Sermon Transcript – The Scriptures Are About Jesus

Series A – Eighth Sunday After Pentecost – Sunday, August 3, 2014 | Pr. Chris Rosebrough

Welcome to the Teaching Ministry of Kongsvinger Lutheran Church. Kongsvinger is a beacon for the Gospel of Jesus Christ and is located on the plains of Northwestern Minnesota.
We proclaim Christ and Him crucified for our sins and salvation by grace through faith alone, and now, here’s a message from Pastor Chris Rosebrough:
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0:22The holy Gospel
0:29According to Saint Matthew chapter 14 verses 13 through 21.
0:36when Jesus heard what had happened he withdrew by a boat privately to a solitary place
0:41hearing of this the crowds followed him on foot from the towns when Jesus landed
0:47and saw a large crowd he had compassion on them and he healed their sick as evening approached the disciples came to
0:53him and said this is a remote place and it’s already getting late send the crowds away so
0:59that they can go to The Villages and buy themselves some food Jesus replied they do not need to go
1:05away you give them something to eat uh we have here only five loaves of
1:12bread and two fish they answered bring them here to me he said and he directed the people to sit down on the
1:18grass taking the Five Loaves and the two fish and looking up to heaven he gave
1:24thanks broke the Loaves and then he gave them to the disciples and the disciples
1:29gave them to the people they all ate and were satisfied and the disciples picked up 12 baskets full of broken pieces that
1:37were left over the number of those who ate was about five thousand men besides
1:43women and children in the name of Jesus now I once heard a liberal Pastor preach
1:50on our gospel text and this particular Pastor actually had a weird theology
1:55where he denied the existence of Miracles and therefore every time a passage that would teach that God
2:01performed a miracle he would actually spend time in his sermons to try to explain away the miracle this also
2:08includes on Easter Sunday he would spend time trying to explain away the bodily resurrection of Jesus yeah that’s kind
2:15of a fascinating theology because First Corinthians chapter 15 says if Christ
2:21has not been raised that means bodily our preaching is useless and so is your
2:26faith more than that then we are found to be false Witnesses about God for we have testified about God that he raised
2:32Christ from the dead but if he did not raise him if in fact the dead are not raised for if the dead are not raised
2:39then Christ has not been raised either and if Christ has not been raised your
2:44faith is futile and you’re still in your sins and then those who’ve fallen asleep in Christ they’re lost and if only for
2:52this life we have hope in Christ then we are to be pitied more than all men yeah
2:58so yeah kind of you know how do we put this denying the existence of Miracles and being a Christian Pastor doesn’t
3:04make any sense so back to our gospel text this text teaches that Jesus miraculously multiplied a few Loaves and
3:11Fishes and fed a crowd of more than five thousand people and if you don’t believe in miracles what could this text
3:18possibly mean well actually good question is even if you do believe in miracles what does
3:24this text mean but back to our our story here according to this liberal Pastor uh
3:31here’s his explanation you know there were many people in the crowd according to him that must have brought their own
3:37Loaves and Fishes with them to hear Jesus preach and teach but they were
3:42being selfish and they didn’t want to share their food with those who didn’t bring food for themselves
3:48so so this liberal Pastor then turns to John chapter 6 verse 9 which also covers
3:54the same miracle and points out that there’s a little detail here we learned
3:59that the Five Loaves and Fishes that Jesus multiplied in this miracle come from a small boy okay in other words
4:04some small boys mom packed him a sack lunch and and so the way the story goes
4:10in this particular sermon what happened is that the crowds seeing this small boy willing to give up and depart with his
4:18sack lunch felt so shamed and they were inspired then to break out the food that
4:23they’ve been hiding in their coolers and share it with the rest of the people as in it as it turned out there were 12
4:29baskets full of leftovers what a miserably sad way to read scripture
4:35yeah because then that Pastor then went on to basically explain in the remainder of his sermon the importance of
4:41generosity and sharing as well as the evils of a capitalist society and the virtues of communism
4:47believe me when I tell you it was a breathtaking sermon to hear again miserable and sad why well number
4:54one it’s denying what scripture says but number two it’s taking the glory away from Christ and somehow moralizing the
5:00sermon turning scripture into kind of like the the spiritual equivalent of esop’s fables right remember esop’s
