Sermon Transcript – The Reformation Continues

Series A – Reformation Day – Sunday, October 25, 2020 | Pr. Chris Rosebrough

Welcome to the Teaching Ministry of Kongsvinger Lutheran Church. Kongsvinger is a beacon for the Gospel of Jesus Christ and is located on the plains of Northwestern Minnesota.
We proclaim Christ and Him crucified for our sins and salvation by grace through faith alone, and now, here’s a message from Pastor Chris Rosebrough:
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0:28the holy gospel according to saint john
0:31the 8th
0:40so Jesus said to the jews who had
0:42believed in him
0:44if you abide in my word you are truly my
0:46disciples and you will know the truth
0:48and the truth will set you free
0:50they answered him we are offspring of
0:52abraham i’ve never been enslaved to
0:54this is how is it that you say you will
0:56become free
0:57Jesus answered them truly truly i say to
0:59you everyone who commits sin
1:01is a slave to sin the slave does not
1:03remain in the house forever the son
1:05remains forever
1:06so if the son sets you free you will be
1:09free indeed
1:10this is the gospel of the lord in the
1:12name of Jesus
1:14all right so it’s reformation sunday the
1:16observance of the feast of the
1:19and uh we lutherans have a habit of
1:21wanting to reminisce think about the
1:23good old days you know
1:24when brave martin luther went and
1:27courageously knocked his 95 theses onto
1:30the door of the castle church of
1:32and we want to sit there and revel in
1:34the glory of all that kind of stuff
1:36but the reality is this if you know the
1:37history of the reformation luther wasn’t
1:40trying to start a reformation in fact
1:44what ended up happening caught even
1:46martin luther
1:47by surprise but the reality is this is
1:50that prior to him posting the 95 theses
1:53a more important thing happened
1:55in his study martin luther was working
1:58through the book of romans
2:00and in romans he finally understood that
2:03the righteousness of god was not a
2:04demand that was being put upon him
2:06but a gift being given to him by god and
2:10simple revelation that so clearly taught
2:12in scripture
2:13took his theology flipped it on its head
2:16and he didn’t even realize the
2:18ramifications of what had taken place
2:21so somehow sitting here talking about
2:23how courageous martin luther is of
2:25all the artwork shows him with that
2:26stern look on his face you know
2:28i’m gonna go show you guys that’s not
2:30how it happened
2:32okay it’s about as boring as watching
2:34somebody post a post-it note on the
2:36board at starbucks
2:37you know would you come to you know to
2:40our jewelry party
2:41you know that’s kind of the the gist of
2:43it so let’s not romanticize that
2:45instead let’s focus on the fact that the
2:49continues to this day and has to
2:52continue to this day
2:53and the reason why is because our
2:57default position theologically
3:00is self-righteousness we somehow
3:04have it stuck inside of our old adam
3:07that if i’m good enough and if i’m smart
3:11then gosh darn god will like me that’s
3:15what we think and so we spend an
3:18inordinate amount of time
3:19trying to earn brownie points with god
3:21by doing
3:22good works now i want to make something
3:24very clear when i preach like this
3:26there’s always somebody who’s saying
3:28so are you saying the good works are
3:32no i’m not saying that good works are
3:35vital in fact
3:36good works are necessary but they’re not
3:40for salvation so let’s
3:43again take a look at our need to repent
3:47of our self-righteousness because we’re
3:48constantly doing this
3:50and to instead rest in the promises of
3:54so we’ll begin with our gospel text so
3:56that Jesus said to the jews who had
3:58believed in him believed there’s your
4:01operative word
4:02that’s your verb they believed in him
4:04what did they do
4:06how much did they serve Jesus zero at
4:09this point
4:09he just got done preaching and they just
4:12merely believed Jesus said to them if
4:16you abide in my word
4:18you are truly my disciples and you will
4:20know the truth
4:21and the truth will set you free
4:26it’s quite a statement if you abide in
4:28my word
4:29what does it mean to abide in the word
4:31of Christ well what is the word of
4:33faith comes by hearing hearing by the
4:35word of Christ oh i know
4:37romans says that the gospel is the power
4:39of god into salvation the word of Christ
4:42is the good news that Christ came to
4:44save you
4:45that he is the one who is the champion
4:47on the field
4:48who has held that held the battle all by
4:52you think of it this way if you if you
4:53have you all noticed
4:55that things are not getting better
4:58in your own life in the world and stuff
5:01like this
5:02just take a look at me i’m a perfect
