Sermon Transcript – Unto You is Born a Savior

Series A – Second Wednesday in Advent – Thursday, December 8, 2022 | Pr. Chris Rosebrough

Welcome to the Teaching Ministry of Kongsvinger Lutheran Church. Kongsvinger is a beacon for the Gospel of Jesus Christ and is located on the plains of Northwestern Minnesota.
We proclaim Christ and Him crucified for our sins and salvation by grace through faith alone, and now, here’s a message from Pastor Chris Rosebrough:
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0:27The holy Gospel
0:29According to Saint Luke the first
0:32now the birth of Jesus Christ took place
0:35in this way when his mother Mary had
0:37been betrothed to Joseph before they
0:39came together she was found to be with
0:41child from the Holy Spirit and her
0:44husband Joseph being a just man and
0:46unwilling to put her to shame resolved
0:48to divorce her quietly but as he
0:51considered these things behold an angel
0:53of the Lord appeared to him in a dream
0:55saying Joseph son of David do not fear
0:58to take Mary as your wife for that which
1:00is conceived in her is from the Holy
1:03Spirit she will bear a son and you shall
1:06call his name Jesus for he will save his
1:09people from their sins all this took
1:12place to fulfill what the Lord had
1:13spoken by the prophet behold the Virgin
1:16shall conceive and bear a son and they
1:19shall call his name Emmanuel which means
1:22god with us when Joseph woke from sleep
1:25he did as the angel of the Lord
1:27commanded him he took his wife but knew
1:30her not until she had given birth to a
1:33son and he called his name Jesus in the
1:36name of Jesus
1:40interesting how things work out over
1:43time I remember when I was in high
1:45school I really was a fan of Apple
1:51I knew something about computers because
1:53when I was in high school I taught
1:55myself how to program computers in in
1:58two different languages and my parents
2:00always thought it was really kind of
2:02interesting that I had taken a liking to
2:04Computing and they I always found ways
2:06of making my own applications when I was
2:08a kid in order to enjoy my type of humor
2:11which we won’t get into because usually
2:13it involves flatulence but all of that
2:15being said when the Macintosh came out
2:19I realized that it was groundbreaking
2:20and that it was going to change
2:22Computing completely because my mom had
2:25one of those old compacts all right you
2:27remember compact computers with the
2:30Amber screen with that with the Dos
2:32prompts and and learning how to actually
2:36use a compact computer with an Amber
2:38screen for the purpose of typing a paper
2:41was just an arduous thing you had to
2:45know all of these different keywords
2:46that you had to type in at just the
2:48right time in order to do it certain
2:49things it was not simple it was not
2:52straightforward and when I saw the
2:54Macintosh come out I decided it was time
2:57to save up money in order to get myself
3:00one so between high school and my first
3:03year of college I worked two jobs and I
3:06really like burnt myself out doing it
3:08during the day I worked at a restaurant
3:10called Islands Restaurant in Pasadena
3:13California as a as a busboy and and a
3:16host and then at night you know in the
3:18middle we hours of the night I threw the
3:20Los Angeles Times you know didn’t do it
3:23on a bicycle did it in my car and so I
3:26would basically you know it was just one
3:28of these crazy things I would throw the
3:30paper go home go to sleep wake up go to
3:33work and then crash again so that I can
3:35go and at the end of the summer I saved
3:38up enough money to get my first
3:43512k e which means that it could read
3:47double-sided floppy disks right and it
3:49was and it was just amazing now here’s
3:52the issue
3:53my dad
3:55took a look at my Macintosh computer and
3:58said why are you buying a toy
4:01why are you buying Apple isn’t going to
4:03be around as a company you know for more
4:06than two or three more years I mean this
4:08isn’t a real computer this is a game
4:10this is this is something that has like
4:12if you’re really going to get a computer
4:14you need to get a computer that can be
4:16used in business that can be used for
4:17writing term papers and stuff like this
4:19and he was surprised it actually made it
4:22through the university rather well using
4:24my Macintosh 512 k e right and and well
4:30you’ll note that at the time he really
4:32thought that Apple wasn’t going to make
4:34it and I kept telling him Apple’s going
4:37to do just fine they’re going to be a
