Sermon Transcript – Truly Jesus is the Son of God

Series A – Ninth Sunday After Pentecost – Sunday, August 10, 2014 | Pr. Chris Rosebrough

Welcome to the Teaching Ministry of Kongsvinger Lutheran Church. Kongsvinger is a beacon for the Gospel of Jesus Christ and is located on the plains of Northwestern Minnesota.
We proclaim Christ and Him crucified for our sins and salvation by grace through faith alone, and now, here’s a message from Pastor Chris Rosebrough:
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0:22The holy Gospel
0:30According to Saint Matthew the 14th chapter verses 22-33
0:36immediately Jesus made the disciples get into the boat and go on ahead of him to the other side while he dismissed the
0:44crowd after he had dismissed them he went up on a Mountainside by himself to pray and when evening came he was there
0:50alone but the boat was already a considerable distance from the land buffeted by the waves because the wind
0:56was against it during the Fourth Watch of the night Jesus went out to them walking on the
1:02lake when the disciples saw him walking on the lake they were terrified it’s a ghost they said and they cried out in
1:10fear but Jesus immediately said to them take courage it’s I
1:15don’t be afraid Lord if it’s you Peter replied tell me to come to you on the water
1:23come he said so then Peter got out of the boat walked on the water and came
1:28toward Jesus but when he saw the wind he was afraid and began to sink and cried
1:33out Lord save me and immediately Jesus reached out his hand and caught him
1:39you of little faith he said why did you doubt and when they climbed into the
1:45boat the wind died down then those who were in The Boat worships Jesus saying
1:51truly you are the Son of God this is the
1:56gospel of the Lord of Christ in the name of Jesus
2:04all right Our Gospel text this morning is one of the most abused passages in all of scripture and I mean that
2:10literally over and again people miss the point and miss the punchline of this text by focusing on Peter and how he got out of
2:17the boat and walked on the water then by some strange method of narcissistic Bible twisting they think that the
2:23application of this text in our lives means that Jesus is calling us out of some metaphorical boat so that we can
2:29walk on some metaphorical water during the metaphorical storms in our lives now I hate to be so blunt but this passage
2:36is not about you foreign now that we got that out on the table I
2:41feel a lot better yeah yeah these are the hard part’s over right
2:47yeah actually this text is about Jesus and Jesus is not calling you out of any boat and he’s not calling you to be a
2:53water Walker now to help me demonstrate this fact let me ask you a few questions that might seem like they’re trick
2:59questions but they’re really not they’re not trick questions okay you ready here we go in the movie Superman who is the
3:05hero is it a Lois Lane or B Superman
3:11Superman right that’s right this wasn’t a trick question okay this wasn’t a trick question now just to see if now if
3:17you kind of get in the rhythm of things here in the Spider-Man movies now I’m talking to the one with Kirsten Dunst
3:22since I don’t know about the remakes I haven’t seen those but um in the Spider-Man movies who is the character
3:29who saves the day is it a May Parker or
3:34B Spider-Man you guys are great students love this you guys get A’s today okay now in this
3:42gospel passage that we just heard read um who saved the disciples from the
3:48storm after walking on the water all the way from the shoreline out to the boat was it a Peter or B Jesus
3:57Jesus right in other words Jesus is the hero of Matthew’s gospel and this
4:03particular text Peter is not okay so let’s kind of get that out on the table so to talk about Peter walking on the
4:10water is to put the well as my old Professor used to say to put the emphasis on the wrong syllable okay yeah
4:17it you’re not getting the point here so to think that because Peter walked on the water that somehow Jesus is calling
4:23you to be a water Walker well that’s actually kind of a narcissistic delusion notice that none of the other disciples
4:30Ever Walked on Water none of them nor were they even asked to do
4:35yeah neither are you that’s right none of the other disciples got out of the boat only Peter okay and none of them
4:41were chastised it’s not like Jesus said when they got to the shore said and John James where were you guys dudes come on
4:48you know you know now get out and start water walking right he didn’t do that right and so the good news is Jesus
4:55isn’t doing that to you either it’s not like Jesus is sitting there you know out on the water saying hello I’m out here
5:00come walk out here with me he’s not doing that trust me okay there are two things however if you take a close look
5:07at this text there are two things in this text that they all the disciples
