Sermon Transcript – Through Whom All Things Were Created

Series A – Tenth Sunday after Pentecost – Sunday, August 9, 2020 | Pr. Chris Rosebrough

Welcome to the Teaching Ministry of Kongsvinger Lutheran Church. Kongsvinger is a beacon for the Gospel of Jesus Christ and is located on the plains of Northwestern Minnesota.
We proclaim Christ and Him crucified for our sins and salvation by grace through faith alone, and now, here’s a message from Pastor Chris Rosebrough:
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0:28the holy gospel according to saint
0:30matthew the 14th chapter
0:32glory to you o lord immediately Jesus
0:35made the disciples get into the boat
0:37and go before him to the other side
0:39while he dismissed the crowds
0:40and after he dismissed the crowds he
0:42went up on the mountain by himself
0:44to pray and when evening came he was
0:46there alone
0:47but the boat by this time was a long way
0:49from the land
0:50beaten by the waves for the wind was
0:52against them and in the fourth watch of
0:54the night he came to them walking on the
0:56sea but when the disciples saw him
0:57walking on the sea
0:59they were terrified and said it is a
1:00ghost and they cried out in fear
1:03but immediately Jesus spoke to them
1:05saying take heart it is i
1:06do not be afraid and peter said to him
1:09lord if it is you command me to come
1:11to you on the water he said come so
1:13peter got out of the boat and walked on
1:15the water and came to Jesus
1:16but when he saw the wind he was afraid
1:19and beginning to sink he cried out lord
1:21save me Jesus immediately reached out
1:25his hand
1:25and took hold of him saying to him oh
1:28you of little faith why did you doubt
1:30and when they got into the boat the wind
1:32ceased and those in the boat worshiped
1:34him saying
1:35truly you are the son of god. this is
1:38the gospel of the lord
1:42in the name of Jesus all right so it’s
1:45not a secret
1:46uh barb and i own dogs now if you’ve
1:49been to our house well then you know max
1:51you know luther i’m not exactly sure max
1:54is really a dog
1:55but that’s just an opinion that some
1:57people have put together it’s just
1:58what’s a weird combination west highland
2:01terrier and poodle
2:03and so he’s called a westy pooh
2:06can a dog really be a dog with the last
2:08part of it named poo
2:10anyway you get the idea but here’s the
2:12thing luther
2:14my dog he’s not exactly well trained and
2:17i gotta admit i’m responsible for that
2:19he’s he’s he’s a little unruly at times
2:22but i always love it when little kids
2:23come to our house
2:24and they want to give luther orders they
2:27want to give him
2:28commands and luther just doesn’t
2:31well obey you know so it’s always fun
2:33with little kid says
2:35woofer sit woofer
2:38sit woofer roll over
2:42woofer shake hands and woofer
2:45doesn’t have anything to do with that
2:47woofer just goes whatever and
2:49goes and does his thing and you’ll note
2:51though that
2:52if i give luther a command i can give
2:54luther a command with my hands
2:56i can give it with my voice and luther
2:58for the most part
3:00obeys there are times when he doesn’t
3:02really quite feel like it and so you’ll
3:04note there
3:05that the owner of the dog always seems
3:08to be the one who is able to give
3:09commands to the dog
3:11this will kind of frame our gospel text
3:13today but
3:15to frame it even further i want you to
3:19what is revealed for us in our old
3:21testament text in job 38.
