Sermon Transcript – The Most Impressive Scars… Ever!

1 Year Lectionary – Second Sunday of Easter – Sunday, April 24, 2022 | Pr. Chris Rosebrough

Welcome to the Teaching Ministry of Kongsvinger Lutheran Church. Kongsvinger is a beacon for the Gospel of Jesus Christ and is located on the plains of Northwestern Minnesota.
We proclaim Christ and Him crucified for our sins and salvation by grace through faith alone, and now, here’s a message from Pastor Chris Rosebrough:
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0:27Alleluia he has risen from
0:30the dead and behold he is going before
0:33you to galilee alleluia eight days later
0:37Jesus came and stood among them and said
0:40peace be with you hallelujah the holy
0:43gospel according to saint john the 20th
0:55on the evening of that day the first day
0:56of the week the door is being locked
0:58where the disciples were for fear of the
1:00Jews Jesus came and stood among them and
1:02said to them peace be with you
1:05and when he had said this he showed them
1:06his hands and his side then the
1:09disciples were glad when they saw the
1:10lord and Jesus said to them again peace
1:12be with you as the father has sent me
1:14even so i am sending you and when he had
1:16said this he breathed on them and said
1:18to them receive the holy spirit if you
1:21forgive the sins of anyone they are
1:22forgiven if you withhold forgiveness
1:24from anyone it is withheld now Thomas
1:27one of the twelve called the twin was
1:28not with them when Jesus came so the
1:31other disciples told him we have seen
1:33the lord but he said to them unless i
1:35see his hands in the marks of the nails
1:37and place my finger into the marks of
1:39the nails and place my hand into a side
1:41i will never
1:43believe eight days later his disciples
1:45were inside again and thomas was with
1:47them and although the doors were locked
1:49jesus came and stood among them and said
1:50peace be with you then he said to thomas
1:53put your finger here
1:55and see my hands put out your hand and
1:57place it in my side do not disbelieve
1:59but believe thomas answered him my lord
2:01and my god and jesus said to him you
2:04have believed because you have seen me
2:05but blessed are those who have not seen
2:07and yet have believed now jesus did many
2:10other signs in the presence of the
2:11disciples which are not written in this
2:13book but these are written so that you
2:15may believe that jesus is the christ the
2:17son of god and that by believing you may
2:19have life in his name this is the gospel
2:22of the lord christ is risen
2:25indeed hallelujah hallelujah in the name
2:28of jesus amen
2:31on the evening of that day the day of
2:33the resurrection the first day of the
2:34week the doors being locked where the
2:36disciples were for fear of the jews
2:38that’s how our gospel text begins and
2:40i’ll take a swipe at the reformed here i
2:43have to do it it’s just from time to
2:45time you got to just challenge some of
2:47the things they say so the reformed are
2:49the ones who say that christ cannot be
2:52physically present in the lord’s supper
2:55and here’s the reason why because we all
2:58know that bodies can only be at one
3:00place at one time this was zwingli’s
3:03stupid argument and therefore christ is
3:06seated at the right hand of the father
3:08so he can’t possibly be present
3:11in the lord’s supper
3:12well last time i checked despite
3:16repeated attempts at trying to walk
3:18through walls yeah human beings just
3:20don’t have that ability bodies seem to
3:23stop when they run into the matter of a
3:25wall jesus here the doors being locked
3:28the windows shut
3:31there’s no way for him to get into this
3:33right into this upper room so if you
3:36were to ask an honest
3:38calvinist how he did it you know if
3:40you’re going to be consistent how did
3:42jesus appear in the midst of the room
3:43because we all know that well you guys
3:45are experts on what human bodies can and
3:48can’t do
3:49and i will say this some calvinists of
3:51the past have said well obviously while
3:54they weren’t looking jesus snuck in and
3:56climbed up through a window
4:01no text says that so
4:04just have to point that out this is one
4:06of the weaknesses of the reformed view
4:09but that being the case we’re going to
4:11note that jesus christ by virtue of the
4:13hypostatic union is both god and man in
4:18one jesus and the communication of the
4:21attributes of the divinity as it relates
4:23to christ’s person have an impact on
4:26what his human body is capable of doing
4:29and so we’re going to note that christ
4:31is capable of doing whatever christ
4:33wants to do by virtue of the fact that
4:35he is both god and man and this is one
4:38of those things it’s weird to kind of
4:40start a
4:41sermon off with that but might as well
4:43it’s that we’re just walking our way
4:44through the text right so next it was
4:46the important bit
4:48jesus came and stood among them and
4:50listened to the words that he said peace
