Sermon Transcript – The True Source of Defilement

Series B – Fourteenth Sunday After Pentecost – Sunday, August 30, 2015 | Pr. Chris Rosebrough

Welcome to the Teaching Ministry of Kongsvinger Lutheran Church. Kongsvinger is a beacon for the Gospel of Jesus Christ and is located on the plains of Northwestern Minnesota.
We proclaim Christ and Him crucified for our sins and salvation by grace through faith alone, and now, here’s a message from Pastor Chris Rosebrough:
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0:28the holy Gospel According to Saint Mark
0:30chapter 7 verses 14 through 23.
0:34again Jesus called the crowd to him and
0:36said listen to me everyone and
0:38understand this nothing outside a man
0:41can make him unclean by going into him
0:44rather it is what comes out of a man
0:46that makes him unclean after he had left
0:49the crowd and entered the house his
0:51disciples asked him about this parable
0:53are you so dull
0:55do you not do you see that nothing that
0:58enters a man from the outside can make
1:00him unclean for it doesn’t go into his
1:03heart but into his stomach and then out
1:06of his body
1:07in saying this Jesus declared all foods
1:10to be clean
1:11he went on what comes out of man is what
1:15makes him unclean
1:16for from within
1:18out of men’s hearts come evil thoughts
1:20sexual immorality theft murder adultery
1:25slander arrogance and Folly all of these
1:30evils come from inside and what makes
1:33and makes a man unclean
1:36in the name of Jesus
1:38all right you’ll notice that our hymn
1:40the sermon hymn today is just chock full
1:43of gospel Grace
1:46and Our Gospel text is not
1:49yep if you were paying attention and
1:51you’re paying attention to the proper
1:53distinction between law and gospel the
1:56law telling us the bad news if you would
1:59diagnosing our sinful condition well
2:01that’s the law the gospel is the good
2:04news of Christ and him crucified for our
2:06sins you’ll notice in Our Gospel texts
2:08there is no gospel
2:10none whatsoever and it so with that
2:14expect it to be a bumpy ride today
2:18now our text is part two of last week’s
2:23um gospel text and I mean that because
2:25Jesus is building off of what happened
2:27last week and last week we learned that
2:31the Pharisees they had a secondary
2:33Authority you know system if you would
2:35the so-called tradition of the elders
2:38and this is where the Commandment
2:40supposedly resided to wash your hands
2:43when you’re out among the masses and
2:46this ceremonial hand washing ceremony
2:49was to make it so that your hands went
2:51from being unclean or common to being
2:55holy and set apart those are the
2:58categories you have to work with so when
3:00we read in Our Gospel texts today about
3:02unclean all right another word for it is
3:05defiled and it’s the Greek word
3:09and it means common and so the idea in
3:13the mind of people you have things that
3:15are set apart and Are Holy unto God and
3:17then you have things that are common or
3:19defiled and the way the Pharisees taught
3:22you go out into the marketplace and
3:24you’re among the unwashed masses and the
3:28Gentiles well apparently sin is like an
3:32airborne disease you know if you’re
3:35exposed to sin well then you’ve got to
3:38come in and do this ceremonial hand
3:40washing ceremony again not found in
3:41scripture and last week Jesus basically
3:44takes the tradition of the elders puts
3:46C3 on it goes back a few feet presses
3:49the button and just blows the whole
3:51thing up
3:52sorry it’s scripture and scripture alone
3:55and now Jesus is going to get to the
3:57heart of the matter regarding this
3:59defiled or unclean and so we return to
4:03Our Gospel text verse 14 Jesus called
4:05the crowd to him and he said listen to
4:06me everyone and understand this nothing
4:09outside a man can make him
4:13unclean or defiled or common
4:17yeah think of it this way sin is not an
4:21airborne disease
4:23so he says nothing outside of man can
4:26make him unclean by going into him
4:27rather it is what comes out of a man
