Sermon Transcript – The Spirit of Truth

Series B – Pentecost Sunday – Sunday, May 23, 2021 | Pr. Chris Rosebrough

Welcome to the Teaching Ministry of Kongsvinger Lutheran Church. Kongsvinger is a beacon for the Gospel of Jesus Christ and is located on the plains of Northwestern Minnesota.
We proclaim Christ and Him crucified for our sins and salvation by grace through faith alone, and now, here’s a message from Pastor Chris Rosebrough:
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0:28the holy gospel according to saint john
0:30the 15th and 16th
0:38Jesus said when the helper comes whom i
0:40will send you from the father
0:41the spirit of truth who proceeds from
0:44the father
0:45he will bear witness about me and you
0:47also will bear witness because you have
0:49been with me from the beginning
0:50i did not say these things to you from
0:52the beginning because i was with you
0:54now i am going to him who sent me and
0:56none of you asked where are you going
0:58but because i have said these things to
0:59you sorrow has filled your heart
1:01nevertheless i tell you the truth it is
1:03to your advantage that i go away
1:05for if i do not go away the helper will
1:07not come to you but if i go
1:08i will send him to you and when he comes
1:11he will convict the world concerning sin
1:14and righteousness and judgment
1:17concerning sin because they do not
1:18believe in me concerning righteousness
1:20because i go to the father
1:21and you will see me no longer concerning
1:23judgment because the ruler of this world
1:25is judged i still have many things to
1:26say to you but you cannot bear them now
1:29and when the spirit of truth comes he
1:30will guide you into all truth for he
1:32will not speak on his own authority
1:34but whatever he hears he will speak and
1:36he will declare to you the things that
1:38are to come
1:38he will glorify me for he will take what
1:41is mine and declare it to you
1:42all the father has is mine therefore i
1:45said that he will take what is mine and
1:47he will declare it to you
1:48this is the gospel of the lord in the
1:51name of Jesus
1:52amen brothers and sisters today is the
1:56feast of pentecost
1:57and i don’t know if you’ve noticed i’ve
1:59checked the social media lately but we
2:01lutherans get a bad rap
2:02we get accused of putting god the holy
2:04spirit in a box
2:05have you ever heard anyone say that oh
2:07you you lutherans
2:09you believe in father son and holy bible
2:12and you sit there and go what are you
2:13talking about we have a rich theology
2:16and doctrine
2:17of the holy spirit but the issue is is
2:19that we are at odds with
2:20much of the teaching that is out there
2:22regarding the holy spirit
2:24and the reason being is because well
2:26because of the pentecostal movement
2:28pentecostal movement claims that there
2:31is a
2:31second baptism baptism of the holy
2:33spirit as evidenced by speaking in
2:36but scripture is clear in ephesians 4
2:38there is one lord
2:40one faith one baptism one god and father
2:43of all
2:44and so as a result of this this
2:47confusion that happens and by the way
2:49scripture is also clear not everybody
2:51has the gift of tongues that is
2:53improper we have to point people
2:56back to what Christ said the holy spirit
2:59would be doing
3:00the holy spirit when he comes upon us
3:03does not cause us to bark like a dog or
3:05cluck like a chicken
3:06or convulse uncontrollably on the ground
3:10by the way the only instances of people
3:12convulsing uncontrollably on the ground
3:14in scripture
3:15are those who are manifesting a demon
3:17instead the holy spirit does something
3:19far more important and one that is not
3:23popular and we have to take this into
3:25consideration because i don’t know if
3:26you’ve ever heard some of
3:27today’s modern prophets unfortunately my
3:30other job
3:31requires me to listen to a lot of these
3:32yahoos and
3:34they claim things like this you can
3:35always tell when god the holy spirit is
3:37speaking because god would never say
