Sermon Transcript – The Word is More Certain

Series A – The Transfiguration of Our Lord – Sunday, February 22, 2023 | Pr. Chris Rosebrough

Welcome to the Teaching Ministry of Kongsvinger Lutheran Church. Kongsvinger is a beacon for the Gospel of Jesus Christ and is located on the plains of Northwestern Minnesota.
We proclaim Christ and Him crucified for our sins and salvation by grace through faith alone, and now, here’s a message from Pastor Chris Rosebrough:
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0:22The holy Gospel
0:29According to Saint Matthew the 17th chapter foreign
0:37after six days Jesus Took with him Peter and James and John his brother and led them up a high mountain by themselves
0:43and he was transfigured before them and his face Shone like the sun and his
0:49clothes became White as light and behold there appeared to them Moses and Elijah
0:54talking with him and Peter said to Jesus Lord it is good that we are here if you wish I will make three tents here one
1:01for you one for Moses one for Elijah he was still speaking when Behold a bright
1:07Cloud overshadowed them and a voice from the cloud said this is my beloved Son
1:12with whom I am well pleased listen to him when the disciples heard this they fell on their faces and they were
1:19terrified but Jesus came and touched them saying rise and have no fear and when they lifted up their eyes they saw
1:25no one but Jesus only and as they were coming down the mountain Jesus commanded them tell no one the vision until the
1:32son of man is raised from the dead this is the gospel of the Lord in the name of Jesus
1:39all right we live in a day it’s a treacherous day where people kind of lust after weird things and by lust
1:47after I’m talking about lusting after spiritual signs spiritual wonders and uh
1:53for miracles and things like this and as a result of that lusting after these
1:59things they have opened themselves up to Great deception as we speak right now in
2:04Kentucky there’s something that has been going on for a little more than a week called the Asbury Revival I’m hoping
2:11that as people listen to the sermon in years to come they’ll say the Asbury what I hope the thing Fizzles out but
2:18unfortunately it seems to be well becoming all the rage and all the headlines and it’s basically this idea
2:26that the charismatics have that we have to deal with today and will be the subject of our texts oddly enough I
2:32consider it to be fortuitous that I get to preach on these texts today but the charismatic churches in the Pentecostal
2:38churches believe in something called Revival but when they talk about the concept of Revival they are not
2:45referring to people returning to the word of God abandoning false Doctrine and apostate
2:52practices and beliefs and heterodox practices and I in beliefs and flat out
2:57idolatry instead what they believe that Revival is is a special visitation of
3:03God the holy spirit it’s like almost as if God chooses a location opens up a
3:09portal from heaven and shines down the presence of the Holy Spirit on a particular location where people then
3:16can have quote an encounter with God right and this is supposed to change
3:22them but it’s fascinating I’ve been paying really close attention to the Asbury Revival and I would note that
3:29there is something supremely missing there and that is God’s word and most
3:34importantly the preaching of the Gospel you have kids claiming that they’re repenting but why are they repenting
3:40because well they had a liver shiver they had goosebumps they had they
3:46claimed that they had an encounter and they’ve been basically singing Hillsong elevation and Bethel Music non-stop for
3:5424 hours it has come also to my attention that one of the leaders in the praise band is openly homosexual
4:01which begs the question why would God the Holy Spirit be giving liver Shivers uh in in under such circumstances things
4:09like this have to be tested by the word of God and we’re going to note here Our Gospel texts and our epistle text
4:18strongly advise us to pay attention to the word of God if you walk through our
4:25gospel text you’ll note that Peter James and John they were privileged to see the
4:31glory of Christ Jesus is after all God in human flesh and you’ll note their
4:38first reaction Peter’s first reaction when Moses and Elijah show up is that he
4:44wanted to make three tents let’s Tabernacle here for a while we’ll bake in the glory or something like that
4:50right and you’ll note Moses and Elijah showing up is not a small detail Moses
4:56and Elijah are showing up tells us a little bit of something that happens to the death of Christians and those who
5:01believe in God they are still alive Moses and Elijah seem to be doing quite
5:06well despite the fact that their Earthly bodies have decayed long ago well actually Elijah’s never did because he
5:13was taken up to heaven directly right but Moses’s body is buried somewhere where only God knows but there they are
5:19Moses and Elijah talking with Christ and you’ll note that Moses is the representative of the Torah and Elijah
