Sermon Transcript – Who Do People Say That I Am?

Series B – Second Sunday in Lent – Sunday, March 1, 2015 | Pr. Chris Rosebrough

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We proclaim Christ and Him crucified for our sins and salvation by grace through faith alone, and now, here’s a message from Pastor Chris Rosebrough:
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0:28the holy Gospel According to Saint Mark
0:31chapter 8 verses 27-38
0:35Jesus and his disciples went on to the
0:37Villages around caesarea Philippi
0:40on the way he asked them who do people
0:42say that I am they replied well some say
0:45John the Baptist others say Elijah still
0:47others one of the prophets
0:50what about you he asked who do you say
0:52that I am Peter answered you are the
0:55Christ and Jesus warned them not to tell
0:58anyone about him then he began to teach
1:01them that the son of man must suffer
1:04many things and be rejected by the
1:06elders the chief priests and the
1:08teachers of the law and that he must be
1:10killed and after three days rise again
1:12he spoke plainly about this and Peter
1:16took him aside and began to rebuke him
1:18but when Jesus turned and looked at his
1:21disciples he rebuked Peter get behind me
1:23Satan he said you do not have in mind
1:26the things of God but the things of men
1:28then he called The Crowd to him along
1:30with his disciples and said if anyone
1:33would come after me he must deny himself
1:35take up his cross follow me
1:38for whoever wants to save his life will
1:41lose it whoever loses his life for me
1:43and for the gospel will save it what
1:45good is it for a man to gain the whole
1:48world yet forfeit his soul or what can a
1:50man give in exchange for his soul if
1:53anyone is ashamed of me and my words in
1:55this adulterous and sinful generation
1:57the son of man will be ashamed of him
1:59when he comes in his father’s Glory with
2:01the Holy Angels
2:04in the name of Jesus
2:07so our gospel text this morning takes
2:10place in a very interesting place the
2:11text reads Jesus and his disciples went
2:14on to the Villages around caesarea
2:16Philippi now if you study that very
2:19important book of the Bible called the
2:21book of maps that’s right all of
2:23scripture is inspired and God breathed
2:26and inerrant from The Book of Genesis
2:28all the way to the book of maps and so
2:30if you look and consult the book of maps
2:32you will see that caesarea Philippi is a
2:35little bit outside of Israeli territory
2:38in fact this is a town that well
2:41caesarea had had experienced a name
2:44change recently at the time of Jesus
2:47named after Augustus Caesar the God man
2:50the god king right and so Jesus is
2:54telegraphing something here The Big
2:56reveal the big confession is about to
2:59take place as to who Jesus is finally
3:02once and for all all questions will be
3:05answered there will be no doubts as to
3:08who Jesus is and this Revelation takes
3:10place in caesarea Philippi
3:13this is a place that prior to being
3:14named caesarea Philippi was called
3:16panion named after the god pan in fact
3:20famous place there the gates of Hades
3:22you know if you’ve ever been there I
3:24haven’t been in fact I’ve studied a
3:26Biblical archeology using other people’s
3:28vacation photos that’s what you know the
3:30internet’s good for but trust me the
3:33people who’ve been there they took great
3:35photos of it then you take a look there
3:36at the gates of Hades you can see that
3:38these little grottos up in the in the
3:40stone wall there that where all these
3:42different Idols were this is where Jesus
3:44is so he’s asking the question you know
3:47kind of the pr question the um the the
3:50the generic public opinion poll question
3:52who do people say that I am while
3:54surrounded with all of these Pagan idols
3:57so well they said well Jesus we took an
4:01opinion poll 40 say that you’re John the
4:04Baptist we got 25 coming in with Elijah
4:07and then everybody else is not so sure
4:09they say you’re one of the prophets of
4:10old so there’s the opinion poll but this
4:13opinion poll this question was kind of
4:15the setup for the real question the most
4:17important one what about you he asked
4:19who do you say that I am
4:22and the text doesn’t say that there was
4:24that awkward pause but you can almost
4:26imagine it can’t you
4:29so Peter he Chimes up he says you are
4:33the Christ
4:35you’re the Messiah
4:37now in the gospel of Matthew Jesus says
4:40write and this hasn’t been revealed to