5:07fables you remember the story of The Tortoise and the Hare and you know those things like that right you know they’ll all have little morals at the end of it
5:13so apparently Jesus didn’t really multiply these Loaves and Fishes and this is all about the importance of
5:18generosity forget the fact that this passage itself says nothing about everyone was inspired to share the lunch
5:24that they had actually been hiding from other people it doesn’t say that okay well we believe that God does perform
5:31Miracles we do believe that Christ Rose bodily from the grave we do believe teach confess and defend this text as a
5:40text that shows forth a miracle something that God actually did in human
5:45history miraculously right but the question is is that even if we
5:50believe this what does it mean well
5:55let me say this text in particular points us to the fact
6:01that all of the scriptures are about Jesus that’s really the meaning of this text now Jesus himself makes this point
6:09several times let me give you the a couple of examples in John chapter 5 verses 39 through 40 Jesus who in
6:17another one of his kind of um how should we say it um
6:23spirited conversations with the Jews Jesus had a few of those right
6:28he says to them you diligently study the scriptures because you think that by
6:34them you possess eternal life yet these are the scriptures that
6:40testify about me and yet you refuse to come to me so that you might have life
6:46and remember the road to Emmaus story it’s it’s a little out of season normally we read that you know sometime
6:52during the Easter season after Easter but let me remind you how that story goes so you can kind of get the flow of
6:58what’s going on here this story about the feeding the 5000 is actually critical in understanding who Jesus is
7:04and why he came but in order to understand that we’ve got to get this in our head the Bible is not about us it’s
7:11really about Jesus in Luke chapter 24 we read this story that took place in the
7:16these the details of this took place on Easter Sunday now that same day Easter
7:22Sunday two of them two of the disciples were going to a village called Emmaus about seven miles from Jerusalem they
7:29were talking with each other about everything that had happened the women had come back said he’s risen from the grave that men went and said yeah his
7:35body’s not there and they didn’t know what to think about so they’re discussing this as they’re going on they’re going to Emmaus now as they walked and discussed these things with
7:42each other Jesus himself came up and walked along with them but they were kept from recognizing him another
7:48miracle here and basically the the Greek here is actually kind of funny the idiom says that their eyes were held you know
7:55I I love that idiom you know yeah I’m going to hold your eyes so you can’t you can’t know who I am why because Jesus wants to teach them something well let’s
8:01learn what it is that he wanted to teach them so Jesus asked them hey what are you discussing together as you walk
8:07along and they Stood Still and their faces were down downcast now one of them named
8:12cleopas yes the you know the apostles the church kept track of these guys said are you only a visit is Jerusalem and do
8:19you not know the things that have happened here in these days and Jesus said what things
8:25playing dumb right so they said about Jesus of Nazareth
8:31he was a prophet powerful in word indeed before God and all the people and the chief priests and our rulers handed no
8:37over to be sentenced to death and they crucified him but we had hoped that he
8:43was the one who was going to redeem Israel what a funny thing to say isn’t that what he did on the cross right they
8:50didn’t see it yet they didn’t understand and what’s more it’s the third day since all of this took place in addition some
8:56of our women they amazed us they went to the tomb early this morning and they didn’t find his body they came and told
9:03us that they had seen a vision of angels who said that he was alive and then some of our companions went to the tomb and
9:08found it just as the women had said but him they did not see and so Jesus said to them they still
9:13don’t know who he is how foolish you are how slow of heart to believe catch this
9:22all that the prophets had spoken did not the Christ or the Messiah did he
9:27not have to suffer these things and then enter his glory and then beginning with
9:33get this with Moses and all the prophets that’s right Jesus opens up the Old
9:38Testament he’s got this thing memorized and starting with Moses in the prophets he explained to them what was said in
9:44all the scriptures concerning himself and as they approached the village to
9:49which they were going Jesus acted as if he were going farther but they urged him strongly stay with us it’s near evening
9:54and the day is far spent so he went in to stay with them and when he was at
10:00table with them watch this he took bread gave thanks and broke it and began to
10:06give it to them and at that point their eyes were no longer held it probably went something like the you’re