4:31that makes him un clean
4:35in other words the source of sin is not
4:39out there
4:41the source of sin is right here
4:44it’s inside of me
4:46it’s inside of you now we oftentimes as
4:49Christians get in a bad habit and the
4:51bad habit is talking about all of the
4:54sin out there
4:57those darn Democrats those darn
5:00Republicans it’s the people in Hollywood
5:02can’t believe all the lobbyists in
5:05Washington oh it’s the Illuminati right
5:09they’re the ones that are the source of
5:11the evil of the whole world and the
5:12world would just be great if it wasn’t
5:15for them
5:19hog wash
5:22the world would be great if it wasn’t
5:25for you
5:26the world would be great if it wasn’t
5:28for me
5:30because the problem is not out there
5:33Jesus says the problem again is in here
5:37sin has its Wellspring not in them but
5:42in you and in me
5:44and so the disciples hearing Jesus say
5:46this it’s not what you know you’re
5:49exposed to out there in the environment
5:51that makes you unclean but rather it’s
5:53the things that come out of you that
5:54make you unclean you could see the
5:56disciples going uh
5:57um Jesus we need to have a talk with you
5:59Jesus and that’s what they do so he left
6:01the crowd and they entered the house and
6:02disciples asked him about the parable
6:04what did you mean by that Jesus
6:07Jesus’s response
6:09are you so dull
6:14don’t you see that nothing that enters a
6:17man from the outside can make him
6:22nothing for it doesn’t go into his heart
6:25it goes into his stomach and then is
6:29expelled from his body the Greek is a
6:31little graphic here I will spare you
6:33those details and in saying this Jesus
6:36declared all foods
6:40in other words all of the ceremonial
6:43laws regarding the Mosaic dietary things
6:45those were all type and Shadow
6:48clean unclean animals
6:51those were all well type and Shadow
6:53pointing to something different but
6:54that’s for another sermon so Jesus here
6:57is basically saying number one yeah
7:00eating bacon doesn’t make you unclean
7:04thank God
7:09man I’d be the most unclean man on the
7:13planet anyway I’m very thankful that
7:15bacon does not make me unclean but
7:17there’s a lot of people who think that
7:19you’ve got to follow these old Mosaic
7:21you know dietary laws and properly
7:24distinguish between clean and unclean by
7:26the way there’s nothing better than
7:27Lobster wrapped with bacon just saying
7:30okay talk about double unclean okay but
7:33that won’t make you unclean in the eyes
7:35of God this is not what makes you
7:37unclean instead he says what comes out
7:42of a man is what makes him unclean
7:48I’m going to use a metaphor it’s not a
7:50pretty one
7:51have any of you ever had your toilet
7:54decide to run the opposite direction
7:58have it back up
8:01oh what a mess
8:03and how foul that is there’s nothing
8:06worse than having to clean up a basement
8:09or clean up a bottom floor where the
8:12toilet has backed up because when the
8:14toilet backs up oh it brings everything
8:16back with it
8:18and so when think of it that way when
8:21the toilet backs up the source there is
8:24literally a cesspool
8:25and I want you to think of your sin like
8:29think of your sin when you have sin come
8:32out of your heart
8:34that is the Cesspool of your sinful
8:36heart running backwards if you would
8:39rather than keeping it to yourself it
8:42just comes spilling out and oh what a
8:45mess it is and then Jesus gives this
8:48lovely list and it’s ugly
8:51he says
8:53what comes out of a man is what makes
8:55him unclean
8:56for from within
9:00not Hollywood
9:02not the politicians
9:04not New York City not San Francisco
9:08but from within your heart comes evil
9:12thoughts sexual immorality
9:15theft murder
9:17adultery oh and by the way just because
9:20you haven’t actually pulled the trigger
9:22and shot somebody in the back and put
9:24them in the graveyard doesn’t mean
9:25you’re not a murderer
9:27Jesus blows that one up in The Sermon on
9:30the Mount oh and just because you
