Sermon Transcript – Wedding Prep for a Post Apocalyptic World

1 Year Lectionary – Last Sunday of the Church Year – Sunday, November 20, 2022 | Pr. Chris Rosebrough

Welcome to the Teaching Ministry of Kongsvinger Lutheran Church. Kongsvinger is a beacon for the Gospel of Jesus Christ and is located on the plains of Northwestern Minnesota.
We proclaim Christ and Him crucified for our sins and salvation by grace through faith alone, and now, here’s a message from Pastor Chris Rosebrough:
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0:22The holy Gospel
0:29According to Saint Matthew the 25th chapter foreign
0:39Jesus said the kingdom of heaven will be like ten virgins who took their lamps and went to meet the bridegroom five of
0:47them were foolish and five were wise for when the foolish took the LA their lamps
0:52they took no oil with them but the wise took flasks of oil with their lamps and as the bridegroom was delayed they all
0:59became drowsy and slept but at midnight there was a cry here is the bridegroom
1:04come out to meet him then all those virgins Rose and trimmed their lamps and the foolish said to the wise give us
1:10some of your oil for our lamps are going out but the wise answered saying since there will not be enough for us and for
1:16you go rather to the dealers and buy for yourselves and why they were going to buy the bridegroom came and those who
1:22were ready went in with him to the marriage feast and the door was shut afterward the the other virgins all came
1:29also saying Lord Lord open to us but he answered truly I say to you I do not know you watch therefore for you know
1:36neither the day nor the hour this is the gospel possible of the Lord in the name of Jesus
1:44y’all ever participated in a wedding rehearsal kind of an important thing you
1:49know weddings are a big deal right and and rehearsals are the time when family comes together all the people who are
1:56participating in the wedding who are flying in from out of town the Bridesmaids the groomsmen and the pastor
2:03sometimes it’s a time to kind of make sure that we got all of our eyes dotted our T’s crossed so that we don’t mess
2:10things up right and one of my favorite pastors who’s now with Christ Pastor Ron
2:16Hotel he would always do this thing he had this this tradition he would do during wedding rehearsals when they
2:22would do the procession in and everybody would get into their places and they got to the part where If This Were the real
2:29wedding right he would actually have some words to say and he would always do this it was always fun he would go
2:35marriage marriage is today right and it was everybody would
2:42just lose it it was just the funniest thing ever and boy do I miss pastor hodle and his right a sense of humor
2:49what a wonderful fellow but all of that being said here’s the point you’ll note
2:54that our Parable in Our Gospel text today is a parable about virgins and a
3:00wedding Feast that they’re getting ready to go to right and that being the case think of this text as kind of like a
3:07wedding rehearsal and the sad part is is that there are five foolish among these
3:12these young ladies and there are five who are wise now we’re going to have to interpret this biblically when we talk
3:19about foolishness we must interpret foolishness the way scripture interprets foolishness so who is it that says in
3:27their heart that there is no God is it the wise is it the Learned is it
3:34the scholar is it the one who runs the Nobel Peace Prize no it’s the fool who
3:40says in his heart there is no God that’s foolishness and when we consider
3:47wisdom scripture is very clear the fear of the Lord the fear of God is the beginning of wisdom and here then begins
3:55to Mark how we’re going to look at this Parable which I think again is a lot like a wedding rehearsal we need to know
4:02where our parts are and what we need to bring to this wedding Feast that we’ve all been invited to and by the way we’ve
4:08all been invited to this wedding Feast earlier in the gospel of Matthew we didn’t cover it in this electionary but
4:15earlier in the gospel of Matthew there is a parable that Jesus tells about a king who has prepared a wedding feast
4:21and he sends out notifications to all the a-listers the people who were initially invited to let them know I’ve
4:28prepared the wedding feasts were ready come on down let’s do this thing right and people would say yeah you know um I
4:36just bought some uh Twitter stock and you know I need to check my portfolio
4:41um and I just bought a cow and would you know what just got married and well me and the misses were still on the
4:47honeymoon you know and so nobody on the A-list wanted to come and the King was a little miffed about this right so what
4:55does the king do he tells his servants you go out and you invite everybody right just invite everybody and so they
5:02do the servants go out and they go on a hill and dale and Street and Avenue and
