Sermon Transcript – What God Has Made Clean…

Series C – Fifth Sunday in Easter – Sunday, April 24, 2016 | Pr. Chris Rosebrough

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We proclaim Christ and Him crucified for our sins and salvation by grace through faith alone, and now, here’s a message from Pastor Chris Rosebrough:
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0:29the holy Gospel According to Saint John chapter 13 verses 31-35
0:36when he had gone out Jesus said now is the son of man glorified and God is
0:41glorified in him if God is glorified in him God will also glorify him in himself and glorify him
0:49at once little children yet a little while I am with you you will seek me and
0:55just as I said to the Jews so now I also say to you where I am going you cannot come a new commandment I give to you
1:03that you love one another just as I have loved you you also are to love one
1:09another by this all people will know that you are my disciples if you have love for one another
1:17in the name of Jesus now this morning if you want to look on in your Pew Bible you can we’re going to
1:23be looking at our first reading from Acts chapter 11. this is a misunderstood text there are a lot of people who think
1:29that this is the text the one where Jesus blessed bacon
1:34now I want everybody to know I think bacon is its own animal I’m pretty sure of that there’s bacon running around out
1:41there somewhere someone’s farming bacon now I assure you as Christians we are not forbidden from eating bacon but this
1:47text isn’t about God making bacon clean or Lobster or shrimp
1:53okay sorry my apologies my digress I enjoy such wonderful Foods
1:59anyway but our text today is a little bit complicated also and so we’re gonna
2:05have to get a few things settled before we dive in proper and I thought to kind
2:10of help us sort some of the categories out that are in this text that we would play the opposite game all right now
2:17here’s how we play the opposite game I’m going to say a word and you need to tell me it’s opposite okay pretty
2:24straightforward are you ready here it is his first word light you guys are great all right up
2:31left man you guys are smart all right now that was the warm-up here’s the
2:39tough one in our text in Acts 11 we see the word common
2:46what’s its opposite in that text what’d you say
2:51unique good guess the answer is no by the way by the way by by kind of a bunny
2:58trail here literally how do you catch a unique rabbit unique up on it there you go all right
3:04so that so unique is not the opposite of common in this text
3:09so all right let’s take a look at the text itself there in the passage it says
3:15what God has made clean do not call common now do you want to take a stab at
3:22it what’s the opposite of common there clean now I think it’s interesting that our our ESV Bibles there translate the
3:30word Kano as well common there’s a couple of ways you can translate the
3:36word it could be common it could be defiled it could be Unholy you’re kind
3:43of seeing how the synonyms are kind of helping you flesh this out if you think of it this way in the Old Testament if
3:48you ever read through the Book of Leviticus in fact if you’re reading along this you know in in the uh this
3:54week in the word that you find in your uh in your uh bulletin right we’re in the Book of
4:00Leviticus and there’s some dry Gravelly Parts in there where you’re learning about skin diseases and things like that
4:06right well if you have a skin disease in the Old Testament you were considered
4:12uncleaning you had to go and present yourself to the priest it’s like hey uh you know priest I’ve got a I got a rash
4:17here and it’s like oh this is the worst part of my job ever all right come on show me your ass she’s like
4:23all right you’re unclean you know and so that you you can’t come to church for a while and then once it looks like it’s
4:29getting healed you go show the priest hey remember that rash I had yeah all right can I show it to you again yeah
4:35all right here take a look okay and he says to you clean
4:41clean unclean think in the categories of holy and Unholy these are your kind of categories that we’re dealing with here
4:47all of this is foundation and with that now it’s kind of like a framework for
4:52your for how to attack this text we’re going to understand that
4:58who or what is being made clean In this passage is really vitally important in
5:04fact understanding the truth of who or what is being made clean is kind of it’s going to change everything all right so
5:11we’re going to return to our text verse 1 acts 11. now the apostles and brothers
5:17who were throughout Judea heard that the Gentiles also had received the word of
5:24God do you get the feeling like we’re jumping into the middle of a story here well we are now if you’ve ever read
5:31through the book of Acts you’ll notice that acts 10 and acts 11 . they sound a lot alike in fact it’s
5:38almost as if the Holy Spirit has a department of redundancy Department that put the two verses next to the two
5:43passages next to each other well in chapter 10 you have the account itself the historical Narrative of the very
5:50very first Gentiles to believe in Jesus up to this point Christianity was the
5:56thorough going Jewish thing all of the Believers were in some way