3:24if you know the story well job is the
3:26one who was made to suffer
3:27suffer greatly why well because of his
3:30great love and his fear and faith in god
3:32this is most certainly true this is why
3:34he was made to suffer this
3:35the devil was pretty much upset about
3:38the whole situation so
3:39god allowed the devil to make him suffer
3:42and suffer terribly
3:43and at some point job kind of crosses
3:46the line in some of the things that he
3:50and so god decides he’s going to do
3:52something that’s quite terrifying
3:54god decides he’s going to have a
3:55conversation with job
3:57and he has a conversation with job with
3:59what we here in the
4:01well the northern part of the midwest
4:02would call a supercell
4:04thunderstorm you know this big supercell
4:07thunderstorm comes barreling down the
4:09highway drops a tornado there’s thunder
4:11there’s lightning everywhere believe me
4:12that’ll get your attention
4:14especially if god’s voice comes out from
4:16that thing and god then begins to ask
4:19a series of questions and you’ll note
4:22god doesn’t expect job to answer these
4:26these are more rhetorical questions but
4:28these will help us a lot today
4:30so here’s what god asks job
4:33where were you when i laid the
4:36foundations of the earth
4:40let that one kind of sink in you could
4:43tell from like this question immediately
4:45job’s in uh in an uncomfortable
4:49i think they call this an upbraiding
4:51he’s being upgraded by god here where
4:53were you when i lay the foundations of
4:54there tell me if you have understanding
4:56who determined its measurements surely
4:59you know
5:01you’ll know that god has no problem
5:04being a little sarcastic
5:06maybe you know making the point that way
5:09who stretched the line upon it on what
5:12were its bases sunk
5:14who laid its cornerstone when the
5:15morning stars sang together
5:18and all the sons of god shouted for joy
5:20what a beautiful picture by the way
5:22i didn’t realize that our globe had a
5:26nor did i even know because genesis
5:29doesn’t say that
5:30when its cornerstones were laid the sons
5:33of god this is the angels they were
5:34watching as the creation was being put
5:37and they shouted for joy who shut in the
5:40with doors when it burst out from the
5:42womb when i made clouds its garment
5:45thick darkness
5:46its swaddling bands and prescribed
5:48limits for it
5:49set bars and doors and said thus far
5:52shall you come and no farther and here
5:55shall your proud waves be stayed
5:58have you commanded the mourning since
6:00your days began
6:02and caused the dawn to know its place
6:05now let’s pause there for a second
6:08commanded the morning now in our day and
6:11i don’t know if you’ve noticed i keep
6:13pointing this out week after week the
6:14world’s gone a little nuts
6:16all right and you’ll note that there are
6:20of who’ve notably done some pretty
6:23foolish things
6:24commanding parts of the creation to obey
6:27their voice
6:28and that’s about as effective as a
6:30little kid saying woof or
6:32sit it doesn’t work most notably we
6:35not too long ago kenneth copeland and
6:38the fiasco that he put on
6:40where he was commanding covet 19.
6:4419 i command you to come down from your
6:48high place i blew the window god on you
6:52and i there’s this
6:53nuts it’s and did covet 19
6:57obey the voice of kenneth copeland
7:01yeah no i don’t know if you’ve noticed
7:04it just keeps getting worse
7:06i’m beginning to think that if he
7:08doesn’t keep his mouth shut that
7:09everybody on planet earth is going to
7:10die from this thing because
7:12every time he opens it his mouth it just
7:15gets demonstrably
7:17objectively worse but
7:20note that when it comes to commanding
7:23the creation
7:25this is the prerogative of god and when
7:29commands the creation the creation
7:33obeys in fact obeys much better than
7:36woofer does
7:38much better than luther and so
7:41you’ll note the prerogative of god is to
7:42command the creation
7:44so have you commanded the morning since
7:46you since your days began caused the
7:48dawn to know its place
7:50so that it might take hold of the skirts
7:52of the earth and that the wicked be
7:53shaken out of it
7:55it is changed like clay under the seal
7:57its features stand out
7:59like a garment from the wicked their
8:01light is withheld
8:02and their uplifted arm is broken have
8:05you entered into the springs of the sea
8:08or have you walked in the recesses
8:11of the to home of the deep that’s an
8:14interesting word there of the to home of
8:16the deep
8:16because if you remember at the when it
8:19says in genesis that god created the
8:21heavens and the earth and the spirit the
8:23elohim the spirit of the lord of god was
8:26hovering brooding over the to home that
8:30over the deep you’ll note that here in
8:32job it says that god has walked in the
