Sermon Transcript – The Spirit of Anti-Christ Has Been Here for 2000 Years

Series B – Fifth Sunday of Easter – Sunday, May 2, 2021 | Pr. Chris Rosebrough

Welcome to the Teaching Ministry of Kongsvinger Lutheran Church. Kongsvinger is a beacon for the Gospel of Jesus Christ and is located on the plains of Northwestern Minnesota.
We proclaim Christ and Him crucified for our sins and salvation by grace through faith alone, and now, here’s a message from Pastor Chris Rosebrough:
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0:28the holy gospel according to saint john
0:31the 15th chapter
0:35glory to you
0:40Jesus said i am the true vine
0:44my father is the vine dresser every
0:46branch of mine that does not bear fruit
0:49he takes away and every branch that does
0:51bear fruit he prunes
0:53that it may bear more fruit already you
0:55are clean because of the word that i
0:56have spoken to you
0:58abide in me and i in you as the branch
1:00cannot bear fruit by itself unless it
1:02abides in the vine neither can you
1:04unless you abide in me i am the vine
1:07you are the branches whoever abides in
1:10me and i in him he it is that bears much
1:13for apart from me you can do nothing if
1:15anyone does not abide in me he’s thrown
1:17away like a branch and withers and the
1:19branches that are gathered and thrown
1:20into the fire and burned
1:22if you abide in me and my word abides in
1:24you ask whatever you wish and it will be
1:26done for you
1:26by this my father is glorified that you
1:28bear much fruit and so prove to be my
1:32this is the gospel of the lord grace
1:34mercy and peace you from god the father
1:35the son and the holy spirit you may be
1:40so let me ask you a question when you
1:42think of the antiChrist
1:44kind of an ominous phrase isn’t it the
1:46antiChrist the one who was opposed
1:48to Christ what do you think about do you
1:50think about that movie the omen and
1:52damian and
1:53and you think about the hollywood
1:54versions do you think that the
1:55antiChrist is something that we need to
1:57worry about
1:58you know in the future maybe in the
2:00distant future maybe in the
2:02well not so distant future but the
2:04antiChrist is nothing that we need to
2:05trouble ourselves with
2:07today if that is what you think
2:11your thinking is in grave error
2:15the antiChrist the spirit of antiChrist
2:18which is preparing the way for the man
2:19of lawlessness
2:20has been present working in the church
2:23for two
2:24millennia and god the holy spirit has
2:28actually commanded
2:29every Christian to not be
2:32naive to not believe anybody who just
2:35comes along
2:36claiming all kinds of stuff and you’re
2:38going to note that much of the Christian
2:40church today
2:41is marked by a bunch of people who do
2:43not do what Christ commands or what the
2:45holy spirit commands in our epistle text
2:47listen to these words beloved
2:50do not believe every spirit but test the
2:52spirits to see whether they are from god
2:55the do not believe portion there in that
2:57epistle text
2:58is an imperative in the greek which
3:01means it’s a direct command
3:03orders from god himself so if somebody
3:05comes along
3:06and they tell you a tall tale about
3:08their exploits
3:09and all the things that they’re doing of
3:11the demons that they’re slaying of the
3:13dead that they are raising and they are
3:15not sound in how they handle the
3:17biblical texts
3:18then you need to know you are commanded
3:20by god to not be a dupe
3:23you are commanded by god to search the
3:25scriptures and to test
3:27everybody and oh by the way that applies
3:29to me
3:31nobody gets to say well rosebro said it
3:34therefore it’s got to be true
3:35roseboro’s a sinner and roseboro’s
3:37capable of messing up all kinds of stuff
3:39and i do it with regularity
3:41therefore everything i say gets to be
3:44tested even the apostle paul
3:46his message was tested by the church in
3:49when he brought the good news of Christ
3:51being the messiah
3:53and also that he was an eyewitness to
3:54the resurrection they said to the
3:56apostle paul
3:57hey slow down their texts we’re going to
3:59need to check to see if what you’re
4:01saying is true
4:02and what did they do they examined the
4:04scriptures and found that the message
4:06that paul was bringing
4:08was in accord with and a fulfillment of
4:10the very scriptures that they had in
4:12their possession at the time which was
