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Series B – Nineteenth Sunday After Pentecost – Sunday, October 4, 2015 | Pr. Chris Rosebrough

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0:28the holy Gospel According to Saint Mark chapter 10 verses 2 through 16.
0:35some Pharisees came and tested Jesus by asking is it lawful for a man to divorce
0:41his wife what did Moses command you he replied they said Moses permitted a man to write
0:47a certificate of divorce and send her away it was because your hearts were hard
0:53that Moses wrote you this law Jesus replied but at the beginning of creation God
0:59made them male and female for this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be United to his wife and the
1:05two will become one flesh so they’re no longer two but one therefore what God
1:11has joined together let man not separate when they were in the house again his
1:17disciples asked him about this he answered anyone who divorces his wife and marries another woman commits
1:24adultery against her and if she divorces her husband and marries another man she
1:29commits adultery people were bringing little children to Jesus to have him touch them but the
1:35disciples rebuked them when Jesus saw this he was indignant he said to them
1:40let the little children come to me and do not hinder them for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these I tell you
1:48the truth anyone who will not receive the kingdom of God like a little child
1:53will never enter it and he took the children in his arms and put his hands on them and he blessed them
2:00in the name of Jesus all right our text this morning is kind
2:06of chopped into three pieces we’ll kind of address it in three different parts we’re going to talk about this this
2:13testing of Jesus in order to kind of trip him up and his answer regarding the creation we’ll take a look at what he
2:19says then about divorce and then lastly we’ll take a look at children real quick so that’s what we’re going to be doing
2:25in our text today I recommend you have your Bibles with you you will need them for our sermon today
2:31Mark chapter 10 verse 2 Pharisees came up in order to test him here’s what’s
2:36going on even in Jesus day you have two different camps kind of split on the
2:41divorce issue you have some who are really strict under no circumstances and then on the
2:49other side you have those who say well you know it’s okay
2:55and so you have the lacks group and you have the strict group and so the idea behind the testing is something along
3:01the lines of this we’re going to ask Jesus one of those questions it’ll be a catch-22 and no
3:07matter how he answers it he’s going to end up upsetting like half the people
3:12finally we can get this Jesus guide to look stupid in the polls right because his popularity continues to hover way
3:19above what they want it so they’re trying to figure out how to get him to you know drop down in popularity it would be something along the lines of
3:26today although the the analogy is kind of a mess but if a popular Pastor or
3:32preacher we’re on one of those major talk shows on one of the news channels
3:37and the interviewer asked them what does God say about homosexual marriage
3:43well there’s the gotcha question because as soon as he says what God’s word says half the people in the audience are
3:50going to tune this guy out so this is the idea so Jesus he answers their here’s a
3:56question is it lawful for a man to divorce his wife is the question it’s pretty straightforward question by
4:01the way so he answers them with a question what did Moses command you well they said well Moses allowed a man to
4:08write a certificate of divorce and send her away little historical note here it
4:15was the men who wrote the certificates of divorce not the women and so Jesus
4:20then gives him a little bit of information they’ve correctly cited what Moses says in the Torah so Jesus is
4:27going to give him information they don’t have and let’s talk about why that commandment’s there do you think for a
4:32second that the thing in the Torah in the old Covenant that allows for a man
4:38to write a certificate of divorce and send his wife away was what God intended from the beginning
4:43do you think that’s really part of God’s holy law the answer is no Jesus said Moses
4:52allowed a man to write a certificate of divorce and send her away because of your Hardness of Heart
4:58that’s why he wrote this commandment and then Jesus gives us this information but from the beginning of creation God
5:06made them male and female so Jesus goes all the way back to before the fall
5:13before the fall and sights for us Genesis chapter 2 talking about what was
5:19really going on there he says this but from the beginning of creation God made the male and female therefore a man
5:25shall leave his father and mother and here’s kind of an interesting word
5:31proscaleas the Thai yeah I think I mispronounced that hold fast be United be joined to
5:39interesting thing about this word here is it’s passive
