Sermon Transcript – The Religion of Striving vs The Religion of Receiving

Series CSunday, October 23, 2016 – Twenty-Third Sunday After Pentecost | Pr. Chris Rosebrough

Welcome to the Teaching Ministry of Kongsvinger Lutheran Church. Kongsvinger is a beacon for the Gospel of Jesus Christ and is located on the plains of Northwestern Minnesota.
We proclaim Christ and Him crucified for our sins and salvation by grace through faith alone, and now, here’s a message from Pastor Chris Rosebrough:
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0:24The holy Gospel According to Saint Luke
0:31chapter 18 verses 9 through 17. Jesus also told this Parable to some who
0:38trusted in themselves that they were righteous and they treated others with contempt two men went up into the temple
0:45to pray when a Pharisee the other attacks collector the Pharisee standing by himself prayed thus God I thank you
0:52that I am not like other men extortioners unjust adulterers or even like this tax collector I’ve fast twice
1:00a week I give tithes of all that I get but the tax collector standing far off would not even lift up his eyes to
1:07heaven but beat his breath saying God be merciful to me a sinner
1:13I tell you this man went down to his house Justified rather than the other for everyone who exalts himself will be
1:19humbled but the one who humbles himself will be exalted now they were bringing even infants to Jesus that he might
1:25touch them and when the disciples saw it they rebuked them but Jesus called them to him saying let the little children
1:31come to me and do not hinder them for such belongs the kingdom of God truly I say to you whoever does not receive the
1:38kingdom of God like a child shall not enter it in the name of Jesus
1:45remember the last question that Jesus asked in last week’s gospel text Luke chapter 18 verse 8. that’s the one
1:52immediately before nine I don’t know a lot of math but I know that eight comes before nine
1:58here’s what he says nevertheless when the son of man comes will he find faith on the Earth
2:05that’s the question that immediately precedes our next portion of the Gospel of Luke so remember there is currently a
2:14struggle between two religions in the world and you’re thinking Pastor are you sure
2:19there’s only two two religions in the world are struggling with each other I mean just kind of do the math here we
2:25got Islam Buddhism Jainism Christianity that’s more than two
2:31no actually it still boils down to two you see there’s a conflict between two
2:36religions one is the religion of striving or works and the other is the religion of
2:41receiving or Grace the religion of striving the religion of Works takes on
2:47many many forms But ultimately it’s all the same kind of
2:53schema follow this program do these things you earn your salvation when you show up
3:01to stand before God God says well done you did it
3:07that’s not Christianity that’s a religion of striving and I want you to mark my words on this that the religion
3:13of striving and those who are adherents of it hate those in the religion of Grace
3:19and the religion of receiving this hate is so deep and visceral that the religion of striving seeks to murder and
3:26destroy all vestiges of the receiving of the religion of receiving and Grace think of it this way
3:32we all see the horrible stories coming out of the Middle East regarding Isis what are they up to next who have they
3:38killed now how did they kill them well see Isis is Not an Accident Isis is
3:44nothing more than the religion of works on a military Crusade with nothing to keep it in check including the Geneva
3:52Convention that’s the true nature of the religion of works the religion of striving and
3:58left to ourselves into our own religious devices we all because of our sinful and
4:03Fallen Natures were born into the religion of striving the religion of works and this religion is so evil that
4:10it demonically teaches that all of its adherence that they are good and that the problem of sin is outside of them
4:18it’s out there somewhere furthermore it teaches that salvation either in whole
4:24or in part is up to you so if you don’t get busy praying giving alms
4:30volunteering at church making your pilgrimage to the holy cities as
4:35Norwegian I’m not sure where the holy maybe it’s Oslo you make your pilgrimages oh and also it’s very
4:42important that you wage Jihad against the infidels and if you don’t do this if you’re not
4:49busy doing this now well then there’s no her hope of eternal life for you so when one then asks well how many of
4:56these good works prayers pilgrimages how many infidels must I kill and stack up
5:01like cords of wood in order to be saved well the answer always comes back in the
5:08religion of Works in well in vague and ambiguous terms
5:13you see you never know when you’re saved and the religion of works you never can say you’ve done enough which does
5:20nothing more than create that nagging uncertainty in its inherence and that nagging uncertainty is well am
5:27I saved or not I’m not sure have I done enough so the solution to this nagging
5:32uncertainty which just keeps going on inside of them is to end up destroying all those in murdering all of those who