8:35recesses of the deep
8:39sounds to me like he’s been walking on
8:40the water and you’ll note that’s a
8:44of god and then job continues so this
8:48the story continues have the gates of
8:49death been revealed to you
8:51or have you seen the gates of deep
8:53darkness have you comprehended the
8:55expanse of the earth declare it
8:57if you know all of this and obviously
9:01job doesn’t that’s the point of all of
9:04these questions
9:05but knowing that then knowing that it is
9:08the prerogative of god
9:09to command the creation and that god
9:12himself has walked in the recesses of
9:15the deep on the sea
9:16yeah keep that in mind as we look at our
9:18gospel text
9:20and sadly this is a text that there have
9:23been a lot of sermons on it that just
9:26kind of miss the entire point
9:30have you ever heard a sermon where the
9:31pastor has told you that you need to
9:33step out in faith
9:35and walk out of your boat if you’ve
9:38heard those kinds of sermons
9:40believe me with that when i tell you
9:41that’s not the point
9:43of this text this isn’t about you
9:46mustering up faith to step out of your
9:48boat or any nonsense like this
9:50and you’ll note that as we walk through
9:52this text you’ll see that peter
9:53didn’t step out of the boat because of
9:55his great faith
9:57he stepped out of the boat because he
9:59didn’t believe it was Jesus
10:02and so we’ll take a look at what this
10:03text is really telling us about and what
10:05is the focus of our peripheries of our
10:08of our three lessons today and our
10:10gospel text says this immediately Jesus
10:12made the disciples get into the boat and
10:14go before him
10:15to the other side while he dismissed the
10:17crowds and
10:18this is the same day as our gospel text
10:20from last week
10:21the same day that Jesus fed the five
10:23thousand and there were more than five
10:25thousand there because
10:26the five thousand was merely the number
10:28of men that were present that didn’t
10:29include the women and the children
10:31so this was a great multitude of people
10:33that Christ fed
10:34in the wilderness miraculously and when
10:37you read the gospel of john chapter 6
10:39after Jesus performed this miracles a
10:42lot of people went
10:43wait a second that’s the prophet the one
10:46who we were told would be coming
10:48and they wanted to have an impromptu
10:52coronation service for Jesus to make him
10:54the king of israel
10:56and so Jesus is diffusing the situation
11:00he didn’t come at least in this
11:03advent of Christ his advent was not for
11:06the purpose of him being coronated
11:08and crowned the king of israel and to
11:10set up an earthly government
11:12the purpose of the first advent is to go
11:14to the cross
11:16to bleed and to die for our sins god
11:19himself god the father
11:20has crowned Christ he’s now has all
11:23authority given to him
11:24and he currently rules and reigns at the
11:27right hand of the father
11:28so that was not the purpose of his first
11:30advent the purpose of his first advent
11:32was to humble himself
11:34so Jesus is defusing the situation he
11:38sends his disciples
11:39off in the only boat that they had had
11:41at the moment and sends them across the
11:43sea back to capernaum
11:45and Jesus himself stays behind and
11:47that’s kind of the point
11:48it’s a little bit of misdirection
11:50because we learn from the gospel of john
11:52chapter 6
11:53that they knew the disciples had headed
11:55out in this boat but they didn’t real
11:57they didn’t
11:58know how Jesus got away and that was the
12:01point Jesus is making his getaway at
12:03this point
12:04so after he dismissed the crowds he went
12:06up on the mountain by himself to pray
12:08and when evening came he was there alone
12:10but the boat by this time was a long way
12:12from the land beaten by the waves for
12:14the wind was against them
12:16and in the fourth watch of the night
12:17Jesus came to them walking on the sea
12:20and when the disciples saw him walking
12:22on the sea they
12:23were terrified and they said it’s
12:27a ghost and they cried out in great fear
12:31and so Jesus walking on the water and no
12:33this isn’t a calm glassy sea this is
12:35Jesus walking on the ball
12:36on the water with heavy winds with white
12:40things are tumultuous out of control and
12:44i don’t know about you but i’m not
12:45really used to seeing people walking
12:47under the
12:47on the water under any circumstances yet
12:50alone stormy circumstances
12:52and we know from uh the fishing lure of
12:55the sea of galilee
12:56that they’re uh have you guys noticed
12:59this fishermen have a tendency to be
13:00superstitious kinds of fellows
13:02right it’s it’s kind of part of the
13:04culture of being a fisherman and so the
13:06the story goes on the sea of galilee is
