Sermon Transcript – The Madness of Sin

Series B – Second Sunday After Pentecost – Sunday, June 7, 2015 | Pr. Chris Rosebrough

Welcome to the Teaching Ministry of Kongsvinger Lutheran Church. Kongsvinger is a beacon for the Gospel of Jesus Christ and is located on the plains of Northwestern Minnesota.
We proclaim Christ and Him crucified for our sins and salvation by grace through faith alone, and now, here’s a message from Pastor Chris Rosebrough:
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0:24The holy Gospel According to Saint Mark
0:31chapter 3 verses 20-35 then Jesus entered a house and again a
0:37crowd gathered so that he would and his disciples were not even able to eat when his family heard about this they went to
0:44take charge of him for they said he is out of his mind and the teachers of the law who came
0:50down from Jerusalem they said he is possessed by Beelzebub by the prince of
0:56demons he’s driving out demons so Jesus called them and spoke to them
1:01in Parables how can Satan drive out Satan if a kingdom is divided against itself that Kingdom cannot stand if a
1:09house is divided against itself that house cannot stand and if Satan opposes himself and is divided he cannot stand
1:17his end has come in fact no one can enter a strong man’s house and carry off
1:22his possessions unless he first ties up to strong men then he can rob his house I tell you the truth all the sins and
1:29the blasphemies of men will be forgiven them but whoever blasphemes against the holy spirit will never be forgiven he’s
1:35guilty of an eternal sin he said this because they were saying he has an evil
1:40spirit then Jesus’s mother and brothers arrived Standing Outside they sent
1:46someone to call him a crowd was sitting around him and they told him your mother
1:51and your brothers are outside looking for you who are my mother and brothers Jesus
1:56asked and then he looked at those seated in a circle around him and he said here are my mother and my brothers whoever
2:04does God’s will is my brother and sister and mother
2:11in the name of Jesus all right today we begin an extended
2:17Journey Through The Gospel of Mark and it’s going to take us all the way up into and through the month of November
2:25that’s how the lectionary works by the way now this gospel records for us the eyewitness testimony of the Apostle
2:32Peter it is uniquely written and is often times referred to as the gospel of
2:38action because it is written in the present tense kind of fun to translate because everything is like happening
2:44right now it’s present tense and all of the different accounts of Jesus’s actions are strung together by the word
2:51immediately so if you ever take the time to read through the gospel Mark and immediately and immediately and
2:57immediately and Jesus is on the Move immediately through this gospel but as we dive into this gospel please keep in
3:04mind that these words were written so that you might believe that Jesus is the Christ that he’s the Messiah and that by
3:11believing you would have life in his name the author and the one who conveyed these events to the author believe that
3:18what they have to tell you about Jesus is of the utmost importance these accounts are not fairy tales they’re not
3:24myth uh they are the memories of men who saw heard and witnessed the life teaching
3:30Miracles death and resurrection of God and human flesh come to earth born of
3:35the Virgin Mary to save rescue and redeem you and to redeem me
3:42so our foray into the gospel of Mark begins in Mark chapter 3 verse 20. and
3:50you’re thinking that’s a weird place to start and I agree it really is and the reason that we’re beginning here is
3:56because of the fluctuations of the lectionary and remember the season of Pentecost begins 50 days after the
4:03Passover and the Passover is actually based on the lunar calendar of the
4:08Jewish people and it is not a fixed date in our calendar as a result of the lateness of the Passover this year we’ve
4:15lost two weeks of readings in the gospel of Mark that’s you know so we’re actually starting off today as proper
4:21five proper five yeah we missed two weeks but
4:26I’m never going to let that keep me from teaching you what the Bible says so because because of this I’d actually
4:32like to take a moment and bring you up to speed so we don’t lose some of the important details surrounding this
4:39morning’s text so if you have your Pew Bible go ahead and open up to the gospel of Mark chapter 1 verse 1. we will not
4:47read everything here I’m going to take you through this at jet speed if you would we’re going to get a 10 000 foot
4:54flyover and I’ll point out some of the landmarks along the way remember I used to be a jungle cruise captain at
4:59Disneyland so I’m very good at pointing things out so including the back side of
5:04water if you’ve ever been there you know what I’m talking about John Mark chapter 1 verse 1 says this
5:10the beginning of the Gospel of Jesus Christ the son of God