5:40have peace and certainty and rest with God they’re the threat really if you think about it so not knowing what it’ll
5:47take to save themselves they end up Waging War with any who would claim that salvation is a gift given by God by
5:55grace through faith on account of Christ as a gift the Lamb of God who takes away
6:00the sin of the world and so this kind of frames our two texts today we’ll even look at our Old
6:06Testament text and so our gospel says this Jesus also told this Parable to
6:12some who watch these words trusted in themselves that they were righteous
6:19there’s a saying out there in the legal world that the person who has himself as his own attorney has a fool for an
6:26attorney that’s how the saying goes the one who trusts in himself that he is righteous
6:31in himself is well trusting in a fool this is
6:36foolishness but here’s the nature of the religion of Works they trust in themselves that they’re righteous and
6:43they treat others with contempt that’s how it goes isn’t it that’s always the Telltale sign of the religion
6:49of striving see the problem is never in here the problem’s never right here the
6:55problem is always out there in fact here’s how they talk well the reason our society is going down the toilet and it
7:01for sure is going down the toilet well it’s because of Hollywood it’s because of the gay Lobby it’s because of
7:08corruption in Washington D.C no it’s the fault of the liberal media you know CNN
7:14and MSNBC no it’s actually the fault of the conservative media it’s Fox news’s
7:19fault it’s Trump’s fault it’s Hillary Clinton’s fault
7:25you see the problem here and here’s the issue anyone who would actually tell them kind of tap them on
7:32the shoulder and say Hey listen the problem isn’t Hollywood the problem isn’t the liberal media the problem is
7:38you yeah anybody who is well bold enough to
7:45say that they will be duly punished in fact they will see their churches destroyed their pastors reputations
7:52tarnished they will see their pastors run out of office maybe even murdered or martyred
7:57for their stubborn refusal to stop preaching Christ and him crucified for
8:02our sins and salvation by grace through faith alone see the religion of Works always Waters
8:10down the law the law is doable now if once we dilute
8:15it rather than convicting and killing us and showing us our sin and need for a savior the law becomes the thing that we
8:22construct into a ladder that we then climb into heaven and see this is what’s at the heart of
8:28our Old Testament text let’s turn back to Genesis chapter 4 and note what’s going on here
8:34here’s what it says Adam knew Eve his wife and she conceived and bore Cain saying I
8:42have gotten a man with the help of the Lord now I need to note something here
8:47the Hebrew sentence actually if you were to just translate it straight says I
8:53have gotten a man the Lord there is an interpretive tradition
8:58within Christianity that looks at the sentence from the Hebrew and believes that that while Eve may have thought
9:05that she had given birth to the Messiah and that’s part of what’s going wrong here I’ve gotten a man with the help of
9:12the Lord the ESV says and again she bore his brother Abel have you all ever read
9:18the story uh the children’s book Ricky Ticky Tembo it’s a fascinating story of
9:24of of how names were given in ancient China the first born son receives all of
9:30the glory and then other son after that not so much and so the story of Ricky Tikki Tembo tells us the story of a
9:38firstborn son whose name was get this Ricky Tikki Tembo No saw Rembo Cherry Berry Ruchi pit Perry Pembo put that on
9:46a bubble test and his brother’s name was Chang which means practically nothing so kind
9:52of think of it this way is that Cain is oh I’ve gotten a man the
9:59Lord Abel yeah who cares what Abel means he’s the second born that’s really what’s
10:06going on here so the story says she bore Abel Abel was a keeper of sheep
10:13Cain a worker of the ground in the course of time Cain brought to the Lord
10:18an offering of the fruit of the ground and Abel also brought the firstborn of his flock and of their fat portions
10:25now watch what the words say the Lord had regard for Abel and his offering
10:31but for Cain not so much not Lord did not have regard for Cain nor his
10:37offering now when I was a kid I couldn’t figure out what was going on here is it
10:42that God doesn’t like salad what’s the deal the Mosaic Covenant nowhere forbids
10:48grain offerings or offerings from the fruits of the earth to be brought to him
10:53in fact they’re encouraged so what’s going on here why is God having regard
11:00for Abel end his offering but no regard for Cain
11:05and his offering well thankfully the book of Hebrews chapter 11 verse 4
11:12helps us out here and here’s what it says by faith
11:17Abel offered to God a more acceptable sacrifice than Cain through which he was commended as righteous notice that
11:24Hebrews 11 4 actually says that Abel is saved by
11:29faith see Abel is of the religion of Grace the religion
11:36of receiving Cain does not have faith
11:41so the text says so by faith Abel offered to God a more acceptable sacrifice and Cain through which he was
