Sermon Transcript – The One Whom the Prophets Longed to See

Series B – First Wednesday of Advent – Wednesday, December 3, 2014 | Pr. Chris Rosebrough

Welcome to the Teaching Ministry of Kongsvinger Lutheran Church. Kongsvinger is a beacon for the Gospel of Jesus Christ and is located on the plains of Northwestern Minnesota.
We proclaim Christ and Him crucified for our sins and salvation by grace through faith alone, and now, here’s a message from Pastor Chris Rosebrough:
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0:27Our first reading this evening
0:32is taken from the Epistle of First Peter
0:36chapter 1 verses 1 through 12.
0:40Peter an apostle of Jesus Christ
0:43to those who are elect Exiles of the
0:46dispersion and Pontius galatia
0:47Cappadocia Asia and bithynia according
0:50to the foreknowledge of God the father
0:52and the sanctification of the spirit for
0:55obedience to Jesus Christ and for
0:58sprinkling with his blood May Grace and
1:00peace be multiplied to you
1:02blessed be the God and father of our
1:04Lord Jesus Christ according to his great
1:06Mercy he has caused us to be born again
1:09to a Living Hope through the
1:11resurrection of Jesus Christ from the
1:13dead to an inheritance that is
1:15imperishable undefiled and unfading kept
1:19in heaven for you who by God’s power are
1:21being guarded through faith for a
1:23Salvation ready to be revealed in the
1:25last time in this you rejoice though now
1:28for a little while if necessary you have
1:31been grieved by various trials so that
1:34the tested genuineness of your faith
1:36which is more precious than gold that
1:38perishes though it is tested by fire may
1:40be found to result in praise and glory
1:43and honor at the revelation of Jesus
1:45Christ though you have not seen him you
1:48love him though you do not now see him
1:51you believe in him and rejoice with joy
1:53that is inexpressible and filled with
1:56Glory obtaining the outcome of your
1:58faith which is the Salvation of your
2:00souls concerning this salvation the
2:04prophets who prophesied about the grace
2:06that was to be yours searched and
2:09inquired carefully inquiring what person
2:12or time the spirit of Christ in them was
2:15indicating when he predicted the
2:17sufferings of Christ and the subsequent
2:19glories it was revealed to them that
2:22they were serving not themselves but you
2:24in the things that have now been
2:26announced to you through those who
2:28preach the good news to you by the Holy
2:31Spirit Sent From Heaven things into
2:33which Angels long to look
2:37please stand for the holy gospel
2:42the holy Gospel According to Saint
2:43Matthew chapter 13 verses 10 through 17.
2:46then the disciples came and said to
2:48Jesus why do you speak to them in
2:50Parables and he answered them to you it
2:53has been given to know the secrets of
2:55the kingdom of heaven but to them it has
2:57not been given
2:58for to the one who has more will be
3:00given and he will have an abundance but
3:03from the one who has not even what he
3:05has will be taken away this is why I
3:07speak to them in Parables because seeing
3:09they do not see hearing they do not hear
3:12nor do they understand indeed in their
3:15case the prophecy of Isaiah is fulfilled
3:17that says you will indeed hear but never
3:19understand you will indeed see but never
3:21perceive for this people’s heart has
3:24grown dull and with their ears they can
3:26barely hear and their eyes they’ve
3:28closed lest they should see with their
3:30eyes and hear with their ears and
3:32understand what their heart in turn and
3:34I would heal them but
3:36Bluster your eyes for they see
3:39and your ears for they hear for truly I
3:43say to you many prophets and righteous
3:46people longed to see what you see and
3:49did not see it and to hear what you hear
3:51and did not hear it
3:54this is the gospel of the Lord in the
3:56name of Jesus
4:00the text says
4:03concerning the Salvation the prophets
4:06who prophesied about the grace that was
4:08to be yours
4:12the grace is to be ours
4:15that’s right this is one of those times
4:17when we can say ah yes this text tells
4:20us something about us
4:22but it tells us about what Christ has
4:24done for us about this salvation the
4:27prophets who prophesied about the grace
4:28that was to be yours searched and
4:31inquired carefully inquiring what person
4:34or time the spirit of Christ in them was
4:36indicating when he predicted the
4:39sufferings of Christ and the subsequent
4:41glories it was revealed to them that
4:44they were serving not themselves
4:46but they were serving you
4:49and see we hear these words from Peter
4:51and you know what this applies to us
