Sermon Transcript – The Ten Commandments

Series B – Second Wednesday in Lent – Wednesday, February 25, 2015 | Pr. Chris Rosebrough

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0:27The holy Gospel According to Saint Matthew chapter 5 verses 17
0:33through 48. do not think I have come to abolish the
0:39law or the prophets I have not come to abolish them but to fulfill them I tell you the truth until
0:45Heaven and Earth disappear not the smallest letter not the least stroke of a pen by any means this will disappear
0:52from the law until everything is accomplished anyone who breaks one of the least of these Commandments and
0:58teaches others to do the same will be called least in the Kingdom of Heaven but whoever practices and teaches these
1:05commands will be called great in the Kingdom of Heaven for I tell you unless your righteousness surpasses that of the
1:11Pharisees and the teachers of the law you will certainly not enter the kingdom of heaven
1:17you have heard that it was said to the people long ago do not murder and anyone who murders will be subject to judgment
1:23but I tell you that anyone who is angry with his brother will be subject to judgment again anyone who says to his
1:30brother raqqa is answerable to the Sanhedrin but anyone who says you fool
1:36will be in the danger of the fire of Hell therefore if you’re offering your
1:41gift at the altar and there remember that your brother has something against you leave the gift there in front of the altar first go and be reconciled to your
1:48brother then come and offer your gift settle matters quickly with your
1:53adversary who is taking you to court do it while you’re still with him on the way or he may hand you over to the judge
1:59and the judge May hand you over to the officer and you may be thrown into prison I tell you the truth you will not
2:05get out until you have paid the last penny you have heard that it was said do
2:10not commit adultery but I tell you that anyone who looks at a woman lustfully has already committed adultery with her
2:17in his heart if your right eye causes you to sin gouge it out throw it away it’s better for you to lose one part of your body
2:23than for your whole body to be thrown into hell and if your right hand causes you to sin cut it off throw it away it’s
2:30better for you to lose one part of your body than for your whole body to go into hell it has been said anyone who divorces his
2:38wife must give her a certificate of divorce but I tell you anyone who divorces his wife except for marital
2:43unfaithfulness causes her to become an adulteress and anyone who marries at the divorced woman commits adultery again
2:51you have heard that it was said to the people long ago do not break your oath but keep the O’s that you have made to
2:57the Lord but I tell you do not swear at all either by heaven for it is God’s Throne or by the Earth for it is his
3:03footstool or by Jerusalem for it is the city of the great king and do not swear
3:08by your head for you cannot make even one hair white or black simply let your
3:14yes be yes and your no we know anything beyond this comes from the evil one
3:19you have heard that it was said eye for eye tooth for tooth but I tell you do not resist an evil person if someone
3:26strikes you on the right cheek turn to him the other also and if someone wants to sue you and take your tunic let them
3:33have your cloak as well if someone forces you to go one mile go with him two miles give to the one who asked you
3:39and do not turn away from the one who wants to borrow from you you have heard that it was said love your neighbor hate
3:44your enemy but I tell you love your enemies pray for those who persecute you that you may be sons of your father in
3:51Heaven he causes his son to rise on the evil and the good and sends rain on the
3:57righteous and the unrighteous if you love those who love you what reward will you get are not even the tax collectors
4:04doing that and if you greet only your brothers what are you doing more than others do not even the pagans do that be
4:11perfect therefore as your father heavenly father is perfect
4:17in the name of Jesus be perfect is your father in Heaven is perfect
4:25all right let’s try this for about 10 seconds tell me if any of you pull it off
4:33nope I already fell fell short okay yeah this law thing is a big deal
4:41and when we as lutherans as Christians look at what scripture says and properly
4:46distinguished between the law and the gospel we have to understand its uses as there’s functions that it serves and
4:53it’s also important for us to understand that nowhere in scripture is one of the functions of God’s law to save you now
5:00if you want to be saved by God’s law and being a good person well
5:06I wish you the best of luck the reason I say that is because unlike some college
5:11courses God does not grade on the curve when it comes to being saved by keeping
5:17the law you must keep it perfectly from the moment you are conceived until the
5:23moment you draw your last breath perfectly
5:30anyone here planning on being graded in that way
5:36I listen if I’m going to be graded in that way I don’t have a chance but what do we do with the law as Christians how
