Sermon Transcript – Your Jesus Has Healed You

1 Year Lectionary – Fourteenth Sunday After Trinity – Sunday, September 18, 2022 | Pr. Chris Rosebrough

Welcome to the Teaching Ministry of Kongsvinger Lutheran Church. Kongsvinger is a beacon for the Gospel of Jesus Christ and is located on the plains of Northwestern Minnesota.
We proclaim Christ and Him crucified for our sins and salvation by grace through faith alone, and now, here’s a message from Pastor Chris Rosebrough:
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0:29came in Saint Luke the 17th chapter
0:39on the way to Jerusalem Jesus was
0:42passing along between Samaria and
0:44Galilee and as he entered a village he
0:46was met by ten lepers who stood at a
0:48distance and lifted up their voices
0:50saying Jesus Master have mercy on us
0:54when he saw them he said to them go and
0:56show yourselves to the priest and as
0:58they went they were cleansed then one of
1:00them when he saw that he was healed
1:02turned back praising God with a loud
1:04voice he fell on his face at Jesus’s
1:07feet giving him thanks now he was a
1:10Samaritan and then Jesus answered we’re
1:13not ten cleansed where are the nine was
1:16no no one found to return and give
1:18praise to God except for this Foreigner
1:20and he said to him rise and go your way
1:22your faith has made you well this is the
1:25gospel of the Lord
1:27in the name of Jesus
1:29all right today’s Gospel text it’s a
1:32little complicated we’re gonna have to
1:33pull in a few other things from the
1:34scriptures in order to understand what
1:37is going on here we’re going to begin
1:39with kind of a you know an easy one to
1:42start with the idea is something like
1:45this you’ll note that Jesus In Our
1:47Gospel text has been giving sight to the
1:49blind he’s been giving hearing to the
1:51deaf he has been giving well the ability
1:54to speak to those who are mute and
1:57you’ll note that in so doing the
1:59scripture is always kind of really
2:01strongly suggest if not overtly tell us
2:04in some cases that this points to a
2:07bigger problem spiritual blindness
2:10spiritual deafness spiritual muteness
2:15you get the idea these themes go
2:18together and then when we get to our
2:21gospel text today then we’re dealing
2:23with Leprosy leprosy back in the day was
2:27pretty much a death sentence there was
2:29no way to cure this disease back then I
2:32think it’s called Hansen’s Disease now
2:34there are ways to treat it but leprosy
2:37is like if you would the quintessential
2:40example in the physical of the
2:43corruption that we experience because of
2:47sin it’s a absolute devastating
2:51perpetually getting worse disease that
2:55results in a horrific smelly disgusting
2:58long slow languishing death no cure it’s
3:02a death sentence and if you were to
3:04think of it this way
3:06nobody takes you know issue with the
3:09fact that when you say all right there
3:11are two tables in the in God’s ten
3:13commandments you’ve got the first table
3:15that deals with our vertical
3:17relationship with God you shall have no
3:20other gods you shall not take the name
3:22of the Lord your God in vain remember
3:23the Sabbath day to keep it holy this has
3:26to do with our vertical relationship
3:27with God but the second table of the law
3:29then deals with our horizontal
3:32relationship with each other you shall
3:34honor your father and mother and you
3:36shall not murder you shall not commit
3:37adultery you shall not steal you shall
3:40not bear false witness against your
3:41neighbor and then you get all the rules
3:43regarding coveting as well this all has
3:45to do with the horizontal and so you’re
3:47going to note our theologians and
3:49Christians throughout the Millennia have
3:51noted that when you break one of The
3:53Commandments in the second table of the
3:55law you’re always also breaking the
3:58first commandment
3:59you’re always breaking two when you
4:02break one of those does that make sense
4:04so that being the case uh you know
4:06you’ll note then that when we look at
4:09diseases like leprosy which are a great
4:13and horrible picture of well the
4:16corruption of sin we come to a very
4:19important well realization that all