5:26is a representative of the prophets the two main sections of the Old Testament Who Bore witness to Christ are now
5:33discussing with Jesus his Exodus that’s what the Gospel of Luke tells us and so
5:39there’s Peter James and John and Peter says it’s good that we’re here if you wish I’ll make three tents here one for
5:45you one for Moses one for Elijah how long are you planning on staying up there Peter right is he thinking this is
5:52going to be another one of those 40 days things you know because Moses when he went into the glory of God on Mount
5:59Sinai he was up there for 40 days so he’s thinking we’re going to be here for a little bit of time
6:05well while he was still speaking and behold a bright Cloud overshadowed them
6:10and a voice from the cloud said listen to the words this is my beloved Son with
6:16whom I am well pleased listen to him
6:22it’s almost as if God is correcting Peter and by extension correcting all of
6:28us if we think that this that the church is all about somehow sitting in the
6:33glory of God you don’t know what the glory of God is really all about it’s
6:39about pardoning and forgiving sins see the book of Exodus from further details but you’ll know God the father says
6:46listen to him listen that requires you to well
6:53be quiet and hear words and we are also
6:58admonished by God the Father to do the same because this has been shared with us through the gospel writers we are
7:05also admonished to listen to Christ and when the disciples they heard this voice
7:10of the father they fell on their faces and they were terrified you’ll note that
7:15when God shows up in power in glory sinful human beings like you and like I
7:21like Peter and like James and John we don’t do so well in the presence of
7:26God’s glory and his power we are often terrified fall on our faces fall like
7:32we’re dead men because well God’s glory in living kind of put it this way and
7:37God’s power is all about destroying what’s evil and since you and I are all evil we
7:45because we have a sinful nature and have rebelled against God God’s glory his
7:51power could easily burn against us and bring us to nothing
7:57if we were truly in the presence and the glory of God it would be a miracle if the next sentence was thus perished
8:04Kong’s Winger Lutheran Church right because we each come today bringing with us our own sin and
8:11Rebellion but the voice of the father terrifying them results with Jesus coming and touching
8:17them and saying rise and have no fear because Jesus is the one who has gone to
8:22the Cross born our iniquity in his body was pierced and bruised for our transgressions and iniquity and suffered
8:30the wrath of God in our place thus perished Jesus by the mighty powerful
8:35hand of God because God made him to be the sinner so that you and I can be declared righteous so Jesus comes and
8:42gives words of comfort to his disciples and he comes and give words a comfort for us today and they lifted up their
8:49eyes and they saw no one but Jesus only and neither should we and as they were
8:57coming down the mountain Jesus commanded them till no one the vision until the son of man is raised from the dead
9:03now if it weren’t for II Peter we might easily get lost in the weeds of this
9:09beatific vision of the glory of Christ and somehow think it well if Peter James
9:15and John got to experience the glory of Jesus why can’t we
9:20well the reason why we can’t is why Peter wrote what he wrote Because
9:26experiences like this are not for the purpose of being repeated or becoming normative in the life of a Christian in
9:34fact Peter as he’s getting ready to finish his course his last epistle
9:40before he will be crucified and be martyred for his confession and his
9:46trust in Jesus Christ he tells us as he’s getting ready to die that we did
9:52not follow cleverly devised myths when we made known to the power and the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ but we
10:00were eyewitnesses of his majesty it is sufficient for us to note that there
10:06were eyewitnesses of the glory and the Majesty of Christ but in thinking back on this which had occurred by the time
10:12he wrote the so many decades prior Peter is not convinced at all that this should
10:18be the focus of Christians in in his day and in our day he says for when he
10:25received honor and Glory from God the Father the voice was born to him by the Majestic Glory this is my beloved Son
10:31with whom I am well pleased we ourselves heard this very voice born from heaven
10:37for we were with him on the Holy Mountain and we now all of us Christians
10:43today we have something more certain I like the way the Greek works here it’s a
10:49little tough to translate here we have a comparative a comparative adjective and
10:54so he’s basically saying we have something more sure we have something more certain when we talk about Surety
11:02and certainty one has to ask the question what do we have more Surety and
11:08certainty regarding and he’s referring back to the fact that that long-distant memory that he has of Jesus shining like
