Sermon Transcript – The New Covenant

Series C – Maundy Thursday – Thursday, March 24, 2016 | Pr. Chris Rosebrough

Welcome to the Teaching Ministry of Kongsvinger Lutheran Church. Kongsvinger is a beacon for the Gospel of Jesus Christ and is located on the plains of Northwestern Minnesota.
We proclaim Christ and Him crucified for our sins and salvation by grace through faith alone, and now, here’s a message from Pastor Chris Rosebrough:
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0:29the holy Gospel According to Saint Luke
0:31chapter 22 verses 7 through 20.
0:34then came the day of unleavened bread on
0:37which the Passover Lamb had to be
0:38sacrificed so Jesus sent Peter and John
0:41saying go and prepare the Passover for
0:44us that we may eat it they said to him
0:47where will you have us prepare it he
0:49said to them behold when you have
0:50entered the city A man carrying a jar of
0:52water will meet you follow him into the
0:55house that he enters and tell the Master
0:57of the House the teacher says to you
0:59where is the guest room where I may eat
1:01the Passover with my disciples
1:04and he will show you a large upper room
1:06furnished prepare it there and they went
1:09and found it just as he had told them
1:11and they prepared the Passover and when
1:14the hour came he reclined at table and
1:17the apostles with him and he said to
1:19them I have earnestly desired to eat
1:22this Passover with you before I suffer
1:25for I tell you I will not eat it until
1:28it is fulfilled in the kingdom of God
1:30and he took a cup and when he had given
1:32thanks he said take take this and divide
1:34it amongst yourselves for I tell you
1:37that from now on I will not drink of the
1:39fruit of the vine until the kingdom of
1:40God comes and he took bread and when he
1:43had given thanks he broke it and gave it
1:45to them saying this is my body which is
1:48given for you do this in remembrance of
1:51me and likewise the cup after they had
1:54eaten saying this cup is poured out for
1:56you is the New Covenant in my blood in
2:01the name of Jesus
2:04Our Gospel text says Jesus said to his
2:07disciples I have earnestly desired to
2:10eat this Passover with you
2:13before I suffer
2:16this Passover
2:18this is the Passover of passovers and if
2:21you’re familiar with your Old Testament
2:22then you are aware of the whole story of
2:26the Passover it’s found in the book of
2:28Exodus and in that book we find that the
2:31children of Israel have been enslaved by
2:33a evil Wicked pharaoh
2:35who did not know who Joseph was didn’t
2:38care who Joseph was and unfortunately
2:40we’re not going to talk about Joseph
2:42tonight but it’s a great story that
2:44points us to Christ
2:45and he Enslaved the children of Israel
2:49and put them in bondage
2:52430 years
2:54how old is the United States
2:56200 somethingish right
3:00I remember when the bicentennial coins
3:02came out I thought it was a big deal but
3:03then I was a little lad you know wow
3:05look at that I want the bicentennial
3:08200 years in 1976
3:12200 years we’re not even halfway there
3:15for the children of Israel
3:18and then God raises up Moses a murderer
3:22quite the screw-up
3:24it’s weird how God uses Sinners but then
3:26again if he didn’t use Sinners to do his
3:28will who would he use right
3:31he commissions him sends him to pharaoh
3:35and says let my people go and then
3:38begins The Ultimate Showdown the
3:39showdown between a false god that’s what
3:42a pharaoh is they’re a god king right
3:45the ultimate showdown between a false
3:47god and the true God
3:49they go 10 Rounds
3:52Pharaoh loses every single round
3:54the last round though is the most
3:57frightening of them all
3:59the Passover
4:01this is the one that gets our attention
4:05why because God says that he’s going to
4:11the Destroyer
4:12into Egypt
4:15the Destroyer
4:17he’s going to go by every house
4:20and if the house does not have the blood
4:23of the Passover Lamb on the doors
4:26the Destroyer will go in and he will
4:29take the life of the firstborn
4:35but if he finds the blood of the
4:37Passover Lamb on the door
4:40the Destroyer passes over
4:43and moves on down
4:46and so the children of Israel that
4:49terrible night
4:52by the way it was Friday the 13th
4:55I know that’s a little bit of an
4:57interesting historical note but this is
4:59absolutely true it was Friday the 13th
5:01one of the reasons why Friday the 13th
5:03comes down to us the way it does
5:08the children of Israel no one they
5:11didn’t lose a single person the
5:13firstborn were all
5:17and they all sat and they feasted on
5:20this Passover Lamb cooked with bitter
