Sermon Transcript – The Widow’s Son Meets The Virgin’s Son

Series C – Third Sunday After Pentecost – Sunday, June 5, 2016 | Pr. Chris Rosebrough

Welcome to the Teaching Ministry of Kongsvinger Lutheran Church. Kongsvinger is a beacon for the Gospel of Jesus Christ and is located on the plains of Northwestern Minnesota.
We proclaim Christ and Him crucified for our sins and salvation by grace through faith alone, and now, here’s a message from Pastor Chris Rosebrough:
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0:29the holy Gospel According to Saint Luke
0:31chapter 7 verses 11 through 17.
0:35soon afterward Jesus went to a town
0:38called nane his disciples and a great
0:40crowd went with him as he drew near to
0:43the gate of the Town Behold a man who
0:45had died was being carried out
0:46the only son of his mother she was a
0:49widow and a considerable crowd from the
0:51town was with her and when the Lord saw
0:53her he had compassion on her and he said
0:55to her
0:56do not weep then he came up and touched
0:59the beer and the Bears Stood Still
1:02he said young man I say to you arise
1:05and the dead man sat up and began to
1:08speak and Jesus gave him to his mother
1:10fear sees them all and they glorify God
1:13saying a great prophet has arisen Among
1:15Us God has visited his people
1:17and this report about him spread through
1:19the whole country of Judea and all the
1:22surrounding country
1:23in the name of Jesus
1:25amen all right this is a fun story and
1:29when you start checking the cross
1:30references things are starting to happen
1:33there’s some crackling going on I hope
1:35you have the same excitement about it as
1:37I do now we’re going to take a look at
1:40our two texts Old Testament and New
1:42Testament together for a very specific
1:44reason they work together
1:46Elijah here in first king 17 with the
1:50story of the raising of the son her son
1:53the Widow of NE of not name but
1:57um Elijah goes to the zaraphat that’s
2:01holy smokes I need a vacation I’m losing
2:04my mind
2:07yeah the Widow of Zarephath in fact in
2:09the Old Testament there are two accounts
2:11of people being raised from the dead one
2:13is the story of the raising of the Widow
2:15of zaraphat’s son and the Widow by the
2:18way being a widow in the ancient world
2:19this is the days before there was
2:22this is the days before there were
2:24social services WIC and things like that
2:26and it’s really bad for women who do not
2:30have husbands because men are the ones
2:31who own the property
2:33women don’t
2:35and as a result of it for women to lose
2:38their husband is a bad thing but for a
2:41woman to lose her only son after that
2:45the only thing she gets to look down the
2:47rest of her life is abject poverty
2:50unless somebody really is kind enough to
2:52take care of her and meet her needs it’s
2:54a terrible situation but the other
2:57raising is by the prophet Elisha and
3:00Elisha he’s the one who comes after
3:03Elijah oftentimes people get the too
3:05confused because their names are so like
3:07interchangeable in the way we speak but
3:09Elijah he raises the son of the
3:13shunamite woman and she is not poor at
3:17all in fact she’s quite well to do she’s
3:20so well to do she’s able to build an
3:22apartment if you would a spare bedroom
3:24you know up on the top floor for Elisha
3:26anytime he’s in town he can come and
3:28stay there and so what I find
3:30fascinating between the two Old
3:32Testament Resurrection accounts that we
3:33see from Elijah and Elisha is that it
3:37kind of covers the whole
3:39Financial Spectrum from abject poverty
3:42to well to do Christ is bled and died
3:45for the rich and the poor important for
3:47us to keep that in mind but in our story
3:49today in our Old Testament story it’s
3:51the Widow of Zarephath and if you know
3:53the context this is what’s going on here
3:57is that Elijah he’s literally on the Run
4:01the Lord told him to let King ahaz and
4:03his wife Jezebel that’s how you
4:06pronounce her name by the way jeza Baal
4:09the princess of ba’al
4:11terrible terrible demonic false god by
4:14the way
4:15God told Elijah to let everybody know
4:18it’s not going to reign in Israel until
4:20I say so and why is that a big deal
4:22because well the people who believed in
4:24ba’al and who sacrificed their children
4:26too but all
4:28yeah there was Human Sacrifice involved
4:30there they believed that Baal was the
4:32one who brought the Reigns and because
4:34he was the one who brought the Reigns he
4:35was also the one who brought the crops
4:37and got all the glory
4:39so God tells Elijah let everybody know
4:41it’s not going to rain until you say so
4:44and so it is and so what ends up
4:47happening is it stops raining Without
4:49Rain well crops dry up and things go bad
4:51and go into a famine mode now for a
4:54while Elijah was hiding in a place
4:55called The Brook of Sharif and Ravens
4:58were literally bringing him sandwiches
5:00every day
5:01don’t know how clean they were but I
