Sermon Transcript – Wait… What?! What Does it All Mean?

Series B – Easter Sunday – Sunday, April 4, 2021 | Pr. Chris Rosebrough

Welcome to the Teaching Ministry of Kongsvinger Lutheran Church. Kongsvinger is a beacon for the Gospel of Jesus Christ and is located on the plains of Northwestern Minnesota.
We proclaim Christ and Him crucified for our sins and salvation by grace through faith alone, and now, here’s a message from Pastor Chris Rosebrough:
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0:23The holy gospel according to saint mark
0:31the 16th chapter glory to you oh lord when the sabbath was passed
0:40mary magdalene and mary the mother of james and salome bought spices and so so that they might go and anoint
0:47Jesus and that and very early on the first day of the week when the sun had risen
0:52they went to the tomb and they were saying to one another who will roll away the stone for us from
0:58the entrance of the tomb and looking up they saw that the stone had been rolled back
1:04it was very large and entering the tomb they saw a young man sitting on the right side
1:09dressed in a white robe and they were alarmed and he said to them do not be alarmed
1:14you seek Jesus of nazareth who was crucified he is risen he is not here see the place
1:20where they laid him but go and tell his disciples and peter that he is going before you to galilee
1:26there you will see him just as he told you and they went out and fled from the tomb
1:31for trembling and astonishment had seized them and they said nothing to anyone for they were afraid this is the gospel
1:38of the lord alleluia Christ is risen
1:45amen all right what do you guys make of this gospel text what a weird place to end off you got women leaving
1:52fleeing the tomb in fear what an unsatisfactory ending that is right so we’ll have to
2:00take a look at what’s going on in this gospel text see if we can make any sense of it at all in fact in order
2:06to make some sense of it let’s do this let’s do a little bit of a review in the season of epiphany we all watched
2:13and listened as Jesus set his face like flint to go to jerusalem to go to the cross in lent we heard
2:21Jesus’s plan and i love it when a plan comes together those of you who are here on good friday know what i’m talking
2:27about Jesus’s plan was this he was going to be arrested handed over to the gentiles beaten
2:33flogged crucified die and then rise from the dead
2:39and then we heard peter rebuke Jesus to his face for even daring to say such words
2:48and then on good friday we watched as Jesus’s plan unfolded exactly as he
2:56had planned it on friday pilate presented Jesus to the
3:01cancel culture with a face full of blood clothed in a robe of purple
3:06wearing a crown of thorns and everything went according to plan he went to the cross
3:14bearing your sin and mine and he most certainly died today we’re awakened to the news
3:22that the women who went to finish the work of preparing Jesus’s body for burial and to see his face one last time
3:30that when they arrived they were met with by a shining grinning face of an angel bringing them
3:37news that Jesus the crucified and he will forever be known as the crucified the one who was crucified for
3:43you and for me that he had risen from the dead and then the woman fled the tomb in astonishment and fear
3:53um is that it shouldn’t shouldn’t there be something
3:58else i mean you think there would be i mean you know i can just see all going couldn’t you just elaborate just a
4:05little bit more i mean after all we just heard from an angel nonetheless that Jesus accomplished something that none
4:11of us have ever been able to accomplish not even houdini he came back from the dead
4:17and what is more well let me ask the question what more is there to hear i mean it’s all kind of fine and dandy i
4:24mean what were you expecting the angel to do to preach a sermon you’ll note that the angel delivered the exact words that
4:30were given to him to deliver and not one word more not one word less
4:35i would note angels are very faithful in their message delivery so um you may be sitting there going
4:41okay but i have questions i need to figure out how to wrap my brain
4:48around this no actually you don’t you don’t need to figure out how to wrap your your brain around this the facts are
4:54actually quite clear as i like to say this isn’t rocket surgery i mean remember friday afternoon
5:00Jesus gave up his spirit after suffering for six hours on the cross while bearing in his body your
5:06sins and mine and shortly after Christ died his corpse was pierced by a roman spear and blood and water
5:13poured out of the wound in his chest and then his corpse was taken down from the cross
5:20and hastily buried in a rich man’s tomb a stone was rolled in front of the tomb and sealed and an attachment of soldiers