5:42do we live as Christians what do we do with God’s law because it’s always accusing us it’s always saying to you
5:49you’ve fallen short you haven’t done this you’re not doing that I mean I’m sure as we were singing this wonderful Luther hymn you’re all sitting there
5:55going create lyrics it’s those are the Ten Commandments and well I’m not exactly
6:03keeping it right every single one of us as we were
6:08singing those lyrics As I was reading the text you’re all sitting there going
6:14okay I’m not pulling this off
6:19what do you do with the law then well some people have come up with this fascinating solution their fascinating solution is this oh we don’t need the
6:26law the law is bad bad law nope the law is not bad the law is
6:31wholly pure Right comes from the mind of God but remember what I read in the epistle text that the purpose of the law is to
6:39show us our sin that’s its primary function but it also serves another function and funny enough that other
6:46function is seen if you pay real close attention it’s seen in the book of Exodus in chapter 20. let me read to you
6:53a little bit from here Exodus chapter 20. verse 1. God spoke all these words I am the Lord
7:03your God who brought you out of Egypt out of the land of slavery there’s the
7:09opening now how much law keeping did the children of Israel need to do prior to
7:16their being set free from slavery to pharaoh and being brought to Mount Sinai
7:23not none did God save them out of slavery by their works
7:29nope he didn’t he saved them purely by Grace his love and his mercy and when
7:36you read the stories of the children of Israel in the wilderness and all of their grumblings
7:41you find that he saved a whole bunch of people who really for whatever reason really preferred slavery you know they
7:49were grumblers they didn’t really believe God and so here’s the idea this first verse in Exodus kind of sets it up
7:56and what I mean is is that the law here is revealed after God’s Mighty Act of
8:03Deliverance and he delivered them not because of their law keeping he delivered them because of his own word
8:08because of his own promise he had promised in the Book of Genesis to Israel himself as well as to Israel’s
8:16son Joseph that they would go and they would be in Egypt for 400 years but God
8:22would remember them and deliver them out and you know what he did he kept his promise God always keeps his word and so
8:29he did this because of his own for his own glory for his own word’s sake because he had promised to do so long
8:35before any of these people were born and so God did what he promised to do he delivered them out of the hand of
8:40slavery in Egypt and then he brings him to Mount Sinai and this is important why
8:46is it important because they’re being well set free from slavery
8:52to sin or slavery to Pharaoh wasn’t because of their good
8:58works so it wasn’t like God was going to throw them back into Egypt if they didn’t keep these instead we had we got
9:04to keep the tone in mind so the idea is is as you read The Ten Commandments this is what it
9:12looks like for people who have been set free by God to live
9:18this is what it looks like and three of The Commandments have to do with our relationship with God seven of them with
9:24each other right so you talk about the two tables of the law table one the table with our relationship with God
9:31table two all horizontal with each other all right and so when God reveals the
9:37law which Paul tells us in the book of Galatians that was never designed to be the thing that saves us no it was
9:44designed well in some senses really in a way to be a
9:50over us as an overseer until the promised seed would come but it was
9:55never designed to save us and so it reveals what it looks like to live as
10:01redeemed and set free people that’s that third use of the law so the first the
10:06first use that we focus on that’s as Christians is called the second use of the law it shows us our sin shows us
10:12that we fall short and so we can say that God’s law is always accusing us but
10:17because we are in Christ because we have been set free from slavery to sin death in the devil the law cannot ultimately
10:25accuse us it could say that you’re falling short but it can’t say go to hell and the reason why is because Christ has
10:32suffered for all of your transgressions and you are in him so now the law
10:38has been silenced and we as Christians can look at this and say this is what it looks like to be
10:45free this is what it looks like to live a life of Freedom this is why James in his
10:52epistle describes the law as the law of perfect freedom
10:58right and so let me read from Luther’s small
11:04catechism and we’ll take a look at what Luther did with these commands it’s rather fascinating as redeemed people so
11:10the first commandment you shall have no other gods and then Luther asks us that German question am I allowed to do
11:17German in a Norwegian church he says vasastas right and he says that we
11:23should fear love and trust in God above all things
11:29that’s freedom it’s not slavery that’s freedom to truly fear love and trust in
11:35God above all things and you ask well what what is a God then well see back in
