Sermon Transcript – The Works That Reveal Jesus’ True Identity

Series C – Sixth Sunday in Easter – Sunday, May 1, 2016 | Pr. Chris Rosebrough

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We proclaim Christ and Him crucified for our sins and salvation by grace through faith alone, and now, here’s a message from Pastor Chris Rosebrough:
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0:22The holy Gospel
0:29According to Saint John chapter 5 verses 1 through 9. after this there was a feast of the Jews
0:35and Jesus went up to Jerusalem now there is in Jerusalem by the Sheep gate a pool in Aramaic called Bethesda
0:42which has five roofed Colonnades and in these lay a multitude of invalids blind
0:48lame paralyzed one man was there who had been an invalid for 38 years when he saw
0:55him lying there and knew that he had already been there a long time he said to him do you want to be healed the sick
1:03man answered him sir I have no one to put me into the pool when the water is stirred up and while I’m going another
1:09steps down before me Jesus said to him get up take up your bed and walk and at
1:16once the man was healed and he took up his bed and walked now that day was the
1:22Sabbath in the name of Jesus all right has anyone ever told you a
1:27joke but only told you part of the joke you know I got Midway through it and then stopped let me illustrate all right
1:33so there was a Lutheran Pastor a U.S congressman and an attorney they were adrift at Sea in a small dinghy and
1:39sharp infested waters so the pastor turns to the congressman and he says
1:47yeah I see it’s not very satisfying is it yeah by the way I don’t know how that joke ends I forgot the punch line years
1:52ago so we must move on okay now today’s Gospel text is sort of like that the
1:59makers of the lectionary sometimes do things that don’t make sense to us mere mortal pastors so I’ve decided to tell
2:06you the whole story rather than just part of it because it kind of matters it’s like I don’t want to tell you part of the story and not actually get to the
2:12punch line so in Our Gospel today we’re going to hear about the healing of a paralytic along the way we’re going to
2:20see how the place and details of the healing prefigure God’s healing work in the waters of our baptism but that’s not
2:26really the main point the main point is that on the day in which Jesus did this healing it was a Sabbath and Jesus
2:34provocatively ignored the pharisaical Sabbath restrictions and by doing so
2:39ended up revealing who he really is and that’s kind of the whole point of the story so with that we return to Our
2:44Gospel text today in the Gospel of John chapter 5 and it begins with after this there was a feast of the Jews Jesus went
2:51up to Jerusalem by the way there were three festivals which the men of Israel were
2:57required according to the Mosaic Covenant to travel to Jerusalem yeah these would be the um
3:03Passover feast of booths and also Yom Kippur the men had to show up this was
3:09absolutely necessary now funny thing this text doesn’t tell us which of these things it is so we’re not exactly sure
3:15but it does tell us this now there is in Jerusalem and you might want to say there was there is in Jerusalem by the
3:21Sheep gate a pool in Aramaic called Bethesda which has five roofed
3:27Colonnades and in these lay a multitude of invalids blind lame and paralyzed
3:33noticed at the time that this was written this place still existed right now you read the church fathers on this
3:41and it’s absolutely fascinating they can see all the biblical themes and motifs
3:46in the location itself I won’t dig hard into it but just let me give you a couple of highlights here the Sheep gate
3:53by the way this was a small opening in the north wall of the old Temple of the old wall there near the temple and this
4:00was the place where the Sheep were washed in a pool before they were well
4:06herded up to the sanctuary in order to be sacrificed for sins Bethesda this is Imperial Aramaic this
4:14isn’t even Aramaic it’s Imperial Aramaic it’s like the Queen’s Aramaic and this
4:19word means check this out House of Grace House of Mercy
4:25and then there are some who see the fact that there are five roof Colonnades as somehow a symbolic well allusioned to
4:33the Torah the five books of Moses and so what does it all mean it means
4:39pay attention something important is going on here the story then continues one man was
4:46there who had been an invalid for 38 years and when Jesus saw him lying there
4:51and knew that he had already been there a long time he said to him do you want
4:56to be healed now he’d been there a long time and notice it said there were a multitude of invalids Jesus singles this
5:04guy out now I have to explain what’s going on here so you kind of get it what
5:09you know from this text and from other texts outside of scripture there was a periodic miracle that took place in the
5:16pool of Bethesda the House of Mercy near the Sheep gate right and well what would
5:21happen is in the days before there were hospitals and hospices and good medical facilities to take care of those who