10:14you know and just as they’re about to say Jesus right he disappeared from their sight
10:20and they asked each other were not our hearts burning within us while he talked with us on the road and opened the
10:27scriptures to us great story so their hearts were burning
10:32within them wow Jesus opened the scriptures up to them and who did Jesus talk about when he opened up Moses and
10:39the prophets to them he talked about himself right now in the Gospel of John
10:46chapter 20 verse 31 it’s kind of the thesis of the Gospel of John but I would argue along with other Scholars that
10:53this is the thesis of all of scripture see if these words sound familiar to you these things are written that you may
11:00believe that Jesus is the Christ the son of God and that by believing you have
11:06life in his name uh that’s the thesis of scripture
11:11scripture is all about Jesus these things are written so that you may believe that he’s the Christ the Messiah
11:16and that by believing you have life in his name now the same is true about our
11:22gospel story that we’re hearing today it was written so that you may believe that Jesus is the Messiah the Christ the son
11:28of God by believing you have life in his name in fact today’s Gospel text and next week’s gospel text they actually
11:35work together and they share the same punch line and in fact the punch line
11:40that appears in next week’s gospel text I’ll share it with you today but keep in mind it’s kind of like you ever watch a
11:47television show where you have multiple parts and says to be continued so today’s Gospel text think of it this way
11:54when we finish it to be continued there’s a little bit more to the story so that you can get to
11:59the punch line but I’ll I’ll tell you what the punch line is ahead of time because I’m all about spoilers when it
12:04comes to Jesus now in order to see what Matthew was up to when he was Penning
12:09this gospel we need to know a little bit of background information about this gospel as a whole the gospel of Matthew
12:15the Church Father papias writing at the end of the first century he told us that
12:21Matthew the disciple Matthew he wrote his gospel before all the other gospels were written and that it was originally
12:28written in Hebrew and it was written to the Jews and that it was later translated into Greek and distributed
12:34Out Among the churches this is what we know from the church fathers now this is important information and the reason why
12:40this is important because if you know who the audience is you can kind of get what Matthew’s up to and um
12:46and so here’s the idea when you study this text you discover that what
12:51Scholars have recognized and other people have recognized that this gospel was purposely written in a pattern that
12:57follows the Old Testament and assumes that the reader or the hearer has a good
13:02working knowledge of the Old Testament and this is vital for understanding what’s going on in today’s Gospel text
13:08now let me kind of do we’ll do a quick sampling here in Matthew chapter one we
13:14read about Joseph and the birth of Jesus here’s what it says this is how the birth of Jesus came about his mother was
13:20pledged to be married to Joseph now Joseph okay real quick you all remember Joseph from the Old Testament does
13:27anyone remember what Joseph is known for remember he was known as a dreamer
13:32all right that dreamer of dreams while it led to his demise at least for a short amount of time right and Joseph
13:38himself is also almost single-handedly responsible when you read the story for taking the people of Israel into Egypt
13:48okay so keep that in mind and so imagine yourself as a first century Jewish
13:55listener and you have a good working knowledge of the Old Testament right so here’s what we read so Mary was
14:01pledged to be married to Joseph but before they came together he was she was found to be with child through the holy
14:06spirit because Joseph her husband was a righteous man did not want to expose her to Public Disgrace he had in mind a
14:11divorce her quietly but after he had considered this an angel of the Lord appeared to him in a dream and said
14:17Joseph son of David do not be afraid to take Mary home as your wife so now we’ve got another dreaming Joseph right and
14:24it’s not an accident okay because what is conceived in her is from the Holy Spirit and she will give birth to a son
14:30and you are to give him the name Jesus because he will save his people from their sins now all of this took place
14:36what what to fulfill what the Lord had said through the prophet the Virgin will be with child and give birth to a son
14:42they will call him Emmanuel which means god with us right fast forward just a
14:47little bit into chapter two after the visit of the Magi here’s what it says when they the Magi had gone an angel of
14:54the Lord appeared to Joseph in a dream Here We Go Again dreaming Joseph if
14:59you’re old if you’re a first century Jew and you’re hearing this you’re going this sounds oddly familiar
