Sermon Transcript – You Are God’s Children NOW

Series A – All Saint’s Day – Sunday, November 1, 2020 | Pr. Chris Rosebrough

Welcome to the Teaching Ministry of Kongsvinger Lutheran Church. Kongsvinger is a beacon for the Gospel of Jesus Christ and is located on the plains of Northwestern Minnesota.
We proclaim Christ and Him crucified for our sins and salvation by grace through faith alone, and now, here’s a message from Pastor Chris Rosebrough:
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0:28the holy gospel according to saint
0:29matthew the fifth chapter
0:39seeing the crowds Jesus went up on the
0:41mountain and when he sat down his
0:43disciples came to him
0:45and he opened his mouth and he taught
0:46them saying blessed
0:48are the poor in spirit for theirs is the
0:50kingdom of heaven
0:51blessed are those who mourn for they
0:53shall be comforted
0:55blessed are the meek for they shall
0:56inherit the earth blessed are those who
0:58hunger and thirst for
1:00righteousness for they shall be
1:01satisfied blessed are the merciful for
1:04they shall receive mercy
1:05blessed are the pure in heart for they
1:07shall see god and blessed are the
1:09peacemakers for they shall be called the
1:11sons of
1:12god blessed are those who are persecuted
1:14for righteousness sake for theirs is the
1:16kingdom of heaven
1:17and blessed are you when others revile
1:19you and persecute you and utter all
1:20kinds of evil against you falsely on my
1:23rejoice and be glad for your reward is
1:25great in heaven
1:26for so they persecuted the prophets who
1:28were before you
1:29this is the gospel of the lord in the
1:32name of Jesus
1:34amen all right so this is the feast of
1:37all saints now notice i put the emphasis
1:42on the word
1:42all and that’s kind of the reason why is
1:44because if you’ve been in the church or
1:46at least
1:47churches that follow the historic
1:48lectionary and the historic
1:50practices of the church all saints is
1:52usually focused in
1:54on well the dead those who are departed
1:57i’m going to focus in on the word all
1:58because you know what the greek word all
2:01it means all now i know the reforms say
2:03all means some but they’re wrong when
2:05they say that
2:06so i just want to make sure make sure we
2:08got that clearly figured out
2:09but all of that being said our epistle
2:12text today
2:13is amazing in reminding you
2:16that we are part of the same
2:18congregation although
2:20separated at this point not seeing
2:23Christ with our own eyes not being in
2:25the physical presence of Christ and his
2:28but we are part of that great multitude
2:30that revelation described for us today
2:33and so consider our epistle text in this
2:36listen to these words behold what manner
2:39of love the father that he has given to
2:42that we should be called the children of
2:45god think of it this way
2:47have you ever stopped to think what a
2:48motley crew we are yeah i know
2:51some of the people here present
2:52physically i also
2:54know some of you people who are present
2:56joining us online
2:57and all i can say is what a motley crew
3:00of ungodly sinners
3:01we all are and that’s the scandal of
3:05all saints is that we both
3:08this because the scandal is is that god
3:10has shown such great love to us
3:12that we sinners all of us
3:16idolaters blasphemers murderers
3:20thieves coveters and liars alike
3:23that we should be called the sons of god
3:28oh behold what manner of love the father
3:32he has given to us that you and i
3:35can be called the sons of god and listen
3:37to these words next in our epistle text
3:40and so we are
3:44oh that just puts a wooden stake in the
3:47heart of the vampire known as
3:51because self-righteousness would teach
3:53you well
3:54if you try hard enough even if you’re
3:56good enough then
3:57then maybe then you might be worthy to
4:00be called a child of god
4:02ba humbug all
4:05who are in Christ who have been forgiven
4:08of all of their sins
4:09are children now of god
4:13not children hopefully we’re not sitting
4:16on the adoption block waiting for god
4:18the father to go yeah well maybe i’ll
4:20adopt you maybe i won’t
4:22hoping for the adoption papers to go
4:24through the adoption papers have gone
4:26through the gospel has come to you
4:28the mighty working of the holy spirit
4:31has worked in you
4:32the forgiveness of sins regenerated you
4:35brought you to penitent faith in Christ
4:38you have been
4:39washed into the waters of baptism united
4:42with Christ in his death and his
4:45and so you are presently now
4:49a child of god i remember one time
