Sermon Transcript – The Poor Inherit Rest

Series B – Twenty-First Sunday of Pentecost – Sunday, October 17, 2021 | Pr. Chris Rosebrough

Welcome to the Teaching Ministry of Kongsvinger Lutheran Church. Kongsvinger is a beacon for the Gospel of Jesus Christ and is located on the plains of Northwestern Minnesota.
We proclaim Christ and Him crucified for our sins and salvation by grace through faith alone, and now, here’s a message from Pastor Chris Rosebrough:
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0:28the holy gospel according to saint mark
0:30the 10th chapter
0:39Jesus looked around and said to his
0:40disciples how difficult it will be for
0:43those who have wealth to enter the
0:44kingdom of god and the disciples were
0:47amazed at his words but Jesus said to
0:49them again children how difficult it is
0:51to enter the kingdom of god it’s easier
0:53for a camel to go through the eye of the
0:55needle than for a rich person to enter
0:57the kingdom of god and they were
0:58exceedingly astonished and said to him
1:00well then who can be saved
1:02Jesus looked at them and said with man
1:04it is impossible but not with god for
1:07all things are possible with god and
1:09peter began to say to him well see we’ve
1:11left everything and followed you Jesus
1:12said truly i say to you there is no one
1:14who has left house or brothers or
1:16sisters or mother or father or children
1:18or lands for my sake and for the gospel
1:20who will not receive a hundredfold now
1:22in this time houses and brothers and
1:24sisters and mothers and children and
1:26lands and persec with persecutions and
1:28in the age to come eternal life but many
1:30who are first will be last and the last
1:34first this is the gospel of the lord in
1:37the name of Jesus
1:40money money money money money money
1:42right man this is a complicated subject
1:45have you ever noticed that uh life just
1:47seems to wear you down i know it seems
1:50like i’m off topic here but work with me
1:52for a minute here
1:54have you noticed like we wake up
1:58we have our coffee or do whatever our
2:00morning routine is you know maybe pour
2:03ourselves a cup of you know a bowl of
2:04cereal maybe make some eggs or whatever
2:07head off to work
2:08we put in
2:10our hours in the middle of the day we
2:11get you know 30 minutes for a lunch
2:13break if we’re lucky right you know
2:15because there’s a labor shortage now
2:17right and everyone’s you know everyone’s
2:19working hard
2:20and so you then then you know you get
2:23home and you’re tired and if you have
2:24kids well you know the kids they’ve
2:26they’ve got homework to do they’ve got
2:28to be fed
2:30they’ve got to be bathed they’ve have to
2:32have stories read to them
2:34and then if you’re lucky you know you
2:36get to peck your spouse on the cheek
2:39while crawling into bed exhausted after
2:42watching maybe you know 45 minutes of
2:44the television and then what do you do
2:47you get up
2:48and you do it again
2:51and you do it again
2:54and then you do it again and then
2:56with some frequency somebody sends you a
2:58check right
2:59the boss pays you and when the boss pays
3:02you have you ever noticed it’s never
3:07i don’t know what it is you know and so
3:09we all strive to you know
3:11you know the world values wealth we want
3:13to be wealthy we we want to figure out
3:15how to
3:16yeah i don’t know
3:18bring ourselves out from under the curse
3:20a little bit
3:21because have you forgotten that well
3:23we’re all under a curse yeah remember
3:26what happened to um adam and eve in that
3:30garden of eden
3:32here’s what god said to adam
3:34cursed is the ground because of you in
3:38you shall eat of all the days of your
3:40life thorns and thistles that will bring
3:42forth for you and you shall eat the
3:44plants of the field by the sweat of your
3:46face you shall leave bread till you
3:48return to the ground for out of it you
3:50were taken
3:51and we know how how this all works right
3:54and have you noticed that it’s it’s kind
3:56of like being on an escalator or like
3:58one of those moving sidewalks once
4:00you’re on it there’s no going back and
4:01the thing is always constantly moving
4:04so every morning you wake up you go to
4:06work you do the thing you wake up you do
4:08it again
4:09day after day week after week month
4:12after month
4:13and then you have the cycles winter
4:15spring summer fall winter spring summer
4:19fall and every time you look in the
4:22mirror you start to notice that things
4:25are getting worse