4:53be with you
4:55notice that when jesus appears to his
4:57disciples he doesn’t say
4:59dudes what’s with this i was on trial
5:02you guys scattered and oh man peter you
5:06denied me three times to a slave girl
5:09come on what’s wrong with you no notice
5:12no scolding at all and there’s a reason
5:14why and that is because
5:16the peace that christ is referring to is
5:19the peace that he won
5:21he won this on the cross by defeating
5:24the devil by defeating sin by defeating
5:28death he did this by reconciling us to
5:30the father by bleeding and dying for all
5:33of our sins and so i would note kind of
5:35front load it here are you terrified of
5:38the day of standing before jesus because
5:40you know the sin that you have committed
5:43the things that you’ve done the things
5:44you’ve left undone the things you should
5:46have done the things you didn’t do the
5:48things you thought that you shouldn’t
5:50have thought the things you thunk that
5:51you shouldn’t have thunk right all of
5:54that note then christ does not come here
5:57today to scold us either
6:00you heard from the mouth my mouth the
6:03authority given in this text to forgive
6:06you of your sins not to scold you the
6:08scripture is clear even though your sins
6:10be as scarlet christ because of what he
6:13has done for you makes you white as snow
6:16and so that is an important thing so
6:18christ comes speaking peace not scolding
6:21not wrath because he suffered god’s
6:23wrath in our place and then when he had
6:26said this he showed them his hands and
6:29his side and here i’m gonna do a little
6:32bit of an analogy have you guys ever
6:34noticed this that dudes have a thing
6:36they do they like to like do the one-up
6:39game when it comes to scars right oh you
6:42think that’s a that’s an impressive scar
6:43well let me show you the one that i got
6:45right dudes are this is like a
6:47testosterone thing and one of the best
6:49depictions of this particular behavior
6:51of men is in the movie jaws all right
6:55you guys remember this movie probably
6:56one of the best movies of all time
6:57cinematically it’s just a well told
7:00story so act three of jaws begins with
7:03them out on the water in a tiny boat
7:06it’s not that big of a boat hunting this
7:08killer man-eating shark and after a day
7:10of hunting the shark it’s night time and
7:13what are they doing they’re have they’re
7:15gathered around the cabin galley
7:17table and
7:18they start showing off their scars
7:22hooper rolls up his sleeve and says take
7:24a look at that that right there is from
7:25amore hill bit right through my wetsuit
7:28well quit not to be out then rolls up
7:30his pant leg and says you see that right
7:32there that’s a thresher shark right and
7:34so they’re going back and forth the best
7:35line in the in that portion of the movie
7:37is when hooper opens up his his shirt
7:40and says you see that right there that
7:41one right there
7:42mary ellen moffatt she broke my heart
7:47it’s such it’s such a quintessential
7:50thing about dudes and here’s the reason
7:52why dudes do this it’s kind of a
7:54testosterone kind of thing because it’s
7:57not about the scar it’s about the story
7:59about what gave you the scar right
8:02yeah when you think of them like the
8:03movie gladiator where they depict men
8:05who’ve actually been in battle with
8:07swords and things like this you know
8:08they’ve got scars there’s their bodies
8:11are marred and
8:12mangled but here’s the thing if we think
8:15about it in this context this is a great
8:18testosterone moment jesus is showing off
8:20his scars why because who did he go up
8:23against the devil himself death and he
8:27conquered it all oh those are the best
8:29scars ever i have to do kind of a tim
8:31allen thing from tool time
8:36that is our conquering jesus these are
8:39the best scars ever because they are the
8:42scars of his victory in the battle that
8:46he waged in order to set us free from
8:49the dominion of darkness it is
8:53good and again jesus said to them peace
8:56be with you and this is the peace that
8:58comes from the conquering christ as the
9:01father now has sent me i even so i am
9:04sending you and here jesus is doing
9:06something very interesting this is the
9:09beginning of the setting up of the
9:11office of the ministry it begins with
9:13the foundation of the apostles and
9:15continues on to this day with pastors
9:18who are called by the holy spirit to
9:20preach the word to absolve people of
9:22their sins and to administer the
9:23sacraments and something interesting
9:26happens here of a sentence that for
9:28years kind of boggled me
9:30in it and this is the sentence he says
9:32and when he said this he breathed on
9:34them and said to them
9:37receive the holy spirit
9:42and i’ve read this many times and just
9:45looked at it
9:48and drawn a blank
9:50there it is it’s
9:52pretty clear what occurred here but
9:54what’s the significance of it
9:56well if i could let me consider one way