15:06and it’s not an accident right so in a dream the angel said get up take
15:12the child and his mother and escape to Egypt stay there until I tell you for Herod is going to search for the child
15:18to kill him so he got up took the child and his mother during the night and left for Egypt where he stayed until the death of
15:25Herod and so was fulfilled what the Lord had said to the prophet out of Egypt I
15:30called my son okay so here we’ve got a dreaming Joseph
15:35who takes Israel into Egypt and notice here if you if you can read
15:42you in your footnotes and you know your cross references Hosea 11 verse 1 is what’s being quoted by Matthew here and
15:49what’s fascinating is when you read Hosea 11 1 there’s no indicator that it’s talking about Jesus but what
15:56Matthew is doing in his gospel is he’s making it very clear that Jesus is like all of Israel squished down into one
16:04person right and this one person this one Israel is going to fulfill
16:11the Mosaic Covenant and the law and he’s going to do it for us so let me remind you of some other
16:17details here Matthew chapter 4 it says Jesus was led by the spirit into the
16:22desert or the Wilderness to be tempted by the devil after fasting for 40 days and 40 nights he was hungry
16:29now if you think back remember your Old Testament how long did Israel spend in
16:34the wilderness 40 years and they were tempted how well do their Temptations go
16:42not so good and don’t say Amen to that right okay so it didn’t go so well for
16:48but where Israel the nation failed Israel the one Israel Jesus he succeeds
16:53so he’s got so again if you’re a Jew you were listen you’re listening to this you’re reading this you’re going
16:59this is weird something’s going on here right so then you think about The Sermon on
17:05the Mount Matthew chapter five now here’s what it says now when he Jesus saw the crowds he went up on a mountain
17:11and sat down and his disciples came to him and began to teach and now we receive The Sermon on the Mount when
17:18Israel received the Ten Commandments in the Mosaic Covenant where did this take place it took place
17:24on Mount Sinai Moses ascended the mountain and received the tablets right and throughout the Sermon on the Mount
17:32you hear these words from Jesus you’ve heard it said but I say you’ve heard it
17:37said but I say and the question is well who does Jesus think he is right
17:43kind of full of himself well yeah he’s God right so who does this guy think he
17:48is right and so he gives new Commandments as if he’s God and kind of the kicker at the end he talks about
17:54judgment and says that when people come to be judged he’s going to be the one
18:00doing the judging I thought that’s only God’s prerogative so Jesus acts like he’s God right and so
18:07here we’ve got the new Mount Sinai so to speak The Sermon on the Mount now we
18:12come to our text here today and this is going to be ringing in the ears of any
18:17Jewish person at the time that this sounds a lot like a lot like Numbers
18:24Chapter 11. if you want to follow along I’m going to be reading from Numbers Chapter 11 starting at verse 4.
18:31see if you can see the similarities in the dialogue see if you can see the similarities in the question now keep in
18:37mind Israel unlike Jesus when they were tempted they oftentimes well sinned in
18:43unbelief okay so this is another example of Israel acting in unbelief and God’s
18:49going to mercifully and graciously answer their petition but there’s kind of a sharp edge to it as well but watch
18:55the watch the details here Numbers chapter 11 verse 4 the rabble with them began to Crave other food and again the
19:03Israelites started wailing and they said if only we had meat to eat we remember
19:09the fish we ate in Egypt at no cost and also the cucumbers and the melons and
19:14the leeks and the onions and the garlic but no we we’ve lost our appetite and we never see anything except for this Manna
19:20right sound like a bunch of kids you know yeah
19:26toddlers eat your veggies please right okay fast forward a couple verses so
19:32Moses heard the people of every family wailing each at the entrance of his tent in a pathetic sight right
19:39so the a bunch of people oh there’s turmoil in the camp and everyone’s you
19:44know can we please have something to eat except for Mana Burgers please right so
19:49the Lord became exceedingly angry and Moses was troubled yeah this is not going well and and asked Lord why have
19:56you brought this trouble on your servant what have I done to displease you that you put the burden of all these people
20:02on me did I conceive these people did I give them birth why do you tell me to
20:08carry them in my arms as a nurse carries an infant to the land you promised on those to their forefathers where can I
20:15get meat for all these people see the parallels
20:20they keep wailing to me give us meat to eat I cannot carry all these people by myself the burden is too heavy for me
20:27for me if this is how you’re going to treat me put me to death right now