5:16everything that follows this sentence is got to be framed according to that
5:21whoever wrote this Mark wrote this and these are the preaching notes of the
5:26Apostle Peter they want you to know that Jesus Christ is none other than the Son of God and so from there you know real
5:34quick you’ll notice that it begins with John the Baptist in the gospel of Mark there’s no Nativity Story you don’t hear
5:41about Jesus’s birth we you know you know Jesus is fully grown in the gospel of Mark when he appears John the Baptist is
5:48doing his preaching and is baptizing and so then you’ll notice that starting at verse 9 it covers the account of Jesus
5:54being baptized and then immediately he goes out into the Wilderness to be tempted by the devil doesn’t give us
6:00much details there and then it begins with his ministry and it says this verses 14 and 15. now after John was
6:07arrested Jesus came into Galilee proclaiming the gospel or the good news of God saying the time is fulfilled the
6:14kingdom of God is at hand and repent and believe the good news
6:21now what does this tell you about Jesus well number one we can figure out from here that Jesus was not a feel-good
6:27preacher he was a preacher who preached repentance he preached repentance and the
6:34Forgiveness of sins because that’s what the gospel is the good news is of the Forgiveness of sins so Jesus was a law
6:39gospel sin Grace repentance forgiveness of sins kind of preacher and I’ve learned from experience being that kind
6:46of preacher can get you into trouble so just saying okay and we’ll see how
6:51things fare for Jesus now you’ll notice starting at verse 16 is the account of Jesus calling the
6:58first disciples starting at verse 21 through 28 we have the healing of a man
7:03with an unclean Spirit kind of for Jesus’s first encounter with somebody whose demon possessed and then we have
7:10Jesus’s Healing Ministry to go along with his preaching Ministry now keep in mind nothing changes Jesus is a preacher
7:17of repentance and forgiveness of sins so all of the Miracles that he’s performing they are in a sense showing that they
7:26that the message that he’s preaching is true does that make sense Miracles always come with a Theology and so even
7:32if somebody were to perform a miracle today the question you have to ask is not whether or not that was a true
7:38Miracle a false Miracle because it may be false and it may be true but the question is what’s the theology that
7:43comes with the miracle okay so Jesus’s theology that accompany his miracles is repentance and the Forgiveness of sins
7:50and so then we have Jesus going and preaching in Galilee he cleanses a leper
7:55and then the famous passage in Chapter 2 where Jesus heals a paralytic keep in
8:00mind the gospel of Mark reports to us that Jesus performed this miracle in his
8:06own home that’s right Jesus had a flat in Capernaum very it was decorated in
8:12modern first century attire and you know Deco thing you know what I’m saying
8:17anyway but so while Jesus is there keep in mind at this point Jesus’s
8:22Healing Ministry and his preaching Ministry kind of taking off and the text says that there were so many people in
8:27front of his door that you know the guy who was the paralytic they couldn’t even get in and so they come up with this great idea let’s vandalize Jesus’s house
8:34and we’ll dig our way through the roof and lower the guy you know to the floor so that Jesus can heal him and no sooner
8:41that they do this that Jesus says to the man he doesn’t say to immediately just get up and walk Jesus says son your sins
8:47are forgiven and of course some of the religious officials and religious officials are kind of the bad guys in
8:53these stories the religious officials say well who can forgive sins except for God himself and Jesus’s response is kind
9:00of like right you’re asking the right question and then he says so that you may know that the son of man has
9:05authority to forgive sins I say to you rise take up your bed and walk and people were amazed they’d never seen
9:12anything like this so Jesus is not only healing people he’s doing something scandalous here he’s forgiving sins good
9:18only God can do that right and then after that we have the calling of Levi Levi’s a tax collector keep this in mind
9:25in the hierarchy and the social structure of Israel of the day um you know you have Kings and princes
9:31up at the top and hard-working Jews and religious officials way up here and then down at the bottom of society you have
9:38dogs prostitutes and tax collectors okay and keep in mind dogs are better all right
9:45so Jesus calls one of his disciples from the lowest of the low
9:51a tax collector a man who has literally betrayed his own countrymen and is collecting and money for the you know
9:59the Roman Empire unheard of so this kind of tells you that Jesus was not very popular with the people who are up here
10:06because he’s recruiting guys who are all the way down here so then we have a question about fasting