4:53a a a lady who attended here for some
4:56took me aside after a sermon and said
4:58you know pastor i’m a little
5:00uncomfortable about something that you
5:02and i said really all right what is it
5:03that i’m doing that is making you
5:06she says you’re preaching to everybody
5:08here as if they’re Christians
5:10and i said well of course i do because
5:11it was a Christian congregation who
5:13called me to preach the word to them
5:15and if i don’t think the Christians here
5:17are Christians then who am i serving
5:21you see that’s kind of the point that’s
5:23the scandal of salvation by grace
5:25through faith alone
5:26i can say with confidence you who
5:28believe in Christ that you
5:30are a child of god and i have biblical
5:32precedent to do so because this text
5:35so we are now and if you don’t think
5:38enough well the text goes on to say see
5:41this is the reason why the world does
5:42not know us
5:43is that it did not know him so beloved
5:47we are god’s children
5:50now the text says
5:53not later now and what we will be has
5:56not yet appeared but we know that when
5:58he appears we shall be like him
6:00because we shall see him as he is
6:03and everyone who thus hopes in him
6:06listen to what john writes here
6:08everyone who thus hopes in him purifies
6:12as he is pure how is one purified
6:15by hoping by trusting by believing
6:18we are saved by grace through faith
6:21apart from works
6:22and so you’ll note then it is out of
6:26it is out of order it is bad theology
6:29every time one of you Christians even
6:32myself included would say something as
6:34foolish as
6:35well i’m no saint but you see that’s an
6:38idiom that we use
6:39oh knock it off if you are in Christ
6:42then you
6:43are a saint you have been made holy the
6:45greek word for
6:46saint is hagios the plural hagioi
6:50and what does it mean the holy ones
6:54you who are in Christ you are the
6:56children of god
6:57now god is your father now you have been
7:01reconciled to god
7:02now by the work that Christ did 2 000
7:05years ago
7:06you see god was in Christ reconciling
7:09the world to himself
7:10not counting your sins against you
7:13not counting my sins against me you see
7:16god made Jesus to be sin who knew no sin
7:19so that you might be the righteousness
7:21of god and all of that being said then
7:23consider this
7:24wonderful vision that we get of the
7:27great multitude that no one could number
7:30every nation from tribes and peoples and
7:33including of all people the norwegians
7:35who knew that they could make it too but
7:37they do
7:39and that’s the point and what were they
7:41do they were standing before the throne
7:43before the lamb
7:45clothed in white robes palm branches in
7:48their hands
7:49these white robes are the garments of
7:51salvations the very sa
7:53the righteousness of Christ given to us
7:55by grace through
7:56faith his righteousness given to us
7:59because he had received
8:01our ungodliness our
8:04sins our iniquities and he bled
8:07and died for all of that and as a result
8:10of this clothed and right
8:12white standing up in the throne in the
8:15presence of Christ
8:16all the saints now are doing this
8:20they are worshiping in the presence of
8:24and this is a good place to mention the
8:26fact that those
8:27who have preceded us have gone
8:30on to glory have fallen asleep
8:34in Christ that this is where they are
8:37and if Christ tarries and you begin to
8:39grow weary
8:40and you fall asleep too because that’s
8:43what happens to us all
8:45then you two will be with Christ to be
8:47absent from the body is to be present
8:49with the lord the scripture says
8:50and listen to what this great multitude
8:52sings in their praise
8:54salvation belongs to our god who sits on
8:58the throne
8:59and to the lamb and i would know indeed
9:01salvation does belong to our god
9:03it’s his and what does he do with it he
9:06gives it away
9:07for free as a gift
9:10he doesn’t sit there and say no mine he
9:12says no
9:13this is my salvation and i’m gonna give
9:15it away
9:17to everyone who calls on the name of the
9:19lord and as a result of this the angels
9:21the living creatures the elders
9:24all there in worship fall down before
9:27and their response is amen blessing and
9:30glory and wisdom and thanksgiving and
9:32honor and power and might
9:34be to our god forever and ever
9:38amen who are these clothed in white the
9:41angel asks
9:41john and responds with the answer these
9:44are the ones coming out of the great
9:46now this is probably for a little bit of
9:48a future uh