5:22herbs and cooked in such a way that none
5:25of its bones were broken
5:28and the reason why is because that
5:31Passover Lamb was the substitute
5:35the substitute for the firstborn
5:38and now we come to our text in Our
5:40Gospel lesson tonight for Monday
5:42Thursday and we hear that Jesus says I
5:44have earnestly desired to eat this
5:47Passover with you
5:49because this time the Passover Lamb
5:53gives way the type and Shadow gives way
5:56to the one whom it was pointing to
6:00the real Lamb of God who takes away the
6:02sin of the world
6:04the one whose blood covers Us
6:07and so when the Destroyer comes to visit
6:12he passes over
6:14because the firstborn
6:16for us has already died
6:20you see the Passover Lamb was the
6:22substitute for the firstborn and now
6:23Jesus the only begotten son of God
6:26steps on
6:28to the field
6:30and he goes to war and the way he’s
6:33going to win this is by dying
6:35he says I have urgelessly desired to eat
6:38this Passover with you before I suffer
6:41I tell you I will not eat it until it is
6:44fulfilled in the kingdom of God and he
6:45took a cup and when he had given thanks
6:47he said take this and divide it among
6:49yourselves for I tell you that from now
6:51on I will not drink of the fruit of the
6:53vine until the kingdom of God comes
6:56there was already in Jesus’s time a
6:59standard Passover liturgy if you would
7:01you can see it if you’ve ever seen a
7:03Seder Mill
7:05established cups for different things
7:07and Jesus Takes these cups and he
7:10changes everything
7:12something new is happening something
7:15amazing the disciples are probably
7:18sitting there slap jawed as Jesus
7:20utterly changes the very rituals that
7:23they have grown up in and for years and
7:26decades have done the same thing at the
7:28same time at the same place in that
7:31liturgy Jesus now changes it he takes
7:34bread and when he had given thanks he
7:37breaks it and gave gives it to them
7:40saying this is my body which is given
7:43for you
7:47I oftentimes use a phrase to kind of
7:51make a point
7:52sometimes we Christians put the emphasis
7:54on the wrong syllable
7:56and when we do so we kind of mess things
8:00where do you put the emphasis in these
8:02words this is my body
8:05which is given for you
8:09where do you put the emphasis
8:14I’ll tell you where I put it
8:16for you
8:20the reason I put it there
8:23is because
8:25that’s what I need
8:28and if you’re honest that’s what you
8:29need as well
8:32it’s amazing to me
8:34our picture of God when we are
8:38sinning like there’s no tomorrow
8:40enslaved to sin
8:43obeying its every beckon called
8:45practically offering ourselves to the
8:48devil to do his work
8:50what we end up thinking about God is
8:52that God is Mad God is coming after us
8:55God is going to throw lightning bolts at
8:58me God is gonna God is gonna and all we
9:01think is about the wrath of God and the
9:03reason why is because we know that’s
9:04exactly what we’ve earned
9:07it’s Adam and Eve hiding in the trees
9:10from God
9:12we all do it we all know existentially
9:14what that feels like
9:16hiding from God
9:18and yet here’s God in human flesh
9:21and he is about to go and suffer and
9:25bleed and die from my sins and for yours
9:29and there’s no talk of judgment
9:32only gifts
9:37it’s Christmas if you would
9:40take eat
9:41this is my body which is given given
9:47for you
9:49do this in remembrance of me
9:51and likewise the cup after they had
9:53eaten saying this cup is poured out for
9:56you this is the New Covenant
9:59in my blood
10:03this is New Covenant in my blood and
10:06there’s the words poured out
10:14the sinless for The Sinner
10:17and that’s what happens on the cross God
10:19lays on him the iniquity of us all Jesus
10:22becomes the singular sinner of all of
10:24mankind and there he is naked and
10:28exposed to the wrath of God and God lets
10:31him have it
10:34and none of this is abuse because Jesus
10:37says he lays down his life
10:42for us
10:44and so we return to our epistle text
10:47talking about this New Covenant in the
10:49blood of Christ the Holy Spirit Bears
10:51witness to us
10:53for after saying this is the Covenant
10:55that I will make with them after those
10:57days declares the Lord I will put my
10:59laws in their hearts write them in their
11:00minds yes I will remember their sins and
11:04their Lawless Deeds no more
11:08no more
11:10they sit there and go can it really be
11:13that God will remember our Lawless Deeds
11:16no more
11:19well we’re not accusing God of being
11:23it’s not like well in his old age I mean