5:46you’re thinking what does that mean well here’s the idea therefore man shall
5:52leave his father and mother and be made to or caused to be joined or United with
5:59his wife in other words the man ain’t doing the joining
6:05he’s being joined you think what is going on there well we
6:10continue so a man will be joined to United to his wife and the two shall
6:17become one flesh so that they are no longer two but they are one and verse 9 gives us the reason why
6:23that’s passive what therefore God has joined together let not man separate
6:33God is the one who’s doing the joining not me not you not the husband not the
6:41wife God’s doing the joining God is the one causing the two to become one flesh
6:49in other words we’ve got to do a little bit of examining here just by what Jesus has told us we know a lot now about what
6:57God has intended all along regarding marriage marriage number one is the union of a male and a female
7:05and God takes that couple and joins them together
7:11that’s what we call holy matrimony and the reason it’s holy is because God’s
7:18doing the joining now what the state of Minnesota or the United States says is that two dudes can
7:26get together and the state will issue them a marriage certificate saying that according to the state of
7:33Minnesota it backed up with the Supreme Court of the United States of America these two
7:38dudes are married that’s what we call Unholy matrimony
7:45and God does not join the two of them together
7:51God unites he joins a male and a female in holy matrimony
7:58this is not their doing it’s his and if you know your Greek grammar there’s no
8:03way around it now keep that in mind now I want to point something out here and we’re going
8:10to go back into our Old Testament text and I’m going to read for you from my
8:17translation of Genesis chapter 2. you can follow along we’re going to be in Genesis chapter 2 starting in verse 4.
8:24I want you to see how God set everything up it’s absolutely beautiful and this is
8:30before the fall Genesis 2 4. these are the accounts of
8:36the Heaven and the Earth in their Creation in the day the Lord God made
8:42the Earth in the heavens verse 5. before there was a bush of the
8:47field on the earth and before there was grass of the field sprang up before the Lord God no rain had had caused to fall
8:54on the earth and no man to work the ground and a Mist was going up from the earth
8:59and was watering all the face of the ground and the Lord God formed the man of the dust from the ground and breathed
9:06in his nose Breath of Life and the Man became a living Soul note here
9:12everything else that God had created up to this point was created by Him speaking it into existence
9:18he said let there be light and there was light he said let there be a sun moon stars
9:24and there were he said let there be Beasts of the field grass in the field Let There Be seed
9:30bearing plants and fruit-bearing trees let there be little creepy crawly things on the ground and you know what happened
9:37when God said that there should be those things they came into existence but man was not created this way
9:44God did something very special with our creation rather than speak us into
9:49existence he took the dust and the clay and the mud and he formed the man
9:56and then he breathed into his nose the Breath of Life
10:03spirit and he became a life a living soul
10:10very important stuff absolutely beautiful we have a unique creation
10:16and then it says this the Lord God planted a garden in Eden in the East and put there the man that he had formed
10:23and the Lord God caused to grow from the ground every tree desirous in appearance and good for food and the tree of life
10:29was in the midst of the garden and the tree of the knowledge of Good and Evil and a river flowed out of Eden to water
10:36the garden and there it divided and became four Headwaters a little side note here the church fathers love the
10:43fact that we have four rivers here at the at the beginning of creation and you know what they see the parallel to in
10:49the New Testament they see that the four headwaters of the Gospel Matthew Mark
10:54Luke and John fascinating how they connect that but here’s what it says the name of the
11:01first is pishan it flowed around all the land of havilah in which there is gold the gold of that land is good and
11:07there’s bedellium and Onyx Stone and the name of the second river is the gihon it
11:13flowed all around the land of cush and the name of the third is chedacau which
11:19is translated Tigris and it flows east of Assyria and the fourth river is farat
11:25and the Lord God took the man and settled him in the Garden of Eden to work it and to keep it
11:32see even before the fall there was work to do but it was not toilsson we were made for
11:39such a thing as this and the Lord God commanded the man saying from all the trees of the garden
11:45you may surely eat but from the Tree of the knowledge of Good and Evil you may not eat from it because on the day that