11:47commended as righteous God commending him by accepting his gifts and through his faith though he died he still speaks
11:54and then if you just look ahead a couple of verses without faith it’s impossible to please
12:00God Hebrews 11 6 says without faith it’s impossible not difficult not challenging
12:08impossible it can’t be done so we now know what’s going on here Abel
12:13has faith and in faith he offers to God a
12:20sacrifice of a lamb Cain doesn’t have
12:25faith and the fact that the Lord would have regard for somebody is worthless and
12:31miserable as able I mean Abel the name doesn’t mean practically anything it
12:36angers him so Cain was very angry his face fell so the Lord said to Cain why are you angry why is your face falling
12:43if you do well will you not be accepted is the Lord here saying well strive
12:49harder try harder and then you will be accepted what does it mean to do well
12:55the Gospel of John people came to Jesus and said Lord what must we be doing to
13:01do the works of God Jesus answered this the work of God is
13:07to believe in the one whom the father has sent now you’re thinking well this is all the
13:12way back in Genesis how can they believe in the one whom the father has sent well they already have the promise from the
13:18Garden of Eden the promise of the seed of the woman who would crush the head of the serpent
13:24and it ain’t Cain he ain’t it that’s for sure so to do well means to believe if you do
13:30well will you not be accepted and if you do not do well will sin is crouching at the door its desire is for you but you
13:37must rule over it and notice this Cain spoke to Abel his brother and when they were in the field
13:43Cain rose up against his brother Abel and killed him and the Lord said to Cain where is Abel
13:50your brother he said I don’t know am I My Brother’s Keeper
13:56the religion of striving the religion of Works hates God doesn’t have faith in
14:02him and murders those who are saved by grace so now we come to our gospel text
14:09then Jesus tells this Parable and this Parable has everything to do with what we just heard in our Old Testament here
14:15it is two men went into the temple to pray now I’m going to ask a little bit of a
14:20mathematical word question for you I was terrible at these things when I was in grade school I always remembered him
14:27kind of like this okay if a train leaves Cincinnati heading east at 11 45 a.m and
14:34a train leaves San Francisco heading south at 1 pm what time is it in Poughkeepsie
14:43and I would always read the question and go oh so that’s how you spell Poughkeepsie now I’m going to ask you a question
14:49that’s kind of like that but we can actually solve it but I want to put it on the table first to have you cogitate
14:55on it as I read through the text two men went into the temple to pray here’s my question what time is it
15:05why are these men both going to the temple to pray at the same time what
15:11time is it you all look puzzled I get it okay it’s time to pray very good yes it is
15:20time to pray but what time is it to pray if you are a Jew living in the first
15:25century at this time hold the thought we’ll explain it as we get there but
15:30that is what time it is is very important so two men went into the temple to pray
15:35one is a Pharisee the other is a tax collector we know this about the Pharisees they believe that they are saved by their keeping not just of the
15:42Mosaic law they’ve come up with a schema by which you can actually be saved by works and here’s a here’s real simple
15:48this is like 600 and something laws given in the Old Testament they added
15:53several thousand to them and if you kept their laws you’d never actually break God’s law Ergo you’re saved right
16:02keep that in mind so the Pharisee standing by himself he prayed thus to God this is a wonderful prayer God
16:09I thank you that I am not like other men you can see him going into the hospital
16:15with tennis elbow from patting himself on the back so hard I thank you but I’m not like other men I’m not like
16:20extortioners I’m not like the unjust or adulterers or even like that tax collector over there I fast
16:35love me God is that not how he’s praying now I want you to think about this for a
16:40second to kind of explain just how ridiculous this is do you all remember the movie not the movie the television
16:47show Bewitched Mrs Kravitz you got to kind of picture it as like Mrs Kravitz
16:52so Mrs Kravitz is driving down the highway and she’s in a terrible car
16:58accident we’re talking about multiple broken bones blood everywhere they had
17:03to bring in a Life Flight helicopter so they fly her to the hospital I mean it’s
17:10so serious that the guy flying the helicopters called ahead we’re going to need like medical attention for Mrs
17:16Kravitz as soon as we hit the ground so like the mass units from you know in the Korean War the doctors come out they’re
17:23there at the helicopter when it lands and they’re administering medical attention to Mrs Kravitz and Mrs
17:30Kravitz’s first words are I’m fine I’m fine I’m okay there’s nothing wrong with me and as they’re rolling her into the
17:38you know into the hospital they go past the the waiting room in the ER and she says did you see that guy right there he