11:16the sun well that was an interesting experience One That Shook him to his
11:22core but even now decades later that is not something that he looks to for
11:28Surety and certainty regarding his right standing before God nor does he look at that as something
11:35that we can somehow build our faith on you cannot build your faith on your
11:40experiences spiritual or otherwise to do so is to build them on shifting sand or
11:46even worse the deceptions of the Devil Himself who always masquerades as an angel of Light
11:52so you’ll note we have something that is more sure something that is more certain and what is that thing that is more sure
11:58and more certain are you ready the prophetic word really the Bible that Dusty crusty thing
12:06that I never opened that sits on my nightstand and I keep saying I’ll get around to reading it someday that thing
12:13is the thing that we have that is more sure more certain than eyewitness to the
12:19Transfiguration of Christ yep that’s right that prophetic word
12:25that Bible That’s collecting dust in your house that is the thing that Peter points us to not to spiritual
12:32experiences as he’s getting ready to die basically Peter is saying read your
12:38Bible you need to know the word and I would note this those who regularly read
12:44their Bibles who understand the scriptures who come to church to hear the word not to be entertained who come
12:51to church to study to hear to understand how to rightly divide the word of Truth
12:57they are ones that are hard to deceive those who are not in their bibles are
13:04super easy to deceive it’s like shooting fish in a barrel
13:11because if your mind is not transformed and renewed by God left to your own Tendencies our sinful
13:18nature will steer us back into the ditch of deception that’s how it works so the
13:25more you know the scripture the more protected you are against the deceptions and the schemes of the devil and against
13:32those he sends into the church to deceive us and to mislead us and to take us away from a pure devotion to Christ
13:39and lead us off into hell so we have something more sure the prophetic word to which you will do well
13:45to pay attention and then note how he speaks up he talks up the scriptures and
13:51points them out to us as something that should be viewed as precious as holy as
13:56instructive as actual words from God he says pay attention to the Bible as a
14:03lamp shining in a dark place until the day Dawns and The Morning Star rises in
14:09your hearts knowing this that first of all no prophecy of scripture comes from someone’s own interpretation for no
14:17prophecy was ever produced by the will of men but God himself spoke as they
14:22were carried Along by the Holy Spirit wait God himself did what he spoke
14:29always and again you know you’re dealing with somebody who’s been deceived when they condemn churches like ours by
14:35saying words like this oh those confessional lutherans they don’t believe in the Holy Spirit their Trinity
14:42is Father Son and Holy Bible right oh you don’t believe in the Holy Spirit at
14:47all because you’re a dead church this is how they talk why are we dead well because we don’t bark like dogs and
14:54cluck like chickens and flop around on the floor like fish on a on the bow of a
14:59boat nor do we speak gibberish or anything like this supposedly we’re dead
15:05right no we’re not God speaks to us every single Sunday that we gather to
15:14hear the word of God and we hear it in large copious quantities and amounts if
15:21you come to church hungry I feel like I’m like Isla Linda of old I will make sure that you leave full you can never
15:28enter Island Lynn’s home without getting a ginormous meal and feeling like you
15:33need to be carried out of her house in a wheelbarrow right that’s how it went same here I take Isla Lin’s approach to
15:41feeding you the word of God come over here we’ve got comfort food Galore right and you’re going to note here that
15:47Christ himself promises in the gospel of Matthew where two or more gathered Christ is present Among Us
15:54how much more can you get of Christ being here than he is now and you’ll
16:00note here it’s true that Christ isn’t visibly present but that doesn’t matter Jesus says where
16:06two or more gathered he is truly present and you’ll note then he’s as present with us today right now this moment here
16:14in this congregation as if Jesus had just appeared in the upper room with his disciples and what is he here to do he’s
16:22not here to give you liver Shivers and ghost bumps or things like this he is here to forgive you of your sins to feed
16:30you his word to sustain your faith to feed you with his body and blood given
16:35and shed for the Forgiveness of your sins to make it so that your faith is strengthened in him and we continue then
16:42to apply ourselves to the word and you’ll note that when you look at the
16:48scriptures you look at the Old Testament every single example of Revival in the
16:54Old Testament always and I mean without exception was driven by God’s word
17:04not a feeling not a presence not at some kind of encounter in fact if you want to