5:08everybody is invited and I mean everybody from the town drunk the town hooker the the druggies the the cobbler
5:15the the baker the Candlestick maker everybody’s invited and don’t worry about the clothes because when you show
5:22up you all get Armani suits and wonderful dresses and things like this everything the the king doesn’t spare a
5:30single expense right so note this we’re all invited to the wedding Feast of the
5:36lamb and the people who are not ready and who do not end up there it’s just
5:42complete and utter foolishness remember this God doesn’t really damn
5:49people people damn themselves and that’s kind of the point here you
5:56don’t want to be saved you don’t want to trust in Christ you don’t want to be forgiven you don’t want to have eternal
6:02life fine have it your way right it’s foolishness
6:08but that’s well the reality despite the fact that Christ has bled and died for
6:14the sins of the whole world and that everybody from Adam and Eve all the way to the last person born at the End of
6:21the Age everybody is invited to the wedding Feast of the Lamb
6:26sadly a great number of them will not be there so five were wise five were
6:33foolish and when the foolish they took their lamps they took no oil with them but the wise they took Flats of oil with
6:39their lambs and it’s always kind of fun when I when I do my sermon prep you know I like seeing how other people have
6:45handled this text and there’s some pretty miserable sermons out there and always the question is because everybody
6:51knows the big deciding factors do you have oil or not right and and of course
6:58we all kind of know that that’s what’s going on here and so we want to make sure we have that oil because you
7:03wouldn’t want to show up without oil that seems to be the deciding factor as to whether things go
7:09positively or negatively for you so what is it how is one saved are they saved by doing
7:18gooder are being intentional by trying harder this time Jesus I’m Gonna Shine
7:25myself up and I’m gonna be the shiniest penny in your little coin bag because I
7:30can I really can be good this time Jesus I mean it this time right is that is
7:37that how we’re saved by our good works no I I must tell you you cannot be good
7:45enough you can’t and you’re gonna know every one of these virgins they’re virgins which is kind of an interesting
7:52thing if you think about it how does one become a virgin again
7:57it well this is not talking about that kind of virginity it’s talking about spiritual virginity of actually being
8:04forgiven so everybody in this Parable has been virginized by the shed blood of
8:10Christ Christ has died for the sins of the whole world so what then is the oil do you believe
8:17this or not do you think that you were our sinner in need of Grace and forgiveness and mercy
8:24or do you think that you’re just okay that I I can make it on my own thanks for the offer Jesus but really it’s I’m
8:32not that bad right and you’re going to note here here’s the sad bit
8:37is that there are plenty of people who show up to church who do not have oil
8:43they legitimately do not have faith they come to church with the attitude like this well God requires me to go to
8:50church well it says in the scriptures you shall not you got to keep the Sabbath day holy right so we’ve got to
8:56go to church so I went to church you see I got that checked off my list did you see what I did there God I went
9:03to church I expect my brownie points and my rewards thank you God right and and
9:08so that’s how people come to church they come to church with this attitude I got to do the thing so I did the thing so God has to bless me right
9:15but you’re gonna know they don’t have any faith Cain had that same idea if you
9:20read back in the Book of Genesis Cain and Abel right Cain offered a salad to
9:26God which by the way you can do that there are grain offerings and things like this he offered the first fruits of
9:31his produce as a farmer to God and Abel offered up well a sacrifice of an animal
9:38of a sheep of a lamb and it says in the text that God had regard for Abel and
9:45then his sacrifice but God had no regard for Cain you know why because Cain had
9:50no faith he was going through all the religious motions I offered an offering
9:57to God he told me he wanted an offering I gave him an offering here you go God did he have faith in God
10:04no not at all Hebrews makes that clear Abel’s the one who had faith and God had regard for
10:11Abel and so we’re going to note the scriptures are clear if a law had been given by which men must be saved then we
10:17would be saved by the law but by the law no human being will be justified in God’s sight you cannot be good enough
10:25you cannot be holy enough righteous enough for anything even close to that all of us scripture describes us as well
10:33dead in trespasses and sins all of us are ungodly all of us need to be
10:39forgiven so the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom and that fear recognizes that I’m a sinner you’re a
