Sermon Transcript – Trinity and Incarnation

1 Year Lectionary – First Sunday After Trinity – Sunday, June 19, 2022 | Pr. Chris Rosebrough

Welcome to the Teaching Ministry of Kongsvinger Lutheran Church. Kongsvinger is a beacon for the Gospel of Jesus Christ and is located on the plains of Northwestern Minnesota.
We proclaim Christ and Him crucified for our sins and salvation by grace through faith alone, and now, here’s a message from Pastor Chris Rosebrough:
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0:22The holy gospel according
0:29to saint luke the 16th chapter
0:39jesus said there was a rich man who was clothed in purple and fine linen who
0:45feasted sumptuously every day and at his gate was laid a poor man named lazarus
0:50covered with sores who desired to be fed with what fell from the rich man’s table
0:55moreover even the dogs came and licked his sores the poor man died and was carried by the angels to abram’s side
1:02and the rich man also died and was buried and in hades being in torment he lifted up his eyes and saw abraham far
1:09off and lazarus at his side and he called out father abraham have mercy on me send
1:15lazarus to dip the end of his finger in water and cool my tongue for i am in anguish in this flame
1:22but abraham said child remember that in your lifetime you received your good things lazarus and like man are bad
1:29things but now he is comforted here and you are in anguish and besides all of this between us and you is a great chasm
1:36that has been fixed in order that those who would pass from here to you may not be able and none may cross from there to
1:42us and he said then i beg you father to send him to my father’s house for i have
1:47five brothers so that he may warn them lest they also come into this place of torment but abraham said they have moses
1:55and the prophets let them hear them and he said no father abraham but if someone goes to them from the dead they will
2:01repent and he said to him if they do not hear moses and the prophets neither will
2:06they be convinced if someone should rise from the dead this is the gospel of the lord in the name of jesus
2:14amen a couple of notes up front i keep saying and i’ll keep reiterating have you
2:19noticed how fast this life goes man it’s terrifying uh you know like
2:25i’ve said in the past yesterday it was yesterday i was 18 years old 28 inch way
2:31six pack abs and look what has happened to me in a day it’s terrifying if you think about it
2:37right we are all under the judgment of god the wages of sin is death and we
2:43must take our gospel text today soberingly seriously
2:49you’ll note that in our day there seems to be a lot of people who are back talkers you remember when you were
2:54raising your kids when they were little and and you know you tell them to clean their room and that kid says back to you
3:00go clean your room right that’s when discipline comes into play
3:07right and you have to restrain yourself so you don’t kill the child when they do this right this is how this goes but
3:13there’s a lot of backtalkers in our day in the visible church and they’ll say things like you know
3:20this idea of hell it’s just so unbecoming you know and this is how they talk right and they’ll say things like
3:27if god is love then he would never send anybody to hell well i beg to differ
3:33with you right since when did you have a lofty opinion where your opinion of well
3:39supersedes the actual revelation of god and jesus christ you’ll note that of all
3:45the teachers in all of the scriptures that teach the doctrine of hell jesus is the one who teaches it the most
3:55we best pay attention to what he says that being the case just mentioning hell
4:01and noticing how short this life is this can cause anxiety in you
4:07and in me right this idea you sit there and go you know it’s not gonna be too long before i’m the guy whose body is in
4:13the box for the funeral right it’s just really not that far away
4:18it could be tomorrow in fact it will feel like it that’s the point and then this idea well someday i have to stand
4:25before the judgment seat of christ and all of a sudden the anxiety levels go ah
4:32fear not you’re not we’re gonna we’re gonna work this out so we’re gonna start we’re gonna do an
4:37extensive study on this text so jesus tells a story and i will note in no way
4:44ever does this seem like it is a parable when jesus teaches a parable it usually
4:49starts off something like this the kingdom of god may be compared to right he says something like it may be
4:55compared to a sower who sowed good seed in his field or the kingdom of god is like you know you get the idea jesus
5:03isn’t doing that here in fact all the indications are that this is knowledge that jesus has by
5:10virtue of the fact that he is god in human flesh he is the divine judge and
5:15so he says there was a rich man who was clothed in purple and fine linen
5:21who feasted sumptuously every day let’s consider this concept here
5:27clothed in fine purple oh yes you know he wears designer clothing there are people like this today by the way and by
5:34the way purple and i don’t really get along i have more of a winter palette so you know just want you know you know