4:28and you never seem to have enough toil
4:32and work and hardship and pain and anger
4:36and strife and oh isn’t there any way to
4:39get out from under this it all just
4:42seems like a laborious
4:46meaningless existence
4:48and you wake up and if you have five
4:50minutes you think to yourself what is
4:52the meaning of life oh i’ll get to that
4:55later i’ve got to get to work i’m
4:56already running late
5:01and so you’ll note that money is all
5:03tied up with that curse about toil and
5:06stuff like that because in order to get
5:08work done
5:09we had to diversify we had to specialize
5:12you you farm you
5:14you do accounting you you do you know
5:18processing you you do you work in the
5:20stores and stuff like this and have you
5:21ever thought how weird it is that we we
5:24train our kids
5:26to participate in this toil by
5:29fooling them into thinking that it’s all
5:32a game you know so i i saw a cnn thing
5:36the other day you know during covet
5:38people were really sad that they were
5:40stuck in their houses and kids missed
5:42going to the store and so what i one
5:45family what they did is they created a
5:47store you know inside of their house so
5:50they had a checkout stand for target in
5:53their house and guess who was doing the
5:55checkout work
5:56their five-year-old girl
5:58you’re already teaching your
5:59five-year-old to work behind a cash
6:04that’s not a game that’s work
6:09think about it
6:10it’s a mess
6:12and so when we hear the words of our old
6:15testament text
6:17ecclesiastes boy ecclesiastes will
6:20really really make you depressed if you
6:22read it in a bad mood
6:24and here’s what it says he who loves
6:26money will not be satisfied with money
6:28nor he who loves wealth with his income
6:30it’s all vanity it’s chasing after the
6:32wind yeah have you noticed that uh
6:35enough is never enough you ask a rich
6:37person you know you jeff bezos you have
6:39a bazillion dollars in the bank how much
6:42more do you need
6:44just a little more just a little more
6:46right yeah
6:49and of course they point out the
6:50inequity you know between jeff bezos and
6:53his bazillions of dollars and the people
6:55who work for amazon who work hard for
6:58amazon to deliver those packages to you
7:02it’s all vanity
7:04the whole
7:06is a chasing after the wind
7:10and you’ll note that when you read
7:11ecclesiastes that the same fate
7:15the same fate awaits
7:17the wealthy
7:18and the poor
7:20the powerful
7:22and the rich
7:23and the beautiful
7:25and the haggard
7:27worn out
7:28sun sunburnt day laborer same fate
7:31awaits them what you know what it is
7:35and here’s the thing
7:36100 years from now
7:38nobody’s going to remember any of them
7:42no one’s going gonna remember you no
7:44one’s gonna remember me you might show
7:46up in an
7:50a hundred
7:51two hundred years from now some kid off
7:54in the middle of who knows where will
7:56say you know what i had a relative named
7:58chris rosebro
8:00you know apparently you know he was born
8:03in southern california died in the sugar
8:06beet fields of minnesota right
8:10you know we think his grave is you know
8:12in some you know what’s left of a small
8:15in that part of the country you know no
8:17one’s taking care of it
8:19no one’s gonna remember me no one’s
8:20gonna remember you it’s all vanity is it
8:22chasing after the wind
8:26yet that’s the sad part people
8:28put their trust in wealth and worse i
8:31want you to think about this money was
8:33created for the purpose of making it so
8:35we can diversify our labor so we
8:36wouldn’t have to work as hard right so
8:39rather than having to do everything we
8:40can specialize and by focusing we can
8:43get a little bit more done together that
8:45way and then money became the exchange
8:48so that your work and my work that we
8:50found ways of exchanging value you know
8:52and you’ll know i’m not a farmer
8:55you know i i don’t work at walmart i
8:57don’t do any of those things and yet my
8:59my house is filled with the fruit of
9:02other people’s labor and how did it come
9:04to be in my house
9:07same with you right
9:09but what has happened is is that people
9:11have taken money
9:12and they’ve decided to play some games
9:14with it they are you know if i can rig
9:15the system just a little bit here i i i
9:18might not have to work at all you know
9:21see if i can scheme just a little bit i
9:23can come up with some kind of a
9:25thing here then what would happen is is
9:27that i can take what my resources and
9:29make them work for me so i don’t have to
