Sermon Transcript – We Need a Hero

1 Year Lectionary – Third Sunday in Lent – Sunday, March 20, 2022 | Pr. Chris Rosebrough

Welcome to the Teaching Ministry of Kongsvinger Lutheran Church. Kongsvinger is a beacon for the Gospel of Jesus Christ and is located on the plains of Northwestern Minnesota.
We proclaim Christ and Him crucified for our sins and salvation by grace through faith alone, and now, here’s a message from Pastor Chris Rosebrough:
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0:27The holy gospel according
0:29to saint luke the 11th chapter
0:39now Jesus was casting out a demon that
0:41was mute when the demon had gone out the
0:44mute man spoke and the people marveled
0:46but some of them said he casts out
0:48demons by beausable the prince of demons
0:51while others to test him kept seeking
0:53from him a sign from heaven but he
0:55knowing their thoughts said to them
0:57every kingdom divided against itself is
0:59laid waste and a divided household falls
1:03if satan is also divided against himself
1:05how will his kingdom stand for you say
1:08that i cast out demons by beausable and
1:10if i cast out demons by beelzebub by
1:12whom do your sons cast them out
1:15therefore they will be your judges but
1:17if it is by the finger of god that i
1:19cast out demons then the kingdom of god
1:21has come upon you when a strong man
1:23fully armed guards his own palace his
1:25goods are safe but when one’s stronger
1:27then he attacks him and overcomes him he
1:30takes away his armor in which he trusted
1:32and divides his spoils whoever is not
1:34with me is against me whoever does not
1:35gather with me scatters and when the
1:38unclean spirit has gone out of a person
1:39it passes through waterless places
1:41seeking rest and finding none it says i
1:44will return to my house from which i
1:46came and when it comes it finds a house
1:48swept and put in order and then it goes
1:50and brings seven other spirits more evil
1:52than itself and they enter and they
1:54dwell there and the last state of that
1:56person is worse than the first as he
1:58said these things a woman in the crowd
2:00raised her voice and said to him blessed
2:02is the womb that bore you and the breast
2:03that nursed which nursed you
2:06but he said blessed rather are those who
2:08hear the word of god and keep it this is
2:10the gospel of the lord in the name of
2:14amen all right there’s Jesus and he’s
2:16casting out a demon this is what Jesus
2:18does he’s come to set us free from the
2:20dominion of darkness hear the words of
2:22the apostle paul in some of the opening
2:25paragraphs of the book of colossians
2:28giving thanks to the father who has
2:30qualified you to share in the
2:33inheritance of the saints in light he
2:36has delivered us from the dominion of
2:38darkness he has transferred us to the
2:40kingdom of his beloved son in whom we
2:42have redemption and the forgiveness of
2:45our sins brothers and sisters sin is not
2:48something you are capable of releasing
2:49yourself from i’m not capable of
2:51releasing myself from it either in fact
2:54the devil is stronger than we are and
2:57there is no hope whatsoever if we want
3:00to go mono amano with the devil of us
3:02coming out the victors it just doesn’t
3:05work that way in fact if we don’t have a
3:08hero i seem to remember that that song
3:11from was it the 80s i need a hero right
3:14yeah we all need a hero we most
3:20the devil is stronger
3:22more powerful we have been put under his
3:25dominion and he isn’t about to let us go
3:28but here’s where the story gets
3:31note that in our old testament text
3:34there’s moses and aaron sent by god for
3:39what purpose to set the people of israel
3:42free from slavery to a false god king
3:46that’s what pharaohs were in this
3:48particular god king happened to have a
3:50uniform where he wore a snake hat he
3:52looked like a cobra guess who’s he’s who
3:54he is a stand-in for the devil right and
3:57you’ll note that in this account we have
4:01moses and aaron being told by god to
4:04stretch out their staff and strike the
4:06dust of the earth so that gnats come all
4:08over the land of egypt and when they did
4:11so the magicians of pharaoh tried to do
4:15that as well you’ll note that the first
4:17few plagues when moses like turned the
4:20water of the nile into blood apparently
4:24magicians of pharaoh could pull off
4:26something similar to that and pharaoh’s
4:28heart was hardened and so these guys get
4:31dutifully to work trying to figure out