11:42the day people who were idolaters they were hardy people they were very
11:47creative people they were hard-working people they would go and they’d cut down a tree and then they’d carve it into an
11:53idol right and you know or they’d take a big Stone and they chisel and they turn it into some kind of an image that they
12:00would bow down to took a lot of work to be an idolater back in the day but nowadays people are well they’re not
12:06nearly as creative and they don’t nearly as skilled as the idolaters of the of
12:11years past so idolaters today well what they generally do
12:17is they invent their own Gods but they’re too lazy to go and make an
12:23idol so what they do is they just kind of imagine what their God would be like have you ever heard somebody say the god
12:29I believe in would never do this that or the other thing you ever have you ever have you ever
12:35said anything like that think about that sentence the god I believe in would not
12:40do this or wouldn’t do that or The God I believe in would bless same-sex marriage you know things like this well here’s
12:47the problem the God you are saying you believe in is not The God Who is
12:54that’s a god of your own making and unfortunately what people do nowadays is
13:00they are so lazy then do they not only not make you know a stone image or a
13:06wooden image or anything like that they invent these mental deities these false
13:11gods if you would and they always name their God Jesus it’s the weirdest thing
13:16so we have all these false gods running around all with the name Jesus
13:22but how do you know the difference between the true Jesus and the and the and these false jesuses well it’s real
13:28simple it’s all in the details what does your Jesus do for you what do you believe he’s good for well
13:35my Jesus is there to help make me Healthy and Wealthy and wise okay that
13:41doesn’t quite sound like the real Jesus to me my Jesus is going to make me a god when I die someday I’m going to have a
13:47planet and on all these wives well that’s not the real Jesus either okay so
13:54you pay attention to the Jesus and if you’re going well how do I know who the real Jesus is you read your Bible
14:00you pay attention to the details because the real Jesus is God the son second
14:05person of the Trinity who was born of the Virgin Mary suffered under Pontius
14:10Pilate was crucified for your sins died and was buried and raised again on the third day that’s the real Jesus so you
14:18have to be careful regarding those Idols so how do we fulfill this fear love and
14:23trust in God above all things because if you think about it even though we have the right Jesus and we believe in the
14:29true Jesus unfortunately so many times in our lives we don’t always obey him and our
14:35Disobedience shows that we don’t love him with our whole heart right well here’s the good news
14:42put it in at this point Christ has loved God perfectly for you
14:47he has and he’s bled and died for your sins and so the way we fulfill this commandment
14:53Here and Now is by believing in the gospel by believing that he has died for
14:59us that is the fulfilling of all of the law is by grace through faith so every time
15:06you hear these Commandments and you go oh Pastor Roseboro I’ve fallen short I
15:12mean you’re in good company me too like every day I couldn’t even make it seven seconds when I was trying to be perfect
15:17for 10 right so the good news is that Christ has died for all of your
15:22transgressions and so by trusting in his promise of grace and mercy this is truly
15:28the fulfilling of the law because Christ has fulfilled it for you second commandment you shall not misuse the
15:34name of the Lord your God we should fear and love God so that we do not curse swear use satanic art lie
15:43or deceive by his name but call upon it in every trouble pray praise and give
15:49thanks ah so when you turn on the television and you’re flipping channels and you come across that Christian
15:55Network and there’s the guy with the fancy suit and the Rolex watch saying send in your seed offering and make it
16:02big send in the thousand dollar seed offering is God’s Gonna multiply it a hundred fold oh sign me up I want a
16:09hundred fold so you start counting the money in your head what’s 100 fold with a thousand bucks yeah I’m gonna be rich
16:17you know what that man’s doing he’s breaking this commandment he’s deceiving
16:23by using the name of God that’s how you break this commandment
16:28but we should fear and love God so we don’t deceive we don’t tell lies and
16:35fables in his name or teach for shameful gain things that we ought not to teach
16:41or Worse send your money into those who are right
16:46Third Commandment remember the Sabbath day keeping it holy what does this mean we should fear and love God so that we
16:52do not despise preaching in his word I’m glad to see you here tonight
16:57you’re not despising preaching in his word because you’re here to hear it to learn it
17:02to hold it sacred right hold it sacred gladly hear and learn it so and since Christ has fulfilled the
17:10law the Sabbath day is not any it could be any day it’s a day of rest can be any
17:15day of the week take some rest too but it doesn’t have to be on Saturday but you know keep that in mind so but the
