Sermon Transcript – Trading the Eternal for the Temporal

1 Year Lectionary – Second Sunday After Trinity – Sunday, June 26, 2022 | Pr. Chris Rosebrough

Welcome to the Teaching Ministry of Kongsvinger Lutheran Church. Kongsvinger is a beacon for the Gospel of Jesus Christ and is located on the plains of Northwestern Minnesota.
We proclaim Christ and Him crucified for our sins and salvation by grace through faith alone, and now, here’s a message from Pastor Chris Rosebrough:
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0:28when one of those who reclined at table
0:32with jesus heard these things he said to
0:35blessed is everyone who will eat bread
0:36in the kingdom of god but he said to him
0:39a man once gave a great banquet and
0:41invited many and at the time for the
0:43banquet he sent for his servant to say
0:45to those who have been invited come for
0:47everything is now ready but they all
0:50alike began to make excuses the first
0:52said to him i have bought a field and i
0:54must go out and see it
0:57um and
0:59please have me excused and another one
1:01said i have bought five yoke of oxen and
1:03i go to examine them please have me
1:05excused another said i have married a
1:07wife and therefore i cannot come
1:10so the servant came and reported these
1:12things to his master then the master of
1:14the house began became angry and said to
1:16his servant go out quickly into the
1:18street and the lanes of the city and
1:20bring in the poor and the crippled and
1:21the blind and the lame and the servant
1:24said sir what you have commanded has
1:25been done and still there is room and
1:28the master said to the servant go out
1:29into the highways and the hedges and
1:31compel people to come in that my house
1:33may be filled for i tell you that none
1:35of those men who were invited shall
1:37taste my banquet this is the gospel of
1:41the lord
1:42in the name of jesus
1:46so what are we to make of this gospel
1:48text a bunch of guys on the a list
1:50invited to a great feast a great banquet
1:54and then well turning it down you know
1:56for all kinds of reasons
1:58think of it this way when we look back
2:01in the book of genesis chapter 25 small
2:04little account but it is actually
2:06helpful here
2:07when once jacob was cooking stew esau
2:10remember jacob and esau the twins
2:13came he esau came in from the field and
2:15he was exhausted and esau said to jacob
2:18let me eat some of that red stew for i
2:20am exhausted
2:22therefore his name was called edom jacob
2:25said well sell me your birthright now
2:28and esau said oh i’m about to die of
2:30what use is a birthright to me so jacob
2:32said swear to me now so he swore to him
2:35and sold his birthright to jacob then
2:37jacob gave esau bread and lentil stew
2:40and he ate and drank and rose and went
2:42his way thus esau
2:44despised his birthright what a foolish
2:47thing to do a birthright in the ancient
2:49world was not a small thing it was a big
2:52thing and along with it it’s not just
2:55the inheritance also comes
2:57the guy who would be the spiritual head
2:59of the family kind of the kingdom and
3:01all those types of things and what what
3:03did esau do he despised his birthright
3:07why well over a
3:10bowl of lentil stew
3:12what utter
3:14foolishness that is exactly that’s the
3:17point and so you’ll note that these men
3:20in our gospel text they’re really not
3:23interested in eternal life
3:25they’re interested in the here in the
3:28now and it’s important to note that
3:30jesus here is speaking in a context and
3:33so we need to recognize something that’s
3:36going on here but let me let me kind of
3:38throw in another text to kind of fill in
3:41our theme matthew chapter 16 jesus
3:45speaks to his disciples he says if
3:46anyone would come after me
3:49let him deny himself take up his cross
3:53follow me
3:54you’ll know that the world we live in
3:56denying yourself is like the mortal sin
3:59you can’t do that you you need to affirm
4:01yourself you need to be you and do you
4:06all that kind of stuff and deny yourself
4:09no we don’t deny ourselves anything it’s
4:11all about the pursuit of
4:12things and power and influence and
4:15affluence right and jesus says whoever
4:17would save his life
4:19will lose it whoever loses his life for
4:21my sake will find it for what will a
4:24prophet a man
4:26if he gains the whole world
4:28and forfeits his soul
4:31or what shall a man give
4:33in return