5:12did which we also are called to do there are two very specific things water
5:17walking ain’t one of them okay so now it’s found these two things they’re found in the very last sentence of our
5:24pericope this morning here’s what it says then those who were in The Boat worshiped Jesus saying truly you are the
5:33son of God now do you even know how explosive and mind-blowing that sentence is you guys
5:41have seen those commercials where that got you know that cellular telephone guys like interviewing little kids in
5:46kindergarten and talking about different things and one of the little girls says something and it goes right right his
5:53mind was blown by what she said it’s so cute right here but here’s the thing when you really understand what’s going
6:00on in this text here you’ve got a boat filled with practicing first century Jews and practicing first century Jews
6:08only worshiped one God and it says that they worshiped Jesus saying truly you
6:16are the son of God if you understand what’s going on here it’s like whoa what was that yeah now remember the
6:25first commandment from The Ten Commandments explicitly States you shall have no other gods before me
6:33right is this not does it sounds like this right okay and you remember when Jesus was tempted in the wilderness back
6:40in Lent um I preached on this the text of Jesus being tempted by the devil in the
6:46wilderness from Matthew chapter 4. let me remind you of one of The Temptations here’s what it says again the devil took
6:52him that’s Jesus to a very high mountain and showed him all the kingdoms of the world and their Splendor all of this I
6:59will give to you he said if you Bow Down and Worship me
7:04remember that Temptation right and Jesus said to him away from me Satan for it is
7:10written Worship the Lord your God and serve him only
7:16Jesus knew full well it would have been a Blasphemous idolatrous sin and a Breaking of the first commandment for
7:23him to worship the serpent in fact Jesus was quoting the book of Deuteronomy there now to kind of give you another
7:29example of just how important this is that we don’t worship the wrong person or being in the Book of Revelation
7:35towards the very end of the book you remember John is kind of seeing all these things he’s been whisked up to
7:41heaven and he’s seeing things that he’s conveying to us all a lot of them shrouded in symbols and in chapter 22 as
7:48we get towards the end of the book of Revelation here’s what John says he says I John am the one who heard and saw
7:55these things and when I had heard and seen them I fell down and worshiped at the feet of the Angel who had been
8:01showing them to me so he’s up in heaven the Angel’s showing him these things and
8:06John’s response is he’s on his face going to worship the angel okay what’s
8:11the angel say don’t do it I am a fellow servant with you and your
8:17brothers the prophets of all who keep the words of this book worship God
8:24right so this Angel knows full well he’s not to receive worship so we’ve got a little bit of a
8:30mind-blowing problem here here this text says Jesus is accepting worship
8:36worship from his Jewish disciples now one thing is clear from this fact
8:41those who think that Jesus is the first century equivalent of a Jewish Eagle Scout whose mission was in life was to
8:48help little old ladies walk across the Sea of Galilee yeah that’s just flat out wrong it’s not going to work here right
8:54Jesus accepted worship from his disciples and this puts him in a category that requires careful attention
9:00by accepting worship Jesus is claiming to be the god of the Jews in human flesh
9:06and here’s the implications he is either the very god of the Old Testament or
9:13he’s a deceiver yeah there’s kind of no two ways about it except for that he is
9:18either the god he’s either God in human flesh or he’s a dangerous crazy cult
9:25leader that’s what we’re talking about here this is the scandal of it think about it I mean would you have a high regard for
9:32any human being that you knew that accepted worship from people yeah no I wouldn’t in fact when they
9:39have news stories of people who accept worship or claim to be Jesus from other people you can just chalk that up to
9:45that person’s occult and the people who are following them are absolutely deluded and I remember recently that in
9:51fact a few years ago um MSNBC did a story about a guy down in
9:57Florida whose name was uh Jesus de Miranda he claimed to be Jesus Christ
10:02and they actually took a film crew in and filmed their worship services and in
10:08their worship service these people were worshiping this guy claiming to be Jesus and and he also
10:14claimed that he was also the Antichrist at the same time which is kind of a weird little mix and so the people in
10:19his little cult they end up getting tattoos of 666 you know on different parts of their body and things like that
