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1 Year Lectionary – Fourth Wednesday in Lent – Wednesday, March 23, 2022 | Pr. Chris Rosebrough

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0:28a reading from genesis chapters 40 and 41.
0:33sometime after this the cup bearer of the king of egypt and his baker committed an offense against their lord
0:39the king of egypt and pharaoh was angry with his two officers the chief cup error and the chief baker and he put
0:46them in custody in the house of the captain of the guard in the prison where joseph was confined the captain of the
0:53guard appointed joseph to joseph to be with them and he attended them they continued for some time in custody and
1:00one night they both dreamed the cupbearer and the baker of the king of egypt who were confined in the prison
1:07each his own dream and each dream with its own interpretation when joseph came to them in the morning
1:15he saw that they were troubled so he asked pharaoh’s officers who were with him in custody in his master’s house why
1:22are your faces downcast today they said to him we have had dreams and there is
1:28no one to interpret them and joseph said to them do not interpretations belong to
1:34god please tell them to me so the chief cupbearer told his dream to joseph and said to him in my dream there
1:41was a vine before me and on the vine there were three branches and as soon as it butted its blossom shot forth the
1:49clusters ripened into grapes pharaoh’s cup was in my hand and i took the grapes and pressed them into pharaoh’s cup and
1:56placed the cup in pharaoh’s hand then joseph said to him this is its interpretation the three branches are
2:04three days in three days pharaoh will lift up your head and restore you to
2:09your office and you shall place pharaoh’s cup in his hand as formally when you were in his cupbearer only
2:16remember me when it is well with you and please do me the kindness to mention me to
2:22pharaoh and so get me out of this house for i was indeed stolen out of the land
2:27of the hebrews and here also i have done nothing that they should put me into the
2:32pit when the chief baker saw that the interpretation was favorable he said to
2:38joseph i also had a dream there were three cake baskets on my head
2:44and in the uppermo most basket there were all sorts of baked food for pharaoh
2:49but the birds were eating it out of the basket on my head and joseph answered and said
2:55this is its interpretation the three baskets are three days in three days pharaoh will lift up your head from you
3:02and hang you on a tree and the birds will eat the flesh from you
3:08on the third day which was pharaoh’s birthday he made a feast for all of his servants and lifted up the head of the
3:13cheap cup bearer and the head of the chief baker among his servants he restored the chief cupbearer to his
3:20position and he placed the cup in pharaoh’s hand but he hanged the chief baker as joseph
3:27had interpreted to them yet the chief cupbearer did not remember joseph but forgot him
3:34after two whole years pharaoh dreamed that he was standing by the nile and
3:40behold there came up out of the nile seven cows attractive and plump and they
3:46fed in the reed grass and behold seven other cows ugly and thin came up out of
3:51the nile after them and stood by the other cows on the bank of the nile
3:57and the ugly thin cows ate up the seven attractive plum cows and pharaoh awoke
4:03and he fell asleep and dreamed a second time and behold seven ears of grain plump and good were
4:10growing on one stalk and behold after them sprouted seven ears thin
4:15and blighted by the east wind and the thin ears swallowed up the seven plump
4:21full ears and pharaoh awoke and behold it was a dream so in the morning his spirit was
4:27troubled and he sent and called for all the magicians of egypt and all of its wise men
4:33pharaoh told them his dream but there was none who could interpret them to pharaoh
4:38then the chief cupbearer said to pharaoh i remember my offenses today when
4:43pharaoh was angry with his servants and put me and the chief baker in custody in the house of the captain of the guard
4:50we dreamed on the same night he and i each having a dream with its own interpretation and a young hebrew was
4:57there with us a servant of the captain of the guard when we told him he interpreted our dreams to us giving an
5:04interpretation to each man according to his dream and as he interpreted to us so
5:09it came about i was restored to my office and the baker was hanged
5:15then pharaoh sent and called joseph and they quickly brought him out of the pit and when he had shaved himself and
5:22changed his clothes he came in before pharaoh and pharaoh said to joseph i
5:27have had a dream and there is no one who can interpret it i have heard it said of you that when
5:32you hear a dream you can interpret it joseph answered pharaoh it is not in me
5:39god will give pharaoh a favorable answer then pharaoh said to joseph behold in my
5:45dream i was standing on the banks of the nile seven cows plump and attractive came up out of the nile and fed in the
5:52reed grass seven other cows came up after them poor very ugly and thin
5:58such as i had never seen in all of the land of egypt and the thin ugly cows ate
6:03up the first seven plump cows but when they had eaten them no one would have known that they had eaten them for they
6:10were still as ugly as at the beginning then i awoke i also saw in my dream seven ears