10:46sinner and that we cannot on our own merits earn salvation and eternal life
10:51instead God has seen fit in his great Mercy to send his son to bleed and to
10:58die for your sins and mine who are enemies of God and we are ungodly and
11:04God has sent Jesus to be the all-sufficient propitiatory sacrifice so
11:10that we can be reckoned righteous us because he was reckoned sinful in our place you’ll note that Jesus lays down
11:17his life for his bride the church and he washes away her sins and makes her clean
11:23and he clothes her in white what royal wedding gowns all because of his great
11:29love and mercy and he does this as a gift but the foolish
11:35they don’t they don’t think they need faith faith yeah that’s no big deal I’m not that bad it’s a mere flesh wound
11:41don’t be so dramatic right again it’s just utter foolishness
11:47so the bridegroom was delayed the text says and we’re going to note
11:53the intention of Christ was to be delayed that’s kind of the point it’s been
11:58almost 2 000 years now next year is 2023. 10 years from that is the 2 000 year
12:07anniversary of the death burial resurrection and Ascension of Jesus Christ two thousand years that’s quite a
12:13delay you know I know a thing or two about delays when I was a kid my mother and father they divorced and my mom you
12:20know when you when you are a single mother you kind of have to take your kids everywhere with you when you when you go places it’s kind of a requirement
12:27because you can’t leave them too much unattended but from time to time my mom would cheat right she would actually
12:32leave us in the car unattended if she was going to go into a place real quick and come out but sometimes she would get
12:38delayed what she thought was going to be quick ends up turning into a delay and one time oh well my mother made the
12:43mistake we were in her duster do you guys remember Dodge dusters what a miserably awful cards those things were
12:49the ugly terrible they were just but they were cheap okay a single mom can
12:55afford a duster so we were in a parking lot and my mom ran into this place I don’t know if it was a bank or something
13:01like that left my brother and I AI in the car unattended and she said these fatal words I’ll be right back
13:08and she wasn’t okay she was delayed and while she was delayed I decided this was
13:15time you know I was five years old and it’s a high time that I learned how to take a car out of park and put it into
13:21neutral okay and I succeeded
13:26I was able to yank that pull that thing over drag it down to neutral and guess
13:31what we weren’t on a level parking lot and so much to my surprise
13:38during my mom’s delay um we well my brother and I and this duster just drifted down this hill and
13:45crashed into the wall of the building that my mom was in thankfully no the damage wasn’t that
13:51great but everything got foggy after that in my memory because I think there was a spanking and things like this
13:57involved in it but delays delays are these things where Mischief can happen right so note here Christ says he’s
14:05going to be delayed I don’t know when Jesus is going to show up I don’t know if it’s next Thursday I don’t know if
14:10he’s showing up 500 years from now it’s none of my business and if Jesus shows up 500 years from now guess what you’re
14:17all dead long dead by that time right so the end of the world happens either when
14:23Jesus shows up or when you Crump it’s just gonna be this way right so get used
14:28to your fleeting life it’s going quickly anyway so the question is do you have
14:33lamp oil in your lamp do you trust Christ yes or no he’s delayed so note
14:39sometimes sometimes things just go that way and Jesus anticipates all of this
14:45and says that all of these virgins that they became drowsy and they slept and
14:51this is not talking about the sleep of sin okay because in chapter 24 Jesus
14:56talks about be sure to stay awake okay he says stay awake here but this isn’t the sleep that he’s talking about in
15:02chapter 24 staying awake in chapter 24 has to do with not falling asleep again
15:08in your sin right have you guys ever taken um Benadryl
15:14holy smokes that stuff should be made illegal okay I remember one time I was
15:19having seasonal allergies it was the spring until the pollen was getting into my head and I was at a friend’s house
15:25and I was sneezing and I was just miserable and they said oh I have the perfect thing for you oh what is it Benadryl cool I’ll take some Benadryl
15:32it’ll clear you right up okay he gave it to me at one in the afternoon I woke up
15:37somewhere around seven or eight and it was dark okay because that stuff just puts you right out right that’s see
15:45think I’ve been thinking of Benadryl like the sleep of sin okay you want to you want to engage in your sin you you
15:52don’t want to stay awake you want to you want to feed the beast well you’re gonna fall asleep and sin is much more toxic