4:38great computer company they’re going to
4:39be here for a long time not possible not
4:42possible not possible somewhere after
4:45the iPhone came out and Apple stocks
4:47went through the roof my dad actually
4:49said to me I wish I had listened to you
4:51and bought Apple stocks back then had I
4:53done that I’d have millions of dollars
4:55in the bank
4:57you know and so you sit there and go
4:59right now what does this have to do with
5:02our text
5:03in Our Gospel text tonight we have
5:07for all intents and purposes thinking
5:09exactly rationally the way you should
5:11because we understand a thing or two
5:15about human conception we generally know
5:18that when it takes when it comes to
5:20human conception it takes two to tango
5:23and Joseph is absolutely thinking
5:26correctly here okay Mary has a lover
5:31this is a fellow that she probably cares
5:33deeply about they’ve obviously gone
5:36beyond what they’re supposed to do
5:37biblically that’ll be between her and
5:40him and God and he’s decided that he’s
5:43not going to make a spectacle of it he’s
5:45going to bow out and so that she can be
5:48with the man who got her pregnant
5:52it makes perfect sense
5:56except for in this particular case
5:59what Mary told Joseph
6:02was not a lie
6:05we know from the Gospel of Luke that the
6:08angel Gabriel had appeared to Mary
6:11and the angel Gabriel will hear his
6:13message in a couple weeks the angel
6:15Gabriel made it very clear that Mary was
6:18going to conceive and bear a son and
6:20this despite the fact that she had not
6:22been with a man
6:23and so when she first got pregnant in
6:27the very early months she spent that
6:29time with her with Elizabeth the mother
6:32of John the Baptist but by the time she
6:35comes back to
6:37um to Nazareth she’s already got a baby
6:41it’s already obvious that she’s pregnant
6:43and in a small town like this people are
6:45asking questions and the number one
6:48person asking questions Joseph
6:50it doesn’t give us the details
6:52we don’t know how the conversation
6:55exactly went we don’t know the exact
6:59words but it is not too far off the mark
7:03to basically note that she was
7:09and she said the truth
7:12that she was pregnant by the Holy Spirit
7:16and you can hear all the way across 2
7:21000 years of human history you can hear
7:23the eyes rolling to this day
7:29she’s saying that she’s pregnant but
7:32that she’s still a virgin she hasn’t
7:34touched any any man and this is all the
7:38doing of God
7:40right uh-huh
7:44and the thing is is that who of us could
7:47fault anyone
7:50especially Joseph for doubting her
7:53we’ve all heard people give Tall Tales
7:56we’ve all heard the wing nut whacker
7:58Doodles tell the strange stories you
8:01know that one moment they were in a car
8:04in Australia and then God teleported in
8:07the Nova Scotia they led a Revival five
8:10people came in to the Lord and then
8:12wished they were vanished off back to
8:14Australia we’ve all heard stories like
8:16this right this is the kind of stuff
8:18that bounds within the charismatic
8:21no evidence for it whatsoever and the
8:24reality is this
8:25Mary had no evidence
8:29all she had was the word given to her
8:32from God by the angel Gabriel
8:39doesn’t seem like much Moses at least
8:41had a staff
8:43and the ability to turn water into blood
8:46Mary had no signs none
8:49it was God who was going to have to
8:51vindicate her
8:52and it was God who’s going to have to do
8:54something here because according to the
8:56Torah what should be taking place at
8:58this point is Mary taking being taken
9:01out outside the village and stone to
9:04they got to ascertain who the father is
9:06so that he can join her in the afterlife
9:09that’s what’s supposed to happen here
9:12but God despite the fact that Mary had
9:15no defense she had no proof no evidence
9:18God comes to her Aid because what is at
9:22going on here is so huge it seems like
9:25such a small beginning it seems like
9:28such a false start if you think of it
9:30this is not the way the story of the
9:32birth of the savior is to begin and not
9:35in Triumph but in doubt
9:37do you believe this or not
9:40and so our gospel text tells us Joseph
9:43considered these things and God stepped
9:46in we don’t know the name of the Angel
9:48who came was it Jesus the angel of the
9:51Lord himself the son of God
9:54or was it Gabriel
9:56the text doesn’t say
9:58but Joseph was given a very direct
10:01very direct
10:04set of instructions Joseph son of David
10:10those words in and of themselves almost