6:17growing on one stock full and good seven ears withered thin and blighted by the
6:22east wind sprouted after them and the thin ears swallowed up the seven good ears and i told it to the magicians
6:30but there was no one who could explain it to me joseph said to pharaoh the dreams of pharaoh are one god has revealed to
6:37pharaoh what he’s about to do the seven good cows are seven years and seven good
6:43years are seven years the dreams are one the seven lean and ugly cows that came
6:49up after them are seven years the seven empty ears blighted by the east wind are
6:55also seven years of famine it is as i told you god has shown to pharaoh what
7:01he is about to do and there will come seven years of great plenty throughout
7:06all the land of egypt but after them there will arise seven years of famine and all the plenty
7:13will be forgotten in the land of egypt the famine will consume the land and the plenty will be unknown in the land by
7:20reason of the famine that will follow for it will be very severe and the doubling of pharaoh’s dream
7:26means that this thing is fixed by god and god will shortly bring it about now
7:32therefore let pharaoh select a discerning and a wise man set him over the land of egypt let pharaoh proceed to
7:39appoint overseers over the land and take one-fifth of the produce of the land of egypt during the seven plentiful years
7:46and let them gather all the food of these good years that are coming and store up grain under the authority of
7:52pharaoh for food in the cities and let them keep it that food shall be a reserve for the
7:58land against the seven years of famine that are to occur in the land of egypt
8:03so that the land may not perish through the famine this proposal pleased pharaoh and all of
8:09his servants and pharaoh said to his servants can we find a man like this and whom is the spirit of god
8:16then pharaoh said to joseph since god has shown you all of this there is none so discerning and wise as you are you
8:23shall be over my house and all my people shall order themselves as you command
8:29only as regards the throne will i be greater than you and pharaoh said to joseph see i have set you over all of
8:35the land of egypt then pharaoh took a signet ring from his hand and put it on joseph’s hand and clothed him in
8:41garments of fine linen and put a gold chain around his neck and he made him ride in his second chariot and they
8:48called out before him bow the knee thus he set him over all of the land of egypt
8:54moreover pharaoh said to joseph i am pharaoh and without your consent no one
8:59shall lift up hand or foot in all of the land of egypt and pharaoh called joseph’s name zaphanath panea and he
9:07gave him in marriage to asanath the daughter of potiphara the priest of own
9:12so joseph went out over the land of egypt joseph was 30 years old when he
9:17entered the service of pharaoh the king of egypt and joseph went out from the presence of pharaoh and went through all
9:24the land of egypt during the seven plentiful years the earth produced abundantly and he gathered up all the
9:30food of these seven years which occurred in the land of egypt and he put the food in the cities he put in every city the
9:37food from the fields around it and joseph stored up grain in great abundance like the sand of the sea
9:44until he ceased to measure it for it could not be measured before the year of the famine came two
9:49sons were born to joseph assinath the daughter of potiphara the priest of own bore them to him joseph called the name
9:57of the firstborn manasseh for he said god has made me forget all my hardship in all my father’s house and the name of
10:04the second he called ephraim for god had made me fruitful in the land of my affliction the seven years of plenty
10:11that occurred in the land of egypt came to an end and the seven years of famine began to come as joseph had said there
10:18was famine in all the lands but in all the lands of egypt there was bread when all the land of egypt was famished the
10:24lord cried to pharaoh for bread pharaoh said to all the egyptians go to joseph what he says to you do
10:31so when the famine had spread over all the land joseph opened all the storehouses and sold the egyptians sold
10:38to the egyptians for the famine was severe in the land of egypt moreover all the earth came to egypt to joseph to buy
10:45grain because the famine was severe over all the earth oh lord have mercy on us
10:52in the name of Jesus 13 years
10:58so joseph god had given him prophetic dreams told him what was coming down the pike uh
11:04well he kind of skipped a whole lot of details if you think about it god kind of told him what was happening at the end of all of this and then no sooner
11:11does god tell him this his brothers who hate him they sell them into slavery
11:16which is loads of fun talk you know talk about people who’ve been abused by those who believe in god
11:22this is an example of that i would say that selling somebody into slavery kind of ranks up there as far as abuse is
11:27concerned i mean he well he was this close to being murdered you know because those yahweh believing
11:36sons of jacob were so loving and kind and full of the fruit of the spirit right you get kind of the
11:41point and you’re going to note something it’s really easy for us when we suffer especially when we suffer at the hands
11:47of those who claim to be Christians to say that’s it i’m chucking god out the window putting it all in the past and
11:54moving on with my life atheism is looking pretty good but you know joseph doesn’t do that so he sold into slavery