4:35for his soul
4:37yeah that’s kind of the thing here
4:40have you noticed i mentioned it last
4:42week and i’ll continue to mention it
4:44life is a fleeting thing it goes like
4:47that it goes by like that i you blink
4:50and the whole thing’s gone
4:52and then you’re dead
4:54you came into the world
4:56you brought nothing with you when you
4:57came in you you arrived in the world
4:59naked needing to be clothed you take
5:02nothing with you when you leave the
5:04world so why the focus on the temporal
5:07it’s a form of idolatry seeking good
5:10from the good gifts that god gives us as
5:12we sojourn through this
5:14valley of the shadow of death and in
5:16really seeking them and seeking comfort
5:19from them rather than the one who is the
5:20giver of those gifts right
5:23and so
5:24in our gospel text there’s a context i
5:26mentioned that already and i’m going to
5:29back up just a little bit in our context
5:30so we can get the gist of what christ is
5:33teaching because i think it’s important
5:35so it says in luke chapter 14 starting
5:38at verse 12. i’m just backing up a few
5:40verses jesus said to the man who had
5:42invited him so
5:43pharisee had invited him to dinner
5:46when you give a dinner
5:48or a banquet
5:49don’t invite your friends don’t invite
5:52your brothers or your relatives or rich
5:55neighbors lest they also invite you in
5:57return and then you’ll be repaid but
5:59when you give a feast
6:03invite the poor
6:06by preaching this christ has
6:09taken their theology and turning it on
6:12its head because in the pharisees way of
6:16is the sign of god’s blessing the
6:18pharisees are no different than the
6:20prosperity preachers of today
6:22right so jesus is saying don’t don’t
6:24hobnob with the wealthy don’t hobnob
6:27with the powerful or those who can repay
6:30you back instead
6:32invite the poor yeah you know the guy on
6:35the street begging
6:38for real who’s poor and down and out
6:40invite the crippled
6:42the lame
6:44the blind
6:45you know those people your false
6:47theology say are cursed of god
6:51and then you will be blessed because
6:52they cannot repay you
6:54ah that’s how the gospel works isn’t it
6:56right could you repay god can you repay
6:58christ for the good things that he’s
7:00given you of course not right for you
7:02will be repaid at the resurrection of
7:04the just the proverbs make it clear that
7:06when you lend
7:08to the poor
7:10and they cannot repay you don’t worry
7:12god will repay
7:14jesus also affirms this in the in the
7:16old testament the proverbs so that being
7:18the case this one of these pharisees
7:20speaks up he’s one of those who reclined
7:22at the table with jesus heard him say
7:24these things he said well blessed is
7:26everyone who will eat bread in the
7:28kingdom of god
7:31but jesus said to him all right
7:33listen a man once gave a great banquet
7:36and invited many
7:38and at the time of the for the banquet
7:40he sent his servant to say to those who
7:42had been invited come everything’s now
7:46but they all alike began to make excuses
7:49the first said to him oh
7:51i i’ve bought i bought a field
7:54i’m sorry
7:55can’t come to your bank i’ve bought a
7:57field and i must go and i must see it
8:00and uh please have me excused yeah sorry
8:04maybe next time right and another said
8:06well i i’ve bought five yoke of oxen i
8:09i’ve got to go and examine them we all
8:12know how much trouble those yoke of oxen
8:14can be right
8:16please have me excused and another one
8:19said well i’ve married a wife
8:22and you know we’re still in the
8:24honeymoon phase you know what i mean
8:26right and so therefore i can’t come
8:34you gain the whole world
8:35and yet forfeit your soul you’ll note
8:37that the banquet that’s being referred
8:39to here the great wedding feast of the
8:42christ is the one who’s prepared the
8:44table right
8:46and and so
8:47what’s christ to do the a-listers
8:50the jews of his time
8:52the people who have received the
8:54fulfillment of the prophecies of the
8:56messiah christ is calling them to do
9:02we can see it in that greater context
9:04when he says to them don’t invite the
9:06rich and the powerful and those who can
9:08repay you invite the poor the crippled
9:10the lame
9:11right repent
9:13repent your theology is off your
9:15works-based religion can’t save you and
9:19no wealth is not the indicator of god’s
9:24why are you so enamored by the
9:29of this life
9:31and the accoutrements of what this life