5:28suffered from such normalities that God provided a special miracle from time to
5:34time an angel would descend from heaven stir the waters up kind of like a Jacuzzi first one in is healed second
5:43one no and so this is why they were there
5:49another thing I need to make a note here there are two schools of thought regarding this man who had been there
5:56for 38 years and this fight goes way back all right let me explain Theodore
6:03of maps westia I know you all just love him and you read him every night but he
6:08was a church father who argued that the paralytic really was kind of a well a
6:15bad character if you would and that the reason why he was there for 38 years is
6:20for lack of effort on his part and he really didn’t want to be healed and in the end he ends up ratting on Jesus
6:26we’ll find this out but John christostom well he spearheaded the other school of thought and said no absolutely Jesus
6:33would never heal anybody who was allowed all right that’s kind of the basic argument and the two schools of thought
6:39exist to this day and they continue to fight with each other so I’ve decided to well not engage in the hostilities so
6:45we’ll just tell the story straight and we’ll leave this guy out it will give the details of what he’s done and I won’t try to Divine
6:53his motives well because it’s kind of not the point anyway right so here we have Jesus he asked this guy do you want
6:59to be healed so the sick man answers sir I have no one to put me into the pool when the water is stirred and while I’m
7:06going another steps down before me now keep in mind it was God Who provided
7:11this miracle to take place so Jesus says to him get up
7:17take up your bed and walk and this man who had been an invalid for
7:2338 years at once he was healed kind of think New Creation stuff here he
7:28took up his bed and he walked and see every Miracle like this in the gospels
7:35in a sense prefigures and points to the resurrection that is coming it’s a
7:41little mini Resurrection this man has been recreated but here’s the other thing is that Jesus has this really
7:47interesting habit when he heals somebody physically he also heals them spiritually
7:52because it is our spiritual issues that have caused our physical problems and so
7:59Jesus when he heals somebody physically he also gives him faith and we’ll see this in a little bit but all of this
8:05prefigures if you would kind of in type and Shadow what’s coming and that is the miracle working God in the waters of our
8:12baptism if you think it’s cool that God provided for people to be healed of physical malates when water is stirred
8:19by an Angel well you’re going to be excited to find out what’s going on in baptism right so by comparing the two
8:25here we see that the pool in every way was a type and Shadow that pool the pool
8:31of Bethesda at the House of Mercy near the Sheep gate right was moved only once
8:36in a while while the Waters of the church’s baptism is always ready to be moved always we
8:43don’t need to wait that water well it was moved in only one place the House of
8:48Mercy this water is moved throughout the world in every truly Christian Church
8:55which are now the many houses of Christ’s Mercy
9:01there is there it was an angel which came down here it’s the Holy Spirit
9:06himself right there the water cured only one person the Waters of baptism saves many
9:12people each day that water healed the body only the
9:18Waters of baptism saves both Body and Soul
9:23right so this water is always ready to cure
9:29and those who have been baptized you have been cured your sins have been
9:34forgiven you have been washed by Christ keep that in mind now
9:41the story turns dark you know like in the movies when you get that really serious music going on you can almost
9:47hear it he starts to get dark here it says now that day was the Sabbath
9:54and the Jews said to the man who had been healed it’s the Sabbath it’s the Sabbath it’s not lawful for you to take
10:00up your bed on to the police officers
10:06I mean you can almost see like the the blue lights you know spinning right we’re taking a report here we saw a man
10:11carrying his bed on the Sabbath we have to report this right
10:16by the way it is true scripture forbade under the Mosaic Covenant work on the
10:24Sabbath notice the operative word here though work let me read to you from a couple passages of scripture Exodus 31
10:3114 and 15 says this you you shall keep the Sabbath because it’s
10:36holy everyone who profanes it shall be put to death whoever does any work on it
10:42that Soul shall be cut off from among the people six days shall work be done but the seventh day is a Sabbath solemn
10:50rest holy to the Lord whoever does any work on the Sabbath shall be put to death
10:56yeah that’s right Capital crime for breaking the Sabbath Jeremiah and Nehemiah both talk about
11:04well bearing loads on the Sabbath let’s take a look at that Jeremiah 17 19-23
11:10says this thus says the Lord go and stand in the people’s gate by which the
11:15kings of Judah enter and by which they go out and in all the Gates of Jerusalem and say hear the word of the Lord you