4:15the old testament so that being the case
4:19we are commanded by god to
4:22test so listen to what it says and the
4:24reason is given
4:25so beloved do not believe every spirit
4:27test the spirits to see whether they are
4:28from god for many false prophets
4:30have gone out into the world
4:34false prophets present two thousand
4:37years ago
4:38i would argue here that false prophets
4:40have been present for 2000 years
4:42the spirit of antiChrist has always been
4:44present in the church
4:45and if you know your book of revelation
4:47then you know full well
4:49that the dragon is quite upset and is
4:51very annoyed
4:52and very agitated because he knows his
4:55time is short
4:56and so what is he going to spend his
4:58last days on planet earth doing
5:00waging warfare against the saints
5:03congratulations you’re now in a war
5:05you’ve been in a war the whole time
5:06i’ve pointed it out before the great
5:08walter martin used to point out that
5:10on the battlefield anybody who does not
5:12come to grips with the fact that they’re
5:14in the
5:14middle of a battle they become
5:18he used to describe people who would
5:20stick their head in the sand
5:22as you know and not listen to anything
5:25the bible had to say as far as testing
5:27the false teachers
5:28he said that they had the flaming darts
5:30of the evil one sticking out of their
5:35it’s quite a graphic thing but it’s true
5:39so do not believe every spirit many
5:41false prophets have gone
5:43into the world and i would note this
5:45past week
5:46i don’t normally talk about stuff like
5:48this from the pulpit but it’s too
5:50important not to mention
5:52this past week major leaders of the new
5:54apostolic reformation and the
5:56charismatic movement
5:57put out a document called prophetic
5:59standards you can find it at prophetic
6:01standards dot com
6:02and i would note that the standards that
6:05they are claiming for prophets is not
6:07the biblical standard at all
6:08and what they have said is alarming to
6:11say the least
6:12these are people who claim that normal
6:14Christianity involves you and i
6:16performing signs and wonders of us
6:18acting in the miraculous
6:20of us having well encounters with the
6:22holy spirit and blissing out
6:24supposedly on the glory of god you can
6:27already tell that this theology is
6:29whack it’s not from god no scripture
6:31talks this way
6:33but these people in their prophetic
6:34standards here’s one of the statements
6:36that they made
6:38that something that they reject listen
6:41we reject the notion that a contemporary
6:45prophetic word is on the same level of
6:47inspiration or authority as scripture
6:50or that god always speaks inherently
6:54prophets today they reject the idea that
6:58god speaks inerrantly through prophets
7:02and the reason why they’re saying this
7:03is because i don’t know if you’ve
7:04noticed but the charismatic movement has
7:06taken it on the chin
7:07and rightly so because every one of
7:09their profits said that trump was going
7:11to win the election in november
7:12and when that didn’t happen they went
7:15all q anon
7:16on us and claimed that he’s going to be
7:18inaugurated not biden in january well
7:20when biden was inaugurated
7:22they then turned around and say he’s
7:24waiting in the wings he’s actually still
7:26the president he’s flying around on air
7:28force one he’s pulling all the levers
7:29he’s really the one in charge
7:31and he will visibly make manifest his
7:33presidency in march march came and went
7:35they moved it back to april april came
7:37and went
7:38now they’ve moved it back to august this
7:40is called
7:41moving the goal post right and since all
7:43of these people
7:44said thus saith the lord trump is going
7:47to be reelected
7:48well according to the biblical standard
7:50laid out in deuteronomy 18
7:52they are shown to be false prophets
7:56anyone who speaks in the name of god and
7:58says thus saith the lord
8:00and then predicts the future and the
8:02future doesn’t take place
8:04deuteronomy 18 says they’re a false
8:06prophet and the penalty
8:08laid out for these false prophets in
8:10deuteronomy 18 is death
8:12by stoning in the ancient theocracy of
8:16in the Christian church it should be
8:19we don’t stone them we’ll leave that up
8:20to god but the point is
8:22is that these people are rejecting now
8:25not only the biblical