9:34can offer
9:36instead deny yourself take up your cross
9:40follow jesus what is it
9:42what good is it if a man gains the whole
9:46he gonna die you’re gonna die we’re all
9:49under the same sentence of death because
9:53of our sin and rebellion against god
9:55your sin your rebellion against god the
9:57wages of sin is death
9:59i’m dying you’re dying no guarantee
10:02you’ll even be here next week or that
10:04i’ll be here next week right
10:07so that being the case
10:08you’ll know these fellows are being
10:12like esau
10:14exchanging his birthright
10:16for a bowl of lentil
10:19soup i don’t even like lentils they’re
10:22not that great you know i’m just saying
10:24kind of remind me of like mini lima
10:27all right but all that being said
10:30what are you thinking that’s the point
10:34and so the servant then came and
10:36reported these things to his master
10:40what am i gonna do
10:42right so
10:43the master of the house became angry and
10:46said it said you go out quickly into the
10:48streets and the lanes of the city
10:50bring in the poor
10:52the crippled the blind
10:54the lame no christ in the earlier
10:57context says that in do you when you
11:00give a feast invite the poor the
11:01crippled delay in the blind if you want
11:03to know where you where you are in this
11:06that’s you
11:07that’s me and if you do not see yourself
11:10as poor crippled lame blind
11:16i i don’t know what to do to help you
11:18here but that’s exactly our condition as
11:21sinners and so you know christ practices
11:24what he preaches he only invites now to
11:27the wedding feast those who are crippled
11:30poor lame blind
11:32in the book of revelation uh in jesus’s
11:35letter to the church at laodicea
11:38talk about a messed up church laodicea
11:40by the way was a good zip code back in
11:42the day oh yeah in fact
11:44they were they were making money hand
11:47over fist in the in the in the city of
11:50laodicea they were known
11:54a particular eye ointment a salve to
11:57help people with
12:00infections and things like this and
12:01they’d made themselves rich oh they were
12:04at ease and as a result of that the
12:06church of laodicea thought that they
12:07were the bee’s knees
12:10but they weren’t in fact here’s what
12:12christ has john write to the church of
12:15laodicea to the angel the pastor the
12:18messenger of the church of lady see
12:19write these right the words of the amen
12:22the faithful and true witness the
12:24beginning of god’s creation
12:26i know your works
12:28you’re neither hot nor cold
12:31oh widgets you were either cold or hot
12:34so because you are lukewarm
12:36and neither hot nor cold i’m going to
12:38spit you out of my mouth
12:41right for you say i’m rich
12:44i’ve prospered
12:45i i need nothing
12:48not realizing that you are
12:50wretched pitiable
13:00that’s you
13:02that’s me
13:03this is our state before god because of
13:06our sin
13:07and you’ll note the mercy of christ
13:10he rebukes the pharisees
13:13quite nicely for not inviting the poor
13:16and the lame and the blind and those who
13:18cannot repay them but that’s exactly who
13:21jesus invites to the great banquet that
13:23has prepared the banquet of salvation
13:27and so
13:28you need to see the truth about yourself
13:31you are not
13:34don’t even think about it right you are
13:37you are not somebody who is beyond need
13:41you are in great need because of your
13:44sin in your rebellion against god and
13:46your love for the earthly creature
13:49comforts of this world that are oh that
13:51make it so that you have no time to hear
13:54the word of god oh remember that third
13:57commandment remember the sabbath day by
13:59keeping it holy
14:01yeah yeah think think just think for a
14:04second here uh when in the small
14:06catechism luther asked the question
14:07vastas what does this mean oh we should
14:10fear and love god so we do not despise
14:13preaching in his word but gladly hear
14:15and learn it but you don’t understand
14:18it’s summer
14:20here in minnesota uh we’ve got to get to
14:23the lake we’ve we have no time for
14:25church i’ve got to go fishing oh i’ve
14:27got my farm to tend to i’ve i ah my wife
14:31and i uh i i’ve got to keep the woman
14:34happy and then she wants to do this that
14:36or the other thing
14:39i know
14:40i know
14:42you say i’m rich jesus says
14:45i’ve prospered i don’t need anything not
14:47realizing that you’re wretched pitiable