4:56you see what we’re going to be looking
4:57at tonight is the prophecies regarding
5:00Jesus in fact we’re going to spend our
5:03Advent services in the evenings you know
5:06midweek this week looking at these
5:08prophecies why
5:10because they point us to the coming the
5:12first coming of Christ
5:14and Peter here says that these prophets
5:16that we’re going to be reading tonight
5:18they were serving you
5:21they were serving you and the way they
5:24were doing that was by looking carefully
5:27regarding the predictions of the
5:29sufferings of Christ and the subsequent
5:34and by doing so they were not serving
5:36themselves what they were serving you
5:38and in the things that have now been
5:40announced to you and through those who
5:42preach the good news to you by the Holy
5:43Spirit sent from Angels these are things
5:46into which the Angels long to look
5:48the Angels were really the first if you
5:51would to kind of celebrate Advent it
5:53took them a long time thousands of years
5:55and it goes all the way back to the
5:57Garden of Eden and as we look then
6:01Christ’s first Advent
6:03and we look at what the Old Testament
6:06says about Jesus
6:08you know we’ll go back again to that
6:10text we’ve spent weeks on now in our
6:12Sunday school that very opening text in
6:15Genesis now the serpent was more crafty
6:18than any other beast of the field that
6:20the Lord God had made
6:21he said to the woman did God really say
6:24you shall not eat of any tree in the
6:26the woman said to the serpent well we
6:28made of the fruit of the trees in the
6:30garden but God said You shall not eat or
6:31the fruit of the tree that’s in the
6:33midst of the garden neither shall you
6:34touch it lest you die
6:36but the serpent said to the woman you
6:38will not surely die for God knows that
6:41when you eat of it your eyes will be
6:43opened and you will be like God knowing
6:45Good and Evil
6:47and the tragedy is is that Adam and Eve
6:50fell for this temptation they wanted to
6:53be like God but in disobeying God’s
6:56command they ended up becoming exactly
6:59like the devil
7:01that’s the cruel irony of this
7:04so when the woman saw that the tree was
7:06good for food and that it was a delight
7:08to the eyes and that the tree was to be
7:10desired to make one wise she took of its
7:13fruit and ate and she also gave some to
7:15her husband who was with her and he ate
7:17and then the eyes of both were opened
7:20and they knew that they were naked and
7:22they sewed fig leaves together and made
7:23themselves loin Claws and then they
7:25heard the sound of Yahweh God Walking In
7:28The Garden in the cool of the day and
7:30the man and his wife hid themselves from
7:32the presence of the Lord God Among the
7:34Trees of the garden
7:36but the Lord God called sent the man and
7:38said to him where are you and he said
7:40well I heard the sound of you in the
7:42and I was afraid
7:44afraid of the good God who made man
7:48and upon making the creation God said
7:50that everything that he had made was
7:52very good
7:53and now it wasn’t
7:57the relationship had been fractured by
8:01so much so that the man had to hide
8:03himself from the very God who made him
8:06he said who told you that you were naked
8:08have you eaten of the tree of which I
8:10commanded you not to eat and the man
8:11said hot the woman that you gave to be
8:13with me she gave me the fruit of the
8:16tree and I ate and then the Lord God
8:17said to the womb what is this that
8:18you’ve done and the woman said
8:20the serpent deceived me and I ate and
8:23the Lord God said to the serpent because
8:25you have done this cursed are you above
8:28all the livestock above all the beasts
8:30of the field and on your belly you shall
8:32and the dust you will eat all the days
8:34of your life and I will put enmity
8:36between you and the woman and between
8:39your Offspring and her Offspring or seed
8:45he shall bruise your head
8:48and you shall bruise his heel now we’ve
8:51read it we’ve read this
8:53four weeks in a row in Sunday School
8:55and yet this is the very first prophecy
8:58and a lot of times we don’t think of
9:00Genesis as a prophetic book
9:02you know you think well when we talk
9:04about prophetic books if you think of
9:06Isaiah or Jeremiah or Micah you know or
9:09Amos those are the prophets right well
9:12oddly enough
9:14Moses really was a prophet and we don’t
9:17think about that but he even says it as
9:20about of himself that much he says that
9:23he is a prophet and now we look at
9:25another Prophecy from Moses himself kind
9:28of the first prophet Deuteronomy chapter
9:3018. interesting passage because in here
9:35we have a very interesting thing that