4:23physical ailments every single one of
4:26them has their ultimate
4:29beginning their Genesis in sin the wages
4:34of sin is death and death comes to us
4:36all and so many various and varied ways
4:39but all that being said so we can say
4:41that sin is the actual culprit when it
4:44comes to all elements now I’m not saying
4:46a specific sin you know that you may
4:49have committed we’re talking about Sin
4:51in general and if you’re not sure if
4:53you’re symptomatic for sin if you were
4:56to think of it in terms of disease well
4:58this is where our epistle text is quite
5:00helpful we have a list of of well it’s
5:03not an extensive list but it’s quite a
5:06list of different well how shall I put
5:10this ways in which it manifests these
5:13are the symptoms of the sin sickness
5:16that we have sexual immorality
5:21sensuality idolatry sorcery enmity
5:25Strife jealousy fits of anger rivalries
5:29dissensions divisions Envy drunkenness
5:33orgies you get the idea this is horrible
5:37symptom list but that shows the absolute
5:41Corruption of sin the leprosy if we
5:44would the leprosy that we all suffer
5:47from and so as we look at our gospel
5:49text today note that on some level this
5:54Samaritan that well comes back and gives
5:57praise to God along with his nine other
6:00fellows who were cured it shows us
6:03Jesus’s compassion not only towards our
6:06physical ailments but the actual root
6:09cause itself which is sin the Samaritan
6:12comes back and he Praises God and it’s
6:14here where I have to also note we need a
6:17little bit more context as to what’s
6:19going going on here because if you don’t
6:22get these details right then you end up
6:26basically scolding people for not
6:28thanking God enough and that’s not
6:30really the point of this text so let me
6:35Jesus in The Gospel of John chapter 4
6:38remember when he has that conversation
6:40with that Samaritan woman at the well it
6:43was noon when she came out and the
6:46reason why is because she was kind of
6:48the Town Pariah she was not exactly
6:49known for her moral fortitude she had
6:53had five previous husbands and was
6:55currently shacking up with a fellow so
6:58people might say she was a little loose
7:00and so hanging out at the time when
7:02people normally draw their water in the
7:05cooler parts of the day would well she
7:07would be subjected to scolding ridicule
7:10and things like this so you’ll note that
7:12Jesus is there at the well when she
7:15comes at noon and he asks her for a
7:18drink of water and they get into a
7:21conversation and he he asked her to go
7:24call your husband to come here and the
7:27woman said to Jesus well I don’t have a
7:29husband and Jesus said yeah you’re right
7:31that’s actually true
7:33when you write and saying you don’t have
7:35a husband you have had five husbands the
7:38one you have now is not actually your
7:40husband so what you’ve said is true and
7:42at this point the light goes on and the
7:44woman says you know sir I perceive that
7:45you’re a prophet you think all right
7:47okay so and then she changes the subject
7:51all together
7:53and she gets to kind of like the big
7:55conflict that exists between Samaritans
7:58and Jews and she says our fathers
8:00referring to her Samaritan fathers they
8:03worshiped on this mountain and the
8:05mountain that she was referring to is
8:06Mount garazim where there was that
8:09Ancient Temple complex that had been set
8:12up by jeroboam son of nibat when the
8:15northern kingdom and the southern
8:17Kingdom were torn apart and they had set
8:19up a really awful idolatrous Worship
8:22Center on the top of Mount gerizim so
8:25she says our fathers they worshiped on
8:27this mountain
8:28but you say you Jews say that in
8:31Jerusalem that is the place where people
8:33ought to worship and Jesus said to her
8:36woman believe me the hour is coming when
8:38neither on this mountain nor in
8:39Jerusalem will you worship the father
8:42you worship what you do not know we
8:45worship what we know for salvation is
8:48from the Jews but the hour is coming and
8:51is now here Jesus said when true
8:54worshipers will worship the father in
8:57spirit and in truth for the father is