4:33all right how do we get gnats to come
4:35out of the and they couldn’t do it
4:38they couldn’t do it
4:40and so they said to pharaoh this is the
4:42finger of god
4:44this is the finger of god and what’s the
4:47dude you’re outmatched you’re you’re
4:49actually going against god you need to
4:50back down you need to change direction
4:52you need to change course but pharaoh’s
4:54heart was hardened and he would not
4:56listen to them
4:57note the hard-hearted pharaoh guy now in
5:00our gospel text let’s kind of rework a
5:02couple of things Jesus will talk about
5:04the finger of god
5:06who’s the one who is the hard-hearted
5:08one in this account
5:11right it’s going to be those religious
5:13leaders and we know from the cross
5:16that the religious leaders they were um
5:19how do i put this
5:21they were pharisees
5:23and pharisees are not people who are
5:26into sound doctrine all right if you’ve
5:28ever heard anyone say you know it’s a
5:31really pharisaical of you to say that
5:33so-and-so is a false teacher okay that’s
5:35just nonsense pharisees were false
5:38teachers that’s exactly what they were
5:40they didn’t follow the bible alone they
5:42added to the bible the so-called oral
5:44torah right and they created a whole
5:46bunch of new commandments and claimed if
5:48you kept their commandments you would
5:49never break god’s commandments so let’s
5:51focus on these and they took people out
5:53of god’s word
5:55and well so now Jesus is casting out a
5:59demon and we learned also from the cross
6:01reference in matthew 24 that this fellow
6:02was also
6:04blind and if he’s mute good chance he’s
6:08deaf as well this is a fellow who is
6:10unable to see Christ he’s unable to hear
6:13Christ he’s unable to speak the glory of
6:15god this guy has really really been shut
6:18off all right this is the devil’s prey
6:20and here’s the thing he’s kind of a
6:22stand in for all of us if you think
6:24about it right we are born under the
6:26dominion of darkness we are born dead
6:29and trespasses and sins is it anywhere
6:31that Christ asks questions like do you
6:33not have eyes to see your ears to hear
6:36right because spiritually each and every
6:38one of us is well
6:40in darkness
6:41blind mute you get the point so Jesus
6:46cast out the demon and here come the
6:48slanderers all right some of them said
6:51well he casts out demons by beausable
6:54the prince of demons
6:57where’d you get that from
6:58right serious that’s that’s your
7:00explanation here a legitimate demonic
7:03casting out and these people they also
7:05saw Jesus
7:07heal other people of diseases cleanse
7:09lepers and things like this and so their
7:12explanation well definitely a miracle
7:14took place here there’s no denying that
7:16i mean this mute fellow is now praising
7:18god but no this wasn’t by the hand of
7:21god this had to be by beauzebo
7:24i always note
7:25that those who are able to speak the
7:27devil’s language fluently
7:30are not to be listened to what’s the
7:33language of the devil lies
7:35the devil is really good at lies false
7:38narratives and all this kind of stuff
7:39and Jesus is going to have none of it
7:42and others they were saying well well we
7:44need to see a sign from you from heaven
7:47well what was that that you just saw
7:50all right you saw this you saw a demon
7:52being cast out of this fellow and you
7:54want to see another sign
7:55so Jesus now takes on the slander takes
7:59on this false narrative and he says
8:01every kingdom that is divided against
8:03itself is laid waste a divided house
8:06falls just think of the devastation that
8:08occurred in the united states during the
8:10civil war think of syria right now not a
8:13nice neighborhood to live in right the
8:15civil wars have a tendency to tear
8:17countries apart that’s kind of his point
8:20and if this is really by the hand of the
8:22devil by beausable then well lucifer and
8:25bialzbo are going toe-to-toe now and
8:28there’s a civil war in the dominion of
8:31that doesn’t make any sense if satan is
8:33divided against himself how will his
8:35kingdom stand for you say that i cast
8:38out demons by beautiful if i cast demons
8:41out by beausebol who do your sons cast
8:44them out by
8:45and the point of that question is listen
8:47when your sons cast out demons you say
8:49praise god it’s the lord at work i cast
8:52them out demons right this doesn’t make
8:55any sense the hypocrisy is palpable and
8:58that’s what Christ is pointing out but
9:00here’s the thing the true gospel of