3:39anything to you that would hurt your
3:42ba humbug that’s not even close to true
3:46so let’s consider the words of our lord
3:48in our
3:49gospel text before we take a look at
3:52what happened on the day of pentecost
3:53here’s what Jesus says to his disciples
3:56but when the helper
3:57comes whom i will send to you from the
4:00father the spirit of truth
4:02who proceeds from the father he will
4:04bear witness about me let’s consider
4:06these words for a second here
4:08important word helper greek word pericle
4:10that’s a pretty good translation
4:12the holy spirit is one who helps us he
4:14helps us and gives us strength to
4:16mortify our sinful flesh
4:18he’s also the one who makes us alive in
4:19Christ but you’re going to note here an
4:21important modifier regarding the holy
4:24he is the spirit of truth
4:27truth he is not the spirit of error nor
4:30is he the spirit of lies
4:31and you’ll note that throughout the
4:33scriptures it is absolutely consistent
4:36that no one ever said i feel like the
4:39lord is
4:40telling me that maybe kinda sorta right
4:43now there we might be in a season
4:45and there will be suddenlys and
4:49nonsense absolute nonsense
4:52everybody who spoke by the holy spirit
4:56in both the old and the new testament
4:57said thus
4:59saith the lord and you’ll remember
5:02but god commanded ezekiel thus declares
5:06the lord and that wonderful passage we
5:09read in the old testament
5:10today about the valley of dry bones just
5:12a little aside
5:13it has nothing to do with god
5:14resurrecting your dead dreams it has
5:16nothing to do with that at all
5:18the promise there in the text he’s going
5:21to raise your dead carcass
5:23on the last day if you are not alive
5:26Jesus returns in glory to judge the
5:28living and the dead
5:29and you happen to be snoozing outside
5:31there in our graveyard
5:33well then know this that when Jesus
5:35comes back as ezekiel prophesied
5:38you will be raised from the dead that’s
5:40what that passage
5:41is about and so i would note there’s a
5:44lot of
5:44error there are a lot of lies there’s a
5:46lot of false doctrine
5:48that is pinned on the holy spirit and
5:50the holy spirit gets a bad rap today
5:52but Jesus makes it clear the holy spirit
5:54is the spirit of truth
5:55and he will bear witness about
5:59me so you’ll note the holy spirit one of
6:03seminary prophets and i’ve heard other
6:04people say this along the way in my
6:06journey as a Christian
6:07they point out that the holy spirit he
6:09is the pr
6:10guy for Jesus that’s who he is
6:14he’s always telling people about Jesus
6:17have you heard about Jesus holy holy
6:18spirit would you like to tell me today
6:20how about can i
6:20tell you about Jesus and what he’s done
6:22for you have you heard about the
6:24testimony of Jesus
6:25how he his sinless in your place
6:28how he bore your sins on the cross how
6:31he is the one who reconciles you to the
6:33you’ll note that the holy spirit is
6:35there emboldening the apostles
6:36to preach about Jesus
6:40and i find it fascinating that many
6:41people who claim to have the holy spirit
6:44operate in signs and wonders you know
6:46what they preach about
6:48themselves it’s really really weird
6:52the real holy spirit is obsessed with
6:54pointing us to Christ
6:55and bearing witness about him Jesus
6:58and you also will bear witness because
7:00you have been with me from
7:02the beginning and so you’ll note that
7:04here you have the apostles
7:06Christ saying that they will bear
7:07witness about Christ in the same
7:09phrase he talks about how the holy
7:11spirit will bear witness
7:12about Christ and when you read the new
7:15who do the apostles seem to be obsessed
7:17with and who do they want to tell you
7:21Jesus right that’s kind of the point
7:24so i’ve said these things to you that
7:26when their hour comes you may remember
7:28what i told you
7:30and then Jesus goes on to say this that
7:33when the helper comes
7:35that he will send he will convict