11:25after all how many gazillions of years
11:27old is he anyway
11:29God as he’s getting up there in age is a
11:32kind of starting to lose it right
11:35the reason why he remembers our Lawless
11:37Deeds no more is because they’re all
11:39atoned for Christ has given his body
11:42given his blood poured out broken shed
11:45for you
11:48there’s nothing to remember
11:51I mean how many of you guys remember the
11:54transactions that you’ve conducted you
11:56know you can think through and tick off
11:59the receipts from Lowe’s and from Hugo’s
12:02and from the post office from 10 years
12:05ago 15 years ago you can’t right
12:08that those transactions have already
12:10taken place they’re long in the past
12:13well see that’s the thing
12:14the transaction that took place between
12:17Christ and the Father the shed blood
12:20which redeems us purchases off the of
12:22the slave block
12:24sets us free that transaction has been
12:27conducted all of our sins atoned for not
12:30a single one of them is unaccounted for
12:33unpaid for unbleed for undyed for every
12:37single one of them has the blood of
12:39Christ across it paid in full it’s been
12:44nailed to the cross and that cross
12:46disappeared two thousand years ago
12:49and I don’t care what the Catholics say
12:51they say they got so many pieces of the
12:53Cross you know you go different Catholic
12:55churches and we’ve got a piece of the
12:56True Cross I think it was Martin Luther
12:59who said they’ve got so many different
13:00pieces of the True Cross they could
13:02rebuild the Ark of Noah with them right
13:06but that cross is long gone
13:10God remembers your Lawless Deeds your
13:14sins and we’re not talking about
13:15hypothetical sins here we’re talking
13:18about four real awful sins
13:22sit there and go well what kind of
13:24you’re talking about Pastor well let’s
13:26walk through the list
13:32disobeying your parents
13:34false belief
13:37profaning God’s name
13:42adultery theft
13:45covetousness lying
13:49for real sins
13:52the real sins that you and I have
13:54committed he has
13:57truly bled and died for when you hear
14:01tonight when you come to this altar
14:05and you hear these words take eat broken
14:09shed for you for the Forgiveness of your
14:15the ones you committed when you were in
14:17your 20s the ones you committed five
14:19minutes before you walked in the church
14:22they’re all accounted for
14:25and God remembers our Lawless Deeds
14:28no more
14:32you’ll never stand before Christ
14:35when we finally get to see him face to
14:37face and he’ll say remember that time
14:40when you
14:44he won’t
14:46he won’t
14:48and then the text says this
14:51where there is forgiveness of these
14:53there is no longer any offering for sin
14:56therefore Brothers since we have
14:59confidence to enter the holy places by
15:02the blood of Jesus we have confidence
15:06how many of you when you’ve been in your
15:08darkest moments have thought I better
15:09not ever go back to church
15:11oh man
15:14they’re not going to be happy to see me
15:18when you sin
15:19the devil gets the upper hand
15:22your first temptation is to say church
15:25is the last place I should be
15:28but see the text says Christ God
15:31remembers your Lawless Deeds no more
15:34so you come confident into Kong’s finger
15:37you come confident confident that you
15:40are forgiven confident that you are
15:42sprinkled by the blood of Christ
15:44confident that the blood of the Passover
15:46Lamb covers you
15:48and the destroyer and the devil and all
15:51of his accusatory demons can’t say a
15:53word about you not one
15:57I remember what he did I remember what
15:59she did
16:01I’m covered by the blood thank you
16:05right confidence
16:12so we have confidence to enter the holy
16:14places by the blood by the New and
16:16Living Way that Christ opened for us
16:18through the curtain that is through his
16:21flesh and since we have a great priest
16:23over the house of God let us draw near
16:26with a True Heart
16:28in full Assurance of Faith notice here
16:32this is like Christianity with a
16:34backbone this is like Christianity that
16:36says I know I’m forgiven I know that God
16:40loves me I know that Christ bled and
16:42died for me confidence assurance
16:46this is not arrogance
16:48something completely different
16:51this is one hundred percent assurance
16:53that God truly is what he says he is
17:03so we can draw near to God
17:06in a True Heart full Assurance of faith
17:09our hearts having been sprinkled clean
17:11from an evil conscience and our bodies
17:15washed with pure water
17:16referring to your baptism notice here