9:50lesson but i’m going to note here the
9:52great tribulation
9:53you’re already in it it’s not something
9:55in the future it’s been
9:57present for quite a long time now and
9:59you’ll note
10:00that those who are mentioned here and
10:02the benefits the beautiful things that
10:04they have
10:05are the same promises that are given to
10:07all Christians
10:08not merely those who quote die in the
10:11very very
10:12last of the days they have washed their
10:15made them white in the blood of the lamb
10:17indeed you have done that as well
10:19what an amazing detergent the blood of
10:21the lamb is that it can
10:22whiten our robes and make us clean and
10:27sinless before god therefore
10:30they are before the throne of god serve
10:32him day and night in his temple
10:33and he who sits on the throne will
10:35shelter them with his presence
10:37that’s a promise for all of us they
10:39shall hunger no more
10:40neither thirst any more the sun shall
10:43not strike them nor any scorching heat
10:46anymore you see this is the picture of
10:48the fulfillment of our salvation
10:50the very thing that the apostle peter
10:52writes about in 1st peter
10:55chapter 1 when he admonishes us to keep
10:58our eyes on this blessed
11:00hope that we have peter writes blessed
11:02be the god and father of our lord Jesus
11:05because according to his great mercy
11:08uh oh we have a modifier great mercy
11:11it’s not just merely mercy
11:12it’s great mercy some might be
11:14scandalized here for
11:16peter might actually be some kind of a
11:17weird soft antinomian because he’s
11:19making mercy sound like it’s so amazing
11:22so amazing and so great that it can
11:24forgive even you
11:25oh watch out for that peter man he’s got
11:28too much gospel going on he’s got to
11:30gospeling us nonsense
11:33according to his great mercy god has
11:35caused us
11:36to be born again to a living hope
11:39through the resurrection of Jesus Christ
11:41from the dead
11:42to an inheritance that is imperishable
11:46undefiled and unfading
11:49kept in heaven for you brothers and
11:52sisters we have an
11:52inheritance and you’ll note this is an
11:55inheritance that
11:56doesn’t fade it doesn’t matter how long
11:58it takes for you to get to heaven
12:00the luster the shine the beauty of this
12:05will never fade it is as new today
12:09as it was when Christ first set it aside
12:12for you
12:12and you’ll note inheritance are things
12:14that we receive when somebody dies
12:17and that’s a good thing to think about
12:18when we think about salvation because
12:20who died to give us such a great
12:22inheritance it was none other than
12:25our brother Jesus and it
12:28is it is his last will and testament
12:31to give you an inheritance a world
12:35end in his presence forever and
12:38this inheritance is unfading as
12:40currently being kept in heaven for you
12:43and you according to peter in verse 5
12:45are now
12:46presently being guarded through faith
12:49for a salvation
12:50that is ready to be revealed in the last
12:54in this then you rejoice though now for
12:57a little while if necessary you have
12:59been grieved by various trials
13:01and i would note it seems necessary that
13:03we all be grieved by various trials
13:05have you noticed that 2020 hasn’t
13:07exactly been the best thing ever
13:09i was kind of sad when i found out we
13:10were going to get an extra hour of 2020
13:13i was not happy about that i’d like to
13:15get the whole thing over with
13:17so but if you have to be grieved by
13:19various trials so what
13:22your salvation will be revealed in the
13:24last time
13:25and all of these trials well they test
13:28the genuineness of your faith
13:29and your faith according to peter here
13:31is more precious
13:32than gold and even though it is tested
13:35by fire and perishes but our faith
13:37doesn’t perish when it is tested by fire
13:40instead our faith may be found then to
13:42result in praise and glory and honor at
13:45the revelation of Jesus
13:46and though you have not seen him dear
13:49saints you do
13:50love him note here even peter is writing
13:54to people that he already assumes
13:56are children of god and Christians and
13:58not striving to be potential Christians
14:00and is reminding us of the very hope
14:02that we have in Christ
14:04and the very goal the terminus of our
14:07faith in Jesus though you have not seen
14:10him you believe in him and you rejoice
14:12with joy
14:12that is inexpressible and filled with
14:15glory and you are presently
14:17obtaining the outcome of your faith and
14:20what is the outcome of your faith
