Sermon Transcript – Who Are You Going to Listen To?

Series B – Reformation Sunday – Sunday, October 31, 2021 | Pr. Chris Rosebrough

Welcome to the Teaching Ministry of Kongsvinger Lutheran Church. Kongsvinger is a beacon for the Gospel of Jesus Christ and is located on the plains of Northwestern Minnesota.
We proclaim Christ and Him crucified for our sins and salvation by grace through faith alone, and now, here’s a message from Pastor Chris Rosebrough:
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0:28the holy gospel according to saint john
0:30the 8th chapter
0:39so Jesus said to the jews who had
0:41believed in him if you abide in my word
0:43you are truly my disciples and you will
0:46know the truth and the truth will set
0:48you free
0:49they answered him we are offspring of
0:50abraham and have never been enslaved to
0:52anyone how is it that you say you will
0:54become free Jesus answered them truly
0:57truly i say to you everyone who commits
0:59sin is a slave to sin the slave does not
1:02remain in the house forever the son
1:04remains forever so if the son sets you
1:06free you will be free indeed this is the
1:10gospel of the lord in the name of Jesus
1:13amen all right hear the words of our
1:15lord Jesus Christ Jesus said to the jews
1:17who had believed in him if you abide in
1:20my word you are truly my disciples you
1:23will know the truth and the truth will
1:25set you free so i’m going to ask you a
1:27question who should you be listening to
1:30you know i think it was abraham lincoln
1:32you know centuries ago who wrote that
1:34you should not believe everything that
1:35you read on the internet so i want you
1:37to keep this in mind so the question
1:39comes down to who should you be
1:41listening to because you’re going to
1:42know when it comes to religious opinions
1:45and speculations oh the world is filled
1:48with them in fact you’ve probably
1:49engaged in some of that yourself and
1:52over and again you’ll note that when we
1:54start doing that oftentimes we find our
1:57speculations and our opinions being at
2:00odds with Christ so i ask the question
2:02who should you be listening to have you
2:04ever noticed that if you say something
2:06to the effect of i absolutely believe
2:08that salvation is by grace through faith
2:11apart from works somebody sits there and
2:13goes you know
2:15they say
2:16something different
2:18now i don’t know who they are okay but
2:20always it’s they and i’m not talking
2:21about the people who have issues with
2:23gender pronouns i’m talking about they
2:25you know them
2:26right those people they they say no no
2:29no no salvation can’t be that free it’s
2:32it’s got to be you you’ve got to do
2:34something right they say that you’ve got
2:36to make sure that you light candles that
2:38you uh well you know burn incense they
2:42say that they you got to make sure that
2:44you don’t use contraception oh and uh
2:46they also say that you need to pray to
2:48saints the virgin mary and if your house
2:51is not selling then you buy a statue of
2:53saint joseph and buried in your yard and
2:55that thing will sell quick that’s what
2:56they say
2:59my question is
3:01when do we start listening to them
3:03all right because Christ said if you
3:06abide in my word
3:08you are truly my disciples and you will
3:11know the truth and the truth will set
3:12you free and since it’s reformation
3:14sunday i you know always and again you
3:16know i don’t knock on the pastors who
3:18want to give a history of the
3:20reformation there’s some important
3:21things that happen in the reformation
3:22but have you noticed the reformation
3:24continues to this day
3:26and vitally so
3:28because Christianity the best way i can
3:30say it it had a fantastic
3:33did you note that on the day of
3:35pentecost people who didn’t even know
3:40how to speak
3:41aramaic or hebrew that on the day of
3:43pentecost they heard the gospel in their
3:46own native languages kind of you know i
3:48think god wants people to hear the
3:50gospel in their own native languages and
3:53Christianity starts off and paul writes
3:55in koine greek there’s a wonderful
3:57translation of the old testament called
3:59the septuagint and people are hearing
4:01the gospel hearing that Christ has bled
4:03and died for their sins that salvation
4:06is a gift given by god and we’re not
4:08justified by our works or our obedience
4:11to god’s law and it just takes off like
4:14wildfire well
4:16along the way a fellow by the name of
4:19jerome he translated the bible into
4:21latin which was a good thing because in
4:24the roman empire guess what everybody
4:26spoke you know latin right and so
4:29people were hearing the gospel in latin
4:32but then
4:33but then well the roman empire crumbled
4:36from within
4:37and we
4:39humanity was plunged into the dark ages
4:41and you know what happened that that
4:43well that initial move to make sure that
4:46everybody heard the gospel in their own
