Sermon Transcript – We’ve All Been Virginized

Series A – Twenty-Third Sunday after Pentecost – Sunday, November 8, 2020 | Pr. Chris Rosebrough

Welcome to the Teaching Ministry of Kongsvinger Lutheran Church. Kongsvinger is a beacon for the Gospel of Jesus Christ and is located on the plains of Northwestern Minnesota.
We proclaim Christ and Him crucified for our sins and salvation by grace through faith alone, and now, here’s a message from Pastor Chris Rosebrough:
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0:28the holy gospel according to saint matthew the 25th chapter [Music]
0:40Jesus said the kingdom of heaven will be like 10 virgins who took their lamps and went to meet the bridegroom
0:47five of them were foolish five were wise for when the foolish took their lamps
0:52they took no oil with them but the wise took flasks of oil with their lamps as the bridegroom was delayed they all
0:58became drowsy and they slept but at midnight there was a cry here is the bridegroom come out to meet him
1:05then all those virgins rose and trim their lamps and the foolish said to the wise give us
1:10some of your oil for our lamps are going out but the wise answered saying since there will not be enough for
1:16us and for you go rather to the dealers to buy for yourselves and while they were going to buy the
1:22bridegroom came and those who were ready went in with him to the marriage feast and the door
1:27was shut afterwards the virgins the other virgins came also saying lord lord open to us but he answered
1:35truly i say to you i do not know you watch therefore for you do not know neither the day
1:40nor the hour this is the gospel of the lord in the name of Jesus
1:47all right listen to these words tail end of our epistle text today encourage one another with these words
1:54we’ve steered into that portion of the church here where we spend a couple of weeks looking at the end of the world and i
2:01will say this i always kind of point this out that eschatology is one of these things eschatology it means the study of the
2:08last things the study of the last days eschatology is one of these things where
2:14many people in wingnut whacker doodlism have well claimed that they have cracked per
2:20certain codes in the bible and have been able to play the game of pin the tale on the antiChrist
2:26and always and again they seem to get it wrong currently the whole world or a lot of
2:32portions of the church world are abuzz postulating speculating is trump the antiChrist or
2:38is he cyrus is biden and kamala harris the antiChrist or in league with the devil who is the
2:45man of lawlessness and all this stuff is nonsense you’ll note that the apostle paul at no
2:51point in his career as an apostle gave weekly prophetic updates regarding emperor nero
2:57it just wasn’t on his radar and the reason being is this is that Christ has given us exactly what
3:04we need in order to patiently persevere in the end times and the thing that we
3:11need the most in the persecution the suffering the difficulties the temptation of this life
3:17of ours the thing we need the most is hope we need hope have you taken a look at the world
3:24around us it’s utterly broken have you taken a look at your own life you are utterly broken
3:31i am tragically fractured and broken by sin beyond repair i cannot
3:37repair it myself that being the case we need some hope we sinners who know that we
3:42stand guilty before god we need hope we need hope that there is mercy we need
3:49hope that there is forgiveness we need hope that there is love we need hope that there is something better than this
3:56that this this world that is so broken and fractured is not
4:02all there is that there’s something more and that’s the point of eschatology
4:08the eschatology teaches us that there is hope that there is a new world coming and
4:13that Christ has redeemed each and every one of us pardoned and forgive them
4:19forgiven us clothed us in his righteousness and the most amazing thing ever
4:24is that we collectively as the church we are the bride of Christ cherished
4:32and loved and i don’t know if you’ve noticed but love seems to be severely missing
4:39in this world severely missing i i find it odd i don’t make an apology about this i
4:47enjoy photography photography is a artistic expression and there are
4:52certain people whom i follow on youtube who i respect as artists as photographers
4:58and i am blown away by the absolute hatred and vitriol
5:05that i see in the comments section of videos that are designed to teach you how
5:12to show beauty in the world it’s just unbelievable but the thing is it’s not
5:18out there only it’s in here inside of me and so as we consider these
5:24texts today i’m going to switch up my style just a little bit we’re going to do a
5:29little bit of a more bible study look at our gospel text and we’re going to weave
5:35in our epistle text together because as paul says encourage one another with these words
5:43biblical eschatology rightly grounded in a proper understanding of god’s law
5:48and the forgiveness that is in Christ because of the gospel the good news that he has bled and died for us
5:54encourages us so let’s take a look at matthew 25 verses 1 to 13. this is a parable that
6:00is terribly misused and abused by people who do not rightly understand law and gospel sin and grace and