7:38the world concerning sin and
7:42and judgment convict
7:46the world regarding sin uh-oh
7:49that might make you feel negative
7:55but the thing is those negative thoughts
7:56are true when the holy spirit works
7:59through the law of god he will convict
8:01you of your sin
8:02and you will say to yourself and you
8:05will say to god lord i am a sinner
8:08and i deserve only your wrath and your
8:10punishment but the holy spirit also
8:12convicts us regarding righteousness
8:14whose righteousness yours know the
8:17righteousness of Christ given to you as
8:19a gift by grace through faith
8:21so the holy spirit will convict you of
8:22your sin but also convict you
8:24regarding the truth that Christ has bled
8:26and died for your
8:28sins every single one of them and so
8:31you’ll note
8:32there are some negative feelings that
8:33come along with the real work of the
8:35holy spirit
8:36and we see this throughout scripture we
8:39also see it on the day of pentecost
8:41now it’s not in our pentecost reading
8:42today because what they’ve done is
8:44they’ve taken
8:45peter’s sermon and chopped it into two
8:47pieces today we get part one but in part
8:50two next week on trinity sunday we see
8:52that after peter has preached his great
8:54pentecost sermon
8:56it says the people were cut to the heart
8:59and they cried out brothers what shall
9:01we do
9:02and what does peter say repent repent
9:05well that’s a word that’s become like a
9:07four-letter word today how many times
9:08have you heard
9:09preachers preach on repentance it’s
9:11become very um
9:13well not popular because it’s so
9:16negative i think about
9:18paula white a couple years ago she
9:20famously sent out on her social media
9:22any spirit that would tell you to deny
9:25yourself is a
9:26as a demonic spirit full quote
9:29paula white any spirit that would tell
9:32you to deny yourself
9:34is a demonic spirit well i would note
9:37Christ is the one who says anyone who
9:39would follow me must deny himself
9:42and take up his cross and follow me so
9:45you’ll know
9:46if you’re here to feel good about
9:47yourself that’s not going to work you
9:49because what’s my job my job’s to tell
9:50you that you’re a sinner so am i that’s
9:53why i wear black
9:54and that’s where i’m covered up because
9:57this pastor is a sinner just like you
9:58and like me
10:00but all of that being said so he says
10:03the holy spirit’s going to convict the
10:04world of sin and judgment
10:06concerning righteousness and he says
10:09when the spirit of truth
10:10comes he will guide you into all truth
10:13for he will not speak on his own
10:14authority and you’ll note here
10:16Christ is promising his disciples who
10:19are the apostles
10:20that the holy spirit would guide them
10:21into all truth that is why paul
10:23says in second timothy chapter three
10:26that all scripture is
10:28theo nustas what an interesting word
10:31theo god nustas coming from the word
10:34spirit that it’s god breed that it’s god
10:37inspirated and so we know that the holy
10:41guided the apostles into all truth and
10:43you know what they did they wrote it
10:45for us and they wrote it down for us so
10:47that we also
10:49can be well trained
10:52and instructed rebuked and equipped
10:55through the word of truth
10:56the word of truth that the holy spirit
10:58caused the apostles to write for us
11:01and it’s in this regard i would like to
11:03say something to james
11:06as is tradition the pastor always gets
11:09to choose a verse or two
11:11for your confirmation and this is a this
11:14is a passage that
11:16the idea here is is that having spent
11:18two years with you
11:20and by the way you were a fantastic
11:21student i want everybody to know that
11:24that um these verses need to follow you
11:27the rest of your
11:28life and so we’ve made sure that that it
11:31will be hard for you to forget what they
11:33are but the verses i’ve chosen for you
11:35are from the gospel of john chapter 8
11:38verses 31 and 32.
