Sermon Transcript – Transformed

1 Year Lectionary – The Transfiguration of Our Lord – Sunday, February 6, 2022 | Pr. Chris Rosebrough

Welcome to the Teaching Ministry of Kongsvinger Lutheran Church. Kongsvinger is a beacon for the Gospel of Jesus Christ and is located on the plains of Northwestern Minnesota.
We proclaim Christ and Him crucified for our sins and salvation by grace through faith alone, and now, here’s a message from Pastor Chris Rosebrough:
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0:27The holy gospel according
0:29to saint matthew the 17th chapter
0:39after six days Jesus took with him peter
0:42and james and john his brother and led
0:44them up a high mountain by themselves
0:46and he was transfigured before them in
0:48his face shone like the sun and his
0:50clothes became white as light and behold
0:53there appeared to them moses and elijah
0:55talking with him and peter said to Jesus
0:57lord it is good that we are here if you
0:59wish i will make three tenths here one
1:01for you one for moses one for elijah he
1:04was still speaking when behold a bright
1:06cloud overshadowed them and the voice
1:08from the cloud said this is my beloved
1:10son with whom i am well pleased listen
1:13to him when the disciples heard this
1:15they fell on their faces and they were
1:17terrified but Jesus came and touched
1:19them saying rise and have no fear and
1:22when they lifted up their eyes they saw
1:24no one but Jesus only and as they were
1:27coming down the mountain Jesus commanded
1:29them tell no one the vision until the
1:30son of man is raised from the dead this
1:33is the gospel of the lord in the name of
1:38glory yeah that’s an interesting word
1:40isn’t it the world we live live in seeks
1:43for glory the olympics are on right now
1:45and i’m probably not going to watch them
1:46this time around i’m just kind of fed up
1:49about all this nonsense about
1:51transgendered people claiming that they
1:54are women and have being able to compete
1:56forget it i’m out you know as long as
1:59the strong delusion is in place i’ve got
2:01something else but we’re all familiar
2:03with the olympics people training for
2:05their entire lives for that moment of
2:09glory the one competition that final one
2:12where they are competing for the gold
2:15medal and the one who rises to the
2:18occasion well they get to be in the
2:20spotlight they get to have their moment
2:23of glory in fact everything about our
2:26lives is all about glory having the
2:28brightest the shiniest being the
2:30smartest being the thinnest being the
2:33although that last part of the list
2:34doesn’t apply to me but you get the idea
2:37we are all about glory and unfortunately
2:40in many churches they take the concept
2:43of god’s glory and they trivialize it
2:46with nonsense and whack or doodle
2:48concepts like soaking in the glory
2:51baking in the glory and then you know
2:54you have people who like speak so much
2:57about glory that you know i’ve noted in
2:59the past they take this two-syllable
3:01word glory and they stretch it out to
3:03have like 15 syllables glory
3:09and this is what they’re talking about
3:10as if somehow god exists to glorify you
3:14just put it all away you’re the problem
3:16i’m the problem this isn’t about us
3:19glorifying ourselves in fact
3:22i as i’ve been studying out and
3:24preparing for this sermon i’m really
3:26coming to appreciate
3:28just how deep the theology is as it
3:31relates to transfiguration sunday so we
3:34we just read out in our gospel text what
3:37happened Jesus took uh peter james and
3:39his brother john with them led them up a
3:42high mountain by themselves you’ll note
3:44that oftentimes when Jesus
3:46needs witnesses for something he always
3:49takes the required minimum two and then
3:52he adds one to it all right and you’ll
3:54note at the end of this Jesus says tell
3:56nobody what you saw here until after i
3:58rose from the dead which is proof that
4:00he rose from the dead because they told
4:02everybody about what happened but Jesus
4:04is more than meets the eye he’s king of
4:07kings lord of lords god of god light of
4:09light very god a very god right and
4:12that’s kind of the big theme of epiphany
4:15in the epiphany season it’s all about
4:17the revealing of who Jesus is it begins
4:20with a text that well begins to warm us
4:23up to the concept with the visit of the
4:25magi who worship the newborn king of the
4:29jews but wait a second only god can
4:32receive worship what were these fellows
4:34thinking but that’s kind of the whole
4:35point and then last week’s gospel text
4:38you have Jesus asleep in a boat during a
4:42sounds a little familiar coming kind of
4:45harkening the book of jonah here and the
4:47disciples wake Jesus up don’t you care
4:50that we’re perishing lord don’t you care
4:54and Jesus quiets the storm by talking to
4:58it as if it’s like a little dog you know
5:00you know he
5:03settle right yeah as if he’s a yorkie
5:06settle just just work it
