Sermon Transcript – This is My Beloved Son

1 Year Lectionary – The Baptism of Our Lord – Sunday, January 9, 2022 | Pr. Chris Rosebrough

Welcome to the Teaching Ministry of Kongsvinger Lutheran Church. Kongsvinger is a beacon for the Gospel of Jesus Christ and is located on the plains of Northwestern Minnesota.
We proclaim Christ and Him crucified for our sins and salvation by grace through faith alone, and now, here’s a message from Pastor Chris Rosebrough:
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0:27The holy gospel according
0:29to saint matthew the third chapter
0:38then Jesus came from galilee to the
0:40jordan to john to be baptized by him
0:43john would have prevented him saying i
0:45need to be baptized by you and do you
0:47come to me but Jesus answered him let it
0:49be so now for thus it is fitting for us
0:52to fulfill all righteousness
0:54then he consented and when Jesus was
0:56baptized immediately he went up from the
0:58water and behold the heavens were opened
1:00to him and he saw the spirit of god
1:02descending like a dove and coming to
1:04rest on him and behold a voice from
1:06heaven said this is my beloved son with
1:09whom i am well pleased this is the
1:12gospel of the lord
1:13in the name of Jesus
1:16Jesus said the one who exalts himself
1:18will be humbled the one who humbles
1:19himself will be exalted and boy oh boy
1:22Jesus practices what he preaches
1:25and that’s really what’s going on at
1:28least in part in our gospel text today
1:31Jesus comes from galilee to the jordan
1:33to john the baptist to be baptized by
1:35him remember Jesus says of john the
1:37baptist of those born of woman that none
1:40is greater than him and john would have
1:42prevented Jesus saying hey
1:45need to be baptized by you
1:48and you know what john’s right note the
1:50the humility the humbleness of john here
1:53he doesn’t somehow exalt himself over
1:56Jesus he recognizes his place he
1:58recognizes his his sinfulness
2:01and Jesus does something
2:03no one expects
2:05not even john the baptist
2:07we use the phrase when somebody like
2:09one-ups another person you know so you
2:12know you jumped four feet i jumped
2:15four feet two inches
2:17you weighed 235 i weigh 255 right you
2:21know we we we one up people right well
2:24what does Jesus do he won downs
2:29john the baptist
2:30he goes
2:33and it’s vital that he does because up
2:35to this point Jesus has not been
2:38anointed to be the messiah he’s not been
2:42ordained to that office yet you’ll note
2:45up to this point Christ hasn’t preached
2:47any sermons he hasn’t done anything like
2:49that he’s not acting in the office of
2:52messiah and we learned from the book of
2:54acts that there were some fellows who
2:57tried to put themselves into that office
2:59by the way which is a scary thing if you
3:01think about it because god says in
3:04deuteronomy 18 he says to prophet moses
3:07that i will raise up a prophet like you
3:10and i will put my words in his mouth and
3:13to him the people must listen
3:15right which kind of begs the question
3:17well how do we know who that guy is well
3:20here’s the issue
3:21other people throughout the history of
3:24rose up claiming to be people
3:27claiming to be people can you imagine
3:29that claiming to be somebody i am
3:32somebody important fact we hear this in
3:34the book of acts chapter 5.