14:22well i would beg to differ with joel
14:24osteen it’s not your best life now
14:26the outcome of your faith is the
14:28salvation of your souls
14:30and here in this revelation text we have
14:33this beautiful picture
14:34of what the salvation of our souls looks
14:37complete face to face reconciliation
14:40with our god
14:42being able to worship in his presence
14:44and praise his name with the angels and
14:47and when even the creatures of heaven
14:50which is what
14:51our destiny is that’s kind of the whole
14:54point and so all of that being said
14:58again i remind you all saints you’re
15:00part of the all
15:01and so consider then just briefly
15:05Jesus’s sermon on the mount which is our
15:08gospel text
15:09have you ever stopped to think that the
15:12on the mount is the first of Jesus
15:15sermons recorded for us in scripture
15:18if Jesus is the alpha and the omega this
15:21is the alpha sermon and as the alpha
15:23sermon Jesus doesn’t start by rolling up
15:26his sleeves and saying you know
15:28i was pretty happy being up there in
15:30heaven and i
15:31you guys couldn’t get your act together
15:33so finally i decided to come down here
15:35and scold you enough
15:36to kind of motivate you to get your act
15:38together and here’s a list of things
15:40that you need to do in order to be
15:42that’s not what he did in Jesus’s alpha
15:46the very first words out of Jesus’s
15:49mouth in this beautiful manifesto of a
15:52is his proclamation of
15:55present blessings for all who believe in
15:59you see if you’ve ever heard a sermon
16:00where somebody’s taken the beatitudes
16:02and turned them into a to-do list of
16:04things that you have got to do
16:06in order to be blessed they don’t know
16:08what they’re doing
16:09because Jesus is here in the greek he is
16:13he’s basically pronouncing present tense
16:16blessings on the people who are being
16:20and who is being described in this text
16:22in the beatitudes
16:24the saints those who believe in Jesus
16:28that’s you that’s me so hear then
16:31the blessings of Jesus on you o saints
16:34here’s what Jesus says blessed are the
16:38in spirit for theirs is the kingdom of
16:41and you can almost hear the self
16:43righteous and those out there decreeing
16:45and declaring who claim that they are
16:47the head and not the tail
16:48who are out there performing signs and
16:50wonders and claim to be rich in all
16:52kinds of conquering
16:53abilities sitting there going say what
16:56what do you mean the poor in spirit
16:59are blessed that’s the point what does
17:02it mean to be poor in spirit
17:04it means to recognize that you are
17:07poverty stricken
17:08spiritually you got nothing to offer god
17:12you haven’t got a farthing in your
17:14threadbare pocket that you can offer to
17:17in exchange for the salvation that he is
17:21it means coming to Jesus and saying
17:25i am a sinner have mercy on me
17:28i got nothing i’m not obedient enough
17:32i don’t obey enough in fact to talk
17:35about my obedience as a joke
17:37i’m not rich in obedience
17:41i’ve got nothing
17:44blessed are the poor in spirit Christ as
17:46theirs is the kingdom of heaven
17:48blessed are those who mourn but you sit
17:51there and go well everybody mourns
17:52everybody loses somebody and experiences
17:54mourning well that’s not the morning
17:56Christ is talking about this is the
17:58morning that david experienced
18:00when david wrote psalm 51 and says
18:02against you only o lord have i
18:05sinned create in me a clean heart o god
18:08renew a right spirit within me do not
18:10cast me away from your presence and do
18:12not take your holy spirit from me
18:15it’s the mourning and lamenting of sin
18:18and every one of the saints knows what
18:20this morning is
18:22it’s recognizing i don’t measure up
18:26and what does Christ say to those who
18:28mourn in this way
18:30they shall be comforted comforted with
18:32the words
18:33of well done good and faithful servant
18:36why because the good news comforts us
18:39and assures us
18:40that though our sins be a scarlet Christ
18:42washes away all of them and makes them
18:44white as snow
18:45through the detergent of his blood
18:48blessed are the meek
18:49for they shall inherit the earth and
18:51this in contra distinction
18:53what’s the opposite of meek well the
18:54arrogant the prideful
18:56oh i thank you lord that i am not sinner
18:59that i’m not like that guy over there
19:01that i
19:01tithe all the way down and you know and
19:04offer you know
19:0510 of my revenue every single
