Sermon Transcript – The Trinity is on the Move to Save You

Series B – Trinity Sunday – Sunday, May 31, 2015 | Pr. Chris Rosebrough

Welcome to the Teaching Ministry of Kongsvinger Lutheran Church. Kongsvinger is a beacon for the Gospel of Jesus Christ and is located on the plains of Northwestern Minnesota.
We proclaim Christ and Him crucified for our sins and salvation by grace through faith alone, and now, here’s a message from Pastor Chris Rosebrough:
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0:29our second reading is taken from the
0:31book of Acts chapter 2 and you’ll notice
0:35it’s a little bit broken up Acts chapter
0:372 starting at verse 14 will read the
0:40first part of 14 and then skip down to
0:44verse 22 and read through 36 and you can
0:48find this in your Pew Bible on page 771.
0:53then Peter stood up with the eleven
0:55raised his voice and addressed the crowd
0:58verse 22.
1:00men of Israel
1:02listen to this Jesus of Nazareth was a
1:06man accredited by God to you by Miracles
1:08wonders and signs which God did among
1:12you through him as you yourselves know
1:14this man was handed over to you by God’s
1:17set purpose and foreknowledge and you
1:19with the help of wicked men put him to
1:21death by nailing him to the Cross but
1:24God raised him from the dead freeing him
1:26from the agony of death because it was
1:29impossible for death to keep its hold on
1:31him David said about him I saw the lord
1:34always before me because he is at my
1:36right hand I will not be shaken
1:38therefore my heart is glad and my tongue
1:41rejoices my body also will live in Hope
1:44because you will not abandon me to the
1:46Grave nor will you let your Holy One see
1:48Decay you have made known to me the
1:51paths of life and you will fill me with
1:55joy in your presence
1:57Brothers I can tell you confidently that
2:00the patriarch David died and was buried
2:02and his tomb is here to this day but he
2:06was a prophet and knew that God had
2:08promised him on oath that he would Place
2:10one of his Descendants on his throne
2:13seeing what was ahead he spoke of the
2:15resurrection of the Christ that he was
2:17not abandoned to the Grave nor did his
2:20body see Decay God has raised this Jesus
2:23to life and we are all Witnesses of the
2:25fact exalted to the right hand of God he
2:29has received from the Father the
2:30promised Holy Spirit and has poured out
2:33what you now see and hear for David did
2:35not Ascend to heaven and yet he said the
2:38Lord said to my Lord sit at my right
2:41hand until I make your enemies a
2:45footstool for your feet therefore let
2:48all of Israel be assured of this God has
2:51made this Jesus whom you crucified both
2:54Lord and Christ
2:57in the name of Jesus
3:01from Acts chapter 2 verse 33 being
3:04therefore exalted at the right hand of
3:06God and having received from the Father
3:08the promise of the holy spirit is poured
3:11out this that you yourselves are seeing
3:14and hearing today is Trinity Sunday
3:18otherwise known as theological brain
3:21cramp Sunday
3:23after today’s sermon we will confess the
3:25red-headed stepchild of the three
3:27ecumenical Creeds known as the
3:29athenation Creed may have been a while
3:31since that’s been confessed here and
3:33believe me when I tell you it does not
3:35coddle us with simplistic and easy to
3:38digest morsels of rational theology in
3:41fact on the contrary it’s somewhat
3:43ponderous and dare I say it those of you
3:46who’ve read it you know that it’s
3:50sorry it’s a little inside at the nation
3:52Creed joke there some of you will get it
3:54later now some of you may be tempted to
3:56ask why is it necessary to spend any
3:58time in church get allowed an entire
4:00Sunday morning considering the doctrine
4:03of the Trinity after all it’s a
4:06difficult Doctrine to wrap your brain
4:07around and we live in a society where
4:09everything is dumbed down and those
4:11things that are considered difficult and
4:13hard to understand well they have been
4:15conveniently hidden from sight so that
4:18we can skate by without having to be
4:21yeah well I assure you that the doctrine
4:25of the Trinity was not fabricated by
4:27dead white men in order to make
4:29themselves look smart nor was it created
4:32to Vex us today no it was forged from
4:35the word of God which reveals that God
4:38is Not Like Us in fact scripture reveals
4:41that there is one God but that in the
4:44one God there are three persons now many
4:47people are tempted to ask and you may be
4:49asking well how is it possible and my
4:52answer is I don’t know
4:55scripture doesn’t try to explain how the
4:58Trinity Works instead scripture simply
5:00reveals that this is how God is
5:05yeah something to consider now many
5:07people throughout the history of the
5:09have ended up shipwrecking their faith
5:11and this and the faith of their
5:13followers on the rocks of heresy by
5:15trying to rationalize God’s nature and
5:18make it conform with human experience
5:20and human reason