17:43had broken arm oh I bet that had to hurt and oh that kid over there looks like he
17:48has a cold I’m fine I’m fine I’m fine that’s how absurd this is who does this
17:54in fact Saint Augustine in his sermon on this text picks up on that same theme here’s what Augustine
18:01said he said how useful and necessary a medicine is repentance
18:07think about this people who remember that they are only human will readily understand this it is written God
18:15resists the proud but he gives grace to the humble the Pharisee was not rejoicing so much
18:22in his own clean bill of health as in comparing it with the diseases of others
18:27he came to the doctor it would have been more worthwhile to inform the doctor by
18:33confession of the things that were wrong with himself instead of keeping his wounds secret and having the nerve to
18:40Crow other over others scars and that’s what’s going on something
18:47seriously wrong here somebody who is absolutely racked with sin is thinking he is so wonderful and
18:55saying I’m thank you that I’m not like that guy and that guy and yet well you are you all suffer from the same disease
19:01as I do but here we hear about the tax collector the tax collector standing far off would
19:08not even lift up his eyes to heaven why is this because God’s law has done its work
19:15it has shown him how wicked and evil he is so he beats his breast which is a
19:21self-deprecating move on his part and he says God
19:27be merciful to me a sinner
19:32God be merciful to me a sinner now the Greek helps us understand what
19:38time of the day it is it’s hard to see in the English because we see the word merciful and that is an okay translation
19:45of a particular word and the Greek word is Alaska my
19:51Alaska my that’s the one that gets translated as merciful but it means so
19:56much more than that it’s really saying God please be propitious towards me or Lord atone for
20:05my sins and wipe them away and that’s only done through sacrifice
20:12this word Alaska my actually tells us exactly what time of the day it is you want to know what time it is it’s three
20:18in the afternoon it’s three in the afternoon the time of the evening sacrifice Psalm
20:26141 verse 2 says may my prayers rise before you as incense the lifting up of
20:33my hands as the evening sacrifice now in the Old Testament in Exodus
20:40chapter 29 and if you have your Bible I would really like you to flip there and follow along Exodus chapter 29 starting
20:46at verse 38 are the Commandments given regarding the daily sacrifices there are
20:55two there’s a morning sacrifice and there is an evening sacrifice
21:01and the one we’re looking at today is the evening sacrifice but note this here’s what it says starting at verse
21:0638. now this is what you shall offer on the altar two Lambs
21:12a year old day by day regularly one lamb you shall offer in the morning and the
21:18other you shall offer at Twilight when is twilight three in the afternoon that’s when Twilight is and
21:26with the first lamb a tenth measure of fine flower mingled with a fourth of a hint of beaten oil and a fourth of a
21:32hint of wine for a drink offering notice here we have grain and wine as part of
21:39the daily sacrifice of a lamb hmm that sounds a lot like
21:47right it sounds a lot like the Lord’s Supper that’s on purpose the other lamb
21:53you shall offer at Twilight and shall offer with it a grain offering and its
21:58drink offering and here’s by the way we know it’s three in the afternoon we’ll keep working with this so you offer with a grain offering and a drink offering as
22:05in the morning for a pleasing Aroma a food offering to the Lord it shall be a
22:11regular burnt offering throughout your Generations at the entrance of the tent of meeting which becomes the temple
22:16before the Lord where I will watch meet with you meet with the people of Israel
22:24and it shall be Sanctified by my glory why is the Twilight afternoon sacrifice
22:31the time of prayer because right here it says I will meet with you the people of
22:38Israel every day during the Twilight sacrifice
22:44so the children of Israel would gather at the temple if you’re in Jerusalem
22:49you’d go to the evening sacrifice the Twilight sacrifice and there you see the lamb being sacrificed as a sin offering
22:57a grain offering and a drink offering pointing to the Lord’s supper and God has promised to be there
23:05if you knew that God was going to be somewhere at a particular time and you really needed something from him and you
23:12you had a sure and certain promise that he was going to be present you’d show up right
23:17and so here’s the idea two men went into the temple to pray and the Greek word Alaska my tells us
23:23that exactly when this is taking place three in the afternoon with the sacrifice of the lamb for the
23:29Forgiveness of sins with the grain offering the drink offering and at this time God has promised to be there
23:35now with that rattling around in your head put the pieces together
23:41they know God’s going to be there who’s the Pharisee praying about
23:46himself what’s the Pharisees sacrifice
23:51all of his good works so God’s showed up
23:57he’s promised to be there to hear them and what does the Pharisee prattle on about himself how amazing he is