5:03guess if you’re hungry you don’t
5:04complain right and eventually that Brook
5:06dried up and he had to head out
5:08somewhere else and by this time he’s on
5:11Israel’s most wanted list every Saturday
5:13night on television have you seen this
5:16Prophet right they were looking for him
5:18if you’ve seen this Prophet please call
5:20Jezebel all at area code 666. anyway
5:25sorry I just had to say it that way
5:28so as he’s on the Run he heads out of
5:32out of Israel up near tire and sidon to
5:35Zarephath and there he finds a widow
5:37that God had basically said and you’re
5:38going to take care of Elijah my prophet
5:41and so God takes care of her makes it so
5:44her oil never runs out and her flower
5:47never runs out kind of a multiplication
5:49Miracle which is oh so amazing if you
5:51think about it but then something
5:53happens Calamity Falls and this is where
5:56we pick up in First Kings chapter 17
5:58verse 17 after this the son of the woman
6:00the Mistress of the house became ill his
6:03illness was so severe that there was no
6:06breath left in him
6:07and she said to Elijah what have you
6:10against me o man of God you’ve come to
6:13bring my sins to remembrance and to
6:15cause the death of my son
6:23quick note
6:24how many of you
6:26when things go poorly in your life
6:29the first thing you think is that God is
6:32punishing you for your sins
6:35we’re tempted to think this way are we
6:38now keep this in mind I’m speaking now
6:40to Christians
6:42if you are truly in Christ your sins
6:45have been washed away you’ve been raised
6:47with Christ and you were a penitent
6:49believer in Christ then you must know
6:51this that any Calamity that befalls you
6:54is not God punishing you for your sins
6:57and there’s a very simple reason for
6:59that because all of your sins have been
7:01punished in Christ
7:04you are not being punished for your sins
7:07God does not punish his children and
7:11there is no double double jeopardy in
7:13the kingdom of God punished sins are
7:15forgiven sins and Christ is bled and
7:17died for them all
7:19you may be being disciplined by God
7:22but the reality of the situation is you
7:24read the book of Job
7:26read the book of job and you realize you
7:29might never really figure out why you’re
7:32going through what you’re going through
7:33in a tough circumstance because what was
7:36the reason why job suffered was it
7:38because he was so sinful that God had to
7:41thump him on the head and get him back
7:43into line
7:45no the reason job suffered so much is
7:48because he was a righteous man it was
7:50because he loved God
7:54so keep this in mind
7:56as Christians when we experience
7:58suffering and calamity
8:02we may not be able to figure out why we
8:05may never be given a reason why but the
8:09one thing that we can absolutely rule
8:12out is that God is punishing you for
8:15your sins
8:17so keep that in mind
8:21so the woman said to actually Elijah
8:24said to her give me your son he took him
8:27from her arms carried him up into the
8:29upper chamber where he lodged and laid
8:31him on his own bed and then he cried to
8:33the Lord oh Lord Yahweh my God you have
8:36brought Calamity even upon the Widow
8:38with whom I sojourn by killing her son
8:40then he stretched himself out on the
8:42child three times
8:45and he cried to the Lord O Lord my God
8:47let this child’s life come into him
8:50three times father son Holy Spirit three
8:55days in the grave yeah there’s something
8:57going on here that even points us to
8:59Jesus right
9:01and the Lord listened to the voice of
9:04that’s right God listened to Elijah’s
9:06voice isn’t that amazing right the life
9:09of the child came into him again
9:11and he revived Elijah took the child
9:14brought him down from the upper chamber
9:15into the house and delivered him to his
9:17mother and Elijah said see your son
9:20lives and the woman said to Elijah now I
9:23know that you are a man of God and that
9:25the word of the Lord the word of Yahweh
9:27in your mouth is truth
9:31Miracles always support a message
9:34Miracles are never the message
9:37they always support one
9:39false signs and false wonders will
9:41support false theology keep that in mind
9:45but here we see that this miracle shows
9:49this woman
9:50that the words of this Prophet regarding
9:53Yahweh are true and we have a greater
9:55Miracle than this
9:57the resurrection of the Son of God
9:59himself on the third day after he was
10:00crucified under Pontius Pilate that’s
10:03the miracle we point to for the truth of
10:06the words in the mouth of Jesus
10:08and so with that
10:09you kind of have the the framework Old
10:12Testament is now type and Shadow and
10:15resurrecting dead widows
10:20type and Shadow pointing to Jesus now
10:24let’s take a look now at how this text
10:26points us to Jesus as we return to Our
10:29Gospel text this morning in the Gospel
10:31of Luke chapter 7 here’s what it says as
10:34Jesus Drew near to the gate of the town
10:37Behold a man who had died was being
10:39carried out the only son of his mother
