Sermon Transcript – Water + Spirit = Creation

Series B – Baptism of Our Lord – Sunday, January 18, 2015 | Pr. Chris Rosebrough

Welcome to the Teaching Ministry of Kongsvinger Lutheran Church. Kongsvinger is a beacon for the Gospel of Jesus Christ and is located on the plains of Northwestern Minnesota.
We proclaim Christ and Him crucified for our sins and salvation by grace through faith alone, and now, here’s a message from Pastor Chris Rosebrough:
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0:27The holy Gospel According
0:30to Saint Mark chapter 1 verses 4 through
0:34and so John came baptizing in the desert
0:38region and preaching a baptism of
0:40repentance for the Forgiveness of sins
0:41the whole Judean Countryside and all the
0:44people of Jerusalem went out to him
0:45confessing their sin they were baptized
0:48by him in the Jordan River John wore
0:50clothing made of camel’s hair with a
0:52leather belt around his waist and he ate
0:54locusts and wild honey and this was his
0:57message after me will come one more
0:59powerful than I the thongs of whose
1:01sandals I am not worthy to stoop down
1:03and untie I baptize you with water but
1:05he will baptize you with the Holy Spirit
1:07at that time Jesus came from Nazareth
1:10and Galilee and was baptized by John and
1:12the Jordan as Jesus was coming up out of
1:14the water he saw heaven being torn open
1:16and the spirit descending on him like a
1:19dove and a voice Came From Heaven you
1:21are my son whom I love with you I am
1:25well pleased
1:26in the name of Jesus
1:29all right if you blink you’re going to
1:31miss it you know just like some of the
1:32small towns that you drive through on
1:34our country roads if you blink you’ll
1:36miss them in fact I love the fact that
1:38there’s certain towns that you know the
1:40only way you would actually know they’re
1:41there is because the speed limit drops
1:43from you know from somewhere in the 60s
1:46down to 45 and you’re thinking I had to
1:48slow down for that building right you
1:51know and then you and you look at the
1:52population sign on there and it’s not
1:54even triple digits it’s you know it’s
1:55you know these are tiny little towns and
1:58of course the saying goes if you’re
1:59blink you’ll miss it so that same
2:02metaphor kind of applies today and you
2:03got to understand the gospel of Mark the
2:05gospel of Mark is a gospel of action it
2:08is moving and in fact over and again
2:10you’re reading the gospel of Mark and
2:12immediately and immediately and
2:13immediately and immediately and the
2:15church tradition tells us that this
2:17gospel is the gospel that is the
2:19preaching notes of the Apostle Peter so
2:21as a fisherman he got right to the point
2:23got down to the and got to it and it’s
2:25this is not a big scholarly Tome I got
2:28to tell you what Jesus did man this boom
2:30boom bang right so it gives us a little
2:33bit of a challenge because there’s huge
2:35theology in this tiny little text and
2:37you have to unpack it if you if you
2:39blink you’re going to miss it so let’s
2:41take a look at some of the landmarks in
2:43this very brief text and see if we can
2:45see some of the important buildings
2:47here’s what it says so John came
2:49baptizing in the desert region and
2:50preaching a baptism of repentance for
2:53the Forgiveness of sins the whole Judean
2:57Countryside this was not a couple of
2:59people it was a lot of people whole Judy
3:02and Countryside and all the people of
3:04Jerusalem went out to him confessing
3:06their sins they were baptized by him in
3:09the Jordan River now we’re talking about
3:11hundreds of thousands of Sinners that’s
3:13probably the number we’re looking at
3:14hundreds of thousands of people coming
3:17out to John the Baptist this is a big
3:20deal coming to the Jordan and the tone
3:22there is serious it’s somber you know
3:25you can hear the words you know kind of
3:27the first century Jewish equivalent of I
3:30a poor miserable sinner confessed to you
3:32all my sins and iniquities which is
3:34being heard on the lips of those who are
3:37waiting to be washed in the Jordan and
3:40so think of it this way you know we
3:42don’t like to drink water from rivers
3:44that are polluted not a good thing you
3:46know right you think about yeah what is