9:31work the only thing i have to do is
9:33count my beans every week to make sure
9:36that they’re all there
9:39this is how people think and then to
9:41make worse
9:42you think about the religious people
9:44oh the religious people they’ve come up
9:46with a way to you know kind of get in on
9:48the scheme too oh you know you god you
9:50know if if you give to the church
9:54you know the required amount of money
9:56every week make sure it’s off the gross
9:59and not the net then god’s going to
10:01bless you and if you don’t if you don’t
10:03do that then well there’s this thing
10:05called the destroyer you know he lurks
10:09just on the other side of your screen
10:12and while you’re logged on to your bank
10:14account statement on the internet he’s
10:16going to zap that thing and curse your
10:18finances and leave you destitute if you
10:20don’t give your money to god
10:23it’s how people talk right
10:27all of it is a scheme
10:30all of it is a scheme and it’s designed
10:33to try to get you
10:35out from under the consequences of your
10:37sin and my sin
10:39and then of course what do we also do
10:41we’re constantly comparing have you
10:44noticed that the grass is always greener
10:46in your neighbor’s yard that he always
10:48has a better car than you have he has a
10:51better recreation vehicle he goes on
10:53longer trips to more exotic places he
10:56always seems to have things that you
10:59don’t have
11:01it’s all the chasing after the wind
11:04and we covet and we scheme and we desire
11:07to get out from under it no
11:10it’s all vanity the whole thing
11:14none of it means anything what the world
11:16values is absolute
11:22so when goods increase
11:25the people who eat up those goods also
11:27increase what advantage
11:29has their owner
11:30except for to see his goods disappear
11:34the only thing he can do is see them
11:35with his eyes but sweet is the sleep of
11:37a day laborer whether he eats little or
11:40but the full stomach of the rich oh man
11:44it’s not even gonna let him sleep
11:46have you ever noticed that
11:47every day on the news we get a stock
11:51market update
11:54i never understood that as a kid
11:56watching you know and it always in green
11:58too you know it’s up and down it’s like
12:00it’s like the heartbeat of our nation
12:02it’s like as if the very blood of our
12:06is well
12:07toxic nuclear green
12:11because that’s what it is
12:13all we care about everything just seems
12:14to follow about money
12:17there’s a grievous evil under the sun
12:19solomon writes
12:22i’ve seen it riches were kept by their
12:24owner to as hurt and those riches were
12:26lost in the bad venture we see that
12:28happen every time the market tanks right
12:31people sitting there going i can put my
12:32money to work and so they invest it and
12:35next thing you know the stock market
12:36crashes think of all those those hedge
12:39fund guys that lost all that money
12:41because of that stupid game stop thing
12:49these are all cautionary tales for us
12:52but remember what the scripture says
12:54as a person came from his mother’s womb
12:56so shall he go
12:58you came into this world naked you’re
13:00going out with nothing you can’t take a
13:04with you
13:05this is a grievous evil just as he came
13:07he shall go what gain is there
13:09to him who toils
13:11for the wind
13:12moreover all the days he eats in
13:15darkness in much vexation and sickness
13:18and anger
13:22right that’s how this goes
13:26what’s the solution to all of this
13:28we are all
13:30tired we’re all worn out some of us have
13:33a little more mileage on the car than
13:35others you younger folks don’t worry
13:37you’ll look like me in just a few days i
13:39hate to say it
13:41you’re doomed
13:44it’s going to happen right
13:47but all that being said
13:48what’s the solution to all of this well
13:50you’ll note that Christ takes the stupid
13:53notion of ours that somehow people who
13:55are financially wealthy that wealth
13:58equals the blessing of god it doesn’t it
14:02doesn’t at all
14:04if you think that god’s all about doling
14:06out benjamin’s you do not understand
14:08what god is about at all we’re still all
14:11under the curse and there’s only one way
14:14out and the solution is not making you
14:18super wealthy
14:20the solution’s way better than that but
14:22consider what Jesus said so remember
14:24last week we had that rich young ruler
14:26the guy who was foolish enough to think
14:27that he was keeping god’s law but he