3:38and peter had been arrested an angel
3:40sprung him from the clink and then they
3:41went back to preaching at the place
3:43where they arrested and they were
3:45brought before the high priest and the
3:47sanhedrin and here’s what it says
3:49starting at verse 27 when they had
3:51brought them they set them before the
3:54high priest questioned them saying
3:56we strictly charged you not to teach in
4:00this name the name of Jesus yet here you
4:02fill jerusalem with your teaching and
4:04you intended to bring this man’s blood
4:06upon us i would like to say too late for
4:10you know Jesus’s blood is right there on
4:13you but peter and the apostles answered
4:15listen we must obey god rather than men
4:18the god of our fathers raised Jesus whom
4:21you killed by hanging on a tree
4:23and listen to the words god exalted him
4:28at his right hand and we’re going to see
4:30from one of the cross references to our
4:32gospel text
4:33that Christ the god the father also
4:35exalted Christ with those words you are
4:38my beloved son but no god exalted Christ
4:41at his right hand as leader archaegon in
4:45greek it’s so much more than leader it’s
4:47like supreme the the guy who’s king of
4:50kings and lord of lords god has exalted
4:52him as leader and savior to give
4:54repentance to israel
4:56and the forgiveness of sins ooh yeah
5:00love that part because that’s what we
5:03and we are witnesses to these things and
5:05so is the holy spirit whom god has given
5:08to those who obey him and off in the
5:11distance you can hear the volcano
5:16and then boom krakatoa goes off so when
5:18they heard this they were enraged and
5:21they wanted to kill them
5:23but a pharisee in the council by the
5:24name of gamaliel a teacher of the law
5:26held in high honor by all the people he
5:29stood up he gave orders to put the men
5:31outside for a little while and he said
5:32to them men of israel take care what you
5:35are about to do with these men for
5:37before these days
5:39this rose up claiming to be somebody
5:46this that’s t-h
5:49it’s in the text right here yeah thudis
5:51he claimed to be somebody and a number
5:53of men about 400 people joined him he
5:56was killed all who followed him were
5:58dispersed and they came to nothing and
6:00then after him judas the galilean rose
6:03in the days of the census drew away some
6:05of the people after him he too perished
6:08and all who followed him were scattered
6:10note that the world is not well
6:14lacking in men who exalt themselves who
6:17think they are somebody i think of
6:19today’s vision casting leaders in
6:22so-called mega churches i am sensed by
6:24god it happens to be that my father was
6:26the pastor before me but nepotism is not
6:29really a thing here but i am sensed by
6:30god and i have a vision and it’s your
6:32responsibility to make that vision come
6:34to pass right
6:36this is how they talk and you you are to
6:39listen to them of course now we have
6:40people running around claiming
6:42i am an apostle i am a prophet and what
6:46are they doing
6:47they’re claiming these things but you’ll
6:50note that none of Jesus’s apostles dare
6:53take that name upon themselves
6:55Christ exalted them in that office the
6:58prophets of old they were minding their
7:00own business when the word of the lord
7:02showed up
7:03and many of god’s prophets of the old
7:05testament when the lord showed up to put
7:07them in the office of prophet they said
7:10i’m not so sure about this moses himself
7:13said send someone else
7:16but we live in a day
7:18where anybody can claim anything i am
7:20important i am sent by god really are
7:23you really truly hmm
7:26and so what happened to those men well
7:30they perished
7:31they weren’t really sent by god and so
7:34here we have Jesus in our gospel text
7:37he won downs john the baptist he goes to
7:40the lowest position and while Jesus was
7:43baptized immediately he went up from the
7:45water and behold the heavens were opened
7:48to him
7:49and he saw the spirit of god descending
7:51like a dove
7:52coming to rest on him and behold a voice
7:55from heaven said this
7:56is my beloved son with whom i am well
8:01no guess work needed
8:03god the father isn’t
8:05expecting you to kind of figure out well
8:06this guy claims to be from me this guy
8:08claims to be from me this guy claims to