13:08is that you know if a storm comes up
13:11and somebody drowns or their boat sinks
13:13and they die that
13:14that fellow’s ghost will appear when
13:17it’s time for the next guy to die
13:19that’s kind of how this goes so when
13:20Jesus shows up they think it’s a ghost
13:22they’re totally terrified going oh
13:24no we’re all going to die because that’s
13:27the guy who died last
13:28right it’s kind of it’s a game of tag if
13:30you would and so
13:32Jesus Jesus cries out to them calls out
13:35to them
13:36and listen to the words here very
13:39take heart ego amy that’s the greek
13:43i am do not be afraid
13:48and yeah when Jesus says i am
13:52that’s him saying that he’s god
13:55he’s using the name that god gave
13:58moses in the burning bush when moses
14:00asked what is your name
14:02take heart i am do not be afraid
14:05i am your god
14:10and you’ll note that these are
14:11comforting words in the context because
14:13well see things seem to be quite out of
14:17but Jesus is basically saying don’t
14:18worry i’m god i got i’ve got this
14:21and you’ll note earlier in the gospel of
14:22matthew there was a time
14:24when Jesus was asleep on the back
14:27couch of their little fishing vessel
14:30during a storm and they were freaking
14:34out thinking that they’re gonna die and
14:35so they woke Jesus up and Jesus
14:37was really tired he’d you know been
14:38doing you know kind of
14:40burning both candles and you know
14:42burning the the candle at both ends
14:44and he was he was really tired needing
14:45some sleep and so they woke him up
14:48do you not care that we’re perishing
14:51and what does Jesus do it’s almost like
14:54he’s annoyed he gets up and goes
15:01and he’s not shushing the disciples he’s
15:03shushing the sea of galilee
15:04and the sea of galilee goes okay
15:07right who is this guy
15:11text ends that even the
15:14wind and the sea and the waves obey him
15:17so here’s Jesus in the middle of this
15:19tumultuous situation
15:22take heart don’t be afraid i am
15:25now peter in a moment of complete doubt
15:29it kind of reminds me when i was growing
15:31up i used to watch this
15:32show called different strokes you
15:34remember gary coleman
15:35and whenever whenever his brother willis
15:38would say something that he didn’t
15:39you know he didn’t believe he acted out
15:41in incredulity he would say
15:43what you talking about willis right and
15:45so this is
15:46peter’s what you talking about willis
15:48moment he’s lord if it’s you
15:51what you talking about if it’s you tell
15:53me to come to you on the water
15:56and what did Jesus say all right come
15:59find you you want that’s no problem so
16:01this is a great moment of doubt
16:04so peter got out of the boat walked on
16:05the water came to Jesus but when he saw
16:08the wind he was afraid
16:10and beginning to sink he cried out lord
16:12save me i always like to point out
16:14that’s a
16:14good prayer it’s short it’s to the point
16:18and you know what this is a prayer that
16:20we can pray under any circumstance
16:22whether your boat is for really sinking
16:25whether you’re just well lost your job
16:28because of covid19 or your family is
16:31blown apart or maybe you’re
16:33suffering from an illness maybe even one
16:35that might kill you
16:36you can cry out to Christ lord
16:39save me this is a prayer that is
16:42given all circumstances because here’s
16:44the thing to have a god
16:47well what is your god your god is that
16:49thing that you cry out to or look to to
16:51give you comfort and peace in the midst
16:53of troubled times
16:54and so in the midst of all this peter
16:56cries out to Jesus lord
16:57save me and Jesus responds to his prayer
17:00and immediately reaches out his hand
17:02and took hold of him saying to him oh
17:04you have little faith why did you doubt
17:06and when they got into the boat the wind
17:10here we go again sea just goes totally
17:14and those in the boat worshiped Jesus
17:17truly you are
17:20the son of god truly you are the son of
17:24god and that’s exactly
17:25who Jesus is and again this all
17:28points to the fact that Christ himself
17:32is our god he has the prerogative of
17:35speaking to the
17:36creation and the creation listens to him
17:39consider what the nicene creed
17:40says regarding our lord and savior Jesus
17:44that he is and we believe in one lord
17:46Jesus Christ
17:47the only begotten son of god begotten of
17:49his father before
17:50all were worlds and listen to these
17:52words he is god of god
17:55he is light of light he is very god a
17:57very god begotten
17:59not made being of one substance with the
18:02by whom all things were made
18:06and that is who Jesus is he is
18:09our great god and savior and this
18:12is comforting comforting
18:16in so many ways but before i get too far
18:19ahead of myself also consider how our
