Sermon Transcript – Unto YOU is Born a Savior

Series C – Christmas Eve – Thursday, December 24, 2015 | Pr. Chris Rosebrough

Welcome to the Teaching Ministry of Kongsvinger Lutheran Church. Kongsvinger is a beacon for the Gospel of Jesus Christ and is located on the plains of Northwestern Minnesota.
We proclaim Christ and Him crucified for our sins and salvation by grace through faith alone, and now, here’s a message from Pastor Chris Rosebrough:
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0:29the holy Gospel According to Saint Luke
0:30Chapter 2 verses 1 through 20.
0:34and it came to pass in those days that
0:37there were went that there went out a
0:38decree from Caesar Augustus that all the
0:41world should be taxed and this taxing
0:43was first made when cranius was the
0:45governor of Syria it all went to be
0:47taxed everyone into his own City and
0:50Joseph also went up From Galilee out of
0:52the city of Nazareth into Judea unto the
0:55city of David which is called Bethlehem
0:57because he was of the house and the
0:59lineage of David
1:00to be taxed with Mary his espoused wife
1:03being great with child
1:05and so it was that while they were there
1:07the days were accomplished that she
1:09should be delivered and she brought
1:11forth her firstborn son and wrapped him
1:13in swaddling cloths and laid him in a
1:15Manger because there was no room for
1:17them in the end
1:19and there were in the same country
1:20shepherds abiding in the field keeping
1:23wash over their flock by night and lo
1:25the angel of the Lord Came Upon them and
1:28the glory of the Lord Shone around them
1:30and they were sore afraid and the angel
1:33said unto them
1:34fear not for behold I bring you good
1:37tidings of great joy which shall be to
1:40all people
1:42For unto you is Born This Day in the
1:44city of David savior which is Christ the
1:48and this shall be a sign unto you ye
1:51shall find the Babe wrapped in swaddling
1:53cloths lying in a manger and suddenly
1:57there was with the angel a multitude of
1:59the Heavenly Host praising God and
2:00saying glory to God in the highest and
2:04on Earth peace Good Will toward men
2:07and it came to pass as the Angels were
2:09gone away from them into heaven the
2:11shepherd said unto one another let us
2:14now go even unto Bethlehem and see this
2:16thing which has come to pass which the
2:18Lord has made known unto us and they
2:20came with haste and found Mary and
2:23Joseph and the Babe lying in a manger
2:25and when they had seen it they made
2:27known abroad the saying which was told
2:29them concerning this child and all that
2:32heard it wandered at those things which
2:35were told them by the Shepherds but Mary
2:38kept all these things and pondered them
2:40in her heart and the Shepherds returned
2:42glorifying and praising God for all the
2:45things that they had heard and seen as
2:47it was told unto them
2:50in the name of Jesus
2:53give me a second to compose myself
2:56that particular hymn always has a
2:58tendency to wreck me a little bit
3:04our text this evening the traditional
3:07Christmas text taken from Luke chapter
3:10it proves that we’re nothing like God
3:18Our God broke into his creation
3:22to save his fallen and sinful creatures
3:25and precious few were even aware of
3:29God’s presence
3:33this past Sunday we read the text
3:36where Elizabeth
3:39pregnant with John the Baptist
3:41here’s the voice of Mary and the baby
3:43inside of her leaps for joy
3:45she knew
3:47Joseph knew
3:52not many other people did
3:54how can we be so blind
3:58how can our race the race of mankind
4:01which was originally created
4:04in the awesome image of the almighty God
4:08but in our striving to be like God
4:10through the temptation of the devil
4:13we have been so twisted and corrupted
4:15and plunged into great darkness and so
4:19great is that darkness that we can’t
4:20even see the light
4:23even if it were pointed out to us
4:26even when the light is tabernacling
4:28Among Us in human flesh
4:34the mystery of what’s happening in the
4:37is solved and revealed in Philippians
4:40chapter 2 verses 5 through 8 which reads
4:43have this mind among yourselves which is
4:45yours in Christ Jesus who though he was
4:48in the very nature of God
4:50he did not count equality with God a
4:54thing to be grasped
4:56notice here
4:58Christ’s actions are the exact opposite
5:01actions of our first parents Adam and
5:03Eve who when they were tempted by the
5:06devil in the garden the devil basically
5:09said Take and Eat of that fruit and you
5:12will be like God
5:17and Eve pondered inside of her heart and
5:19saw that the fruit was good and that it
5:22would make one wise
5:24and be like God
5:26and so even though she was a creature
5:29she reached out her hand and strove to
5:32be like God