10:42and she was a widow
10:45we already know what this means
10:48not only is it personal loss on a level
10:51that is hard to imagine
10:54and the grief that she has to be going
10:55through but now her life is literally
10:57looking at poverty straight in the face
11:00considerable crowd from the town was
11:02with her
11:03and when the Lord saw her he had
11:06compassion on her
11:10the I think a good rendering of the
11:12Greek because the Greek is really strong
11:14here compassion
11:17this is one of the weaknesses of English
11:19not of the original language a good way
11:22to say it would probably be like his
11:24guts were wrenched
11:27he was really on the inside just
11:33gotta do something
11:36now before we continue I have to give
11:38you a little bit more context
11:41this is taking place in nane nane is a
11:44Jewish town it’s near Galilee south west
11:47of Galilee you can find it on your Bible
11:49map probably so Jesus is in a Jewish
11:53context in a Jewish town with well
11:55basically a bunch of Jews and you need
11:58to understand something about well Jews
12:01and their relationships to dead bodies
12:05all right so with that we have to look
12:07now at the Book of Numbers Chapter 19
12:09starting at verse 11 and I would like
12:11you to follow along if you can
12:13something really important going on here
12:17here’s what it says
12:20whoever touches the dead body of any
12:23person shall be unclean for seven days
12:28now unclean is a pretty importantly bad
12:31status for a Jew unclean means you well
12:35can’t participate in the community
12:37unclean puts you outside of the camp
12:40unclean well if you’re declared to be
12:43unclean and you’re a woman well you
12:45literally cannot even come to church
12:48unclean is big
12:50and people who are unclean need to be
12:53made clean and how you’re made clean is
12:57vitally important in our story here
12:59today we’ll talk about this so the
13:01person who touches the dead body shall
13:03be unclean for seven days he shall
13:05cleanse himself with the watch this
13:07water on the third day with water
13:10and it’s not any old water it’s the
13:12water we’ll talk about the ingredients
13:14of the water here in a minute so he
13:16shall cleanse himself with the water on
13:18the third day and on the seventh day
13:20third day day of the Resurrection seven
13:23days seven days of creation New Creation
13:25stuff going on here there’s biblical
13:27numerology in play so after that he will
13:30be clean but if he does not cleanse
13:32himself on the third day and on the
13:34seventh day he will not become clean
13:36whoever touches a dead person the body
13:39of anyone who has died and does not
13:41cleanse himself defiles the Tabernacle
13:44of Yahweh and that person shall be cut
13:46off from Israel because the water for
13:48impurity was not thrown on him notice
13:51again it’s the water and now it’s
13:53described as the water for impurity it
13:56was not thrown on him he shall be
13:58unclean his uncleanness is still on him
14:02thinking okay we kind of get it no
14:03actually there’s a little bit more let’s
14:05keep reading this is the law when
14:08someone dies in a tent everyone who
14:10comes into the tent and everyone who is
14:11in the tent shall be unclean seven days
14:14every open vessel that has no cover
14:16fasten on it is unclean whoever is in
14:19the open field touches someone who was
14:21killed with a sword or who have died
14:24naturally or touches a human bone or
14:26even touches a grave
14:28notice there okay it’s not necessary for
14:31you to even just touch
14:34the body if you even touch the person’s
14:38all right so if you’re ever out here
14:40visiting somebody at Kong’s finger you
14:42know who’s now gone to be with Christ
14:44just going and touching their grave
14:47makes you unclean
14:49big deal right
14:52they shall be unclean for seven days for
14:54the unclean they shall take now here are
14:57the ingredients for the water the water
15:00for impurity watch the ingredients for
15:03the unclean they shall take some ashes
15:05of the burnt sin offering and fresh
15:09water shall be added in a vessel then a
15:12clean person shall take hyssop and dip
15:14it in the water and sprinkle it on the
15:17tent and on all the furnishings and on
15:20the persons who were there and on
15:22Whoever touched the bone or the slain or
15:25the dead or the grave
15:30all right
15:31let’s think about this
15:33water mixed with ashes from the sin
15:39what does that sound like
15:42you’re sitting there going
15:43sounds a lot like
15:51no yeah
15:56because think about this when you were
15:58baptized was that just mere water you
16:00were baptized with
16:02I know it came from Minnesota
16:05but was that mere water
16:07you were baptized with water mixed with
16:10the very blood of Christ which is the
16:13atonement for your sins
16:16so notice here now clean unclean unclean
16:21has to be cleansed by water mixed with
16:24ashes from the sin offering and
