Sermon Transcript – The Unholy Made Holy

Series B – Holy Trinity Sunday – Sunday, May 30, 2021 | Pr. Chris Rosebrough

Welcome to the Teaching Ministry of Kongsvinger Lutheran Church. Kongsvinger is a beacon for the Gospel of Jesus Christ and is located on the plains of Northwestern Minnesota.
We proclaim Christ and Him crucified for our sins and salvation by grace through faith alone, and now, here’s a message from Pastor Chris Rosebrough:
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0:28the holy gospel according to saint john
0:30the third chapter
0:39now there was a man of the pharisees
0:40named nicodemus a ruler of the jews this
0:42man came to Jesus by
0:44night and he said to him rabbi we know
0:46that you are a teacher come from god for
0:48no one can do these signs that you do
0:50unless god is with him
0:51Jesus answered him truly truly i say to
0:54you unless one is born again he cannot
0:55see the kingdom of god
0:57nicodemus said to him how can a man be
0:59born when he’s old
1:00can he enter a second time into his
1:02mother’s womb and be born
1:04and Jesus answered truly truly i say to
1:06you unless one is born of water and the
1:07spirit he cannot enter the kingdom of
1:10that which is born of the flesh is flesh
1:11that which is born of the spirit is
1:13so do not marvel that i said to you you
1:15must be born again
1:17the wind blows where it wishes and you
1:18hear it sound but you do not know where
1:20it comes from or where it goes so it is
1:22with everyone who was born of the spirit
1:24nicodemus said to him how can these
1:27things be
1:28and Jesus answered him are you the
1:30teacher of israel and yet you do not
1:32understand these things
1:33truly truly i say to you we speak of
1:35what we know and bear witness to what we
1:36have seen
1:37but you do not receive our testimony if
1:40i have told you earthly things and you
1:41do not believe
1:42how can you believe if i tell you
1:44heavenly things
1:45no one has ascended into heaven except
1:47he who descended from the heaven the son
1:49of man
1:50and as moses lifted up the serpent in
1:51the wilderness so must the son of man be
1:54up that whoever believes in him may have
1:56eternal life
1:57for god so loved the world that he gave
1:59his only son
2:00that whoever believes in him should not
2:02perish but have eternal life
2:05for god did not send his son into the
2:06world to condemn the world
2:08but in order that the world might be
2:10saved through him
2:11this is the gospel of the lord in the
2:14name of Jesus
2:16amen last week was pentecost sunday and
2:19we read the pericappies regarding Christ
2:21and the father sending the holy spirit
2:24and we were reminded again that the
2:26spirit is the spirit of
2:27truth not of air of weird things
2:31he’s the spirit of truth and Christ
2:33specifically says that the holy spirit
2:34is going to convict the
2:36sin the world regarding sin
2:39and unbelief that’s kind of the point in
2:42fact let me
2:43make this point right up front here the
2:46situation that we have all been born
2:48is dire it is not something that is a
2:51wound over and again i like to think
2:53about you know the fact that miracle max
2:56made it so that wesley can come back
2:57because he was only mostly dead
3:00well the reality is this is that we were
3:02born stone cold
3:03dead dead in trespasses and sins and
3:05objects of god’s wrath
3:07we each and every one of us are unholy
3:11and scripture makes it clear that
3:14is well it’s likened to well phrases
3:17that are not exactly
3:19ones that we would like to embrace un
3:22unholiness is likened to uncleanness to
3:25dirt and to filth and things of that
3:29things that are smelly putrid in
3:32that’s the way unholiness is described
3:35and over and again you’ll note in
3:38when unholy human beings like you and
3:40like me
3:41come into the presence of the holy it
3:44generally is an uncomfortable
3:46situation it’s generally uncomfortable
3:49and it should be
3:50because being in the presence of the
3:54is the thing that points out just how
3:56unholy and in need of
3:58washing and bathing we are i sometimes
4:01think about the fact that
4:02when i do the occasional yard work
4:05and i don’t don’t get don’t get me wrong
4:08here i don’t do it all the time
4:09but from time to time i’ll actually go
4:11out in the yard and do some things right
4:13that when i come
4:14back into the house my wife goes
4:18you go take a shower what is that smell
4:21what is that odor i have this amazing
4:23ability to make my own personal odor
4:26well sin is a lot like that and we need
4:28to be cleaned of
4:29it so consider then we’ll weave together
4:31all of our texts together in this