14:49poor blind
14:51and naked
14:53so i counsel you
14:55to buy from me gold refined by fire so
14:57that you may be rich white garments so
14:59that you may clothe yourself
15:01and in the shame of your nakedness
15:04and that that man
15:06your nakedness may not be seen and saved
15:08to anoint your eyes so that you may see
15:11those whom i love i reprove and i
15:14discipline them so be zealous jesus says
15:18and repent
15:22stop being distracted by the bright
15:24shiny things of this earth and the
15:26blessings that god gives you as if
15:31that’s the point
15:33the point is christ the point is our
15:35repentance the point is our trust in him
15:39you’re passing through this world you
15:40take none of it with you stop being
15:43enamored by all of that
15:45in fact a good way to put it is that
15:47christ is the one who has prepared the
15:51feast in his sermon on this text johann
15:54gerhard says christ is the one who
15:57brought forth the gospel teaching from
15:59his hidden store of divine wisdom and
16:03he’s readied his table for the souls who
16:05will be fed there the man who finds his
16:09way to this food
16:11the food the christ prepares will
16:13discover that in the hereafter god has
16:15prepared a sumptuous meal a meal of fat
16:18and marrow of pure wine in which there
16:21are no dregs
16:22god has granted to that one eternal life
16:26there he or she will sit in heaven with
16:28abraham with isaac with jacob quite the
16:32banquet quite the guest list if you
16:34think about it and they will be eating
16:36and drinking at christ’s table he will
16:39be sated by seeing the divine
16:41countenance oh
16:43you’ll be hungering no more to see
16:46christ because you will see him face to
16:49and you will be refreshed as if by an
16:51eternal fountain the lord god has
16:53invited many in fact the whole world to
16:56this banquet he desires all men to be
16:59consoled and to come to the knowledge of
17:01the truth it’s not his will that any
17:04should perish he sends out his word out
17:07into the world he wishes for all ends of
17:09the earth to turn to him
17:12and this is why he sends his servants
17:15at banquet time and has has them
17:17announced to the guest come
17:21is ready christ has made everything
17:24ready for us jesus intended this
17:27primarily for the jewish people not only
17:29had they been invited to god’s kingdom
17:31through the various prophecies about the
17:33messiah but god had also sent them john
17:36the baptist the preacher of
17:38righteousness he sent them the holy
17:39apostles yes even christ himself god’s
17:43righteous servant
17:44and all of them admonished the jews to
17:48repent and to believe the gospel for
17:50god’s kingdom was at hand
17:54indeed it was
17:55but they didn’t repent
17:57instead they crucified christ
18:00and they chose
18:03the fleeting
18:05pleasures and distractions and creature
18:08comforts of this world
18:10rather than repent and receive the gift
18:13of eternal life again our gospel text
18:17makes it clear that christ is the one
18:18who has prepared everything you bring
18:20nothing to the table you come
18:23naked poor pitiable blind and jesus is
18:26the one who gives you sight clothes you
18:28with his righteousness
18:30that perfect sinless righteousness that
18:32he lived for you
18:35he took your sin upon himself on the
18:38he was clothed in your nakedness clothed
18:42in your shame
18:43clothes in your judgment
18:46so that you can be clothed in his
18:48righteousness and may have the
18:50appropriate clothes for this great
18:53banquet all as a gift it’s been prepared
18:56for you come repent abandon the things
18:59of this world trust in christ for the
19:02forgiveness of your sins turn away from
19:05your sin
19:07he’ll forgive you
19:08clothe you and
19:11your heart and your soul with the good
19:14things of the kingdom of god to come in
19:16a world without end where there is no
19:19sin nothing here you can keep nothing
19:22here you can take with you but there all
19:24is given as a gift in a world without
19:27end and the gifts that he gives cannot
19:30be taken from you they cannot be stolen
19:32they will never collect dust or rust or
19:35disappear they last forever and you last
19:38forever in a world without end abandon
19:42and forsake the temporal
19:44embrace christ
19:46the king of kings and lord of lords
19:48whose god of god and light of light the
19:50one who is eternal in a world without