5:03example there is no gym that can fix
5:06this at this point we’re
5:07beyond the point of no return okay so
5:10it’s it’s just can’t be fixed
5:12it can’t be done and so we’re all
5:14heading to the grave we’re already born
5:16with one foot in the grave
5:17and if you want a kind of a salient
5:19example all right
5:20so i make no apologies for the fact that
5:23i am a fan of the los angeles dodgers i
5:26refuse to apologize for this
5:28it’s something that is very important to
5:30me and the reason for this is simple
5:32my grandfather lived and grew up in
5:36and baseball team he rooted for was dem
5:39bombs that’s what he would call them and
5:41so when they moved to los angeles he was
5:44very despondent but
5:45i was raised in southern california so
5:48every time my grandfather would come and
5:50visit me during the baseball
5:52season guess what we did we went to go
5:55see the dodgers
5:56and he’s the one who instilled in me the
5:58love for the game and the love for this
6:00but always and again when the dodgers
6:02would mess up and they always do
6:04that’s the thing being a fan of baseball
6:08it is an exercise in futility anyway but
6:11you get the idea here so there we are
6:14we’re at dodger stadium we have these
6:15beautiful seats behind home plate he
6:18would always splurge a little bit
6:20you know make sure we got the best seats
6:22and so there we are
6:23behind home plate and the dodgers they
6:25make an error they drop the ball they
6:27lose the game
6:28and what does he say dem bums did it
6:32right i’m doing therapy
6:37here in the sermon today dem bums did it
6:40well the dodgers are in the world series
6:42right now
6:43now they’re tied with the tampa bay
6:47two games to two but game three was kind
6:50of glorious the dodgers won that one so
6:52i was happy about dem
6:53bums but there was this thing that
6:56happened that reminded me yet
6:58again of the fact that we are here for
7:01such a short amount of time that the
7:03wages of sin is death
7:06and that each and every one of us we are
7:09foolish if we trust in our own strength
7:11youth is is deceiving man it’s
7:15it goes so quick so there i was watching
7:18game three
7:18and there’s a guy on the mound by the
7:20name of bueller
7:22and the guy doing the announcing has
7:23said that the torch has passed
7:26from clayton kershaw who’s the ace
7:28pitcher who’s two times cy young winner
7:30he’s going to the hall of fame
7:32the torch has passed from clayton
7:35kershaw to
7:36bueller what kind of name is bueller i
7:38can’t help but think of that movie
7:41bueller and i look at this kid he
7:43doesn’t even
7:44shave yet right but he has a 97 mile an
7:48hour fastball
7:49and you’re thinking what’s going on
7:53we’re watching the changing of an era
7:56the team that i’ve been rooting for for
7:59years now
8:00is changing yet again and the guys who
8:04just a few years ago at the top of their
8:08they’re on the slide down and that slide
8:11ends with them being off the team being
8:14out of baseball
8:16getting long of tooth getting gray hairs
8:18and eventually us remembering them
8:20after they pass and it’s
8:24very well discouraging
8:27if you think about it but that’s the
8:29reality and here’s the thing
8:31which of us who of us can solve
8:34this problem this is the problem that we
8:40we are in a world where we are cursed
8:43the wages of our rebellion against god
8:45is death
8:46and do you think for a second that you
8:48can solve this problem on your own
8:50maybe what we could do is we can have a
8:52global zoom call
8:54we can all get together on zoom wear our
8:56face mask just because
8:57we want a virtue signal let everybody
8:59know how seriously we’re taking the
9:02and then we can sit down and we can get
9:03all the issues on the table
9:05get the best minds on it and we can
9:07solve this problem
9:09right no
9:15and that’s kind of the point i’m the
9:18problem you’re the problem
9:19collectively we’re the problem we can’t
9:22get out of
9:23this situation and you’ll note here
9:26Christ is talking about being set
9:29free and that’s the point because
9:32of our rebellion against god each and
9:34every one of us is born
9:36dead door-nailed dead in trespasses
9:39in sins and we cannot free ourselves
9:43from slavery to sin slavery to death
9:46slavery to the devil slavery to the
9:49slavery to the passions that rise up
9:51within us
9:52we cannot solve the problem
9:55and we are foolish if we seem to think
9:58that if
9:58this time i just try a little harder
10:02maybe pray a little bit more that
10:04somehow i can put
10:06god in my debt and i can save myself
10:10you’re out of your mind when you think
10:12this way
10:13this is delusional stuff but the
10:17say Christ says if you abide in my word
10:20abide in the good news that Christ has
