
19:17going to fly in the face of some of the
19:18legalists and they’re claimed whoa you
19:20can’t you can’t drink alcohol the
19:22kingdom of god is not a matter of eating
19:24and drinking
19:26scripture is very clear on this and if
19:28this is a sin then Christ to sin and he
19:30ain’t your savior
19:32that’s just how that rolls
19:36so note Christ now
19:39in his mercy and grace
19:42goes about
19:44doing a creative miracle
19:47for the purpose of covering the
19:51of the bride and groom
19:52so that they would not face shame
19:55gossip and dishonor and it’s beautiful
19:59fill the jars Jesus said
20:01they fill them to the brim
20:03now draw some out and take it to the
20:04master of the feast
20:06and you have to think that the master of
20:09the feast at this point has probably
20:11heard the buzz
20:12you know
20:13because people are already talking mary
20:16is already at action and you have to
20:18just wonder it’s like you know the
20:19master of the feast knows they ran out
20:21of wine and so he doesn’t know where
20:23this wine comes from
20:24because you can’t just run down to happy
20:27harry’s you know it’s this that’s that
20:30doesn’t exist at this point so how were
20:33they going to get this wine so they took
20:35it to the master of the feast and when
20:36the master of the feast tasted the water
20:38which had now become wine he didn’t know
20:40where it came from
20:42though the servants who had drawn the
20:43water they knew so the master of the
20:45feast called the bridegroom and he said
20:47to him
20:48listen everyone serves the good wine
20:52and when people have drunk freely then
20:54the poor wine that’s when two buck chuck
20:56comes out we don’t even have
20:58you know uh we don’t even have that
21:00store here
21:02you all know what two buck chuck is
21:08in california and other parts of the
21:09country there’s a store called trader
21:11joe’s and they are they’re it’s a great
21:14place to shop and they have a let’s just
21:17say an interesting wine selection but
21:19years ago they became famous for bottles
21:22of wine that they sold that only cost
21:24two dollars
21:27and it tasted like two dollars
21:31you know anything about wow yeah i never
21:34knew that you could put that many msgs
21:36into a into a bottle of wine but yeah so
21:38you know
21:40so that’s what i mean by two i
21:42gotta work on my cultural references
21:43here all right all of that being said
21:47the the
21:48master of the wedding feast is totally
21:50expecting by this time in the wedding
21:53that the two buck chuck is the thing
21:54that’s flowing but he saved the best
21:57wine until last
22:01and man does this
22:02just absolutely sing
22:05the mercy
22:06the grace
22:08the love the kindness of our savior
22:13it is so gracious and listen to what the
22:15words that follow our that are next this
22:18was the first of Jesus’s signs that
22:20Jesus himself did at canaan in galilee
22:22that’s right Jesus performed the miracle
22:24and he manifested his glory and one has
22:27to ask and this is i think the big
22:30exegetical cue here because when you sit
22:32there and you go Jesus manifested his
22:37nobody even knew except for a few
22:39servants his disciples and his mother
22:42what Jesus had done
22:44but that’s the thing what is the glory
22:47of god
22:48the glory of god is to pardon sin to
22:51cover iniquity to wash away to make it
22:54so that people rather than facing the
22:56shame and guilt and judgment of god hear
22:59instead from him well done good and
23:02faithful servant it is the glory of
23:05Christ it is the glory of god to take
23:08your sin and to wash it away and clothe
23:11you in Jesus own righteousness
23:14so that rather than face the shame and
23:17guilt of god’s judgment you instead can
23:20be welcomed to the wedding feast
23:22embraced and hugged and loved by your
23:25god and see his face in a world without
23:30this is the glory of god
23:36and so Jesus did manifest his glory
23:39his great love his compassion his mercy
23:42and his grace
23:43even to this poor couple who didn’t have
23:45enough money to buy the necessary wine
23:49he filled in the gap
23:51protected their honor and their good
23:53name so that the eighth commandment
23:55would be broken against them
23:57and this is his glory
24:01this is how much he loves his bride
24:04and it says his disciples believed in
24:09how could we not
24:11what a merciful kind loving bridegroom
24:15and savior we have
24:17in the name of Jesus
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