6:02related to Abraham and we find out in our text that we’re going to look at
6:07today that there was a man-made rule a man-made law that was contradicting the
6:15gospel and bottlenecking the gospel so that the gospel wasn’t getting out to the world
6:21the man-made law was in the way and God had to intervene so in chapter 10 we
6:28have the story of the very first Gentile believer that’s Roman the Roman Centurion whose name is Cornelius
6:35and he and his family are brought to penance in faith in Christ filled with the Holy Spirit baptized
6:42and now Peter gets to go and Report what’s happening I guess what happened guys Gentiles are now believing in Jesus
6:51but we we read here so when Peter went up to Jerusalem
6:57the circumcision party criticized him saying you went to uncircumcised men and
7:04you ate with them do you get the feeling that the circumcision party like totally missed
7:10the point here it’s hello Gentiles are believing in Jesus you wait with gentiles
7:17you see the problem here right so notice their charge you
7:22went to uncircumcised men and you ate with them
7:28by the way Jesus received almost exact this exact same kind of criticism in
7:33Mark chapter 2 verses 15 through 17 we read as Jesus reclined at the table I
7:38think this is Levi the tax collector’s house many tax collectors and sinners were reclining with Jesus and his
7:44disciples for there were many who followed him and the scribes and the Pharisees when they saw that he was
7:50eating with Sinners and tax collectors note to self here Pharisees and scribes
7:57are sinners too right here but when they saw that Jesus was eating with Sinners and tax collectors they said to his
8:03disciples why does he eat with tax collectors and sinners and when Jesus heard this he said to
8:09them those who are well have no need of a physician but those who are sick I
8:15came not to call the righteous but sinners
8:21in other words if you ain’t one of them Jesus ain’t got nothing for you if you ain’t a sinner you don’t need
8:26Jesus he didn’t come for those who are healthy he came for those who are sick in other words Jesus didn’t come to call
8:34the clean he came to call the common or the defiled for the Unholy right
8:41now another note here this in our reading of Acts 11 this is the first
8:46appearance after Jesus’s resurrection of the circumcision party
8:52in the scripture and this is their first appearance and this won’t be their last again here’s their charge you went you
8:59went to uncircumcised men and you ate with them so here’s the question you already know the answer to this where in
9:05the Old Testament does it say that Jews cannot eat with someone who is uncircumcised
9:11it doesn’t say that anywhere in the Old Testament in Acts chapter 10 the previous chapter
9:17when Peter shows up at cornelius’s house he says this you yourselves know how unlawful it is
9:24for a Jew to associate with or to visit anyone of another Nation
9:30Peter recognizes that it’s unlawful but unlawful according to whom
9:36God no this is not a Biblical law this law is from the scribes and the
9:43Pharisees remember in Mark chapter 7 the scribes and Pharisees had that little
9:48law about washing your hands when you come into the house after you’ve been among the Gentiles right and they
9:56criticized Jesus’s disciples and Jesus himself because they didn’t observe that law that law was part of the Corpus or
10:03the body called the tradition of the elders and Jesus roundly criticized them
10:08saying you are teaching as doctrines the Commandments of men
10:14and now we got a problem because we’re seeing here in our text that there are
10:20Christians who are doing the same thing right so this man made scribal law let
10:28me give you a little bit of background here because it’s fascinating this scribal law said that the Dwelling
10:34Places of Gentiles were here’s this word again unclean or common this is what
10:40they said now if you remember when Jesus is on trial in the Gospel of John we get this little tidbit when they had led
10:46Jesus from the house of Caiaphas to the governor’s headquarters it was early morning they themselves did not enter
10:52the governor’s headquarters this is Pilot’s house right so that they would not be defiled but could eat the
10:59Passover remember that so Jesus is on trial we had our little puppet trial over here at
11:06caiaphas’s house so now we’re taking Jesus over to pilate’s house and they would only come to the door they
11:11wouldn’t go any farther than the door you’d go on in Jesus we can’t go in right anything what where are they
11:17getting this idea from because it’s not found in the Bible it’s not in the Old
11:22Testament now according to the scribes and Pharisees this is kind of also fascinating fun little twist here
11:28according to their man-made laws they claim that the dirt from a gentile country was also considered unclean
11:36so if anyone happened to be track some dirt in from a gentile nation that dirt
11:42remained defiled and it never according to them actually ever mingled with Israel’s soil it just continually
11:48defiled the dirt of Israel consequently whenever Travelers left a gentile country like if they were up in Syria or
11:55coming through Samaria they would always Shake the Dust off their feet so they