11:41Jesus said to the jews who believed in
11:42him if you abide in my word
11:46you are my disciples
11:51and you will know the truth and the
11:54truth will set you free
11:57let these words be a compass point for
11:59you true
12:00north is in the words of Christ and they
12:03are found in the scripture
12:05if ever you find yourself in a situation
12:08where the devil the world or your own
12:09sinful flesh has gotten the better of
12:12and you’re a little bit lost or
12:15come back to this verse abide in
12:18Christ’s words
12:20his word is truth and they will set you
12:25these words are important for us because
12:28each and every one of us
12:29we are buffeted daily weekly
12:32i myself am by temptations
12:36that at times will feel overwhelming
12:38right now your life is a little simple
12:40well you’re still a kid but those days
12:44are coming when you’re going to have to
12:45pay bills
12:46you’re going to have to go to work
12:48you’re going to have to deal with office
12:50you’re going to have major homework
12:51assignments you’re going to be tired and
12:53exhausted and temptations will come your
12:56the devil will not leave you alone i
12:58promise you that
12:59because scripture says that so note this
13:01abide in the words of Christ
13:04and when you do you will know the truth
13:05and the truth will always set you free
13:08because that’s what his word does so
13:13coming back then to the sermon that was
13:16an aside an important one
13:18Christ has made it clear that the holy
13:19spirit is the spirit of truth
13:21he will glorify me he will take what is
13:24mine and declare it to you
13:26and all that the father has is mine
13:28therefore i said
13:29that he will take what is mine and he
13:31will declare it to you
13:33the work of the holy spirit is to
13:34glorify Christ
13:36and in that regard then we consider acts
13:39chapter 2 verses 1 to 21
13:41the day of pentecost if you’re not sure
13:43what pentecost is
13:45what’s that name why why pentecost
13:48well it’s a feast that was appointed in
13:50the mosaic covenant
13:52to be celebrated at the 50-day mark
13:55after the passover so it’s 50 days since
13:58the passover 50 days since Christ’s
13:59death and resurrection
14:01and subsequently he is ascended into
14:05and so pentecost in the mosaic covenant
14:07was an interesting feast people were
14:09required to show up in jerusalem for it
14:11and the big thing that happened seems
14:14kind of like not that big of a thing
14:16uh what they did is they took some
14:19sheaves of
14:20wheat which were like the first fruits
14:22of the wheat harvest they had two
14:24harvests in the uh
14:25in israel back in the day and so it
14:28would take wheat
14:29sheaves from the from the first fruits
14:31of the wheat harvest
14:32and they would wave them before the lord
14:35that’s it yeah that’s pretty much it
14:38well that’s great okay but consider the
14:40implications here
14:42the lord knew when the lord set it up
14:45that these old testament festivals were
14:48you know pointing to Christ or pointing
14:50to a reality that he would fulfill
14:52and so Christ is the one who chose to
14:55send the holy spirit on the day that he
14:57sent him
14:58it could have come on any day but he
14:59came on pentecost the
15:01celebration of the first fruits of the
15:03harvest oh wait a second
15:05isn’t you know the kicking off of the
15:08church with the holy spirit and the
15:09proclamation of the gospel
15:11kind of like you know the first fruits
15:13of the harvest
15:14indeed it is in fact Jesus always and
15:16again refers to the day of judgment in
15:18terms of
15:19harvest of separating of wheat from
15:22and so here we have the kicking off of
15:24the harvest of the end of the days
15:26and the people who heard peter preach on
15:28that day they were the first fruits they
15:30were the
15:31initial sheave of you would of the
15:34well the wheat that Christ would gather
15:37into his barn
15:38and know this then the god the holy
15:40spirit wills
15:41for you to be saved as well and so this
15:45sermon that peter preached comes across
15:47the pages of time
15:49and reaches our ears and challenges us
15:52and comforts us as well
15:54and so when pentecost arrived the
15:55disciples were all together in one place
15:58i like the fact that some of the older
