Sermon Transcript – Yes! Listen to Jesus

Series B – Transfiguration Sunday – Sunday, February 14, 2021 | Pr. Chris Rosebrough

Welcome to the Teaching Ministry of Kongsvinger Lutheran Church. Kongsvinger is a beacon for the Gospel of Jesus Christ and is located on the plains of Northwestern Minnesota.
We proclaim Christ and Him crucified for our sins and salvation by grace through faith alone, and now, here’s a message from Pastor Chris Rosebrough:
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0:28the holy gospel according to saint mark
0:30the 9th chapter
0:37after six days Jesus took with him peter
0:40and james and
0:41john and lend them up a high mountain by
0:44and he was transfigured before them and
0:46his clothes became radiant intensely
0:49as no one on earth could bleach them and
0:51there appeared to them elijah with moses
0:53and they were talking with Jesus
0:55and peter said to Jesus rabbi it is good
0:57that we are here let us make three tents
1:00one for you one for moses one for elijah
1:03for he did not know what to say for they
1:05terrified and a cloud overshadowed them
1:08and a voice came out of the cloud
1:10this is my beloved son listen to him and
1:14looking around they no longer saw anyone
1:16with them but Jesus
1:17only and as they were coming down the
1:19mountain he charged them to tell no one
1:21what they had seen
1:22until the son of man had risen from the
1:24dead this is the gospel of the lord
1:27in the name of Jesus amen
1:30transfiguration sunday every time i read
1:32this text i think of that song shine
1:35Jesus shine get stuck in my head but
1:38you’re going to note something here
1:40it says in our creeds that
1:43Christ will return with glory to
1:46judge both the living and the dead
1:49glory is one of these things that
1:51pentecostals and charismatics talk a lot
1:54about of
1:55but the way they talk about glory
1:57doesn’t seem to make any biblical sense
1:59to me number one
2:00it’s a polysyllabic word they always say
2:03like this and then when the so-called
2:05glory appears
2:07they fall down they shake and convulse
2:09it looks like somebody’s
2:11demonized if you ask me and then they
2:13talk about baking in the glory or
2:15soaking in the glory and all this kind
2:18of stuff have you noticed that when the
2:20shows up in scripture people are not
2:23stopping and surfing the glory like you
2:26guys in southern california like to do
2:29get on their surfboards and wait for a
2:30wave and when the wave comes in they
2:32ride it in
2:33the charismatic seem to do that the
2:34glory is like the wave that they like to
2:36surf in and after they’ve surfed it in
2:38they go cowabunga dude that was really
2:40awesome let’s do that again
2:42but no when glory shows up it usually is
2:45terrifying absolutely terrifying we
2:48when moses went up mount sinai 40 days
2:51he was up there
2:53with the lord and the lord revealing to
2:56the beginnings of what will become the
2:58old testament
2:59that he will write down and when moses
3:01comes down
3:02his face is shining with the glory of
3:06note it’s not his glory moses face
3:09shines with the glory of god in much the
3:12similar way that we see
3:13the moon shining with the glory of the
3:15sun it reflects it
3:17and when he came down people were not
3:20going cool
3:20let’s hang out and just kind of bake in
3:22the glory they were terrified
3:25ah turn your face off moses you’re
3:27scaring the kids they’re all
3:29crying so what’d they make moses do veil
3:33to hide the glory they made him veil up
3:37and so here on the mount of
3:38transfiguration Jesus takes peter
3:41james and john in order to establish
3:44something you need two or more witnesses
3:47Jesus takes the minimum number
3:48plus one brings them up to a high
3:52and i always like to say this word
3:55blamo all of a sudden Jesus’s divine
3:59glory is now unveiled
4:03Jesus has the ability to tuck away that
4:06glory whenever
4:07needed and for all of his life he’s done
4:11and now the divine glory shines out and
4:13guess who shows up
4:15moses and elijah i always wonder how
4:17they knew it was moses and elijah were
4:19they wearing name tags
4:21the text doesn’t say i’ve never seen
4:23moses and elijah and if i were to see
4:25the two of them having coffee at
4:27i’m pretty sure i wouldn’t recognize
4:28them maybe their beards are epic who
4:31but the point is is there’s moses and
4:33elijah and the gospel of luke luke
4:35reveals to us
4:37a little bit of what their discourse is
4:39about they’re conversing with Jesus and
4:42it says
4:42in the gospel of luke that they are
4:44discussing with him about his exodus
4:47that’s what the greek word is which is
4:49borrowed word from the old testament
4:50it’s a hebrew word transliterated in the
4:53you sit there and you go hmm Christ is
4:55going to have his
4:57exodus well i know how Christ had his
5:00it was by bleeding suffering and dying
5:02for our sins
5:03on the cross so they are discussing
5:07weighty important matters
5:10with Christ and there’s poor peter james
5:13and john and you can see them their
5:14knees are knocking together
5:16the text says that they are terrified
5:20bonkers terrified their knees are
5:23knocking they’re not even
5:24sure what to do and this is the normal
5:26reaction for sinful human beings
5:29in the presence of the glory of god now
5:32coming back to our
5:34creed we confess that Christ will return
5:37in glory
5:38to judge the living and the dead and for