5:08calm down and what happens the storm
5:10does the storm settles and the big
5:13question on the table at the end of last
5:15week’s gospel text is who is this that
5:17even the wind
5:19and the waves obey him
5:21well in our gospel text today shine
5:24Jesus shine out comes the glory of Jesus
5:28because he is god of god and that’s the
5:31big epiphany here he’s the son of david
5:34he’s also god the son second person of
5:37the holy trinity and here’s where we do
5:40a little comparative work because at
5:42Jesus’s side
5:44well a little holy huddle between him
5:47and moses and elijah why moses and
5:50elijah well moses received the law he is
5:53the if you would the guy who received
5:56this mosaic covenant as well as the
5:58moral law the ten commandments and
6:00elijah is this wonderful representative
6:02of the prophets in fact elijah’s life
6:04when you consider it some of the
6:06miracles that elijah performed
6:09they kind of are like precursors to the
6:12life of Christ elijah’s a wonderful type
6:14and shadow of Jesus in fact elijah
6:17doesn’t die he ascends up to heaven
6:20hmm yeah kind of appropriate but you’ll
6:24note then that
6:26when we look at our epistle text that
6:28goes along with this that when moses
6:31comes down after spending you know more
6:33than a month with god in the glory on
6:36mount sinai remember the glory of god
6:38showed up for a bit charred the whole
6:41top of mount sinai in fact it’s
6:42described in exodus when the glory of
6:44god descended on mount sinai the smoke
6:47billowing up looked like it was coming
6:49from a furnace and moses goes into that
6:52glory and he meets with god and when he
6:54comes down his face is glowing he had to
6:59put on a burqa how embarrassing right
7:02but the point is this is that moses
7:05didn’t have any glory in and of himself
7:08this is secondhand glory
7:10if you would we can use a church term
7:13this was the afterglow
7:15of his experience with god
7:18and it was all coming to an end but what
7:21we need here is a theological
7:24what does it mean that moses’s face
7:26glowed why is Jesus shining what’s going
7:30on here and you’ll note the comparison
7:32between the two there is no comparison
7:35that’s kind of the point moses shines
7:37and yeah he has to put a veil on his on
7:39his face but Jesus man he when he shines
7:43it’s not secondhand shining he’s shining
7:46of his own glory and he’s bright as the
7:49sun white is all get out and we learned
7:52from the book of luke that when Jesus
7:54was talking with moses and elijah a
7:57little hebrew word shows up in the greek
7:59text says they were discussing with him
8:01about his
8:04hmm interesting themes but in second
8:07corinthians chapter three
8:10i think this is where we can learn from
8:12scripture what all this glory is about
8:15and how it connects with us because it
8:19so here’s what paul writes in second
8:20corinthians three verse seven
8:22now if the ministry of death carved in
8:26letters on stone came with such glory
8:29that the israelites could not gaze at
8:32moses’s face because of its glory not
8:35his which was being brought to an end
8:37now let me work through the sentence for
8:40a second isn’t it interesting that
8:42scripture refers to the mosaic covenant
8:45the law
8:46as the ministry of death you see
8:49scripture is very clear god gave us the
8:51law in order to convict us of our sin
8:54and so the problem is is that we
8:57oftentimes bear the law a grudge as if
8:59the law has done something terrible to
9:02well actually it has by killing us but
9:06the law is not the problem
9:08i am
9:09you are and so when we read in the law
9:13thou shalt have no other gods before me
9:16you will not misuse the name of the lord
9:18your god remember the sabbath day keep
9:20it holy honor your father and your
9:23do not murder do not commit adultery do
9:25not steal do not bear false witness
9:27against your neighbor do not covet your
9:29neighbor’s house
9:31or your neighbor’s wife or his
9:32manservant or maidservant or his ox or
9:34his donkey or anything that belongs to
9:36your neighbor when we hear these words
9:38of god’s law
9:41here’s what happens
9:43the law
9:44looks at you and goes oh you’ve
9:47you’ve done the thing you’re not
9:48supposed to do and you’re not doing the
9:49things you’re supposed to do
9:51and the law kills us it convicts us and
9:54shows us to be guilty and shows that
9:56we’ve got nothing good in and of
9:58ourselves and so paul here makes a very
10:01important theological note and that is
10:05that when the ministry of death arrived
10:07on the scene it arrived with glory
10:12here’s the important part the mosaic
10:15is was brought to an end Christ
10:17fulfilled it now that doesn’t mean that
10:19the moral law still doesn’t stand it
10:22but he then asks this question will not
10:24then the ministry of the spirit have
10:26even more glory
10:28and if you think about it it makes sense
10:30that it would what is the ministry of
10:32the spirit the good news of the gospel