17:11talk about the encounters that people had in the Old Testament with God that led to Revival it was always an
17:16encounter with the scriptures themselves because it is in the scriptures that God
17:22is speaking now it’s fascinating earlier this week I made a video talking about this idea of
17:29what the Bible teaches regarding Revival and I gave two examples in that video but I’d left one of them out because it
17:36was really long so I thought you know what Kong’s Winger loves to hear the word so I’ll just go long on my sermon
17:41and give you an example of what this looks like if you remember in our study
17:47of the book of Jeremiah which we recently concluded uh the the the judeans because you got to remember the
17:54northern tribes of Israel the ten had already been scraped out for their idolatry and Scattered into the Nations
17:59it was the Jews of Judah in Jerusalem and in Judea that also went headlong
18:06into idolatry and God in his faithfulness sent profit after profit
18:12after Prophet to call them to repentance but did they repent nope they did not and so by the time you
18:19get to the Prophet Jeremiah God is sending his last prophet before he’s going to act in judgment and they didn’t
18:26listen to him either so God as he threatened to do all the way back in the book of Deuteronomy if they would not
18:33obey and they went after other gods he would send them into Exile out of the land and so he sent the armies of
18:40Nebuchadnezzar and here if he wanted to survive the sack of Jerusalem and the
18:45Conquering of Judea by the armies of Nebuchadnezzar you had to do one thing you had to trust the words of God and
18:52the prophet in the mouth of the Prophet Jeremiah and God told Jeremiah said if you want to live you need to surrender
18:59yourself personally personally to the troops from Babylon
19:05and then you will live how many people did it roughly five thousand the rest were
19:12killed the rest died in the campaign and so they were sent off to Babylon for 70
19:19years and when they were finally set free from captivity in Babylon and were able to return let’s just say Judea was
19:28well a shadow of its former self the temple had been wrecked the walls of Jerusalem destroyed and the people began
19:36the job of rebuilding the walls and eventually rebuilding the temple but before they rebuilt the temple and after
19:42they had finished the walls it says this in the book of Nehemiah now
19:47I always have to take issue we we American English speakers don’t speak
19:52good Hebrew right it’s not pronounced Nehemiah in Hebrew it’s Nehemiah and yes
19:58you got to get that little flembic back in the back of your throats right but here’s what it says in Nehemiah chapter
20:05eight and all the people gathered as one man into the square before the Watergate
20:11and they told Ezra the Scribe to bring the book of the law of Moses that Yahweh
20:17had commanded Israel so Ezra the priest brought the law before the assembly both men and women
20:25and all who could understand what they heard on the first day of the seventh
20:31month and he read from it facing the square before the Watergate from early
20:36morning until midday you think my sermons are long holy smokes right from
20:41early morning all the way to midday what did they do they sat and they listened
20:48they listened to Genesis to Exodus to Leviticus to you know to numbers and
20:54Deuteronomy they listened to the entirety of the old of the Torah being
20:59read out and it started early in the morning and continued on until midday and Ezra the Scribe stood on a wooden
21:06platform that they had made for the purpose this is kind of a prototype of a Pulpit if you think about it right
21:13and beside him stood
21:22on his right
21:30Zechariah and on his left Ezra opened the book in the sight of the people for
21:35he was above all the people as he opened it to and the people they stood Ezra blessed Yahweh the great God and
21:43all the people answered amen amen lifting up their hands they bowed their
21:50heads and they worshiped Yahweh with their faces to the ground
21:55so on hearing the word of God these Jews who had come from Exile in
22:03Babylon they knew that God was speaking to them and they worshiped God amen amen
22:09faces to the ground and Nehemiah who was the governor and Ezra the priest and the
22:15Scribe and the Levites who taught the people said to the people this day is
22:21Holy to Yahweh your God do not mourn do not weep and you’ll note that the
22:28people they did weep because as they were hearing the word of God they were convicted of their sins and this is what
22:35God’s word does when you hear the word of God rightly taught you will have your
22:42soul pricked you will become conscience of your iniquity and all the ways in
22:47which you have fallen short and not kept God’s law but that is not the end of the
22:52matter because God is merciful and kind and pardoning iniquity including yours and is sent to us a savior to bleed and
23:00die for us so although we must go through the lament of knowing what it