9:38explicitly talks about the coming of our
9:40savior and it’s all in the context of
9:43prophet if you remember that one time in
9:47the gospels the Pharisees kind of
9:49confront Jesus you know we tell us
9:51plainly you know are you the Messiah and
9:54if John the Baptist they asked him are
9:56you the prophet they asked us of John
9:58the Baptist he says no I’m not right and
10:01so when you read that text and they’re
10:03asking John the Baptist why are you
10:04asking him if he’s the prophet what and
10:06of course he’s John the Baptist and he
10:08is kind of prophetic but why are you
10:09asking him if he’s the prophet well the
10:11reason why is because the prophet well
10:14this is a title that goes all the way
10:16back to Deuteronomy and Moses wrote
10:17about Jesus and let’s see what Moses
10:21when you come into the land that the
10:23Lord your God is giving you you shall
10:26not learn to follow the Abominable
10:28practices of those Nations there shall
10:31not be found among you anyone who burns
10:34his son or his daughter as an offering
10:37how sad that human beings have fallen so
10:40deep into sin that they have to be
10:41commanded by God to not murder their own
10:44children in the name of religion
10:48it shows you how
10:49how corrupted we have become
10:52so they’re not shall not be found among
10:55you anyone who burns his son or daughter
10:56as an offering anyone who practices
10:58divination or tells fortunes or
11:01interprets Omens or a sorcerer or a
11:04charmer or a medium or a necromancer or
11:07one who inquires of the Dead
11:09yeah that’s right seances are out of
11:11order for God’s people
11:13yeah by the way just a note aside here
11:15there’s something to some seances don’t
11:19think for a second that it’s all just
11:21smoke and mirrors there are some people
11:23who hold seances and yeah they’re very
11:25good tricksters others on the other hand
11:27they’ve kind of tapped into something
11:29but I assure you they’re not talking to
11:31your dead relatives you know and you
11:34have to kind of see things biblically
11:36since we can’t see them the question is
11:38what’s going on well if you are ever
11:42find yourself in a situation where a
11:44psychic or a medium or something like
11:46that is saying that they’re talking to
11:48yo I can see your dead aunt or your
11:50grandmother or your mom or whatever and
11:52they’re able to give you information
11:53that only you would really know because
11:55that’s kind of a fascinating little
11:57thing okay that somehow proves that
11:59they’re talking to your mother
12:00understand this the demons have been
12:02here a lot longer than we have when the
12:05demon is saying yes I’m your mother in
12:08reality you have to get the right voice
12:09yes I’m your mom I mean yes I am your
12:12mother you know
12:14just keep that in mind okay A little
12:19don’t listen you don’t no one gets to go
12:21to fortune tellers or to diviners but as
12:24for you Yahweh your God has not allowed
12:27you to do this you’re thinking this is a
12:29prophecy about Jesus yeah stay tuned the
12:32Lord your God will raise up for you a
12:34prophet like me from among you
12:37catch that Moses says the Lord your God
12:42Yahweh himself he’s going to raise up
12:44for you a prophet like me from among you
12:48from your brothers it is to him you
12:52shall listen just as you desired of the
12:56Lord your God at Horeb on the day of the
12:58assembly when you said let me not hear
13:00again the voice of the Lord my God or
13:02see this great fire any more lest I die
13:04and the Lord said to me they are right
13:06in what they have spoken I will raise up
13:09for them a prophet like you from among
13:13their brothers
13:15boy if that isn’t an explicit statement
13:18on the part of Moses and so it shows you
13:20why the the people the children of
13:22Israel always we’re kind of looking out
13:25for is this could this guy possibly be
13:27the one they knew he was coming because
13:29Moses didn’t talk in you know quatrains
13:33or weird obscure riddles or anything
13:36like that this was plain and simple and
13:39I think the probable good explanation is
13:41for this is that Moses probably had a
13:43few face-to-face conversations with
13:45Jesus himself I think that’s a good way
13:48of explaining it right so the Lord told
13:51him that he’s going to raise up a
13:53prophet like himself
13:55and I will put my words in his mouth in
13:59Jesus’s mouth he shall speak to them all
14:01that I command him and whoever will not
14:04listen to my words that he shall speak
14:06in my name
14:08I myself will require it of him but the
14:12prophet now here’s the fun part
14:14talk about little little side note here