6:06forgiveness of sins and always and again in these texts they try to
6:12either intentionally or even unintentionally sneak in this idea that we are saved by
6:18our works or saved by our sanctification and when Christ says words like watch
6:25therefore you know neither the day or the hour he is not in all implying that you will not be
6:33saved if you don’t clean up your act
6:38have you repented enough have you borne enough of the fruit of the spirit that’s
6:45not the point and so as we consider this text we’re going to tear this apart like i
6:52said a little bit more bible study style so that we can understand the imagery that is in this parable
6:58and see if there’s any hope for us in it because in reality if you rightly understand this
7:04and you do not sacrifice the biblical doctrine of salvation by
7:09grace through faith apart from works there is much here to encourage and to comfort us
7:16Jesus said the kingdom of heaven will be like ten virgins who took their
7:22lamps and went to meet the bridegroom five of them were foolish
7:27five were wise now there’s a lot going on here so let’s tear this apart
7:34ten virgins the ten virgins here clearly are representative if you would of the whole world of every
7:42human being we’re all represented here and i would note that if you’re trying to figure out
7:47how many people will be saved and how many people will be damned by this parable you’d come up with a 50-50 split
7:55but in next week’s parable it’s a two-thirds one-third two-thirds saved one-third damned you see
8:00Christ isn’t giving us some kind of way of figuring out how many people are in the great
8:05multitude of those who are saved that’s not the point instead we hear something here that is
8:12quite encouraging and i want you to consider the implications the kingdom of heaven will be like 10
8:20virgins now the implications of what Christ is saying here in regards to calvinism are actually
8:27quite devastating according to calvinism Christ has only died for the elect
8:33but the reality is this by Christ describing everybody on planet earth
8:40as a virgin that means that Christ’s death on the cross was
8:46for everyone in fact a good way to think of it is is that his
8:52all-sufficient sacrifice was truly for the sins of the whole world
8:57so when you hear passages in scripture that say of Christ behold the lamb of god who takes away
9:03the sin of the world then you know that Christ has bled and died for all
9:08or in john first john john says that Christ has died for our sins but not only for our sins but for the sins of
9:14the whole world and it doesn’t mean merely the elect it means everybody Christ’s sacrifice on the
9:22cross left no sin undyed for and that is good news for us and so
9:29you’ll note the cross then and i’m going to make up a word here the cross virginizes all of us each and every one
9:37of us who are guilty of rank idolatry rank blasphemy of not keeping god’s word
9:45of sinning against each other in such horrible ways in our murders and our adulteries in our
9:51thefts and our lies and our coveting all of these things we are guilty of and we understand
9:57that we have lost our purity but Christ on the cross by bleeding and
10:03dying for us he restores that pristine state everybody
10:10on the cross has been virginized and it’s a beautiful picture if you consider it but immediately i can hear
10:17you say well pastor wait a second here well if everybody’s been virginized and how is it that some people go to hell
10:24you’re going to note it has nothing to do with them not being bled for or died for what’s the dividing line in this
10:30text you’re either foolish or wise and i want you to think about this how
10:36foolish do you have to be to be bled for died for to have all of
10:42your sins pardoned and you being reconciled to the father and you persisting in sin and unbelief
10:48and then on the last day foolishly wandering off into the darkness rather than coming into the wedding feast
10:55foolishness indeed in fact a good way to think of it when we look at how scripture interprets scripture in the
11:01proverbs it doesn’t say of the of those who deny the existence of god that they are great
11:07scholars it doesn’t say of them that they are the educated the learned that they are the people who are wise
11:14instead what does the scripture say the fool says in his heart
11:21there is no god the fool says this and yet it’s our learned professors of
11:28philosophy at our local universities who are the ones who make it a point of trying to knock your
11:35faith in Christ out of you using all kinds of means and they think of themselves
11:41to be wise but the scripture reveals to us the truth they are utter fools
11:47then what is wisdom well the proverbs help us again here the proverbs tell us that the fear of
11:54the lord the fear of yahweh is the beginning of wisdom what does that mean what kind of fear
12:00are we talking about are we talking about cowering in the corner while we wait for god to beat us
12:06with his belt no the fear of the lord is a right understanding that we have sinned
12:12against our holy creator that we have come up short fallen way
12:17way short of the glory of god recognizing that he is in the right we are in the wrong
12:23and calling out to him and asking him to forgive to pardon and to have mercy