8:10be from me this guy claims to be for me
8:12see if you can sort it out
8:14god the father said no this is the one
8:16he’s the one that’s him
8:19no guesswork necessary
8:21Christ has humbled himself god the
8:23father has exalted him here’s the cross
8:26reference hebrews 5 verse 5 says so also
8:29Christ did not exalt himself
8:32to be made a high priest but was
8:34appointed by him who said to him you are
8:37my son
8:38today i’ve begotten you as he says also
8:41in another place you are a priest
8:43forever after the order of melchizedek
8:46and it’s important to note that that
8:47same theme also occurs in our old
8:49testament text in joshua chapter 3 moses
8:53is dead
8:55chapter 1 begins with moses my servant
8:57is dead
8:59and what does god say about joshua the
9:02man now chosen to come after moses god
9:05says in verse 7 yahweh said to joshua
9:07today i
9:09will begin to exalt you
9:12in the sight of all israel
9:15no man dare
9:17to put himself into Christ’s shoes or
9:20claim to be the messiah or sent by god
9:23when they are not
9:25is a very dangerous thing and here’s the
9:27thing though
9:29we human beings
9:30want to be important we want to be the
9:33center of attention we hate it when
9:36other people receive the accolades and
9:39we don’t
9:40when i was growing up do you know what
9:42the worst day of the year was
9:44you sitting there going Christmas no
9:45that was a good day i got presents worst
9:47day of the year my brother’s birthday
9:50all right
9:51think about this it was terrible because
9:54everybody was singing to him
9:56right and guess what he got presents not
9:59me it wasn’t my birthday and
10:02the worst bit he got the gi joe with the
10:05kung fu grip and i did not
10:07and i wanted it so bad i couldn’t stand
10:11it worst day ever
10:13my brother’s birthday
10:15all right
10:18but what does that tell us
10:21about me about you
10:23right we want so badly to be important
10:26and this
10:28all comes from the devil if you think
10:32all the way back to the garden of eden
10:36god doesn’t want you to eat of that tree
10:38because he knows that when you eat of it
10:40you’re gonna be just like god
10:45right we who who were by nature not god
10:49thought that equality with god was
10:51something to be grasped something to be
10:55it’s plunged us into the misery that we
10:57are in and so i think then you know
10:59Christ in our his baptism it kind of
11:02invokes several scenes from the old
11:05testament one is the ordination of aaron
11:07and his sons the other is the anointing
11:09of king david or of one of the other
11:12prophets you get the idea in fact i
11:14think it’s good in this context to
11:16reacquaint ourselves with the ordination
11:18of aaron
11:20aaron was one of these guys that god
11:22also chose why because moses didn’t want
11:24the job because he said he didn’t talk
11:26too good right he was a little nervous
11:28about the public speaking thing he says
11:30fine aaron speaks well so god called
11:33aaron too and it just so happens that on
11:35their way to the promised land after the
11:38tabernacle is built and god has revealed
11:41the old testament worship and sacrifices
11:44god chose aaron
11:47to be the first high priest and here’s
11:49the bit
11:50his uniform was spectacular
11:55made of the best
11:56stuff absolutely beautiful regal and
11:59whoa all right listen to what it says in
12:02leviticus 8.
12:03so yahweh spoke to moses saying take
12:06aaron and his sons with him
12:08and the garments and the anointing oil
12:12anointing oil right and the bowl of the
12:15sin offering and the two rams and the
12:18basket of unleavened bread and assemble
12:20all the congregation at the entrance of
12:22the tent of meeting and moses did as
12:25yahweh commanded him and the
12:27congregation was assembled at the
12:28entrance of the tent of meeting
12:30moses said to the congregation
12:32this is the thing that yahweh has
12:35commanded to be done who’s commanded it
12:39who chose aaron and his sons
12:42god who’s the prophet at this point
12:45moses and i love what happens next so
12:48moses brought aaron and his sons and
12:50listen to the words and he washed them
12:53with water
12:55he did what
12:58that sounds like an allusion to baptism
13:01and then he put the coat on him i love
13:04this part did aaron clothe himself that