9:31haven’t physically committed adultery
9:34doesn’t mean you’re not an adulterer
9:36Jesus blows that up when he talks about
9:38the fact that if you look at another
9:39person who isn’t your spouse with
9:41lustful intent you’ve already committed
9:43adultery with that person notice I’m
9:45using vague pronouns here because this
9:47works Not Just For Men it also works for
9:52theft murder adultery greed malice
9:56deceit lewdness Envy slander arrogance
10:05and folly
10:07that’s quite the list
10:10anyone here not described by Jesus
10:14in this list
10:18how many people had less than three
10:21things describe you no hands right
10:24we won’t get into this
10:27again the purpose of God’s law primary
10:30purpose is to show you that you are a
10:32sinner we must take this idea out of
10:36your mind and blow it up
10:38that you are a good person you are not I
10:41am not a good person
10:43we live in a country where people think
10:45well you’re a good person if well you
10:48pay your taxes and you’re not in prison
10:52now those people who well they’ve done
10:54some evil in their life and they go to
10:56prison and they’ve got a rap sheet well
10:58those are not the good people
11:00we think of Good and Evil by way of a
11:03bell curve and we compare ourselves to
11:07other people well at least I didn’t do
11:09that like that person did at least I
11:12didn’t do this thing like that person
11:14did and so we do the comparison game and
11:16we compare ourselves to each other this
11:19is no way for determining Good and Evil
11:22you want to know whether or not you are
11:24good or evil the comparison is God’s
11:27holy and righteous and just law
11:32that’s where the comparison point is and
11:35if you’re not keeping it perfectly
11:39you are not a good person
11:42James the brother of Jesus half brother
11:45of Jesus makes this very clear if you
11:47have transgressed one of God’s
11:50Commandments he says you’re guilty of
11:52breaking them all
11:57all of them
11:59so when you get on the phone
12:02and pass along a big juicy piece of
12:05Gossip right and you slander and defame
12:08somebody’s character that makes you
12:10guilty of being an idolater makes you
12:14guilty of being a blasphemer makes you
12:16guilty of being an adulterer makes you
12:18guilty of being one who covets makes you
12:20guilty of being a liar makes you guilty
12:22the list goes on does it not
12:26don’t think for a second that
12:28Christianity is all about us trying
12:30really hard to make ourselves really
12:32good it’s not
12:38now many of you are thinking
12:41there’s no good news here
12:44you’re right there isn’t
12:45there’s no good news in this it’s time
12:48for us and always time for us to be
12:51cognizant of the fact that we are not
12:54holy we are forgiven
12:57we are not holy with our own
12:59righteousness we are given a
13:00righteousness by grace through faith
13:04and by way of comparison
13:07I want to remind you of King David
13:11you remember King David and King Saul
13:13you have read through first Samuel
13:16first Samuel the people of Israel they
13:19ask for a king
13:20of course this was a wicked thing that
13:22they asked for God went ahead and gave
13:24them their King
13:25God gave them their King
13:28and it was Saul
13:31guy head taller than everybody else
13:33handsome young man right
13:36and he sinned
13:38do you know what his sin was do you
13:40remember the story how it goes he was
13:42told to go and you know basically
13:44destroy this city put everything to the
13:47sword put the animals and every every
13:50one of them to death as God’s judgment
13:53well he didn’t exactly do that
13:57he killed well his and his soldiers they
14:00killed mostly everything but the best
14:03sheep the best goats the best what they
14:05kept for themselves
14:07Samuel shows up
14:10what is this bleeding of sheep that I
14:12hear right oh and by the way they forgot
14:14to kill the king of that town right
14:17and it’s oh well we we saved this as a
14:19sacrifice to the Lord
14:21you think okay that’s a pretty Pious lie