5:33and now God himself is Among Us
5:37and it says he did not consider equality
5:40with God a thing to be grasped instead
5:42he emptied himself
5:44and truly he did
5:46taking the form of a servant being born
5:49in the likeness of men and being found
5:52in human form
5:54God humbled himself
6:02and became obedient
6:06odd obeying
6:09yeah became obedient even to the point
6:12of death
6:14even a death on something as Despicable
6:17as a cross
6:21humbled himself as exactly what the Lord
6:25now although it is true
6:27that Luke by informing us of the
6:30historical context in which Christ was
6:33born he informs us that Mary and Joseph
6:35traveled from Nazareth to Bethlehem in
6:37order to register for a Roman tax
6:40and this is not throw away historical
6:42data instead this is theologically Rich
6:44information note the fact that even
6:46though Mary was carrying the King of
6:49Kings inside of her womb
6:52there was no earthly privilege
6:55that was granted to her because of it
6:58and rather than receive a military
7:00escort in the golden carriage and the
7:03greatest Comforts of the Roman Empire
7:04could Supply her she instead made the
7:06journey from Nazareth to Bethlehem
7:08probably on foot
7:10while she was as this text says great
7:14with child
7:16swollen feet Braxton Hicks and sore back
7:20and all
7:21I remember when my wife was pregnant
7:23with our kids
7:24and every time we would see a pregnant
7:26woman after that we’d think oh that poor
7:32and when she arrives in Bethlehem there
7:34is no royal red carpet
7:36there isn’t a presidential suite at the
7:38Bethlehem Hilton
7:40or even the basic necessities for a
7:42woman who has now gone into full labor
7:45her water has broken and with no wit
7:48Midwife to a sister Mary and Joseph are
7:51going to have to figure all of this out
7:52on their own in a town bursting with
7:54Travelers and to make matters worse
7:56rather than a clean hospital room she’s
7:59going to have to finish her pregnancy in
8:01an animal pen
8:03it doesn’t get any meaner than that
8:09you could almost see them Mary doubled
8:12over with a strong contraction Joseph
8:14laying down his cloak on the straw so
8:16that she can have a place to get off of
8:18her feet
8:20and the smell of animal urine and Cow
8:22Patties but with no time to take it all
8:24in or even to complain
8:27and then another contraction hits and
8:29this one’s stronger than the one before
8:33Mary’s mom is not there to help her
8:35in order to guide her tell her what it
8:38to do next this is her first kid
8:42and she’s probably what 14 15.
8:47this is scary for 20 year old a 30 year
8:50old but can you imagine a teenage girl
8:54Joseph holds her hand she clenches her
8:57teeth she lets out a cry
9:00how many hours was Mary in labor
9:04text doesn’t say
9:06doesn’t say
9:08but finally with the work of Labor
9:09finished scripture says she brought
9:13forth her firstborn son
9:18she finally heard his first cry
9:22Jesus had to be cleaned up as all
9:25infants do
9:26and there he was the son of David the
9:29king of kings the Lord of lords crying
9:31as his lungs took in air for the first
9:34time and then his parents counted ten
9:37tiny little fingers ten tiny little toes
9:40just to make sure everything was all
9:43make sure the baby was healthy
9:46they didn’t have apgar tests back then
9:49yes I grew up in a medical family
9:53so Mary wrapped him in swaddling clothes
9:57she laid him in a Manger
10:01I’m old Troth
10:05but she probably didn’t do that before
10:07she tried to nurse him for the first
10:10time and maybe even tried to sing a
10:13Judean lullaby to him
10:16Mary and Joseph had a lot ahead of them
10:19nighttime feedings
10:21poopy diapers potty training
10:25learning how to speak to walk to read to
10:29all the things that we face as parents
10:31as we care for the children that God has
10:33sent to us they face that too as they
10:37raised God incarnate
10:40who has come to save us
10:44and that’s kind of the thing
10:47if you were to see this family back then
10:52they looked just like any family of the
10:59they weren’t rich
11:00they didn’t wear good clothes they were
11:02poor mean
11:06if we’d seen them walking down the
11:08street would there have been anything
11:11to point out
11:12that that baby of hers was the god who
11:16spoke the universe into existence
11:18how could we miss it
11:21how could we not know
11:24Mary and Joseph
11:26would have to begin this task of
11:28parenting while on the Run being
11:30fugitives hiding from Herod in Egypt
11:34making it even tougher I mean you think
11:36it’s tough you know moving to a new town
11:39where you don’t know anybody
11:41why don’t you try a different country
11:46and when they finally were able to
11:48return to Israel
11:49they would return to one of the poorest