16:00translations said they were all in one
16:01accord which means they drove a honda
16:03but i know i write my own material
16:10yeah i know i’ve achieved my objective
16:14wayne cleven shakes his head
16:17yeah anyway
16:20and suddenly there came from heaven a
16:22sound like a mighty rushing wind
16:25and it filled the entire house where
16:27they were sitting and divided tongues as
16:29a fire appeared to them and rested on
16:31each one of them and they were all
16:32filled with the holy spirit
16:34and they began to speak in other tongues
16:36as the spirit gave them utterance
16:38an important note here is is that this
16:39text is going to take great pains to
16:41make it clear
16:42that tongues is not gibberish that these
16:46actual human languages and this is a
16:49fulfillment of a prophecy from isaiah
16:51chapter 28 where god
16:53said that there would be a sign given to
16:56stiff-necked and unbelieving israel who
16:59he says that
17:00even if somebody were to preach to you
17:02in other languages
17:04you still wouldn’t repent this was a
17:06sign if you would this is why
17:07paul says in first corinthians 14 that
17:09tongues are assigned to unbelievers
17:12and so here they’re going to hear the
17:14wonders of god proclaimed to them in
17:16actual human languages this isn’t the
17:19nonsense that we see in so many churches
17:21where somebody gets up and said
17:22coulda bought a hyundai shoulda bought a
17:24kia that ain’t that ain’t
17:26that ain’t tongues that’s gibberish
17:28there’s a big difference between the two
17:30so the word dwelling in jerusalem jews
17:32devout men from every nation under
17:35and at this sound the multitude came
17:37together they were bewildered because
17:39each one was hearing them speak in his
17:42and here the greek uses a synonym for
17:44glossa tongues
17:46and it’s dialectas it means language and
17:49that’s what they
17:50heard they were amazed they were
17:51astonishing are not all these who are
17:53speaking galileans
17:55a little bit of a historical aside here
17:57galileans back in the day were not the
17:59sharpest knives in the drawer
18:00i’m just saying okay these were salty
18:03people of the earth
18:05and they didn’t graduate from high
18:07school maybe junior high at best i mean
18:09that’s kind of what we’re talking about
18:11and so these are folks that are we’re
18:13not known for like purchasing the
18:14rosetta stone app and studying other
18:17and that’s part of the sign if you would
18:21and so are they not galileans how is it
18:24that we hear them each in his own native
18:26language dialectas again in the greek
18:29and now we hear the languages that were
18:31spoken the languages of the parthenians
18:33and the medes
18:34the eliramites the residents of
18:36mesopotamia judea and cappadocia
18:39pontius and asia phrygia pamphylia egypt
18:42and parts of libya belonging to cyrene
18:44and visitors from rome both jews and
18:45proselytes cretans and arabians
18:47we hear them telling in our own tongues
18:50the mighty
18:51works of god
18:54what was the holy spirit doing pointing
18:57people to Jesus
18:59that’s exactly what was going on so they
19:02were all amazed
19:03they were perplexed saying to one
19:04another what does this mean
19:07but others mocked and said they are
19:08filled with new
19:10wine now a little bit of a note even
19:12though galileans are salty people of the
19:15they have standards when it comes to
19:17drinking nine in the morning
19:18still too early maybe one in the
19:20afternoon or five who knows but
19:23that’s it’s it’s scandalous and
19:26slanderous to accuse them of being drunk
19:28so early in the morning so peter
19:29standing with the eleven he lifted up
19:31his voice
19:32when he addressed them men of judea and
19:34all who dwell in jerusalem
19:36let this be known to you and give ear to
19:38my words for these men are not drunk
19:41as you suppose since it’s only the third
19:43hour of the day
19:46even we have standards right but this is
19:49what was uttered through the prophet
19:51and then peter gives us
19:54a holy spirit inspired interpretation of
19:58joel’s prophecy
20:00and you’ll note that he’s filled with
20:01the holy spirit here he says and this is
20:03the fulfillment of it in the last days
20:05it shall be