4:48languages kind of came to a grinding
4:51halt as people kind of weathered the
4:53storm of the medieval period and as a
4:56result of it
4:57well the scriptures were kind of locked
4:59up in latin in fact i would note that it
5:02was the roman catholics who were the
5:03first kjv only people except for it
5:05wasn’t the kjv only it was the vulgate
5:08only all right if if it’s not in the
5:11vulgate then it’s not true and you can’t
5:13translate it into the vernacular of the
5:15common people you know the peasants and
5:17the unwashed masses
5:19and so if you wanted to hear the bible
5:21and actually hear the word of god you
5:24better have some money because you’re
5:26going to need to go to school and you’re
5:27going to need to learn latin you’re
5:29going to have to study and well the
5:31peasants didn’t have the ability to pay
5:33for that so the only people who can hear
5:35the bible
5:37the only people can hear
5:39at that time were the wealthy
5:42or the learned
5:43and it was during that time you have
5:45this great theological creep you know in
5:49that period then you have the ascendancy
5:52of indulgences this weird belief that if
5:54if you make a pilgrimage to such and
5:56such a castle cathedral and you view the
5:59knuckle bone of saint teresa that you’ll
6:01get a thousand years off of purgatory
6:04and all this weird stuff
6:06where did that come from right answer it
6:10came from our own sinful imaginations
6:14that’s where it came from coming back to
6:16the point who are you going to be
6:17listening to there are speculations and
6:20theological theological opinions of
6:22plenty and i’m not talking about rome
6:24anymore have you ever watched well
6:26Christian television right send in a
6:28thousand dollar seat offering and god’s
6:30going to make you a millionaire
6:32i don’t think so right
6:34you know let me let me put it in less
6:36flattering terms all right
6:39everybody has religious opinions and
6:41speculations just like everybody has a
6:43rear end and they all smell
6:46let’s make that right okay you get it
6:48that’s a little blunt in your face but
6:51the point is the Christ says if you
6:52listen to my
6:55you will know the truth and the truth
6:58will set you free
7:00and so one of the major
7:02pillars of the reformation if you think
7:05about the solas of the reformation sola
7:07gratia solafide sola gratia is sold by
7:11grace alone solafide by faith alone
7:13there’s another one
7:15sola scriptura
7:17the scripture alone it is only in the
7:19scriptures that we hear the words of
7:22Christ so that we can be his disciples
7:25and so i assure you you’re not my
7:26disciples i don’t have any if you if you
7:29think you’re one of mine well you know
7:31just banish the thought i don’t have any
7:33disciples we together are disciples of
7:35Christ and so we’re here to study his
7:37words and Jesus himself in the great
7:40commission says go and make disciples of
7:42all nations baptizing them in the name
7:45of the father son and the holy spirit
7:46teaching them all that i have commanded
7:50now how many books did Jesus write while
7:52he was on earth
7:55none zero
7:58how we supposed to find out his words
8:00well here’s where it kind of gets fun if
8:02you think about it you pay attention to
8:03the biblical text it’ll walk you through
8:05this so the father sends the son right
8:08that’s what we hear from Jesus well
8:10Jesus says to his disciples who would
8:12become his apostles
8:14just as the father sent me i’m sending
8:18and he says these words the one who
8:20hears you hears me
8:23the one who hears me here’s the one who
8:24sent me ah okay so Jesus’s apostles
8:28Jesus sent them to preach Jesus’s words
8:32and you know what they did and they
8:33wrote it all down for us it’s in the
8:36so we don’t need to have any religious
8:39in fact you know have you noticed that
8:41like on social media there’s like this
8:43phenomenon everyone’s talking about
8:44karen’s i feel bad for like anybody who
8:47has the name karen nowadays but you know
8:49karen is like this outrageous bizarre
8:53neighbor woman you know who like if you
8:55put your trash can like six inches onto
8:58her property line she’s gonna come and
8:59she’s gonna scream in your face you
9:02can’t do that i’m gonna call the i’m
9:04gonna call the association and they’re
9:06gonna make you move you know this weird
9:08stuff like this right but when it comes
9:11to Christianity
9:14every one of us have a karen inside of
9:16us that’s our own sinful nature
9:18and there’s our karen inside of us
9:20screaming it can’t be free you have to
9:23do something come on i want my mind to
9:26have to be conformed to his words i just
9:28need a little bit of my own ideas on top
9:31of that
9:34all right maybe we should make tick-tock
9:36videos about our own inner karen’s
9:39but the problem is we need to silence
9:40that woman we need to well you know my
9:43inner woman yeah i need a silencer yeah
9:48just kind of work through the