14:16regarding false prophets but the prophet
14:18who presumes to speak a word in my name
14:20that I have not commanded him to speak
14:22or who speaks in the name of other gods
14:25well that same Prophet shall die and if
14:27you say in your heart well how do we
14:29know the word that the Lord has not
14:30spoken well when a prophet speaks in the
14:32name of the Lord the word does not come
14:34to pass or come true that is a word that
14:36the Lord has not spoken the prophet that
14:39has spoken it has spoken it
14:41presumptuously and you need not to be
14:43afraid of him
14:45a little side note there okay there’s
14:47lots of people claiming to be prophets
14:48today lots of them lots of them you know
14:52if I had a dollar for every one of them
14:54I would be a very wealthy man the
14:56problem is is that so many of them like
14:58almost all of them are guilty of
15:01prophesying falsely things they’ve said
15:03were going to happen didn’t happen what
15:05does that make them a false prophet see
15:08God doesn’t stutter
15:10God doesn’t go okay so I kind of want
15:13this and maybe something like that’s
15:15gonna end just kind of speak in vagaries
15:17notice he said I’m going to raise up a
15:19prophet from among you like you from
15:21your brothers you are to listen to him
15:24and if you don’t listen to him
15:26it’ll you’ll be held accountable
15:29so all the way back in the writings of
15:32Moses in Deuteronomy of all places we
15:35have one of the clearest prophecies
15:36regarding Jesus that he would be a
15:38prophet and Jesus has kind of different
15:40offices his Prophet his priest his King
15:43so he has his prophetic office he has
15:45his Priestly office he has his kingly
15:47office he’s he’s all of the offices of
15:50the Old Testament rolled into one in
15:52fact he’s Israel reduced down to one
15:54person and so Moses
15:56from Peter says that Moses was serving
15:59you he was serving You by writing these
16:02things down so that you would know about
16:04it so then you know
16:06and then we have these wonderful
16:08Prophecies of Isaiah that we’re all so
16:10familiar with but Isaiah explicitly
16:13wrote about Jesus and we’ll talk about
16:15one of the more explicit prophecies that
16:17Isaiah wrote about Jesus that is
16:19oftentimes returned referred to as The
16:21Fifth Gospel The Fifth Gospel and Isaiah
16:24lived long long long before Jesus ever
16:27walked the Earth and we have these
16:29wonderful little accounts Isaiah chapter
16:317 verses 10 through 14. the Lord spoke
16:34to ahaz yeah through the prophets Isaiah
16:38chapter 7 the Lord spoke to ahaz ask a
16:41sign of the Lord your God let it be deep
16:43as sheol or high as Heaven ahaz Wasn’t a
16:48Believer he didn’t have faith he didn’t
16:49like God so he comes up with this Pious
16:51little excuse as says ahaz says oh I
16:55will not ask I will not put the Lord to
16:57the test
16:58really God has said has come to you
17:01through the prophet and said ask for a
17:04sign make it as spectacular as you want
17:07it oh no no I would never put the Lord
17:09God to the test
17:11were you listening you’re not putting
17:13the Lord God to the test the Lord has
17:15asked you to do this
17:19here’s the answer
17:21he said then here then
17:24oh House of David is it too little for
17:27you to weary men that you weary My God
17:29also therefore the Lord himself will
17:33give you a sign
17:34God himself is going to give you a sign
17:37the Virgin shall conceive and bear a son
17:41and you shall call his name Emmanuel
17:45now that’s a sign
17:48that’s a sign a virgin giving birth to a
17:53son and calling him
17:55Emmanuel Emmanuel means God With Us
17:59Blasphemous name if he isn’t if he isn’t
18:02God and there’s that prophecy what a
18:05spectacular sign and it makes perfect
18:07sense with what we just read from
18:09Genesis Chapter 3 The Seed of the woman
18:12would crush the head of the serpent you
18:14see Moses all the way back in Genesis
18:17chapter 3 was prophesying of the Virgin
18:19birth because he didn’t say it was going
18:21to be the seed of a man and a woman
18:24it was the seed of the woman and Isaiah
18:27fleshes this out and these at the time
18:29that these were written okay Peter makes
18:32it clear that the angels in heaven were
18:33sitting there going to see that
18:36did you see what was
18:38what’s going on they were even marveling
18:41at how as God started to unfold his word
18:44and begin to get clearer and clearer
18:47light about who this Messiah would be
18:50that he reveals that he would be born of
18:52a virgin and that he would be called his
18:55name would be Emmanuel God With Us
18:58Isaiah chapter 9.