10:34that Christ died for our sins
10:36that he bodily rose from the grave on
10:38the third day that this is the ministry
10:41of the spirit that gives us hope that
10:44quickens us regenerates us gives us
10:48life and not only life here and now but
10:50life eternal will not the ministry of
10:52the spirit have even more glory in yes
10:55indeed it does and it should
10:58and so for if there was glory in the
11:00ministry of condemnation and there was
11:03the ministry of righteousness must
11:07exceed it in glory
11:10and it’s important to note then
11:11theologically when moses shows up when
11:14Christ is transfigured
11:16moses isn’t shining with his own glory
11:20the only one shining is Christ and
11:22that’s kind of the point and so
11:24scripture makes this point we should pay
11:26attention to it so he says indeed in
11:28this case what once had glory has come
11:29to have no glory at all because of the
11:31glory that surpasses it for if what was
11:33being brought to an end came with glory
11:35how much more will what is permanent
11:37have glory
11:39now since we have such a hope we are
11:44interesting so watch the comparison here
11:47we Christians now we have a hope a hope
11:50based upon this glory this exceeding
11:52glory of Christ the exceeding glory of
11:56the ministry of the spirit
11:58because we have such a hope we are bold
12:01not just bold really really bold not
12:04like moses moses when he came down and
12:06he was shining he wasn’t bold he had to
12:09veil up
12:13that’s why he said he put on a burqa he
12:15had to hide everything well not like
12:17moses who put on a veil over his face
12:19that the israelites might not gaze at
12:21the outcome of what was being brought to
12:23an end but their minds were hearted
12:26to this day
12:27when they these jews read the old
12:30covenant the same veil remains unlifted
12:33because only through Christ is it then
12:35taken away yes to this day whenever
12:37moses is read a veil lies over their
12:41but when one turns to the lord the veil
12:44is removed now the lord is the spirit
12:47and where the spirit of the lord is
12:48there is freedom
12:50and we all with unveiled face
12:54beholding the glory of the lord we are
12:58being transformed into the same image
13:01from one degree of glory to another for
13:03this comes from the lord who is the
13:07now let me highlight these words
13:09we all with unveiled face are currently
13:13now beholding the glory of the lord
13:20uh how do you figure
13:22all right you
13:25norwegian Jesus doesn’t have a
13:27an led light panel right
13:30how are we beholding them the glory of
13:32the lord how are we seeing his glory
13:36with unveiled face
13:40by faith
13:42and this is where we as Christians need
13:44to pay very close attention to this and
13:47that is is that all this other talk of
13:51that is counterfeit glory it’s not even
13:53the real thing
13:54it’s a cheap imitation a substitute it’s
13:58like somebody waving a sparkler on the
14:00fourth of july going wow look at the
14:03glory here
14:05really okay that’ll be out in like two
14:09but the scripture says we are currently
14:13now with unveiled face beholding the
14:16glory of the lord
14:22with the eyes of faith
14:24you see
14:25we see the glory of the lord
14:31and we believe it and we behold it in
14:34the words of the bible in fact that’s
14:36kind of peter’s point but i’m getting
14:37ahead of myself
14:39so note then
14:40that the voice of the father who was
14:43heard then on the mount of
14:45transfiguration and i always loved this
14:47part because when you do the little
14:49cross-reference work with this event in
14:51the other gospels there’s peter james
14:54and john and Jesus is shining talking
14:56with moses and elijah about his exodus
14:59and i i always kind of picture him
15:02because of the other passages that talk
15:03about the fact that even at this point
15:05he was terrified he didn’t even know
15:06what he was saying
15:08you can almost hear him going
15:10lord it’s good that we’re here
15:15if you wish i’ll make three tents
15:17one for you
15:19one for moses one for elijah
15:22he didn’t know what he was talking about
15:25and while he was still speaking behold a
15:27bright cloud overshadowed them
15:30so there’s Jesus’s glory and here comes
15:33another bright cloud glory upon glory
15:36the glory of the father
15:38shows up and then the voice from the
15:40cloud said this is my beloved son with
15:42whom i am well pleased listen to him
15:49and rather than going
15:53yeah we heard it we understand the
15:55disciples when they heard this they fell
15:57on their faces and they were utterly
16:01so note interesting here is that the
16:03father is pointing everybody to Jesus
16:06and says listen to him
16:09well paul says that we are already with
16:11unveiled faces currently now beholding
16:13the glory of Christ and it’s important
16:16to note here that in acts chapter 10
16:18Jesus makes it very clear he’s speaking
16:21to his disciples who would become the