3:48that sludge coming down the river what’s
3:50that coming from well think of the
3:51Jordan like that today the Waters of the
3:54Jordan River they’re not being filled
3:56with mud and body odor although I think
3:59there’s probably body odor being washed
4:00away there I know plenty of the women at
4:03that time are thinking thank God my
4:04husband got baptized right but
4:08um yeah if only for that brief moment so
4:11body odor is going away but here’s the
4:13real thing what’s getting
4:16gooey into the Jordan River is the
4:19stench and the filth of sins being
4:21washed away think of it in that way and
4:24so with that in mind keep this in mind
4:27this is no place for anyone who is
4:29righteous which is why the Pharisees who
4:33were self-deceived into believing that
4:35they were righteous before God because
4:36of their law keeping that’s why they
4:38refuse to be baptized by John the
4:41Baptist they didn’t think they need it
4:42well we’ve already committed ourselves
4:44to obeying God why do I need to go and
4:46be baptized in the Jordan River and have
4:48my sins washed away and be United with
4:52the likes of those people and that
4:54rabble or that prostitute or that tax
4:57collector no way right
5:03the text now begins to prepare us for
5:05one of the most unexpected turn of
5:07events the thing that no one saw coming
5:09not even John here’s what it says John
5:12wore clothing made of camel’s hair with
5:14a leather belt around his weight he it
5:16waste he ate Locust and wild honey we
5:18talked about this during Advent this was
5:20his message after me will come one more
5:22powerful than the of than I the thongs
5:25of whose sandals I am not worthy to
5:27stoop down and untie I baptize with
5:29water but he will baptize you with the
5:31holy spirit so now we’re starting to
5:33turn the holy righteous promised Messiah
5:37is coming John is telling us and sinful
5:40John yeah John is a sinner he knows that
5:43he’s not even worthy to stoop down and
5:45untie Jesus’s shoelaces but you see the
5:49anticipation of Jesus arrival this you
5:51know the build up for Jesus coming that
5:52was back in Advent we’re now an epiphany
5:54which means Jesus is being manifested
5:56and so our text continues and at that
5:59time Jesus came from Nazareth in Galilee
6:02and was baptized by John in the Jordan
6:05that is a bombshell of a sentence
6:08because how many sins has Jesus
6:14who what’s John the Baptist baptism for
6:18repentance for the Forgiveness of sins
6:21what does Jesus need to repent of what
6:24does he need to be forgiven of unlike
6:27the Pharisees Jesus is not deceived into
6:30being believing he’s self-righteous he
6:32actually is
6:34so there he is in a sinner’s baptism
6:38what’s going on here right
6:40so Jesus does the unthinkable
6:43he Wades out into the sin-filled waters
6:45and he’s baptized and that’s what our
6:48text says so our text says at that time
6:50Jesus came from Nazareth in Galilee was
6:53baptized by John and the Jordan and as
6:55Jesus was coming up out of the water he
6:57saw heaven being torn open and the
6:59spirit descending on him like a dove and
7:01a voice came from heaven and said you
7:03are my son whom I love with you I am
7:07well pleased
7:10there’s so much going on here so he does
7:12the unthinkable he Wades out into the
7:14muck sin-filled Waters of the Jordan the
7:18holy and righteous Lamb of God and
7:21in these sin-filled Waters he’s baptized
7:24as if he were a sinner
7:28but he’s not a sinner so what’s going on
7:30why is Jesus doing this I like what
7:33Norman Nagel he’s the great theologue
7:36from Concordia Theological Seminary in
7:39Saint Louis said many years ago in a
7:41sermon he said this
7:42it is most certainly true that where sin
7:46that where sin was is where Jesus was
7:49think about it God Jesus in human flesh
7:53he’s where sin is but why did he draw
7:55near to sin well he came to join us in
7:58our sin so that he could bear it so that
8:01he could fulfill all righteousness he
8:04came and comes to sin and to Sinners so
8:07that he could and can make righteous
8:10ours righteousness ours he wants to make
8:13us righteousness in exchange for our
8:15sewer of sin Jesus gives us the Fountain
8:19of Life this means that where his