5:28stood guard to guarantee that the disciples wouldn’t steal Jesus’s body
5:33and then fraudulently claimed that he had risen from the dead thus perished Jesus of nazareth
5:41that’s how the story goes right now a little bit of an aside i’m really excited about the fact that
5:49Jesus’s enemies figured out what Jesus was saying when he said that he would rise from the dead
5:55they figured it out the disciples yeah not so much all right they were still i mean up to
6:00this point they really didn’t know what Jesus was talking about was this a parable was this a metaphor
6:06what was he talking about and so it was Jesus’s enemies who kind of put it all together and they are the
6:12ones who made sure the soldiers were there standing guard and by them standing guard it’s
6:17impossible for anyone to say that the disciples stole the body they would have to get past the guards
6:23so i thank them for that but now we’ve got a problem well there’s Jesus he’s he’s dead
6:29right we’re just telling recalling the facts and then if you remember Jesus’s plan
6:36included one more tiny detail and by tiny i mean huge and his plan then required this that he
6:44raised from the grave on the third day after his death and just like god
6:51whose word does not return to him void but it accomplishes that for which he
6:56sends it because god cannot lie and neither can Jesus because Jesus is god in human flesh
7:03Jesus on that first easter morning the first day of the week he became the first fruits of what is
7:10called the new creation he’s now the second adam he’s come to life
7:15and his body began breathing and this is where i think we can kind of tease a few things out you remember
7:22in genesis chapter 2 when god formed adam’s body and there it lay lifeless in the garden
7:28right what do you call a lifeless body you call it a what a corpse right so there was the corpse
7:34the newly formed corpse of adam but what happened well scripture says
7:41the god formed the man of dust from the ground and then breathed into his nostrils the breath of life
7:46and the man became a living creature the first adam began as a corpse the second
7:54adam and Christ is the second adam here now because of the resurrection he also
7:59began as a lifeless corpse and paul makes this connection for us in romans chapter 5.
8:06here’s what he writes therefore just as sin came into the world through one man and death through sin and so death
8:13spread to all men because all sinned for sin indeed was in the world before the law was given
8:19but sin is not counted where there is no law yet death reigned from adam to moses even over
8:25those whose sinning was not like the transgression of adam who was a type of the one who was to
8:32come got to pay attention to scripture Christ is clear the scriptures are about him
8:37and so adam is a type and a shadow of none other than Jesus himself so let me
8:45ask you this do you get it yet all right good
8:50now you’ll note that the angel didn’t need to say much because almost everything that needed to be said
8:56had already been said by god in his word so the question is were you paying
9:01attention so what does this mean it sounds a little puzzling right
9:06well here’s what it all comes down to if you want to know like put that line at the bottom i don’t do
9:11math very well but i do remember that you would take a few things you’d put them in order and then you’d
9:17carry the one and and you know all that kind of stuff and then there was a line and then at the line you would put the total
9:23right so here’s your accountancy yeah i get it right so here’s the bottom
9:31line here’s the total are you ready it this means we’re saved
9:37that’s what this means it means we’re saved and if you’re not sure let me just
9:44kind of like okay let’s talk about an appropriate response to this you guys remember the isle of misfit toys right when santa claus they could
9:51hear the jingle bells dinging right what are the what do the toys say we’re saved
9:57and we they said it with that crazy voice we’re saved let that sink in because Jesus rose from the grave
10:04we can be confident that we are saved and this means that the new
10:10creation has already begun Jesus is the first fruits of the new creation and the empty
10:17tomb proves it have you ever stopped to think for just a second here how long did it take god to create
10:25everything that you can see smell taste touch six days right
10:30seems kind of like a slap shot job if you think about it because the new creation god’s been working on
10:37it for 2 000 years is it any wonder that we cannot even begin to fathom what it is
10:44that awaits us and all of this we can have confidence because Jesus
10:49rose from the grave in fact paul puts it this way in first corinthians 15 verse