5:22and that’s not a good thing to do by
5:24rationalizing God’s nature they’ve ended
5:26up forging an idol for themselves and
5:29event and have worshiped a figment of
5:32their imaginations as if it were God so
5:35I warn you that idolatry of this kind
5:38puts a person outside of the Christian
5:40faith regardless of whether or not they
5:42say they believe in Jesus and the reason
5:44for this is simple there is only one
5:47genuine Jesus and there are many false
5:50jesuses running around out there the
5:54genuine Jesus is God the son second
5:57person of the Holy Trinity Jesus is not
6:00the first and greatest creation of God
6:02the father or a god-like being or
6:05Michael the Archangel incarnate as those
6:08who teach the Aryan heresy would have
6:10you believe and by the way if you’re not
6:12familiar with the Aryan heresy if you
6:13ever to have the Jehovah’s Witnesses
6:15come knocking on your door the Jehovah’s
6:17Witnesses are today’s Aryans keep that
6:20in mind scripture says this
6:22in the beginning was the word and the
6:25Word was with God and the Word was God
6:28he was in the beginning with God and all
6:30things were made through him and without
6:32him was not anything made that was made
6:35and then verse 14 of John 1 and the word
6:37became flesh and dwelt among us and we
6:40have seen his glory as of the only son
6:42from the father full of grace and truth
6:45yeah that’s right scripture teaches that
6:47Jesus the word the logos was already
6:51with God in the beginning and was God
6:54when the beginning began he already
6:57existed now you might be saying but but
7:00Pastor scripture says that there’s only
7:02one God but John 1 1 makes it sound like
7:05there are two gods
7:06all right so let’s raise the stakes on
7:10Jesus said go and make disciples
7:12baptizing in the name of the father and
7:13the Son and the Holy Spirit doesn’t that
7:15sound like they’re three Gods to you
7:17well there’s only three Gods if you’re
7:20not paying attention to the text Jesus
7:22said in the name singular
7:25of the Father Son and Holy Spirit he did
7:27not say in the names plural Father Son
7:31and Holy Spirit In other words the math
7:33of the Trinity is not one plus one plus
7:37one equals three instead the math of the
7:40Trinity is one times one times one
7:42equals one
7:45keep that in mind
7:46now another false Jesus is the Jesus of
7:50the modalists and the Oneness
7:52Pentecostals this is the Jesus of the
7:55televangelist TD Jakes modalism teaches
7:58correctly that there is only one God but
8:01that but their God apparently is a quick
8:04change artist and he’s a ventriloquist
8:06let me explain modalism teaches that the
8:09one God manifests himself in different
8:11modes so sometimes God Appears or
8:14manifests as the father and then he
8:16quickly goes and hides and changes his
8:18clothes and then he appears as the son
8:21and then he quickly goes and changes his
8:23clothes and again appears as the Holy
8:26the Father the Son and the Holy Spirit
8:27are not three distinct persons in
8:30modalism instead they are three modes
8:32and or ways that God manifests himself
8:36well now we have a problem
8:38when Jesus was baptized by John the
8:41Baptist the scripture tells us that the
8:43spirit descended like a dove and the
8:46voice of the Father Was Heard saying
8:47this is my beloved Son in whom I am well
8:49pleased if the modalist God is the real
8:52God was Jesus using a hologram to create
8:55the false impression that the spirit was
8:57descending from heaven and was he
8:59throwing his voice like a ventriloquist
9:01in order to create the false impression
9:03that the father was in heaven speaking
9:04so Jesus is baptized this was my beloved
9:07Son and whom I am well pleased you know
9:11that would basically make Jesus guilty
9:14of a deception
9:15then we ask this when Jesus was praying
9:17in the garden Gethsemane sweating drops
9:19of blood as he’s getting ready to go to
9:21the Cross saying father if it be your
9:23will let this cup pass for me who was he
9:26praying to if the father isn’t really a
9:28person that he could be praying to yeah
9:31and then when Jesus cried out on the
9:33cross my God my God why have you
9:35forsaken me who was he crying to you
9:38must ask the modalist if the father is
9:40merely a costume that God wears and well
9:44and the son is a costume that God wears
9:46so Jesus was wearing is Jesus and God
9:48was wearing his Jesus costume on the
9:50cross and saying my God my God why have
9:51you forsaken me this doesn’t make a lick
9:54of sense unless God is totally unhinged
9:56in a stark raving mad and prone to
9:58talking to himself
10:00all of these heresies
10:02like the Aryan heresy and modalism they
10:06cannot account for What scripture says
10:08because scripture reveals that yes there
10:11is only one God and that within the one
10:14God there are three persons and they
10:17speak to and communicate with each other
10:19furthermore we believe that only the
10:22second person of the Trinity became