10:14preach a whole sermon God knew exactly
10:16who Joseph was
10:18he knew exactly who he was and now the
10:22Old Testament is starting to crackle
10:24again because here yet again another
10:27Joseph is having dreams
10:30oh something’s going on something’s big
10:33this is a lot more than meets the eye
10:35right Joseph son of David do not fear to
10:38take Mary as your wife for that which is
10:41conceived in her is from the Holy Spirit
10:45she will bear a son
10:47and you shall call his name
10:50and I believe that Joseph would have
10:52heard this Angel speaking to him in
10:55you shall call his name Yeshua
10:59Yahweh saves for he will save his people
11:03from their sins and Matthew notes then
11:06that as outrageous as it’s like
11:09unbelievable Unthinkable as this whole
11:12story is this is exactly what was
11:15foretold by the prophet Isaiah all this
11:18took place to fulfill the word of God
11:20that he had spoken by the prophet Isaiah
11:23behold the Virgin shall conceive and
11:25bear a son and you shall call his name
11:28Emmanuel God With Us
11:32and in the midst of all of this it seems
11:34like again like I said such a false
11:36start like a humble beginning who could
11:39potent who could see the potential of
11:41what is going on here and the reality is
11:43is that the only person who really knew
11:46what was really going on and what was
11:48going to be achieved was God himself and
11:51the Very fact that he was going to send
11:53us a savior in Jesus’s name itself
11:56Yeshua Yahweh saves is a huge aspect of
12:00who Christ is it is practically his
12:04identity because this is exactly what
12:06he’s come to do it’s at this point that
12:09I think it’d be a good idea to fast
12:11forward because like I’ve pointed out
12:13you know me talking about Apple computer
12:15in 2022 as being a successful
12:19Corporation you know back in the 80s
12:22that was not a foregone conclusion
12:27but we can look back now in the history
12:30of the church and see the Fulfillment of
12:34these words spoken by this Angel of the
12:36Lord in Acts chapter 3 we have the
12:39account of Peter and John going into the
12:42temple Jesus has been crucified for our
12:45sins so that we can be saved he’s bodily
12:48risen from the grave these men touched
12:51Jesus’s hands and his feet that child
12:54that zygote That Grew into a fetus and
12:57grew into an infant and was born and
13:00then became a toddler and then a grade
13:03school-aged child and then into his
13:05teenage years and then to a man he went
13:08all the way obedient to God to death on
13:12a cross so that we can be saved and
13:14these men Peter and John there were
13:15Witnesses of it they touched his hands
13:17after he was risen from the dead and
13:19they watched him Ascend up into heaven
13:22and be told that he was going to come
13:24back in the same way
13:29and now filled with the Holy Spirit they
13:32are going to go and let the world know
13:34that they have a savior in Jesus Christ
13:39and so Peter and John were going up into
13:41the temple at The Hour of Prayer the
13:43ninth hour the three three in the
13:46afternoon hour Christ this is when he
13:49died on the cross a man who was lame
13:51from birth was being carried whom they
13:53laid daily at the Gate of the Temple
13:55which also proves that Jesus didn’t heal
13:57everybody that he saw
13:59right how many times did Jesus walk by
14:02this fellow if he was laid daily at the
14:04Gate of the temple that means Jesus
14:05walked in walked out walked in walked
14:09out never healed this guy he but he had
14:11no intention of leaving him like that so
14:13he there he was and they laid him daily
14:15at the Gate of the temple that is called
14:16the beautiful gate to ask for alms of
14:19those entering the temple and then
14:20seeing Peter and John about to go into
14:22the temple he asked to receive alms
14:26Peter directed his gaze at him as did
14:29John and said look at us
14:31and he fixed his attention on them
14:33expecting to receive something from them
14:35Peter said I have no silver and gold but
14:38what I do have I give you in the name of
14:41Jesus Christ of Nazareth ah his birth
14:45city is named in his name to not
14:47distinguish him from all other yeshuas
14:49rise up and walk
14:52and he took him by the right hand and
14:54raised him up and immediately his feet
14:56and ankles remained strong and leaping
14:59up he stood and began to walk and
15:01entered the temple with them
15:03walking and leaping and praising God and
15:07all the people saw him walking and