4:42you by men this has been revealed to you
4:45by the father but then Jesus goes on in
4:48our Mark in text we’ve got to be
4:49faithful to our text Jesus warned them
4:51not to tell anyone about him which kind
4:53of begs the question why what’s going on
4:56well Peter’s next move helps us
4:59understand that a little bit but if you
5:01know anything about first century
5:03Judaism under Roman rule is that there
5:07was a lot of Messianic expectation
5:10and some people even took it upon
5:12themselves to claim themselves to be the
5:14Messiah and they were always interested
5:17in flexing political muscle raising an
5:21army or a militia or zealots kind of
5:23similar to um jihadists if you would and
5:27you know basically making a stench of
5:29themselves politically with the Romans
5:31and part of the reason for this is is
5:34that the people of Jesus’s time were
5:37really good at keying in on the Old
5:40Testament prophecies about the Messiah
5:42that have to do with his coming in
5:44judgment coming in power coming in glory
5:47eradicating getting rid of the evildoers
5:51well the problem was is that all of
5:54those Old Testament prophecies point us
5:55to Jesus’s Second Coming his second
5:58Advent when we confess in the Creed you
6:00know we believe that he will come again
6:03with glory to judge the living and the
6:05dead those there are prophecies about
6:07Jesus’s return not only in the New
6:09Testament but also in the old and so the
6:11people under Roman oppression first
6:12century waiting for the Messiah they
6:14look at these they say the most high is
6:17coming in he’s gonna Flex muscle and
6:19he’s going to get rid of those ornery
6:21Pagan Romans that’s how they read it but
6:24that’s kind of the problem is because
6:25they ignored the other passages Lo he
6:29comes to you humble riding on a donkey
6:32the cult the foal of a donkey on him was
6:35laid the iniquity of us all he was
6:37pierced for our transgressions bruised
6:39for our iniquities so there’s prophecies
6:41regarding Jesus’s first and second
6:43Advent in the Old Testament and the
6:45people of Jesus’s time they’re kind of
6:47wrapped up in the prophecies regarding
6:49Jesus’s second Advent so Jesus he’s at
6:53this point teaching the disciples how to
6:55rightly understand him and it’s going to
6:58take up too much bandwidth for him to
6:59correct everybody so he has to start
7:01with this group right so Jesus warned
7:04them not to tell anyone about him that
7:06he’s the Messiah so then he began to
7:09teach them that the son of man must
7:11suffer many things and be rejected by
7:13the elders the chief priests and the
7:16teachers of the law and that he must be
7:18killed and after three days Rise Again
7:20notice Jesus is very blunt the text says
7:22that he spoke plainly about this very
7:25plainly so all right I’m the Messiah
7:27guys but here’s the deal we’re going to
7:30go to Jerusalem I’m going to be rejected
7:33killed and then rise again on the third
7:37nobody saw this coming
7:40the disciples
7:43and you can kind of Imagine at this
7:44point they’re thinking but Jesus when
7:46you come into your kingdom aren’t we
7:47going to be your cabinet men you know I
7:50I you know I want to be Chief of Staff
7:52one other guy he wants to be the head of
7:55the Department of War I mean we’re gonna
7:57we’re gonna get rid of these Romans
7:58right let’s talk about you being
8:00rejected and killed
8:02you know
8:04so Peter does something
8:07rather odd just a minute ago he was
8:10praised and got the question right as to
8:12who Jesus was that he’s the Messiah that
8:14he’s the Christ so Peter takes Jesus
8:16aside and began to rebuke Jesus
8:20now in the corporate world we talk about
8:23career limiting moves okay you so if in
8:26the corporate world if you know the vice
8:28senior vice president of a particular
8:30Department makes a decision and one of
8:32the guys in the lower ranks decides to
8:34take the senior vice president aside and
8:36then rebuke him or do it publicly that’s
8:39called a career limiting move okay
8:41generally that person is asked very
8:43politely to go plan somebody else’s
8:45corporate team okay so here we have
8:48Peter and we could say that this could
8:51be an eternity limiting move this is a
8:54big deal he’s taking God in human flesh
8:56aside in rebuking God
8:59oof you know how do we say it here ufta
9:01yeah this is this is a big ufta
9:08Jesus is kind he’s patient and
9:12but it says this Jesus turned and looked
9:14at his disciples he rebuked Peter get