10:24flesh we do not believe that the father
10:27or the Holy Spirit were suffering on the
10:29cross for our sins but only the son
10:33but Pastor you need to explain to us how
10:37this works no I don’t
10:41we’re not called to explain how the
10:44Trinity Works we’re called to believe
10:46and confess what the one God has
10:49revealed about his Triune nature if God
10:52expected you to understand how his
10:55nature works then he would have
10:56explained it to us in the scripture and
10:59because he hasn’t he doesn’t expect you
11:01to understand how he just expects you to
11:03understand that this is how it is makes
11:06sense so with that we return to our text
11:09from the book of Acts this morning and
11:11notice how Peter in his preaching on the
11:14day of Pentecost does not confuse the
11:18members of the Trinity he is a
11:19trinitarian through and through all the
11:21way back there at the beginning of the
11:23church and we begin at verse 14 Peter
11:25standing up with 11 lifted up his voice
11:27and addressed them
11:29men of Judea and all who dwell in
11:31Jerusalem let this be known to you and
11:33give ear to my words then verse 22. hear
11:36these words Jesus of Nazareth a man
11:39attested to you by God with Mighty works
11:41and wonders and signs that God did
11:43through him in your midst as you
11:45yourselves know this Jesus delivered up
11:48according to the definite plan and the
11:50foreknowledge of God you crucified and
11:52killed by the hands of Lawless men God
11:55raised him up loosing the pangs of death
11:57because it was not possible for him to
11:59be held by it for David says concerning
12:02him I saw the lord always before me and
12:05he is at my right hand that I may not be
12:07shaken therefore my heart was glad my
12:09tongue rejoiced my flesh also will dwell
12:12in Hope for you will not abandon my soul
12:14to headies or let your Holy One see
12:16corruption you have made known to me the
12:18paths of life and you will make me full
12:20of gladness with your presence so
12:22Brothers I may say to you with
12:24confidence about the patriarch David
12:26that he both died and was buried and his
12:27tomb was with us to this day being
12:29therefore a prophet and knowing that God
12:31had sworn with an oath to him that he
12:34would set one of his Descendants on his
12:35throne he foresaw and spot spoke about
12:38the resurrection of the Christ or you
12:40can say the Messiah that he was not
12:42abandoned to Hades nor did his flesh see
12:44corruption this Jesus God raised up and
12:48of that we are all Witnesses being
12:50therefore exalted at the right hand of
12:52God and having received from the Father
12:54the promise of the Holy Spirit he has
12:56poured out this that you yourselves are
12:59seeing and hearing notice right there in
13:02verse 33 Father Son and Holy Spirit are
13:05all recognized as three distinct persons
13:07right there in the text David did not
13:10Ascend to the heavens but he himself
13:11says the Lord said to my Lord sit at my
13:14right hand until I make your enemies a
13:16footstool and let all the house of
13:18Israel therefore know for certain that
13:19God has made him both Lord and Christ
13:22this Jesus whom you crucified and will
13:25pause right there and notice something
13:27because it is all three members of the
13:31Trinity the one God who are acting who
13:34are speaking who are empowering and
13:37emboldening the apostles to preach this
13:40message you can deduce from that that
13:44all of God
13:45Father Son and Holy Spirit each and
13:48every person all of them United are
13:51working for your salvation
13:55they have come up with the plan they
13:57have executed on the plan in the Council
14:00of the Trinity they determined that the
14:02sun would become incarnate born of the
14:04Virgin Mary to live perfectly in your
14:06place to die on the cross for your sins
14:09and be raised to life and now that the
14:11Holy Spirit has come on Pentecost who is
14:14the Holy Spirit emboldening the apostles
14:16to preach about not themselves and not
14:20even the Holy Spirit
14:21but embolding them to preach about
14:23Christ and everything that he’s
14:25accomplished for you because this is
14:26what the Trinity wants you to believe to
14:28teach to confess to hang on to to cling
14:31on to and be comforted
14:32and if you remember last week’s gospel
14:34text when Jesus said he would send the
14:37comforter the comforter the Holy Spirit
14:38would do several things convict the
14:41world of sin and unbelief is one of the
14:44primary things that the Holy Spirit does
14:45holy spirit’s not active making people
14:48bark like dogs and behave weirdly
14:50instead the holy spirit is active
14:52convicting people of their sin and their
14:54unbelief and we know that the holy
14:56spirit is moving all because the text
14:59says so but also because of verse 37
15:01let’s keep reading a little bit and
15:03Watch What Happens so now when they
15:05heard this all the people listening they