9:00seeking such people to worship him God
9:02is Spirit those who worship Him must
9:05worship Him in spirit and in truth and
9:09then the most amazing thing ever happens
9:11Jesus actually speaks quite boldly about
9:14who he is so the woman said to Jesus
9:16well I know that when Messiah when he
9:18comes he who is called the Christ he
9:21will tell us all things Jesus said to
9:24her I who speak to you I’m he just
9:26straight out said it okay to us American
9:29woman right now that’s kind of a little
9:32bit of the context here now there’s a
9:34little bit more to the context and this
9:37requires us to do a little bit of
9:39rabbinic study in Torah all right and
9:42there are two chapters in The Book of
9:44Leviticus that just make me break out in
9:48a rash pun intended Leviticus 13 and
9:52Leviticus 14. it is all about the what
9:56the Mosaic Covenant requires regarding
10:05I am so glad that as a New Covenant
10:07Pastor I do not have to look at people’s
10:10skin rashes I I would be finding a
10:12different job I can just tell you that
10:14right now so 13 is all about the rules
10:17for a priest to look at and examine skin
10:21rashes to determine whether or not it’s
10:23leprosy and if it is leprosy the person
10:27is declared to be
10:29unclean and the Mosaic Covenant is very
10:32specific about what a leper must do once
10:36you are declared unclean you’re not
10:38welcome in town you’re not you have to
10:41live in leper colonies you got to live
10:43outside of the city Gates and if anyone
10:46is approaching your general vicinity
10:49well God required that you mask up yeah
10:53long before covid there was social
10:54distancing they had to mask up and they
10:57were required to put their hand over
10:58their mouth and say unclean unclean
11:03that’s what they were required to do
11:05right right
11:06so you’ll note this is part of what our
11:09story is but there’s a little bit more
11:11to the story and that is is that
11:14Leviticus 14
11:16anticipates that some lepers would
11:20actually be cleansed that they would be
11:24healed so not every leper is going to
11:28experience the death sentence of leprosy
11:30and there is a whole set of rules for
11:34what somebody who is under the Mosaic
11:37Covenant is required to do should they
11:42be healed of their leprosy let me read
11:45the details Leviticus chapter 14 verse
11:50Yahweh spoke to Moses saying this shall
11:54be the law of the leprous person for the
11:57day of his cleansing he shall be brought
12:00to the priest and the priest shall go
12:03out of the camp and the priests shall
12:06and if the case of leprous disease is
12:09healed in the leprous person the priest
12:12shall command them to take for him who
12:15is to be cleansed two live clean birds
12:18and Cedarwood and Scarlet yarn
12:23and hyssop
12:26hmm so one of these birds is going to
12:29die their blood is going to be used for
12:31something that kind of prefigures
12:33baptism but Cedarwood that kind of
12:36Harkens to the cross
12:38Scarlet yarn reminds me of rahav the
12:41prostitute of Jericho remember the the
12:44one who hid the spies and she wanted to
12:47live and they told her that she had to
12:49put a scarlet cord outside of her window
12:51and that when Israel sat Jerusalem that
12:55if they if all of her family members
12:57were in her house and she still had that
12:59cord out of her window that Scarlet yarn
13:02they would all be saved and they were
13:04and then hyssop hmm you know yeah it
13:09kind of reminds me of David’s Psalm 51
13:12where he says cleanse me with hyssop and
13:15I shall be clean and hyssop shows up
13:17only a few times in scripture Psalm 51
13:20being one of the places but also the
13:22cross so you’ll know each of these
13:24little things kind of in our mind in
13:26some way or another connects us back to
13:28the gospel so the priest then will
13:31command them to kill one of the birds
13:33in an earthenware vessel over fresh
13:38okay so fresh water kill the bird over
13:41that and then he shall take the live
13:42bird with the cedar wood and the Scarlet
13:45yarn and the hyssop and then dip them
13:48and the live bird in the blood of the
13:51bird that was killed over the fresh