19:56of your idolatry of trusting in things
19:59rather than the one who calls you to be
20:01forgiven and promises you eternal life
20:04all is a gift because he’s prepared it
20:06for you
20:07and so you’ll note
20:09the jews of jesus day they rejected
20:12christ many of them in mass rejected him
20:15sadly choosing
20:17oh power and fame and wealth and
20:20they have nothing now
20:23except for shame and lament for being so
20:29yeah the fear of the lord is the
20:31beginning of wisdom
20:32and they feared not the lord
20:34they trusted in themselves
20:37and so you’ll note in our epistle text
20:40great theme by the way
20:42it says in ephesians 2. i’ll just back
20:44up a little bit in the context so that
20:46you can see it therefore remember that
20:48at one time you gentiles that’s all of
20:49us who are not jewish by
20:51by heritage by genetics at one time you
20:54gentiles in the flesh you were called
20:56the uncircumcision by what is called the
20:58circumcision which is made in the flesh
21:00by hands remember that you were at one
21:02time separated from christ indeed we
21:05naked poor pitiable blind right
21:08we were alienated from the commonwealth
21:10of israel we were strangers to the
21:12covenants of promise
21:14having no hope and we were without god
21:17in the world
21:18ah the gospel has gone out and those who
21:21met with messengers from christ ascend
21:23when the message reaches us we are dead
21:25in trespasses and sins blind and uh a
21:29mess crippled
21:30enab unable to even to respond right
21:33but now in christ jesus you who were
21:35once far off
21:37now you have been brought near by the
21:39blood of christ christ’s invitation goes
21:42out now it comes to us here where we are
21:45the blood of christ is the one is the
21:47thing that draws us near to god forgives
21:50us of our sins reconciles us he himself
21:54jesus is our peace he is the one who has
21:57made us both one jew and gentile he is
22:00the one who’s broken down in his flesh
22:03the dividing wall of hostility he did
22:06this by abolishing the law of
22:08commandments expressed in ordinances so
22:10that he might create himself one new man
22:14uh one new man in place of the two so
22:16making peace
22:18and so that he might reconcile us to god
22:21right in one body through the cross
22:24thereby killing the hostility ah christ
22:27has reconciled us to the father he’s the
22:29one who’s made everything ready he came
22:32and he preached peace to you who were
22:33far off peace to those who were near and
22:36through him we now have both access in
22:39one spirit to the father so then we’re
22:42no longer
22:44and aliens we’re no longer the crippled
22:47the poor the blind the lame
22:50we’ve been healed by christ clothed with
22:53his righteousness all as a gift and we
22:55are now fellow citizens with all the
22:57saints and we
22:59together with the saints of old the
23:01saints who have gone before us old and
23:04new testament we are all members of the
23:07household of god
23:08we are now built on the foundation of
23:10the apostles and the prophets and christ
23:12jesus himself is the cornerstone in whom
23:15the whole structure is being joined
23:16together and grows into a holy temple in
23:18the lord in him you are also being built
23:21together into a dwelling place for god
23:24by the spirit
23:25all of these things ah the feast has
23:27been prepared
23:29don’t choose your ox
23:31or your wife or your husband or your
23:34things or your field
23:36or your car
23:38or your clothes or your watch
23:41what good is it
23:43if you gain the whole world
23:45and forfeit your soul
23:49the banquet has been made ready
23:51see yourself for what you are
23:56he will draw you to his kingdom he will
23:58feed you he will clothe you with his
24:00righteousness as a gift and therefore
24:03salvation is only for those
24:05who recognize their true sinfulness and
24:07their need to be reconciled because
24:10christ has reconciled us to god for us
24:13in him in his body we now have this
24:16these great promises
24:18leave it all behind
24:20you can’t take any of it with you
24:22look forward
24:24forward to the promises of the
24:25fulfillment of christ when you will see
24:28him face to face in your heart will be
24:30made glad
24:31and that day we will feast together in a
24:34world without end
24:36in the name of Jesus amen
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