12:01wouldn’t bring Gentile pollution into Israel okay interesting little note so that
12:07gives us a little bit of what’s going on here when Jesus in Matthew chapter 10 he sends out the 72 to preach the gospel
12:14right and he says if they don’t listen to you if they don’t repent and believe in me you know what you’re to do to
12:20these Jewish towns Shake the Dust off your feet treat them like they’re Gentiles so Jesus takes their man-made
12:27laws and just like flips it and throws it right back in their face you gotta love Jesus anyway
12:33all of that’s just a little bit historical note right here so coming back to our Point as is often the case
12:40with man-made laws they end up conflicting with the gospel
12:45itself they do we see an example of this very clearly
12:52in Galatians Chapter 2 where we also run into the circumcision party if you want to flip over it’s Galatians chapter two
12:58I’ll start at verse one and take a look at two portions of this chapter here’s what it says Paul talking after his
13:04conversion says after 14 years I went up again to Jerusalem with Barnabas taking
13:10Titus along with me I went up because of a revelation and set before them though privately before those who seemed
13:16influential the gospel that I Proclaim among the Gentiles in order to make sure I was not running or had not run in vain
13:23a little interesting note he then says this but even Titus who was with me Titus is a person who was a gentile
13:31before becoming a Christian was not forced to be circumcised though he was a
13:36Greek and listen to what how then Paul describes the circumcision party yet
13:42because of false Brothers secretly brought in who slipped in to spy out our
13:47freedom that we have in Christ Jesus so that they might bring us into slavery to them we did not yield in submission even
13:54for a moment so that the truth of the Gospel might be preserved for you
13:59so notice here Paul literally is modeling for us those who are inventing
14:05man-made laws that are conflicting with the gospel we are not to yield to them
14:12in submission even for a moment for the sake of the Gospel you don’t compromise
14:17with those who are inventing dogmas and saying you have to obey the rule I just came up with
14:22because often it’s going to end up conflicting with the gospel and verse 11 it actually starting from there you’ll
14:28see it it’s it’s very explicitly stated here’s what it says starting at verse 11. so when cephas came from Antioch
14:34that’s the Apostle Peter I opposed him to his face whoops there goes the idea of an
14:40infallible Pope anyway um I opposed him to his face because he stood condemned
14:45for before certain men came from James he was eating with the Gentiles but when
14:51they came he drew back and he separated himself fearing here’s that party again
14:56the circumcision party now I don’t know about you but a circumcision party doesn’t sound like a party I’d ever want
15:01to go to okay but when they show up they show up
15:08Peter who had been eating with the Gentiles all of a sudden kind of backs up and he takes a breath mint puts in
15:14his mouth hoping they’ll never taste the bacon on his breath or smell it right
15:19so Paul says this and the rest of the Jews they acted hypocritically along with him so that even Barnabas was led
15:26astray by their hypocrisy but when I saw that their conduct was
15:32not in step with the truth of the Gospel notice this behavior is absolutely
15:39antithetical and the opposite of how we are to behave and treat each other according to the gospel when I saw that
15:46their conduct was not in step with the gospel I said to Peter before them all if you are the even if you though a Jew
15:53live like a gentile and not like a Jew how can you force Gentiles to live like Jews
15:59he goes on but you kind of get the point right so Paul explicitly states there that
16:06their conduct was contrary to the gospel and it’s because of this law that we’re
16:12looking at in Acts 11. you can’t eat with gentiles
16:18well as is often the case God has a way of weighing in if you would it’s as if
16:26Jesus Christ is actually the head of the church and when people try to usurp their Authority and by doing so subvert
16:34what he’s commanded us to do so clearly he enters he intervenes he intercedes
16:39all right because remember this remember the Great Commission go
16:44therefore and Make Disciples of All Nations
16:50Jesus was pretty clear right if Jesus were like one of those Stern firm
16:57Southern dads he might say something to the effect of what part of old are you
17:03guys not getting right but Jesus isn’t like that but anyway you kind of get the point right
17:09so this rule is contrary to the gospel and it’s causing Jesus’s clear command
17:16to preach the gospel to All Nations to not be happening
17:21so we return now back to Acts 11. so Peter’s called on the carpet
17:28good news guys Gentiles are believing in Jesus rather than praise the Lord
17:35you wait with gentiles all right so Peter began and explained it to them in order all right guys I was
17:43in the city of Joppa I was praying and in a trance I saw a vision something like a great sheet descending being let
17:50down from heaven by its four corners and it came down to me looking at it closely