9:17behind me Satan
9:24so there’s the great Apostle Peter the
9:27guy who confessed Jesus to be the
9:29Messiah got the question right and then
9:31turns around and does something
9:34sinfully stupid so sinfully stupid that
9:37Jesus gets right to the root of the
9:39matter and says you do not have the mind
9:40the things of God but the things of men
9:42and as a result of it he says Peter is
9:44Satan and tells him to get behind him
9:46points out the fact that Peter is a lot
9:49like in fact he’s exactly like all of us
9:54all of us who in one moment we can
9:57confess that Jesus’s savior that he’s
9:59died for our sins that he is king of
10:01kings and Lord of lords no sooner do we
10:04confess the words of the Nicene Creed
10:06God of God light of light fairy god of
10:08very God begotten not made that we leave
10:11here and we well
10:14to something sinful
10:16and this has to do with the fact that as
10:19Christians we are saved
10:22and still waiting for the consummation
10:25of time the Redemption of our bodies the
10:27resurrection so we have our sinful Adam
10:29to contend with and our sinful Adam
10:31really enjoys and is quite prone to
10:34doing the work of the devil even Peter
10:37had the same problem so Jesus rebukes
10:40him says Get Behind Me Satan you do not
10:41have in mind the things of God the
10:43things of men Jesus has not come to flex
10:46political muscle
10:48he’s not come to get rid of the Romans
10:51or set Israel free from the Roman
10:53occupation that’s not what he’s about
10:55those are the things of men not the
10:58things of God Jesus has a very specific
11:00mission for which he’s come and he’s not
11:02allowed about to let
11:04Peter tell him otherwise and so he puts
11:08Peter in his place so then Jesus Calls
11:10the crowd to himself he said if anyone
11:13would come after me he must deny himself
11:16take up his cross and follow me
11:19now this is a phrase that has historical
11:21meaning why because the Romans used
11:24crucifixion as well let’s put it this
11:27way psychological warfare
11:30you want to see what happens to the
11:31people who stand up to the emperor and
11:34the Roman Empire well we’ll show you
11:36we’ll show you what happens to those
11:38people they take them out they March
11:41them in a death march making them carry
11:43their own crosses bloodied bruised and
11:46beaten after being scourged and then
11:48they take them right say outside the
11:49city Gates you know along the path as
11:53you’re going into Jerusalem for
11:55everybody to see and they’re those poor
11:59wretches are nailed to the cross and
12:02they languish some of them for days and
12:05then after they die oftentimes their
12:07bodies are left on the cross this is the
12:09statement you stand up to the Roman
12:11Empire this is what we’re going to do to
12:14and so everybody’s familiar with this
12:17death march of the Romans and notice
12:19what Jesus says
12:21if anyone would come after me he must
12:23deny himself take up his cross
12:26and follow me Jesus is at the head of
12:29the procession carrying his cross
12:32he’s calling us all to deny ourselves
12:34what kind of revolution is Jesus leading
12:38the answer is he’s not leading a
12:39revolution at all he’s calling Sinners
12:42to die
12:43die to themselves
12:45and ultimately be raised Again by him
12:47whoever wants to save his life will lose
12:51whoever Loses His Life For Me In The
12:53Gospel will save it so what good is it
12:56for a man to gain the whole world yet
12:57forfeit his soul let’s answer the
13:00there’s no gain at all
13:02you can be a billionaire
13:05in this life have everything that this
13:08life has to offer
13:11and at the end of the day without
13:12Penance and faith in Christ for the
13:14Forgiveness of your sins your short tiny
13:17little lifespan is nothing but a wisp
13:21a vapor that vanishes when the sun comes
13:25out you’ll die
13:28you’ll die
13:29and you’ll have nothing except for an
13:32eternity in hell
13:34so what can a man gain you know if he
13:37gains a whole world and yet forfeits his
13:39soul absolutely nothing or what can a
13:41man give in exchange for his soul let’s
13:42answer that question
13:44I think there’s nothing you can give in
13:46exchange for your soul nothing you are
13:49incapable of saving yourself paying your
13:52debt to God that has to be paid for you
13:54and that’s what Jesus is all about and
13:57Jesus says if anyone is ashamed of me
13:59and my words in this adulterous
14:02Generation Well the son of man will be