9:48implications of that you betcha amen
9:54so with that we recognize then
9:57Christ’s words if you abide in my words
9:59you will know the truth and the truth
10:01will set you free and it’s in that
10:03regard then we consider then the words
10:05of the apostle paul in our epistle text
10:07and and here’s the point i would like to
10:09kind of make ahead of time have you ever
10:12told somebody
10:14that women can’t be pastors
10:18and the person says to you yeah well
10:20that’s what the apostle paul wrote and
10:24we don’t really listen to the apostle
10:26paul because everybody knows that the
10:28apostle paul hated women
10:32so you’re going to slander the man all
10:33right now we’re going to note something
10:36paul is an apostle of Jesus Christ he
10:40was commissioned set aside for this
10:42apostolic ministry he’s the apostle
10:44abnormally born and again i’m not a
10:47rocket surgeon but i would note this
10:49when it comes to whether or not paul’s
10:51words are scripture i don’t think i’m
10:53smarter than peter the reason why i say
10:56that is because peter’s that guy who
10:57actually hung out with Jesus and he was
11:00he was restored into the apostolic
11:02ministry by Jesus himself and in second
11:05peter chapter three you can look this up
11:08the apostle peter
11:10says that paul’s writings are scripture
11:15that’s what he says
11:17so you can sit there and you can slander
11:18paul all you want i’m still going to
11:20listen to him because i’m not going to
11:22listen to your karen your karen is out
11:25out of line here saying the apostle paul
11:27he was just a woman hater no he wasn’t
11:31he was an apostle of Jesus Christ and he
11:34is the one who tells us in our epistle
11:36text that wonderful good news that we
11:40are saved by grace apart from works
11:43here’s what the text says now we know
11:45that whatever the law says
11:47it speaks to those who are under the law
11:51so that every mouth may be stopped and
11:53the whole world may be held accountable
11:56to god love it love it love it see if
11:58you listen to the scriptures the
12:00scriptures are going to tell you what
12:01the purpose of the law is if you think
12:04that the ten commandments and those all
12:06the things that god requires of you form
12:08some kind of a list with a checkbox next
12:11next to it and all you got to do is
12:12check off the boxes right i did that i
12:15did that i did that ooh i’m going to
12:19you have no clue
12:21what the law is about
12:22listen to the words of the apostle of
12:25Jesus Christ
12:27paul he says the purpose of the law is
12:30to silence you
12:32always and again i’m still working
12:33through you know therapy issues
12:35regarding my childhood i’ve told you
12:37about my best friend he was a son of a
12:39cuban immigrant a guy who actually was
12:41tortured by fidel castro and had the
12:43scars to prove it but
12:46always and again his i don’t think his
12:48dad liked me very much because whenever
12:50i would say something stupid
12:53and i would do that often as a kid
12:56whenever i would say something stupid he
12:58would kind of say
13:00not under his breath but loud enough for
13:01me to be for me to hear him even if he
13:04was in the kitchen he would say cayete
13:10loose translation we’ll forget the
13:12gringo part because that’s a slur
13:14loose translation from the italian shut
13:17up of your face
13:20that’s the purpose of the law
13:24to silence you
13:26but i’m a good person no you’re not
13:30you’re out of control you’re out of line
13:32here i’m really not that bad it’s worse
13:34than you think
13:37so the purpose of the law is to silence
13:39you and hold you accountable to god but
13:41that doesn’t make my self-esteem feel
13:43good good your self-esteem is a problem
13:46you have way too high of an opinion of
13:51well you’re not going to grow a church
13:52doing that i don’t grow the church
13:54Christ does
13:57for by works of the law
14:00no human being will be justified that
14:03means to be declared righteous or
14:05declared innocent in god’s sight by
14:07works of the law not one human being
14:10will be justified in god’s sight since
14:13through the law comes the knowledge of
14:16sin that law was not given as a list for
14:18you to follow to save yourself it was
14:20given as a list to check off and sit
14:22there and go oh boy i’m in trouble
14:25i’m a sinner
14:27and then
14:28best word in all of scripture but
14:33but now
14:34the righteousness of god whose
14:36righteousness is it
14:38god’s righteousness the righteousness of
14:41god has been manifested apart from the
14:45the law and the prophets they bear
14:46witness to it and this is the
14:48righteousness of god and watch your
14:50connecting words here the righteousness
14:53of god
14:54through faith in Jesus Christ and here’s
14:56a super important word
15:01for all who believe
15:04if you think about in these terms the
15:06great exchange