8:21righteousness is is where we are his
8:24righteousness is as sure surely ours as
8:27our sins are surely his we are righteous
8:30with his righteousness and that and in
8:33that God has his Delight now what Norma
8:36Nagel was picking up on when he preached
8:39that sermon
8:40is what it exactly is said in second
8:42Corinthians chapter five listen to these
8:44words therefore if anyone is in Christ
8:49those are big words if you are in Christ
8:55he is a new creation the old is gone the
8:58new has come all of this is from God
9:02who’s it from it’s from God who
9:04reconciled us to himself through Christ
9:07and gave us the ministry of
9:09reconciliation that God was reconciling
9:11the world to himself in Christ not
9:14counting men’s sins against them and he
9:17has committed to us the message of
9:19reconciliation we are therefore Christ’s
9:22ambassadors as though God himself were
9:24making his appeal through us so we
9:27implore you on Christ’s behalf be
9:29reconciled to God God made him Jesus who
9:33knew no sin to be sin for us so that in
9:37him we might become the righteousness of
9:40God so already we begin to see in
9:43Jesus’s baptism the workings of that
9:45great exchange the holy righteous
9:48sinless one identifies himself with
9:53because why he’s taken his our sins upon
9:56him so even now in his baptism the
9:59sinless one is baptized in a sinner’s
10:01baptism but here’s the thing
10:04in Jesus Jesus in his baptism in his
10:07baptism he joins us in our sin but when
10:10we were baptized we were joined with
10:13Christ in his righteousness you see how
10:16that works think with two different
10:18baptisms Jesus is baptized in a sinner’s
10:20baptism we’re baptized in the name of
10:23the father Son and Holy Spirit he’s
10:25identified with our sin we in our
10:28baptisms are made righteous in Christ so
10:32this kind of a parallel thing going on
10:34one going One Direction and the other
10:36going the other Jesus becomes the sinner
10:38on the cross and God punishes the whole
10:41sins of the world in Christ that’s the
10:43important thing so we when we when we
10:47when we were baptized we’re joined with
10:49Christ and his righteousness we were
10:51joined with his death and we were joined
10:53in his resurrection this is why Paul in
10:55our epistle text or actually in the
10:58quote text that I just quoted from
10:59second Corinthians 5 says if anyone is
11:01in Christ
11:03he is a new creation the old is gone the
11:05new has come and you’ll notice something
11:07here by way of contrast that our Old
11:10Testament text it seems like it has
11:12nothing to do with baptism but it has
11:14everything to do with baptism it says in
11:16our Old Testament text in the beginning
11:18was you know in the beginning God
11:19created the heavens and the Earth and it
11:21says that the spirit was brooding over
11:24the waters right there’s that avian verb
11:27in the Hebrew and keep in mind where the
11:30spirit and the water are together in
11:32scripture this creation
11:34where spirit and water appeared together
11:36there’s creation so at the very
11:39beginning in the CR of the creation of
11:40our world there the spirit is brooding
11:43over the waters and then God says let
11:45there be light and there was light so
11:47this this is creation talk so
11:51and let me read it in the beginning of
11:53God created the heavens and the Earth
11:54the Earth was with form and void
11:56Darkness was over the face of the home
11:58over the deep and the spirit of God was
11:59brooding over the face of the waters God
12:01said let there be light and there was
12:02light and there’s creation when Noah
12:05released the dove to see if the Waters
12:06of the flood had subsided the dove
12:08hovered brooded over the Waters of the
12:10flood representing the beginning of a
12:13new creation so to speak and when Jesus
12:15is baptized notice this the spirit again
12:19appears with water and this should clue
12:22us into the fact that creation is
12:24happening Jesus is called the second
12:27Adam the firstborn of a new creation and
12:31when you were baptized yeah it may have
12:34been in this font when you were baptized
12:36the spirit was also present and you were
12:40born Anew born from above Born Again by