20:34by the way you know being a servant of Christ and bringing the the message of the good news dangerous business at
20:41times okay okay just kill me now if I have found favor in your eyes kill me
20:47and do not let me face my own ruin a couple of verses ahead it says God says
20:53tell the people consecrate yourselves in preparation for tomorrow when you will eat meat the Lord
20:59heard you when you wailed if only we had me to eat we were better off in Egypt now the Lord Yahweh he will give you
21:06meat and you will eat it and you will not eat it for just one day or two days
21:11or five ten or Twenty but for a whole month until it comes out of your nostrils and you loathe it because
21:17you’ve rejected the Lord who is among you and you have wailed before me saying why did we ever leave Egypt no now
21:25here’s the fun part but Moses said here I am among 600
21:31000 men on foot that’s just the men and you say I will give them meat to eat for
21:36a whole month would they have enough if flocks and herds were slaughtered for them would they have enough if all the
21:42fish of the sea were caught for them and the Lord answered Moses is the Lord’s arm too short
21:48you will now see whether or not what I say will come true for you okay so you’ll notice that in this
21:56gospel text there’s purposeful parallels going on and it’s not because Matthew is
22:01trying to be Innovative Instead This is what really took place this is exactly what took place and to the astute Jew
22:09who’s hearing this text they’re going to see that there’s a direct parallel
22:16that’s exactly what’s going on here in fact when we read the account in the Gospel
22:23of John chapter 6 of the same Miracle the people who were in the crowd they
22:28knew exactly what was going on and here’s what it says in verse 14 when the people saw the sign that he had done
22:34they said this is indeed the prophet who is to come into the world
22:39they went aha that’s the one he’s the Messiah this is the one whom God has told us to you know
22:47to be looking for right right now kind of you know in in the idea of what’s
22:52going on here it’s also important that we understand in the Old Testament there’s types and shadows that point us
22:58to Christ and in some sense kind of give us a map of where we’re going today okay and I’d like to talk to you about the
23:05idea of wildernesses real quick because this actually comes into play as we interpret this okay
23:11um if you’ve sat under a lot of preaching like I have you’ve probably heard preachers talk about those times
23:17when we go through our lives where it seems kind of like a dry Wilderness experience maybe you know your cat’s
23:22barfing on the rug a lot the kids are misbehaving things aren’t going so well at work
23:27um you know and you don’t really feel the spirit moving in your life in fact if anything it feels like God’s constantly against you right and so
23:34people interpret those as Wilderness experiences but in reality that’s kind of a too narrow view of wilderness now
23:41if you look at the Old Testament and specifically the book of Exodus it kind of gives us a map of the Christian Life
23:47okay and here’s how the map goes remember the children of Israel are born in slavery they’re held in bondage under
23:54a false god king pharaoh who in that story represents Satan right we like
24:00them are born dead in trespasses and sins and in slavery to sin death in the devil right okay and then God rescues
24:08the people of Israel through Mighty acts of judgment which include the sacrifice
24:13of the Passover Lamb and the death of the firstborn all typologically pointing to Jesus
24:20Jesus was the one in a mighty Act of judgment died the only begotten Son of
24:25God the the very Paschal Lamb himself he died on the cross for our sins God
24:31judged him in our place and then from there the people are set free and they
24:36go to the Red Sea where they’re baptized they’re baptized in the Red Sea we are
24:42baptized in the Red Sea Although our Red Sea is kind of small okay but it’s read by virtue of the fact that
24:49Christ’s blood is there to wash away our sins when we’re baptized right and then the children of Israel from there go and
24:55spend pretty much one adult lifetime lifespan in the wilderness waiting to go
25:02into the promised land and it’s not Moses the law that brings him into the promised land it’s yahshua Joshua Jesus
25:09who brings them into the promised land now let’s take a look at our lives we’re born dead in trespasses and sins and
25:15bondage to sin death in the devil and by a mighty Act of judgment and the death of the Paschal Lamb the only begotten
25:22Son of God we are set free from bondage to sin death and the devil our sins are washed away in the Red Sea and now we
25:29are waiting to enter the promised land and the promised land is not something here
25:34this is the Wilderness this is not a good place to set up permanent shot because this is a cursed creation the
25:41promised land that we’ve been promised it’s the new heavens and the new Earth if you’re confused about this read the