10:25and you’re thinking how can people be so deluded well last year about a year ago in fact a year ago on August 9th uh
10:33Jesus Miranda went into the hospital in Sugarland Texas and he did not come out
10:39alive he died and he’s still dead okay that’s how that goes by the way
10:47um so we’re kind of confronted with kind of a similar conundrum here understand this if Jesus isn’t who he claims to be
10:56the one true God in human flesh he is an absolute crazy lunatic deceiver the
11:02likes of Jose Jesus Miranda that’s what we’re saying here and so that’s what’s
11:08going on in this text the disciples are saying truly you are the Son of God and they’re
11:14worshiping Jesus now you may be tempted to say yeah but his disciples were
11:21saying Jesus they weren’t saying that he was God they were only saying that Jesus is the son of God right as if somehow
11:27that makes this a little bit easier right well no actually it doesn’t let me show you how overly familiar that title
11:34Son of God is okay we hear the term Son of God Son of God Son of God and we don’t really consider the implications
11:40of it if you want to follow along I’m going to be in the Gospel of John chapter 5. we’re going to take a look at
11:45this and I want to show you just what it means to claim that Jesus is the son of
11:50God this is one of the more interesting stories of healing in the Bible by the way
11:56um where the person who’s healed doesn’t actually seem to be too thrilled about the healing and I’ll explain that in a
12:02second okay here’s what it says now sometime later
12:07John Jesus went up to Jerusalem for a feast of the Jews now there is in Jerusalem near the Sheep gate a pool
12:13which in Aramaic is called Bethesda which is surrounded by five colored Colonnades here a great number of
12:20disabled persons uh people used to lie the blind the lame the paralyzed one who
12:26was there had been an invalid for 38 years when Jesus saw him lying there and
12:31learned that he had been in this condition for a long time he asked him do you want to get well
12:39sir the invalid replied I have no one to help me into the pool when the water is
12:44stirred while I’m trying to get in someone else goes down ahead of me right now to help you kind of understand
12:51what’s going on here let me do something a little bit interesting I’ll tell a
12:57joke that kind of helps make the point okay let’s let’s pretend for the sake of
13:02argument that there were three atheists sitting at the Starbucks over on Washington and Grand Forks right and
13:07they were discussing how God doesn’t exist and while they were discussing this around you know the table having
13:13coffee Jesus walks up and Jesus touches one of them and he goes oh wow my back
13:19I’ve been healed I feel great and the other one Jesus comes and touches him and he goes wait my lungs have cleared
13:26up my cough is gone and so Jesus goes to touch the last atheist and he says don’t
13:32touch me I’m on welfare okay that’s kind of what’s going on in this
13:39text this man even though he’s been an invalid he knows perfectly well that God
13:44in his Mercy has a lot of very interesting miracle to happen in this pool and that is is that God sends an
13:50angel this is by the days the days before penicillin the days before hospitals and things like that right so
13:56if you got sick or something like that it it oftentimes didn’t go well for you well this guy’s some kind of an invalid
14:02maybe he’s a he’s a paraplegic not a quadriplegic but maybe a paraplegic but either way he’s hung out by this pool
14:09and managed to not put in A Hard Day’s Work for 38 years right he’s got kind of
14:16a good gig going on here right and whenever when God would send an angel and as soon as the waters were stirred
14:22first one in gets healed this is truly what was happening here this is what this text says okay so it’s
14:28funny that Jesus asked this guy do you want to get well Jesus can see
14:34right into the heart of people why because he’s God and so the guy gives this lame excuse well sir I have no one
14:39to help me into the pool when the water is stirred and while I’m trying to get in someone else goes down ahead of me so
14:45Jesus said to him get up pick up your mat and walk now watch this little turn
14:50of events at once the man was cured he picked up his mat and walked the day in which this took place was a Sabbath and
14:56so the Jews said to the man who had been healed it’s the Sabbath it’s the Sabbath the law forbids you to carry your mat
15:02well actually the law doesn’t the Pharisees rules and their Traditions
15:07forbade it but not the Mosaic law but he replied uh the the man who made
15:14me well said to me pick up your mat and walk okay already he’s kind of Shifting blame here but it’s not I’m just doing
15:20what I’m told so they asked him well who is this fellow who told you to pick up your mat and walk and so the man who was