11:51you eat from it you will surely die
11:57and the Lord God said and is not good that the man should be alone
12:03I will make for him a helper as his and
12:08this is an interesting Hebrew phrase as his corresponding counterpart
12:15you can almost think mirror opposite think Lego pieces if you would how they
12:21connect together that’s the idea I will make for him a helper as his opposite as
12:26his counterpart or his corresponding creation
12:31which by the way rules out same-sex marriage just do the Lego work the pieces fit
12:39together the answer is no they don’t God didn’t make those pieces to fit together
12:45so the Lord God formed from the ground every beast of the field every bird of the heavens and brought them to the man
12:52to see what he would call them and all that the man called the living creatures it was its name notice part of his task
12:59part of his office is the neighbor of the animals God creates all of these things and we get their descriptions but
13:07then God causes them all to come before Adam and he calls out their name that’s a zebra that’s a giraffe I don’t know
13:14what that is all right duck Dill build platypus what were you thinking God all
13:20right all right strange one indeed but he named them all but the last one he names watch this
13:27it’s in our text so the man called the name so all the livestock all the birds of the heavens
13:32all the beasts of the field but for Adam there was not found a helper as his there it is again counterpart his
13:39opposite something corresponding to him so the Lord God caused to fall a deep
13:46sleep upon the man and as he slept he took one from his ribs closed it with flesh in
13:55its Stead and then the Lord God the Greek the Hebrew hears brilliant built it says
14:02built the Lord God built from the rib that was taken from the man
14:07a woman and brought her to the man you can almost think that God here is
14:13playing Matchmaker all along he’s been planning a wedding getting ready for it
14:19and now he’s going to finally meet his perfect counterpart his opposite
14:27his bride right here’s what Adam says you ever see those
14:34television programs where they do something kind for somebody like they send them on vacation while they’re gone they completely renovate their house and
14:40they come back and they go oh right this is the reveal portion of the of that
14:45reality TV show right so here’s the reveal the Lord God brings eve and he’s
14:53this at last is bone of my bones Flesh of My Flesh
15:00and watch this he names her
15:06he names her this one shall be called Isha that’s what woman is in Hebrew
15:13because from man this was taken
15:19the Hebrew word for man is Ish Hebrew word for woman is Isha
15:25there’s a professor at the Fort Wayne Seminary who says the difference then between them is
15:32ah I think he has a good point right
15:40and it’s beautiful it’s absolutely glorious and then here’s the Hebrew
15:46therefore a man shall leave his father and his mother and be clung to United to with his woman
15:56that’s what it says his woman and they will become one flesh
16:02and they were both naked the man and his woman and they were not ashamed
16:09absolutely not ashamed can you imagine a relationship
16:15with your spouse where there was nothing to hide no secrets
16:20everything’s just there what a wonderful relationship what a
16:25beautiful thing God has created and all of this is before the fall we all know
16:31what happens in chapter three do we not chapter 3 is the fall of Man the
16:36Temptation Of The Serpent and the plunging of us all of us into a curse
16:42now ironically ironically marriage itself
16:48points us to Jesus marriage as we know it is type and
16:55Shadow and the reality is the thing that we consider a mystery right now
17:01and that is is that Jesus has a bride and that bride is this church and I want
17:08you to think of it this way remember it says this about the creation of Eve that the Lord God caused Adam to fall into a
17:15deep sleep and then took from his side one of his ribs
17:20how is the church the bride of Christ created
17:25well the Lord God caused Jesus to fall into a deep sleep the sleep of death
17:32and there he was on the cross and the Roman soldier took the Lance and
17:39pierced his side and out came water and blood and it is through the water and the
17:46blood that we the bride of Christ was formed
17:52was created is being built and see that’s the great and profound
17:58mystery and so marriage points us to that in
18:03fact Paul picks up on this theme in the book of Ephesians chapter 5 it says this
18:10in verses 25-27 the Commandment is hot as to how
18:15Christian husbands are to treat their wives husbands love your wives as Christ
18:22love the church and gave himself up for her that he might sanctify her having
18:29cleansed her by the washing of water with the word so that he might present the church to
18:34himself in splendor without spot or wrinkle or any such thing that he that