13:09moses the prophet of god clothed aaron
13:12he put the whole uniform on him
13:14moses put the coat on him tied the sash
13:17around his waist clothed him with the
13:19robe put the ephod on him tied the
13:22skillfully woven band of the ephod
13:25around him binding it to him with the
13:27band and he placed the breastplate on
13:30him and the breastplate he put the urum
13:32and the thumb in and he set the turbine
13:34on his head and on the turbine in front
13:36he set the golden plate the holy crown
13:39as yahweh had commanded moses
13:43what is aaron doing at this point
13:48he’s passively being clothed he is
13:51passively being installed he is
13:54passively being ordained
13:58you know i think about the fact that
14:00we have a ordination ceremony that goes
14:02from men who are rightly called to the
14:04pastoral office and those who bristle at
14:07the concept that men are actually called
14:09by god and that they are ordained
14:12they they besmirch
14:14the right itself and rather than calling
14:16it ordination they besmirch it by
14:18calling it a coronation
14:20and it is not
14:22it is not that in any sense of the word
14:25just like aaron’s ordination was not his
14:28coronation he was called by god and
14:30placed into the office
14:32of high priest and no man dare to put
14:35himself into that office or even the
14:37office of pastor he must be rightly
14:40so then moses took the anointing oil
14:43and he anointed the tabernacle and all
14:45that was in it he consecrated them he
14:47sprinkled some of it on the altar seven
14:49times and anointed the altar and its
14:51utensils in the basin in its stand to
14:54consecrate them and then he poured some
14:56of the anointing oil on aaron’s head and
14:58anointed him to consecrate him and moses
15:01brought aaron’s sons and clothed them
15:04with coats tied sashes around their
15:06waist and bound caps
15:08on them as yahweh had commanded moses
15:12so you’ll note
15:14moses is doing all the work he’s the
15:16prophet of god aaron is passively
15:18receiving and now he’s had his head
15:20anointed with oil and you could just see
15:23the oil running down his beard and
15:25dripping and uh
15:27amazing sight
15:28but here’s the thing
15:30there were other sons of levi
15:33who had well
15:35they had the stink eye
15:37they were looking on greedily
15:44and they
15:46not short not long after the ordination
15:48of aaron and his sons they put together
15:51a little rebellion and boy listen to
15:53this one from number 16
15:55korra the son of ishar the son of kohath
15:58son of levi so he’s a levite as well
16:01and dathan and abram the sons of eliab
16:03and on the son of peleth the sons of
16:05reuben they took men and they rose up
16:08before moses with a number of the people
16:10of israel 250 chiefs of the congregation
16:15chosen from the assembly well
16:18known men i want you to think about this
16:20here all right
16:23god called moses
16:24god called aaron
16:26god called the sons of aaron
16:28god made moses prophet
16:30god had moses ordained aaron
16:34did these men call themselves
16:37well there’s cora like young chris rose
16:41not happy that his brother has received
16:44birthday presents and is just as angry
16:46as all get out but he’s a little more
16:48subtle than i am and quite quite deadly
16:52he’s decided to get 250 chiefs because
16:54we all know that you gather 250 leaders
16:59of your people they can’t be wrong right
17:09that’s the thing
17:11you laugh and you chuckle but
17:13in the reality the whole purpose of the
17:14250 chiefs
17:16is to squelch anybody who would dare to
17:20speak out you think you’re better than
17:23these 250 chiefs you think you know
17:28than luther chemnitz jerome you think
17:31you know better
17:33who do you think you are
17:41250 chiefs of the congregation chosen
17:43from the assembly
17:45they assembled themselves together
17:47against moses and against aaron and they
17:51said to them
17:53you have gone too far
17:57all the congregation are holy every one
18:00of them and the lord is among them it’s
18:02the priesthood of all believers man
18:05we don’t need no pastors
18:08dale’s men are exalting themselves above
18:12we’re all holy we can all teach we can
18:14all preach
18:17that ain’t how it works
18:20why have you exalted yourselves above
18:23the assembly of yahweh moses heard this