17:19the sprinkling of Christ’s blood
17:22in the waters of our baptism
17:25takes away from us an evil conscience
17:28so let us then hold fast to the
17:30confession of Our Hope without wavering
17:33and why can we not waver because he who
17:35promised is faithful it’s not dependent
17:37on you it’s dependent on the one who
17:38gave the promise and the last time I
17:40checked God doesn’t lie
17:42he says he’s going to do something he’s
17:44going to do it he says he’s forgiven you
17:46and that he remembers your sins no more
17:47guess what he loves you and he remembers
17:50your sins no more
17:54so let us consider then in light of all
17:57this and this is where it gets fun
17:59let us consider how to stir up one
18:01another to love and good works
18:06you see how the two go hand in hand
18:09it’s like love and marriage or peanut
18:11butter and jelly or maybe peanut butter
18:12and honey depends on what you like but
18:14the two go together
18:16you being forgiven in Christ having
18:19confidence and Assurance of the
18:21Forgiveness of your sins no longer makes
18:23it so that you are enslaved to your own
18:25sinful nature enslaved to the devil and
18:28think and act like him completely
18:30self-absorbed that’s how the devil
18:34the devil is the original narcissist and
18:37he has trained us all how to be that
18:39same way right
18:42we’re not a bunch of spiritual selfie
18:47do I look holy today
18:51I did that too well okay
18:57but because we are forgiven
19:00because God remembers our Lawless Deeds
19:03no more because we have full Assurance
19:06of the Forgiveness of our sins
19:10because of all of this and the one who
19:13is faithful the one who has promised is
19:15faithful and this is our hope it cannot
19:17be taken from us so now we can stir up
19:21one another to love and to Good Works
19:26not neglecting to meet together as is
19:28the habit of some in other words come to
19:32but encouraging one another and
19:34encouraging each other all the more as
19:37you see the day Drawing Near
19:40have you looked
19:42at the condition of the world
19:44is it better than when you first started
19:46growing up when you were a little kid
19:48has it gotten better or worse
19:51worse condition of the church better or
19:55worse the day is Drawing Near
19:58so what do we do I know let’s go buy
20:01buckets of food and hide in our
20:04and we can learn how to become
20:06survivalists no no as we see the Jade
20:10Drawing Near
20:12let’s encourage each other onto good
20:17the night is coming
20:18the day is long spent
20:21but there’s still enough light it’s
20:23still enough light that we can still
20:26love and serve our neighbors
20:29because Christ has loved us
20:32this is what we are set free to do
20:35you see as Christians we are given good
20:37works which God prepared in advance for
20:40us to do
20:41and all of these things it is our joy
20:43and our privilege not in order to be
20:46saved but because we is saved we are
20:49heading to heaven we have full Assurance
20:52of these things
20:54so tonight
20:56as we come to the Lord’s table
20:59to remember the original Lord’s Supper
21:02the changing of the Passover into the
21:06Lord’s Supper the type and Shadow giving
21:08way to the reality to where we can now
21:11see the end from the beginning
21:15let us draw near confident of God’s
21:18mercy and Grace
21:19confident that what we receive in our
21:22mouth this night is the body of Christ
21:25broken for us for the Forgiveness of our
21:27sins the blood of Christ shed for us for
21:30the Forgiveness of our sins and let us
21:33consider what an amazing powerful loving
21:36gracious kind God we have who get who
21:41cares so much for us
21:43that he would give us such precious
21:49sustain us
21:51and strengthen us on our way as we
21:54travel as sojourners through this very
21:57short life
21:58on finally to the Eternal Kingdom where
22:02we will see him face to face and being
22:05confident of the Forgiveness of sins we
22:07will not shrink back in fear when we see
22:16instead we will run to him
22:21the way a wife runs to her husband at
22:23the airport after he’s been gone on a
22:25long trip
22:30we will run to him
22:32the way parents run to their children
22:34having never seen them because they
22:37adopted them and seeing them for the
22:39first time
22:45but that kind of confidence only comes
22:48from knowing that the Love is Real
22:51and tonight we know this love is real
22:56to cherish these words
22:58broken and shed
23:00for you
23:02for the Forgiveness of your sins
23:05in the name of Jesus Amen
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