13:53water and he shall sprinkle it seven
13:55times on him who is to be cleansed of
13:58the leprous disease I think this is a
14:01foreshadowing of baptism right but
14:02you’re going to note something here that
14:04when we look at rules like this in the
14:06Torah these are the laws regarding the
14:10right worship of Yahweh these are acts
14:13of faith done these are done in faith in
14:16obedience to God and they are acts of
14:18worship so there’s a big rigmarole to go
14:21through if you are actually cleansed of
14:23your leprous disease then he shall
14:26sprinkle it seven times on him as to be
14:28cleansed of his leprous disease seven
14:30times you guys remember Naaman the leper
14:33the the commander of the armies of Syria
14:35in second Kings chapter five how many
14:37times times did Elisha tell him to dip
14:40himself in the Jordan River
14:42seven times all prefiguring baptism then
14:46he shall pronounce him clean and then
14:48shall let the living bird go into the
14:50open field and he who is to be cleansed
14:53shall wash his clothes and he shall be
14:55clean and after that he may come into
14:58the camp but live outside his tent for
15:01seven days and then on the seventh day
15:05he shall shave off all of his hair from
15:07his head his beard and his eyebrows that
15:10has got to look weird then he shall
15:13shave off all of his hair and then he
15:15shall wash his clothes bathe his body in
15:18water and then he shall be clean and on
15:22the Eighth Day the day of the
15:23Resurrection The Day of the new Earth
15:25right he shall take two male Lambs
15:27without blemish one you lamb a year old
15:30without blemish a grain offering of
15:33three tenths of an epha a fine flower
15:35mixed with oil and one log of oil and
15:38then the priest who cleanses him shall
15:41set the man who is to be cleansed and
15:44these things before Yahweh at the
15:46entrance of the tent of meeting and the
15:48priest shall take one of the male Lambs
15:50offer it for a guilt offering along with
15:53the log of oil wave them for a wave
15:56offering before Yahweh and then he shall
15:58kill the lamb in the place where they
16:01kill the sin offering and the burnt
16:03offering in the place of the sanctuary
16:05for the guilt offering like the sin
16:07offering belongs to the priest it is
16:09most holy the priest shall then take
16:11some of the blood of the guilt offering
16:12and the priest shall put it on the lobe
16:14of the right ear of him who is to be
16:16cleansed and on the thumb of his right
16:19hand and on the big toe of his right
16:21foot and then the priest shall take some
16:24of the log of oil pour it into the palm
16:26of his own left hand dip his right
16:28finger in the oil that is in the left
16:30hand sprinkle some of the oil with his
16:33finger seven times before Yahweh and
16:36then some of the oil that remains in his
16:38hand the priest shall put on the lobe of
16:40the right ear of him who is to be
16:41cleansed and on the thumb of his right
16:43hand and on the big toe of his right
16:46foot on the top of the blood of the
16:48guilt offering and the rest of the oil
16:50that is in the priest’s hand
16:53he shall put on the head of him who is
16:55to be cleansed then the priest shall
16:58make atonement for him before Yahweh the
17:00priest shall offer the sin offering to
17:02make atonement for him who is to be
17:04cleansed from his uncleanness and
17:07afterwards he shall kill the burnt
17:09offering and the priest shall offer the
17:11burnt offering and the grain offering on
17:13the altar thus the priest shall make
17:15atonement for him and he shall be
17:19now that’s a lot of detail right this is
17:22you’ll note that the nine that didn’t
17:26come back this is what they were heading
17:28to Jerusalem to do right keep that in
17:32mind keep that in mind so that’s our
17:35context now that we have our context
17:37let’s take a look at the gospel text
17:39itself so on the way to Jerusalem Jesus
17:43was passing along between Samaria and
17:47Galilee he’s like in no man’s land he’s
17:51not in Samaria he’s not in Galilee he’s
17:53kind of between the two and I think that
17:56geography has something to do with kind