11:21Kings of Judah and all Judah and all the inhabitants of Jerusalem who enter by these Gates thus says Yahweh take care
11:30for the sake of your lives that you do not bear a burden on the Sabbath day or bring it in to the Gates of Jerusalem
11:36and do not carry a burden out of your houses on the Sabbath or do any work but
11:42keep the Sabbath day holy as I have commanded your fathers so burden bearing as well forbidden
11:49according to scripture Nehemiah makes the same point Chapter 13 Verse 19. as
11:55soon as it began to grow dark at the Gates of Jerusalem before the Sabbath I commanded that the door should be shut
12:00gave orders that they should not be opened until after the Sabbath and I stationed some of my servants at the
12:06gates that no load might be brought in on the Sabbath day now if you pay close attention to what’s
12:12going on here keep in mind back in the day these are the days before 18 wheeler trucks
12:17before freight trains and large container ships so how was Commerce
12:23conducted how did you move your merchandise you bore a load put it on the back of a
12:30wagon had your Beast of Burden pull it right that’s how this was all done this is the context here in other words the
12:37scriptures forbid burden-bearing associated with work
12:43but the Pharisees they had tightened that down even further and if you’re familiar with the Pharisees and how they
12:49worked it went kind of like this God has given us 613 Commandments we’re going to
12:55add a thousand more to that you keep our Commandments and you’ll never break gods
13:00and then you’ll be righteous so this is how this worked and so in mishnah number two
13:06we find out that the Pharisees added 39
13:12more Commandments regarding the Sabbath this is what they called the melakote this is the 40-1 I will not read the
13:20whole list but let me share with you some highlights of extra Commandments regarding the Sabbath this includes
13:26there will be no sowing plowing reaping binding sheaves threshing winnowing sorting grinding sifting needing baking
13:32shearing wool whitening wool combing wool dying wool spinning weaving making two Loops weaving two threads separating
13:38two threads right okay there’s more
13:43I’ll save you the rest but let me get to one of the 39 carrying from one domain to another
13:51any burden whatsoever hmm
13:56so was this man ordered by Jesus to sin
14:01no Jesus didn’t recognize the mishnah
14:06and the 39 extra Commandments regarding the Sabbath right so Jesus would never command this guy to
14:13sin but Jesus was being very provocative by the way by commanding the paralytic to take up his bed and walk Jesus was
14:20intentionally well trying to send a statement if you would he knew that this would create conflict and the conflict
14:25would point to his true identity which is really the whole point of this text so the man who had been well pulled over
14:34by the authorities and was now being ticketed right he answered them all right the man who
14:40healed me that is the man who said to me take up your bed and walk so with police cap on
14:47its side they asked him well who’s the man that said this to you take up your
14:53bed and walk we have to file a report right now the man who had been healed did not
14:59know who it was for Jesus had withdrawn and there was a crowd in that place
15:06pause what’s going on in the text here it says the word afterward the Greek is probably
15:11better translated after some time so after all of this goes down things
15:17have settled down a little bit if you would after some time Jesus found this fellow in the temple notice Jesus is
15:24looking for him because Jesus didn’t just heal his body Jesus also gave him Faith so he finds
15:31him in the temple and Jesus wants to care for this man spiritually so he said to him
15:37see you are well sin no more so that nothing worse might
15:43happen to you now those are some strong words but keep
15:48this in mind it is absolutely true that we are totally forgiven of all of our sins by
15:54Jesus Christ and scripture warns us very sternly to not turn the gospel into a
16:01license to sin in other words it doesn’t work like this I like to sin a lot sin’s
16:07kind of fun cool right Jesus likes to forgive sins wow this is great
16:13so I’m going to just send like there’s no tomorrow live like hell oh and Jesus
16:18is going to keep me from going to hell yay this is fantastic see that’s not how that works
16:25okay and here’s the reason why
16:30forgiveness of sins presupposes repentance for sins
16:36sin is not freedom sin is slavery
16:41sin is likened to and described by scripture as the fruitless Deeds of
16:46darkness and you know why they’re fruitless because it’s all about you
16:53I’m going to look out for me I like to do this I want to do this I
16:59deserve this therefore I’m going to go ahead and take care of myself forget about my neighbor
17:04forget about my wife my husband my friends my family I gotta look out
17:10for number one or as Frank Sinatra said I Did It My Way
17:16right but see Jesus tells us here and he warns