18:41she might be holy and without blemish what a great husband the church has
18:48completely selfless in fact that’s what we sung about in our sermon hymn
18:55did you notice how many times the hymn said for us baptized for us he bore for
19:03us he daily Works he wrought for us the Temptation sharp he knew for us for us
19:12for us literally the best husband on Earth
19:18with literally the most crazy bride ever right yeah
19:24and all of this points to Jesus and points to him and so
19:30let us then understand what marriage truly is the church has become lacks on
19:37these things and the laxity that we’ve seen now in in recent days didn’t begin
19:43yesterday it began many many many years ago when the church itself began winking and
19:51nodding at divorce and yet Jesus says this this is part two
19:58of our sermon the disciples asked Jesus about this matter and he
20:04said to them whoever divorces his wife and marries another commits adultery against her
20:13how many marriages have we seen blown apart in our days
20:20scripture gives us two and I mean this two valid reasons for divorce your
20:26spouse has cheated on you or your unbelieving spouse has abandoned you
20:31that’s found in the book of First Corinthians chapter seven by the way nowhere in scripture are we told well
20:38she doesn’t make me happy anymore so I’m going to send her away
20:45how many divorces have ended for stupid unbiblical selfish reasons
20:53and you know what the church has done oh I understand God would never want you to be in a
21:00Loveless marriage God would never want you to experience this that or that he wants you to be happy so by all means
21:06leave him leave her go find somebody else who will make you feel happy
21:13all of that happened long ago has been going on for decades
21:18the sexual Revolution just kind of ramped that and took it to another level and now we live in the days of no-fault
21:25divorce no fault well if there’s the state doesn’t see
21:31any fault in it do I need to seek God’s forgiveness yeah you do
21:37you do because remember Jesus’s solemn words what God has joined together let not man
21:45separate it is absolutely Wicked sinful evil
21:52selfish satanic to take what God has joined together and
21:58tear it apart over something as trite as well I’m no longer happy with her
22:04she just doesn’t do it for me get over yourself
22:10problems you as Christians we husbands are to love
22:15our Brides the way Christ has loved the church and it’s sinful
22:21to do otherwise and it’s sinful to condone and give Credence to people who
22:27are contradicting what God has joined together we’ve all seen the people from that
22:34crazy Church you know that Baptist Church Westboro Baptist God hates this God hates that
22:41did you know there is a passage in the Old Testament look it up that says God hates divorce
22:49hates it and yet we as Christians have become
22:54very lacks on this and you know one of the arguments that was used against Christians who were standing against
22:59same-sex marriage 50 of you Christians are getting
23:05divorced you obviously don’t think that marriage is really all that sacred do you
23:14based on those stats clearly we don’t because the stats between the world and
23:21Christians when it comes to divorce rates identical no statistical difference
23:30do we really believe that God has joined us together
23:36important thing to think about now for the gospel
23:43we have identified what it is the institution of marriages as God has created it we’ve seen how it’s connected
23:49to Christ and yet we also know that each and every
23:54one of us are guilty of all kinds of terrible sins even sins
23:59against our spouse and sins against Christ that relate to our marriage
24:05so let me end this way verse 13 chapter 10. they were bringing
24:11children Greek word here is paidion a pideon is a infant to about the age of
24:20six and a half or seven these are small children tiny little ones these are the smallest
24:27of the small once you hit about seven or eight you’re no longer a pi Dion you’re something else but so infants to about
24:34six and a half seven so they broke bringing children to him
24:39that they might touch them and the disciples rebuked them
24:44these poor disciples past few weeks they have been able to get anything right I mean they couldn’t cast out the demon
24:50they you know they get all these guys are just messing up all over the place and here they screwed up again you know
24:57so here we’ve got somebody with their baby coming to Jesus because they want Jesus to bless their baby and they say
25:05kid can’t make a decision for Jesus bring him back when he’s older right and Jesus is all
25:13okay he was indignant it says he’s very upset and he said let the little children come
25:21to me don’t hinder them for too such belongs the kingdom of God and you go
25:30what the kingdom of God belongs to infants
25:37really the answer is yes because you know what infants are
25:44incapable of doing any good works for themselves and I do not believe that filling a