15:08praising God and they recognized him as
15:10the one who sat at the beautiful gate of
15:12the temple asking for alms and they were
15:14all filled with wonder and amazement and
15:16what had happened to him
15:18and while he clung to Peter and John all
15:20the people utterly astounded ran
15:22together to them in the Portico called
15:25Solomons and when Peter saw it he
15:27addressed the people men of Israel why
15:29do you wonder at this why do you stare
15:33at us as though by our own power or
15:36piety we have made him walk now I would
15:39note here that’s a pretty big deal
15:42seeing an actual lame person that
15:44everybody knows is incapable of Mobility
15:46who is a genuine who has to
15:49spend his years asking people begging
15:52for alms in order to put bread on his
15:54own table now he’s walking and leaping
15:56and praising God and the people are
15:57astounded and Peter is actually kind of
15:59saying what is going on here chill would
16:02you this is it’s not like I did this no
16:06and then he says this the god of Abraham
16:09the god of Isaac
16:11the god of Jacob the god of our fathers
16:13he has glorified his servant Yeshua whom
16:17you delivered over and denied in the
16:20presence of pilate when he had decided
16:22to release him but you denied the holy
16:24and the righteous one you asked for a
16:26murderer to be granted to you and you
16:28killed the author of life I would note
16:31this is not a very secret friendly
16:33message this is a little bit on the
16:35negative side you’re accusing us of
16:37murder and he’s right
16:39and you’ll note we justly deserve to be
16:41in that crowd as well it was our sin
16:43your sin my sin to put Christ on the
16:45cross and so Peter getting straight to
16:47the point you killed the author of life
16:50but God raised him from the dead and to
16:52this we Are Witnesses and his name
16:55Yeshua by faith in his name Yahweh saves
17:00he has made this man strong whom you see
17:04and know and the faith that is through
17:07Jesus has given this man this perfect
17:10health in the presence of you all
17:12and now Brothers I know that you acted
17:15in ignorance as did also your rulers but
17:18what God foretold by the mouth of all
17:20the prophets and his Christ that he
17:22would suffer and thus he fulfilled so
17:24repent repent therefore turn back from
17:28your sins so that they may be blotted
17:30so the times of refreshing may come from
17:33the presence of God and that he may send
17:36the Christ appointed for you
17:38Yeshua Jesus whom Heaven Must receive
17:42until the time for restoring all things
17:43about which God spoke by the mouth of
17:46his holy prophets long ago Moses said
17:48the Lord God will raise up for you a
17:50prophet like me from your brothers and
17:52you shall listen to him in whatever he
17:53tells you and it shall be that every
17:56soul who does not listen to that Prophet
17:58shall be destroyed from the people and
18:00all the prophets who have spoken from
18:02Samuel to to those who came after him
18:04also proclaimed these days you are the
18:07sons of the prophets and of the Covenant
18:09that God made with your father saying to
18:11Abraham and in your Offspring shall all
18:13the families of the earth be blessed God
18:16having raised up his servant sent him to
18:18you first to bless you by turning every
18:22one of you from your wickedness
18:24now if as you know
18:28in the book of Acts when Peter does
18:30things like this you know has the
18:32audacity to use and invoke Jesus’s name
18:35and then somebody is healed and then he
18:38preaches a big sermon and causes a
18:40little bit of a Ruckus you’ll note that
18:42the chief priests and the captain of the
18:44guard and the people of the temple the
18:45Sadducees they get really upset they are
18:49they’re not keen on this they’re trying
18:51to figure out how to get Twitter to
18:53cancel him you know to to delete his
18:55tweets and to get this guy silenced all
18:57together so they were speaking then to
19:00the people the priests and the captain
19:01of the temple and the Sadducees Came
19:02Upon them they were greatly annoyed
19:05because they were teaching the people
19:07and proclaiming and here it is again in
19:10Jesus the resurrection of the dead in
19:13his name these things
19:16oh that name is kind of a big deal right
19:19so they arrested them put them in
19:21custody until the next day
19:23and was already evening but many of
19:25those who had heard the word they
19:27believed and the number of the men came
19:29to about 5 000.