4:33way that Jesus in his conversation with
4:37nicodemus the nick at night passage
4:39he makes it clear that man’s condition
4:41is so bad
4:43that we have to be born and i’ll use the
4:45greek word here another
4:47from above i really think that’s what
4:49Jesus is getting at
4:50that the situation is so dire that
4:53there’s no way to repair what’s broken
4:56in us
4:56so we have to actually be born from
4:59above born
5:00again as peter says in his epistle in
5:02first peter
5:04and that means that what we have going
5:07for us well all of that’s got to die
5:10we’re going to be saved not by restoring
5:13what is wrong within us right now
5:16we’re going to be saved through death
5:19and resurrection
5:20there’s there’s nothing here that can be
5:22redeemed it’s got to die
5:24and Christ has to raise it from the dead
5:27and so with that consider then
5:28the account of isaiah’s commissioning
5:32from this text we we surmise that isaiah
5:34may have been a priest
5:36he may have been a levite and this
5:38vision that he
5:39has of the lord high and lifted up
5:42inside the temple
5:43may have been well his eyes being opened
5:46to a reality that we don’t normally
5:48see and you’ll note that he came undone
5:51as a result of that particular
5:54it says this in the year that king
5:55uzziah died i saw the lord sitting upon
5:58a throne high and lifted up
5:59and the train of his robe it filled the
6:03and above him stood the seraphim now a
6:06little bit of a note here that’s an
6:07interesting word
6:08if you guys remember the account from
6:10numbers of the people of israel
6:13against god and so god sent fiery
6:16serpents into the camp
6:17those are called the neck shim sera
6:21theme so seraphim are
6:24serpentine angels if you were it’s a
6:27weird way to think of them but they have
6:28feet okay so what do you call a serpent
6:31with feet
6:32i don’t know maybe a dragon something
6:34like that you know is it
6:35so we see here something about ah this
6:38might explain what’s going on in the
6:39garden of eden
6:40and also explains the imagery from the
6:42book of revelation because the
6:44satan himself is described as a
6:47dragon all right so here are the
6:50seraphim these awesome creatures in the
6:52in the very presence of god they have
6:55wings two they cover their face two they
6:59cover their feet
7:00and two they fly and they one and
7:03called to another and they’re crying to
7:05each other
7:10holy holy
7:14holy the triple holy
7:18you’ll note that it kind of hints at the
7:20doctrine of the trinity does it not
7:23the whole earth is full of his glory and
7:25with this pronouncement
7:27then of god being holy and isaiah
7:30in the presence of the holy we hear that
7:32the foundations of the thresholds
7:34shook at the voice of him who called and
7:36the house was filled with smoke
7:39and i said to myself woe is me i’m lost
7:42i’m a man of unclean lips i dwell in the
7:44midst of people of unclean lips
7:46my eyes have seen the king the lord of
7:49what does isaiah expect is going to
7:51happen next
7:53that his prophecy will end with these
7:55words thus
7:56perished isaiah
7:59because isaiah here is woefully
8:03made aware of just how sinful
8:06and unclean he is and to be in the
8:08presence of the holy
8:10is one of those things that causes you
8:12to recognize
8:14just what the real problem is
8:18fast forward then to the day of
8:21last week we noted we heard the first
8:23part of peter’s sermon so we heard
8:25peter’s sermon part
8:271 to be continued next week well this is
8:30next week
8:30and so we’re going to continue with
8:32peter’s pentecost sermon
8:33by way of reminder the holy spirit has
8:35been sent
8:36galileans who are not known for studying
8:38other languages
8:40proclaimed the wonders of god to all the
8:42people in jerusalem for the feast of
8:44in their own languages and they were all
8:46wondering what was going on and peter
8:48has stood up
8:49and he’s just quoted from the prophet
8:51joel all who call
8:53on the name of the lord who call on
8:56will be saved and then he continues so
8:59men of israel hear these words
9:01Jesus of nazareth a man attested to you
9:04by god with mighty works and wonders and
9:06signs that god did through him in your
9:08as you yourselves know never in all the
9:12history of humanity has there been
9:14ever been a man like Jesus who can walk
9:17on the water who can calm a storm with a
9:20who can raise the dead by calling them
9:22by name out of the grave
9:24who cleansed the lepers gave sight to
9:26the blind
9:27hearing to the death and cast out demons
9:30in all the annals of human history there
9:32none like Christ and his works are held