12:31that’s wisdom and that’s what the dividing line is you either
12:37believe or you don’t believe it’s not that you’re not bled for or died for if you
12:43don’t believe it’s that you’re foolish that’s the problem
12:48and so with this then we continue into our parable so five of them were foolish five
12:55were wise and when the foolish took their lamps they took no oil with them and oil here is not referring to good
13:02works where oil is referring to faith if it were good works then this
13:07then Christ teaches salvation by works but he’s not this is the oil of faith give me oil in my lamp keep it
13:15burning burn and burn give me oil in my lamp i pray lord continue
13:21to sustain to build to nurture the faith that you have given
13:27me in you and as the text goes on said it says then the bridegroom was delayed and they
13:34all became drowsy and they slept now what is this referring to and this is where
13:40our epistle text helps us out first thessalonians 4 says we do not
13:46want you to be uninformed brothers about those who are asleep that you may not grieve as others do who
13:51have no hope for since we believe that Jesus died and rose even so through Jesus god will
13:57bring with him those who have fallen asleep this is the sleep of
14:02death now over and again i keep pointing this out and i’ll continue to point it out
14:08the end of the world is coming sooner for some of us than others if Jesus doesn’t show up
14:15in the next 10 50 100 years well i have news for you
14:21there’s going to be a hundred percent turnover here at kong’s winger there’s going to be 100 turnover because if Christ doesn’t show up for another
14:27100 years we’re all going to fall asleep and that’s the point as Christians we
14:34recognize that death is a sleep it is a temporary affair it is not something that lasts forever
14:40death doesn’t get the last word because Christ has conquered death and so falling asleep is how this goes
14:47but you’re going to note it says because the bridegroom was delayed believe me when i tell you that Christ
14:52is quite busy he’s not sitting there twiddling his thumbs wondering what to do next and maybe figuring out how to
14:58play another round of solitaire on his bedroom floor that’s not what he’s doing
15:04he’s running the universe and as a result of it it’s his prerogative to be delayed he’s can be delayed as
15:10long as he wants but he will never be late but the point is this is that we should recognize
15:16that he is delayed and so if we fall asleep
15:23the day you fall asleep that’s the end of the world for you
15:30not a bad way to think about it i always think that if Christ decides that he’s going to continue to be delayed and i should fall asleep
15:39because god has a sense of humor i always make a joke about the fact that nobody knows the day or the hour and the
15:45Christ is coming on a day when no one expects him that’s what the text says that’s what Jesus says that being the case i’m pretty sure that
15:51if i have to fall asleep god’s gonna cause me to fall asleep on a thursday because nobody expects the end of the world on a
15:58thursday and i can just see people at my funeral going of course he died on a thursday it makes perfect sense he kept
16:03joking about that for decades it was the oldest joke ever we stopped laughing at it the third time he told it
16:09right yeah yeah i see this i see this right i know how it works but all of that
16:16being said the end of the world has come from members of kong’s finger
16:22we’ve buried several handful of people since i’ve been here and the end of the world has already
16:29come for them and so the end of the world will come for you if Christ continues to delay but do not worry
16:34you already practice death and resurrection on a daily basis when you go to sleep you practice dying
16:42when you awaken you practice resurrection and if you have insomnia you even have more practice than
16:47everybody else so i have insomnia so it’s a curse that
16:53i’ve i got from my grandfather who gave it to my father who gave it to me and oh i think i passed it on to my son
16:59as well but you get the idea so he was delayed they all became drowsy
17:06and they slept but note this brothers and sisters there is a day coming when Christ
17:11will get on with it he will come and at the text says at midnight
17:17there was a cry here is the bridegroom come out to meet him this is the day of judgment this is the
17:24day when the dead in Christ and everybody in the world will rise consider in this context our epistle
17:30text all right paul says we declare to you by a word from the lord that we who are alive who
17:36are left until the coming of the lord will not precede those who have fallen asleep for the lord himself will descend from
17:42heaven with the cry of command with the voice of an archangel with the sound of the trumpet of god
17:48and the dead in Christ will rise first and notice in this text it uses
17:54the phrase asleep and rise death is sleep for the Christian but
18:00also note this we do not believe the idea of the jehovah’s witnesses or the seventh-day
18:06adventists in this idea of soul sleep that’s ridiculous because the text says
18:11that when Christ returns god will bring back with him