5:41sinners that’s notice i’m including
5:43myself in the group
5:45that is not exactly a comforting thought
5:49Christ returning in glory to judge the
5:52and the dead the mere thought of it
5:55the mere thought of it causes my knees
5:58to knock
5:59thinking that this would be well
6:02something that i’m not exactly looking
6:04forward to
6:05why because i have so
6:08woefully fallen short and so have you
6:12and so you’ll know the glory isn’t the
6:15the glory actually terrifies human
6:18beings and rightly so and it’s at this
6:20point then
6:21that god the father points
6:25peter james and john as terrified as
6:27they are
6:28to the real gospel and you’re going to
6:29note the text says that peter at this
6:32kind of terror struck just kind of
6:36gives out word vomit that’s pretty much
6:39how the the text
6:40reads he says lord it’s good that we’re
6:44you can hear the nervous laugh right
6:47would you like me to set up three tenths
6:49one for you one for moses one for elijah
6:52and the text says he doesn’t even know
6:53what he’s talking about
6:54right just doesn’t even know what he’s
6:56talking about if you let me know you
6:58were gonna have guests
6:59i would have baked cookies you know
7:01that’s kind of what we’re talking about
7:04and so so what happens
7:07god the father then speaks up and he
7:10overshadows them
7:11not to terrify them but to
7:14comfort them in their terror and here’s
7:17what the voice of the father says
7:19this is my beloved son listen to him
7:24listen to him
7:28these are good words in fact i would say
7:31this is beyond
7:32good advice this is what we call divine
7:35advice in fact we would be wise to
7:38to Jesus let me give you some of the
7:41words that Christ has spoken through his
7:44it says in the gospel of john chapter 3
7:47speaking as moses lifted up the serpent
7:50in the wilderness so must the son of man
7:52be lifted up
7:54so that whoever believes in him may have
7:56eternal life
7:59and he’s talking here now also about his
8:02exodus Jesus knows full well that just
8:05as moses lifted up the serpent that his
8:07very body would be lifted up between
8:09heaven and earth
8:10as he suffered in the dark for your sins
8:13and mine languishing melting withering
8:16unto the wrath of god that we have
8:18earned because god had placed on him
8:20your sins and mine and so we hear from
8:24that he will be lifted up and then we
8:26hear those comforting words
8:28for god so loved the world that he gave
8:30his only son
8:32that whoever believes in him should not
8:34perish but have eternal life
8:36for god did not send his son into the
8:39world to condemn
8:40the world but in order that the world
8:42might be saved
8:43through him that’s you and me
8:46and all who would repent and forsake
8:48their sin
8:49and trust in this crucified and risen
8:52savior who has done
8:53everything to secure our salvation for
8:57Christ also says these words in the
8:59gospel of john chapter 6
9:01i am the bread of life whoever comes to
9:04shall not hunger whoever believes in me
9:07shall never
9:08thirst but i said to you that you have
9:10seen me and yet you do not believe
9:12all that the father gives me will come
9:15to me and whoever comes to me
9:17i will never cast out
9:20these are comforting words as well but
9:23it’s really easy
9:24for us in our sin and under the
9:27temptations of our own flesh and the
9:29to question whether or not i have really
9:32come to Christ and i would remind
9:36you that you were brought to Christ in
9:38the waters of baptism
9:39that in the waters of baptism you were
9:41united to Christ
9:42in his death and his resurrection and
9:45you were baptized in the name of the
9:47father and the son and the holy spirit
9:49you remember
9:50the the movie toy story woody
9:54woody had a name written underneath one
9:57of his boots
9:58and the name was andy right
10:02and that showed who would he belong to
10:06you also have had the name of god placed
10:09upon you
10:09like woody and rather than the name andy
10:12being written
10:13on you you have the name of the triune
10:16god the father son and holy spirit
10:18so you have been brought to Christ you
10:20belong to him
10:21in fact then listen to Jesus because the
10:24father says
10:25listen to him anyone who ever comes to
10:28me i will never
10:30cast out yeah even you
10:34even me and he says i have come down
10:37from heaven not to do my own will
10:39but the will of him who sent me and this
10:41is the will of him who sent me that i
10:43should lose nothing of all that he has
10:45given me but i will raise it up
10:47on the last day this is the will of my
10:49father that
10:50everyone who looks on the sun and
10:52believes in him should have
10:53eternal life and i will raise him up on
10:56the last day
10:58and the devil comes along and tries to
11:00get you to listen to him
11:02rather than to Jesus but the father says
11:06listen to Jesus the devil comes along
11:08and says you know
11:09i understand that Jesus says that he’s
11:11never going to cast people out
11:12but have you ever considered how special
11:14your sins are
11:16i mean for heaven’s sakes fellow get
11:19your act together
11:20i mean there are better Christians out
11:22there than you you
11:23never seem to really follow through on
11:25your commitment to stop
11:27sinning now do you and so the devil
11:29would have you believe
11:31falsely that you will be cast out
11:34the Christ is eventually going to look
11:35at you and you go you know what