9:02Jesus Christ suffers all kinds of
9:06you confess Jesus in some parts of the
9:08world you’re dead
9:10you confess Jesus in churches that have
9:13abandoned the word of god they will
9:16absolutely put you out and accuse you of
9:19all kinds of mischief
9:21mischief and evil
9:22all right
9:23so you’ll know that’s kind of the lot of
9:25all of us Christ himself had to suffer
9:28by being slandered
9:30but he just takes it right on
9:32so he says well
9:33since you’re hypocrites your your own
9:35sons are going to be your judges but now
9:37here comes the kind of the nubbins
9:40but if it’s by the finger of god that i
9:42cast out demons then the kingdom of god
9:44has come upon you
9:47hmm that kind of invokes exodus 8 there
9:51and that’s really the point this is the
9:54finger of god and that’s the problem
9:58those under the dominion of darkness
9:59have hardened stoned hearts and they
10:02will not listen to this they will not
10:04see this and they’re not interested in
10:06any of this like pharaoh they have
10:08hardened their hearts but Christ has
10:10pointed out the kingdom of god has come
10:12upon you and then he says when a strong
10:14man fully armed guards his palace his
10:16goods are safe but when one’s stronger
10:19than he attacks him and overcomes him he
10:21takes away his armor in which he trusted
10:24and divides his spoils this is worth
10:26kind of unpacking here because you’ll
10:28note the strong man is a reference to
10:30the devil the one whom we are incapable
10:33of overcoming but that’s then the point
10:36because Jesus is the one who is stronger
10:39and by Jesus coming to earth being born
10:42of the virgin mary he has now come to
10:45attack and to overcome
10:48the strong man satan in other words
10:50Jesus is the stronger
10:55and this is good news for us because we
10:58who are enslaved and harassed persecuted
11:02made to suffer because of satan
11:05Christ has come into our world and we
11:08can say we are saved
11:11one stronger than the devil has come the
11:14one who was promised who would crush the
11:16head of the serpent he has arrived and
11:19he is come to take and divide the spoils
11:22of satan’s kingdom but do you think
11:24Jesus came to divide
11:26spoils like gold and silver and diamonds
11:29and jewels
11:32the spoils are you and i
11:35we are the spoils of war
11:38and Christ has now brought us
11:40into his kingdom and satan he ain’t
11:43going to be able to overcome Jesus
11:45because well satan’s not even close to
11:47as strong as Christ
11:48and so this is why Christ then says
11:50whoever is not with me is against me
11:54right you see the works that i’m doing
11:56and you attribute it to the devil you
11:58sit there and go well salvation really
12:00can’t be by grace through faith apart
12:02from works that’s just silly talk
12:05everybody knows that you’ve got to earn
12:08Jesus’s forgiveness by being intentional
12:11and trying harder and doing gooder and
12:13stuff you can’t trust what Jesus has
12:16done for you whoever is not
12:18with me is against me
12:20whoever doesn’t bring this doctrine
12:22brings doctrines of demons whoever does
12:24not gather with me
12:29then a little bit of aside i love it
12:31when the texts like don’t give me like
12:32those really tidy three-point little
12:35things that i can do then you have this
12:37like last bit at the end what do we do
12:39with this so Jesus said while Jesus said
12:42these things there’s this woman she
12:43cries out in the crowd and she raises
12:45her voice blast is the womb that bore
12:47you and the breasts that which you
12:49nursed ah first hint of mariology right
12:52mary all a tree
12:55all right now it’s absolutely true that
12:58what mary says when she
13:01gives the magnificat all generations
13:04will call her blessed but here’s the
13:06important bit
13:07mary’s good works
13:10don’t save you
13:12mary needed to be saved the same way
13:16that you and i are saved
13:19she just happened to be saved by her son
13:22we are saved by the fruit of her womb
13:24she truly bore god in her womb this is
13:27most certainly true but to focus on mary
13:30is to miss the whole point and you’re
13:32going to note then in this regard there
13:34isn’t a single biblical text that tells
13:37us to worship mary to pray to mary nor
13:40is there a single biblical text that
13:41says that mary persisted and continued
13:43to be a virgin the rest of her life
13:46nonsense it’s contrary to the idea that
13:50a man will leave his father and mother