16:00than Benadryl and it’ll knock you out pretty hard Christ says stay awake but here the sleep that is being referred to
16:07in Matthew 25 is the sleep of death this is something that’s going to happen to
16:13all of us so it’s a different kind of sleep so at midnight there was a cry here’s
16:18the bridegroom come out to meet him then all those virgins Rose and trimmed their lamps and the foolish said to the wise
16:24give us some of your oil for our lamps are going out well yeah duh you didn’t bring any oil
16:30with you then the wise answered saying well since there will not be enough for us and for you go rather to the dealers
16:36and buy for yourselves and here we can see the complete foolishness of this
16:42entire thing you’re going to note here you cannot believe in Jesus for somebody
16:47else all right you just can’t and being a Christian is not like having an heirloom
16:54all right there are no and I mean this there are no grandparents in the kingdom
17:00of God there just aren’t all right you can’t say well I’m a Christian because my mom was a Christian and my my
17:06grandparents were Christians so therefore I’m a Christian it doesn’t work that way everybody is a Christian
17:11by virtue of the fact that they trust and have faith in Christ for the
17:17Forgiveness of their sins and you cannot believe for another person you can’t
17:22it’s impossible you either believe or you don’t believe and it doesn’t matter if your wife believes your husband
17:27believes your mother believes your father believes you if you don’t believe you don’t have any oil
17:32and you’re going to note here this is where the terrifying aspect of this comes in today is the day of
17:39salvation you cannot tell me with certainty that you will even be here tomorrow nor can I
17:46and you’re going to note that when Jesus returns or when you die the day of
17:52salvation is done the door is shut it cannot be opened no prayers after that
17:58are going to Avail no repentance or crying and weeping will have any Avail
18:03Isaiah puts it this way in Isaiah 55 seek the Lord while he may be found call
18:10upon him while he is near and I assure you he is near right now scripture says
18:15where two or more gathered Christ is present Christ is here today to forgive you of all of your sins and give you
18:22eternal life as a gift so let the wicked forsake his ways let the unrighteous man
18:28forsake his thoughts let him return to the Lord so that God may have compassion
18:33on him and to our God for he will abundantly pardon and that’s the thing
18:38even though your sins be a Scarlet Christ will wash away all of your sins and make you white as so snow so today
18:46today is the day of salvation there’s a day when the door will be shut the day when it will be too late and if you
18:53allow that day to creep up on you unawares it’s like well showing up at a
18:58wedding that you were supposed to be in but you even weren’t even there for the rehearsal you don’t even know that you were supposed to bring oil
19:04right so that day is coming but today right now the the
19:12sellers of oil are still have their shops open who are the sellers of oil last time we
19:19talked about this I made it clear I’m one of them where do we get oil
19:24answer we get it from the scriptures from the writings of the prophets and the apostles faith comes by hearing
19:33hearing by the word of Christ today oil is being given to you free Gratis by
19:42this pastor I am a seller of oil we never charge for it always and again
19:48salvation and Faith these are a free gift given by God and this is the only place these are the only places where
19:55God’s word is Faithfully preached and taught where you can receive the oil of God to put into your lamp and he gives
20:02it to you for free and so the foolish virgins decide at midnight who’s going to have their Church open at midnight on
20:10the day of Jesus’s return by the way the day Jesus shows up Khan’s Winger is done all right it’s served its purpose yeah
20:19you remember watching the the Artemis rocket take off this week right those two booster rockets on the side once it
20:26got to a particular altitude those things dropped off and fell away Kong’s Winger serves its purpose now to make
20:33disciples of all Nations and to baptize and to teach all that Christ is commanded but when Christ returns this
20:41church is as useless as a booster rocket that has spent all of its fuel
20:46it served its purpose there’s nothing more that we can do for you or for anybody else on the day that Christ
20:53returns or the day you die so the foolish virgins they head off
20:59into the night to go look for somebody who would sell them oil and while they were going the bridegroom
21:06came those who were ready went in with him to the marriage feast and the door was shut afterwards the other virgins
21:13came also saying Lord Lord open to us but he answered truly I say to you I