9:59of looking at this
10:01back in the
10:03book of genesis genesis chapter 2. it
10:05talks about how adam was made and in
10:08chapter 2 verse 5 it says when no bush
10:10of the field was yet in the land no
10:12small plant of the field had yet sprung
10:14yahweh elohim had not caused it to rain
10:17on the land and there was no man to work
10:19the ground and a mist was going up from
10:21the land and was watering the whole face
10:23of the ground and then yahweh elohim
10:25formed the man of the dust from the
10:27ground and he breathed into his nostrils
10:30the breath of life and the man became a
10:34living creature
10:37all right so
10:39let me kind of make the connection here
10:41and then we’ll pull in our old testament
10:43text too because i think it makes the
10:44point as well you see we because of adam
10:48and eve’s sin were born dead in
10:49trespasses and sins in a similar way
10:51this imagery is the same as what we see
10:53here in genesis there’s adam’s formed
10:56but still lifeless body
10:59and christ breathes into his nostrils
11:01the breath of life and he says happy
11:03birthday right the first thing he sees
11:06is the the face of christ it’s his day
11:09that he has created and so that’s the
11:12idea now the church has been given the
11:14holy spirit and the gospel itself and
11:17christ by here
11:19giving the spirit to his disciples who
11:22become the apostles that it’s the the
11:26image then is this that in the church
11:28the holy spirit exists and resides
11:31breathing the life of the good news of
11:33god over
11:35fallen sinful dead humanity and god
11:38raises them from the dead through the
11:40preaching of the gospel i think that’s a
11:42good way to put it and it ties in really
11:44wonderfully with our ezekiel text where
11:47there’s the valley of the dry bones and
11:50well poor ezekiel you know he’s asked by
11:52god can these bones live well you you
11:56you know god you know all things sure
11:58you you tell me it says so prophesy to
12:01the wind and what does he do he
12:02prophesies to the wind
12:04and the spirit of god comes and puts in
12:07you and
12:08put the bones back together and the
12:09rattling and then they stand up that’s
12:12what the gospel does for each and every
12:14one of us sin isn’t our friend sin kills
12:17sin is a toxin sin is a poison and it’s
12:20it’s well effects are mortally
12:22fatal and so you’ll note that christ
12:25giving his church the spirit breathing
12:28on them receiving the holy spirit it’s
12:30that same imagery that god now is
12:33raising dead sinners to the preaching of
12:35the gospel through those whom he has
12:38sent to preach the good news and of
12:40course they have authority from him if
12:42you forgive the sins of any they are
12:44already forgiven if you withhold
12:46forgiveness for many it is withheld one
12:49of the great quotes i read this week in
12:51my sermon prep on this
12:53was from johan gerhart he had an
12:55admonition for pastors in his sermon he
12:58said pastors do not let these keys get
13:00rusty make sure that they stay well
13:04clean from lots of use use the keys that
13:07god has given us often because we
13:09sinners need to be set free from our
13:11sins over and over and over again and be
13:14assured of the forgiveness that is in
13:18so well thomas he missed the meeting you
13:20know apparently he didn’t get the email
13:22letting him know about
13:23the meeting and so he wasn’t there when
13:25jesus appeared and jesus shows him
13:28kindness as well no scolding for thomas
13:31thomas one of the twelve called the twin
13:33was not with them when jesus came so the
13:35other disciples told him we have seen
13:37the lord but he said to them unless i
13:40his hands and the marks of the nails and
13:42place my finger into the mark of the
13:44nails and place my hand into a side i
13:47will never believe and it’s sad here if
13:50you think about it because thomas is not
13:53believing the report of his of the other
13:55disciples they have no reason to lie to
13:58him at all and he’s not listening to
14:02and i think if you were to think of it
14:03this way thomas is kind of a stand-in
14:05then for the skeptical world and his
14:09the mercy that christ shows him and
14:10appearing to him is the same mercy that
14:13god gives to those who have who struggle
14:15with doubts regarding the veracity of
14:17the christian faith christ doesn’t come
14:19to school he comes to point this out and
14:22so thomas is their saint if you would
14:25the saint of those who feel like they
14:28evidence to believe and the evidence is
14:30given to thomas and his confession and
14:32his report should be enough for them so
14:35eight days later it’s sunday again the
14:38day now that we referred to as the lord
14:40day lord’s day his disciples were inside
14:43and thomas was with them and although
14:45the doors were locked jesus came and
14:47stood among them and said apparently
14:49jesus is a good lock picker you know and
