Sermon Transcript – Who is This?

Series B – Fourth Sunday of Pentecost – Sunday, June 20, 2021 | Pr. Chris Rosebrough

Welcome to the Teaching Ministry of Kongsvinger Lutheran Church. Kongsvinger is a beacon for the Gospel of Jesus Christ and is located on the plains of Northwestern Minnesota.
We proclaim Christ and Him crucified for our sins and salvation by grace through faith alone, and now, here’s a message from Pastor Chris Rosebrough:
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0:28in the name of Jesus amen here again
0:32the words from our gospel text from the
0:34gospel of mark chapter four
0:35at his conclusion the disciples were
0:38filled with
0:39great fear Jesus had just spoken to a
0:42storm as if it was a pet dog
0:44and told it to be silent shh Jesus says
0:48to the storm
0:49and the wind ceased it was a great calm
0:52of course Jesus is asking them the
0:54question why are you so afraid
0:56have you still no faith and the
0:58disciples filled with great fear said to
1:00one another who
1:01then is this that even the wind and the
1:06obey him you’ll note this is early on
1:10in the ministry of Jesus and the
1:13haven’t quite sorted it out
1:16but let’s consider some of the iron here
1:18irony here and some of the difficulty as
1:20we work through a passage like this
1:23let’s back up in history maybe six
1:26or seven centuries and go back to
1:29mount carmel remember the prophets of
1:32all were invited to a showdown by elijah
1:36the single prophet of god
1:37to come to mount carmel and the god who
1:40answers by fire he is supposed to be the
1:42lord here again the words of elijah from
1:44first kings 18.
1:46elijah came near to all the people and
1:48he said how long will you go limping
1:50between two opinions
1:52if yahweh is god follow him
1:55but if but all well then follow him
1:58and so the people did not answer him a
2:00word elijah said to the people
2:03i even i only am left a prophet of
2:07but all’s prophets are 450 men
2:11so let two bowls be given to us let them
2:14one bowl for themselves cut it in pieces
2:16and lay it on the wood
2:18and but put no fire to it and i will
2:21prepare the other bowl
2:22and lay on it the wood and put no fire
2:24to it
2:25you call upon the name of your god i’ll
2:28call upon the name of yahweh
2:30and the god who answers by fire he is
2:34well we all know how this goes so
2:37they’ve chosen for themselves one bowl
2:39the prophets have all paired it first
2:42but they put no fire to it
2:43the text says they took the bull that
2:45was given them prepared it
2:47called upon the name of all from morning
2:49until noon
2:50saying oh ball
2:54answer us but there was no voice
2:58no one answered and they limped around
3:01the altar
3:03that they had made and then listen to
3:05these words
3:06and at noon elijah mocked them
3:10saying well cry louder after all he is a
3:15either he’s musing maybe he’s relieving
3:18himself he’s in that small room
3:20reading the newspaper while he relieves
3:24or maybe he’s on a journey or perhaps
3:25he’s asleep
3:27and must be awakened and they cried
3:30aloud and cut themselves after their
3:32custom with swords and lances
3:34until the blood gushed out upon them
3:37and as midday passed they raved on until
3:39the time of the offering of the oblation
3:41but there was no voice
3:42no one answered no one paid attention
3:46so there’s elijah on mount carmel what
3:49mocking the prophets of god because
3:51of prophets of all because their god
3:53isn’t answering them
3:55cry louder he’s relieving himself maybe
4:00asleep and see this gets at
4:03one of the difficulties of the
4:07a lot of people don’t know what to do
4:10with Jesus Christ
4:12because he is none other than the son of
4:15god in human flesh he
4:17is the god yahweh in human flesh
4:20and yet ironically centuries later
4:25our gospel text has Jesus
4:28absolutely bush dog tired
4:32after days of ministry wearing himself
4:35wearing himself to the bone and he
4:38getting into a boat letting his
4:41lead the way as they’re heading across
4:43the sea and Jesus
4:46needs to get some sleep and that’s when
4:49that storm
4:50came up and guess what
4:54the disciples had to wake up