23:05feels like to have a guilty conscience knowing that we have transgressed God’s holy law and that we have sinned against
23:11God and we’ve sinned against each other we brightly do mourn but this
23:17encouragement to not mourn has to do with the fact that God is merciful and that he does not leave us to wallow in
23:23our guilt but as instead dead provided the once for all sacrifice of the only begotten Son of God who takes away your
23:31sin and mine and the sin of the whole world by his death on the cross so they encourage the people go your way
23:39eat the fat drink sweet wine send portions to anyone who has nothing ready
23:44for this day is Holy to our Lord and do not be grieved for the joy of the Lord
23:50is your strength so the Levites calmed the people saying be quiet for this day
23:55is Holy do not be grieved and all the people went their way to eat and to drink and descend portions and to make
24:02great rejoicing because they had understood the words that were declared
24:07to them listen again to that sentence they had great rejoicing because they
24:14understood the words of the Bible and isn’t that a great joy for all of us
24:20when we can finally say oh that’s what that text means and then having heard the words of the
24:28Torah and the scriptures they became aware of the fact that they had failed
24:33to keep one of the required feast days in fact they had not even known about it and so with this renewed interest in
24:41Vigor in God’s word these Jews decided that they were going to celebrate the
24:47Feast of booths it says on the second day the heads of the father’s houses and all the people with the priests and the
24:52Levites they came together to Ezra the Scribe in order to study the words of
24:58the law can we hear more Bible please right and they found written in the law
25:05that Yahweh had commanded Moses that the people of Israel should dwell in booths tents if you would during the Feast of
25:12the seventh month that they should Proclaim it and publish it in all their towns and in Jerusalem to go out into
25:19the hills and to bring branches of all of them wild all of Myrtle and palm and other leafy trees to make booths as it
25:26is written ah Revival has broken out in Jerusalem they have read the scriptures
25:31recognize what’s missing in their own practice in their own in their own beliefs and they are excited
25:39to obey the word of God and this breaks out with people saying I got a great
25:45idea let’s live in booths just the way the Bible tells us to right and so they
25:50did so the people went out and brought them and made booze for themselves each on his roof in their courts in the courts
25:57of the house of God in the Square at the Watergate in the Square at the Gate of Ephraim and all the Assembly of those
26:04who had returned from captivity made booze and they lived in booths for from the days of jeshua the son of none to
26:11the day that the people of Israel had not had not done so and there was very great rejoicing and I would note this
26:18it’s kind of a fascinating thing here Feast of booths it’s a remembrance of
26:23their Wilderness wanderings right because the children of Israel spent 40 years wandering in the wilderness living
26:30in booths and Tents while they were headed to the promised land and do you know this that in the eschaton in the
26:37new Earth it legitimately says that all the inhabitants of the new Earth will
26:44celebrate the Feast of booths every single year cool huh kind of nice get ready for this
26:51one because this one’s coming for all of us if you read the Bible you know that this is true so all the Assembly of
26:57those who returned from captivity they made booze and they lived in booze from the days of Joshua the son of none all
27:03the people had not done so there was great rejoicing Day by Day from the first day to the last day he read from
27:09the book of The Law of God they kept the Feast for seven days and on the eighth day there was a solemn assembly
27:16according to the rule and then note this what follows then is
27:24a great confession of sin you want to know what a good confession of sin looks
27:29like read this one in chapter 9 of and you can see here that this prayer is
27:35deeply informed by what they’ve been hearing what they have been reading what
27:41they have been applying themselves to the word of God and so here’s their great confession on the 24th day of this
27:48month the people of Israel were assembled with fasting and sackcloth and with Earth on their heads ah this sounds
27:56like something coming up here this week right Ash Wednesday and the Israelites they separated themselves from all
28:02foreigners and they stood and they confessed their sins and the iniquities of their fathers and what was it that
28:09was driving this great confession of sins and repentance it wasn’t liver
28:14Shivers again it was the word of God they stood up in their place to read
28:19from the book of The Law of the Lord their God for a quarter of the day for another quarter of it they made
28:25confession and they worshiped the Lord their God on the stairs of the Levites