11:51of the poor villages in all of Israel
11:54they would end up having to work hard by
11:56the sweat of their brow to put food on
11:59the table clothes on their backs without
12:02the help of a welfare state but with the
12:04added burden of having to pay Roman
12:06taxes on top of all that they had to do
12:11and if the angels and the written word
12:13of God had not revealed the amazing good
12:15news of what God was doing for us we
12:18just like the people of Bethlehem that
12:20first Christmas night would be
12:23completely oblivious to what was going
12:27and we know it
12:33but you see
12:34the good news the gospel was preached
12:37that first Christmas night
12:39and there were in the same country the
12:41text says shepherds abiding in the field
12:43keeping watch over their flock by night
12:46and lo the angel of the Lord Came Upon
12:49them and the glory of the Lord Shone
12:51around them and they were sore afraid
12:56and the angel said unto them
12:59fear not
13:02you see
13:04when Adam and Eve sinned in the garden
13:07God posted Angels around the tree of
13:11life with flaming swords
13:16what terrible Duty that had to have been
13:18for them
13:20absolutely awful
13:22Humanity made in the image of God now
13:25barred from the Tree of Life to protect
13:27themselves from themselves let’s say
13:29live forever as The Walking Dead
13:33and now
13:34they have good news to announce
13:38fear not for behold I bring you good
13:42tidings of great joy
13:45which shall be to all people
13:50and do you hear that
13:53that’s you that’s me
13:57when the Angels gave this report to the
14:01the shepherd’s job was to get this
14:04report out
14:05to let everybody know everywhere all
14:09people including the people here in this
14:12church this night
14:14two thousand years later
14:16good news of great joy for all people
14:19for unto you is Born This Day
14:23in the city of David
14:25a savior which is Christ the lord
14:29a savior
14:33the fact that we didn’t even know God
14:34was Among Us
14:35shows we need a savior
14:38how can we be so blind so bent in on
14:41ourselves so upside down so evil so
14:44Twisted that God himself is born and yet
14:51none of us
14:53no one knew
14:55the Shepherds wouldn’t have known if the
14:57Angels hadn’t said so
14:59and so they show up
15:01and here this will be a sign unto you
15:04you shall find the Babe wrapped in
15:06swaddling cloths
15:08and lying in a Manger
15:11sign is that
15:14head into Bethlehem
15:17find the poorest child you can find
15:21a newborn babe
15:23in a place you would never expect to see
15:27in an animal feeding trough this is the
15:29sign for you lying in a manger and then
15:32suddenly there was with the angel a
15:33multitude of the Heavenly Host praising
15:35God and saying glory to God in the
15:38highest and on Earth peace Good Will
15:41toward men
15:44and see that’s what the prophecy about
15:46Christ was
15:49Prince of Peace
15:52is it come to swing his sword is it come
15:55to cast us all into hell as we deserve
15:57he’s come instead to bleed and to die
16:00for us
16:02and it came to pass as the Angels were
16:04gone away from them into heaven the
16:06Shepherds said to one another let us go
16:08even now unto Bethlehem and see this
16:10thing which has come to pass which the
16:12Lord they knew this was a message from
16:14the Lord that the Lord has made known to
16:16us and they came with haste and found
16:18Mary and Joseph in the Babe lying
16:22in a Manger
16:25and when they had seen it they made
16:27known abroad the saying which was told
16:29to them concerning this child
16:32and the report reaches us this night
16:35good news great joy unto you is born a
16:42and Mary kept all these things and
16:43pondered them in her heart and then the
16:45Shepherds returned glorifying and
16:47praising God for all of the things that
16:49they had heard and seen as it was told
16:52unto them
16:55see God chose to reveal what he was
16:57doing not to Kings not to Governors not
17:00to the wealthy not to the celebrities
17:01not to The Beautiful People
17:04the announcement was made
17:06well it wasn’t made in the palace
17:09or in the Senate or even in a building
17:11made by human hands the announcement was
17:14made to poor
17:16hard-working Shepherds whom the world
17:18considers insignificant
17:21shepherds in the medieval period worked
17:24so hard this is such a difficult task
17:27that when they would die
17:30they would have a tuft
17:32of of sheepskin put into their hand to
17:36be buried with it
17:38so that when they stood before God and
17:41said how come you weren’t able to go to
17:43church all they would have to do is show
17:45this and say I was a shepherd
17:48that’s how hard their job was sheep are
17:51dumb animals very difficult to work with
17:53prone to wander off they have just about