10:22won the day
10:22as luther writes in the mighty fortress
10:25him that we just
10:26sang no strength of ours can match the
10:30devil’s might
10:31we would be lost we would be rejected
10:34but see now a champion he has come to
10:36fight whom god himself has elected
10:39and so you ask who this may be it is the
10:41lord of hosts is he
10:42Christ Jesus the mighty lord god’s only
10:46adored he is the one who holds the field
10:51not you not me so you’ll note when
10:54Christ says the son will set you free
10:56well some of the unbelieving jews react
10:58and they said are we we are offspring of
11:00abraham we’ve never been
11:01been enslaved to anyone how is it that
11:04you say you will become free
11:07how can you be a student of the old
11:09testament and say that you are not
11:11enslaved to sin
11:17so Jesus answered amen amen i say to you
11:19everyone who commits sin is a slave to
11:24everybody and see that’s the thing we
11:27all know this by
11:28experience if this isn’t some abstract
11:32think on your own life what are the
11:34things that you
11:35are most ashamed of is it when you were
11:38being kind to somebody that you’re
11:41ashamed of that
11:42or when you were doing your best at work
11:44are you ashamed of that
11:46no the things we are ashamed of are the
11:48things that we
11:49know are sins and if you’re not sure
11:52what a sin is consider the ten
11:53commandments in this regard
11:55we shall love the lord our god with all
11:57of our hearts soul
11:59mind and strength we shall not misuse
12:01the name of the lord
12:02our god remembering the sabbath day to
12:04keep it holy we do not murder we do not
12:07commit adultery we do not steal we honor
12:09our father and mother
12:11we do not slander our neighbor
12:14or covet our neighbor’s stuff all the
12:17things you are ashamed of
12:18and rightfully so are when you’ve broken
12:21one of those commandments
12:24the darkest times in your life you have
12:26felt like and rightfully so
12:29that you were enslaved to your own
12:32sin like it was the one thing driving
12:36you it’s kind of like that song
12:40about being your own worst enemy
12:43but it’s not that you are your own worst
12:45enemy it’s that being enslaved to sin
12:48we oftentimes feel like we don’t have
12:50any other choice than to obey
12:52its passions and its commands which are
12:56but Christ in this regard says amen amen
12:59say to you everyone who commits sin is a
13:02slave to sin
13:03and note the slave doesn’t remain in the
13:05house forever the sun though remains
13:07so if the sun sets you free you will be
13:11free indeed
13:15who does the freeing not me
13:19not you it’s only the son who can set
13:22you free
13:23he is the only one who can and you’ll
13:25note that what he’s not interested in
13:27is putting you back under bondage and
13:29you’ll note that the freedom of the
13:31gospel the freedom the forgiveness of
13:33it is offensive to some i always find it
13:36when i take scriptures like this post
13:40them on twitter
13:41oh my word all right it there’s a mini
13:45explosion on some server over in
13:48when i post up you know a text like this
13:52oh so if the sun sets you free you’ll be
13:54free indeed so you’re saying
13:55that the gospel gives you the freedom to
13:57go out and sin and formal kabuto late
13:58and stuff it’s like
13:59i didn’t say anything of the sword maybe
14:02you need to open a movie theater because
14:04you’re projecting so much
14:08sorry i’m a little bit in the mood today
14:14but you get the idea the gospel
14:18is scandalous so are you saying that
14:20real sinners can really be forgiven
14:22for free by Jesus without any cost
14:30but don’t they have to prove that they
14:32mean it
14:36i feel like i’m having a conversation
14:38with myself but i know i’m not because
14:40i’ve had these conversations before
14:42in this context then consider our
14:45epistle text let me start with the last
14:48verse of our epistle text
14:50we hold that no one not one single human
14:55on planet earth from adam until the last
14:58guy who drives his last breath on the
15:01last day when Jesus returns
15:02there is not a single person who is
15:05declared righteous
15:06before god by their works we hold that
15:09one is justified
15:10by faith apart from works of the law
15:16so you’re saying works aren’t important
15:20i’m not saying that at all they’re
15:24but they play this much
15:27into your salvation and your
15:31they are not the cause or the reason why
15:33you are saved
15:35the only one who did the works necessary
15:38to save you
15:39and me is Jesus Christ and he gives
15:42salvation away
15:44totally 100 no strings attached
15:48free and he forgives real sinners if you
15:51don’t think you’re one of them
15:53you have no point in hanging out in