18:22epistle text teaches the same thing
18:24in our epistle text it says that if you
18:28confess with your mouth that Jesus is
18:31and you believe in your heart that god
18:32raised him from the dead you will be
18:34and we learn from verse 17 that faith
18:37comes by hearing hearing by the word of
18:39Christ this is not some
18:40something that is mustered up within
18:42yourself but
18:43through the gospel through the means of
18:44grace the holy spirit then produces in
18:47repentance and faith in Christ that
18:50being the case
18:51then if you confess with your mouth that
18:54is a sign that you have faith that Jesus
18:55is lord and you believe in your heart
18:57that god raised him from the dead
18:58you will be saved but what does it mean
19:01to say Jesus is my lord
19:03is it to say he’s my boss
19:07is Jesus my co-pilot is he my homeboy
19:09what is it what does it mean to say
19:11Jesus is my lord well the text goes on
19:14to say there
19:16in verse 12 there is no distinction
19:17between jew and greek the same lord as
19:19lord of all
19:20bestowing his riches on all who call on
19:23for everyone who calls on the name of
19:25the lord will be saved verse 13
19:28says but you’ll note the astute bible
19:30student will see that in their bible
19:32that there’s a cross reference
19:34that here the apostle paul writing under
19:36the inspiration of the holy spirit
19:38is saying everyone who calls on the name
19:40of the lord will be saved
19:41and he’s quoting verbatim the the
19:45joel from joel chapter 2. and in that
19:48text in the old testament text that he’s
19:50quoting it says everyone
19:52who calls on the name of yahweh
19:55will be saved in other words
19:58Jesus is the yahweh of the old testament
20:01he is your god so then how is this
20:04comforting to us
20:05well consider the fact that our
20:07salvation was won
20:09not by a creature not by an angel
20:12not by a lackey a sub uh you know us
20:16some kind of sub creatures a little bit
20:18different than god
20:20in fact our opening hymn talks to this
20:24and really comforting fact listen again
20:27to the words of our opening hymn
20:28o love how deep oh love how deep how
20:32how high it’s beyond all thought and
20:36that god the son of god should take our
20:39mortal form
20:40why for mortal sake for your sake
20:43and mine and see there is the thing take
20:46heart Jesus says
20:48i am do not be afraid there is god in
20:52human flesh and god has taken on human
20:55for us because of his great love for us
20:58and the text goes on to say he sent no
21:00angel to our race
21:02of either higher or of lower place
21:05instead god himself wore the robe of
21:07human frame
21:08and to this world himself he came
21:12and that’s the great mystery of the
21:15that even though Jesus the son of god
21:19is equal with god and he is god
21:22he emptied himself and was found in the
21:24form of a servant
21:25and became obedient even obedient to the
21:27point of death on the cross for us he
21:30was baptized
21:32for us he bore he bore his holy fast and
21:35he hungered sore
21:37for us temptation sharp he knew for us
21:40the tempter he overthrew
21:42for us he prayed for us he taught for us
21:46his daily works he wrought by words and
21:49signs and actions thus
21:51still seeking not himself instead but
21:54seeking us
21:55for us by wickedness betrayed for us and
21:58crown of thorns arrayed
22:00he bore the shameful cross and death for
22:03us he gave his dying breath
22:05for us he rose from death again for us
22:08he went on high to reign for us he sent
22:10his spirit here
22:12to guide to strengthen and to cheer
22:16and so you’ll note that god demonstrates
22:18his great love for us in the incarnation
22:21in his death for your sins and mind
22:24and so we like the disciples there
22:28that day in this boat we too
22:31recognize that Jesus is the son of god
22:35and rightly respond to the great things
22:38that he has done for us
22:41in thanks and praise and in worship
22:46so brothers and sisters i know your
22:50from time to time may seem a little bit
22:52overwhelming a little bit hard
22:56but regardless of the circumstance that
22:58we find ourselves in
23:00it is Jesus who is our great god and
23:02savior so take heart
23:03do not be afraid he is the i am he has
23:06bled and died for you he’s risen from
23:08the grave for you
23:10and now he is at the right hand of the
23:11father even interceding
23:13for you as your media so repent of your
23:16self-sufficiency repent of trusting in
23:19things that cannot save repent of false
23:22that you take comfort in that are not
23:25able to actually help you
23:27and trust in the one who can get you
23:30through this life
23:32and bring you safely to the shores of
23:35the new earth
23:36in the name of Jesus amen
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