14:52he’s able to sneak in when no one’s
14:54looking right
14:55yeah although the doors were locked
14:57jesus came and stood among them and said
14:59peace be with you
15:01so then he said to thomas put your
15:03finger here and see my hands and put out
15:05your hand and place it in my side
15:07it shows him as well the scars
15:11that were inflicted on his body
15:13in his great battle even to save thomas
15:16and i would note something here the fact
15:18that christ has these scars
15:20proves definitively that the body that
15:23christ rose in is the same body that
15:25hung on the tree when it’s it’s not some
15:28different body it’s the same exact body
15:31glorified now and immortal put your
15:33finger here see my hands put out your
15:35hand place it in my side do not be
15:38disbelieving that’s the way the verbs
15:40really work in greek do not be
15:42disbelieving but believe and thomas then
15:45utters this beautiful confession and his
15:47words are most certainly true he
15:50answered him hakurios
15:53you are my lord and my god and that is
15:56exactly who jesus is he’s our lord he’s
15:59our god and he comes bringing us tidings
16:02of peace
16:03tidings of forgiveness and
16:04reconciliation of joy evermore of a
16:07salvation given as a gift he comes to us
16:12not to scold us but to save us to bring
16:14us to repentance so that we can be
16:17adopted as his children and receive the
16:21assured by what christ has done for us
16:23on the cross
16:25so jesus said to him have you believed
16:27because you’ve seen me
16:29blessed are those who have not seen and
16:31yet have believed and note that we are
16:34among that group we
16:36christ speaks to us today and says that
16:39we are blessed we are truly blessed i
16:41haven’t seen jesus i’ve never met him
16:44i’ve never had coffee with him you know
16:46if he were walking down the streets of
16:48grand forks i don’t know if i would
16:50recognize him unless he made himself
16:52known but do not worry
16:54we are blessed those who have not seen
16:57and yet have believed and presently we
16:58walk by faith not by sight
17:01and it see you’ll note that seeing is
17:04believing is the way the world thinks
17:06but the reality is is that we know that
17:08through the gospel hearing is believing
17:12the holy spirit bro breathed on us
17:14through the preaching of the gospel
17:16breathed on us in the waters of baptism
17:19when we were united with christ in his
17:21death and resurrection and so having not
17:23seen him with our own eyes we also can
17:26say exactly the way job did that with
17:28our very eyes even though we perish and
17:30our skin fall off of us that with our
17:32eyes we will see jesus someday
17:35and christ has declared to us that we
17:37are blessed
17:38and now comes
17:40the kind of the main thesis statement of
17:42the entire scripture this is not merely
17:45the thesis statement of the gospel of
17:47john i love how our lutheran theologians
17:50always point back to this and say this
17:51is the thesis statement of all of the
17:55here’s what it says
17:57now jesus did many other signs in the
17:59presence of the disciples which are not
18:01written in this book this is most
18:02certainly true
18:04everything that jesus did and said all
18:07the miracles he performed they were not
18:09recorded by the apostles
18:11only the ones that were necessary right
18:14and so he says but these things are
18:17written so that you may believe that
18:18jesus is the christ the son of god and
18:21that by believing you may have life in
18:24his name you see these words are theonus
18:27they are god-breathed god the holy
18:29spirit inspired the apostles to write
18:32these words inspired john recalled his
18:35memory perfectly so that he can fill in
18:38the blanks that the synoptic gospels
18:40didn’t give us regarding jesus so that
18:42we might believe that jesus is the son
18:45of god and by believing we have might
18:47might have life in his name but that’s
18:49also the reason why genesis was written
18:51also the reason why exodus and leviticus
18:53and numbers and deuteronomy why all of
18:55them were written so that we would
18:57believe same with isaiah and amos and
19:00all the other books of the scripture
19:02they’re all written so that you might
19:04believe and note this that you might
19:07life in his name sin is
19:11death the wages of sin is death doubly
19:15so mortal death second death there’s
19:18nothing to be gained by sin but christ
19:21came so that we might have life and life
19:24by his name by his vicarious bleeding
19:27and dying for our sins life that we
19:30would never have to run away from his
19:33presence and hide but instead like
19:36joyful children run to him on the day of
19:39his return so brothers and sisters the
19:42fact that christ is risen from the dead
19:44is great joy for us and great comfort
19:46so as we’ve been saying for the past
19:49couple weeks Christ has risen
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