19:09sunday and all you just go on list all
19:11the things that’s just arrogance
19:13the meek says lord everything i have i
19:16receive from your hand
19:18everything these are the ones that
19:21Christ say
19:22shall inherit the earth blessed are
19:23those who hunger and thirst for
19:27have you ever just said to yourself
19:30i wish i could be done with sin
19:34you yearn for your eyes to see the face
19:38Christ to no longer have within you the
19:40temptations that arise because of your
19:43sinful nature because of the world
19:45because of the devil
19:46and the thing you look and long for the
19:49thing you hope
19:50for is a world where there isn’t rancor
19:52where there isn’t sin where
19:55shines like the sun where there’s true
19:57love for each other and true love for
20:00oh yeah that’s what we’re talking about
20:04and that’s something that is common for
20:06the saints
20:07in fact all of them and what does Christ
20:09say for those who hunger in this way
20:11they will be satisfied you will be
20:13filled to the full you will not be
20:16and blessed are the merciful for they
20:18shall receive mercy brothers and sisters
20:20what do we pray in the lord’s
20:21prayer forgive us our trespasses as we
20:24forgive those who trespass against us
20:26you see we forgive because we are
20:30and so you’ll note this again is a
20:32description of the saints
20:34presently this is a description of you
20:36you shall receive
20:38mercy and blessed are the pure in heart
20:40for they shall see
20:42god and i know that when you look into
20:44your heart just like me
20:46you do not see purity you see sin but
20:49what did our epistle text say in this
20:51regard john
20:52said everyone who hopes in Christ
20:56everyone who has faith in him purifies
20:59himself as he is pure
21:00we are purified our hearts are purified
21:03by the working of god
21:04because of faith in Jesus Christ do not
21:08forget that so
21:09you have already been made pure of heart
21:11your heart of stone has been replaced
21:12with the heart of flesh
21:14and blessed then are the peacemakers and
21:16the peacemakers here are not talking
21:18about people who broker peace deals
21:20between the muslims and the jews in the
21:22middle east
21:23this is talking about those who reckon
21:26who recognize that as Christians
21:27we are partakers in the ministry of
21:31that god was reconciling men to himself
21:33by not counting their trespasses against
21:35and we go and proclaim the good news of
21:38the free forgiveness of sins
21:40so that men may experience peace and
21:44with god again
21:47they will be called the sons of god but
21:50mark my words on this dear saints
21:52we have not left the church militant to
21:55join the church triumphant
21:57we have not even remotely done that yet
21:59unless of course you’re already dead
22:03that being the case those who are the
22:04peacemakers who preach the gospel
22:06Christ warns us and reminds us
22:10that we should expect persecution
22:12blessed are those who are persecuted for
22:14the sake of righteousness
22:15theirs is the kingdom of heaven and
22:18blessed are you when others revile you
22:20and persecute you and utter all kinds of
22:23evil against you
22:24falsely that’s right you can expect to
22:27be slandered
22:28it goes with the territory but don’t
22:31Christ says that when this happens again
22:34you are
22:34blessed and when and when you take on
22:37this mentality of all saints
22:39i am part of that group i am part of all
22:42of the saints
22:43even the ones worshiping in heaven then
22:45you recognize
22:46that a heavenly perspective here is
22:48what’s called for
22:49when you are persecuted and evil is
22:52spoken against you
22:53you now have the freedom to rejoice and
22:56to be glad
22:57and trust the words of your savior who
23:00assures you that your reward is great in
23:03for so they persecuted the prophets who
23:04were before you
23:06brothers and sisters for all saints
23:11again let me remind you behold what
23:13manner of love the father that he’s
23:14given to us
23:16to us sinners he’s loved us so much that
23:18he sent his only begotten son
23:20so that we who believe in him might be
23:22called the sons of god
23:24and so we are so
23:27you are so rejoice this all saints day
23:31that your name is numbered among the
23:33great multitude that cannot be numbered
23:35all because of the grace and mercy of
23:37Christ and the salvation that
23:39belongs to him that he has so freely
23:42given you as a gift
23:43in the name of Jesus amen
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