18:16those who have fallen asleep there presently with him as paul says to be absent from the body is to be
18:24present with the lord and so the day will come and you’ll note that this text rules out
18:31also this idea that there’s some kind of a secret rapture you know that Jesus
18:36is going to secretly return snatch the church up and then it’s seven years of well mr
18:43toad’s wild ride with the beast the harlot the dragon and all that you get the idea that’s not
18:48it at all instead you can see that when Christ returns
18:54it says that he returns with the cry of command with the voice of an archangel and with the sound of the trumpet of god
19:00if well if he was trying to do this secretly you don’t blast the trumpet of god and
19:07you don’t have the archangel cry out you don’t do any of those things because then you lose the element of surprise
19:13and secrecy but not only that it says in this text that we who are alive who are left until
19:20the coming of the lord will not precede those who have fallen asleep if you believe in the rapture then you believe that those of us who are alive
19:27do precede those who fall asleep it gets everything backwards upside down inside out
19:32and a little bit of another note here have you ever heard somebody say you can’t trust the bible because you
19:38know that apostle paul he believed that he would be alive when Jesus returned
19:44that’s not his point that’s not his point at all you see when he says for this we declare
19:50to you that we who are alive who are left until the coming of the lord
19:55we will not precede those who have fallen asleep this gets at the idea that the we
20:02here being referred to is the body of Christ paul is every much as part of the body
20:08of Christ today as you and i are and if he were alive at the day of the coming of the lord
20:15then this would apply to him but even if he’s even though he’s not it tells us this
20:23that despite the devil’s raging despite the the dragons conjuring up of the
20:29beast and the false prophet and waging war against the saints that on the day that Jesus returns
20:37there will be those on earth who believe the devil will not prevail
20:45the gates of hell as Christ has said will not prevail against the church there will be those who believe who
20:52trust in Christ on the day that Jesus returns and then it says that then we who are
20:58alive who are left will be caught up together with them in the clouds to meet the lord in the air and so we will always be with
21:05the lord and that’s where then our parable continues you see Christ has come the bridegroom has
21:12arrived there’s a cry here is the bridegroom and the virgins rose rose from the
21:21sleep of death all of them the virgins rose and they trimmed their
21:27lamps and the foolish said to the wise give us some of your oil for our lamps are going
21:34out but the wise answered saying since there will not be enough for us and for you
21:39go rather to the dealers and buy for yourselves
21:44can you believe for another person can you take a portion of your faith in
21:50Jesus and give it to somebody else you can’t
21:56now three years ago when i preached this text i made the point that you’ve got to figure out who the
22:01dealers are who are these dealers that sell oil the answer is you’re looking at him you
22:08guys remember like those really crazy commercials where some guy would you know we in southern california when i was
22:15growing up we had cal worthington and his dog spot and he was always having these
22:20insane deals you can get a 1978 datsun b210 i’m taking 500 off if you come in right
22:28now and you got zero percent financing for the next 12 months you know that’s cal worthington this dog spot and
22:35everybody wherever you grew up there was always some guy on the telly that did this right
22:40well i want you to think of this i’m crazy rose bro and i’m the seller of oil in fact i’m
22:47giving you’re not going to believe the deal i have for you today i’m giving all the oil away for free i’m
22:53giving it away for free today i’m giving it away for free next week you need some oil on monday just
22:58give me a call i’ll give you some oil for free in fact i’m so crazy as a dealer of oil i’m
23:04going to take 50 off even zero so that you have even more freeness
23:09to the oil that i’m giving you and that’s the point the dealers of oil are the churches
23:15kongs of ingo lutheran church here in oslo minnesota we’ve set up a great oil
23:22selling industry and we’re giving it all away for free and that’s the point
23:29because here you will receive from me the good news of the gospel of
23:36Jesus Christ that he has bled and died for your sins that even though your sins be a scarlet
23:44and you be the farthest thing in the world from being a virgin Christ has bled and died for you and he
23:50reconciles you to the father and he will make you new and gives you all all of the earth the
23:57new earth as an inheritance for free because he’s paid the price for you
24:04but i must caution you and that is is that at the moment the plans are to keep
24:10the oil store open but i don’t know when Jesus is returning
24:17so today is the day of salvation if Christ is not returned by this time next
24:22week we’re open for business and we’re giving it all away for free because he’s told us to