10:13we won’t get into that Jesus declares that he’s the lord of the Sabbath kind of another big deal we’ll take a quick
10:19look here at chapter 3 verse 1 kind of an
10:24important story it says this again Jesus entered the synagogue and a man was there with a withered hand we’ve all
10:30seen people with this type of problem right we’ve seen people who you know have a hand that’s you know all withered up like this right and so here’s what it
10:37says they watch Jesus to see whether he would heal him on the Sabbath apparently you know the the laws of the Sabbath
10:43that say you can’t work on the Sabbath somehow require that Jesus can’t heal because that’s working right
10:49so they wanted to see if they can accuse him he said to the man with the withered hand come here and he said to him said
10:57to them is it lawful on the Sabbath to do good or to do harm to save life or to kill
11:02but they were silent and Jesus looked around at them with anger oh that’s right it said Jesus was angry there goes
11:09Precious Moments Jesus that guy doesn’t exist Jesus was actually angry and he was grieved at their Hardness of Heart
11:14and he said to the man stretch out your hand and the guy went
11:21and he was healed now the question is if somebody stretches out his hand does that work on a Sabbath
11:26no right so he stretched out his hand and his hand was restored Pharisees were not happy about this and
11:33watched the response verse six they went out and immediately held counsel with the herodians against Jesus on how they
11:40could destroy him yeah if we had somebody here
11:48a Kong’s finger who was healed like this in our church in our midst what would be
11:53our response kill the guy who performed the miracle
11:59we’d all be praising God right so think think here there’s a big
12:04disconnect that’s going on here next portion we have uh we have basically a
12:12great crowd is following Jesus and in verse 11 kind of an important thing it says whenever the unclean spirits saw
12:17Jesus they fell down before him and cried out you are the Son of God and
12:24Jesus strictly ordered them not to make him known so the demons know exactly who Jesus is
12:31we don’t and that’s kind of the problem the demons recognize Jesus but we don’t
12:38and I would say based upon how this text is written I think the Pharisees were
12:44making note of the fact that whenever a demon a demoniac would come in contact
12:50with Jesus Jesus would hush them up and not let them talk
12:55that’s so they’re kind of building off of this when we get to our text today so some they’re basically saying that
13:01behavior of Jesus every time those demons want to speak he shuts them right up I think we know why that’s what’s
13:06going on here so now we get to our text verse 20. after Jesus calls his apostles then we
13:14get to this when he Jesus went home so he went back to his house with the roof and the hole in the roof right and the
13:21crowd gathered again so that they could not even eat Jesus is literally it his
13:27ministry is taking off to such an extent he’s not even capable of taking care of his own bodily needs he wants to eat and
13:33there’s so many people there he can’t even have a meal can’t even have a sandwich and watch this his family heard
13:39this and so their interpretation of what is going on here oh no Jesus is cracked
13:48he snapped his his gone weak in the mind he’s literally we need to we need to institutionalize Jesus there’s something
13:55wrong with Jesus that’s their interpretation they when it says that they thought he was out of his mind
14:00that’s not figurative that’s for real if if he Jesus were alive today the guys
14:07with the white coats and the jacket with the things the arms that go like this they they’d have that for him
14:14his family literally thought he’d come unglued so they they said he’s out of his mind
14:21and then the scribes kind of jump in so you can you kind of get the idea of what’s going on
14:27oh by the way regarding Jesus’s own family John records for us in John
14:32chapter 7 verse 5 that not even his brothers believed in him so keep that in mind Jesus early on his
14:40own family really didn’t even believe that he was the son of God so here’s the question I have for you is this the fault of Jesus
14:48or is this caused by our sin think about this
14:54what’s causing this and then we get this the scribes came down from Jerusalem and
14:59were saying Jesus is possessed by beelzebel and by the prince of the
15:05Demons he casts out demons now think about this for a second this
15:10is slanderous murderous gospel gossip this is the type of Gossip that is
15:16intended to assassinate a person’s character but think of the Twisted irony of the
15:22statement the scribes were part of the religious leaders in the religious Elite of Israel because there was technically
15:28no separation between church and state at this time these men were in a very real sense government officials and they
15:35were supposed to be experts in the Bible if there were ever a group of people who should have known better it would have