15:07on the cross Christ takes your sin upon
15:12and he bears your sin on the cross
15:14he suffers and bleeds and dies in your
15:17place experiencing the wrath of god to
15:20the full so that you can be forgiven and
15:23when you are brought to faith in Christ
15:26the holy spirit working this in you
15:28then you are clothed with Jesus’s
15:32perfect sinless righteousness that’s
15:34what the righteousness of god is so the
15:36righteousness of god it is
15:39for all who believe
15:42and then we get these and you’ll note
15:44that all of sinned
15:46all fall short of the glory of god
15:48including your inner karen and
15:51are justified then by his grace as a
15:54gift through the redemption that is in
15:56Christ Jesus and it was this text this
15:59exact text that martin luther was
16:02working his way through when he had the
16:04big kind of aha gospel movement he was
16:07legitimately trying to save himself by
16:11working his
16:12body to the bone as a monk in roman
16:17i’ve said it before luther has quoted
16:20has said if anybody could have been
16:23saved by monkery it was me
16:30but we can’t be saved by our
16:31righteousness we can’t be saved by our
16:33good works
16:35the purpose of the law is to show us our
16:37sin and the good news tells us that
16:39Christ died for our sins he bled for
16:42your sins and mine
16:43and all of us we’ve fallen fallen short
16:45of the glory god and then we are
16:47declared righteous then by his grace
16:50as a gift every time i preach to this
16:53text i ask the question how much do you
16:55pay people to give you Christmas gifts
16:59you don’t it’s not a gift if you pay for
17:02and that’s the point it’s free
17:05the whole kitten caboodle salvation
17:07reconciliation reconciliation with god
17:10forgiveness of your sins
17:13well the promise of an inheritance in
17:15the new earth
17:17i mean a good way to think about an
17:18inheritance is inheritance is a gift
17:20given by somebody who died
17:23so Jesus is our rich heavenly uncle
17:26he died and he and he’s written us into
17:28the will and given us the whole estate
17:30all as a gift because because of his
17:33great love and mercy and grace in fact
17:36god himself put Jesus forward as an
17:38atoning sacrifice by his blood to be
17:41received by faith
17:42and so then you’ll note that
17:46if you believe the words of Jesus you
17:49the words of his apostles the ones he
17:51sent the one he’s the ones he said of
17:54the one who hears you hears me
17:56right if you listen to his apostles and
17:58you recognize salvation is totally 100
18:01free what do you got to boast about
18:05one of the last words of martin luther
18:07was we’re all beggars
18:10am i as a beggar am i going to boast
18:12about the fact i found where the bread
18:14no i’m going to go tell the other
18:15beggars i know where the bread is you
18:17need a meal let’s go let’s go get fed
18:19that’s the whole point
18:21so you’ll note that boasting is out of
18:24it’s excluded
18:25because we hold and listen to the final
18:28words of the epistle text we hold
18:30that one is justified by faith apart
18:33from works of the law
18:35and then they
18:36they they they go crazy
18:38they they lose their minds no it can’t
18:41be that free if you start saying that
18:43then people are going to use that good
18:45news to go out and sin and fornal
18:51you know you’re telling me a lot more
18:52about yourself than you are telling me
18:54about what the scripture says
18:56in fact the apostle paul if when you
18:58read the book of acts when he preaches
19:01the gospel as a missionary planting
19:02churches goes into synagogues and
19:04proclaims Christ free forgiveness of
19:06sins he has detractors
19:08and in the book of romans itself in
19:10romans 6 paul takes up some of the karen
19:15talk from the people who were slandering
19:17him well well the you’re saying that if
19:20we that because of grace we can sin so
19:22the grace may abound
19:25that’s literally what these people were
19:27saying of paul and so he asked the
19:29question what shall we say are we to
19:30continue in sin so the grace may abound
19:33by no means
19:35how can we who died to sin still live in
19:40and see there’s the the next bit if you
19:42think about our gospel text
19:44Christ says
19:45you will know the truth and the truth
19:47will set you free and the jews hearing
19:49the words of Christ here in john 8
19:52they they were scratching their heads
19:54trying to figure out what he meant that
19:56they would be set free because they’re
19:59not slaves and so they look at Jesus and
20:01they say we’re the offspring of abraham
20:04we’ve never been enslaved to anyone
20:07how is it that you say you will become
20:08free they legitimately don’t get it
20:12and so Jesus kindly explains truly truly
20:14amen amen i say to you
20:16everyone who commits sin
20:19is a slave to sin
20:21the slave does not remain in the house
20:23forever the sun remains forever
20:25so if the sun sets you free