14:30totally ignored Jesus’s words no one is
14:33good except for god
14:35you ain’t good when Jesus pulls out the
14:37second table of the law a guy goes yeah
14:39that’s baby stuff i’ve been doing that
14:40since i was a kid
14:44my roll my eyes are gonna fall out and
14:46roll down the
14:47hallway here
14:49so what does he do he pulls out the
14:51first table of the law tells him to sell
14:53everything he has give it to the poor
14:54and come follow Christ and the man left
14:57despondent because he had much wealth
14:59and now here comes the commentary how
15:01difficult will it be for those who have
15:03wealth to enter the kingdom of god i
15:06would note Christ in the book of matthew
15:09says blessed are the poor in spirit and
15:11in luke’s version of the sermon on the
15:13mount Jesus said blessed are the poor
15:18well that i guess i’m blessed
15:22poor in which way though so the
15:23disciples are amazed wait a second what
15:25what how difficult is going to be for
15:27the rich to enter the kingdom of god
15:29remember those pharisees they were
15:31prosperity preachers
15:34they absolutely were prosperity
15:36preachers telling people that wealth is
15:38the sign of god’s blessing and if you’re
15:40poor and you’re having to labor and you
15:42don’t have any extra money of course we
15:45then you’re cursed of god see if you
15:48want to be like us you need to obey and
15:50stuff like this and god’s going to make
15:51you wealthy like we are and boy they
15:53loved they loved riches scripture says
15:55they loved it
15:57and Jesus says they’re all going to hell
16:01so Christ said
16:03it’s difficult for rich people to enter
16:04the kingdom of god why
16:07so disciples were amazed say wait what
16:10what did you say Jesus we thought the
16:12wealth was the sign of god’s blessing he
16:15says children how difficult it is to
16:17enter the kingdom of god it’s easier for
16:19a camel to go through the eye of a
16:20needle than for rich person enter the
16:22kingdom of god now a little bit of note
16:24that’s a famous statement on the part of
16:25Christ and there’s a lot of debate as to
16:28what this means think of it this way
16:30in jerusalem there happened to be a gate
16:33for animals it was called the eye of a
16:35needle it easily fit sheep and goats
16:38camels not so much okay it was you know
16:41it’s like a kennel for a chihuahua it
16:44doesn’t work with my dog luther you see
16:46what i’m saying here that that’s kind of
16:48the picture so it’s not talking about
16:50literal eyes of needles it was that was
16:52a famous gate there in jerusalem for
16:54animals so it’s easier for a camel to go
16:56through the eye of a needle than for a
16:58rich person to enter the kingdom of god
17:00and so then the disciples hearing Jesus
17:03i mean Jesus is like
17:04made a shocking statement they went what
17:07and he doubles down and goes even harder
17:10and then they go
17:12mind blown what are you talking about
17:14Jesus here
17:16if that’s true and listen to the
17:20who can be saved
17:27do you see the disconnect theologically
17:30the disciples had to come to grips like
17:32we all need to come to grips with
17:35money isn’t a god
17:37and how much money you have is no
17:40of whether or not you are blessed of god
17:42and if he loves you
17:45and if somebody is wealthy that does not
17:47show that they are pious and holy and
17:50have an inside track with god
17:53far from it
17:54who then can be saved so Jesus looked at
17:57them and said these words with man it’s
18:02remember last week i kind of
18:04kept harping on it i’m still doing it no
18:06one is good except for god
18:09who can be saved well with man it’s
18:13you cannot save yourself it’s not
18:17it’s not something that if you watch
18:19enough self-help
18:21youtube channel
18:22videos that you can sort it out that you
18:25can somehow get your life in enough
18:28order that you can save yourself it
18:31ain’t gonna happen
18:33with man it is impossible
18:36but with god all things are possible
18:41and you’ll note that peter at this point
18:43starts to kind of work it out wait why
18:45you know um
18:47come to think of it you know Jesus
18:50we’ve actually left everything and we
18:51followed you
18:54and Jesus says some comforting words
18:56truly i say to you there’s no one who
18:58has left house or brothers or sisters or
19:00mothers or father or children or lands
19:03for my sake and for the gospel
19:05who will not receive a hundredfold now
19:08in this lifetime and so you know that
19:09god does give us rewards now