10:5420 and you’ll know this is just a few verses after our epistle text but in fact Christ has been raised from
11:01the dead he is the first fruits of those who have fallen asleep for as by a man came death by a man has
11:08come also the resurrection of the dead for as in adam all died so also in
11:13Christ shall all be made alive but each in his own order Christ is the firstfruits
11:19then at his coming those who belong to Christ then comes the end when he delivers the
11:25kingdom to god the father after destroying every rule every authority and power
11:30for he must reign until he’s put all of his enemies under his feet and the last enemy to be destroyed is
11:37death i am looking forward to that i’m hoping i can get a front row
11:43seat to watch when god picks up death and just goes flick off into the lake of fire with you
11:50death will be dead and i’ll be going yes got to do a napoleon dynamite for
11:55that one yes ah it’s going to be great right and all of this we can have confidence of
12:01because why because Jesus rose from the dead but you’re going to note here in paul
12:07talking about the fact that Christ has risen from the dead that he is the first fruits of the new creation you cannot talk about the new
12:14creation apart from the judgment of god and it seems like an odd theme to preach about
12:19on resurrection sunday on the day when Jesus rose from the grave but this is exactly
12:25how the apostles preached the eyewitnesses to the resurrection and you’ll note in our epistle text paul
12:31confesses he wasn’t even worthy to be called an apostle why because he murdered Christians and yet
12:39what did god do he had grace on him so i want you to think for a second
12:45this theme of resurrection and judgment this is the kind of theme that would make us be tempted to flee
12:51the tomb flee church if you would in fear
12:56and rightly so i don’t know what you’ve done but i know what i’ve done and i know for a fact that my list of
13:04offenses is 10 miles maybe 50 or 100 long so are yours and we don’t want to
13:10stand before god in judgment and him to walk through all those miles of sin recorded
13:17no we don’t and the reality is this that’s what we deserve but because
13:23Christ bled and died for our sins we can have confidence of the forgiveness of our sins but even more so
13:30due to the fact that he has risen from the dead the fact that he has risen from the dead proves to us that his sacrifice
13:37for our sins was accepted by god the father that everything written about Christ’s sacrifice on the cross
13:43is true as it’s recorded in scripture that he is the one who took his very own blood not only as our sacrifice but
13:51as our high priest took the very blood his bone blood and he took it into the holy of holies in
13:56the tabernacle in heaven itself and he poured out his blood on the mercy seat
14:02the real one and because of this we know that we
14:07are forgiven he rose from the dead if Christ hadn’t risen from the dead could we be confident of the forgiveness
14:14of our sins i don’t think so because i don’t know if you’ve noticed dying is a pretty easy
14:20thing to do i mean people do it every day some people on accident some people on
14:25purpose i mean you are just one banana peel and a bus away from a casket this is how this works okay dying’s easy
14:34coming back from the dead not so much so the fact that he came back from the dead comforts us
14:40but you’ll note that the apostle paul talking about how he was unworthy to be called an apostle remember the
14:46words of that angel who also said go and tell Jesus’s disciples and let peter know too why was peter
14:54singled out in the message of the angel it’s really easy to put that together
15:02because peter had so grievously betrayed and denied Christ not once not twice but three times
15:10and you’ll note the mercy of god in sending the angel and saying and make sure that peter knows
15:17let him know because Christ wasn’t going to come to condemn him not come back from the grave to condemn him
15:23but to forgive him and pardon him and restore him if Christ can forgive paul and he can
15:30forgive peter he can forgive me and he can forgive you in fact he does so then
15:38note then the preaching of the resurrection Christ the firstfruits and judgment they go together and over and again you’ll note
15:45that when the apostle paul goes into a synagogue for the first time to preach the good news that Christ is
15:51the promised messiah and that he had bled and died and rose again from the dead he always leaves his sermons not with
15:58having people bow their heads and close their eyes and ask Jesus into their hearts
16:03instead he gives kind of a word of warning an ominous note listen to this what paul
16:10says in his preaching of the gospel to the synagogue in antioch basidia so let it be known to you therefore