16:24he says that the one who hears you
16:28hears me
16:29the one who hears me here’s the one who
16:32sent me
16:33peter in acts 10 says to Jesus all the
16:36prophets bear witness that everyone who
16:38believes in him receives the forgiveness
16:41of sins through his name
16:45so the idea here is is that it is the
16:48glory of the father and we behold the
16:51glory of the son by hearing his voice
16:54and there’s only one place to hear that
16:58there’s only one place to behold it and
17:01in the apostolic and prophetic
17:04this church is built on the foundation
17:06of the apostles and prophets that
17:08doesn’t mean we have them to this day it
17:10means that their ministry continues on
17:13in this in the text of scripture and
17:15this is where the glory of god is hidden
17:20so if you think about it the one who
17:22hears the apostles hears Christ the one
17:24who rejects them rejects
17:29and rejects the one who sent him
17:32so it’s important at this point that we
17:35recognize that there’s the disciples
17:37terrified on their face having heard the
17:39voice of the father glory upon glory the
17:42whole situation just undid them which is
17:45the normal thing that happens when
17:47humans are in the presence of the glory
17:49of god you remember on mount sinai the
17:52people were terrified after hearing the
17:53voice of god and they said to moses you
17:56go talk to god you
17:58we we don’t want to hear that voice
18:00again you go and you almost see them
18:02pushing him yeah
18:04you be our brave guy
18:06but here’s where we note that Christ
18:08tells his disciples
18:10he touches them and says rise and have
18:12no fear
18:13and the reason why he is able to do that
18:16with his apostles and with his disciples
18:18is actually quite simple
18:20you see
18:21excuse me
18:25sounds so healthy
18:28here’s the important bit
18:30is that in scripture important things
18:33happen on mountains
18:35the law was given on mount sinai Christ
18:38is transfigured on the mount of
18:41but there’s one more transformation
18:44there’s one more transfiguration that we
18:46need to consider
18:48and that is is that Christ is going to
18:50go to mount moriah
18:52sometimes referred to as mount zion or
18:54golgotha and it is there that Christ
19:00the most important transformation and
19:05as it relates to us
19:07paul puts it this way in second
19:11chapter 5 verse 19.
19:17god was reconciling the world to himself
19:20not counting their trespasses against
19:23and he was entrusting to us the message
19:26of reconciliation
19:29we are now ambassadors for Christ and
19:31god is making his appeal through us so
19:34we implore you on behalf of Christ to be
19:36reconciled to god it was for our sake
19:39that god made Jesus to be sin
19:42who knew no sin
19:44so that we might become the
19:46righteousness of god
19:49listen to those words again god made
19:51Jesus to be sin who knew no sin there
19:54was one other
19:55transfiguration that is is that god laid
19:57on Christ the iniquity of us all
20:00every one of your sins my sins
20:03every transgression every errant thought
20:07every errant word every errant and
20:09disobedient deed all the things that we
20:12have collectively done against god and
20:15racked up the debt that goes along with
20:17it god laid all of that on Christ
20:22on golgotha he was transformed into the
20:25sinner of humanity
20:28and he drunk to the dregs
20:30the full fury of the wine of the wrath
20:33of god
20:34in your place in mind
20:36god made him to be the sinner so that we
20:39might become the righteousness of god
20:42and we know from the cross references in
20:44scripture that the gospel reveals a
20:48righteousness that is from god Christ’s
20:50righteousness that is given to us by
20:53grace through faith and so as we see
20:56Christ transfigured on the mount of
20:57transfiguration we see him in all of his
21:00glory do not forget this fact that in
21:04Christ you have been clothed with that
21:06same glory with that same righteousness
21:10and as a result of that god
21:12sees you
21:14clothed in Jesus’s glory and says of you
21:16you are my beloved son and child not
21:19because you are in and of yourself but
21:21because you’re clothed in Jesus’s
21:23righteousness remember the story of
21:25jacob and esau
21:26what a lousy fellow that jacob was stole
21:29his brother’s birthright how did he do
21:31it well while his brother was out
21:33hunting food to give to his father so
21:36that he might receive a blessing from
21:37his father isaac jacob
21:40mom’s advice
21:42goes and puts on hairy skins
21:45on his body and
21:48puts on his brother’s clothes his
21:50brother’s vestments if you would so that
21:52he would smell like his brother that he
21:55would feel like his brother dad was a
21:57little dim in the eyesight and so he
22:00walked in
22:01and and his father says who is it and he
22:04says it’s your son esau lying through
22:07his teeth
22:09it’s your son esau he says well that’s
