Sermon Transcript – When Heaven Meets Earth: Jesus Did You Know?

1 Year Lectionary – Second Wednesday in Advent – Wednesday, December 8, 2021 | Pr. Chris Rosebrough

Welcome to the Teaching Ministry of Kongsvinger Lutheran Church. Kongsvinger is a beacon for the Gospel of Jesus Christ and is located on the plains of Northwestern Minnesota.
We proclaim Christ and Him crucified for our sins and salvation by grace through faith alone, and now, here’s a message from Pastor Chris Rosebrough:
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0:28tonight’s gospel is taken from the
0:30gospel of luke chapter 2.
0:34starting at verse 41. now Jesus’s
0:37parents went to jerusalem every year at
0:39the feast of the passover
0:41and when he was 12 years old they went
0:43up according to custom
0:45and when the feast was ended as they
0:47were returning the boy Jesus stayed
0:50behind in jerusalem his parents did not
0:52know it but supposing him to be in the
0:55group they went a day’s journey but then
0:58they began to search for him among their
1:00relatives and acquaintances
1:02and when they did not find him they
1:04returned to jerusalem searching for him
1:06after three days they found him in the
1:07temple sitting among the teachers
1:09listening to them and asking them
1:12and all who heard him were amazed at his
1:16and his answers and when his parents saw
1:19him they were astonished and his mother
1:21said to him son why have you treated us
1:23so behold your father and i have been
1:26searching for you in great distress and
1:29he said to them
1:30why were you looking for me did you not
1:33know that i must be in my father’s house
1:36and they did not understand the saying
1:38that he spoke to them and he went down
1:40with them and came to nazareth and was
1:42submissive to them and his mother
1:44treasured up all these things in her
1:46heart and Jesus increased in wisdom and
1:49in stature and in favor with god
1:52and man
1:53in the name of Jesus
1:56all right it’s that time of the year
1:58when out come the Christmas carols the
1:59popular ones and even the unpopular ones
2:02and i would note that there was a fad
2:05that seemed to run through our society
2:08not that long ago and there was a song
2:11that everybody was hearing everybody was
2:14singing everyone was kind of excited
2:15about and it well it was such a flash in
2:18the pan now that if you even mention the
2:21name of that song
2:22people roll their eyes
2:25it’s the song
2:26mary did you know
2:29have you heard it you know that on
2:31youtube that one version of it put out
2:33by pentatonix has been viewed over
2:38million times
2:40and it’s one of those songs when you
2:42first hear it
2:43you sit there and you go you know
2:44actually it’s kind of refreshing to hear
2:47such good incarnational theology
2:50regarding the birth of Christ because
2:52always and again the refrain as mary did
2:54you know and then talking about the
2:56things that Jesus did did you know that
2:58he would give sight to the blind that
3:00you know all the things that he would do
3:02and and as it goes it’s not a bad tune
3:06but nowadays when you mention that that
3:09tune there are people
3:12and i’ve even seen satirical responses
3:15somebody asked the question mary did you
3:17know and they get a very loud yes she
3:20knew of course she
3:24such is the cynicism of our day but i
3:26would note that a better question
3:30and one that i read in another pastor’s
3:32sermon he was telling a story about how
3:35in one of his catechism classes there
3:37was a kid in his catechism class who
3:39asked the question did Jesus know
3:42did he know that he was the son of god
3:44did he know that he was god in human
3:48not a bad question and so the text that
3:51we are looking at here tonight
3:53for uh for our second midweek advent
3:57really answers the question and this
3:59question itself is quite stunning the
4:01answer is
4:02yeah he did know in fact what’s really
4:06interesting about this particular text
4:08is that it
4:10well Jesus’s answer kind of hints at the
4:12fact that
4:13mary should have known more than she did
4:17one of those things but always and again
4:19this is kind of a thorny authority text
4:22and the reason why it’s a thorny text is
4:24Jesus legitimately went missing for
4:26three days and and and you have to ask
4:29the question did did Jesus fall short
4:32here was he disobeying his parents
4:34answer no not at all
4:37and so here our our text will be
4:39actually helpful to work our way through
4:41back from the gospel of luke now Jesus’s
4:44parents they went to jerusalem every
4:46year at the feast of the passover and we
4:48learned from the gospel luke chapter 2
4:50that Jesus’s parents although humble and
4:54not well padded in their bank account
4:57let’s say they were poor better way to
4:58put it right
5:00joseph is pretty much a blue-collar
5:03hard-working fellow and the the word