20:07god declares i will pour out my spirit
20:10all flesh up to this point the holy
20:14spirit was kind of a private thing
20:16among people who were genetically
20:18descendants of abraham
20:20those were the ones who received the
20:21holy spirit who received the prophetic
20:23utterances who wrote
20:24the old testament for us but now what
20:27has Christ said go and make disciples of
20:29all nations baptizing them in the name
20:31of the father and the son and the holy
20:34and you’ll note that the holy spirit is
20:36no longer merely for people who are the
20:38descendants of abraham
20:39instead the holy spirit is for all
20:41people all people brought to penitence
20:44and faith in Christ
20:45for the forgiveness of your sins and so
20:47he says because this is the fulfillment
20:49of this
20:50as joel said your sons and daughters
20:51will prophesy your young men shall see
20:54your old men shall dream dreams even on
20:57male servants and female servants it
20:58doesn’t matter if you’re rich or poor
21:00slave or free jew or gentile the holy
21:02spirit is for all
21:04who believe in Christ and in those days
21:06i will pour out my spirit and they will
21:09and then i will show wonders in the
21:11heavens above and signs in the earth
21:12below blood and fire and vapor of smoke
21:15the sun shall be turned to darkness and
21:17the moon to blood
21:18wait a second didn’t that happen just 50
21:22prior to pentecost when Christ was
21:25hanging on the cross
21:27and that’s kind of the point isn’t it
21:29you see
21:30there was a sign that preceded this and
21:32that was the three hours of darkness
21:34that Jesus
21:34hung suffering bleeding dying
21:38languishing under the wrath of god for
21:40you and for me
21:42so that we can be forgiven pardoned and
21:46you see it’s all about Jesus god sent
21:48his son
21:49into the world not to condemn the world
21:51but that the world might be saved
21:52through him that you might be saved
21:55and so you’ll note there was a sign
21:58of the sun turning to darkness while
22:01Christ bled and died for your sins and
22:03and before the great of the day of the
22:05lord comes the great and magnificent day
22:08and then here’s where we’ll leave off
22:10with part one
22:11of peter’s great sermon on the day of
22:13pentecost and it shall come to pass
22:16that everyone who calls on the name of
22:19the lord
22:20will be saved
22:23everyone you me
22:27doesn’t matter if you’re norwegian or
22:30asian mexican doesn’t matter what your
22:34genetic dissent is everyone who calls on
22:36the name of the lord will be saved
22:38why because Christ became sin
22:43by taking your sin upon himself in order
22:45to reconcile you to the father
22:47so though your sins be as scarlet and
22:50they are
22:51though your sins be horrible and well
22:54worthy of damnation
22:55and they are Christ has stood in your
23:00and suffered so that you can live the
23:02holy spirit wants you to hear about
23:04Jesus today
23:05and so Jesus you will hear about because
23:08even the prophets prophesied of him
23:10it shall come to pass all who call upon
23:12the name of Jesus
23:14will be saved so let us thank god for
23:17the holy spirit who is our helper
23:20who convicts us of our sin convicts us
23:23regarding the righteousness of Christ
23:25convicts us regarding the coming
23:27judgment but also helps us to bear the
23:29fruit of the spirit
23:31and the fruit of the spirit isn’t being
23:32out of control or drunk
23:34the fruit of the spirit is love joy
23:38peace patience
23:41kindness goodness gentleness
23:46and self-control you see the holy spirit
23:49is everything
23:50and the holy spirit points us to Christ
23:52the holy spirit gives us the power that
23:55we need
23:55to mortify our sinful flesh so that
23:58daily we can rise to the good works that
24:00Christ has prepared for us to do
24:03what an amazing gift the holy spirit is
24:06and that’s what Christ called it
24:08a gift that’s who he is he’s a gift he’s
24:11our helper
24:12he’s our paraclete he’s our
24:16and he’s also the one who assures us
24:19that we are forgiven ah the holy spirit
24:23we definitely believe in him and no he’s
24:26not in a box
24:27he’s here today pointing you to Christ
24:31in the name of Jesus amen
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