8:26standard for prophecy but now
8:28deuteronomy 13 is in play
8:30deuteronomy 13 says that if somebody
8:32prophesies something and it comes to
8:36and you and then they say let us go
8:39after other gods that you do not know
8:41don’t listen to them so deuteronomy 13
8:44is in play because these people now are
8:47that god speaks errantly
8:52if god speaks errantly we are in big
8:56because scripture says god does not lie
8:59if god speaks errantly and god’s an
9:01error we should be
9:03really worried because maybe god is
9:06suffering from dementia
9:08maybe he has the early onset of losing
9:11his mind
9:12if god speaks errantly oh man you have
9:16no assurance of your salvation
9:17at all the world has slipped into
9:20complete chaos because the king of the
9:23doesn’t have a sound mind anymore he
9:26engages in deception
9:28and so you’ll note then that in the
9:30statement of theirs there’s one
9:32statement that they make that i actually
9:33agree with
9:34they claim that a false prophet is
9:36somebody who operates under a false
9:38masquerading as the holy spirit that is
9:42but what they fail to recognize that
9:44everybody who claims to be speaking
9:45prophetically today
9:47they are also well masquerading
9:51as true prophets of god and the holy
9:53spirit that they are preaching and
9:55is not the biblical holy spirit because
9:56the biblical holy spirit never
9:58lies cannot speak errantly we are
10:02in a lot of trouble and you’ll note many
10:04good churches
10:05are harassed and cajoled and are
10:09caused to dwindle down to nothing
10:11because the big distinction that these
10:12folks say is do you attend one of those
10:15dead churches
10:17you know the kind where they do that
10:19liturgy thing
10:20you know and the pastor what does he do
10:23he preaches the word
10:25and tells sinners that they’re they need
10:27to repent and be forgiven
10:29we need to just come alive and be
10:31awakened by the new thing that god is
10:35that’s how they talk but here
10:38the holy spirit has warned us two
10:40thousand years ago
10:42that many false prophets have gone out
10:44into the world and of course that
10:46document that was just put out
10:47somebody can actually according to them
10:49prophesy falsely and still be a true
10:52and actually still be a true prophet
10:54they just can make a few
10:55oopsy-doopsies and slipsies and stuff
10:57like that it’s unbelievable when you
10:59think about
11:00it different god all together
11:04so note then john the same john who
11:07wrote our epistle text
11:08he explains to us what it means in part
11:12not in totality to abide in Christ
11:15in second john verse nine there’s only
11:18one chapter and second
11:19john it says this everyone who goes on
11:23and does not abide in the teaching of
11:27does not have god whoever abides in the
11:30teaching has both the father
11:32and the son so let me ask you a question
11:35abide in the teaching of Christ to go on
11:38ahead and
11:38abide in the teaching of Christ where is
11:41the only place
11:42i can go today to find the teachings of
11:46the bible period full stop
11:51what are we to be about the business of
11:52doing well
11:54part of the way in which we abide in
11:56Christ is by abiding in his word
11:58abiding in his teaching and that
12:01requires us to recognize that the
12:03fulfillment of the great commission
12:04Christ says
12:05all authority has been heaven and earth
12:07has been given to me and he gives the
12:09church a task go and make disciples of
12:11all nations
12:12baptizing them in the name of the father
12:14the son and the holy spirit
12:15teaching all that i have commanded
12:18and lo i am with you always to the end
12:20of the age
12:23have the marching orders changed no the
12:25marching orders are the same
12:27until Christ shows up and i am not
12:29authorized to teach anything in Christ
12:31church because believe me
12:33this church belongs to Christ and i’m a
12:35part of it
12:36but it don’t belong to me i am only
12:39authorized by Jesus to teach what he has
12:41commanded and i can only think of one
12:43place to find that
12:44the scriptures and anybody
12:48who teaches contrary to it i am under
12:52command to rebuke and to silence
12:55and to call them to repentance and so
12:57are you
12:58so that being the case then again
13:00consider our
13:01text from first john he says this by you