17:56every natural enemy that you can
17:58possibly imagine and are completely
17:59oblivious to it
18:01we’re a lot like them
18:04so the announcement wasn’t made in a
18:06palace it was made to these hard-working
18:10whom the world well considers
18:14you’ll know Shepherds don’t dwell in
18:18but out in the open field
18:20subject to all the elements when it’s
18:22hot it’s they’re hot when it’s raining
18:24they’re wet
18:26when it’s cold they’re shivering
18:30just be glad they didn’t have to do it
18:31in North Dakota
18:35it is these Whom The Gospel comes to it
18:40is these humble and lowly
18:43these are the ones who are ready to hear
18:45the good news of the savior
18:47those who’ve languished under the curse
18:52those who are proud
18:54and worship fame money Fortune power
18:58they’re far too self-reliant and too
19:00self-focused to even imagine that they
19:03would need a savior
19:05and so it is nothing has changed even
19:08today the powerful The Purpose Driven
19:10and those seeking to win and live their
19:13lives victoriously so that they can be
19:15affluent influential powerful and
19:18Wealthy prosperous and perpetually
19:20healthy they have no need of a baby born
19:23in a barn born in a mean poverty Born to
19:26Be mercilessly slaughtered on a Roman
19:34but we do
19:39we do
19:42and the sad thing is is that even
19:45the wealthy need this
19:50but they’re far too busy
19:52far too bent on themselves
19:54to pay attention
19:56to such a sign
19:58as a baby lying in a Manger
20:02the king of kings and Lord of lords
20:06Luther commenting on this text says this
20:09the right and gracious faith
20:12which God’s word and work demands is
20:15that you firmly believe that Christ is
20:20born for you
20:23and that this birth is yours and
20:27occurred for your benefit
20:31sign that the shepherd saw and now
20:34shared through this text is a sign given
20:38for you
20:41it’s humble it’s mean there’s nothing
20:44striking or glitzy about it you’ll
20:47notice the complete absence of twinkling
20:50of carolers
20:53even the angels were not on the scene
20:55they got to announce it and then
21:00Mary and Joseph didn’t see the angels
21:02and didn’t even hear the song
21:05and they wouldn’t have had much time to
21:07enjoy it anyway
21:09Herod would soon be on their Trail
21:12trying to kill the baby
21:16so all of this has happened to benefit
21:18you the gospel teaches that Christ was
21:20born because of us and that he died and
21:26he did all of this everything because of
21:28us as the angel said for I Proclaim to
21:31you great joy that will be for all
21:32people for unto you is Born This Day in
21:35the city of David the Savior who is
21:37Christ the lord
21:39in these words
21:41you clearly see he is born
21:45for us
21:51so again
21:53we hear the words
21:55of the sermon hymn we just sang
21:57What Child Is This who laid to rest
22:01on Mary’s lap is sleeping
22:03whom Angels greet
22:06with Anthem sweet well Shepherds watch
22:08are keeping this this is Christ the King
22:12whom Shepherds guard and Angels Sing
22:16haste haste to bring him Lord
22:19the babe the son of Mary
22:21why lie is he in such mean estate where
22:24oxen donkeys are feeding good Christians
22:27fear for Sinners here the silent word is
22:31and here’s the important part
22:36Spears shall pierce him through
22:39the cross he bore for me for you hail
22:43hail the world word made flesh
22:46the babe the son of Mary
22:49see that’s why he’s here
22:52the manger will give way to the cross
22:57the Shepherds will give way to the Roman
23:02who will eventually take this young baby
23:05who’s grown into a man
23:08and they will spit on him
23:11they will beat him
23:15they will Scourge him
23:18and in the process take out of his back
23:20all kinds of Flesh and Blood and then
23:23they will nail him to a cross
23:26because if there was any one human being
23:29who was truly born with a purpose it was
23:34he came to seek and to save the lost to
23:37redeem Those whom the devil had forced
23:41into bondage sin and slavery and death
23:45to free us and to redeem us
23:48and to set us free
23:51he became obedient
23:53and took all of this so that we can go
23:58so the sign is there for you today this
24:01evening The Babe wrapped in swaddling
24:04clothes lying in the manger
24:09hail the word made flesh
24:13the babe the son of Mary
24:15so bring him incense gold myrrh
24:19offer yourselves as living sacrifices
24:23in light of this good news
24:25come peasant King to own him the King of
24:27Kings salvation brings let loving hearts
24:29enthron him raise raise a song on high
24:32the Virgin sings her lullaby joy joy for
24:36Christ is born
24:38the babe
24:39the son of Mary
24:42in the name of Jesus
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