12:43water and the word and you were buried
12:45into Christ’s death and Resurrection
12:47your sins were washed away and because
12:50you are now in Christ
12:52you are a new creation and the reality
12:55of the fact is this is not some symbol
12:57this is a reality that changes
13:00we are a new creation we have been
13:03baptized we have been washed we have
13:05been United with Christ in his death and
13:07Resurrection all of this by water and
13:10the spirit combined together and the
13:12promises of God and his promises are
13:14true and certain which then is why Paul
13:17in our epistle text this morning asks
13:20this important question
13:22since we have been forgiven by what
13:25Christ has done our sins not held
13:27against us does this mean that we should
13:29go on sinning so that Grace may increase
13:32what a silly question what a ridiculous
13:35question that is and here’s what he says
13:37and notice how he talks about baptism
13:40by no means we died to sin how can we
13:46live in it any longer you think when did
13:50I die to sin ah well listen to what Paul
13:53says don’t you know that all of us who
13:56were baptized into Christ were baptized
14:00into his death
14:02we were therefore buried with him
14:04through baptism into death in order that
14:06just as Christ was raised from the dead
14:08to the glory of the father we too might
14:10live A New Life
14:13listen to that Paul’s not talking about
14:15baptism as something in the past in the
14:18rear view mirror that happened way back
14:20when and it has no implications on your
14:23life today
14:24he’s talking about your baptism as if it
14:26has some super real impact and so it’s
14:30as if it’s some super Kryptonite against
14:32super sin right this is the way he’s
14:35if we have been United with him in a
14:37death like his we will certainly also be
14:39United with him into the resurrection
14:40for We Know listen to this our old self
14:43was crucified with him so that the body
14:46of sin may be done away with that we
14:49should no longer be slaves to sin
14:51because anyone who has died has been
14:53freed from sin
14:55how many of you still have your
14:57baptismal certificate sitting somewhere
14:59in a Dusty room or you know in maybe in
15:03a lock box somewhere I don’t know if
15:04people keep them in a lock box but I
15:06want you to think of it this way this
15:08text makes it very clear that your
15:10baptismal certificate is in fact a death
15:15you’ve died with Christ
15:18that’s what this is saying now we’re
15:20just waiting for your body to catch up
15:22you’ve already been you’ve already been
15:24buried with Christ you’ve been raised
15:25with it and because you have died with
15:27Christ in the waters of your baptism sin
15:30no longer has Mastery and dominion over
15:33you this is what the text says
15:37we keep reading if we’ve died with
15:39Christ we believe that we will also live
15:41with him for we know that since Christ
15:42was raised from the dead he cannot die
15:44again death no longer has Mastery over
15:46him so the death he died he died to sin
15:48once for all but the life he lives he
15:50lives to God so in the same way count
15:53yourselves dead to sin but alive to God
15:58in Christ
16:00in other words Christ joined himself to
16:02sinners in his baptism to fulfill all
16:05righteousness you were joined to the
16:08righteous one by the spirit in the
16:10waters of your baptism and have now been
16:12born into the new creation your sin your
16:17guilt your bondage to the devil has all
16:19been broken by the spirits working
16:21through the waters of your baptism you
16:24are now dead to sin and you are alive to
16:27God in Christ so you don’t have to obey
16:28sin you don’t have to you can tell it to
16:30go take a hike so when the Devil comes
16:32knocking on your door and invites you to
16:34come and play in his playground of sin
16:36can you come out and play yeah
16:40what a sick puppy that guy is right he’s
16:42got an entire playground of sin all
16:44kinds of wonderful rides and it’s all
16:47slavery so when the Devil comes knocking
16:49on your door tell him that you’re no
16:52longer that you’re no longer his slave
16:55you tell the devil I’m not your slave
16:57anymore I have died with Christ