15:55church and thinking that you have
15:56anything to do with Jesus or that Jesus
15:58has anything to offer you
16:00because the thing he’s offering here is
16:03forgiveness of
16:04sins eternal life salvation all for
16:07free he doesn’t want anything from you
16:10he loves you
16:14and that’s the difference
16:18and always and again you can tell when
16:19somebody tacitly
16:22doesn’t believe that or worse kind of on
16:25a seething sub level
16:26hates the idea that real sinners are
16:29forgiven for free because they always
16:31want to control the person and say
16:33yeah but if you’re really saved then
16:35you’re not going to smoke
16:37if you really are saved you won’t watch
16:39those movies
16:40if you’re really saved then they then
16:44they do this they create this whole
16:45theology believe me when i tell you
16:48real Christians who are really saved who
16:49are really forgiven do all kinds of
16:52really stupid things
16:54that are for real sinful myself included
16:58this is the reason why let me remind you
17:01i wear black
17:02if you were not convinced i’m a sinner
17:04just say
17:05well he keeps broadcasting that he is
17:08and if you’re not sure come to my house
17:10hang out with me for four minutes
17:12and you’ll never again doubt that i’m a
17:19but the thing is are you convinced that
17:21you are
17:24and that’s the point if you really
17:26believe that you’re a sinner then you
17:27know there’s nothing you can do to save
17:29you already stand condemned and that’s
17:32the point so consider again our
17:34epistle text in this context we know
17:37that whatever the law says
17:39it speaks to those who are under the law
17:41so that the whole
17:42world may be held accountable for to god
17:45so every mouth may be stopped and the
17:47whole world
17:48accountable to god i’ve said it before
17:50i’ll keep saying it the purpose of the
17:52law is not to give you the to-do list if
17:54you check it off
17:55then you can say i’m good with god the
17:57purpose of the law
17:59is to make you zip it
18:02if i wanted to be rude i’d say the
18:03purpose of the law is to shut
18:05you up but i’m a good person
18:10really but my heart’s in the right place
18:13i meant
18:14well really
18:17Jesus says out of the heart comes all
18:18kinds of filth and sin
18:21that’s the reason why you’ve fallen far
18:24purpose of the law is to condemn you but
18:26i heard from my apostle and my
18:29that if anyone gives me a message from
18:30god that doesn’t make me feel good about
18:33then i’m to reject it because god wants
18:35me to know how special i
18:36am well your apostle and your prophetess
18:38is a false apostle and a false a prophet
18:40false prophetess and they’re leading you
18:42to hell
18:44but telling me i’m a sinner doesn’t make
18:45me feel good about myself it’s not
18:47supposed to
18:50if you’re here to make me
18:53if you hear because you want me to
18:55scratch your itching ears
18:57to take your ego and tell you how
18:59amazing you
19:00are you’re in the wrong place
19:05we are here to confess that we are
19:08that we have fallen short and when the
19:11law speaks
19:12it silences us because we recognize
19:16by the working of the holy spirit
19:18through his law
19:20that we don’t measure up but it doesn’t
19:24stop there
19:26paul goes on to say four by works of the
19:30not a single human being will be
19:32declared righteous in god’s sight
19:34because through the law comes the
19:36knowledge of sin
19:38well if the law can’t save me what can
19:42gladja asked but now the righteousness
19:45of god
19:45has been manifested apart from the law
19:48although the law and the prophets they
19:50bear witness to it the righteousness
19:52of god diaca to theiu it is his
19:55this isn’t a standard that we’re
19:56supposed to achieve by our good works
19:58this is a gift given to us and listen to
20:00what it says
20:01this is the righteousness of god that is
20:03through faith in Jesus Christ
20:05and here’s your important word 4
20:104 4 all who believe
20:14so a good way to think of it you want to
20:16know what you were
20:17like when Christ found you
20:20you were naked not breathing
20:25completely covered in filth and slime
20:28smelled like death itself and what does
20:31Jesus do
20:32he comes to you and
20:36he washes the filth off of you
20:39and through the preaching of the gospel
20:40the holy spirit breathes
20:42new life in you and you are raised from
20:44the dead think of it this way there’s a
20:46picture there’s a wonderful picture
20:48in genesis chapter 2
20:51of how god created adam and eve and this
20:53is history by the way
20:55not some kind of mythology so there’s
20:57the lifeless
21:00body of adam Christ has just formed it
21:02it’s not alive
21:04it’s just lying there and what does