17:22us through this man do not continue in sin
17:27do not continue in sin sin is not your friend
17:33sin desires to master you to enslave you and then drag you into the fires of hell
17:39for what is worse than 38 years of being a paralytic
17:44what’s worse than that in eternity in the Lake of Fire is what’s worse than
17:51that so Jesus lovingly and firmly
17:57tells this man you are well you’ve been forgiven
18:03do not continue in sin so that nothing worse might happen to you
18:08Gregory of Nancy anzas another great Church Father his sermons are fantastic
18:14he summarizes Jesus’s words this way kind of a paraphrase
18:19yesterday you were flung on a bed you were exhausted you were paralyzed and you had no one when the water should be
18:26troubled to put you into the pool today you have him who is the one person man and God or
18:34rather God and man you were raised up now from your bed or rather you took up
18:39your bed and you publicly acknowledged the benefit of this so do not again be thrown upon your bed
18:45by sinning and an evil rest in the body that is paralyzed by its pleasures
18:52but as you now are so walk mindful of the command behold Thou Art made whole
19:00sin no more lest something worse happen to you and thus prove yourself bad after having
19:06received such a blessing as that wise words and so understand this
19:15Christ truly bled and died for your sins and when you pray the Lord’s Prayer which is a Daily Prayer by the way
19:21how do I know oh the words give us this day our daily bread I sometimes fear
19:26that if I don’t pray the Lord’s Prayer every day my refrigerator is going to get empty okay and that would be terrible for me okay
19:34but also in that daily prayer are these words forgive us our trespasses as we
19:40forgive those who trespass against us and so here’s kind of the mystery of being a Christian is that Christ does
19:48understand and anticipates that you will not keep his law perfectly daily
19:55this is true and it is also true that the gospel is not a license for you to sin
20:02and carry after and chase after sin the Christian Life is one of repentance
20:09and repentance is not a one-time thing repentance is daily
20:15acknowledging that we have not made the mark we have fallen short
20:20and in our need of God’s mercy and favor hating our sin itself
20:27and mortifying our sinful flesh through the means of Grace through the word of God
20:34through the Lord’s Supper through the absolution right so that the new man continues to
20:41come forth day after day so
20:46hearing Jesus say these words go and sin no more and this is where the controversy really heats up on the two
20:53camps by the way the man went away and told the Jews it was Jesus who had healed them
20:58theater of maps wistia so see see he ratted on Jesus and I tend to agree but
21:05the other side said no he was just announcing okay whatever he went and told the
21:12authorities hey you know the guy who healed me on the Sabbath it was Jesus thank you we’ll take care of it from
21:18here right now to be sure the action of Jesus in
21:23contravening The Jewish Sabbath strictures the additional rules if you would he was being intentionally
21:29provocative in commanding the healed paralytic to carry his palate in and of itself which is an unnecessary task
21:35Jesus was intentionally uh provocative and well what he was trying to do by his
21:41actions was claimed to have the freedom and Authority well over the Sabbath because remember
21:47in other passages Jesus says he’s the lord of the Sabbath oh and by the way the Sabbath was made for man
21:55not the other way around right so it says this in the text then this is why
22:00the Jews were persecuting Jesus because he was doing these things on the Sabbath
22:06now here’s kind of the irony of this let’s do the math all right a guy who’s an invalid for 38 years
22:1238 years unable to care for himself seeking a healing from God is there at
22:18the pool of Bethesda near the Sheep gate right Jesus himself shows up not an angel and
22:24he heals the guy he tells him to take up his bed and walk and he does
22:30and rather than say praise God there’s been a miracle Among Us here’s how their math Works Jesus heals guy on Sabbath
22:37equals blasphemy he must die
22:42that math doesn’t add up and plus I’ve already told you math is evil right
22:48yeah but see that’s the thing the religion of self-righteousness hates
22:54Jesus because he has this really bad habit of not obeying our self-made rules
23:01really bad habit and that’s his prerogative by the way and that’s kind of the whole point of
23:06this text so Jesus answered them my father is working until now
23:13and I am working you’re thinking what did he just say well let me kind of explain it this way
23:20because we’re getting now to the punch line you see you read in Genesis
23:25Genesis 2 after God spends six days speaking the world into existence
23:31it says this on the seventh day God finished his work that he had done and he rested on the seventh day from all of
23:36his work that he had done so God blessed the seventh day made it holy because on it God rested from all of his work that