24:05the tax collector he’s there and he knows God’s there
24:10he knows God can hear him because he knows that God has promised to be there to hear
24:16and he can’t even look up because he knows that God is present and his sin is so in front of his eyes and he knows
24:22he’s fallen so short God
24:29have mercy on me and he’s pointing to the sacrifice the lamb
24:34have mercy on me I’m a sinner
24:42and God hears both he hears them both
24:48and Jesus says I tell you the tax collector went down to his house
24:56Justified declared righteous by God rather than
25:01the other for everyone who exalts himself will be humbled the one who
25:07humbles himself will be exalted and see this is scandalous
25:12this is scandalous that lousy tax collector that wretched and sinful man
25:18total traitor to the people of Israel working for the Romans taking the people
25:23of Israel and squeezing every drop of money out of them like a lemon while he
25:29lives high on the hog and they are in poverty he gets off scot-free
25:34while the Pharisee a religious man he goes to the synagogue every Saturday
25:40he tithes everything he gets he prays constantly
25:47but see the Pharisee is well he’s just like Cain
25:52in his offering he and his offering are both rejected by God
26:01what was his offering again all of his good works his religious actions his prayers his tithings this the Pharisee
26:09was striving while the tax collector knew that no amount is striving was going to be able to undo the sin
26:16that he’d committed and notice by way of kind of a little backhanded notice that the tax collector
26:23doesn’t point to the Pharisee and say I thank you God that I am not a self-righteous pompous hypocrite like
26:29that Pharisee over there he doesn’t say that his assessment by the way had he said that would have been
26:35correct but the tax collector knew that the Pharisee wasn’t his problem
26:41he was his own problem in fact the tax collector’s prayer is
26:47very much like David’s prayer in Psalm 51 after the whole Bathsheba affair
26:53Lord have mercy on me according to your steadfast love according to your abundant Mercy please
27:00blot out my transgressions Wash Me thoroughly from my iniquity and cleanse me from my sin for I know my
27:07transgressions and my sin is ever before me against you and you only have I sinned and done what is evil in your
27:13sight so that you may be justified in your words and blameless in your judgment behold I was brought forth in
27:20iniquity and in sin did my mother conceive me
27:25so there at the time of the evening sacrifice on the altar was the lamb
27:31being offered as a sacrifice for the Forgiveness of sins the time was three in the afternoon the Pharisee was
27:37striving for his salvation and pointed to his strivings the tax collector knowledge he was empty-handed
27:43he had nothing to offer the psalmist continues in Psalm 51 Deliver Me Lord from blood guiltiness o
27:50God of my salvation and my tongue will sing aloud of your righteousness O Lord open my lips and my mouth will declare
27:57your praise for you will not delight and sacrifice or I would give it
28:03you will not be pleased with the burnt offering the sacrifices of God are a broken
28:08spirit a broken and contrite heart oh God you will not despise
28:15and that was his sacrifice broken Spirit contrite heart that spoke
28:23the truth about himself not that he was good but that he was evil
28:31and all of this hearkens then to thee sacrifice
28:36times matter in scripture listen to Matthew chapter 27 regarding Jesus’s
28:42crucifixion starting at verse verse 45. now from the sixth hour which is noon
28:50and there was Darkness over all of the land until the ninth hour which is three
28:56in the afternoon about the ninth hour Jesus cried out with a loud voice saying
29:03that is my God my God why have you forsaken me some of the bystanders
29:09hearing it said this man is calling Elijah and one of them at once ran and took a sponge and filled it with sour
29:15wine and put it on a reed and gave it to him to drink oh there’s the drink offering that goes with the
29:23right others said wait let’s see whether Elijah will come to save him and Jesus
29:29cried out again with a loud voice it is finished yielded up his spirit
29:36and behold the curtain of the temple was torn in two from top to bottom the Earth shook the Rocks were split you see that
29:43Dreadful Friday afternoon at the time of the Twilight sacrifice
29:50Jesus the Lamb of God who takes this takes away the sin of the world
29:57he was slain and see God promises to be there
30:02and he is
30:07he’s there for you he’s here for you now we’re two or more gathered Christ is truly present
30:15he heard you today say that I am by Nature sinful and unclean
30:21and because of what he has done on that Friday afternoon during the Twilight sacrifice
30:26you can leave here today knowing that you are Justified that you have peace with God
30:32and see all of this is not by striving all of it is by gift by grace through faith it is received
30:39and then Our Gospel text to help us get this even more remember the question is when I return Jesus says will I find
30:47faith on the Earth faith is not by your strivings and your