15:42been this group of men and the Old Testament scriptures foretold the Messiah Jesus’s birth and
15:50his miracles and his ministry these men are familiar with the Bible the Old Testament and yet they’re saying
15:57Jesus is possessed yeah in fact here’s more sickness to the
16:03irony and Jesus if you really think about it he is the god whom these scribes claimed
16:10to be worshiping yet not only did they not recognize Jesus for who he is they made it their
16:18mission in life to oppose Jesus and to destroy his work his message and
16:24ultimately destroy Jesus himself all in the name of God
16:31John in his eyewitness account of Jesus records Jesus’s explanation for how
16:37things like this could be as messed up as they are you know where those who claim to
16:42worship the god revealed in the Old Testament can have that very same God standing right in front of them in the
16:49flesh and not only not listen to him but seek to destroy him here’s what Jesus says in John he says if God were your
16:56father you would love me for I came from God and I am here I came not of my own
17:03accord but he sent me why do you not understand what I say it’s because you
17:09cannot bear to hear my word you are of your father the devil and
17:14your will is to do your father’s desires he was a murderer from the beginning and does not stand in the truth because
17:20there is no truth in him when he lies he speaks out of his own character for he
17:25is a liar and the father of Lies but because I tell the truth you do not believe me which of you convicts me of
17:32sin if I tell you the truth why do you not believe me whoever is of God hears
17:37the words of God and the reason you do not hear them is because you are not of God
17:43this by the way folks is the effects of sin these effects
17:49create a sort of Madness where a human being a creature created by God Is So
17:56poisoned by the deception of the devil that they believe good is evil and evil is good
18:02they are so blinded by the effects of sin that they believe that the God who made them is the devil and that the lies
18:09of the devil are the gospel truth we saw this madness already taking hold
18:15on our first parents in the Garden of Eden after they disobeyed God as a result of the devil’s lies and ate the
18:21forbidden fruit here again from our Old Testament text and they Adam and Eve
18:26they heard the sound of the Lord God Walking In The Garden in the cool of the day and the man and his wife hid
18:32themselves from the presence of the Lord among the Trees of the garden but the Lord called to the man and said to him
18:38where are you does anyone else think it’s just dumb to
18:44think that you can hide from God I mean really where could you go
18:51you could you couldn’t hide from God in the highest mountain or in the deepest Cavern you can hide from God if you were
18:57out orbiting the the rings of Saturn you still could not hide from him and
19:03yet The Madness of sin the effects of sin already had taken hold of them to
19:08the point where they are doing something ultimately just is so stupid and foolish so God says where are you and said well
19:15I heard the sound of you in the garden and I was afraid because I was naked and I hid myself he
19:20said who told you you were naked have you eaten of the tree of which I commanded you not to eat now come here
19:26comes the passing of the buck oh it was the woman you gave me ultimately blaming God really it’s the
19:33woman you gave me right yeah this is all God’s fault and the woman’s fault right
19:38yeah the words man up come to mind right
19:43she gave me the fruit of the tree and I ate and then the Lord God said to the woman what is this that you’ve done the woman sent the serpent deceive me and I
19:49ate you see sin totally wrecks our ability to even
19:57think rationally so much so that we are blaming God for our own evil
20:03and this is and this is what we see going on now in our text notice that the
20:09persecution that Jesus is facing is religious persecution
20:14it is religious persecution within the church if you would
20:20and this persecution that Jesus is suffering has serious ramifications for us today and here’s the reason why Jesus
20:27in John chapter 15 verse 20 says this remember the word that I said to you a
20:32servant is not greater than his master if they persecuted me they will also
20:38persecute you who’s the they in that sentence
20:45were the Romans at this time persecuting Jesus no
20:52it was the religious people all the people claiming to be worshiping the god
20:58that Jesus is they were the ones persecuting him so Jesus said a servant is not greater
21:05than his master if they persecuted me they will also persecute you
21:10this persecution is not the hands of the world nor is that the hands of atheists this persecution is at the hands of
21:16those who profess to be Believers in the one true God we see these exact same types of
21:23persecutions today by the way of Christians by professing Christians