9:35up today
9:36to us by his apostles in the written
9:40living word of god so that god is
9:42attesting that Jesus
9:43is the one whom he promised that he
9:45would send
9:46so Jesus he was delivered up according
9:48to the definite plan and the
9:50foreknowledge of god
9:52and you crucified and you
9:55killed by the hands of lawless men
9:58now i’ve gotten into a few conversations
10:01shall we say debates spats on twitter
10:04twitter is a cesspool by the way it’s
10:06just a terrible place
10:07all right but from time to time if i
10:09ever say anything that is remotely
10:12as even being the slightest bit
10:16somebody comes flying out of the twitter
10:18verse to get up in my face and say
10:20you’re being extreme rose bro that’s not
10:24true you’re
10:25you’re slandering and all this nonsense
10:28and so i would i can i could just see
10:29peter if he tweeted this out like
10:32from his sermon today he tweets out you
10:35crucified the lord of life you could
10:37just see somebody
10:38what do you mean i crucified the lord of
10:40life i wasn’t even there it’s the 21st
10:42century i live in north dakota come on
10:45right because everybody knows how
10:47innocent north dakotans are
10:50i’m speaking in minnesota so we should
10:52all say amen to that right
10:56dwayne’s making a note this is the
10:57official name of the sermon got it okay
11:03evil north dakotans got it all right but
11:06all of that being said
11:08is peter engaging in hyperbole is he
11:11inaccurate no he’s not
11:15and it’s true that there were people who
11:16were listening to peter’s sermon that
11:19who were not there when pilate said whom
11:22shall i release to you
11:24Jesus or barabbas they weren’t in the
11:27crowd saying
11:28free barabbas what do i do with Jesus
11:30crucify him
11:31i mean some guy had just come in from
11:33pentecost his boat arrived two days
11:35earlier and he had just arrived in
11:37jerusalem for the feast of pentecost he
11:39wasn’t even there
11:43and what does peter say you you
11:46crucified him
11:50and this is where we have to come to
11:52grips with something
11:53that is very important that we come to
11:56grips with
11:57just like i said we’re not mostly dead
12:00we are totally dead
12:01we are extremely unholy broken beyond
12:05we are sinful and guilty before god and
12:07each and every one of us has deserved an
12:09eternity in hell
12:10and here’s the thing Christ because he
12:14died for your sins
12:15and mine you and i are guilty of
12:20Jesus so don’t sit there and say oh it
12:24was those pesky jews
12:25it was the pharisees oh it was the
12:28romans and we
12:28all know how evil those guys are no it
12:31was you
12:32you crucified Christ
12:36and so did i if you cannot come to grips
12:40with this and confess
12:41this you do not yet know the magnitude
12:44of your sin
12:45and you do not yet understand the
12:47absolute amazing good news
12:50that Christ bore your sins in his body
12:53on the cross
12:54he bled suffered and died and
12:57experienced the wrath of god
12:58in your place so that you can be
13:02pardoned reconciled and ultimately live
13:06so hear the words of peter they come
13:08across the pages of time to us today
13:11and they let us know that we are the
13:12ones who handed Christ over to be
13:14crucified by lawless men
13:16but god raised him up on the third day
13:19he was raised bodily from the grave
13:22loosing the pangs of death because it
13:23was not possible for him to be held by
13:27david says concerning Jesus i saw the
13:29lord always before me
13:30that he’s at my right hand that i may
13:32not be shaken
13:34therefore my heart was glad my tongue
13:37my flesh also will dwell in hope for you
13:40will not abandon my soul to hades or let
13:42your holy one see corruption
13:44you have made known to me the paths of
13:47and you will make me full of gladness
13:49with your presence
13:50so brothers i may say to you with
13:52confidence about the patriarch david
13:54that he both died and was buried and his
13:56tomb is with us to this day
13:58being therefore a prophet and that’s
14:00what david was you’ll note he’s an
14:01author of scripture too
14:03in the psalms and knowing that god had
14:05sworn with an oath to him that he would
14:07set one of his descendants on his throne
14:10david foresaw and spoke about the
14:12resurrection of the Christ the messiah
14:15that he was not to be abandoned to hades
14:17nor did his flesh see corruption
14:19and this Jesus god has raised up
14:23and of that we are all witnesses
14:26you see the resurrection is validation
14:29for the fact that Christ’s
14:30sacrifice for your sins and mind was
14:32accepted by god the father