16:17brothers that through Jesus forgiveness of sins is now proclaimed to
16:22you and by him everyone who believes is freed from everything from which you
16:27could not be freed by the law of moses but beware therefore lest what is said in the prophets should come about look
16:34you scoffers be astounded and perish for i am doing a work in your days a work that you will not believe even if
16:40one tells you note the word of ominousness here you see
16:46the angel in our gospel text delivered the message the tomb is empty the apostles have seen the risen Jesus
16:53and they have delivered the good news the stunning staggering good news of the forgiveness of sins to us and so
16:59you know paul even defines the gospel in these terms for i delivered to you as of first
17:04importance what i also received the Christ died for our sins in accordance with the scripture
17:10he was buried and he was raised on the third day in accordance with the scripture but then note also paul also says in
17:17acts 17 that the time of ignorance god has overlooked and now he commands all
17:23people everywhere to repent and this is a daily discipline for all
17:29of us because god has fixed a day on which he will judge the world in righteousness by a man whom he has
17:37appointed and of this he has given assurance to all by raising him from the dead
17:45so brothers and sisters pay attention Christ has risen from the dead not only
17:50has his sacrifice been accepted by god and is and is sufficient for to wipe away all of your sins
17:56but also it is this Jesus who is going to be our judge and his resurrection proves it but
18:02i assure you Jesus as the judge has cooked all the books in your favor
18:08it’s a rigged trial he’s taken all of your sin upon him so that he can declare you and he has
18:14done this already innocent forgiven pardoned reconciled
18:19but when we talk about judgment then it’s important for us to take a look at
18:25our old testament text and note that i’m a guy who makes a big deal about context i don’t know if
18:31you’ve ever heard me talk about context i always say when you’re studying the scripture you got to look at it in context
18:38context and context and so isaiah 25 our old testament text gives us this
18:43beautiful picture but there’s a context to it and in order to understand the context
18:50of what we read in our old testament text we’ve got to back up one chapter into chapter 24
18:56and i want you to hear how judgment and forgiveness work together here because
19:03Christ has called us all to repent and to be forgiven and so here’s the thing that we’re all
19:08afraid of the day of judgment let’s talk about how this thing is going to go down
19:14isaiah 24 1 says behold yahweh will empty the earth he will make it desolate he will twist
19:21its surface and scatter its inhabitants you better let the the carbon footprint counters know that
19:28all of their efforts are for nothing because preserving this earth ain’t gonna happen it’s
19:33all gonna be wiped out and what a mess it’ll be and god goes on
19:40to make make it clear that what is coming is for everybody here’s the words of the prophet isaiah
19:46it shall be as with the people so the priest as with the slaves so the master as with
19:52the maid so the her mistress as with the buyer so the seller as with the lender
19:57so the borrower as with the creditor so with the debt with the debtor in other
20:02words this is happening for everybody doesn’t matter how great you are in the eyes of humanity or how meager
20:09you are in the eyes of humanity everybody will experience this the earth shall be utterly emptied and
20:16utterly plundered for the lord has spoken this word the earth mourns and it withers the world
20:22languishes and it withers the highest people of the earth languish the earth lies defiled under its
20:28inhabitants for they have transgressed the laws they have violated the statutes they have broken
20:33the everlasting covenant therefore a curse devours the earth and its inhabitants
20:38suffer for their guilt therefore the inhabitants of the earth are scorched and few men are left
20:46you’ll note that on the day of judgment foolishly there are those who will suffer for
20:52their own guilt you don’t want to be forgiven you don’t
20:58want to be reconciled to god by what Christ your sin bearer has done for you
21:03fine have it your way you get to suffer for your own guilt
21:08and then he goes on he describes the fact that on that day when god executes his judgment the wine mourns
21:16the vine languishes the merry-hearted they sigh the mirth of the tambourines is stilled
21:22the noise of the jubilant has ceased the mirth of the liar is stilled when Jesus returns
21:29nobody’s going to be doing the macarena keep that in mind few people still do it