5:05that we use for
5:09could also be translated construction
5:13all right so what is joseph he is the
5:16heir by the way he is the heir to the
5:18throne of david legitimately the right
5:21descendant who should be sitting on the
5:23throne of israel
5:25but there is no real throne of israel at
5:29this point and king herod
5:33and his
5:34family dynasty after him they’re not
5:37even jews
5:38and so when we come to the story of the
5:41birth of Christ in his childhood we
5:44don’t get too much information but one
5:46of the things we see
5:48is that mary and joseph
5:50they fear god and they obey his
5:54commandments and this is super important
5:56for us because Christ is sinless and
5:59some of the things that were required
6:01for Jesus to do as an infant he couldn’t
6:04do them for himself
6:06instead his parents had to do them for
6:09him like presenting him in the temple
6:11circumcising him things of this nature
6:13and also when you read torah then you
6:16learn that the jews who were
6:19in covenant with god in the mosaic
6:20covenant the men were supposed to
6:23present themselves in jerusalem in the
6:26presence of god at the temple the place
6:28where god caused his name to dwell
6:32they were supposed to show up for the
6:34different feast days and so
6:37on this particular occasion the whole
6:40the whole family they jump into their
6:43family minivan
6:45no actually they didn’t have one of
6:47those they probably walked from nazareth
6:50to jerusalem
6:51and and they are heading to the passover
6:54feast Jesus is required to be there
6:57joseph is required to be there the women
6:59are not but the women they they often
7:02time accompany their family and so when
7:05he was this all happens when he’s 12
7:07years old so they are faithfully obeying
7:10god’s law
7:11and Jesus here is required to do these
7:13things and this is very good they went
7:16up according to custom and when the
7:17feast was ended as they were returning
7:20the boy Jesus stayed behind in jerusalem
7:22important to note that Jesus didn’t
7:24actually disobey a command you know he
7:27did what his mom didn’t say be there or
7:31and so Jesus what did he do well we know
7:34from this text he goes into the temple
7:37spends time with those who are teaching
7:40asking them questions in fact his
7:42parents didn’t know that he was not in
7:44the family group they supposed him to be
7:46there and they went a whole day’s
7:47journey and then you can kind of see
7:49what happens here around this time of
7:51the year a lot of people watch those
7:52movies home alone right home alone and
7:55home alone too i think those are the
7:56only two that should exist i just i’m
7:58just saying all right and then you know
8:01and then you got that moment where
8:04kevin mcallister’s mom realizes that
8:07kevin is not with the family the first
8:09time in paris second time you know
8:11they’re heading down to florida for
8:13Christmas and she has that big moment
8:15where she goes
8:16kevin right
8:18i can just see mary going
8:22where is yeshua right
8:24and and the poor lady i mean the stress
8:26of the moment has got to be overwhelming
8:32she legitimately lost track of the
8:35you know she had she had one assignment
8:38she understood the assignment all she
8:39needed to do
8:42all she needed to do is keep tracking
8:44Jesus and keep them safe and he’s
8:47gone missing right so they stop what
8:49they’re doing they head back a day’s
8:51journey back to jerusalem and they
8:54didn’t find him
8:56they returned searching him after three
8:58days they found him in the temple
9:00sitting among the teachers listening to
9:02them and asking them questions what’s
9:05really interesting about the home alone
9:06movies is that in home alone 2 kevin
9:09mcallister’s mother
9:11figures out where she can find her lost
9:13son because what does he like
9:16he likes Christmas trees so she heads to
9:18rockefeller center and wouldn’t you know
9:20it there’s a big Christmas tree there in
9:21rockefeller center and there’s kevin
9:23mcallister you see mary should have put
9:25this all together mary didn’t you know
9:30you see
9:31sorry you’ll note i’m doing a lot of
9:33play on words tonight i’m getting groans
9:35and laser beams from certain
9:38people here in the congregation work
9:39with me folks work with me right
9:45they found him in the temple
9:47they were astonished
9:49his mother said to him son
9:52why have you treated us so before behold
9:54your father and i we’ve been searching
9:56for you
9:57great distress and she’s not speaking
9:59hyperbolically all right i i once
10:02misplaced one of my kids at the local
10:05for a few minutes the utter panic the
10:08ice cold feeling that runs through your
10:10body that whole thing about you know
10:12your blood running cold that’s for real
10:14the poor parents of Jesus that great
10:16distress for three days but note what
10:18Jesus said
10:20why were you looking for me