14:34the fact that Jesus didn’t remain dead
14:36because what is the wages of sin
14:38death what sin did Jesus commit none
14:42and so because of his own righteousness
14:45he bore your sins
14:47but death could not hold him it would be
14:49unlawful for it to do so
14:51so being therefore exalted at the right
14:53hand of god and that’s where Christ is
14:55right now today
14:57pleading mediating praying for you and
15:00for me
15:01having received from the father the
15:02promise of the holy spirit
15:04Christ has poured out this that you
15:06yourselves are seeing and hearing
15:08for david did not ascend into the
15:10heavens but he himself says
15:12the lord said to my lord sit at my right
15:14hand until i make your enemies a
15:16so let all the house of israel therefore
15:19know for certain
15:21god has made Jesus both lord and Christ
15:24this Jesus whom you crucified
15:29now you’ll note the holy spirit is
15:30active on this pentecost sunday that
15:33peter is preaching and the holy spirit
15:34is active
15:35among us today and what did all those
15:38unholy sinners experience when the holy
15:42spirit proclaimed Christ
15:44as crucified for their sins risen from
15:46the dead
15:47ascended to heaven oh and by the way did
15:49you note the little
15:50the little bits in there were in our
15:52sermon portion from
15:54today peter even talked about the holy
15:57the father and the son little aside here
16:00have you ever run into somebody who says
16:02you know the doctrine of the trinity
16:04isn’t really a biblical doctrine
16:06and you know the guys in the bible
16:08really didn’t believe it well they
16:09didn’t believe it then why did peter
16:11talk about father son and holy spirit
16:13peter’s a trinitarian
16:14there is no development in Christian
16:18there is only a careful study of what is
16:21there for us and so that being the case
16:24you’ll know peter was a firm trinitarian
16:27aside finished i just had to put that in
16:31so what then is the response what is the
16:35what is the experience that unholy
16:37sinners have being in the presence of
16:38the holy spirit
16:40Christ said the holy spirit convicts the
16:41world of sin righteousness and judgment
16:44well upon hearing these words it says in
16:47verse 37 of acts 2
16:49that the crowd when they heard these
16:50things they were cut to their heart
16:53and they said to peter and the rest of
16:54the apostles brothers
16:56what shall we do
17:00ah that’s a similar experience to what
17:03isaiah had isn’t
17:04it being in the presence of the holy
17:06spirit they’re convicted of their sin
17:07and they recognize their guilt their
17:09culpability and crucifying
17:12Christ their great god and savior
17:15and peter doesn’t say to them well
17:17that’s on you your blood beyond your own
17:20how dare you crucify the lord of life
17:22don’t worry when Jesus comes back
17:24he’s going to be thrilled to see you you
17:26won’t be excited about it but he sure
17:28will because he’s going to finally get
17:30his vengeance on you not at all
17:34you see Christ didn’t die in order
17:38that we would be found more guilty and
17:40for vengeance to be exacted upon us by
17:43consider the words of Christ in our
17:46gospel text today
17:48Jesus himself says to nicodemus that
17:50just as moses lifted up the serpent in
17:52the wilderness
17:53so must the son of man be lifted up so
17:56that whoever believes in him
17:58may have eternal life for god so loved
18:01the world
18:02that he gave his only son that whoever
18:05believes in him should not perish but
18:07have eternal life
18:09god does not will for you to go
18:12to hell god does not will for you
18:16to perish he does not will for you to
18:19suffer the eternal consequences of your
18:22your rebellion your guilt god loves you
18:25and he wills for you to be saved and
18:28pardoned and if you don’t believe it
18:30then consider the greatness
18:32of what he went through in order to save
18:35by sending his only begotten son who
18:38became sin
18:39so that we might become the
18:41righteousness of god and anyone
18:43you me wherever they are in the world
18:45today whoever believes in him
18:47though your sins be as scarlet
18:52Christ could even save hitler
18:55had been brought to repentance that’s
18:58how deep
18:59the forgiveness of Christ is i’m sure he
19:01can forgive you
19:03whoever believes in him will not perish
19:06but will have
19:07eternal life for god did not send his
19:09son into the world to condemn the world
19:12but in order that the world might be
19:13saved through him
19:15you and me every one of us
19:18so peter then knowing that Christ so
19:20loved the world that he gave his only