18:25he fell on his face you have to wonder
18:29was he thinking he was needed to duck so
18:31he wasn’t going to get struck by
18:33so he said to cora in all his company in
18:35the morning yahweh will show who is he
18:38is his and who’s holy and will bring him
18:41near to him and the one he chooses he
18:43will bring near to him
18:45so take censors korra and all of his
18:47company put fire in them put incense on
18:49them before yahweh tomorrow and the man
18:52whom the lord chooses shall be the holy
18:54one you’ve gone too far you sons of levi
18:58you’ve gone too far
18:59well as the account unfolds
19:03they finally do show up before the tent
19:04of meeting and here’s what happens in
19:06verse 25 moses rose and went to dathan
19:09and abraham and the elders of israel and
19:10followed him he spoke to the
19:12congregation saying depart from these
19:14tents of these wicked men touch nothing
19:16of theirs lest you be swept away with
19:18all of their sins
19:20they got away from the dwelling of korah
19:22dathan and abraham
19:23and abram came out and stood at the door
19:25of their tents together with their wives
19:26and their sons and their little ones and
19:28moses said hereby you shall know that
19:31yahweh has sent me to do all of these
19:33works and that it has not been of my own
19:37accord if these men die as all men die
19:40or if they are visited by the fate of
19:41all mankind then yahweh has not sent me
19:44but if yahweh creates something new and
19:46the ground opens its mouth and swallows
19:48them up with all that belongs to them
19:50and they go down alive into sheol then
19:53you shall know that these men have
19:55despised yahweh and as soon as he had
19:57finished speaking all these words the
19:59ground under them under them split apart
20:01the earth opened its mouth and swallowed
20:03them up with their household and all the
20:06people who belong to korah and all their
20:10what did korra do he exalted himself
20:13oh under the pretense of we’re all holy
20:16how dare you exalt yourself yet god is
20:19the one who calls men and here’s the
20:21important bit in our gospel Christ shows
20:25up he doesn’t show up in royal robes
20:27he’s probably wearing the ordinary
20:31of a day laboring carpenter construction
20:35guy from nazareth probably has the
20:37callous hands to prove it he’s not what
20:40anybody expects
20:42he’s not riding a horse he comes humbly
20:45and john says dude
20:47i need to be baptized by you i’m the
20:49sinner you’re the savior and Jesus goes
20:54let it be so for now it’s fitting to
20:56fulfill all righteousness and he goes
20:58straight to the bottom and who exalts
21:02him none other than god the father this
21:05is my beloved son with whom i am well
21:07pleased i would note that the accolades
21:10that david received from god
21:12david is a man after my own heart i mean
21:15that’s that’s nice
21:17okay but remember david you know uh
21:20murderer adulterer you know a little bit
21:22of blood on his hands a
21:24few issues
21:26if we’re saying it politely and god says
21:28he’s a man after my own heart but of
21:30Jesus he says this is my beloved son
21:33with whom i am well pleased and that
21:35voice of the father on the mount of
21:36transfiguration goes even farther in
21:39that account and says listen to him
21:45it’s in that context then that we are
21:47chastened because of our satanic
21:51vain glorious ambitions
21:54and our
21:56denial that god is the one who calls men
22:00and places them into office and the god
22:03himself is the one who placed Christ
22:05into his office as
22:10philippians says do nothing
22:12not something nothing from selfish
22:14ambition or vain conceit in humility
22:18count others as more significant than
22:20yourselves but if i do that then how is
22:23anybody supposed to know how great i am
22:25the problem is you’re not
22:29i’m not
22:30let each one of you look not only to his
22:33own interest but to the interest of
22:34other have this mind among yourselves
22:36which is yours in Christ Jesus who
22:39though he was by nature god he didn’t
22:41count equality with god a thing to be
22:43grasped he emptied himself taking on the
22:46form of a slave being born unto the
22:48likeness of men and being found in human
22:50form he humbled himself by becoming