13:05by this you know the spirit of god and
13:07here he gives a theological test
13:10john wrote first john against the
13:12gnostics if you’re not familiar with
13:14heresy and it is a heresy the gnostics
13:18that the world as we know it everything
13:20that you can
13:21see smell taste and touch is an accident
13:24created by a demi urge and that it’s all
13:27evil every bit of it every bit that you
13:30can smell
13:31see taste or touch and that the whole
13:33goal of life
13:35is to be disconnected from matter
13:38and live in pure spiritual form and it’s
13:41only the spiritual that is good
13:44evil is matter matter is evil and so
13:47they denied
13:48that Jesus Christ is god in human flesh
13:51in their way of thinking it would be
13:53unseemly it would be unthinkable
13:55that god who is spirit would take on
13:58human flesh
14:00so the gnostics taught that Jesus only
14:02appeared to be human
14:04he only looked like he was human but if
14:06you had paid close attention you would
14:07note that wherever Jesus walked he never
14:09left any footprints this is how they
14:12right well the apostle john who traipsed
14:15about the galilean
14:16wilderness for three years with Jesus
14:18going from town to town
14:20baptizing teaching casting out demons
14:22all this kind of stuff
14:24he was there with Jesus he touched
14:27Jesus he ate with Jesus he saw that
14:30Jesus had to take care of his bodily
14:32needs like the rest of us
14:34and he knew full well that Jesus had
14:36come in the flesh
14:38and he then basically says that one of
14:41the ways in which you can tell that the
14:42spirit of error versus the spirit of
14:45is that every spirit that does not
14:46confess Jesus is not from god and by
14:49that he means the real one
14:51the one that he says every spirit that
14:53confesses that Jesus Christ has come in
14:55the flesh is from god
14:56every spirit that does not confess this
14:58is not from god this is the spirit of
15:00the antiChrist
15:02which you have heard was coming and is
15:04now present
15:05in the world already
15:08the nightmare isn’t then the nightmare
15:11is now
15:13it’s not coming it’s presently here and
15:16has been
15:17so little children he assures us you are
15:19from god
15:21and you have overcome them for he who is
15:23in you is greater than he who is in the
15:26who’s the they there the false prophets
15:30the false teachers they are from the
15:33therefore they speak from the world and
15:34the world listens to them we are from
15:37whoever knows god listens to us and by
15:39that he means
15:40listens to the words of the apostles
15:43whoever is from god
15:44listens to the ones god has sent his
15:47prophets from the old testament
15:48his apostles in the new they listen to
15:51them if they don’t listen to them
15:53they’re not from god whoever is not from
15:55god does not listen to us by this then
15:57we know the spirit of truth in the
15:58spirit of error
16:00and from here i’d like to take a quick
16:01look at our gospel text
16:04and note what Christ says Jesus says i
16:07am the
16:07true vine my father is the vine dresser
16:11and here’s where we’re going to need to
16:12make an important distinction
16:14what is the fruit of the holy spirit
16:19well galatians 5 lays us out for this
16:22love joy peace
16:25patience kindness goodness
16:30gentleness self-control
16:36it sounds like ordinary stuff right and
16:38yet it is absolutely extraordinary
16:41is our world filled with that no just
16:44see twitter if you’re not sure
16:46okay this is why tick-tock is so much
16:50fun that’s a
16:51whole other conversation but you get the
16:53idea right
16:54you’re going to note then we as
16:57Christians are
16:58called to what bear fruit
17:01we are not called to roll on the ground
17:03and bark like a dog
17:05cluck like a chicken or speak gibberish
17:08we are called by the work of the holy
17:09spirit to bear the fruit of the spirit
17:12which is shown in sobriety
17:15shown in love for each other and you’re
17:18going to see the consistency here
17:20between what Christ says
17:21and what the apostle john writes for us
17:23in 1st john
17:24so Jesus says every branch that does not
17:29bear fruit
17:30that does sorry every branch that does
17:32bear fruit he
17:33prunes so that it may bear more fruit
17:37have you ever noticed that Christian
17:38life is a little difficult
17:41you ever notice that just living is