24:28and he makes it possible for us to do that but note the day that Jesus returns it’s a
24:35mandatory holiday for all sellers of oil in fact it’s not even a work day at all
24:43it begins with a party and goes into the eternal sabbath rest so if you dilly dally if you delay if
24:50you need this oil if you need forgiveness if you need reconciliation with god
24:55and you need to hear this gospel and have the holy spirit work in you faith
25:02well there’s no better day than today the deal doesn’t get any sweeter it’s free today but when Christ returns
25:09the doors are shuttered i’m going fishing for a long time
25:15if you’d like to join me get your oil it’s free today you get the idea right so think of them the foolishness
25:22here they don’t have any faith and the wise rightly say you got to go
25:28to the dealers in oil to get some oil but the thing is is that the foolish foolishly believe
25:34that the churches would be open on the day of judgment they’re not they will all be closed
25:41so while they were going to buy which is foolish the bridegroom came those who were ready went in with him to
25:47the marriage feast and the door was shut but don’t let that pass you by for a second
25:56there’s a big blowout party at the end of the world and the beginning of the new one and it’s going to be amazing there’s
26:03going to be hugs and kisses reunions smiles
26:09songs and joy wine and good food and fellowship
26:16it’s going to be spectacular and we’re all invited and you’re going to note in this text
26:21even the foolish virgins were invited to this wedding feast had they had oil they would be enjoying
26:29this amazing party that Christ is throwing and rightly so and so brothers and sisters think of the
26:37hope think of the party think of being there sitting at the table
26:42eating and seeing Christ face to face seeing the glory of our
26:49lord seeing each other in bodies
26:54that will not wear out in a world without sin where there is no hatred there is no
27:01rancor there is no theft there is no murder no adultery
27:06no coveting no lies in a world where we will perfectly love
27:12god and love each other perfectly perfectly loved
27:17perfectly love and that’s just the threshold
27:25the first step into that new world this is hope brothers and sisters this
27:30is the point of our salvation this is what we are looking forward to
27:35and it is appropriate then that it begins with such a feast such a party such a an event
27:44and so sadly the foolish the ones who say in their heart there is no god
27:50we’re not prepared and so they went off into the darkness looking for an open church and found
27:56none so the other virgins came saying lord lord open to us
28:01he answered i don’t know you i don’t know you so watch therefore you know neither the
28:06day nor the hour now consider then what Christ says here
28:11watch what exactly are we watching for or watching against you’re going to
28:18note that if we are saved by grace through faith apart from works and that is what the scripture says then
28:26watching is well akin to what we sang in our opening hymn
28:31noting that the devil is actively at work trying to figure out how to knock that
28:37faith out of you to take you and turn you upside down in such a way
28:44that you willingly pour your oil out
28:49i guess i don’t need that oil after all do i by deceiving us with apostasy false
28:56doctrine false gospels false Jesus false spirits
29:01by deceiving us to be complacent in our sin to just presume
29:08on the mercy of god rather than actually repent and trust in the forgiveness of sins or
29:14to or worse taking what Christ has done for us on the cross and turning it into licentiousness and
29:20despising Christ in his word and in effect crucifying him again
29:26so indeed we are called to watch by Christ because these are the enemies in the temptations
29:32that would have us pour out our oil that we so preciously have right now and exchange it for foolishness
29:40that which doesn’t save that which doesn’t give us any hope at all exchange our confidence for doubt
29:49exchange mercy for legalism it’s a very sad thing so indeed we must
29:55continue to watch you don’t know that they are the hour that Christ is returning but again paul in pointing out the
30:02eschatological future that we have says to encourage one another with these words so brothers and sisters
30:08be encouraged you are in Christ your sins are forgiven you have been made a virgin Christ has
30:16died for your sins and is giving you the kingdom and the oil all as a free
30:22gift so be at peace with god be at peace with each other and be at peace knowing that even though
30:29the world is tumultuous and the world has gone to hell in a hand basket
30:35it’s dangerous and scary and anxiety creating note this the Christ is in charge and
30:41that all of that will give way to the new earth and that we have the new earth
30:48given to us by Christ by his blood he paid for you and me
30:54and he has written us into the will and we have an inheritance that is unfading so be encouraged as we get closer and
31:01closer to the end of the world we need not fear instead we can patiently endure because of the great
31:07hope that we have all given to us as a gift by Christ in the name of Jesus amen
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