21:34anyway but anyway that’s a different thing right no more will they drink wine with singing
21:40strong drink is bitter to those who drink it the wasted city is broken down every house is shut up so that none can
21:46enter there’s an outcry in the streets for lack of wine all joy has grown dark the gladness of
21:53the earth is banished desolation is left in the city the gates are battered into ruins
21:58for thus it shall be in the midst of the earth among the nations as when the olive tree is beaten as at
22:03the gleaning when the grape harvest is done this is a terrifying picture of god’s judgment
22:10and believe me this is just around the corner even if it’s a
22:16thousand years from now it’s just around the corner this is exactly how it will go down
22:25so here’s the question is this what you fear you should and at the same time
22:34you should understand this that today is the day of salvation Christ is risen from the dead today is
22:40the day of salvation call upon his name with him there is abundant mercy forgiveness and grace
22:46in fact i would remind you all of you who are baptized you were baptized into Christ’s death
22:52and into his resurrection your sins have been washed away your heart circumcised by the hand of god himself
23:00you belong to Christ did you hear the words of the absolution today i heard you all confess your sins and
23:07Christ he is the one who forgave you and so note then
23:12that because god does not lie because grace is given to all who call upon the
23:18name of the lord there is abundant pardon forgiveness and mercy he doesn’t lie
23:23continue to trust his promises because not only will god judge the earth god will also
23:31bring salvation to you when Jesus returns in glory that’s what’s promised and it’s there
23:36then that we see now the context of what is spoken in isaiah 25. in isaiah 25 we get the picture of the
23:44great wedding feast of the lamb and i got to tell you god knows how to put on a party all
23:51right i mean this even sounds better than like when i go to visit the lens i mean you know i whenever you visit the lens
23:57there’s food and i won’t talk about the other stuff but you get the idea here all right it’s a
24:02great feast when any time that you go to the lens but Christ knows how to throw a party even better than the lens and so we’re going
24:09to note here that on the last day of this earth the last day of this creation and the first
24:15day of the new one we are all invited guests of honor
24:21the wedding feast of the lamb and here’s what isaiah says on this mountain the lord of hosts he
24:26will make for all peoples a feast of rich food a feast of well-aged
24:32wine of rich food of morrow of aged wine well refined
24:39you t totalers out there you’re gonna have to get used to this it’s just gonna be awesome right i could just see you know julie
24:46and i sitting there going yeah that’s right this is the best wine ever right and i like going oh yeah you
24:51betcha okay right
24:56but note then where this party goes it says that god will swallow up on this
25:02mountain the covering that is cast over all peoples the veil that has spread over all nations and what is this covering what
25:08is this veil it’s death itself and the consequences of our sin
25:14all of the curses that we are under because our first parents disobeyed god’s command this will include
25:20the curse of toiling the curse of painful childbirth the curse of death itself and the
25:28conflict that it exists even in our most intimate relationships that will be swallowed up and that veil
25:35that is spread over the nations god is going to rip it away and throw it away forever and then we
25:41get these words god will swallow up death forever never again will death bother us anymore
25:48there will be no funerals in the new creation full stop
25:53and the lord god he will wipe away tears from all faces and i don’t think this is a throwaway
25:59line because it’s not hard to imagine stepping into the clean air of the new creation
26:06seeing the new earth and the sky lit by the glory of god itself and for the first time yet
26:14letting your eyes and your senses take in the awesomeness the beauty the majesty
26:20of the new creation in that day we will be joyful
26:26and i think that some of us will also experience sorrow sorrow for those who are
26:32needlessly not there it’s not as if they weren’t bled for or died for because they are
26:38it’s not god’s will that any should perish and so it’s so sad it will be a joyous somber
26:45amazing terrible day but then god says this and the reproach
26:51of his people he will take away from all of the earth what is the reproach of god’s people
26:56have you ever noticed that being a Christian has a tendency to get you in trouble you know that there are certain things