21:07Jesus do he breathes into
21:10the nostrils of adam the breath of life
21:13and he becomes
21:14a living spirit he opens his eyes the
21:16first thing
21:17adam sees is the face of his creator
21:21it’s a beautiful picture but there you
21:23are dead in trespasses and sins
21:26you’re not able to do a thing to save
21:28yourself because dead people don’t do
21:30i don’t know if you’ve noticed that
21:32about them they’re they’re a little
21:34and active but Christ finds you
21:37he washes away your sins he
21:41breathes into you and you are
21:45raised again to new life in him and then
21:49then he takes his very cloak that he’s
21:53and he covers your nakedness and shame
21:55with it
21:56that’s the picture of what the
21:57righteousness of god is
21:59and this is a righteousness that is for
22:03who believe it is for those who believe
22:07and then he goes on because there’s no
22:10all have sinned and fall short
22:13of the glory of god
22:17me you
22:20everybody biden trump
22:24the whole world every one of us have
22:28sinned and fallen short of the glory of
22:29god and listen to what it says
22:31and we are justified by god’s grace
22:36as a gift
22:40well if it’s a gift
22:45i didn’t do anything to earn it when you
22:47give gifts to friends or children
22:50or family members have they earned those
22:54no a gift is a gift
22:58and so god has given us the gift of
23:01salvation he can’t earn it he can’t work
23:03for it
23:04so he’s given us by his grace as a gift
23:06and this is through the redemption
23:08that is in Christ Jesus god is the one
23:10who put
23:11Christ forward as the atoning sacrifice
23:14for our sins
23:15by his blood and this is then received
23:18faith and that’s the whole point
23:21you see if the sun sets you free you
23:23will be free indeed
23:24we can’t carry the burden of our shame
23:27we cannot carry the burden of our guilt
23:29and believe me we do not want to
23:31experience the consequences
23:33of our sin which is far more
23:36than your mirrored body dying the real
23:39death we should fear is the second death
23:42the second death where we are thrown
23:44where people are thrown into the lake of
23:48and so that being said note this
23:51that Christ himself became sin your sin
23:55our sin was placed upon him he bore the
23:58burden he bore the shame
24:00he bore the guilt and he is the one
24:03who was nailed to the cross to suffer in
24:06your place and mine
24:08and he did so in the dark on a friday
24:12while wearing absolutely nothing
24:17he experienced shame and punishment and
24:20the very shame and punishment of god
24:22so that you and i can be forgiven
24:25and no longer be considered slaves but
24:29free and then adopted as children of god
24:32all of this because of his great
24:34love for us you see god showed his
24:38because in the past he had overlooked
24:40the former sins
24:42and he showed his righteousness in this
24:44time so that he might be the justifier
24:46of the one who has faith in Jesus
24:49so let me ask you do you believe that
24:52Christ died for your sins
24:55not just the sins of the world but yours
24:58the ones you are ashamed of the ones you
25:00committed last year
25:01the ones you committed 10 years ago the
25:03ones you committed yesterday
25:08note then that believing this you have
25:12already then received this gift of god
25:15and so god has declared you to be
25:19and then when that has taken place if
25:21you’ve received it as a gift and Christ
25:23is the champion he’s the one who’s done
25:25let me ask you is there any place for
25:29you can always tell a church where the
25:31people really don’t believe the gospel
25:34people spend an inordinate amount of
25:36time boasting about
25:37their righteousness their sin busting
25:41they’re defeat the way they’ve caused
25:43the devil to be defeated and all this
25:45kind of nonsense
25:46i got nothing to boast about if i’m
25:48going to boast about anything i’m going
25:50to boast about the fact that i have a
25:51god who loves me so much
25:53that he saved a loser like me
25:58i’ll boast in him not myself and so you
26:01know paul asks
26:02what becomes of our boasting boasting is
26:06and it’s excluded by the law of faith
26:08for we hold that one is justified
26:11by faith apart from works
26:15of the law so stop striving in all the
26:18little ways we try to niggle and work
26:20our way back
26:21to some kind of a deal that we can work
26:23out with god based upon our goodness
26:25knock it off repent of that nonsense no
26:28one is justified in god’s sight
26:30by works of the law salvation is a gift
26:33and received by grace through faith
26:37because of what Christ has done for us
26:39he is the champion
26:41not you in the name of Jesus
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