14:04ashamed of him
14:06and the thing is is that Jesus’s words
14:08truly are shameful to the world you
14:10really are telling me that I’m a sinner
14:13that I need to be forgiven by Jesus that
14:17there’s nothing I can do to to earn
14:20God’s favor I can’t Merit it by my good
14:24works precisely
14:26repent deny yourself
14:29take up your cross follow Jesus this is
14:32what he tells us and thankfully Jesus
14:35did not listen to The Satanic advice and
14:37rebuke of Peter instead he fulfilled his
14:42he went to the Cross he was rejected by
14:45the elders he was beaten he was scourged
14:48he was crucified he did die and he did
14:51rise again
14:52and our epistle text frames it so nicely
14:55as to what he accomplished by not
14:57listening to Peter’s satanic advice
14:59Romans 5 1
15:03since we have been past tense we have
15:07been declared righteous by faith we now
15:11have peace with God through our Lord
15:12Jesus Christ because Jesus didn’t listen
15:15to Peter and fulfilled his mission we
15:18now have peace with God
15:20through him we have obtained access by
15:23faith into this grace in which we stand
15:25and we rejoice in Hope of the glory of
15:28God not only that we rejoice in our
15:31that’s right the world doesn’t rejoice
15:33in their sufferings do they
15:35now the world sits there and says I’m
15:36suffering there must be something wrong
15:38what can I buy what can who can I talk
15:41to what can I do to remove the suffering
15:43from me
15:45but we as Christians who’ve taken up our
15:48followed Christ we rejoice in our
15:51sufferings knowing that suffering
15:53produces endurance
15:54endurance produces character character
15:57produces hope and hope does not put us
15:59to shame because God’s love has been
16:01poured into our hearts that the Holy
16:02Spirit who has been given to us and
16:05here’s the best part for while we were
16:07still weak
16:09at the right time Christ died for the
16:14did you catch that Christ died for the
16:20that’s you
16:22that’s me
16:23that’s how scripture describes us and
16:26you sit there and go well I’m really not
16:28that bad now let me read it again
16:30while you were weak Christ died for the
16:34if you’re not ungodly Christ did not die
16:37for you
16:39he only died for the ungodly period
16:43and that’s part of what it means to deny
16:47stop fooling yourself into believing
16:48you’re a good person
16:50you’re not
16:51I’m not
16:53I’m ungodly
16:55you’re ungodly and the good news is that
16:58Christ fulfilled his mission he went to
16:59the cross and he died for the ungodly
17:03for one will scarcely die for a
17:05righteous person though perhaps for a
17:07good person one would dare to die but
17:09God shows his love for us in that while
17:12we were still sinners
17:14Christ died
17:17for us
17:20so we’re all that
17:23we are ungodly sinners
17:27and Christ while you were weak powerless
17:30unable to do anything he bled he died
17:33for you and this is how God demonstrates
17:36his love for you while you were at your
17:39worst not your best at your worst Christ
17:43dies for you
17:45he dies from the ungodly and this is how
17:48God shows his love for us and since
17:51therefore we have now been declared
17:53righteous justified by his blood
17:57thank you Lord
17:59that it’s all gift it’s all Mercy
18:01how much more shall we be saved by him
18:04from the wrath of God for if while we
18:06were enemies there’s the word another
18:09ungodly sinners
18:12enemies while we were enemies we were
18:15reconciled to God by the death of his
18:17son how much more now that we are
18:20reconciled shall we be saved by his life
18:22more than that we also rejoice in God
18:24through our Lord Jesus Christ through
18:26whom we now have received reconciliation
18:30so Christ went to the Cross he didn’t
18:32listen to The Satanic advice of Peter
18:36Peter was sinning in that moment and
18:37Jesus rebuked him and Jesus fulfilled
18:40his mission his mission to save
18:42his enemies his mission to save the
18:45ungodly his mission to save sinners
18:48sinners like me
18:50Sinners Like You
18:52therefore we humbly deny ourselves take
18:56up our crosses and follow Jesus and
18:59rejoice in our sufferings because truly
19:01this is an offensive message that we
19:03have to Proclaim and yet it is the
19:06greatest good news of all that God has
19:09reconciled us to himself by what Christ
19:12did for us on the cross
19:14in the name of Jesus Amen
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