20:27you will be free indeed
20:29oh wait a second now i’m starting to get
20:31it what have i been set free from you’ve
20:33been set free
20:34from slavery to sin
20:36sin is egypt
20:38sin is slavery sin is not freedom Jesus
20:42doesn’t set you free so that you can be
20:44a slave to sin
20:46that doesn’t make
20:48any sense and that is all through the
20:51gospel not the law the law doesn’t set
20:54you free from slavery to sin it shows
20:57you you’re a sinner
20:58it’s only the gospel only the
21:00forgiveness of sins that sets you free
21:02from it and this is why
21:04paul then goes on again an apostle of
21:07Jesus Christ how can we who died to sin
21:10still live in it
21:11do you not know that all of us who have
21:14been baptized into Christ we were
21:17baptized into his death we were buried
21:20therefore with him by baptism into death
21:23in order that just as Christ was raised
21:25from the dead by the glory of the father
21:26we too might walk in newness of light
21:29you’ll note same theological topic
21:32slavery to sin freedom from sin and here
21:36the apostle of Jesus Christ the apostle
21:38paul points us to a very important
21:40moment in all of our lives as Christians
21:43that day when we were baptized in the
21:45name of the father and the son and the
21:48holy spirit now i know there are those
21:50within the visible church who say well
21:52it’s just a symbol but paul’s not
21:54arguing here as a symbol
21:56he’s pointing us back to that because
21:57what did he what did Jesus say if the
22:00son sets you free you will be free
22:03the question is have you been set free
22:07the answer is yeah
22:10you who are baptized you were baptized
22:12into Christ’s death and into his
22:14resurrection so that you might walk in
22:16newness of life
22:17this is not a symbol
22:19this is a reality
22:22given Christ has set you free in fact
22:25paul goes on to say if we have been
22:28united with him in a death like his and
22:30we have we shall certainly be united
22:33with him in a resurrection like his and
22:34by the way we will
22:36we know then that our old self was
22:38crucified with Christ in order that the
22:41body of sin may be brought to nothing so
22:43that we would no longer be enslaved to
22:45sin for one who has died has been set
22:50free from sin
22:51let me read verse 7 again one who has
22:54died has already been set free from sin
23:00so are you dead or not
23:06and i’m not talking about like mostly
23:08dead that’s not what i’m talking about i
23:10know everyone’s mind goes there right
23:11mine does too
23:13the answer is if you’ve been baptized
23:15you have already died
23:18you have been tucked away into Christ’s
23:19death and his resurrection death no
23:22longer has dominion over you paul says
23:25for the death Christ died he died to sin
23:27once for all the life he lives he lives
23:29to god so you must consider yourselves
23:31dead to sin and alive to god in Christ
23:34and what does that require by the way
23:40it requires faith
23:42do you believe these words or not
23:44that Christ has set you free you are
23:47free indeed paul goes on to say in verse
23:4915 what then are we to sin because we’re
23:52not under the law but under grace
23:54you just hear them going oy vay
23:56no do you not know that if you present
23:58yourselves to anyone as obedient slaves
24:01your slaves are the one to whom you obey
24:03neither of sin which leads to death or
24:06of obedience which leads to
24:07righteousness but thanks be to god that
24:10you who were once slaves of sin you have
24:12become obedient from the heart
24:14to the standard of teaching to which you
24:16were committed and you’ve been set free
24:18from sin and have become instead slaves
24:21of righteousness
24:23this is all true
24:25you see brothers and sisters i’m here to
24:27proclaim to you the reformation
24:28continues to this day because the number
24:31of theological opinions hasn’t gotten
24:33smaller since the reformation it’s
24:36gotten greater
24:37the cacophony of voices that would lead
24:39you away from the voice of Christ and
24:42Christ makes it very clear the one who
24:44abides in his word is his disciples and
24:48that person will know the truth and the
24:50truth will set them free today we have
24:52heard that Christ has set us free in the
24:54waters of baptism that he has borne our
24:56sin on the cross that he was the
24:58propitiation put forward by god so that
25:01we can be forgiven so that we can be set
25:03free from slavery to sin and all of this
25:06is a gift given by god
25:09everyone who commits sin is a slave to
25:11sin the slave doesn’t remain forever the
25:13sun remains forever and that’s what you
25:15have been made in the waters of baptism
25:17the sons the daughters the children of
25:20god so if the son sets you free you will
25:23be free indeed and you are indeed free
25:30in the name of Jesus
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