22:53obedient to the point of death even
22:56death on a cross and you’re going to
22:57note this that in order to fulfill all
22:59righteousness so that you and i can be
23:01forgiven Christ serves us
23:04everything he does in his ministry he
23:07does it for you he does it for me
23:11he’s not seeking his own glory he’s not
23:14seeking his own power he’s seeking you
23:18and he bears your sin in his body on the
23:23as your slave
23:25taking down to the drags the wrath of
23:28god so that we can be forgiven and
23:30pardoned and because of this
23:33Christ the most humble of us all god has
23:36highly exalted him and bestowed on him
23:38the name that is above every name so
23:41that at the name of Jesus every knee
23:43should bow in heaven on earth and under
23:44the earth and every tongue confess that
23:47Jesus Christ is lord to the glory of god
23:49the father
23:51it’s in this regard then that we should
23:53re-examine our epistle text because it
23:55also flows from this
23:57paul here preaching about and talking
23:59about well the scandal of the cross i
24:01chose to know nothing among you except
24:03for Christ and him crucified for our
24:05sins even paul notes that he doesn’t
24:07come to people in power
24:09in great wisdom or anything according to
24:11the worldly view right
24:13consider your calling then brothers not
24:16many of you were wise according to
24:18worldly standards not many were powerful
24:21not many were of noble birth i would
24:23note this that after i sent in my dna to
24:27i did not get a call from buckingham
24:29palace to let me know i was the lost
24:35in fact after having that done i’m sure
24:37they’ve redoubled their security all
24:40we do not come from noble birth we are
24:44common everyday sinners scripture
24:46describes us in our sin as being
24:50worth less
24:53get over yourself you’re the problem
24:57but god chose what’s foolish in the
24:59world to shame the wise he chose a poor
25:03carpenter’s son from nazareth
25:06god chose what’s weak in the world to
25:08shame the strong
25:10Jesus who committed no sin submitted
25:12himself to a sinner’s baptism to fulfill
25:15all righteousness
25:17he made himself the weakest of the weak
25:19he didn’t even defend himself when he
25:21was on trial for his life
25:24but he willingly laid down his life for
25:27you and me god chose what is low and
25:29despised in the world even the things
25:31that are not to bring to nothing the
25:33things that are so that no human being
25:36might boast in the presence of god could
25:39you imagine just how insufferable that
25:41would be
25:42a human being daring to boast about
25:45himself in the presence of god the last
25:49being that did such a thing well was
25:51cast down to the earth
25:56is the source of your life
25:58in Christ Jesus have you noticed that
26:01throughout the new testament you see
26:02that phrase all the time in Christ Jesus
26:05in Christ Jesus you are in Christ
26:09what does paul say in romans 8
26:11there is therefore now no condemnation
26:14for those who are in Christ Jesus and
26:17here’s the best bit Christ baptism is
26:20the first of the Christian baptisms
26:22and when we have been baptized as we
26:24sang in our hymn we have been baptized
26:26into Christ think of Christ as like the
26:29ark noah’s ark when you were baptized
26:31you were tucked safely into Jesus and
26:34saved through water
26:36you have been baptized
26:38into Christ into his death and into his
26:40resurrection and he
26:42the one whom god has exalted he will
26:45raise you up on the last day there’s
26:47nothing that we have to boast of so he
26:51is the source of our life in Christ whom
26:54god made our wisdom god has made Jesus
26:58our righteousness he’s made him our
27:00sanctification he’s made him our
27:03redemption sounds like Jesus is our all
27:06in all and isn’t that the point
27:09and so then we learn
27:12that the one who humbled himself god has
27:16and he hasn’t exalted us apart from him
27:18we are in him and so let us repaint
27:21repent of all of our vain gloriousness
27:23and our jealousy of those whom god
27:27does exalt
27:28and if we’re going to boast about
27:31let us boast
27:33in the lord
27:34the one who so richly has forgiven us
27:36and given us life in Christ
27:38in the name of Jesus amen
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