15:25healed well he had no idea who it was for Jesus had Slipped Away into the crowd that was there and later Jesus
15:31found him at the temple and said to him see you are well again now watch this stop sinning or something worse might
15:39happen to you okay it’s weird that Jesus has kind of taken a sharp approach with this guy giving
15:46him a little bit of a warning right so and here’s the guy he didn’t notice watch this he doesn’t go Jesus thank you
15:54for healing me praise be you’re the Son of God that’s not what he does here’s what happens so the man went away and
16:00told the Jews that it was Jesus who made him well he went and ratted on Jesus can you believe that thanks
16:06it’s for nothing right so because Jesus was doing these things on the Sabbath here’s the important part the Jews
16:13persecuted him Jesus said to them my father is always is always at his work to this very day and I too am working
16:19now for this reason the Jews tried all the harder to kill Jesus Not only was he
16:28breaking the Sabbath but he was even calling God his own father making himself equal with God
16:36yeah that’s right that title Son of God it’s a title of deity
16:42when you confess that Jesus Christ is the Son of God and you worship Him you
16:49are doing nothing less than confessing that Jesus is the god of the Old Testament in human flesh and this is
16:55important because when you think about it when man falls into sins tempted by the devil and well disobeys God we are
17:03all dead in Adam’s sin who does God send to rescue and to save us he doesn’t send
17:10some creature Jesus himself steps off the very Throne of heaven and comes down and is born in a barn for you and for me
17:17he goes from the highest of the highest to the lowest of the lows and he does this all for you
17:23what a great God and savior we have right so when we confess that Jesus is the son of God we are confessing that
17:31Jesus is none other than God himself so coming back to our text the Jews of
17:37Jesus’s day rightly understood that Jesus is claim to being the Son of God was tantamount to saying that he was
17:43equal with God and they’re right so when we turn to our little boat story this morning in the Sea of Galilee we can
17:50let’s see if we can figure out what would cause the disciples to worship Jesus and confess that he truly is the
17:56Son of God let’s look a little closer at the story now let’s remember that in last week’s
18:02gospel text Jesus fed 5 000 in the wilderness this is just the men this is not counting the women and children he
18:09fed five thousand men in the wilderness which hearkened back to Israel’s Wilderness wanderings and God feeding
18:15them in the wilderness now if you haven’t already heard last week’s sermon visit and listen to it the sermons are posted there and I think it’s important that you if you haven’t heard it listen to it because this
18:26sermon and last week’s sermon worked together and in fact I made a point last week to point out the fact that the
18:32punch line from today’s text actually works with last week’s text the two work
18:37together so in our text this morning we pay close attention we see that Jesus
18:45is demonstrating Divine sovereignty over nature itself remember our Old Testament
18:53text where God is kind of chastising job where were you when I lay the foundations of the Earth right okay well
18:58kind of the point is is that well no man was there God didn’t need our help to set the heavens and the Earth in order
19:04and to create them okay so Jesus here is demonstrating Divine sovereignty over nature which is kind of a fancy way of
19:11saying that Jesus is doing things with nature that only God can do and he’s doing so in ways that an astute student
19:17of the Old Testament would immediately recognize let me read you another passage from from job this is found in
19:24Job chapter nine I’m going to read verses 1 through 12 and pay attention to how job
19:30confesses God’s sovereignty over nature itself here’s what it says
19:36job answered and he said truly I know that it is so but how can a man be in a right before God if one wish to contend
19:43with him one could not answer him once in a thousand times God is wise in heart and mighty in strength who has hardened
19:50himself against him and succeeded he who removes mountains and they did not and
19:56they did not know it when he overturns them in his anger who shakes the Earth out of its place and its pillars tremble
20:03who commands the son and it does not rise who seals up the stars who alone
20:09stretched out the heavens and here’s the important part listen to this and trampled the waves of the sea I’ll come
20:14back to that but let me keep reading who made the bear and Orion and Pleiades in the chamber of the South who does great