5:39i’ll wear it from time to time yes especially as part of the vestments but this guy is wearing for what reason why
5:46is he wearing purple because he has delusions of grandeur he thinks he’s a king he’s a prince and purple back in
5:53the ancient day was a super-duper expensive color to have on your clothing
6:00not an easy color to produce like it is today and he feasted sumptuously every
6:06day and it’s here we’re going to note something this hints at the idea
6:11that he may have been a glutton now let me explain something here gluttony in the bible has nothing to do with obesity
6:19per se you know so people they have anxiety they sit there and go you know i’m a little overweight i wonder if i’m
6:24a glutton most of the reason why people are overweight today myself especially is because we don’t move enough all
6:30right it’s it that’s kind of the problem we don’t get out we don’t exercise and
6:36and we work jobs where we sit in front of a computer screen all day long i
6:41assure you if i were a farmer i’d be as skinny as a rail okay instead i’m a
6:46pastor so i’m plump and i have to get out and do something about these things right but that being the case gluttony has a
6:53very real meaning and the idea behind gluttony paul says it in philippians 3
6:58so clearly he talks about people who are pagans whose god is their stomach whose
7:04god is their belly they have no restraint regarding the things that they
7:11feel like they want especially in relations to food and you’ll note that
7:16in the scripture the very first sin has
7:22an eating thing going on with it lack of self restraint regarding eating
7:28something you should not eat you can say that the first sin kind of steers into
7:34the sin of gluttony in genesis 3 always and again we return to the scene of the crime it says the serpent was more
7:41crafty than any other beast of the field that the lord god had made he said to the woman did god really say
7:48you shall not eat of any tree in the garden and the woman said to the serpent well we may eat of the fruit of the trees in the garden but god said you may
7:55not eat of the fruit of the tree that’s in the midst of the garden neither shall you touch it lest you die she added that
8:01little part at the end about touching it but she’s she’s in the ballpark right so the serpent said the woman you will not
8:08surely die in other words god’s a liar i’m here to tell you the truth that’s never how that works by the way god is
8:14always the one telling us the truth and when somebody contradicts god they’re lying
8:20all right lesson number one for god knows that when you eat of it your eyes will be opened and you will be like god
8:25knowing good and evil so the woman goes all internal with her feelings and her passions and when the
8:32woman saw that the tree was good for food that’s an internal feeling that it was a delight to the eyes
8:38again a feeling and that the tree was to be desired to make one wise again a
8:44feeling no restraint here she took its fruit and ate and she also
8:49gave some to her husband was with her and he ate
8:56that is a problem right and this is what has plunged us into the misery that we have but along these same lines you notice
9:02that this this this rich man who dresses really nicely
9:08he eats really well and we know from our reading of the gospel text that that lazarus doesn’t eat so well
9:16right and you’ll note that there’s no compassion in this fellow isn’t that how
9:21it is with all of us each of us are born dead in trespasses and sins we are bent
9:26in on ourselves and who do we look out for well that unholy trinity of me
9:31myself and i it’s all about me and we we care nothing about other people in fact you know
9:37caring for other people is kind of like pulling teeth and usually when people actually engage in philanthropic
9:43endeavors they’re doing so to avoid paying taxes let’s just be blunt here
9:49so much of what passes for philanthropy is really about self-interest i can pay
9:55less in my taxes if i give some of that money over to those people over there and so we all look after ourselves and
10:02here’s where we consider another text as it relates to this concept of sin of gluttony and the in the mindset
10:09behind it this idolatry that goes with it in the book of ezekiel we learn a little
10:14bit more about sodom and gomorrah and i will note that the liberals in the so-called woke uh left they like to look
10:23at this text and somehow use it to obliterate this idea that the sin of
10:28sodom and gomorrah had nothing to do with homosexuality this is a lie by the way that’s not true and so they say
10:34something like this really the sin of sodom and gomorrah is that they engaged in the sin of not
10:39having good hospitality okay to which i would say
10:45right it’s usually not very hospitable to gang rape homosexually uh the people
10:51who are guests in your your town that’s for sure that’s that’s bad hospitality but that doesn’t take away from the sin
10:57of sodomy itself but listen to this mindset and listen to what goes with this in ezekiel chapter 16
11:03ezekiel is prophesying to the exiles of judah who are in captivity in babylon
11:11and he is reminding them of their past sins which they still haven’t quite really