19:14but they’re always mixed with these
19:17are you ready
19:21so god’s going to meet your needs here
19:24don’t worry
19:25god is going to feed you he’s going to
19:27make sure that you have a place to live
19:29that you have family members that you
19:32receive some good in this life along
19:35with persecutions
19:36oh and you’re still under the curse by
19:38the way of having to toil and when it’s
19:41all said and done your body’s gonna wear
19:43out and then dust you are made out of
19:45and dust you’re gonna return to that’s
19:47how this all
19:48works out but Christ makes it clear
19:50many who are first will be last
19:52the ones who exalt themselves and over
19:54again the values of the world we worship
19:57the wealthy
19:58we worship the beautiful
20:00we worship the young
20:02it’s the strangest thing it’s the
20:04strangest thing altogether and so we
20:06exalt and worship human beings and we
20:09worship money and we worship their
20:11wealth and opulence and think that they
20:12are blessed of god but i will tell you
20:15i will tell you
20:17that every one of those rich wealthy
20:19beautiful starlets and stars that they
20:22are just as screwed up as you and i are
20:26and i think that’s part of what goes on
20:29as to why we have this weird fascination
20:31with gossip magazines
20:33people the enquirer right
20:36it’s always kind of a frightening thing
20:38if you think about it there’s one of the
20:40world’s most wealthy men
20:42and look he’s been caught having an
20:45his marriage has gone kaput
20:48always and again you just sit there and
20:50go what’s going on here you do you know
20:52you know why that happens because wealth
20:54doesn’t satisfy
20:56it can’t satisfy
20:59the only thing that can satisfy is god
21:02and the thing is you’re at war with him
21:04and when you’re looking for money to
21:05meet your needs
21:07you’re doomed
21:08and so note the fact that we even have
21:11the system at all is a consequence of
21:13our sin
21:14the new earth is described as buying
21:17from god the things that you need
21:20without money
21:22you won’t need it
21:24i’ve said it before i’ll say it again i
21:25love the fact that the thing that we
21:27hold out as the most
21:30extreme example of wealth
21:35gold if you got gold oh man always money
21:38is depicted in that gold color the color
21:40of gold gold gold right you think of
21:44scrooge mcduck swimming in a
21:47pond of gold
21:49in the new earth
21:53gets reduced to asphalt
21:56the streets of the new jerusalem are
21:58paved in gold which means those people
22:00who have horses and ride in the horses
22:03in the new jerusalem their horses are
22:06going to poop on gold
22:08it’s going to be glorious
22:12the whole system
22:14collapses down
22:18but coming back to the beginning what is
22:20the solution to all of this then because
22:22we all we all know what i’m saying is
22:24right because i’m just speaking what the
22:26text says and
22:27our experience actually comports with
22:31what hope is there
22:33because tomorrow
22:35is monday
22:36you’re gonna have to wake up
22:38put on your clothes eat your breakfast
22:41and go to work
22:45i saw your eyes there so
22:48i saw it yeah yeah right
22:50unless tomorrow is your day off and if
22:52it is don’t worry tuesday’s coming
22:54all right this is how this works
22:57and we’re tired and we’re worn out and
22:59we’re toiling and we know we’re all
23:01heading to the grave and there’s no way
23:02off of this escalator there’s no way off
23:06of this thing but there is
23:09and that is this
23:11we remember that Jesus Christ
23:16is god in human flesh king of kings lord
23:19of lords he left his throne and humbled
23:20himself and he became a slave a servant
23:24and even Jesus was obedient to death and
23:26you’ll note that Christ put himself
23:28under the curse
23:30he joined us
23:31he had to labor
23:32like we did he didn’t have unlimited
23:35resources oh he had access to that as
23:37you know as the deity
23:39but he didn’t make use of it
23:42he worked
23:44he was hungry he received help from
23:47other people
23:48and Jesus himself in doing all of that
23:52he was perfectly keeping god’s law for
23:54us because adam and eve messed it up
23:56they had one command one
24:00and they they didn’t even keep that and
24:02plunged us into the misery in the ruin
24:03that we’re in
24:04Christ though he kept them all he kept
24:07them all for us
24:09and he himself
24:10he labored
24:13on a friday afternoon
24:16really hard they nailed him to a cross