4:58their god
5:02what are we to make of this doesn’t this
5:04mean that Jesus
5:05isn’t god no it doesn’t and that’s one
5:09of the great profundities
5:11of the incarnation the incarnation
5:15everything and the disciples at the end
5:17of this account are trying to sort this
5:20who then is this you see
5:23islam this is one of those religions
5:25that is
5:26really really offended by and refuses to
5:31that Jesus is the son of god let me let
5:34give you an example here from one of
5:36beau geert
5:37works he writes about a knight who had a
5:41servant and it’s in this writing in this
5:44fictional account
5:46this knight asks his muslim servant
5:49what are you thinking about and so the
5:51muslim servant
5:53answers his night master and he says he
5:56i’m thinking about paradise my lord this
5:59muslim servant says
6:00i’m thinking about god and then he just
6:03lays out the muslim concept
6:07of the unity unitarian idea of god
6:11and listen to what he says it sounds
6:13pious and ineffable
6:14but this is the means by which islam
6:18that Jesus is god the son second person
6:22of the holy trinity in human flesh
6:24see god he is one this muslim servant
6:27he is exalted higher than the heavens he
6:31incomprehensible glorious
6:34beyond all understanding impossible to
6:38if we could understand him he would no
6:40longer be
6:41god and if he could become like us
6:45we would not be god either
6:48we would never dare to say that the
6:50infinitely exalted could have a son
6:53with a woman that the glory and the
6:55divinity the holy
6:57inexpressible whom we cannot find
7:00words for that this one should be found
7:03in a miserable sweaty
7:06human body which can get sores
7:10and colic which must stuff itself with
7:14porridge and must relieve itself as we
7:17this according to islam is blasphemy
7:20therefore god gives us victory
7:25sounds rightish but here’s the thing
7:30Jesus is none other than god in human
7:33and this is where part of the stumbling
7:36block is
7:37how is it that god would take on
7:41frail sweaty stinky
7:45needy human flesh and still
7:49be god but that is
7:52exactly who Jesus is
7:55and what he has done and so consider
7:58this text
7:59from first first timothy chapter 3
8:04paul writes in verse 16 great indeed we
8:09is the mystery of godliness god was
8:12manifested in the flesh
8:15vindicated by the spirit seen by
8:19angels proclaimed among the nations
8:23believed on in the world and taken up in
8:28in fact that’s the point the
8:30manifestation the
8:32incarnation of the son of god
8:36is a mystery that is great it is
8:40it is difficult for us to comprehend and
8:43at the same time this revelation that
8:45god walked among us
8:47suffered as we suffered wept as we wept
8:51as we bled died as we died
8:56brings us comfort comfort because
8:59our god can relate with our weaknesses
9:04in another text the gospel of john
9:08chapter 1 talking about the incarnation
9:11of the son of god
9:12it begins with those famous words john
9:15chapter 1
9:17in the beginning and rk in the beginning
9:20was the word
9:21the lagos and the word was with god
9:25and the word was god he
9:28was in the beginning with god and
9:31all things were made through him and
9:33without him was not anything made that
9:35was made
9:36in him was life and the life was the
9:40light of men
9:42and the light shines in the darkness and
9:45the darkness does not overcome it
9:47you see Jesus is the word of god he was
9:50in the beginning with god and he
9:51is god that being the case he is the
9:54light and you’ll note that
9:56john chapter 1 has many of the same
9:59themes that you see in genesis 1
10:01that in the beginning god created the
10:03heavens and the earth god said let there
10:05be light and there was light and he
10:06separated the light from the darkness
10:08but here we learn from the gospel of
10:10that Jesus is the light of the world
10:14he’s the light that shines in the
10:16darkness and the darkness does not
10:18overcome it
10:20john continues there was a man sent from
10:22god whose name was john
10:24he came as a witness to bear witness
10:25about the light
10:27all so that all might believe through