21:18don’t know you watch therefore you know neither the day nor the hour now when
21:24people hear those phrases you don’t know the day or the hour or that when Jesus returns it’s going to be like a thief in
21:29the night oftentimes those words are spoken as if they’re somehow supposed to be like a lightning bolt from Heaven
21:35that creates kind of anxiety and Terror inside of you but here’s where our epistle text is super helpful you’re
21:41going to note the Apostle Paul talks about the fact that Jesus’s return is going to be just like a thief in the
21:47night but he’s not sitting here trying to terrorize you Christians no he’s actually trying to comfort you because
21:53here’s the thing if you have faith in Christ are you ready for Jesus’s return
22:02yeah is there anything else that you need to take care of nope not a thing not one thing at all so
22:10if you were to step outside slip on a frozen banana peel and hit your head on the sidewalk and die okay
22:17after church do you have anything to fear
22:22now if Jesus shows up this afternoon is there a football game for the Vikings
22:29today if there is I’ll pray for you I just you know um but if you’re watching the Vikings football game today and you
22:35have a heart attack and you die which could happen because you’re watching the wrong team okay
22:44but if that happens is do you have anything to fear
22:49no if Jesus shows up does like do you have anything to fear nothing
22:54so listen to what Paul says concerning the times and the seasons Brothers you have no need to have
23:00anything written to you you yourselves are fully aware that the day of the Lord will come like a thief in the night
23:06while people are saying there’s peace there’s security then sudden destruction
23:11will come upon them as labor pains come on a pregnant woman and they will not Escape but watch this but you are not in
23:19darkness you’re not in darkness Brothers for that day to surprise you like a thief for you
23:24all are children of light you are the children of the day we are not of the
23:29night or of the darkness so you’ll note Paul’s making it very clear yeah it’s true Jesus’s return is gonna be like a
23:35thief in the night if you’re a foolish unbelieving virgin
23:41but if you trust in Jesus and you really legitimately have called out to him to
23:47have mercy on you and he’s forgiven you of all of your sins well when he shows up it’s not going to
23:54be like a thief in the night for you you are already children now children now of not the darkness but of the light of the
24:01day so then let us not sleep as others do but let us keep awake and let us be
24:07sober those who sleep sleep at night those who get drunk get drunk at night but since we already now belong to the
24:14day let us let us be sober having put on the breastplate
24:20of faith and love and for a helmet the hope of salvation for God has not
24:26descent this destined us for Wrath those are important words note here
24:32Destiny right destined God has not destined you or I or anyone who trusts
24:39in Christ that he is not destined us for wrath instead he has destined us to
24:45obtain salvation through our Lord Jesus Christ who died for us so that whether
24:52we are awake or asleep in death we might live with him and therefore encourage
24:59one another and build one another up just as you are doing brothers and sisters there isn’t a sin that you’ve
25:05committed that hasn’t been atoned for by Christ vicarious death on the cross for you so because we know that Jesus is
25:13returning note this then we are encouraged to what cast off the works of darkness to live as children of the day
25:20that is Dawning you’ll note that when the world was created it always begins in darkness there was evening and then
25:27there was mourning the first day there was evening and there was mourning the second day and on and on right and how
25:34did Jews reckon days the new day began when the sun set the new day always
25:40begins in darkness and I think there’s a significance to this because you know each and every one of us we were born in
25:46the darkness of sin the day that we are living in right now is well we’re not
25:52quite through the darkness yet but there’s a day coming when Jesus will
25:58Dawn and we will see the Son of God with our own eyes and so we know that that’s
26:04the case so Paul is admonishing us to live like children of the day now
26:10even in the midst of the darkness of this world that we live in and when we live as children of the day then our
26:17good works shine before our neighbors as a testimony to the faithfulness and the
26:22mercy and the grace of God and with that one last thing we have to work in our Isaiah text here
26:29so having prepared now you are now thoroughly prepared we’ve done the wedding uh the wedding rehearsal for the
26:37thing that’s coming you know that you guys need to bring your oil trust in Christ everything will go well for you