12:01we don’t know how many years he served potiphar was it one was it two
12:07was it less than a year i we don’t know but we do know that when he comes out of
12:13the prison which is kind of like his resurrection if you would because you’re going to note joseph’s life
12:18really parallels a lot of the details of Christ that’s his resurrection but before his resurrection 13 years and i
12:26would argue that prisons nowadays are still not good places but the sanitary conditions in
12:33today’s modern prisons are going to be a wee bit better than the sanitary conditions of an well
12:40an ancient egyptian prison and you can already kind of tell
12:45what joseph’s jobs are going to be right he’s not going to be high up on the he’s not doing the books
12:51he’s doing he’s doing the slopping that’s what he’s doing and in fact the psalms tell us that joseph when he was
12:57in prison his neck was put in iron fetters and it hurt him terribly so he
13:02suffered for 13 years and here’s the weird bit
13:09his faith is as strong as ever you can see it in this text so our text
13:16begins the long text i can only hit the highlights but our text begins with two officers of pharaoh
13:23a cup bearer and a baker you know bread
13:29wine no really yeah it’s kind of cool how it works if you think about it even in the
13:36types and shadows you get an illusion to the lord’s supper and in fact here’s the other bit well
13:43i’m getting ahead of myself but think about how that baker dies how does he die he’s hung on a tree
13:50hmm cursed is everyone who was hung on a tree the scripture says indeed the sky is for indeed cursed but that’s kind of
13:58the point this is brimming teeming with types and shadows that point us to Jesus
14:03and when the when joseph is doing his work as a prisoner you know it’s at this point
14:10that i think about one of my favorite far side cartoons you guys remember the far side calvin and hob’s far side grew
14:17up on these things but there was this one far side in particular that i thought was just a scream it depicted
14:24hell and so there you had fire and brimstone and you had demons and people
14:29who are being lashed with a whip and stuff like that and there was some poor guy named frank and frank was pushing a
14:36wheelbarrow and he was whistling okay in hell and one demon says to the
14:42other demon i don’t think we’re getting through to frank right it’s a great thing
14:47it’s great when you think about it same thing with joseph here he’s been put through the ringer he’s been made to
14:54suffer horribly and now god is deciding he’s going to talk
15:00and joseph knows immediately that god is talking god hasn’t said a word for 11 years he’s let him suffer alone and yet
15:09he has had faith how is this possible it’s real simple he’s no different than us and we’re no
15:15different than him we have promises from god and guess what in the promises that we have are we not also made to suffer
15:23yeah we are think of the apostle paul you know who brags about all the different things he went through all the beatings he went
15:29through the lashings the treachery he faced as a result of false brothers and those who wanted to kill him and all the
15:35times he was stoned or shipwrecked and stuff like this and never once did his faith
15:40wane or flag same with joseph so he walks in doing his work whistle while
15:46you work hey guys why are you looking so down well we’ve had dreams and nobody can
15:53interpret them you can just hear them mopey right well do not interpretations belong to god
15:59who is this guy right and that’s the thing he’s waited and waited
16:05and waited what did our psalm day psalm say i waited patiently for the lord he inclined his ear and he heard my cry he
16:12lifted me up out of the pit sounds like a song
16:19i will sing sing a new song so as the story goes joseph gives the
16:24interpretation and note the confidence he has when he gives the interpretation to the chief cup bearer he says when
16:32these things come true because he knows that god doesn’t lie when these things come true
16:38tell pharaoh about me i’ve been stolen i’m here unjustly i don’t deserve to be here
16:44help rescue me the only way he could say something like that as if he had absolute confidence
16:51that what was he was saying would happen and guess what it happened and then you think of that poor baker
16:57man but see there’s the thing it’s in the types and shadows that’s a picture of the crucifixion of Christ bread wine
17:04body blood given shed for the forgiveness of our sins it’s all hinted at here and then
17:11just when you think everything’s going to be fine he’s going to be rescued he’s going to be lifted up out of the pit the
17:18chief cup bearer forgets poor joseph man could you imagine going
17:24to work the next day going this is it i’m going to get out i’m going to finally be able to have a shave and a
17:30shower and i will have to smell all the smells of this prison anymore i can take these iron feathers off i’m going to be
17:36free and then that day turns into another day
17:43and the next day turns into another and that turns into a week and that week turns into another week and
17:49the weeks stretch out into a month and another month and more months and then a whole year
17:57and then a whole another year after that two full years
18:02of forgetfulness but then god speaks again this time to
18:08pharaoh and nobody can interpret what god has
18:13spoken and all of a sudden the chief cupbearer goes oy they