23:41he had done now if you really want to be blunt kind of using biblical typology we’re still really still in that seventh
23:48day we’re still in God’s Sabbath rest but Jesus is saying that God is still
23:54working and that he’s working too so let me ask you this
23:59by God working is he sinning let me put it to me another way the
24:04Sabbath technically is on Saturday it begins at sunset on Friday ends at sunset on Saturday does God close up
24:12shop in heaven you know like they do some of the stores in town right sorry be back on Sunday
24:19if you have any prayers hold on to them I’m not answering any prayers on Saturday
24:25is this how God works no does God sin by answering prayers on
24:31Saturday is that not work right yeah well it is I would think it’s
24:38a lot more work than I’ve ever done right so because of the fact that God doesn’t
24:43stop working on any particular day of the work and is continuing to work until now which by the way the Jews if you
24:50read their literature they understood that God still continued to work even on the Sabbath and yet did so without sin
24:56Jesus is basically taking their concept and saying my father is working until now and I am working you know why
25:05because I’m God and you know what they get it they actually get it here’s what
25:10the text then says this was why the Jews were seeking all the more to kill Jesus
25:17which doesn’t make any sense here’s the reason why because not only was he breaking the
25:22Sabbath which he wasn’t but he was even calling himself calling
25:30God his own father making himself equal with God
25:36and there’s the punch line all of this kind of the long wave
25:42through the Sheep gate into the pool you know a House of Mercy and five Colonnades and all of this rigmarole
25:49with the police and the police report and then finally we get to the punch line the punch line is Jesus was making
25:54himself equal with God and why would he do that
26:00because he is and see that’s kind of how Jesus operates you will never see in scripture where Jesus just comes right
26:06out and says all right listen boys I want to make sure we get this out in the clear are you ready I’m God
26:13Tada right you don’t see it like that instead what ends up happening is that Jesus invites you to wrestle with things
26:20for instance like in Mark 2 the paralytic is let down through the roof and Jesus says to the paralytic your
26:26sins are forgiven first thing out of his mouth and the Jews are grumbling who can forgive sins except for God himself
26:33and Jesus is all right so that you know that I have authority
26:39to forgive sins I tell you take up your mat and walk and the paralytic gets up and he walks there you go
26:45and you’re sitting there going wait a second did he just say that he’s right and then you think about the
26:51disciples they’re on this little boat out in the middle of the sea the waves come up the wind is blowing and Howling
26:57and they’re about to perish and where’s Jesus he’s asleep right and they wake him up don’t you care that we’re
27:02perishing and he says shh quiet to the waves and
27:07it goes and they’re going who is this he’s acting like he’s got wait a second
27:15maybe right see Jesus is doing that here too regarding the Sabbath
27:21and this is good news for us because look how God is acting
27:26he has not come in his first Advent to swing his Sword of Justice he has not
27:32come to cut you down and add your blood to the blood of the well the apocalypse
27:39right the great day of Armageddon where the blood is up to the Bridle of the Horse no
27:46he’s come instead to shed his blood for you he’s come to heal he’s come to forgive this Jesus is Lord
27:54of the Sabbath he’s equal with God because he is God and this Jesus he has washed you
28:03he has forgiven you he has made you well and he like the father is working now to
28:11save you he is feeding you even now with his word sustaining you in the one true Faith
28:17unto life Everlasting today we hear the story of God’s amazing mercy and Grace in This House of Mercy I
28:27have no idea what Kong’s vinger means I think I’ll translate it my own make up my own Norwegian it now means House of
28:32Mercy right this is the very house where so
28:37many of you were made alive when the spirit stirred the Waters of this very baptismal font
28:44and this and it is this Jesus who’s equal with the father he is our Passover Lamb who has passed
28:52to the Sheep pool in his baptism as he journeyed to the Temple Mount to be
28:58sacrificed for your sins and mine and it wasn’t an angel that saved us
29:05there was none other than the Son of God himself equal with the father
29:10and because we have been set free because we have been forgiven because we have been washed because we have been
29:16given Faith all as gift let us then again repent of our sins
29:22and be forgiven and because of this renounced the fruitless Deeds of Darkness
29:28so that something worse may not befall us in the name of Jesus
29:33amen [Music]
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