16:26sprinkled with hyssop hyssop that’s the
16:29branch used to sprinkle the blood of the
16:31Lambs of the Passover when the people
16:34were in Egypt right put the dip it in
16:37the blood put the blood on the lentils
16:39right hiss up
16:40all of this is talking about you are
16:43made clean
16:44by the sin sacrifice mixed with the
16:47water quite ingredients isn’t it
16:50but see the thing is we’re all made
16:52clean this same exact way so clean and
16:55unclean are your two categories how
16:57you’re made clean is through the water
16:59for impurity
17:01think that okay
17:03and now you’ve got your context let’s go
17:06back to our story you are all now good
17:08catechized Jews
17:13so when the Lord saw her he had
17:15compassion his guts were wrenched
17:18and he said do not weep then he came up
17:23and he touched the beer
17:26and the bearers Stood Still If This Were
17:29A Movie this would be the part of the
17:31movie where they would over crank the
17:33film in order to play it back in slow
17:35motion there’s Jesus reaching out to
17:38touch the beer if you touch a grave
17:39you’re unclean he’s reaching out his
17:42hand in slow motion it now cuts to the
17:45crowd and they’re all going
17:47and he gets closer and then you can see
17:49him going no
17:52you’re going to be uncleared right
17:56that’s what’s going on here
18:00so he touches the beer
18:03and everybody stands still
18:06awkward silence
18:09let’s see here’s the interesting part
18:10this is where the Widow’s son now meets
18:14the virgin’s son this is where the dead
18:17meets the one who is the resurrection
18:20and the life and when death meets life
18:25death gives way
18:27Jesus said young man I say to you arise
18:31and the dead man
18:36set up and began to speak
18:40and Jesus gave him to his mother
18:45you can only imagine what happened at
18:46that moment
18:48I had a hard time kind of figuring out
18:50something that we can kind of compare
18:51this to
18:53have any of you like me seen some of
18:55those videos I post on social media of
18:58the men in our military who’ve been on a
19:00long deployment and they come home and
19:03they surprise their kids
19:05you know it’s usually the setup is is
19:07that the kids are at school and they go
19:10to school and maybe it’s their birthday
19:11or there’s some occasion and they’re in
19:13the middle of the classroom is a very
19:15large box with you know decorative paper
19:18in it right
19:20and they say to everyone gather around
19:21and they tell the child this one’s for
19:23you open it up
19:25and they open into the paper and open
19:27the lid and out comes dad
19:32kills me every time
19:35first thing out of their mouths is Daddy
19:39and then they’re crying the weeping
19:45with sheer joy and I mean just a mix of
19:49emotions right
19:51imagine this poor Widow
19:54we don’t know the circumstances under
19:55which this man died we don’t know did he
19:58die a long languishing death with a
20:01debilitating disease was it an accident
20:03out on the farm
20:06or did he just fall and accidentally
20:08break his neck it doesn’t say
20:10but the one thing we do know is that on
20:13that day before Jesus showed up she had
20:17heard the news
20:19your boy is dead
20:21and all of the crushing weight of that
20:25the crushing weight of that loss having
20:28already lost her husband now she loses
20:30her son now not only does she no longer
20:33have all of those closest and near to
20:36her and dear to her now she has no means
20:39to even support herself
20:42and in that moment
20:44Jesus whose guts were wrenched for her
20:48gives her back her son
20:53what a moment
20:56fear sees them all
20:58the text says
21:01and would it not seize you as well if
21:03you saw something like that what is
21:06happening here
21:10so they glorified God saying
21:13a great prophet has arisen Among Us they
21:18make the connection we haven’t seen
21:20something like this since Elijah or
21:22Elisha right but see Jesus is more than
21:25a prophet he is the prophet of prophets
21:27and he’s the king of kings and he’s the
21:29Lord of lords
21:31right he’s Prophet priest and King
21:34but the next words are very important
21:36God has visited his people indeed he has
21:42now oftentimes we’re tempted to read a
21:44story like this and say
21:47man why is it that the people in the
21:50Bible times get to have like all the
21:53Miracles right why is it that God visits
21:56them but he never seems to visit us I
21:58mean here we are in the middle of Kang
22:00Zinger Lutheran Church plop down in the
22:02middle of Oslo Minnesota which isn’t
22:04nearly as glorious as the original Oslo
22:06from what I understand right
22:08how come God never visits us
22:13we’re tempted to think this way are we
22:18see you’re not thinking about it
22:21God does visit us and he has visited you
22:25and not only that Jesus himself just
22:29like this young man who was dead and was
22:33touched by Jesus Jesus has also touched
22:37want me to prove it I’d love to
22:40Ephesians 2
22:42verse 1.