14:24that he told right
14:26and then at another time
14:28Saul was told to wait until Samuel
14:31showed up and they were going to have a
14:32sacrifice and swell saw God impatience
14:36Samuel was a few minutes late and so he
14:38went ahead and conducted the ceremony
14:40himself even though he’s not
14:42supposed to be doing that
14:44a religious act pious
14:48and it’s because of those sins that God
14:51rejected Saul
14:53if we were to kind of put them on the
14:55sliding scale we all know what the big
14:57sins are right adultery murder you know
15:00all the big sins those are big big sins
15:02religious sins oh they’re down here
15:04because I mean at least the person’s
15:06heart was in the right place was it not
15:09And yet when confronted with his sin by
15:13the prophet Samuel
15:15do you know what Saul did
15:17who he blamed his sin on he pulled the
15:20old Adams stunt remember when Adam was
15:22confronted with his sin and Adam said oh
15:24it’s the woman that you gave me it’s she
15:26caused me to do this right the past the
15:28buck thing when Saul was confronted with
15:30his sin that’s exactly what he did well
15:31you know this these people I mean
15:33they’re he blamed it on them
15:35rather than take
15:37responsibility for his own sin and
15:40David on the other hand
15:42he didn’t commit a little religious sin
15:45you know with his heart in the right
15:46place a slight misstep right
15:49David sinned huge ginormous in fact if
15:53this were to happen today if Israel
15:55still had a king and David was the king
15:56this would be the lead story on all the
16:00Tabloid shows on television Twitter and
16:03Facebook would be a buzz
16:04sex scandal in Israel right
16:09King David knocks up
16:12married woman has his her husband
16:18huge sins
16:21and you know what David did
16:23when he was confronted with his sin
16:27he repented
16:32and the prophet Nathan said to David the
16:34Lord has put away your sin
16:38so here’s the question I have for you
16:41and then I’ll read to you Psalm 51 kind
16:43of bring this up
16:44put this all together
16:46when you hear God’s law railing against
16:48your sin
16:50are you sitting there concocting an
16:54yeah but
16:55there’s a good reason why I it wasn’t
16:58that bad
16:59it was really her fault or his fault
17:02you don’t understand the pressure I’m in
17:04in the job that I have
17:06you you don’t understand my life has
17:08taken a really bad turn and you know and
17:10and I I’m just in a weakened State and
17:13everybody can understand and you know
17:15that you know I’ve fallen into this that
17:17or the other thing
17:19are you looking for excuses
17:23or are you getting gonna get real
17:26let me read to you Psalm 51 which David
17:30as soon as Nathan the prophet left him
17:32after confronting him with his sin
17:35David writes
17:37have mercy on me o God
17:41according to your steadfast love
17:44according to your abundant Mercy blot
17:46out my transgressions
17:49Wash Me thoroughly through my iniquity
17:51cleanse me from my sin
17:54for I know my transgressions and my sin
17:56is ever before me
17:58against you and you only have I sinned
18:06he takes responsibility he doesn’t pass
18:09the buck he confesses that he’s sinned
18:12and that ultimately the one who he’s
18:13really sinned against the only one who
18:15he is sinned against is God against you
18:18and you only have I sin and done what is
18:20evil in your sight so that you God may
18:22be justified in your words and blameless
18:25in your judgment
18:26behold I was brought forth in iniquity
18:30and in sinned did my mother conceive me
18:33he’s confessing there what we confess in
18:35our confession of sins
18:38that we are by Nature sinful and unclean
18:41he’s not saying that his mom conceived
18:44him in some kind of lewd sexual act with
18:46the neighbor
18:48that’s not what he’s saying
18:50he’s saying that he was conceived and
18:54born in sin that he is by nature sinful
18:58and this is exactly what scripture
19:00teaches us in Ephesians chapter 2.