20:21things Beyond searching out and marvelous things Beyond number behold he passes by me and I see him not he moves
20:27on and I do not perceive him behold he snatches away who can turn him back who will say to him what are you doing
20:35yeah now in that verse where it says that God trampled the waves
20:40the translation is a little bit weak and it’s only because English it doesn’t have quite the same equivalent okay the
20:48Hebrew verb there um okay means to tread or to March forth
20:54or to walk upon one of the things that job talks about here is that God Treads upon walks upon
21:02the waves of the sea and remember these Jewish Boys in this boat they’re good
21:08Bible students they’ve been to synagogue all they’re their life they know full well that God in his sovereignty Marches
21:14On treads on the waves of the sea and what did Jesus do that’s exactly what he
21:20did right so this is part of what’s going on in their mind probably knowing their Bible let me show you another
21:26passage Psalms chapter 65 Psalm 65 verses one through eight here’s what it says
21:31praise is due to you o God in Zion and to you shall vows be performed o you who
21:38hear prayer to you shall All Flesh come when iniquities Prevail against me you
21:44atone for our transgressions blessed is the one you choose and bring near to dwell in your courts we shall be
21:51satisfied with the goodness of your house and the Holiness of your temple by awesome Deeds you answer us with
21:58righteousness o God of our Salvation the hope of all the ends of the Earth and of the farthest Seas the one who by his
22:05strength established the mountains being girded with might who Stills The Roaring of the Seas The Roaring of their waves
22:12the tumult of the peoples so that those who dwell at the ends of the Earth are in awe at your signs you make the going
22:18out of the morning and the evening to shout for Joy so here again we have the Psalms proclaiming the Divinity and
22:26sovereignty of God over creation itself even to the point where God is capable
22:31of stilling the Roaring seas and the Roaring of their ways and this is
22:36exactly what Jesus did he was the one who treaded out and walked on the Sea of
22:42Galilee and then when he got into the boat sea became glassy and calm right
22:49so the disciples recognized exactly who it is who got into the boat who else but God could tread on the
22:57waves of the sea or still the Roaring of the seas in the waves no one else but God himself could do such things and
23:03that is precisely who Jesus is and in our text this morning the disciples all raised a strict monotheist Jewish
23:09monotheists who only worshiped one God they worshiped Jesus and they confessed
23:14that he is truly the son of God now you may be tempted
23:20right about now to say that’s it that’s your point you just want me to confess that Jesus
23:27is God or the Son of God well I want to be like Peter and I want to walk on the water
23:33well did you see how that went for Peter yeah he took his eyes off of he took his
23:40eyes off of Christ Peter doubted and he sank he sank into the sea and ended up crying out Lord save me
23:48so let’s be real yeah in that way you and I are a lot
23:53like Peter our faith is weak we have doubts about Jesus and like Peter we
23:58need to be saved but the thing that all of us need to be saved from is the soon to be revealed wrath of God
24:05when the season this current season of God’s mercy and Grace runs out on the day that Jesus returns in glory to judge
24:11both the living and the dead all of us are going to need salvation okay and this is what our epistle text
24:18says this morning let me remind you what is it but what does it say the word is near you it’s in your mouth and in your
24:24heart that is the word of faith the faith in Christ that we Proclaim because if you confess with your mouth that
24:30Jesus is Lord and you believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead you will be
24:35saved for with the heart One Believes and is Justified and with the mouth one confesses and is saved for the scripture
24:42says everyone who believes in him will not be put to shame for there is no distinction between the Jew and the
24:47Greek for the same Lord as Lord of all bestowing his riches on all who call on him for everyone who calls on the name
24:54of the Lord will be saved what comforting words of assurance that our Salvation that our Salvation comes
25:01by grace through faith and it does not depend upon our righteousness our good works or our obedience to the law it’s
25:08all given as a gift call on Jesus the son of God and you will be saved for
25:15truly he is the son of God now let me kind of do this by way of PostScript you ever see one of those
25:22movies where that’s based upon true events right and then at the end of the movies while the credits are rolling you
25:28know it’s the end of the movie then the music is playing the credits are rolling they kind of say they show you what happened to the different people in the