27:01that if you say them somebody’s going to go when you say it right oh you speak god’s
27:08truth on social media you will be put in facebook jail all right you might be canceled by
27:14twitter ah there’s all kinds of things that could happen to you and you’ll know all of this is why
27:19because the the reproach that we suffer is the same reproach that Christ did we’re not better than our master Jesus
27:26they hated and despised him what do you think they’re going to think about us right but on that day the reproach
27:34of being a Christian will be taken away from all of the earth god has spoken and then it will be said on that day and
27:41here’s this beautiful picture behold this is our god we have waited for him that he might save us
27:47let me fill in some of the gaps here remember it’s still the wedding feast of the lamb i always like to picture the wedding
27:53feast of the lamb i don’t know how the seating arrangements work so i’m thinking well maybe there’s like
27:58a kong’s finger table right all right and in my particular case i’m going to have to like sit at like the kong finger table and be close to the
28:05emanuel table and also the alethea table so we’re all going to kind of all be a bunch and what a rowdy group we’re going to be i just
28:11know it on that day where we’re going to be so excited to see each other some of us have been years since we’ve been
28:17together in each other’s presence there’s going to be hugs and kisses and tears and catching up in all of this kind of
28:23stuff and there we are being rowdy and there’s julie enjoying the wine again right
28:29and we’re so loud but then from across the wedding hall all the way on the other side we hear
28:36this amazing sound and it’s the sound of what silence
28:41it just comes over us like a wave crashing onto the sea
28:46and with every silent person standing we look and we stop talking to
28:53mid-sentence even we all stand in awe at what
29:05we get to see Jesus we get to see our god
29:11see his face his glory his splendor his majesty isaiah says
29:18behold this is our god we’ve waited for him that he might save
29:25us this is the lord we have waited for him so let us be glad and rejoice
29:32in his salvation the salvation that he has given so freely
29:38mercifully kindly in love to each and every one of us
29:43but that’s then this is today
29:49today we still have a sinful nature today the reproach of the nations is
29:55still upon us today death still taunts us
30:00and takes some of us a little bit at a time so what do we do in the meantime
30:07Christ’s resurrection helps us there too the apostle paul writing in this regard says this
30:14i consider that the sufferings of this present time are not worth comparing with the glory that is to be revealed to
30:20us and indeed it’s not in fact the sufferings that we go
30:26through whether they be bodily ailments persecutions financial struggles whether it’s a
30:32struggle against your own sin or against the temptations of the world and the devil itself
30:39note that we are still right now the church that is in war we are not the church
30:46triumphant so keep your eyes always focused on what is coming
30:52know the joy that is before you so that you can say with the apostle paul
30:57the sufferings that we’re experiencing right now they’re not even worth comparing to the glory that will be revealed to us
31:03you see the creation itself right now it’s waiting with eager longing for the revealing of the sons of
31:09god for us to spring from our tombs for the creation was subjected to futility not willingly
31:16but because of him who subjected it in hope so that the creation itself will finally
31:21be set free from its bondage to corruption and will obtain the freedom of the glory of the children of god
31:27even the earth itself longs for the day when Christ returns we know then that the whole creation has
31:33been groaning together in the pains of childbirth until now and not only the creation we ourselves
31:41we are the ones who have the first fruits of the spirit we groan inwardly as we wait eagerly for the
31:47adoption of sons and the redemption of our bodies for in this hope we were saved but hope
31:53that is seen is not hope for who hopes for what he sees and so right now we do not walk by sight
32:00today we walk by faith and you’ll note that’s enough it’s
32:06sufficient the good news has reached us the tomb is empty Christ has risen from the dead our
32:12salvation has already dawned he is the first fruits of the new creation
32:17and we will soon join him in the world without end so don’t consider the sufferings of your
32:23present time worth comparing with the glory that will be revealed patiently endure with the Spirit’s help
32:29that’s all we can do hallelujah Christ is risen
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