19:04starting in verse 1. and you you
19:06Christians you were dead in the
19:09trespasses and sins in which you once
19:11walked by the way the word there for
19:15Greek you know what it means means dead
19:19yeah dead is dead you were dead in
19:21trespasses and sins in which you once
19:23walked following the course of this
19:25world following the prince of the power
19:26of the air the spirit that is now at
19:28work and the sons of Disobedience among
19:30whom we all once lived in the passions
19:32of our flesh carrying out the desires of
19:35the body and the mind and we were by
19:39children of Wrath like the rest of
19:43so when King David
19:45in this Psalm praise to the God praise
19:48to God and says in sin did my mother
19:50conceive me
19:53he’s confessing what Ephesians 2 says
19:57even though Paul had not written
19:58Ephesians 2.
20:00that he is sinful by nature and that’s
20:03the reason why sin originates in your
20:05heart it’s not an environmental thing
20:07it’s an internal thing that we’ve
20:09inherited from our first parents Adam
20:11and Eve
20:14behold you Delight in truth
20:17in the inward being and you teach me
20:19wisdom in the secret heart
20:21me with hyssop and I shall be clean wash
20:25me and I shall be wider than snow
20:29let me hear joy and gladness and let the
20:32bones that you have broken rejoice
20:34hide your face from my sins and blot out
20:36all of my iniquities
20:38created me a clean heart o God and renew
20:41a right Spirit Within Me
20:44and that’s the prayer of all Christians
20:46Lord created me a clean heart
20:49and I have news for you Christians and
20:51it’s good news
20:52in the waters of your baptism God did
20:54wash you and he made you wider than snow
20:57that’s exactly what he did
20:59and when you were regenerated and
21:01brought to penitent faith in Christ God
21:03replaced Your Heart of Stone with a
21:05heart of Flesh
21:10God has taken all of your iniquities
21:13and has placed them on Jesus Christ
21:17because remember what Isaiah says God
21:21has laid on him the iniquity of us all
21:25when Jesus
21:26was up all night after he had been
21:28betrayed by one of his own with a kiss
21:31and is that not always how Jesus is
21:34betrayed even to this day he’s betrayed
21:37with those who appear friendly to him
21:39give him a kiss
21:41and then have him carted away
21:44he was put on trial
21:46and found guilty
21:48even though he committed no sin and the
21:51reason he was found guilty ultimately is
21:54because when he was on trial he was on
21:56trial for your sins and mine
21:58that’s why he was found guilty
22:00God laid on him the iniquity of us all
22:04and so then taken into the praetorium
22:07he was strapped to a pole
22:10and they took the cat of nine tails and
22:12they let him have it
22:14and boy he bled
22:17the Flesh on his back was ripped off of
22:21every beating every blow was because of
22:24every sin that came out of your heart
22:26and mind
22:29and then they made him carry his cross
22:32to Gog with them
22:35and his legs and knees buckled under the
22:38because he was already so weakened
22:42so another man had to carry his cross
22:46and when he got to Golgotha they took
22:48the nails
22:49pierced his hands and pierced his feet
22:52and then suspended him between Heaven
22:54and Earth
22:55all because of your sin and mine
23:00the crown of thorns that was pressed in
23:02his head caused his the blood to run
23:05down his face and the blood from his
23:07back ran down the cross and the blood
23:09from his hands and his feet ran down the
23:12and yet he committed no sin
23:16but see God laid on him the iniquity of
23:18us all
23:20and when he cried out my God my God why
23:22have you forsaken me
23:26it was because the father had turned
23:30could not look on the sin that had been
23:33laid on him you see he was found guilty
23:36for you so that you can be declared
23:38innocent before God
23:41he suffered in your place so that you
23:44would never have to suffer
23:46he died so that you might live
23:52sin is not some small matter
23:56not some trifling thing
24:01because it cost the Son of God his very
24:03life and he laid it down willingly
24:06and he did so for you
24:11Purge me with hyssop I shall be clean
24:14wash me I shall be whiter than snow let