11:17repented of and you’ll note there’s a mindset behind all of this and so ezekiel writes in chapter 16 starting at
11:25verse 44 behold everyone who uses proverbs will use this proverb a proverb about you
11:32like mother like daughter you are the daughter of your mother who loathed her husband and
11:38her children and you are the sister of your sisters who loathe their husbands and their children your mother was a
11:44hittite your father was an amorite your father was an uh never mind your mother
11:50smelled of elderberries i just had to throw that into it i got the the response i wanted thank
11:57you josh your mother your father was a hamster your mother smelt of elderberries right
12:03that’s not in the text i added that so your sister is is samaria who lived
12:08who lived with her daughters to the north of you and your younger sister who lived to the south of you is sodom with
12:14her daughters now a little bit of a note ezekiel isn’t saying that sodom is existing at
12:21that day he’s not he is likening well probably the egyptians or also
12:27possibly the moabites he’s likening them to sodom and noting the parallels in
12:34their sinful thinking so your younger sister who lived to the south of you is sodom along with her daughters not only
12:41did you walk in their ways and do according to their abominations within a very little time you were more corrupt
12:49than they in all of their ways now that’s quite the indictment judah the tribe of judah
12:55more wicked in abominations than sodom was yeah that’s true
13:01and listen what he says as i live declares the lord god your sister sodom and her daughters have not done as you
13:08and your daughters have done behold this was the guilt of your sister sodom
13:14she and her daughters had pride excess of food and prosperous ease but
13:24did not aid the poor and the needy
13:29ouch they were haughty and did an abomination before me so i removed them when i saw
13:36it you’ll you’ll note that one of the things we’re suffering from here in the
13:42united states is that having decades of prosperity
13:48this sounds just like us we have an excess of food prosperous ease and few if any really care about
13:55the poor and the needy this is all the sin of idolatry this is a first commandment issue when people
14:02trust in well the good gifts that god gives us
14:07to provide for them the comfort and the assurance that god
14:13gives rather than looking to god to give us those things the gift-giver if you would making an idol out of money out of
14:21food out of drink out of the nice things that god provides us in this
14:26life and that’s always the case in fact luther makes it clear that an idol is the thing that you look to in your life
14:32to provide good for you and that’s what this fellow is doing he
14:37is ex he is exceedingly wicked in the excess of food prosperous ease does not
14:44aid the poor or the needy and james goes on to say in his epistle and his rebuke
14:50of the rich and we’re going to note kind of an interesting connection here in james 5 james writes come now you rich
14:57weep in howl for the miseries that are coming upon you your riches have rotted your garments are moth eating your gold
15:04and your silver they have corroded and their corrosion will be evidence against you and will eat your flesh like fire
15:11you have laid up treasure in the last days behold the wages of the laborers who mowed your fields which you kept
15:18back by fraud they’re crying out against you and the cries of the harvesters have reached the ears of the lord of hosts
15:25you have lived in the earth in luxury and in self-indulgence you have fattened your hearts in the day of slaughter you
15:32have condemned and murdered the righteous person and he does not resist you
15:38have you noticed that it’s the rich who always have the attorneys on retainer and they’re very
15:44litigious they like to use those attorneys what’s the point of paying you know keeping an attorney on retainer if
15:49you can’t use them you know to file a lawsuit against somebody and stuff like this and you always know that the kind
15:54of the wicked idolatrous rich they’re the last people you really want to work for or do any business for because they
16:00are really slow to pay and they always find little nitpicky things to to
16:05discount the price because they’re super stingy with the resources that god has given him and james here
16:12notes that this type of pride this type of idolatry murder also goes along with it and
16:19there’s a reason for that if you were to think about it from the point of view of the commandments
16:24here’s a commandment we should consider the fifth commandment the fifth commandment we all know this you shall
16:30not murder and you sit there and go well thank god i haven’t done that right you sit there go yeah i’ve never
16:36actually plunged a knife into the heart of somebody i was angry with well good on you
16:42good on you yeah i i don’t know of any murderers here in the congregation but i would note that that’s not a proper way
16:49of understanding this it’s not merely about not plunging a knife into someone’s heart instead listen to what