17:22idea is God has given us a day when we can take a day off kick up our heels a little bit rest come and rest here at
17:28church come and rest in the good news that Christ has died for you there’s no
17:33work to be done here it’s all to be received fourth Commandment this is the one my
17:39children did not like honor your father and your mother
17:45now there’s a lot going on in this one what does this mean we should fear and love God so we do not despise or anger
17:52our parents and listen to this and other authorities
17:57and here’s the basis of it think of it this way is that in our society
18:04the nuclear family father mother children
18:10That’s the basis of society that’s the brick if you would and when you have a community you have a community of
18:16families and God has placed Fathers as the head of each of those families and so when
18:23the fathers come together in com in their Community to take care of the needs of their families
18:30together by working together we need to we need to educate our kids we need a
18:36police officer we need a Post Office right you think of it this way all of these things arise out of the needs of
18:44that come up through these families so when you go and you work in your community you’re helping the community
18:50of families and so as a result of it honor your father and mother still
18:56applies even when it’s your boss because he your boss is working to serve
19:04the families in his community does that make sense so as a result of that you know honoring
19:10your father and mother also means not despising or angering your boss
19:16you’re thinking but my boss is a jerk I know I know
19:23love and serve him anyway there’s no caveat here and that says unless your boss is a jerk
19:30right so honor them serve and Obey them love
19:35and cherish them this is what it looks like to walk in Freedom as those who’ve been set free from bondage to sin death
19:42and the devil you shall not murder and thinking any murderers in the room here
19:47no no okay good this is good well wait a second have any of you ever
19:52been angry so angry at your brother or sister that you called them a fool or
19:58anything like that oh we’re all murderers
20:04so what does it mean to not murder we should fear and love God so we do not hurt or harm our neighbor that’s a good
20:11thing but now this is that so you don’t want to hurt or harm your neighbor but it’s more than that listen to this but
20:17you help him help your neighbor and support him in every physical need so if Hard Times
20:23come to your neighbor and your neighbor doesn’t have the ability to put food on the table and clothes on his children
20:29you know what you do because it says do not murder oh you take him in you clothe them and
20:37you feed them and you take care of your brother who’s in need not murdering is not just not killing their body instead
20:45protecting and loving your neighbor and making sure that they are fine that’s what it means to not murder
20:51and that’s all Freedom you shall not commit adultery what does this mean we should fear and love God so that we lead
20:58a sexually pure and decent life and what we say and do husband and wife love and
21:03honor each other do I need to go into detail here there
21:10are so many different ways in which people go wrong on this the internet has provided all kinds of
21:15alternative ways in which we could um commit adultery
21:23and this happens in the heart it happens with Deeds it happens and all kinds of things
21:28but that’s slavery Freedom true freedom is loving and
21:34honoring your spouse and being faithful seventh commandment you shall not steal
21:39similar to the one about not murdering what does this mean we should fear and love God so we do not take our
21:44neighbor’s money or his possessions you know that’s good I don’t think any of you are in the habit of taking people’s
21:50stuff right and you’ve got like the five finger discount going on when you go and visit your neighbors right I hope not
21:57if you do we need to talk um so rather than doing that
22:02rather than taking our neighbor’s stuff we are instead Let’s see we should fear and love God so we do not take our
22:08neighbors money possessions or get them in any dishonest way but help your neighbor to improve himself
22:15and protect his possessions and income
22:20in other words that question that God asked you know of Cain after he killed Abel
22:27you know where’s your brother and Cain said am I My Brother’s Keeper
22:33right that’s what Cain said the answer to that question is yes you are so when you find your neighbor in need
22:39you help him and even if he’s doing well you make sure to protect you got your
22:45neighbors back that’s what it means to not steal so that nobody else is taking advantage of him you stand up for your
22:51neighbor you stand up for those who are who may be taken advantage of eighth commandment you should not give
22:57false testimony against your neighbor this is a big one what does it mean
23:02we should fear and love God so that we do not tell lies about our neighbor
23:08now I’m going to be blunt and I hope you will not hate me for it I’ve noticed out