24:18me hear joy and gladness and let the
24:21bones that you have broken Rejoice hide
24:24your face from my sins and blot out all
24:26of my iniquities created me a clean
24:28heart oh God and renew a right Spirit
24:30Within Me cast me not away from your
24:33presence and take not your Holy Spirit
24:35from me
24:37restore to me the joy of your salvation
24:40and uphold me
24:42with the Willing spirit
24:44Romans 8 verse 1 says this
24:47there is therefore now no condemnation
24:50for those who are in Christ Jesus
24:52and that’s you and that’s me
24:56we all know what we deserve
24:58we all know that we deserve an eternity
25:00in hell
25:01we all know that is exactly if God gave
25:04us what we deserved and we wanted to
25:07stand before God in our own
25:09righteousness that’s exactly what we
25:11would experience
25:12but the Scandal is this
25:14the Scandal is is that Christ forgives
25:17Sinners as rotten to the Core
25:19as you and me
25:22I’m absolutely convinced you know you
25:24think of the hierarchy of sin we think
25:26the lowest of the low you know kind of
25:29like you know crack dealers and
25:32there’s going to be crack dealers and
25:36in the New Kingdom
25:38because they’ve been brought to penance
25:39and faith in Christ I’m pretty convinced
25:41that when I show up they’re going to say
25:43oh there goes the neighborhood I can’t
25:45believe they let him in
25:49but the reality is this
25:51when we come to the Lord’s table we’re
25:53all on our knees are we not
25:56if you’re not comfortable
25:59being on your knees next to a forgiven
26:04drug dealer
26:08politician lawyer
26:11those are the evilest of the evil right
26:15and see yourself as equally forgiven as
26:19then you still don’t understand the
26:21depth and the magnitude of your sin
26:24let us remember Jesus’s words
26:27and I’ll read them again
26:34what comes out of a man is what makes
26:37him unclean
26:40for from within
26:41out of men’s hearts come evil thoughts
26:45sexual immorality theft murder
26:48adultery greed malice deceit lewdness
26:52Envy slander
26:55arrogance and folly
26:57all of these evil come these evils come
27:00from inside
27:01and they make a man unclean
27:05but for us Christians who are guilty and
27:07know that this is truly from within us
27:09this is exactly what comes out of us
27:11there is now no condemnation for us who
27:14are in Christ Jesus for the law of the
27:15spirit of life has set us free in Christ
27:18Jesus from the law of sin and death for
27:20God is done with the law weakened by the
27:22flesh could not do by sending his own
27:25son in the likeness of sinful flesh and
27:28for sin he condemns sin in the flesh in
27:30order that the righteous requirement of
27:32the law might be fulfilled in us who
27:34walk not according to the flesh the walk
27:37according to the spirit and folks you
27:39truly do walk according with the spirit
27:41when you believe and trust that Jesus
27:44has died for you John 3 16 we all know
27:47this says for God so loved the world
27:49that he gave his only son that whoever
27:51believes in him should not perish
27:54but have eternal life for God did not
27:56send his son into the world to condemn
27:58the world
27:59but in order that the world might be
28:01saved through him
28:04so each and every one of us who have
28:06this vile ugly putrid filth of sin
28:11welling up from within the side of our
28:13hearts and spewing out into our lives
28:16God does not condemn us because we are
28:18in Christ and we have been given faith
28:21for whoever believes in him is not
28:24whoever does not believe is condemned
28:26already because he is not believed in
28:29the name of the son of God
28:31so do you believe this morning
28:33do you believe that Christ’s death can
28:36forgive even you
28:41that’s the question
28:43because the verdict has come in you’re
28:45guilty as Sin
28:48but Christ has bled and died for you
28:50and he did not come to condemn you but
28:52that you might be saved through him
28:54in the name of Jesus Amen
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We thank you for your support. All of our teaching messages may be freely distributed as long as you do not edit or change the content of the message, and, again, thank you for listening.
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