10:30he was not the light he came to bear
10:33witness about the light
10:35but the true light which gives light to
10:37everyone it was coming
10:39he was coming into the world he was in
10:42the world
10:43and though the world was made through
10:44him yet the world did not
10:46know him and that’s kind of the point
10:49here this
10:49text john confesses that Jesus is the
10:52one who created
10:54everything it’s in that context that we
10:57consider the frightening words
10:59that we see in our old testament text
11:01from job 38
11:03oh this is one of the most terrifying
11:06in all of scripture job finally buckling
11:09under his suffering begins to grumble
11:11and to blame his misery and go
11:14on god to one degree or another and god
11:18he’s going to have a chat
11:21with job and let’s just say that
11:25god chose to show up and have his chat
11:28with job
11:29in power and glory and
11:33might and he shows up barrels down a
11:36highway coming down the way to talk to
11:40in a whirlwind in a big
11:43giant ginormous supercell thunderstorm
11:47and the lord answered job out of this
11:52and he said to job who is it the darkens
11:55counsel by
11:56words without knowledge you dress for
11:59action like a man
12:00i’ll question you i’ll make and you make
12:03it known to me
12:05where were you when i laid the
12:08foundation of the earth tell me if you
12:10have understanding
12:11who determined its measurements surely
12:13you know
12:14or who stretched the line upon it on
12:17what were its bases sunk or who laid its
12:20when the morning stars sang together and
12:23the sons of god shouted for joy those
12:26are the angels
12:27or who shut in the sea with doors when
12:29it bursts
12:30out from the womb when i made clouds its
12:33garment in thick darkness its swaddling
12:35and i prescribed limits for it and set
12:38bars and doors
12:39and said thus far shall you come and no
12:41farther and here you sh
12:43shall your proud waves be stayed
12:46as brief as our old testament text is
12:50you can tell that job was having one of
12:52those moments where
12:53he may have involuntarily not only had
12:56his knees knocking
12:57but may have wet himself because when
12:59god shows up in power
13:01and glory and might in this way and
13:05upgrades oh an upstart human who speaks
13:09knowledge god reminded job that he
13:12had intentionality and design and
13:15thought that went into the creation of
13:18the universe
13:19and the things that we see and smell and
13:21taste and touch
13:23and he even commands his creation
13:26you proud waves can come this far
13:29and no farther that’s god’s prerogative
13:32to speak
13:32to creation in this way and in that
13:35regard then consider
13:37again what our gospel text says on that
13:40day when the evening had come
13:42Jesus said to his disciples let us go
13:44across to the other side of the sea of
13:46leaving the crowd they took him with
13:48them in the boat just as he was
13:50and the other boats were with them there
13:52was more than one boat and a great
13:54windstorm arose and the waves were
13:56breaking into the boat
13:58so the boat was already filling but he
14:00was in the stern
14:03asleep on a cushion
14:08wow again
14:11the mystery of godliness is great Jesus
14:15is the word of god made flesh we’ll read
14:17more from john in a minute
14:19but yeah they’re the disciples their god
14:23was in the boat with them asleep
14:26dog tired having spent all of his energy
14:30ministry work casting out demons healing
14:33the sick giving sight to the blind
14:35hearing to the deaf
14:36speech to the mute the ability to walk
14:40to the paralyzed and lame oh Jesus did
14:43it all and at the end of it he
14:45was spent
14:48and there he was asleep on the cushion
14:52on the boat the storm came up and Jesus
14:56is sawing logs
15:03they’re in trouble oh indeed they are
15:06teacher do you not care that we are
15:10hmm what kind of question is that
15:13and by the way aren’t we all
15:17aren’t we all perishing we may not be in
15:21a boat
15:22right now that’s being tossed by the
15:24waves of the sea
15:25or in the middle of a hurricane or right
15:28in the target