21:28the religious authorities and experts today have gotten together and they have determined all kinds of things the
21:34religious experts they have determined that Jesus is teaching on Hell well that’s just too harsh and negative
21:40instead we believe that love wins the religious experts today Christian experts and theologians they have
21:46determined that God blesses same-sex marriage yet scripture doesn’t say that it says
21:53the opposite these religious authorities they’ve determined that Doctrine doesn’t matter and it doesn’t matter what anyone
22:00believes as long as they profess that they love God hmm these religious authorities have
22:06also determined that traditionalists and those who preach repentance in the Forgiveness of sins well they’re nothing
22:13but close-minded fundamentalist bigots who need to be driven out of the church and if they’re laymen well then they
22:20need to have their memberships revoked and if they’re pastors then they need to be removed from their office even if
22:26there are no biblical grounds to having them removed and if these pastors knew what was good
22:32for them they’d leave their posts uh-huh and if they’re not going to do that well then the next best thing will have their
22:39names and reputations smeared and assassinated via gossip and slander
22:45is this not what happened to Jesus Jesus experienced this firsthand and he
22:51warned us that we would too John 16 verses 1 through 4. I have said all these things
22:58to you to keep you from falling away they will put you out of the synagogues you can say they will put you out of
23:04church indeed the hour is coming when whoever kills you will think he’s offering a service to God
23:10they will do these things because they have not known the father nor me but I
23:15have said these things to you that when their hour comes you re will remember
23:21that I told you told this to you Jesus warned us about this exact same kind of
23:27persecution the Apostle John who knew firsthand what it was like to suffer persecution and to be threatened with
23:34beatings and death for proclaiming Christ by religious people in his message
23:43um in his first epistle first John chapter 3 verses 12-13 John writes this
23:48we should not be like Cain who was of the evil one and murdered his brother and why did he murder him because his
23:55own Deeds were evil and his brothers righteous so do not be surprised brothers that the world hates you
24:03so he kind of got the set up here this is the effects of sin
24:10so much so that religious people call evil good and good evil
24:15even claiming to worship the one God who’s standing right in front of them and they see him performing Miracles
24:22they don’t deny that he’s performed the Miracles their answer is oh he’s doing that through beelzebel real quick
24:28historical note by the way you’ve heard the word it says here in the text beows a bowl and you’ve heard the other word
24:33bials above and if you’ve ever wondered why there’s a difference there is a reason for that and that is is that
24:39beelzebol is the actual name that was used by the Phoenicians which means you know the the prince of the house the the
24:46lordly prince himself ball but bials above was a play on words that
24:51the Hebrews used to mock that God bials above means the Lord of the Flies of the Lord of dung
24:58something very true they they did the same thing with the God molec you’ve heard of the god Molech Molech was the
25:04deity that whose image his hands were out like this and they would basically
25:10put a fire under his hands to the point where his hands turned to turn red hot and then they would offer sacrifices of
25:17human infants in his hands name of that God was Melech which means king but the Hebrews always referred to him
25:24as Molech that means shame
25:30keep this in mind so when you hear bials above beelzebol bials above is a mocking
25:35term that mocks the false god just a little historical note
25:41so let’s take a look at now what Jesus Does with these scribes here’s what it says
25:48he Jesus called them that’s right Jesus called a little meeting with the scribes
25:53he knows what they’re saying they’re going around he did that by demons he did that by the power of the also but by
25:58the prince of the Demons he’s casting out demons so Jesus said hey guys come on over here let’s have a chat
26:04so he said to them how can Satan cast out Satan if a kingdom is divided against itself that Kingdom cannot stand
26:10and if a house is divided against itself that house will not be able to stand and if Satan has risen up against himself
26:16the Greek here actually says if Satan has rebelled against himself and is divided he cannot stand but is coming to
26:24an end so what Jesus does is he takes their argument and he just trashes it shows it
26:31to be stupid that’s exactly what he did really Satan casting out Satan
26:38how’s that even possible and just takes their argument and destroys it