19:01the people who walked in darkness verse
19:04have seen a great light those who dwelt
19:07in the land of deep Darkness on them has
19:10light Shone you have multiplied the
19:13nation you have increased its Joy they
19:15rejoiced before you as with the joy at
19:17the Harvest as they are glad when they
19:19divide the spoil for the Yoke of his
19:22burden and the staff for his shoulder
19:24the rod of his oppressor you have broken
19:26as on the day of Midian
19:29oh I’ve got I want to know about this
19:32the Yoke of the burden that I bear has
19:35been broken
19:36who is the rod who is our oppressor
19:40our oppressor is the devil and scripture
19:42makes it clear that we’re born dead in
19:43trespasses and sins and in slavery to
19:45the Devil Himself
19:47and yet we have these words of
19:49redemption of being set free not not in
19:54a passive way but kind of in a violent
19:56way if you would
19:57you know this Rod of Oppression is
20:01broken as on the day of Midian for every
20:03boot of the trampling warrior in battle
20:05tumult in every garment rolled in blood
20:07will be burned as fuel for the fire for
20:10to us
20:12a child is born
20:14to us
20:17son is given
20:21to us
20:23wow this is God’s gift
20:27promised Messiah the Sea of the woman
20:29the prophet like Moses born of the
20:33called Emmanuel he was born for us
20:38a great warrior in battle who breaks the
20:41rod of our oppressors
20:43sin death the devil for to us a child is
20:47born to us a son is given and the
20:49government shall be upon his shoulder
20:52man I’m looking forward to seeing the
20:54total fulfillment of that could you
20:56imagine living in a day new Heaven’s new
20:59Earth where Jesus is king of kings and
21:02Lord of lords and he sits on the throne
21:03of his father David forever never again
21:06will there be a nasty snarky political
21:12never again will we be thinking oh we’ve
21:15got to get to the polls so that we can
21:17we can put some people into government
21:19that know what they’re doing right
21:21never again we will have not a single
21:24complaint the government will be on
21:26Christ’s shoulder it’s
21:29For unto us a child is born a son is
21:32given the government will be upon his
21:33shoulder and his name will be called
21:37wonderful counselor
21:39Mighty God the Everlasting father
21:43the Prince of Peace
21:48man do I want to see this
21:51the now and the not yet isn’t quite
21:53satisfying the deposit guaranteeing The
21:56Inheritance well that means The
21:58Inheritance is coming but man I’m
21:59looking forward to the day when we
22:01receive that inheritance when we get to
22:03see Jesus face to face and we see with
22:07our very own eyes that the increase of
22:09his government and of Peace there will
22:12be no end on the throne of David and
22:16over his kingdom to establish it and to
22:18uphold it with Justice and with
22:20righteousness from this time forth and
22:23forevermore and the Zeal of the Lord of
22:25hosts will do this
22:28I mean we sing the song right
22:31we all know how it goes from Handel’s
22:35and it’s wonderful when you sing it but
22:37when you see it in its context the
22:39promises here that are given to us
22:41Isaiah was serving us Peter says in
22:44writing these things down
22:45to give us a hope
22:47a hope that’s Everlasting and eternal a
22:51hope that breaks the bonds of the our
22:53mortality and sets our eyes on the one
22:56who is eternal who for us was born
23:01and then to end our little sampling
23:03tonight we’ll pick this up next week
23:06from here
23:07even Micah the prophet told us exactly
23:10where this Emmanuel King of Kings Lord
23:14of lords Mighty God Emmanuel born of the
23:17Virgin would be born he says but you o
23:20Bethlehem ephratha who are too little to
23:22be among the clans of Judah from you
23:25shall come forth for me one who is to be
23:29the ruler in Israel who’s coming forth
23:32is from of old from ancient
23:40he’s all over this Old Testament he’s