22:11weird you know you say it’s esau but
22:14it’s the voice of my son jacob come near
22:16to me and he touches him and he feels
22:18the goat skin over his
22:20hands and arms and goes well my son he
22:23saw his hairy and then he takes a whiff
22:25of him goes yep smells just like a
22:28mountain meadow like my son esau so he
22:31gives him the blessing
22:34that’s the point
22:37you and i are
22:40we are clothed in the righteousness of
22:44think of it this way god the father has
22:46chosen to have bad eyesight
22:49to not pay too close attention to the
22:51details clothed in the righteousness of
22:54Christ he says ah my beloved son
22:58and he gives us the blessings of Christ
23:01that’s the point and it’s all here in
23:04this transfiguration text when you start
23:06to tease out the themes biblically
23:10and all of this because Jesus he took
23:12our sin upon himself and he was made to
23:15be sin so that we can become the
23:17righteousness of god
23:19so as we then wrap up consider our
23:22epistle text here peter as he’s getting
23:25ready to go to his cross for real he’s
23:27going to be crucified he’s going to be
23:29crucified it’s going to take him three
23:30days to die because he’s going to be
23:32crucified upside down because he didn’t
23:34consider himself worthy to die in the
23:36same way that Jesus did in his last
23:39letter before his crucifixion peter
23:41writes these words
23:43we did not follow cleverly devised myths
23:46when we made known to you the power and
23:49the coming of our lord Jesus Christ but
23:52we were eyewitnesses of his majesty he’s
23:55he saw it with his own eyes he heard the
23:57voice of the father with his own ears
23:59for when Jesus received honor and glory
24:02from god the father and the voice was
24:03born to him by the majestic glory this
24:06is my beloved son with whom i am well
24:08pleased we ourselves we heard this very
24:12born from heaven
24:13for we were with him on the holy
24:16mountain now remember
24:19paul said
24:21that we Christians currently now
24:24are beholding the glory of Christ
24:27remember that
24:30and i made the point that we’re seeing
24:32that in the scriptures watch what peter
24:35does it’s an interesting move
24:38so reflecting then on the experience
24:40that he had seeing Christ transfigured
24:43we heard the voice we saw the glory he
24:46says this and now we have the prophetic
24:49which is more
24:51fully confirmed
24:54the bible in peter’s theology and pay
24:57attention it should be yours as well
24:59the bible in peter’s theology is even
25:02more fully confirmed
25:04than the events that he witnessed on the
25:06mount of transfiguration so we have the
25:09prophetic word more fully confirmed to
25:12which you will do well to pay attention
25:15as to a lamp shining in a dark place
25:18until the day dawns and the morning star
25:22rises in your hearts
25:24interesting similar words right so note
25:27then here
25:28where now is Christ shining where is
25:31Christ’s glory for us to behold it’s in
25:35the bible it’s in the biblical text it’s
25:38there in the apostolic scriptures it’s
25:40there in the old testament prophets pay
25:42attention to it it’s a lamp shining in a
25:44dark place and it’s shining with the
25:47glory of god
25:49we dare not turn aside from it
25:53for cheap imitation glory
25:55and it will continue to shine there
25:58until the day dawns and the morning star
26:00rises in your heart so know this first
26:02of all no prophecy of scripture comes
26:04from someone’s own interpretation
26:06no prophecy was ever produced by the
26:08will of men but men spoke from god as
26:10they were carried along by the holy
26:13so all of that being said
26:16we would do well to obey the voice of
26:19the father because the voice of the
26:20father is speaking to us today today
26:23in this text we beheld the glory of
26:26Christ we too are now eyewitnesses of
26:28the majesty of Jesus we too have heard
26:31the voice of the father say this is my
26:34beloved son with whom i am well please
26:36listen to him we know the scriptures
26:38tell us that the prophets bear witness
26:40to Christ that everyone who believes in
26:42him receives the forgiveness of all of
26:44their sins through his name and we also
26:46know that those who hear Christ’s
26:48apostles hear Jesus and those who reject
26:51them reject Jesus and we also now know
26:53with absolute certainty that we
26:56currently have been and are beholding
26:58the glory of Christ as the light shining
27:01in the darkness in the prophecies and in
27:04the words of scripture
27:07don’t let anyone take your eyes out of
27:09these texts the glory of god is in them
27:12and it is the glory of god to forgive
27:14you and we through these scriptures our
27:17faith is being well confirmed
27:21fed upheld strengthened so that on the
27:25day of his return when he returns in
27:28we too
27:30like him will shine like the sun
27:33in the name of Jesus
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