17:00in other words you inform That Old Devil
17:03I’m baptized it’s the same thing as when
17:07you know a guy in the office who’s
17:09married had and there’s some some lady
17:11in the office who’s making advances at
17:12him and he just simply says to that lady
17:15you see that right there
17:18I’m married
17:21be gone
17:24when the devil shows up trying to seduce
17:26you you say to him
17:29I’m baptized
17:31go away I don’t have to listen to you
17:36good way to think about it no not you
17:38were baptized I am I am baptized all of
17:41this water stuff is important
17:43now I’m going to end my sermon off with
17:46the words of the great Hymn of with a
17:49great Hymn of baptismal Defiance in fact
17:51we’re going to be singing this as our
17:52closing hymn today and I want you to
17:54become familiar with its words but I
17:56want you to notice that the the thread
17:58of defiance against the devil in these
18:00lyrics Because when we look at what’s
18:02going on in baptism there’s so many
18:04great promises associated with it and
18:07these are for you for your comfort for
18:09your strengthening to give you a
18:12foothold against the devil and
18:14everything that he would throw at you
18:16including the doubt of your salvation
18:18including his temptation to sin baptism
18:21is this powerful weapon that God has
18:23given us against the devil so listen to
18:25these words of this hymn that we will
18:27sing later God’s Own Child I gladly say
18:30it I am baptized into Christ he because
18:34I could not pay it gave my full
18:37Redemption price do I need Earth’s
18:39Treasures many no I have one worth more
18:42than any that brought me salvation free
18:44lasting to Eternity sin Disturbed my
18:48soul no longer
18:50I am baptized into Christ I have comfort
18:53even stronger Jesus’s cleansing
18:55sacrifice should again guilty conscience
18:58sees me since my baptism did release me
19:01in a dear forgiving flood sprinkling me
19:03with Jesus’s blood
19:05Satan hear this Proclamation I am
19:09baptized into Christ drop your ugly
19:12accusation I am not so soon enticed
19:16now that to the font I’ve traveled all
19:19your might devil has come unraveled and
19:22against your tyranny God my Lord unites
19:25with me
19:28think about that for a second
19:30all too often we do not think of Satan’s
19:34deceptions and everything that he’s up
19:36to as tyranny and that’s exactly what it
19:40sin is not Freedom it is slavery and
19:44it’s slavery to the ultimate Tyrant that
19:46has ever existed
19:50he does not entice you with sin in order
19:52to be your buddy
19:54or your best friend
19:56he entices you with sin in order to be
19:58the Tyrant Lord over you and to drag you
20:02into hell and Christ and his Mercy has
20:05given us forgiveness of sins and the
20:07sure and certain word regarding what he
20:10did to us in our baptism to use against
20:12the devil’s tyranny
20:14we continue death
20:17you cannot end my gladness I’m baptized
20:21into Christ
20:22when I die I leave all sadness to
20:25inherit Paradise though I lie in dust
20:28and Ash’s face Assurance brightly
20:30flashes baptism Has the strength Divine
20:33to make life a mortal mind
20:35there is nothing worth comparing to this
20:38lifelong Comfort Shore opened eyed My
20:41Grave is staring even there I’ll sleep
20:44secure though my flesh awaits its
20:46raising still my soul continues praising
20:49I am baptized into Christ I am a child
20:54of paradise
20:57and when you sing those words and you
20:59hear that first person I am baptized
21:02into Christ I am a child of paradise
21:06that’s you speaking you’re proclaiming
21:10this Defiance you’re proclaiming this
21:12promise you’re proclaiming these things
21:14to be true and true for you because
21:17Christ has given you penitent Faith to
21:19believe such great promise is done in
21:21such humble Waters
21:24so in the waters of the Jordan River
21:25Jesus unites with us in the waters of
21:29our baptism we are united to him what
21:32great news this is what comforting
21:34assurance that we have what a great
21:36weapon to use against the devil and we
21:38thank and praise God for such amazing
21:40gifts in such humble packages in the
21:43name of Jesus Amen
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