10:25mary didn’t you know
10:27right i must be
10:30in my father’s house
10:32and the answer to the question did Jesus
10:34know that he was god in human flesh is
10:36right here yeah
10:37he knew
10:38he absolutely knew and that’s kind of
10:40the point because scripture is so clear
10:43on this that Jesus although he is by
10:45nature god he did not consider equality
10:48with god a thing to be grasped when he
10:49emptied himself taking on the form of a
10:52servant and he humbled himself by
10:54becoming obedient even at the point of
10:56death death on the cross you see Jesus
10:59knew full well
11:00where he was from who his father was he
11:03knew that he was god in human flesh and
11:06at the same time in his state of
11:07humiliation Christ did not make full use
11:10of the powers of his divinity although
11:13he had every right to if he wanted to
11:15you’ll note that the count doesn’t tell
11:17us that when Jesus was 11 years old he
11:19scared all of his school kid friends
11:21away by glowing in the dark he didn’t do
11:23any of that right instead in his state
11:26of humiliation he muted his divinity and
11:31for a time
11:33in a state where he was being obedient
11:36to the point of death in fact we see
11:38here in this text
11:39that Jesus went with him came to
11:41nazareth and was submissive to them in
11:44fact Jesus himself as a child grew in
11:46wisdom and in stature and the psalmist
11:49make it clear that Jesus learned
11:51obedience to the father
11:53through what he suffered hard to believe
11:56that god and human flesh although god
11:59knows all things he’s omniscient he’s
12:01omnipotent all powerful that Christ
12:04chose not to tap into all of that and
12:07like every other kid
12:10in his time whatever it would have been
12:12to live a normal childhood at that time
12:15in his region of the world
12:17he had to go to school he had to learn
12:19his alex bates gimmels in dallas and
12:21probably had to learn his alphas betas
12:23right and because he had to probably
12:25learn greek along the way too and maybe
12:27he also had to learn latin folks in that
12:29region of the world
12:31seem to know a few languages in order to
12:34and so Jesus he does all of these things
12:38so that he can then be the spotless lamb
12:42of god who takes away the sin of the
12:43world and as to whether or not Christ
12:46sinned in this matter the scripture is
12:48very clear that Christ never sinned in
12:51hebrews 4
12:52talking about Jesus as our great high
12:54priest it says we have then a great high
12:57priest who has passed to the heavens
12:59Jesus the son of god so let us hold fast
13:02to our confession
13:04we do not have a high priest who is
13:06unable to sympathize with our weaknesses
13:08but one who in every respect has been
13:11tempted as we are yet is without sin did
13:16Jesus sin in this regard not at all
13:19in fact mary should have known
13:22should have known where Jesus was should
13:24have known that his mission was to come
13:28and save us because that’s exactly what
13:31the angel told her
13:32his name will be called
13:35for he will save his people from their
13:37sins and so as we consider then the
13:40mystery of the incarnation and the
13:42mystery that not only did god
13:45join us in our human state in human
13:49flesh and had 10 fingers and 10 toes
13:53also had to learn his abcs and also
13:56freaked his parents out for a few days
13:59we know then that Christ
14:01because of what he’s gone through in a
14:03state of humiliation that he sympathizes
14:07with our weaknesses
14:09you know
14:10we live in a day right now where it
14:12seems like every week we hear a report
14:15of somebody that we know
14:18or love who’s come down with covid and
14:21every time that happens we kind of hold
14:23our breath
14:24and we pray
14:26you know i think about ryan and amy
14:28seavers you know who we’ve been serving
14:31in our leather outreach now for years
14:34both of them having been in the hospital
14:36one of them was just released yesterday
14:38and amy is still in the hospital but we
14:41got to report that she’s getting better
14:43but you’ll note that each and every one
14:45of us the reason why we suffer
14:46sicknesses and illnesses and things like
14:49this is due to the fact that we’ve
14:51messed up god’s good creation through
14:54our sin and as a result of it we suffer
14:57from colds and flus and cancer and
15:01arthritis and old age and things of this
15:03nature but worse than that we all
15:06struggle then with sin
15:11and it’s just a daily
15:15and at times
15:19embarrassed by our weakness
15:22we sometimes feel that god doesn’t want
15:25to put up with us anymore we’re tempted
15:27to basically
15:28think and maybe the devil has whispered
15:31in your ear you know if you really were
15:33a Christian you’d have your act far
15:35better together than you do
15:37right what do you do in a situation like