17:43difficult breathing at times seems to be
17:46the whole point is this is that god the
17:49holy spirit producing the fruit of
17:50repentance in us
17:52of love joy peace patience you got the
17:54idea that when we begin to bear fruit
17:57out come the pruning shears to cut off
18:00dead works to cut off selfishness
18:03to cut off all the things that are
18:05inhibiting the fruit from being born
18:07and those things are taken off by god
18:10the father
18:10and the pruning process is anything but
18:15it is absolutely necessary
18:20and then you’ll note these kind words
18:21from Christ but already you are clean
18:23because of the word that i have spoken
18:25to you it is Jesus who has made us clean
18:27so what does he say abide in me
18:31and you’re going to note that Christ
18:32makes it clear just a little bit later
18:34in our gospel text what he means to
18:37if you abide in me and my words abide in
18:40ask whatever you wish and it will be
18:42done for you even Christ makes it clear
18:45that in part the way in which we abide
18:47in Christ
18:48is by abiding in his word
18:52are you tired of hearing the bible are
18:54you sick and tired of coming to church
18:56and noticing
18:57every three years we hate hear the same
18:59biblical text i already heard that text
19:01already know it you know nothing
19:04you know nothing
19:08you need these words like i need these
19:09words these words
19:11are the very sap that keep us alive and
19:14keep us connected to Christ
19:17so abide in me and i in you is the
19:20branch that cannot bear fruit by itself
19:22unless it abides in the vine neither can
19:24you unless you abide
19:26in me and those who depart from the word
19:29run beyond the biblical text off into
19:33Christ describes them as those who’ve
19:34been cut off from him
19:37dead branches you know i always like it
19:39when we have
19:40live plants on the altar because they
19:42last a little bit longer have you ever
19:43noticed that
19:44but when we get flowers that are fresh
19:46from the florist what are they
19:47they’re cut how long do they last
19:52week two if they’re in water and
19:55not that long right
19:59i’m the vine Jesus says you are the
20:01branches whoever abides in me and i in
20:03him he it is that bears
20:05much fruit
20:08love for others is done in the ordinary
20:11it is done in the changing of diapers
20:14it is done in the preparation of meals
20:16it is done in the hard labor of
20:18day-to-day work of creating
20:20excel spreadsheets running payroll
20:23caring for your parents who are getting
20:27and dying it is done in the ordinary it
20:30is done in the hugging of your children
20:33of dressing them and kissing them on the
20:34forehead and patting them on the back
20:36and sending them off to school
20:38love is done in the ordinary of a wife
20:41loving and caring for her husband who’s
20:43had a hard day at work
20:45or a husband who comes home and says
20:47honey i can see that you’re stressed out
20:49i’ll take the kids let me take care of
20:50dinner for you tonight
20:52it is done in how we treat each other
20:54here in church
20:56recognizing that we’re all sinners and
20:58that we
20:59inevitably are going to step on each
21:00other’s toes but when our toes are
21:02stepped on we say
21:03i forgive you is recognizing that there
21:07are some
21:07among us that come on hard times and
21:11of us who the hard times have not come
21:13on we pitch
21:14in our resources to make sure that our
21:17brothers and sisters are cared for and
21:18they don’t go without
21:22this is love this is the fruit of the
21:26this is what we are called to it’s
21:30it’s mundane there’s nothing glorious
21:32about it and yet this is exactly what it
21:34means to bear the fruit
21:36of the spirit whoever abides in me and i
21:39in him he it is who bears much fruit
21:41apart from me you can do nothing if
21:44anyone does not abide in me he’s thrown
21:46away like a branch and withers
21:48and the branches are gathered and
21:50they’re thrown into the fire and burned
21:52this should warn us if you abide in me
21:54and my words abide in you ask whatever
21:56you wish and will be given to you by
21:57this my father then is glorified
22:00how is god glorified not in us
22:02performing signs and wonders but by us
22:04bearing the fruit of the spirit
22:05that’s how god is glorified and so we
22:08then prove to be Jesus’s disciples