15:29of a whirlwind or a tornado we may not
15:33be on the receiving end of
15:36stinging snakes or anything like that no
15:40no but each and every one of us because
15:42of sin
15:44we are perishing and so let me ask you
15:47the question
15:49does Jesus not care that we are
15:54he does care he cares so much
15:58that he took on human flesh was born of
16:01the virgin mary
16:02and then he suffered under pontius
16:04pilate oh Jesus cares that you and i
16:07are perishing and it is idolatrous and
16:11and stupid of us to think otherwise
16:14god demonstrates his love for us and
16:16that while we were yet sinners Christ
16:18dies for our sin but see because of the
16:21blindness of sin
16:22we are in the dark the light is shining
16:25and we
16:25don’t comprehend it we don’t get it
16:29teacher do you not care that we are
16:32so Jesus awoke he rebuked the wind
16:36and he said to the sea peace
16:40be still i almost feel like the next
16:43words weren’t recorded i’m trying to
16:44sleep here
16:48and what does the sea do
16:52just like god revealed to job
16:57i commanded the sea this far you shall
16:59come and no
17:00farther he just merely spoke to it ah
17:04the sea hears the voice of its creator
17:08it’s master it’s lord
17:11it’s god and what does the creation do
17:17it obeys
17:23that’s the prerogative of Christ peace
17:26be still the wind ceased there was a
17:27great calm
17:29so Jesus then turns to disciples why are
17:31you so afraid
17:33have you still no faith faith in who
17:36faith for what faith what are you
17:37talking about
17:38and they’re all filled with great fear
17:40and said to one another who then
17:41is this that even the sea and the wind
17:44that they obey him
17:45that is the 10 million dollar question
17:47who is Jesus
17:50john continues the true light which
17:53gives light to everyone was coming into
17:55the world
17:57he was in the world and though the world
17:59was made through him yet the world did
18:00not know him
18:02what a terrifying thought the world the
18:05sea of galilee
18:07the wind that was blowing that day knew
18:10exactly who Jesus was
18:12and when he spoke and commanded
18:17the wind and the sea of galilee heard
18:21knew who their master was and obeyed
18:24but because of our rebellion because of
18:26our joining against
18:28god with the devil himself by disobeying
18:32god’s words casting his words behind us
18:34when he said you if the day you eat of
18:37that tree in the midst of the garden you
18:39will surely die
18:40the devil comes along and says you will
18:41not surely die and we said
18:43okay we’ll not surely die and guess what
18:48we died and because of this
18:51we’ve been plunged into darkness but
18:55is the light and so he came into the
18:58world into his own creation
19:00you are created by him as well the world
19:03though made through him the world didn’t
19:05know him
19:06he came to his own his own people
19:10they didn’t even receive him but listen
19:12to these words
19:14but to all who did receive him who
19:16believed in his name
19:18he gave the right to become
19:21children of god
19:25adopted children who can cry out of a
19:28you see these are people who were born
19:30not of blood
19:32nor of the will of man nor of the will
19:34of the flesh but they were born of god
19:37and the text then says this and the word
19:41god became flesh
19:44and he dwelt among us
19:47and we have seen his glory glory as of
19:51the only son from the father
19:53full of grace and full of truth
19:57you see the devil plunged us into
20:01into mercilessness into graceless
20:05existences filled
20:08with lies because the devil is nothing
20:10but a liar
20:11but see Christ is full of grace grace to
20:15forgive you of your sin and your
20:17grace to forgive you of your ignorance
20:20and your well willful ignorance as it
20:23comes to who Jesus is
20:25your own creator and your failure
20:29to even cry out to him to forgive he is
20:32full of grace
20:34he is full of truth john the baptist
20:37witness about Christ and cried out this
20:40is the one of whom i said he who comes
20:42after me
20:42ranks me because he was before me indeed
20:46Christ was before everything all things