30:52earnings in your self-righteousness faith is given by God as Grace as gift
30:58he goes on and Jesus says now that we’re bringing even infants to him that he might touch them by the way you know
31:04what the Greek word for infants means here infants like our little girls
31:10this morning that’s what we’re talking about and when the disciples saw it they rebuked them but Jesus called them to
31:16him and saying let the children come to me do not hinder them for such belongs
31:23the kingdom of God truly I say to you whoever does not receive the kingdom of
31:29God like a child like an infant shall not enter it now keep this in mind
31:36infants can only be given to they cannot strive infants cannot earn they are
31:43utterly dependent and incapable of caring even for one of the least of their needs
31:49left to themselves they die and this is what’s those scandals about the religion of Grace the religious
31:55religion of receiving tell someone that Christ is working in the waters of baptism and that this church doesn’t
32:02forbid infants from coming to Christ but brings them to be baptized and they’ll
32:08challenge you and say but infants can’t infants can’t what well they can’t
32:15understand they can’t work they can’t strive they can’t make a decision they
32:21can’t offer a sacrifice of praise and that’s Jesus’s point
32:28they can only be given to and they are not held up by Christ as those who are
32:35incapable of being Christians infants are held up by Christ as model
32:41Christians only those who can be given to who
32:48receive and that’s the whole point is it not Acts chapter 2 the great day of
32:54Pentecost Peter preaches his great sermon accuses everybody listening to him of being the ones who killed Christ
33:00whether they were there or not it says this in verse 37 when they heard
33:05this they were cut to the heart and said to Peter and the rest of the Apostles Brothers what shall we do
33:11and Peter said to them repent be baptized passive voice it’s being done
33:17to you be baptized every one of you in the name of Jesus Christ for the Forgiveness of your sins and you will
33:23receive the gift of the Holy Spirit for the promise is for you and for your
33:31children and for all who are far far off and everyone whom the Lord God calls to
33:38himself you see it’s all received so put away
33:44your striving put it away repent of your
33:50self-righteousness your me-centered religion that offers up yourself your
33:56piety your Works instead of pointing to the sacrifice that God has provided for
34:03you Jesus the Lamb of God slain at the time of the Twilight
34:08sacrifice to take away the sins of the world
34:13and if you don’t think that’s right remember what Paul’s words are in Galatians 5 you are severed from
34:21Christ you who would be justified by the law you have fallen from Grace
34:28so empty your hands of your good works in regards to your salvation throw them
34:33in the ash sheep they can never save you and the Lord will not lift your head
34:38because of them instead if you insist on bringing your good works to God in exchange for your salvation you will
34:46perish like Cain and all of his pharisaical children in the fires of hell
34:51Christ is your sacrifice and his salvation is not earned by you it was
34:56earned by him and is given to all who recognize that they are sinners and in need of his mercy and forgiveness as a
35:03gift not a wage and that’s what John says in his epistle if we say we have no sin we deceive
35:11ourselves and the truth is not in us see the religion of work says the problem’s out there it’s those people
35:18Jesus says no you’re the problem I died for you so the one who says he
35:25has no sin deceives himself the truth is not in him but if we confess our sins like David
35:32like the tax collector God is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins and cleanse us from all unrighteousness
35:38he does the cleansing if we say we have not sinned we make God out to be a liar
35:44and his word is not in US the psalmist says in Psalm 32 blessed is
35:50the one whose transgression Is Forgiven whose sin is covered blessed is the man against whom the Lord counts no iniquity
35:57and in whose Spirit there is no deceit I acknowledge my sin to you the psalmist
36:03says I did not cover my iniquity I said I will confess my transgressions
36:09to the Lord and you know what the Lord said well to hell with you you’re a
36:16transgressor be gone it’s not what the psalmist says
36:22I will confess my transgressions to the Lord and you forgave the iniquity of my
36:27sin see the scandalousness of God’s mercy in Grace
36:32is that not only does God justify declare righteous tax collectors
36:38sinners and infants the scandal of it all is that he can justify even you
36:44even me so repent of your self-righteousness you’re striving
36:50trust in Christ’s mercy and grace alone and leave here today and return to your
36:56home like the tax collector Justified declared righteous by God
37:01so when the son of man comes will he find faith on the Earth only
37:07those who receive what he’s done have faith
37:15repent belief receive and you have
37:22in the name of Jesus Amen [Music]
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