15:08were cut to the heart and Peter and said
15:11to Peter and the rest of the Apostles
15:12Brothers what shall we do
15:16there’s the Holy Spirit convicting them
15:18of their sin and their unbelief and
15:20remember the charge against them
15:22remember what Peter said that they were
15:24guilty of they were guilty of crucifying
15:29Jesus of crucifying the Messiah
15:33now correct me if I’m wrong but there’s
15:36crimes and then there’s crimes there’s
15:40sin and then there’s really sin
15:43crucifying the Messiah I think ranks way
15:47up there you know what I’m saying you
15:49know you got kicking your dog grumbling
15:51about your work you know saying a sharp
15:54word to your wife and then crucifying
15:57the Messiah way up here right yeah
16:01so keep that in mind
16:03they’re cut to the heart they’re guilty
16:06as charged and they’re confessing it as
16:08so and so what does Peter say to them oh
16:11you’re doomed
16:12you’re doomed yeah that crucifying the
16:15Messiah sin there’s no hope for that
16:18that’s not what he said
16:20listen to what he says
16:21Brothers what shall we do they ask Peter
16:24said repent and be baptized every one of
16:28you in the name of Jesus Christ for the
16:30Forgiveness of your sins and you will
16:32receive the gift of the Holy Spirit
16:41Peter says to them they can be forgiven
16:44of even
16:46crucifying and murdering the Messiah
16:50so when we talk about the Forgiveness of
16:52sins and sins being washed away in the
16:55waters of baptism somebody might say
16:57yeah but which ones which ones can be
17:00forgiven which ones will God forgive
17:02will he forgive idolatry will he forgive
17:04heresy will he forgive uh you know
17:08grumbling against my parents or stealing
17:11or adultery or murder or coveting can
17:14those sins be forgiven the answer is yes
17:18every one of those sins including the
17:22guilt of crucifying the Messiah they’re
17:24all forgiven
17:27the trinity
17:28wants and wills for you to be saved
17:32so much so that he has sent the son to
17:35bleed and die for every one of your sins
17:37nothing is left out nothing is excluded
17:40anything that you have done is included
17:43in Christ’s atoning sacrifice even up to
17:47murdering the Messiah himself and this
17:49gives us hope
17:51if those who murdered the Messiah can be
17:53forgiven then truly we can be forgiven
17:56because in a very real way we are also
17:58guilty of murdering the Messiah
18:00it was our sins that he was bleeding and
18:02dying for it was our sins that he was
18:04being punished for
18:06and stricken form
18:08so repent
18:09and be baptized every one of you in the
18:11name of Jesus Christ for the Forgiveness
18:13of your sins and you will receive the
18:15gift of the Holy Spirit the Trinity
18:18desires to Grant you pardon
18:22rather than send you to hell for the
18:24promise Peter says is for you
18:26promises for you and it’s for your
18:28children and for all who are far off and
18:31everyone whom the Lord God calls to
18:33himself and with many other words he
18:35bore witness and continue to exhort them
18:37saying save yourselves from this crooked
18:42so those who received Peter’s word were
18:45baptized and they were added that day
18:47about 3 000 Souls
18:51Now by way of pointing out kind of a
18:53bookend Old Testament little side note
18:55if you remember when Moses came down
18:58from Mount Sinai with the stone tablets
19:01that had the ten words of God on it
19:03right he comes down and what did he find
19:07when he came down from the mountain they
19:09were worshiping the golden calf
19:12and so when God gave the law the law
19:16came and as a result of their sin how
19:20many people in the camp of Israel were
19:21killed that day as a result of the
19:24golden calf
19:25three thousand
19:28three thousand bookended
19:31when the law came it killed
19:33when the gospel and the Holy Spirit came
19:36there was life
19:38three thousand died and on this day
19:41three thousand were raised to life in
19:43Christ because of God’s mercy that’s the
19:46difference between the law and the
19:48gospel the law kills the gospel brings
19:51to life they are both words from God and
19:54they do their job on us the whole the
19:57Holy Spirit killing us through the
20:00preaching of the law nailing us to the
20:02wall and saying we’re guilty
20:05that brings death
20:07and that’s good
20:09and we all say with the people of Israel
20:11what shall we do and we hear the words
20:13repent be baptized for the Forgiveness
20:15of your sins you who are baptized you
20:17are in Christ your sins have been washed
20:19away your sins have been forgiven the
20:22Holy Trinity has acted and the Holy
20:24Trinity continues to act to sustain you
20:28now as he brings you into eternal life
20:32what a great blessing we have from God
20:34that he is so merciful
20:36and so active to save and redeem and
20:40sustain lost Sinners Like Me and like
20:43you in the name of Jesus Amen
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