25:35story right you know you’ve seen the movie about uh the Miracle on Ice the
25:401980 hockey team you know U.S Olympic hockey team they do this you know it’s a great story they win against the
25:45Russians the credits start rolling and then they show you where are these people now so let’s do this the credits
25:52are rolling we know it’s all about Jesus right well what happened to Peter what happened to him so let me tell you where
25:58where he went from there it’s kind of a sad story actually so you
26:04remember Peter he went on to deny Jesus three times said he would be willing to
26:11die for Christ he went on to deny Jesus wept bitterly and then Jesus mercifully forgave him
26:18and restored him even though Jesus didn’t need to do that because Peter’s betrayal was ever much as a bit of a
26:24betrayal as Judas was because Jesus himself said If you deny me before men I will deny you before the father
26:30Jesus had every right to basically say to Peter I’m done with you
26:36but he didn’t he forgave him He restored him and he sent him out and
26:42if Peter were here this morning you know who Peter would be telling us about Jesus
26:47that’s who he was obsessed with talking about right Peter and his wife
26:53they were eventually martyred for preaching that Christ was truly the son of God
26:58that’s what happened to him the wicked Emperor Nero had them both crucified
27:04and what’s fascinating is is that one of the church fathers records for us
27:10how that went down yeah he and his wife’s death in it he
27:15never took his eyes the eyes of his faith off of Jesus Nero and his wickedness decided that it
27:23would be quite exquisite if Peter would have to see that his wife
27:28had to be crucified first she went before him the church fathers record that
27:36here’s what it says they say accordingly that when Peter saw his own wife let out
27:41to die he knows that she’s going to be crucified he rejoiced
27:48he rejoiced because of her summons and her return home
27:53and called to her very encouragingly and comfortingly addressing her by name and
28:00said to her remember the Lord remember his kindness
28:10wow who of us could do such a thing right but he had his eyes on Christ
28:17that day the storm of losing his wife blew enraged but Peter did not take his
28:23eyes off of Jesus in fact focused the eyes of his wife even in the face of her death on Jesus
28:30now the next day Peter was led to what was called the circus of Nero now if you
28:35don’t know what a circus was it’s not where they have animals and three rings and lions and elephants and things like
28:41that in the old Roman Empire in that day a circus was a place where they would have chariot races you’ve heard of the
28:47circus Maximus the place where the big fire of Rome started right well
28:52Nero had one erected in his honor it was called the circus of Nero and in the infield in the
28:59center of it is where Peter was crucified now if you’ve ever seen photographs of Saint Peter’s Square in
29:08Rome the prominent feature of that square is that there is a big Egyptian obelisk in the center of the square
29:14you’ve seen it novelist is like that Egyptian thing that looks just like the Washington Monument in in Washington DC
29:20there’s an obelisk there and that Obelisk was present at Peter’s
29:26crucifixion it was in the center of the circus of Nero so
29:32Peter was led to be crucified in the circus of Nero and here’s the funny thing as he
29:39approached the cross in which he was going to die he kind of threw a little bit of a fit he did not consider himself
29:45worthy to die in the same manner as his Lord and he registered his strong
29:50feelings and complaint so the Romans obliged and they decided to solve the problem by crucifying Peter
29:56upside down which ended up resulting in him taking a few days to die and while he was
30:02suffering and Agony on the cross upside down Nero the emperor Nero actually held
30:07chariot races in the circus of Nero and he himself participated so there’s
30:13Peter upside down crucified dying and the emperor Nero
30:19participating in sport while all this is going on gives you an idea of just how sick everything is right
30:26keep this in mind Peter never again took his eyes off of Jesus
30:33and now Peter again sees Jesus face to face
30:39and our text this morning tells us that you will too I will see Jesus you will see Jesus
30:46so like Peter rather than saying we walk on water we’re not Water Walkers instead
30:51we share the same ground with Peter when we cry out Lord save me
30:56save me from my sin save me from the evil that’s within me O
31:02Lord save me and Our Gospel text as well as our epistle text make it clear
31:08all who call on the name of the Lord will be saved
31:15Jesus save us amen
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