23:46and that’s the thing if you were to
23:48think about it this way is that the
23:50entire Old Testament is in a in a real
23:53sense the text of Advent
23:57because it’s the thing anticipating and
24:00looking forward to our Redemption the
24:03crushing of the head of the serpent the
24:05breaking of his tyranny over us the end
24:07of death the end of suffering the end of
24:10disease the end of having to say goodbye
24:13when somebody dies either suddenly or
24:18but forever being able to see our God
24:21face to face
24:22the old the entire Old Testament is the
24:26text of Advent
24:27and as Peter said
24:30let me read it again because it’s just
24:32so well put
24:34concerning this salvation this salvation
24:38our Redemption
24:41the prophets who prophesied about the
24:44grace that was to be yours
24:47searched and inquired carefully
24:49inquiring what person or time the spirit
24:52of Christ in them was indicating when he
24:54predicted the sufferings of Christ and
24:57the subsequent glories it was revealed
24:59to them that they were serving not
25:00themselves but you and the things that
25:03have now been announced to you through
25:05those who preach the good news to you by
25:07the Holy Spirit Sent From Heaven things
25:10into which the Angels long to look
25:13or as Jesus said blessed are your eyes
25:15for they see
25:17and don’t think for a second that just
25:19because you haven’t seen Jesus face to
25:21face that that doesn’t mean that your
25:22eyes cannot see they do and how do I
25:25know this because your ears they also
25:27you’re here tonight to see and to hear
25:31about this great and wonderful savior
25:35the prophet that God raised up who’s
25:37like Moses the one whom the Lord said to
25:40listen to him
25:42you’re here to hear him you’re here to
25:44hear him tonight and he is speaking to
25:46you through his own words of scripture
25:49for your eyes see your ears here
25:52for Jesus said truly I say to you many
25:55prophets and righteous people they long
25:57to see what you see and hear and did not
25:59see it and hear it
26:01but you do
26:03what a great savior we have
26:06what a great savior
26:08and as we draw near to Christmas and
26:11celebrate this amazing sign of the
26:15Virgin giving birth let us Ponder what
26:18it means
26:19let’s stop and think for a second
26:22why has God acted so miraculously
26:28so powerfully to set us free
26:33all of us were born dead in trespasses
26:35and sins we sided with the devil in Adam
26:37and Eve
26:38each of us has earned hell
26:41but God in his great love has given us a
26:43reprieve and a pardon
26:45and it’s wonderful you think about
26:48you know the stories you see me or a
26:50movie from time to time about the guy
26:52who’s on death row right
26:54and he makes that Marsh dead man walking
26:56from his cell to the electric chair and
27:00they’ve got the phone on the wall and
27:02the clock is ticking
27:04we’ve all seen those types of movies the
27:07drama is intense some people have
27:08actually lived this
27:10and then just before they’re about to
27:12throw the switch the phone rings and the
27:15governor grants a pardon
27:18well the thing is is that even if the
27:20governor grants a pardon in that case
27:21the man still spends the rest of his
27:24life in prison and then eventually dies
27:26but see in our case Jesus when the clock
27:30was ticking the phone rang
27:33and he said
27:34let him go free
27:37stay the execution open the doors and
27:41what let him walk out
27:43why because he’s suffered in our place
27:45he’s broken the rod of the oppressor
27:47what a great salvation we have and these
27:52prophets of the Old Testament were
27:53serving us and writing these things down
27:55and giving us a hope
27:57a Salvation that points us all to Jesus
28:01and I thank God for them and I thank God
28:04for the Salvation that Jesus has
28:07fulfilled promised to them through them
28:12for you and for me in the name of Jesus
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