24:21bearing your sins and mine he carried
24:23the load of our guilt and shame
24:26and then six hours
24:29a six-hour
24:31labor on the cross he suffered the wrath
24:33of god for your place in your place and
24:36so that we can enter god’s rest
24:40he bled so that you can be forgiven he
24:45tears of blood
24:47in his passion
24:48he bled and died and labored and
24:51inspired so that you and i can live
24:54and he also rose from the grave
24:57and so we note then that the thing he
24:59offers us is the thing that we’re we’re
25:01striving for are you tired
25:04i am
25:05and here’s what hebrew says
25:08the promise of entering god’s rest still
25:11it still stands for you it still stands
25:12for me and let us fear
25:15lest any of us should seem to have
25:17failed to have reached it for good news
25:20has come to us justice to them
25:22talking about the jews who didn’t
25:24believe the message that they heard
25:25didn’t benefit them because they were
25:26not united by faith with those who
25:28listened for we who have believed we now
25:31enter into that rest already so you’ll
25:34note that by the virtue of the fact that
25:36Christ has bled and died for us and
25:37we’ve heard the good news of the gospel
25:39and we have been united with Christ in
25:41his death and his resurrection and we
25:43believe because of this we’ve already
25:45begun to rest from our labors by
25:48entering into the rest of god which is
25:50eternal life and it’s given by grace
25:53through faith
25:54without cost as a gift and without works
25:59and so we have entered into that rest
26:01and god has said as i swore to those who
26:04do not believe that they shall never
26:05enter my la my rest although his works
26:08were finished from the foundation of the
26:10for somewhere god has spoken of the
26:12seventh day remember that sabbath day of
26:14the old covenant
26:15god rested on the seventh day and from
26:17all of his works and again he says in
26:19another passage they shall not enter my
26:21rest but since it therefore remains for
26:23some to enter it and those who formerly
26:25receive the good news failed to enter it
26:27because of their disobedience he again
26:29now appoints a certain day god has
26:31appointed not the seventh day not a
26:33sabbath not a saturday today he is
26:35appointed a day and the day is today
26:37today saying through david so long
26:39afterwards and the words already quoted
26:41today if you hear the voice of god
26:44don’t harden your hearts
26:48don’t turn aside
26:49say that’s not practical i need to go
26:51and look at my bank statement to make
26:53sure all the money’s still there don’t
26:55harden your hearts
26:56if joshua had given them rest god would
26:58not have spoken of another day later on
27:00so then he there remains a sabbath rest
27:03for the people of god and that’s you and
27:04i for whoever has entered god’s rest has
27:07also rested from his works as god did
27:10from his so let us therefore then strive
27:12to enter into that rest so that no one
27:15may fall by the same sort of
27:18the picture then is this the salvation
27:20that you have presently now in Christ
27:23although not yet consummated and the
27:25blessings we receive from god in this
27:27life are also received with persecution
27:30there is a day coming when the rest that
27:33we have and we receive by grace through
27:36faith we will see it with our eyes in a
27:39new world without end
27:41and you’ll always and again note that
27:43tombstones have those letters on them
27:46r.i.p rest in peace
27:49and those who are in Christ truly do
27:52rest in him whether they are living now
27:55or they die
27:57but those who have died and passed on
27:59they have stopped striving they no
28:02longer have to labor they have truly
28:05entered into their rest and we know that
28:08that rest is given by god as a gift
28:11you don’t have to pay for it
28:13and you can be rich and have it
28:16and you can be poor and have it
28:22so the idea then is this
28:25of your striving repent of your idolatry
28:28repent of trusting in money repent
28:31of complaining about the work that god
28:34has given you to do in the toil
28:38understand this that Christ is labored
28:41perfectly for you to bring you to the
28:43rest that you so desperately yearn for
28:46and you already have it in him
28:49increasingly so and then when you die
28:52forever in a world without end you will
28:54never again have to labor in the name of
28:57Jesus amen
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