18:19i remember my sin i remember my shortcomings there is a fellow and he can interpret dreams he interpreted my
18:25dreams and so what happens he then gets the call come talk to pharaoh and in a moment
18:34in the twinkling of an eye he goes from being dead to being alive
18:39it’s kind of the point you know all of that is there the twinkling of the eye the changing of fortunes in a second
18:48and when joseph stands before pharaoh his faith is fully intact
18:54how he’s waited he trusts the circumstances that we go through do
19:02not determine our faith is the love of god determined by what you are made to
19:08suffer in this lifetime of course not if that were the case then we must come
19:14to the conclusion that god hated Jesus because he died a cursed death
19:19but Christ did nothing wrong instead he died in your place so that you can be
19:25forgiven and so there’s joseph now and pharaoh says i’ve heard it said of you that you
19:30can interpret dreams and he says it’s not in me but god will give pharaoh
19:37a favorable answer and you know the how the details go and literally it’s it’s absolutely stunning
19:44it’s miraculous but in the midst of all of this is a man who held on to the promises of god the
19:52promises that god had given him before he was sold into slavery and god who makes a promise never
19:58reneges god when he says he’s going to do something he’s going to do it
20:04and joseph emerges from prison with his faith intact and now he’s setting about
20:10to save the world who sounds like another fellow i know that died rose
20:15again who saves the world that’s kind of the point but lenten tide is a time for us to
20:21consider our own sin and our own shortcoming and it’s in this regard that i would consider as i work this theme a
20:28little bit more psalm 25 in psalm 25 this is the psalm
20:34of david and this is a psalm that is teeming with well that theme of i’m in a
20:41lot of danger my enemies are pursuing me and yet i will
20:47wait wait i will continue to trust in you so
20:52consider david’s waiting you’ll note that he is the anointed but not yet coronated king of israel which is kind
20:58of awkward if you think about it because the anointed and coordinated king of israel seemed to have it out for him
21:03wanted to pin him to the wall with a javelin on a couple of occasions and then hunted him down like he was a dog
21:10in the judean wilderness after spinning some false narrative about him wanting to overthrow the kingdom in order to get
21:17the his army on board with the task but on two occasions david had the
21:22opportunity to do in the king of israel saul and yet he wouldn’t raise a hand against
21:29him he trusted god and in the midst of it he also like joseph like all of us
21:35he had to wait so listen to the psalm of david psalm 25 to you o lord i lift up my soul
21:44oh my god in you i trust let me not be put to shame let not my enemies exalt
21:51over me that is quite the plea if you think about it and you know the circumstances that
21:56david went through let not my enemies exult over me is basically don’t let them catch me and kill me
22:03indeed none who wait for you shall be put to shame listen to those words again
22:09none who wait for you lord shall be put to shame they shall be ashamed who are
22:14wantonly treacherous when we consider the major theme of the book of revelation a book that tells us of the
22:21ever increasing insanity on planet earth as god pours out judgment after judgment
22:28upon humanity for their impenitence for their unbelief for their breaking of all of god’s commands for their idolatry for
22:34their acting like they are their own gods and god pouring out further and more intense
22:42judgments we also learn that persecution of the saints goes hand in hand with
22:48that and what does the scripture say this calls for patient
22:53endurance wait none who wait for you will be put to
22:59shame they shall be ashamed who are wantingly treacherous so make me to know your ways o lord
23:07and teach me your paths lead me in your truth and teach me you
23:12are the god of my salvation and for you i i wait
23:19all the day long remember your mercy o lord and your
23:24steadfast love they are have been from of old remember not the sins of my youth
23:29or my transgressions according to your steadfast love remember me for the sake of your goodness o lord and note here in
23:37the midst of this waiting theme of please rescue me from my enemies do not let them exalt over me you know what
23:43he’s not doing go get him lord hope you strike him down with lightning and let
23:48the brimstone burn him to a fiery crisp doesn’t need not know that while he’s waiting for the lord to
23:54deliver him he’s considering his own sin confessing his own transgression
24:00noting that he is not worthy of the very things that he is asking for and so he
24:05cries out to god to remember not the sins of my youth or my transgressions
24:11but to blot them out according to your steadfast love good and upright is yahweh therefore he
24:17instructs sinners in the way he leads the humble in what is right and he
24:23teaches the humble his way those who are arrogant those who exalt themselves god will not instruct them
24:30because they will not be instructed they are just like the devil
24:35humility says i have sinned lord have mercy on me arrogance says oh i’m so thankful that
24:42i’m such a good boy when you’re not the psalm continues
24:48all the paths of yahweh they are steadfast love and faithfulness