23:14here in rural Minnesota that there is a habit among people out here to talk
23:21poorly of their neighbors and when there’s a juicy piece of Gossip boy the
23:28phone is ringing that’s slavery
23:34and that is not helping your neighbor that’s working against your neighbor your neighbor’s name and character is
23:40important for you to protect and so when your phone rings and there’s
23:45that juicy this piece of gossip and you can hear it sizzling as soon as you pick up the phone
23:53right tell the person no
23:59defend your neighbor don’t listen to the gossip don’t spread
24:05the gossip tell the person telling you the gossip to knock it off and they’re sinning so you don’t give false testimony
24:12against your neighbor you don’t slander him or hurt his reputation instead
24:17defend your neighbor speak well of him explain everything in the kindest way
24:26this is what God wants us to do and since we’ve been set free from slavery to sin death in the devil this is what
24:32freedom is this is true freedom ninth commandment you not shall not covet your neighbor’s house coveting is
24:40a bad thing we should fear and love God so we do not scheme to get our neighbors inheritance or house or Farm or tractor
24:49or anything like that right or get it in a way which only appears right oh that’s
24:55the fun thing yeah those of those people who are really clever in the corporate world they are capable of writing an
25:02Ambiguously worded contract and all you got to do is sign on the dotted line and
25:09singing they’ve got you and you say but that’s not what you said
25:14oh but that’s what you signed right
25:21that is a way of coveting somebody else’s stuff and then trying to steal it under a pretense
25:28of legality so we should fear and love God so we do
25:34not scheme to get our neighbor’s inheritance our house or get in a way which only appears right but instead
25:40help and be of service to your neighbor and helping him keep his things you shall not covet your neighbor’s wife
25:46or his man’s servant or his maidservant or his ox or his donkey or anything that belongs to your neighbor what does this
25:53mean we should fear and love God so we do not entice or Force away our neighbor’s wife or his employees or his
26:00animals or turn them against him but urge them all to stay and to do their Duty
26:08this is freedom this is what we have been set free to do
26:16and you all know this is true because when you don’t do these things and you act contrary to it
26:23your conscience just kills you sit there and you go I know I should
26:28have done something and I didn’t or worse you say I knew I shouldn’t have done that and I did
26:33right we all know this and not only that we we all know that
26:40these things are so wrong that when we practice them and harbor them in our
26:46hearts we do a behind closed doors or with the lights off or with whispered
26:52hushes because we all know these things are wrong we know it
27:00but those of us all of us who’ve been set free in Christ we’ve been to the fount
27:07Christ has washed away our sins we’ve been buried with Christ and raised with Christ we Feast on his body and blood we
27:15are absolved of our sins and here that we have been forgiven each and every one of our shortcomings
27:21and our trespasses has been laid on Christ and we are clothed in his righteousness
27:28and so you’ll see the Christian life then is this daily
27:34living in our baptism daily repenting of our sins daily
27:41putting off the old man and putting on the new created in Christ to do good
27:47works and daily at the end of the day praying once again Our Father Who Art in
27:54Heaven hallowed holy is your name your kingdom come and when you say that
27:59you’re praying for his kingdom to come even to you your will be done on Earth as it is in heaven
28:04you say give us this day our daily bread and forgive us our trespasses
28:10see your heavenly father knew that you would need to confess your
28:16sins daily knowing that you wouldn’t measure up he
28:22measured up for you in Christ God becomes man and he takes all of your
28:30sin upon himself so the Christian Life is one of daily repentance daily
28:36receiving the Forgiveness of sins daily struggling with our sinful flesh and
28:42then knowing that we have a right standing with God going and loving and
28:47serving our neighbor and when you do that I guarantee you
28:52know what I’m talking about when you do that those are the days you feel your best
28:58there is no condemnation there is no law against doing these good
29:04works and you say to yourself why am I not doing this every day
29:09right well I can’t exactly answer that question for each and every one of us
29:15but I do know we all have a sinful nature continue to live in Repentance continue
29:20to focus on the fact that you are baptized forgiven and now walk in Freedom because Christ has given you
29:25these great things to do to serve your neighbor and all you got to do is open up your eyes and when you see your
29:32neighbor in need just go help
29:39Freedom that’s what it looks like to live as redeemed forgiven
29:45forgiven children of God in the name of Jesus Amen
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