17:56I observed animals and beasts of prey reptiles bacon Lobster shrimp birds of
18:03the air I put that in there by the way and then I Heard a Voice saying to me rise Peter kill and eat but I said by no
18:10means Lord For Nothing common or unclean has ever entered my mouth
18:18but the voice answered a second time from Heaven what God has made clean do not call Common
18:25this happened three times and all was drawn up again to heaven
18:33three times well let’s see what that sounds like what God has made clean do not call
18:38Common well God has made clean do not call Common what God has made clean do not call
18:46Common it’s as if the father has spoken the son has spoken and the Holy Spirit has all
18:54now spoken the Trinity himself is United
19:00this man-made law must go keep in mind Jesus did not come to call
19:07the righteous but sinners which then is really cool
19:15because we then understand this the one the ones who have been made clean
19:21are not the shrimp the lobster and the bacons the ones who have been made clean are
19:27you and me and that makes the difference of the whole world
19:33and when we lose sight of this fact as Christians and begin thinking like the circumcision party in false ways
19:41regarding false dichotomies between clean and unclean holy and Unholy then
19:47we like them end up subverting the gospel and impeding the Great Commission
19:52now dear Abby was not exactly known as an astute Theologian just want to make sure you understand this I’m not saying
19:59you should read her theological works but Dear Abby actually said something one time and here was a quote that she
20:05gave the church is a hospital for Sinners it is not a museum for Saints
20:11that’s a good quote now I would tweak it just a little bit I
20:17would tweak it to say the church is a hospice for sinners
20:22not a museum for Saints right
20:28oftentimes and this is sad unbelievers will cite as their reason for not coming
20:34to church their belief that are you ready the church is full of hypocrites
20:40have you ever heard that one yeah and so have I sadly this can become
20:46the case especially when the good news of the Forgiveness of sins is put on the shelf and then the church becomes a
20:53country club or some kind of a spiritual gymnasium or a place where we end up singing our own praises and Pat each
20:59other on the back for how holy and Sanctified we are and while we thank God that we’re not like the other people you
21:06know those unclean Sinners out there while we fail to see just how sinful and
21:13in need of the Forgiveness of sins we are I know I am
21:18self-righteousness is the root of all of this hypocrisy and the only way that someone can deceive themselves into
21:24believing that they are somehow righteous in and of themselves is because uh and because of their own holy
21:31life and thoughts is by actually abandoning God’s law and its killing work and then substituting it
21:38with their own man-made rules and regulations right
21:44keep in mind in Our Gospel text Jesus did not say they will know that we are his disciples if we don’t dance
21:53that’s a man-made law by the way now it may be that the reason why someone doesn’t dance is because they’re
21:58Norwegian right
22:04Jesus did not say they will know that you are my disciples if you don’t drink alcohol this again is a man-made law
22:10maybe the reason why someone isn’t drinking alcohol is because they’re recovering alcoholic
22:15or a Mormon or maybe they just don’t like the taste of beer
22:20there’s a million different reasons why not to drink alcohol and that is not a sign that you are a Christian or if you
22:27don’t use tobacco products or if you vote for a particular political party I think this year’s political season will
22:34prove that one to be completely bunk or they’ll know that you’re Christians
22:40if you keep those people out of your church I don’t know who those people are but it kind of changes from place to
22:47place think of yourself living in the South before the end of segregation
22:52those people would be God’s bled for and died for African Americans
23:01right and how evil and wicked is that instead we hear from Jesus
23:07a new commandment I give you that you love one another just as I have
23:12loved you and notice this is love grounded in the gospel how are we to love each other the way
23:20Christ has loved us how has Christ loved us sacrificially
23:26by bleeding and dying for us on the cross
23:32the way the world will know that we are his disciples is if we have that love
23:38for each other
23:43it’s a lot easier to not drink alcohol isn’t it or to not dance or to Never Smoke
23:49that’s easy having this kind of love for each other
23:56how do we say it ufta right
24:01yeah let me remind you how Christ has loved
24:08us Romans 5 says this for while we were still weak
24:15why why we were still Sinners at the right time Christ died for the ungodly
24:21that’s me that’s you one will scarcely die for a righteous person though perhaps for a good person
24:27one would dare to die but God demonstrates his love for us
24:32in that while we were still sinners Christ died for us
24:38and it’s through Christ’s blood shed for us on the cross that we who were born
24:44common born defiled born Unholy born sinful