25:52diaper is a good work I just want to be on the record with that okay that is not a good work it’s
25:58awful so I used to have a technique for dealing with that but that’s for another time maybe my therapist
26:06they can only be given to and oh yes infants Trust
26:12they Trust they know the voice of their mom they can no recognize the voice of their
26:19dad and they Trust and they can be given to and so understand this infant Faith According
26:26To Jesus is the gold standard of the kingdom of God
26:32not philosophy not super highfalutin technique
26:38technical nuanced theology although that’s a good thing if it’s done biblically
26:44the gold standard and the kingdom of God is infant faith
26:50plain and simple truly I say to you whoever does not receive the kingdom of God like a child
26:57shall not enter it how do the children here at kung’s finger enter the kingdom
27:03of God right there what good work do they do when they
27:10enter the kingdom of God but what do they receive there
27:18the washing of water and the word remember from the Pearson side of Christ
27:23flows water and blood and what you don’t see in the baptismal font because all we
27:28see is the water is that mixed in there is the blood of Christ and there
27:34Christ created new children in the kingdom of
27:40God washed away their sins buried with them with them in his in his death in
27:46his resurrection circumcise their hearts all of these amazing promises with that
27:51and all the infant did was receive and in that they also received the
27:59ability to believe to trust in Jesus all given as a gift it’s not based upon your
28:05mental ability it’s not based upon how old you are it’s based upon God giving
28:10it to you now I may have told the story and if it’s a repeat I apologize but I think
28:16it’s poignant enough to at least bring back the greatest Theologian I’ve ever met
28:21and I mean this sincerely is a man with Down Syndrome I don’t even know his name
28:28but he had childlike Faith let me explain years ago
28:34I was teaching at a Baptist Church and I was attending the night services at a Lutheran Church in Capistrano Beach
28:40California the evening service only had well less people here less than we have here on a Sunday evening service was not
28:47very well attended but the pastor of the congregation there had taken it upon himself
28:52to become the pastor of the residents of a home
28:58dedicated to adult people who had Down syndrome they need
29:04assistance so it’s assisted living facility all for people with Down syndrome and he went and ministered to
29:10them and they became he became their pastor and so once a month he would bring the whole home you know to a
29:17church service oftentimes it was in the morning but this particular evening it was to the night service so we had two
29:23pews full of people who had Down syndrome beautiful beautiful kids and they’re all
29:30in their early 20s you know something like that and it comes time for communion and
29:36in the evening service we would all gather around it was we could all and so when people come up and we gather around
29:42all the way around the Altar and then Pastor holder would come by with a body in the blood and that night because we
29:49had guests we were too deep and standing right in front of me was one of these young men with Down Syndrome
29:56and Pastor hodle comes up and he says take eat
30:02this is the True Body of Christ broken for you
30:09and this kid with beautiful childlike faith says for
30:17me for me thank you thank you
30:22I lost it absolutely lost it
30:27what a beautiful Faith this man had so simple
30:34so childlike so thankful for the gift that he was receiving and he believed it to be what
30:40God’s word says it to be and he received it with true heartfelt thanks
30:48and I was shamed I wish my faith were that simple
30:54I wish my faith were that childlike for me
31:01thank you greatest Theologian I’ve ever met
31:07greatest Christian I’ve ever met childlike faith is the gold standard in
31:15the kingdom of God today when you come here
31:22I want you to believe the words that you hear broken and shed for you
31:30and that’s for you for the Forgiveness of your sins no truer words can be spoken
31:38trust and believe that you are in Christ that he has bled and died for you
31:45even for the sins that you have committed against God and against your spouse
31:50where you have not honored holy matrimony and capted holy even though
31:57since Christ has bled and died for so trust that in the waters of your
32:03baptism your sins were washed away trust when you hear the words today broken and shed for you for the
32:10Forgiveness of your sins Christ your
32:16your groom you his bride he is making you holy and as Paul says
32:25so that he might present the church to himself in splendor without spot or
32:33wrinkle or any such thing so that she might be holy
32:38and without blemish what a great husband we have in Jesus in the name of Jesus
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