16:55luther says when he explains the fifth commandment it says that we should fear and love god
17:00so that we do not hurt or harm our neighbor in his body but
17:05help and support him in every physical need
17:11and although this rich man did not shoot or stab or poison
17:18lazarus he murdered him because lazarus was in great
17:25physical need and by the way i point this out every time i get to this text every single time what’s the name of
17:31that rich guy again um you know what’s his face um yeah see there’s a reason why his name
17:38isn’t written and it’s a terrifying one and this again gets to the reality of hell
17:44everybody who is damned their names are not written in the
17:49lamb’s book of life everybody in hell goes to hell
17:54without a name jesus says depart from me i never knew
18:00you so we don’t know who this fellow is he’s not given a name his name is not written in the lamb’s book of life
18:07and yet the text says here at this rich man’s gate was laid a poor man named
18:13lazarus covered with sores but did this rich man care a thing about lazarus did
18:18he care anything for his neighbor did he love him or did he even love a fear god
18:24no none of the above and lazarus desired to be fed with what fell from the rich man’s table in other
18:31words lazarus was treated more poorly than the dogs
18:37that this rich man kept as pets because at least they got to eat what
18:43fell from his table but lazarus didn’t all right and he was in dire need of medical attention
18:49so much so that the dogs came and licked the sores off of lazarus but the rich man didn’t even lift a finger to help
18:56him didn’t send a meal out to him didn’t offer anything to assist and yet he had all the means to do so to feed him and
19:03to care for him to love him and you’ll know in the short life that we live
19:08you would think that as a race we would have had this figured out that we are all here for such a short
19:15amount of time it’s best if we all start looking out for each
19:20other instead of looking out for ourselves that would ease the suffering here but
19:26we don’t we are always looking out for number one and we get angry with our politicians
19:33when they would dare to make us think about anyone else other than ourself right
19:38so the poor man died that’s lazarus he was carried by
19:43the angels to abraham’s side or abraham’s bosom this was poor a portion
19:49of what’s in the old testament is called cheol the rich man also died and he was buried in hades you can say hell if you
19:56want being in torment he lifted up his eyes and he saw abraham far off and
20:02lazarus at his side yeah this nameless rich man is now in hell
20:08and you’ll know it is described as torment but you’re going to note this a lot of people for whatever reason like
20:14to think that somehow hell is like a place like purgatory or something that having been faced with and experienced
20:22in the actual judgment of god in the fires of hell that one would have
20:27time to think about the bad decisions of their life and that they would amend their ways this man has not amended his
20:34way of thinking at all so he cries out to abraham father abraham have mercy on me send lazarus to
20:41dip the end of his finger in water and to cool my tongue for i am in anguish in this flame
20:46what a jerk he literally is asking abraham to treat lazarus as a servant
20:55you say the word abraham you’re the you’re the you’re the important guy and he’s not that important you say the word
21:00and send that guy to me to to assist me as if abraham would somehow recognize
21:07that this fire and this man who’s in torment in the fires of hell would is
21:12somehow important again wealth
21:18and human importance is a delusion we are all sinners
21:24and the one thing we know about lazarus is despite the suffering that he went through he
21:30had faith in the one true god it’s true
21:35because without faith it’s impossible to please god and lazarus despite his suffering he had faith that’s why he’s
21:41experiencing paradise rather than hell so
21:48abraham responds child remember that in your lifetime you received your good things and lazarus
21:55and like lazarus and like men are bad things but now he is comforted here and you are in anguish besides all of
22:02this between us and you there’s a great chasm that has been fixed in order that those who would pass from here to you
22:07may not be able and none may cross from there to us and then he said
22:13then i beg you father send lazarus to my father’s house
22:18for i have five brothers so that he may warn them lest they also come into this place of torment
22:26he wants a miracle you know lazarus back from the dead you know that would make the headlines don’t
22:31you think that’d be kind of cool but here’s the thing when you read your bible
22:37have you noticed that the bible actually explicitly warns us against the fires of hell
22:42explicitly calls us to repent explicitly preaches to us the good news
22:48that christ has bled and died for our sins and you’re going to know this is not just in the new testament it is
22:54prophesied in the old us all the scriptures are telling us how to avoid that place of torment from