24:51sinfully unclean it is through Christ’s shed Blood on the cross that we are made clean by God
24:57and as forgiven Sinners we can now take the good news of the Forgiveness of sins
25:02to everyone everyone because we understand rightly
25:09that there is no one as sinful as we are and that other people’s sins do not
25:16defile the righteousness of Christ give us given to us as a gift self-righteousness teaches us to see
25:22ourselves as the ones who have cleaned themselves up gotten themselves right with God while the gospel teaches us to
25:29rightly understand that there is no way for ourselves to clean ourselves up and that God had to clean us and because we
25:37have been cleaned by God we cannot be defiled by someone else
25:42and where has Christ cleaned you right there right there in the waters of your
25:48baptism Christ’s blood and the water and the word mixed together to wash all of your
25:54sins away though your sins be a Scarlet they’re made white as wool
26:02so the gospel that’s the thing about the gospel it tears down self-righteousness
26:09and it totally obliterates all of these man-made distinctions
26:15they don’t apply anymore and here’s the thing there’s a lot of people who have a lot of power in the church through these
26:21man-made distinctions and so they will guard these distinctions
26:27well murderously if they must coming back to Peter
26:34Peter says that behold behold at that very moment three men arrived at the house in which we were and sent to me
26:41from caesarea and here’s what he says and the spirit told me to go with them
26:47making no distinction the spirit wouldn’t make any distinctions like this and it wasn’t so
26:54know what Peter’s doing hey guys I know you’re upset that I ate with Gentiles but hey the spirit made no distinction
27:00take it up with God that’s what he’s saying so these Six Brothers also accompanied me we entered the man’s
27:07house he told us how he had seen the Angels standing in his house and say send to Joppa bring Simon who was called
27:13Peter he will declare to you a message by which you will be saved you and all
27:19of your household including your infants and as I began to speak the Holy Spirit
27:25fell on them just as an us at the beginning and I remembered the word of the Lord how he said John baptized with
27:32water but you will be baptized with the Holy Spirit if then God gave the same gift to
27:38them as he gave to us when we believed in the Lord Jesus who was I that I could
27:44oppose or stand against God
27:50and when they heard these things the circumcision party acquiesced
27:57they were checkmated by God himself their distinction had to fall at least
28:03on that day but don’t worry they’ll come back to fight another day right they often do
28:09so when they heard these things they fell silent and then they glorified God saying all right well then to the Gentiles also
28:16God has granted repentance that leads to life and that they got right
28:23it is God who grants repentance so the reason that God makes no distinction by the way why is it the god
28:30makes no distinction well it’s quite obvious in Romans 3 verse 9 we read the
28:36Apostle Paul says what then are we Jews any better off no not at all for we have already
28:41charged it all both Jews and Greeks the whole world
28:46they’re all under sin as it is written none is righteous no not one no one
28:52understands no one seeks for God all have turned aside together they have become worthless no one does good not
28:59even one notice verse 22 begins with these words for there is no distinction
29:07all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God and are justified by his grace as a gift
29:14through the Redemption that is in Christ Jesus whom God put forward as a propitiation an atoning Sacrifice by his
29:20blood to be received by Faith you see God makes no distinction
29:27because what Christ did on the cross wasn’t for one group of people it wasn’t
29:32for one group of genetically engineered people or a particular line of dissent
29:37from one person it was for the whole world Jesus is the Lamb of God who takes
29:43away the sin of the world your sin and mine
29:49and he is determined to give us this gift of salvation
29:55and he has sent his pastors and preachers and teachers out into the
30:00world to Proclaim to all tribes All Nations all languages that God was in
30:06Christ reconciling the world to himself not counting men’s trespasses against them
30:12so they would be saved saved and have true eternal life saved
30:19from the fires of Hell which we have all deserved so we are done not look at any group of
30:26people any nation of people whether they are white or brown Muslim
30:33or Buddhist and say no not them we’re not going to share the good news with them or alcoholics prostitutes Tax
30:42Collectors people who work for the IRS are evil by the way all right we’re not to exclude anybody
30:51because we all know this what God has made clean we are not to call Common
30:58Christ is bled and died for the sins of the world therefore as penitent
31:03believers who have received this cleaning from God
31:09we dare not say not them because by saying not them we run the
31:14risk of saying not us in the name of Jesus
31:20amen [Music]
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