19:21begotten son
19:22ends his sermon beautifully when they’re
19:25cut to the heart
19:26when they are undone because they are in
19:28the presence of the holy
19:29when they see their guilt and their
19:31filth and recognize their need to be
19:33forgiven and pardoned
19:34peter says repent and be baptized every
19:37one of you in the name of Jesus for the
19:39forgiveness of your sins
19:41there is forgiveness mercy
19:44and grace for all of you and you
19:47yourselves will receive the gift of the
19:49spirit and the promise of the
19:51forgiveness of the sins
19:53of forgiveness of sins and the promise
19:55of the gift of the holy spirit it’s for
19:57and for your children and all who are
19:58far off everyone whom the lord god
20:01calls to himself
20:05there’s forgiveness and so you’ll note
20:07that day
20:08those who receive peter’s words they
20:10were baptized they were baptized in the
20:13name of the father and the son
20:15and the holy spirit and rather than
20:18well burned up and experiencing
20:21fire the fire of god’s judgment
20:24they instead experienced the cool waters
20:29of baptism and had their sins
20:33washed away and they received the holy
20:37and they were made clean and they were
20:40made holy
20:42you see when that happens when god takes
20:44a sinner
20:45and washes away their sins and fills
20:47them with the holy spirit
20:49they go from being sinners to now being
20:52called what
20:53saints the greek word is hagias
20:57holy ones the unholy
21:01become holy made holy
21:05by the powerful working of the holy
21:08because of the great love and mercy of
21:10our god
21:12so brothers and sisters we have much to
21:13rejoice in here
21:15coming back to isaiah it’d be fun to
21:17kind of bookend it here there’s
21:19poor isaiah in the temple seeing this
21:21beatific vision of the lord of hosts
21:23high and lifted up and seeing the
21:25seraphim proclaiming holy holy holy is
21:28the lord of hosts
21:30and he’s thinking he’s going to perish
21:32because he’s seen the king the lord of
21:36but one of the seraphim flew to him
21:39and having in his hand a burning coal
21:41that he had taken with the tongues from
21:43the altar
21:44he touched my mouth and he said behold
21:46this has touched your lips
21:48your guilt is taken away your sin
21:52is atoned for don’t ever tell me that
21:55god isn’t in the business of forgiving
21:58he absolutely is all about that
22:01and even here we have this picture of
22:03something that was on the altar a cold
22:05taken from the altar
22:06that touches his lips and takes his
22:08guilt away i like to always kind of
22:10picture that
22:11as a little type and foreshadowing of
22:13the lord’s supper
22:14on those days when we have the lord’s
22:16supper you hear these words take
22:18eat this is the true body of Christ
22:20given into death
22:21for the forgiveness of your sins
22:24take drink this is the true blood of
22:26Christ shed for you
22:28for the forgiveness of your sins so note
22:32Christ’s body and blood well those were
22:34the things that were sacrificed on the
22:35altar of the cross
22:37and every time we have the lord’s supper
22:39your mouth touches
22:40what was on the real altar and touches
22:44your lips
22:45and you can be assured that just like
22:47isaiah your guilt is taken away
22:50and your sin is atoned for because truly
22:52it is
22:55and because of what god has done for us
22:58we who are sinners and saints at the
23:00same time because that’s what we
23:02Christians all
23:02are because we are forgiven to have
23:05confidence in god’s love and mercy
23:07knowing that it’s not his will that we
23:09would perish he’s given us
23:11the holy spirit he’s washed away our
23:13sins he’s assured us
23:15with his body and blood that we are
23:16forgiven and atoned for
23:19now rather than in terror shrieking back
23:22and wanting to hide
23:23feeling like we’ve come undone when we
23:26hear about the holy god
23:28we can join our voices with the seraphim
23:31and we can say holy holy holy is yahweh
23:35sava oath
23:36and the whole earth is full of his glory
23:39lord Jesus fill the earth with your
23:41glory for it is the glory of you
23:42to forgive and pardon sinners pardon us
23:46again today
23:47assure us of your great love and mercy
23:49and let us take comfort in the words
23:51that you did not send your son into the
23:53world to condemn the world or to condemn
23:55us but that we might be saved through
23:59oh blessed be the holy trinity who
24:01concocted such a great
24:03plan to save
24:06all of us our lot his lost
24:09and sinful creatures in the name of
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