20:48were made through him
20:50and then verse 16 of john 1 for from
20:54for from his fullness the fullness of
20:58we have all received grace
21:02upon grace and brothers and sisters
21:05that’s exactly what Christ
21:07the one who can speak the storms and
21:09silence them
21:10speak to the creation and it obeys him
21:13that’s what he’s come to do for you
21:15to give you grace upon grace for the law
21:19was given through moses
21:21but grace and truth came through Jesus
21:25and i understand that this is difficult
21:28i understand that it’s offensive
21:30i understand there’s a lot of people out
21:31there who are debating this and saying
21:33you know what this isn’t really a
21:34settled matter
21:36oh indeed it is every one of Christ’s
21:39apostles make it very clear who Jesus is
21:41he is none other than the god of the old
21:43testament in human flesh
21:45and as difficult as that is to swallow
21:48know then that Jesus knows your weakness
21:51he is born your sin
21:53and he has gone through death ahead of
21:57so that you would never have to taste
22:00he knows what it’s like to be tempted he
22:03knows what it’s like
22:04to be brokenhearted he knows what it’s
22:07like to grieve
22:08and to suffer and to be persecuted to be
22:13lied about spat on he knows
22:16all of that from personal firsthand
22:20experience you see our
22:23god has sojourned among us
22:26the word became flesh and tabernacled
22:30among us who is this that even the wind
22:33and the waves
22:34obey him it is Jesus
22:38yahweh in human flesh
22:41so let me end this thought by coming
22:45back to beau geertz’s
22:46work at the end of boggertz’s work
22:50that night the one who was having his
22:53with his muslim servant
22:56that same night was injured in battle
23:01and he was on his death bed not only was
23:04he on his deathbed he was
23:05far far from home
23:09and as he is getting ready to die beau
23:11geertz writes of him
23:13that he closed his eyes he folded his
23:19and upon doing so a great peace came
23:21over him
23:23and he knew that he was not alone
23:26he knew this without needing to clothe
23:30it with words
23:32there was someone here who walked amid
23:34the hospital beds
23:36just like in the streets of capernaum
23:39this one stopped and bowed down
23:42his breast too had a large wound his
23:46hands had bled
23:48one could tell that he knew everything
23:51and those at home would never
23:52understand he too had experienced it
23:56he experienced cold rain
24:00filth and vermin beatings
24:04and wounds the fear of death
24:08and defeat
24:11the god who had come into all of this
24:15he was very near and it was good
24:19to have such a god
24:23brothers and sisters this is our god
24:26Jesus he is the one who came into the
24:30mess in the muck
24:32he was sweaty smelly cold experienced
24:36rain and sunburn filth and vermin
24:39beatings wounds the fear of death itself
24:42asking god
24:43to let this cup pass and he himself
24:48the ultimate defeat death
24:53death on a cross but see
24:56what was defeat by our eyes was the
25:00victory so we are called to repent
25:03of our idolatries of our belief that
25:07we’ve got it all figured out and because
25:09we’ve got it all figured out
25:11Jesus really can’t be you know
25:15god but indeed he is
25:18and what a great comfort and peace it
25:21brings to know
25:22that we have been bled for and died for
25:25that this Jesus understands us
25:27on what we’re going through and he is
25:29not saving us from it by relieving us
25:32of it he is saving us through it by
25:35leading the way through it through
25:37suffering persecution death and
25:41and we have been united with him in his
25:43death and resurrection
25:45and we too like he does now will be
25:47raised from the dead and live forever
25:50it is very much a source of comfort and
25:54to know that our god humbled himself
25:58and was found in the form of a servant
26:00for me
26:01and for you so who is this that even the
26:05and the waves obey him I think the
26:08answer’s obvious
26:10it is the Son of God in human flesh
26:13come to save us in the name of Jesus
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