22:10and you’ll note that john’s message is
22:12in complete accord here because there’s
22:14a second part to our epistle text
22:16give me one second here
22:19have the joy of allergies this season
22:24green has come back and so has green
22:26from my nose all right
22:29don’t worry i’ll i’ll sanitize my hands
22:31before communion give me a break
22:36slipsy doopsies okay all right
22:40all right so note here the apostle john
22:44then after warning us about the spirit
22:46of antiChrist
22:47his next point is this beloved
22:50let us love one another let us love one
22:56love is from god whoever loves has been
22:59born of god and knows god
23:01anyone who does not love does not know
23:04god because god is love
23:07don’t sit here and tell me that you’ve
23:09had an encounter with Jesus that you’ve
23:11been soaking in the spirit that you can
23:13speak in tongues and all that other kind
23:15of nonsense
23:16let me talk about your life of holiness
23:19and how you are sacrificially loving
23:21others around you
23:22that’s the fruit of the spirit not this
23:24other stuff
23:26anyone who does not love does not know
23:28god because god
23:29is love so in this the love of god
23:32has been manifest among us that god sent
23:36his only son into the world so that we
23:37might live through him
23:39and this is love not that we’ve loved
23:43but that god has loved us and he sent
23:45his son to be the propitiation for our
23:48so brothers and sisters the holy spirit
23:50knows full well god knows full well
23:52that each and every one of us is guilty
23:54of being naive
23:56guilty of listening to voices that if we
23:58would just open our bibles we would
23:59recognize are not the voice of god and
24:01they’re speaking by a different spirit
24:02each and every one of us is guilty of
24:05decep being deceived and your note we’re
24:07complicit in our own deceptions
24:10and so note this that even when we have
24:12done this
24:13and broken the first commandment by
24:14doing so that
24:16we have a savior who has taken all of
24:20sin and the consequences of it upon
24:23and he has propitiated the wrath of god
24:25he has suffered it in your place so that
24:27you and i can be forgiven and this
24:29is love love is not some weird
24:33concept that’s divine this decided and
24:36defined by the greeting cards
24:38i always like to yeah remember those
24:39precious moments things
24:41oh they’re so cute but every time i see
24:43them i just
24:44uh right you know precious moments Jesus
24:48he wouldn’t harm a butterfly
24:50right yet alone send somebody to hell
24:52that’s not Jesus
24:53Jesus is something different and he
24:56demonstrates his great love for us
24:58by laying down his life taking our sin
25:01upon ourselves
25:02and dying so that you and i can live
25:05eternally rather than suffer the wrath
25:07of god
25:08and so note then because of the great
25:10mercy and forgiveness that we have from
25:12because of Christ that this then
25:16defines our love for each other beloved
25:20if god so loved us we also ought to love
25:24one another
25:25no one has ever seen god if we love one
25:28another god abides in us and his love is
25:30perfected in us
25:32so let us repent brothers and sisters
25:34yet again
25:36there you see all you ever preach about
25:38is repentance yeah i know
25:40because i have to repent every day every
25:43let us repent of all the ways in which
25:45we’ve been naive and let us take
25:46confidence it is forgiven in Christ
25:48assure be assured today that when you
25:51hear these words
25:52from me take heed this is the body of
25:54Christ given into death for the
25:55forgiveness of your sins
25:57take drink this is the true blood of
25:58Christ shed for you for the forgiveness
26:00of your sins
26:01take note of those words for the
26:04forgiveness of your sins
26:05and hang on to them tight because with
26:08the lord’s supper today it is another
26:10way in which god is saying to you i love
26:14and because i have loved you love each
26:17this is how God is glorified in the
26:20bearing of fruit
26:21of repentance which is love and joy
26:25and peace and patience and kindness
26:28gentleness goodness and self-control
26:33lord Jesus please grant through your
26:35spirit that we bear
26:36much fruit and that you are glorified in
26:40in the name of Jesus amen
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