13:51and cleave to his wife and the two will
13:53become one flesh you see mary had a
13:56normal marriage just like everybody else
13:58so when you focus in on mary you kind of
14:01miss the whole point and so Jesus just
14:04nips that right in the bud and says yeah
14:06no blessed rather are those who hear the
14:08word of god and guard it and keep it and
14:11the word of god calls us all to repent
14:14the word of god tells us listen
14:17sin isn’t really kind of a small thing
14:20it’s far worse than you can possibly
14:23imagine in fact your state before god as
14:26a result of being in the dominion of
14:28darkness is not a minor thing
14:31it’s mortal you are powerless
14:34you cannot save yourself you are not
14:37your own hero you are a participant in
14:40the works of darkness and you have
14:43earned the same punishment as the devil
14:45himself has
14:47and if Christ were to come and exercise
14:50judgment over you in that state
14:53well then you’ll suffer the same fate as
14:54the devil
14:56the word of god tells us that god is
14:58merciful and kind slow to anger
15:01abounding in steadfast love and it’s not
15:03his will that any should perish even you
15:06and so hearing the word of god calls us
15:08to recognize and to confess our
15:13in saving ourselves our inability
15:17to conquer the devil and to call out to
15:20the stronger of the strong men
15:22Jesus who conquers the devil
15:25takes his spoils
15:27plunders his kingdom
15:29and pray to him that he would do the
15:32same for you because he has
15:35he has transferred you from the dominion
15:36of darkness all by his mercy in grace he
15:39is the one who has qualified you to be
15:42to receive an inheritance
15:44in the kingdom of light and so it’s then
15:47in that regard then that we hear the
15:49apostle paul saying because we have been
15:51saved because we have been well taken
15:54captive by Jesus we’ve been despoiled is
15:58that a word as as when it comes to the
16:00spoils of the devil and brought into the
16:02kingdom of his light that we then in
16:04repentance walk as children of the light
16:08because we are
16:09because the stronger of the strong men
16:11has made us so so indeed blessed are
16:13those who hear the word of god who keep
16:15it confess their sins and cry out to god
16:19to grant the holy spirit its power to
16:22mortify our sinful flesh so that we
16:24might walk as the children of light that
16:26we already are
16:28it’s good stuff now regarding that sign
16:31oh those guys wanted signs right Jesus
16:34kind of gives a little bit of a final
16:35shot it’s not in our gospel text but
16:37it’s right here so i might as well just
16:39throw it in it’s a bonus i won’t even
16:41charge extra for it so
16:44here’s what Christ says to those who
16:46a sign he says it’s an evil it’s an evil
16:49and adulterous generation that seeks for
16:51a sign
16:52evil adulteress that no sign will be
16:55given to it except for the sign of jonah
16:58sign of jonah for as jonah became
17:00assigned to the people of nina so will
17:02the son of man be assigned to this
17:05and how was jonah a sign
17:08for the people of nineveh well if you
17:11jonah was
17:13three days
17:14inside the belly of a fish
17:17right three days three nights that just
17:19had to be awful just saying
17:22just like jonah was spit up
17:25kind of foreshadowing Christ’s
17:27resurrection well death itself could not
17:30hold Jesus in fact a good way to think
17:33of it is is that when Christ was
17:35swallowed up by death after he was
17:37crucified for our sins poor death
17:39suffered a bellyache
17:41couldn’t stand it couldn’t didn’t feel
17:44i can’t oh i can’t keep Jesus down and
17:46blood then just burped him right up
17:50that’s kind of the point right that’s
17:53the sign
17:54and so that’s the sign that that
17:56generation has received it’s the sign
17:58that we all received the fact that
18:02not only despoiled the devil just was
18:05stronger than him took away those who
18:08were under his control and smashed him
18:11to pieces on the cross
18:12Jesus even conquered death and death
18:15couldn’t even keep him down
18:17stronger than the devil stronger than
18:20stronger than our sin this Jesus is
18:24amazing trust in him he loves you he
18:27cares for you and the sign of his
18:30resurrection is proof that he is who he
18:33claimed to be and that he is the hero
18:36that we’ve all longed for and waited for
18:39and we are truly saved in the name of
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