23:02moses to the prophets to the apostles every page of scripture is dripping with
23:08the love and mercy and forgiveness of god for penitent sinners and threatening god’s wrath for those who persistent sin
23:15and unbelief you’d think that god kind of went out of his way to make it so that nobody would
23:20end up in hell but what’s the problem here people
23:26don’t care to read the word of god
23:35that’s the problem so that first commandment thing you will have no other gods
23:41people make money or food or sex or drugs or alcohol or you can turn
23:48anything into a god if you think about it you know you could turn like you know crafting on
23:54pinterest into a god if you wanted to sounds weird but it’s true right
23:59that’s a first commandment issue but also closely associated with that failure to love god and to recognize him
24:05as god also comes that third commandment and remember the sabbath day by keeping it holy
24:12how does luther explain what that commandment means we should fear and love god so that we do not despise preaching in his word
24:20but hold it sacred and gladly hear and learn it
24:25you see the fault is with us we don’t want to hear the word of god too busy
24:31too how can i be expected to go to church i mean don’t you see how good the weather
24:36is i mean we’ve only got two weeks of warm weather here in minnesota you got to get out there and experience it and
24:43enjoy it right drink it to the drags sorry i’ve got to go to you know the car show i’ve got to go you get the idea
24:50right and that’s the problem so this unnamed rich man is
24:56begging i don’t want my brothers to end up here in this place of torment so abraham says listen they have moses and
25:03the prophets let them hear them faith comes by hearing hearing by the
25:10word of christ this is what the scripture says right let they have moses and the prophets let
25:15them hear them he says no father abraham if someone goes to them from the dead they will repent
25:24this guy is you know he’s in the nar apparently you know he believes that in order to do evangelism
25:30you need signs and wonders that’ll clinch it you just send somebody back from the dead and they’ll go we got to
25:36repent right but abraham says listen if they don’t hear moses and the prophets
25:42neither will they be convinced that someone should rise from the dead case in point jesus actually rose from
25:48the dead third day after they crucified him did those who crucify him sit there and go you know i think we may have got
25:54this wrong no they came up with some lame excuse uh
26:00i know the disciples stole the body yeah yeah yeah that’s how it went down that’s the ticket right
26:06they didn’t repent at all faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of christ
26:11abram has a point in fact that’s kind of the point of our old testament text you’ll note that the
26:18punch line in genesis 15 were these words abraham believed yahweh
26:25and god counted it to him as righteousness
26:30you see abram heard the word of god the circumstances in his life where god
26:35promised him children he’s getting old his wife’s gone through menopause he still has no children right uh hello god
26:42uh how long how much longer do you think we’re gonna be here right we’re kind of drying up and he points this out to god and god
26:49takes him outside of his tent says look up in the stars in the sky and he says that you count them if
26:56you’re able these your descendants will be like them and what does it say abram believed god
27:03abram believed the lord and god counted it to him as righteousness and you’re going to note then that in the book of
27:09romans chapter 4 in romans chapter 4 those same words are taken up as comfort
27:16to us as christians because we also have the word of god and we have very specific promises now i am not promised
27:23that my descendants will be as numerous as the stars of heaven however this is where it gets really practical
27:31because i talked about that anxiety that we all have as it relates to how quickly this
27:37life goes and how soon we’re all going to be dead and standing before christ so those words that were it was counted
27:43to him as righteousness they’re written for our comfort as well here’s what romans 4 says so what shall we say then
27:50was gained by abraham our forefather according to the flesh if abraham was justified by his works
27:58then he has something to boast about but not before god and here’s where i need to give a little bit of an explanation
28:05and the explanation is this when you talk about the word justified in the scripture justified oftentimes we hear
28:12it as english speakers and we think about somebody justifying their bad behavior well the reason why i beat up
28:19my brother is because he’s a jerk okay that’s not what we’re talking about here the word justified here is talking kind
28:25of in courtroom language justified here means god has slapped down the gavel
28:31he’s the judge and he’s declared you to be not guilty and this is what you and i need because
28:38examine your life in light of the ten commandments and you realize oh boy
28:45i’m a very gifted commandment breaker
28:51and so are you and each and every one of us we all have the same pride and arrogance and