11:37i know i said i will never cast anyone
11:39out but you’re kind of special
11:42it doesn’t work that way it doesn’t work
11:44that way at all
11:46listen to Jesus the father says
11:49Christ then goes on to say in john
11:51chapter 8 if you abide in my words you
11:53are truly my disciples
11:55and you will know the truth and the
11:56truth will set you free
11:58brothers and sisters you are abiding in
12:00the words of Christ right now by coming
12:02to hear them
12:03and hear then the words of Christ that
12:05if the son
12:06sets you free you will be free indeed
12:09and indeed you are
12:10he is absolutely the one who speaks the
12:12truth and you’re going to note here
12:14what’s missing in the words of Jesus
12:17is condemnation for those who believe
12:20there is only condemnation for those who
12:23in their sin and their unbelief Jesus
12:26also if anyone keeps my words he will
12:31see death and then he goes on to say
12:34these words i am the good shepherd i
12:36know my own and my own know me just as
12:38the father knows me and i know the
12:39father and
12:40i lay down my life for the sheep
12:44these sheep which we are all a part of
12:47that flock
12:48are the ones that never get their acts
12:49together they are the ones who
12:52always seem to wake up every day
12:55intending to do well
12:56intending to obey god’s word and then
12:59having to end the day
13:00praying the prayer that Christ taught us
13:03forgive us our trespasses
13:05as we forgive those who trespass against
13:07us but note then
13:09the Christ has laid down his life for
13:11you his sheep
13:12he has taken all of your sin upon him so
13:14that it cannot condemn you
13:16in fact Jesus goes on to say in john 11
13:19i am the resurrection and the life
13:21whoever believes in me even though he
13:23die yet shall he live
13:24and everyone who lives and believes in
13:27me will
13:27never die you have already died
13:32you who’ve been baptized in Christ’s
13:34death and his resurrection
13:35and his promises are sure and certain
13:39Christ also says in the gospel of john
13:42chapter 14
13:44let not your hearts be troubled believe
13:46in god also believe in me
13:48in my father’s house are many rooms if
13:50it were not so
13:52would i have told you that i go to
13:53prepare a place for you
13:55and if i go and i prepare a place for
13:57you i will come again and i will take
13:59you to myself
14:00that where you are that where i am you
14:02may be
14:03also the note then this kind Jesus
14:07who didn’t come to condemn us but came
14:10because of his great love for his fallen
14:13that not only has he laid down his life
14:16for the sheep
14:16but having ascended into heaven he is
14:19there working with his carpenter’s hands
14:22preparing a place
14:24for you and for me and he has promised
14:28that when he comes again with glory to
14:30judge the living and the dead
14:32that rather than having something to
14:34fear when we see Christ in his glory
14:36we can look up and have hope and be
14:39excited because Christ says that when he
14:41comes again
14:42he’s coming to take us to himself so
14:45that we will be with him
14:46always i think the father was right
14:52the father was absolutely right this
14:55is the father’s beloved son and to him
14:58we must listen so hear these words of
15:02and let these words show you the great
15:05love of god and hear
15:06what scripture says that it’s god’s
15:08kindness that leads us to repentance
15:11and so note then Christ has words of
15:14kindness for you
15:15this transfiguration sunday and every
15:19sunday of the church here words of
15:21forgiveness mercy
15:22grace and reconciliation and we dare
15:26not listen to any other voice a voice
15:29that would tell us that we have to earn
15:31this that they have to work
15:32for it that now that we’ve come into the
15:34church it’s up to us to do
15:36no no no Christ is the one who takes
15:40who feeds who sustains continue coming
15:43to church
15:44to hear the words of Christ so that you
15:46can keep on believing
15:48is it any wonder then that paul writes
15:50in romans 11
15:51when he says oh the depth of the riches
15:54and the wisdom
15:55and the knowledge of god how
15:57unsearchable are his
15:58judgments and how inscrutable are his
16:01for who has known the mind of the lord
16:04or who has been his counselor
16:06or who has given a gift to him that he
16:08might be repaid
16:09you see for from him and through him and
16:12to him are all things
16:14your very life and your existence is
16:18god your very salvation is through
16:20Christ and
16:22you are to be to him
16:25everything belongs to him including you
16:29so then we hear these wonderful words
16:31then to him be glory
16:33forever and ever amen
16:37you’ll note that having been forgiven
16:39reconciled to god
16:40that we can even end our prayers now by
16:44invoking the glory of god not in terror
16:48but in hope and so our gospel text
16:51leaves us with these words having heard
16:54the voice of the father this is my
16:55beloved son
16:56listen to him suddenly looking around
17:00they no longer saw anyone with them
17:03but Jesus only and there is
17:06no one else there is nothing else there
17:09is only
17:10Christ hear his voice be comforted
17:13forsake your sin recognize his great
17:16love for you
17:17repent keep on believing he’s coming for
17:22when he returns in glory in the name of
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