26:42here we need to talk about something over and again the end of the world is described as what the apocalypse right
26:50and you’ll note that Hollywood has their own ideas about what a
26:56post-apocalyptic world looks like right a post-apocalyptic world looks like
27:01something like the Planet of the Apes right where things where civilization has disappeared monkeys have taken over
27:07and the Statue of Liberty lies in ruins in the Sands of of the Hudson river
27:13right or post-apocalyptic world like all the cities have been ruined and wrecked it’s
27:19Mad Max and things like this or you got zombies running around and it’s always described in the most awful terrible
27:25everything’s out of control kind of scenarios right hog wash couldn’t be more wrong
27:33okay you guys want to know what a post-apocalyptic world looks like we look at our Old Testament text here’s
27:41what a post-apocalyptic world looks like because you know all those other scenarios they’re ungodly they don’t
27:47recognize that the apocalypse is brought on by Christ in order to bring about the new heavens and the new Earth and here’s
27:54what our text says behold I create new heavens and a new Earth the former
28:00things shall not be remembered or even come to mind but be glad and rejoice
28:06forever in that which I create for behold I create Jerusalem to be a joy and her people to be a gladness I will
28:15rejoice in Jerusalem and be glad in my people no more shall be heard in it the sound of weeping and the Cry of distress
28:23no more shall there be in an infant who lives but a few days or an old man who
28:29does not fill out his days they shall build houses and inhabit them they shall
28:34plant Vineyards and eat their fruit they shall not build in another inhabit they shall not plant and another eat for like
28:41the days of a tree shall the days of my people be and My Chosen shall long enjoy
28:47the work of their hands they shall not labor in vain or bear children for
28:53Calamity they shall be The Offspring of the Blessed of Yahweh and their descendants with them
28:58before they call I will answer and while they are yet speaking I will hear the
29:04wolf and the lamb will graze together the lion shall eat straw like the ox and
29:10the dust shall be the Serpent’s food they shall not hurt or destroy in all of my Holy Mountain says the Lord that’s
29:18with a post-apocalyptic world looks like Paradise restored Paradise forgiven we
29:27lost it because of our sin and Rebellion against God and God in his Rich Grace
29:33and in his Mercy gives it back to us and he gives it to the whole earth listen in
29:40Revelation it says then I saw the new Heaven and the new Earth the first Heaven and the first Earth had passed
29:45away the sea was no more I saw the holy city in the New Jerusalem coming down out of Heaven from God prepared as a
29:52bride adorned for her husband and I heard a loud voice from the throne saying Behold The Dwelling Place of God
29:58is with man he will dwell with them and they will be his people and God himself will be them with them as their God and
30:06he will wipe away every tear from their eyes Death Shall be no more neither shall there be mourning nor crying or
30:13pain anymore for the form or things have passed away
30:19and Jesus said the one who was the on the Thrones says behold I am making all things new
30:29the end of the world is not something to fear the end of the world is something to
30:36look forward to for those outside of Christ it is a day of Terror and darkness and Thick Smoke
30:43weeping and gnashing of teeth and of the wrath of God but for all who in Christ
30:49is the day of rejoicing a day of new beginnings the first order of business
30:54is a blowout party where God has fitted all the bills and the wine from what I hear is going to be spectacular all
31:02right and the food absolutely amazing first order of business and then new
31:08Heavens new Earth A World Without End a world without death a world without pain
31:14no crying and we can see our God finally face to face that is what the
31:21post-apocalyptic world really is like so how does one get there
31:27only by faith repent of your works of darkness recognize that you have sinned
31:34grievously against God say the truth about yourself that you are a sinner and cry out to God for
31:41mercy and he will forgive today is the day of salvation and he richly Pardons and Promises all
31:48of this to give to you as a gift as an inheritance because of his great love
31:53and mercy and Grace for you and me sinners
31:58and those who perish they do so foolishly
32:04that’s their own choice they’re right they don’t have to be forgiven nobody has to be forgiven and no one has to
32:11trust in Christ if they don’t want to but let us not be foolish but let us be wise and let our hope be in the one
32:18who’s going to bring this new Earth and who is going to give it to us as a wedding gift in the name of Jesus Amen
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