28:57gluttonous attitude and lack of compassion and love for each other that that rich man had
29:04and we can see that his fate is a warning to us and this is where we must listen if
29:11abraham was justified declared not guilty by god by his works then well he
29:17has something to boast about but not before god but what does the scripture say it says this
29:23abraham believed god and it was credited to him or counted to him as
29:31righteousness now to the one who works his wages are not counted as a gift but as is due and the one who does not work
29:37but believes in him who justifies the ungodly his faith is counted as righteousness listen to those words
29:44again to the one who does not work try to earn a salvation by being good or trying
29:50harder and doing betterish right but instead believes in him who justifies declares righteous the ungodly
29:58his faith is counted as righteousness to put it more succinctly you want to alleviate the anxiety
30:07of having to face christ on the day of judgment it’s real simple confess that you are ungodly
30:15cry out to god for mercy the one who believes
30:21is that god justifies the ungodly by faith they are clothed in the righteousness of
30:28god abraham believed god and was credited to him as righteousness believe the good news of the gospel that christ
30:33died for your sins and this faith the even was given to you as a gift is now credited to you as righteousness
30:41though your sins be as scarlet christ makes them as white as snow though you are as guilty as sin and you are
30:48god declares you to be not guilty for the sake of christ all of this as a free
30:55gift now the anxiety begins to be alleviated and that’s
31:01the point that’s the point and when we consider then our epistle text in this context
31:07then listen to some of the words from our epistle text so we have come to know
31:13and we’ve come to believe the love that god has for us
31:18this is an allusion to the gospel what is the love that god has for us god demonstrates his love for us and that
31:25while we are yet sinners christ dies for our sins you see god
31:31is love that’s his nature that’s what he’s really like whoever abides in love
31:38abides in god and god abides in him and by this then is love perfected in us
31:43so that we may have confidence on the day of judgment we do not need to fear
31:49that we will suffer the same fate as nameless what’s his face the rich guy
31:54because instead we have been baptized into christ our sins have been washed away we have been
32:00forgiven god in his great love and mercy has sent christ to bleed and to die for our sins so that we would never have to
32:07die eternally and be in torment like that nameless rich man all of this because of his
32:14great love for us therefore we have confidence for the day of judgment in
32:20the waters of baptism christ has put his name the name of the holy trinity on
32:25each and every one of us we are not nameless we bear the name of christ
32:31that happened today for bella what a great day for her right so therefore we have confidence on the
32:38day of judgment that just as god had mercy on lazarus and he was comforted and abraham’s side we too when we die we
32:46will be with abraham and lazarus and isaac and jacob and with christ himself
32:53because of this great gift that god has given us in forgiving us of our sins there is no fear then in love
33:01instead perfect love casts out fear you see fear has to do with punishment
33:07and whoever fears has not been perfected in love whoever fears the judgment of god doesn’t understand the gospel
33:14and the love of god for us and is instead trying to placate the wrath of god by their paltry weak and sinful good
33:22works and we love though because christ first loved us
33:28so as a result of this then because we have been forgiven and loved by god we love god and now by the power of the
33:36holy spirit we also love each other where somebody says well i am a christian i believe in jesus and they
33:44treat everyone like garbage excuse me that doesn’t seem to fit
33:51if anyone says i love god and hates his brother he’s a liar they know nothing about god they know
33:57nothing about the love of god and the gospel for he he who does not love his brother whom he has seen
34:04cannot love god whom he has not seen but you don’t understand my brother is such
34:10a jerk yeah sounds like you two are related
34:15right yeah and so this is the commandment then that we have from him whoever loves god
34:22must also love his brother this is a natural consequence of the gospel itself
34:28so brothers and sisters fear of judgment creates anxiety
34:34but christ has bled and died for us and taken away that so that we have confidence on the day of judgment so that we do not need
34:41to fear and all of this because of the great love of christ yeah as it says in our old testament
34:47text abram believed god and was credited to him as righteousness trust the promises of christ for you faith grabs
34:53ahold of these promises and then note then christ credits this also then to you as
35:00righteousness in the name of Jesus amen
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