28:31dead stood Yeshua bani cadmiel shebanaya
28:36buniabani and they have cried with a loud voice to Yahweh their God
28:44and then the Levites said stand up and bless Yahweh your God from Everlasting to Everlasting Blessed Be Your glorious
28:52name which is exalted above all blessing and praise you are Yahweh you alone you
28:59have made Heaven the heaven of Heavens with their inner with their host the Earth and all that it’s in it the Seas
29:05and all that is in them and you preserve all of them and the host of Heaven worships you you are Yahweh the God who
29:12chose Abram and brought him out of UR the Chaldeans and gave him the name Abraham you found his heart faithful
29:19before you and made with him the Covenant to give to his offspring the land of the Canaanite the hittite the
29:26Amorite the parasite the jebusite the gurga site and you have kept your
29:31promise for you are righteous
29:37you saw the Affliction of our fathers in Egypt and heard their cry at the Red Sea
29:44you perform the signs and wonders against pharaoh and his servants and all the people of his land for you knew that
29:51they acted arrogantly against our fathers and you made a name for yourself as it is to this day you divided the sea
29:59before them that they went through in the midst of the sea on dry land you cast their pursuers Into the Depths as a
30:06stone into mighty Waters by a pillar of clouds you led them in the day and by a pillar of fire in the night to light for
30:13them the way in which they should go you came down on Mount Sinai spoke to them
30:19from Heaven gave them right rules and true laws good statutes and Commandments
30:24and you made known to them your holy Sabbath and commanded them Commandments
30:29and statutes and a law by Moses your servant you gave them bread from heaven
30:35for their hunger and brought water for them out of the rock for their thirst and you told them to go in to possess
30:42the land that you had sworn to given them but they and our fathers acted
30:49presumptuously and they stiffened their neck and they did not obey your Commandments they refused to obey and
30:56were not mindful of the Wonders that you performed among them but they stiffened their neck and appointed a leader to
31:02return to their slavery in Egypt but you are a God who is ready to forgive you
31:07are gracious and you are merciful you are slow to anger and abounding and steadfast love and you did not forsake
31:17them even when they had made for themselves a golden calf and said this is your god
31:24who brought you out of Egypt and had committed great blasphemies you and your great mercies you did not forsake them
31:34law and gospel the word of God in all of its
31:40context and its Glory you can see here that these people’s lives were changed
31:45turned upside down they went from having no hope to having all hope they went to
31:51being ignorant to now being informed by the word of God as to what truth is and
31:57what their own history is and is it any Wonder then that Peter as he is
32:02finishing his course does not point us to the slippery and hard to Define and
32:09nebulous and difficult to discern things such as liver Shivers and so-called
32:15outpourings of the Holy Spirit and vague well vague visitations of the holy
32:22spirit that are supposed to transform Our Lives instead he compares the Mount
32:27of transfiguration to the Bible and the Bible comes out on top
32:33isn’t that interesting but that is the consistent record that is the consistent
32:39witness of the scriptures themselves the greatest encounter that you can have
32:44with God is Not by having you having goosebumps in an atmosphere filled with
32:51worship and Glory the greatest encounter you can have with God is when he speaks to you face to face from his word and
32:58convicts you of your sin and comforts you with the assurance that
33:04you are forgiven in Christ and then through the power of the Holy Spirit promised in the word of God gives you
33:10the strength to daily rise and mortify your sinful flesh and take off your old
33:15self and put on the new self that you are in Christ and without God’s word you wouldn’t even know that you were
33:22supposed to do that so let us listen again to what Peter
33:28says although he heard the voice of the father say this is my beloved Son with
33:34whom I am well pleased he heard the last part and said listen to him and that is
33:40exactly what Peter is telling us to do because we can hear the voice of Christ in no other place than in the word of
33:48God and if you think you’re hearing the voice of Christ outside of the word of God get yourself checked you’re not or
33:56come see me and we’ll walk you through it that’s a deceiving voice that is speaking to you but God’s word can be
34:01trusted no prophecy of scripture was ever produced by the will of men
34:08but men spoke from God as they were carried Along by the Holy Spirit and those men now speak to us the very words
34:15of God listen to Christ the one who hears the scriptures hears him in the
34:22name of Jesus Amen
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