24:55for those who keep his covenant and keep his testimonies for your name’s sake o yahweh please
25:02pardon my guilt for it is great i love this in the midst of being
25:08unjustly pursued he continues to confess his sin
25:14we would be wise to do the same who is the man who fears yahweh
25:20him will he instruct in the way that he should go his soul shall abide in well-being and
25:26his offspring shall inherit the land the friendship of yahweh is for those who fear him and he makes known to them
25:32his covenant and my eyes are ever towards yahweh for he will pluck my feet out of the net
25:38so turn to me and be gracious to me i am lonely and i am afflicted the troubles of my heart are enlarged bring me out of
25:46my distresses consider my affliction and my trouble and forgive all of my sins
25:53consider how many are my foes and with what violent hatred they hate me oh
25:59guard my soul and deliver me let me not be put to shame for i take refuge in you
26:05and may integrity and uprightness preserve me for i wait
26:11for you and i would note something this is one of the major themes of
26:16scripture abraham waited david waited joseph waited and you know
26:24who else waited god let me explain what i mean here all the way back in the garden of eden when god
26:30was handing out punishments curses for the disobedience
26:36of adam and eve but namely adam god cursed the serpent and said
26:42that he would raise up a seed of the woman who would crush the head of the serpent and humanity waited
26:49for thousands and thousands of years for that seed of the woman to come onto
26:56the scene waited and waited waited through the generations preceding noah waited for
27:04the thousands of years and generations from noah all the way to Christ in fact
27:12jewish women in the old testament period when they would get married
27:17there was a little blessing that the women kind of gave to the newly married women and it basically went along the lines of
27:24may you be the one may you be the one to bear the messiah
27:31the one who rescue us the one who will redeem us and the children of israel coming out of
27:38slavery back into captivity in babylon then under the boot
27:44of alexander the great who was then his kingdom conquered by the romans
27:51they waited and waited and waited
27:58the scripture says in galatians 4 but when the fullness of time had come
28:05god sent forth his son born of a woman born under the law to redeem those who
28:11were under the law so that we might receive the adoption as sons god kept
28:16his promise he sent us the seed of the woman who bore our sin on the cross so that we can be forgiven pardoned
28:23redeemed reconciled to god and have hope hope in the world to come and now we are
28:31back to the waiting game we wait we wait patiently for the arrival of our
28:37great god and savior we wait patiently for Christ to come to rescue us to raise
28:43our bodies from the grave to give us resurrection and lead us into the new world and in the moment have you guys
28:51noticed that right now the new normal is that everything is getting worse by
28:57the day i don’t want to date this sermon but i’m
29:02going to end up dating it anyway right now we have
29:07kyle mann in the babylon b banned from twitter for daring to say
29:13that michael levine is a man and yet he is they’ve spoke the truth
29:18and they had their account locked so they cannot continue to speak
29:23and others who have followed suit have had the similar fate it’s as if well twitter has decided to pull putin
29:30and you know what it’s only going to get worse
29:37what is called for right now is that we wait we wait patiently
29:43while the world goes crazy and rages against god while the church apostasizes
29:49and continues to head into oblivion we wait we continue to hang on to these
29:55promises the promises of being reconciled to god adopted as his children we no longer being slave but
30:02children now we can cry out to god abba father that’s the point here we wait
30:10and someday Christ will make good his promise he will return in glory
30:17he will judge the living and the dead and the scriptures are so clear read daniel 7 god
30:24will vindicate his saints those who keep the testimony of Jesus trust in Christ and
30:31obey his commands he will give them the new earth
30:37the present regimes of the world that are waging war against the sun
30:42they are doing it futilely and in the midst of it we will be made
30:48to suffer if not directly then maybe our bodies might fail
30:54maybe we might have an accident or get a chronic disease and then what do we do
31:01we wait we wait i think of bernie setter pastor setter
31:07of lutheran church in grafton a man who’s played an instrumental role here at
31:12kungsfinger he was a man who helped us tremendously great patience great skill
31:19who trusted in Christ and today he’s no longer waiting
31:26he’s with Jesus he died in the faith a couple of days ago and his waiting is over
31:34and so whether Christ shows up today or next thursday or whether we expire and are with him
31:43sooner than that the time will come when we no longer need to wait
31:50but like joseph like david like god like the patriarchs
31:56today we wait faith hangs on to those promises and knows that the changing shifting sands
32:02of time cannot undo or erode the promises of god we are forgiven in him there’s a new earth
32:09coming so let us wait in the name of Jesus amen
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