15:39that well when you’re sick
15:42you go to the doctor and you tell the
15:44doctor i’m sick
15:46and the
15:47doctor says what are your symptoms you
15:48explain your symptoms if you have a rash
15:51you show them the rash if you have a
15:52lesion you show them the legion if you
15:54have something that’s bugging you and
15:56it’s internal they go and they take an
15:59x-ray of what’s going on
16:01right if you’re sick and you feel like
16:03you have covid you have a test and then
16:05you you actually get care
16:07that’s kind of the same way note that
16:10god isn’t standing far off going you
16:12know i’m waiting for you to just hit the
16:15gym and would you go and get yourself
16:17strong so that you don’t have all this
16:19weakness in relation to sin
16:23instead we know this
16:25that Jesus our high priest
16:28because he has been tempted in every
16:31way that we have
16:33and is without sin that he legitimately
16:36sympathizes with our weaknesses
16:40he’s the one that you can go to and so
16:43and say to him Jesus
16:46right now i’m struggling
16:48right now i haven’t got my act together
16:51today i have been tempted to sin in this
16:54direction in this direction in this
16:55direction and much to my shame i have
16:58given in to that temptation in this
17:02and Christ doesn’t sit up there and go
17:06i i have no idea how to deal with this
17:10this is this i don’t understand this at
17:14far from it
17:16he sympathizes with our weaknesses
17:18in fact
17:19he himself
17:22our sin in his body
17:25going to the cross and bleeding and
17:26dying for each and every one of our
17:29weaknesses each and every one of our
17:32sins and he is our great high priest and
17:35hebrews then here says because of this
17:38we can have confidence
17:41confidence what a big word
17:44you have confidence nowadays and people
17:45will accuse you being arrogant uh-uh
17:48this isn’t arrogance arrogance is that
17:51self-reliance that’s self-love here we
17:54have confidence not in ourselves we have
17:56confidence in the one who sympathizes
17:59with our weaknesses bled and died for
18:01our sins so now because he can
18:04sympathize with our weaknesses we can
18:06draw near to the throne of grace with
18:10so that we can receive from our god
18:15and find
18:17grace that is necessary to help us in
18:21our time of need
18:27how cool Jesus is
18:29paul puts it this way
18:31in second corinthians chapter five
18:36all of this
18:38he says
18:39hang on a second here
18:43i flipped to the wrong page there you go
18:45he says all of this is from god
18:48all of this who through Christ
18:51has reconciled us to himself
18:54and gave us the ministry of
18:57you see Jesus knew
19:00he knew that he was god
19:02he knew that he was sent to earth to
19:04fulfill a mission to reconcile us to god
19:07to take the strained relationship that
19:10had broken by our sin
19:12and to repair the breach by his laying
19:16down of his life so that we can be
19:18forgiven all of this is from god and as
19:20a result of what Christ has done he
19:22himself has given us the ministry of
19:24reconciliation think of it this way that
19:26is that Christ in Christ god was
19:29reconciling the world to himself that’s
19:31what he sent Jesus to do
19:34not to judge us not to send us to hell
19:37not to condemn us he sent Christ into
19:40the world to reconcile us to himself
19:43by not counting our trespasses against
19:47and note then that we as Christians then
19:50we are entrusted with this message of
19:53we as Christians are ambassadors now for
19:57god is making his appeal through us
20:00and so we should implore
20:02others and implore as many people as we
20:06on behalf of Christ to be reconciled to
20:08god and here we get these great words
20:11for see our sake god made Christ to be
20:14sin who knew no sin
20:16so that in him we might become the
20:18righteousness of god
20:20brothers and sisters our god is amazing
20:23and the story of the incarnation is
20:26mind-blowing in all of its capacities
20:29and so let us this advent season
20:31continue with the work of recognizing
20:34our weaknesses
20:36recognizing our sins recognizing that
20:40scripture is clear that Christ has
20:42suffered these same temptations and is
20:44without sin and despite the fact that he
20:47was without sin he instead took up your
20:50sin and iniquity and mine bled for us
20:52and died for us reconciled us to god and
20:55given us a joyful message to proclaim to
20:59the world
21:01hmm it’s almost like you can begin to
21:05well Christmas carols
21:14right glory to God in the highest peace
21:18on earth
21:20those God is reconciled to Himself the
21:23story of Christmas is just around the
21:25corner let us repent of our sin cast off
21:28the sin that so easily entangles us and
21:30run the race
21:32as if it was our last day in the name of
21:34Jesus amen
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