26:45and then he says this no one can enter a strong man’s house and plunder his Goods unless he first binds the strong man
26:51then indeed he may plunder his house now who is the strong man here that Jesus is
26:57referring to none other than the Devil Himself Jesus is literally saying that he has come and he’s actually bound the
27:03strong man and you know what he’s doing he’s plundering The Lair of the brigand Satan
27:10and how is he doing it by setting people free from possession when Jesus casts out demon demons he’s
27:18showing that the strong man Satan himself is bound up and that he himself is taking all of the precious cargo of
27:26humans because Satan he always trafficks in humans he’s the original human trafficker if you would and so say so
27:33Jesus comes along and he’s setting them all free showing that he is actually bound the strong man and then he says
27:39this truly I say to you all sins will be forgiven the children of man and whatever blasphemies they
27:45utter but whoever blasphemes against the Holy Spirit never has forgiveness but is
27:50guilty of an eternal sin for they were saying he has an unclean Spirit here we have reference to the unforgivable sin
27:56and I cannot tell you how many times I’ve talked with Christians who said to me
28:01that’s your host bro think I accidentally committed this sin
28:07God can never forgive me and to which I would say if you’re worried about it there’s no way you
28:12could have possibly committed the sin real simple the blasphemy of the holy
28:18spirit is to attribute to the devil the Miracles work and message of Christ
28:24Jesus did what he did by the power of the Holy Spirit and so the blasphemy of
28:29the holy spirit is to attribute the work of the spirit to the work of the devil
28:36and remember what Jesus said our message from a couple weeks ago Jesus says when I send the spirit what’s he going to do
28:42he’s going to convict the world of sin and unbelief and righteousness right
28:48so if you’re feeling convicted for your sins the spirit is working on you you have
28:54not committed the sin of the blasphemy of the holy spirit because if you had you the Holy Spirit would be done with
29:01you there’s nothing to convict you of anymore so if you if you’re worried that you’ve committed the sin that means you
29:07haven’t does that make sense right okay let’s wrap this up
29:15moving to the last part Jesus’s mother and brothers came so they
29:21think it’s time to lock Jesus up and standing outside of his house they sent to him and called him and a crowd was
29:27sitting around him and they said to him your mother and your brothers are outside seeking you why are they seeking
29:32him because they think he’s crazy right and Jesus answered them who are my mother and my brothers and looking
29:38around at those who sat around him relative strangers if you would he said here are my mother’s
29:45and my brothers whoever does the will of God is my brother and sister and mother
29:53which begs the question what is the will of God John answers this for us in first John
29:58chapter 3 starting at verse 18. by this we shall know that we are of the truth
30:05and reassure our hearts before him for whenever our hearts condemn us God is greater than our hearts and he knows
30:12everything beloved if our heart does not condemn us we have confidence before God and whatever we ask we receive from him
30:18because we keep his Commandments and do what pleases him and this is his commandment
30:24that we believe in the name of his son Jesus Christ and love one another just as he has
30:30commanded us whoever keeps his Commandments abides in God and God in him and by this we know
30:36that he abides in Us by the spirit whom he has given us
30:42what does it mean to do the will of the father to do the will of God it’s to believe in
30:49Jesus Christ to believe that he is the Son of God believe that he has come for you that he
30:55is bled and died for your sins all of them atoned for only Jesus is capable of saving us from
31:03The Madness of our sin opening our eyes and helping us to see rightly what is going on he is the way
31:10the truth and the life and so he has called us to believe to repent and to be
31:17forgiving because remember Jesus is a gospel preacher repent and believe the good news this is the will of the father
31:22and then bear fruit in keeping with that repentance as he has loved us we now
31:28love one another this is what we’re called to do and we have this assurance from Jesus whoever
31:34does this which is God’s will is Jesus’s brother sister mother
31:41you are Christ’s family you who’ve been brought to penance and faith in Christ who trust in him for the
31:47Forgiveness of your sins who now because you’ve been set free from bondage to the devil love and serve your neighbor from
31:54the heart not for yourselves but purely for your neighbor’s sake this is how we know we are in Christ
32:02because we have been set free from The Madness of sin in the name of Jesus
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