19:31on the next day their rulers and elders
19:34and scribes gathered together in
19:35Jerusalem with anus the high priest
19:37Caiaphas and John and Alexander and all
19:39who were of the high Priestly family and
19:42when they had set them in the midst
19:43right in the middle of them all they
19:45inquired by what power
19:48by what name did you do this
19:53well you know the name that the angel
19:55gave to Jesus right
20:00so Peter filled with the Holy Spirit
20:01said to them rulers of the people Elders
20:04if we’re being examined today concerning
20:06a good deed done to a crippled Man by
20:09what means this man has been healed well
20:11then it be known to all of you and to
20:13all the people of Israel that by the
20:16name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth
20:19man there’s a lot and a name here right
20:22by the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth
20:25whom you crucified whom God raised from
20:28the dead by him this man is standing
20:30before you well
20:31this Jesus is the stone that was
20:33rejected by you the builders which has
20:36become the Cornerstone
20:38and there is salvation in no one else
20:42for there is no other name under Heaven
20:44given among men
20:46by which we must
20:48be saved
20:54and when I saw the boldness of Peter and
20:57they perceived that they were uneducated
20:58common men they were astonished they
21:01recognized that they had been with Jesus
21:04but seeing the man
21:06they but seeing the man who was healed
21:09standing beside them
21:10they had nothing to say in opposition
21:13but they commanded them to leave the
21:16council they conferred with one another
21:17saying what shall we do with these men
21:19that it’s a notable sign that has been
21:22performed through them it’s evident to
21:23all the inhabitants of Jerusalem we
21:25cannot deny it but in order that it may
21:27spread no further we’ve got to put this
21:30down we can’t go any farther than this
21:33let us warn them to speak no more to
21:38in this
21:44have you ever considered how prominent
21:47that name is
21:49it’s not a throwaway line in Our Gospel
21:53we fast forward
21:55past the birth of Christ past his death
21:58past his resurrection
22:00and we can see here now that what
22:03started off so rough so bumpy God knew
22:07exactly what he was doing
22:09and he reiterated the fact that he will
22:15be the one who saves his people from
22:19their sins
22:22Joseph son of David
22:25do not fear to take Mary as your wife
22:28that which is conceived in her is from
22:30the Holy Spirit
22:32she will bear a son and she did
22:34you shall call his name Yeshua and he
22:36did and he for he will save his people
22:39from their sins and you know what it’s
22:42exactly what he’s doing today
22:44we are here today because at the name of
22:48Jesus every knee shall bow and every
22:50tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord
22:52to the glory of God the Father we are
22:55gathered here tonight we are reading the
22:58scriptures together and meditating on
23:00his word tonight because it’s by this
23:03man’s name
23:04that we have been declared righteous
23:08we who were born and conceived in sin we
23:12who have got everything backwards upside
23:14down and inside out we are so steeped in
23:18evil that we call evil good
23:22and worse we call good evil
23:25we consider true men of God
23:29to be dangerous while we consider wolves
23:32to be harmless
23:36we are inherently idolatrous we are
23:40sinfully rebellious
23:42we are steeped in sin and in under the
23:45bonds and the Dominion of darkness and
23:48we cannot free ourselves
23:51but unto us is born a savior
23:55his name is Yeshua and his is the name
23:59by which you and I and all who desire to
24:03be saved will be saved
24:05he has come to save us and all of this
24:08was to fulfill the word of God because
24:09God’s word cannot be broken
24:12so let us heed the words of the Apostle
24:15Peter that we repent of our wickedness
24:18cut off our sins so that times of
24:20refreshing may come because Jesus has
24:23died for us he’s risen from the grave
24:25and ascended he’s coming again and the
24:28Virgin did Bear a son and he truly is
24:32and we have been saved and by him saving
24:36us we are now his people
24:39in the name of Jesus Amen
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