25:47back of the book again spoiler alert it goes well for us so when we talk about a
25:52Wilderness experience then let’s look at it in light of the fact that currently we all are wandering and sojourning
25:59through this life and that we’re all just mist and Vapor passing through and
26:04that someday many of us well there will join those out in the graveyard right
26:10nothing permanent about this life this is no place to set up permanent shot but a day is coming when Christ will return
26:16new Heavens new Earth and we will be brought into the promised land World Without End face to face with Jesus in
26:24you know and see his glory and praise and adore him forever and Evermore amen right good news Okay so as we look here
26:31we see a pattern in scripture the pattern is is that God or Christ actually in the Old Testament in the
26:38wilderness feeds and sustains his people this text that we read this morning about Christ points to the fact that he
26:44is the same God who fed the children of Israel in the wilderness and now we in
26:50our you have to kind of put it in air quotes Wilderness experience which is this lifetime as we wait to go into the
26:55promised land Christ now feeds and sustains us in our faith and takes care
27:01of us as we wait to go into the true Promised Land the one that was always the one that God had in mind the new
27:08heavens and the new Earth and he sustains Us by giving us his body and
27:13blood in with and Under The Bread and Wine and the Lord’s Supper through the hearing of
27:18his word right okay so you put all the pieces together you got to get the idea of what’s going
27:25on and you know like I pointed out the people
27:30in those days when they saw Jesus perform this miracle they knew exactly who he was and Matthew’s hope that was
27:35by Penning this miracle the Jews whom he was writing to that they would know exactly who Jesus is and that they too
27:43would be brought to penitent faith in Christ for the Forgiveness of your sins and the punch line which is coming next
27:49week again remember these are two stories that work together the punch line is found in Matthew Chapter 14
27:54verse 33 which says where the disciples say truly you are the son of God that’s
28:00why Jesus performed this miracle to demonstrate who he truly is in other
28:07words the promised Messiah has come he’s crushed the head of the serpent he’s bled and died for your sins and for mine
28:14and he’s risen again Victorious from the grave and again these things are written so that you may believe that Jesus is
28:20the Christ the son of God and that by believing you might have life in his name so here’s the question
28:26do you believe do you believe that Jesus bled and died for you do you
28:32believe he’s the one promised do you believe he’s the prophet the priest the king the Messiah who bled and died for
28:39you right now this morning we read from Psalm 136 and we did it responsibly let me read to
28:45you a little bit more from that song because it’s so appropriate for what we’re looking at today
28:50starting at verse 10 to him who struck down the firstborn of Egypt for a
28:56steadfast love endures forever and brought Israel out from among them for a
29:01steadfast love endures forever with a strong hand and an outstretched arm for
29:06his steadfast love endures forever to him who divided the Red Sea in two for his steadfast love endures forever and
29:13made Israel pass through the midst of it for his steadfast love endures forever but overthrew pharaoh and his host in
29:20the Red Sea for his steadfast love endures forever to him who led his people through the Wilderness for his
29:27steadfast love endures forever now watch this it is he who remembered us in our
29:32lowest state why because his steadfast love endures forever he has rescued us from our foes
29:40for his steadfast love endures forever he who gives us food gives food to All
29:46Flesh why because his steadfast love endures forever so give thanks to the god of Heaven for his steadfast love
29:53endures forever and this morning Christ gives us his very body and his blood in with and under the wine and the bread
30:00for the Forgiveness of our sins and the sustaining of our faith as we journey through this Wilderness this cursed
30:06creation into the promised land of a new Heaven and a new Earth a land that truly flows with milk and honey why because
30:13his steadfast love endures forever God is truly merciful loving and kind to you
30:19to us so are you hungry are you weary
30:25well Isaiah said it this morning come everyone who thirsts
30:30come to the waters and he who has no money come buy and eat come buy wine and
30:37milk without money and without price why do you spend your money for that which is not bread and your labor for
30:43that which does not satisfy listen diligently to me eat what is good and
30:48Delight yourselves in the rich food incline your ear and come to me and hear so that your soul might live in the name
30:57of Jesus Amen
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