22:45you were dead
22:47in your trespasses and your sins in
22:50which you once walked following the
22:52course of this world following the
22:54prince of the power of the air the
22:56spirit that is now at work in the sons
22:58of Disobedience among whom we all once
23:00lived and the passions of our flesh
23:02carrying out the desires of the body and
23:05the mind and we were by Nature children
23:07of Wrath like the rest of mankind
23:11brothers and sisters this was all of us
23:14we were all born dead in trespasses and
23:18and it wasn’t mostly dead
23:22it was graveyard dead
23:24literally think of as like zombies if
23:27you would now right The Walking Dead
23:30but then look at the next sentence but
23:34being rich in Mercy you can almost see
23:38the parallel Jesus’s guts are wrenched
23:41God’s guts are wrenched for you
23:44he’s rich in Mercy he’s rich in kindness
23:48and because of the great love with which
23:49he loved us even when we were dead in
23:53our trespasses God has made us alive
23:55together with Christ
24:00let me give you a picture of it
24:03every time
24:05a woman or a family from Kong’s Winger
24:08brings their infant child
24:12to the baptismal font to be baptized
24:15it is just like the funeral procession
24:19they are literally bringing a dead child
24:22to the baptismal font
24:25and Jesus touches that child in the
24:29waters of Purity there
24:32where the waters are mixed with the
24:34sacrifice for our sins and that child is
24:38made alive and made pure God himself
24:40Christ himself reaches through the
24:44waters and touches that child and says I
24:47tell you to arise
24:51that’s what’s happening
24:53God is visiting us
24:57and he has visited us
25:01for by Grace you have been saved
25:04God has raised us up with him and sealed
25:07us seated us up with him in the Heavenly
25:09places in Christ Jesus so in the coming
25:12ages he might show the Amer measurable
25:15Riches of his grace in kindness towards
25:18us in Christ Jesus
25:23God is merciful and he’s kind and he
25:26visits his people and when death and
25:28life collide
25:30death gives way
25:32and God raises from the dead Colossians
25:352 says the same thing
25:37Colossians 2 11-14 in him you were
25:40circumcised with the circumcision made
25:42without hands by the putting off of the
25:44body of the flesh by the circumcision of
25:46Christ having been buried with him in
25:48baptism in which you were also raised
25:50with him through faith in the powerful
25:52working of God who raised him from the
25:54dead and you who were dead in your
25:56trespasses and the uncircumcision of
25:59your flesh God has made you alive
26:01together with him having forgiven us all
26:04of our trespasses by canceling the
26:07record of death that stood against us
26:08with its legal demands this he set aside
26:12nailing it to the cross
26:21today Christ will visit us
26:25not just through the preaching of the
26:27word but Christ will visit us in the
26:30Lord’s Supper
26:32Christ will be their body and blood for
26:34the Forgiveness of our sins God has
26:37visited his people and he continues to
26:39visit his people
26:41and if you see it the way the Bible
26:44describes it you cannot help but see the
26:47miraculous and the amazing and the
26:49awe-inspiring and the type of thing that
26:52would make you sit and pay attention in
26:55fear and awe and in love
26:59the text ends with this report about him
27:01spread throughout the whole
27:03Judean Countryside and all the
27:05surrounding country
27:08let everybody know
27:10tell Oslo let Alvarado know let the
27:13people in Warren know and those in Grand
27:16Sunday after Sunday after Sunday here at
27:19Kong’s Winger Jesus is showing up
27:22God is visiting his people he’s
27:25forgiving sins he’s raising people from
27:28the dead Miracles are happening here
27:31like you wouldn’t believe
27:34and it’s all true when you learn to see
27:38it the way scripture teaches it
27:42for we know
27:43because Christ has risen from the grave
27:46that the word of God in his mouth is
27:50and it’s true
27:52for you
27:55whom Christ has touched and raised from
27:58the grave and today feeds with his body
28:00and blood for the Forgiveness of your
28:02sins in the name of Jesus
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