17:59of the big Point that’s going on here
18:01and so Jesus entered a village and he
18:04was met by ten lepers who stood at a
18:07distance which they were required to do
18:10but rather than crying out we are
18:13unclean unclean unclean instead they
18:16lift up their voices and they cry out
18:19Jesus is Master have mercy on us
18:23this is a version of what we prayed
18:26earlier today Lord have mercy right hmm
18:29that’s a good prayer and I think they’re
18:32praying it to the exact right guy they
18:33should be praying this to and so when
18:36Jesus saw them he said to them note he
18:38doesn’t touch any of them he says Go and
18:41show yourselves to the priests
18:44now one of them is a Samaritan nine of
18:47them are Jews will the Samaritan be
18:50welcomed at the temple in Jerusalem
18:56no no no no no no he will not be
18:58welcomed he is in an awkward position at
19:02this point right go show yourselves to
19:05the priests and so you’re going to note
19:07here despite the fact that he is not
19:09going to be welcome there he heads off
19:12with the remaining
19:14lepers who are all Jews
19:17and then the miracle happens as they
19:22went they were cleansed
19:25and you can just see what’s going on
19:27here now now a little bit of a note
19:30the nine who are heading to Jerusalem
19:33they’re still under the Mosaic Covenant
19:37the Mosaic Covenant has not been
19:39abrogated yet because Christ hasn’t
19:40fulfilled it in its entirety they are
19:43under the Mosaic Covenant every bit as
19:45much as Jesus is under the Mosaic
19:47Covenant and you’ll note that they are
19:50going to do exactly what Jesus told them
19:53to do and they know full well from their
19:56training in the Torah as children that
19:59the what is required of them is it when
20:02it relates to their worship and their
20:04Thanksgiving as it comes to their
20:06healing as lepers
20:08in fact they may have spent a little
20:10time kind of re-reading that section
20:13praying about it and you’ll note this
20:15requires an atonement a sin offering for
20:19their cleansing
20:21this is where leprosy and sin come
20:24together and you can see it in scripture
20:26but this well the Samaritan he’s stuck
20:30he has nowhere to go he can’t continue
20:35so where does he go so one of them when
20:39he saw that he was cleansed he turned
20:42praising God with a loud voice he fell
20:45on his face at Jesus’s feet giving him
20:54that’s exactly where he should have gone
20:56and you’ll note at this point things
20:58start to crack a little bit
21:01and what I mean by this is that now we
21:04conceive just as Jesus had told that
21:07Samaritan woman at the well God is
21:09seeking those who worship Him in spirit
21:11and in truth and where they worship
21:14doesn’t matter
21:15in Jerusalem Mount gerizim that doesn’t
21:18matter where they worship that that is
21:21immaterial who they worship and who they
21:24worship and how they worship in spirit
21:25and in truth here a Samaritan is
21:28worshiping Christ in spirit and in truth
21:32just as Christ has said and that’s the
21:35point see salvation is from the Jews for
21:39sure but Salvation is not limited to the
21:42Jews and here salvation has come to the
21:45Samaritan not only did Jesus heal his
21:49physical leprosy he also healed his
21:53spiritual leprosy and this fellow now
21:57has come to his real high priest Jesus
22:00because Jesus is our high priest in the
22:03order of Melchizedek but you’ll note it
22:05is required of him then an atonement
22:07offering be made for his sins that he be
22:10forgiven well it just so happens that
22:12Jesus is also his sacrifice Jesus is
22:16also the atoning sacrifice who will go
22:18to the cross and bleed and die for this
22:20fellow sins and so you’ll note already
22:22by chapter 17 Jesus is now on his way to
22:26Jerusalem for the purpose of bleeding
22:28and dying for your sins and mine so that
22:30you and I can be healed of our leprosy
22:34and here Jesus ah it’s just absolutely
22:38beautiful this Samaritan comes to Jesus
22:41who his who is truly his Temple who is
22:45also his atoning sacrifice and his high
22:49priest and so Jesus asked the question
22:51we’re not ten cleansed of course that’s
22:54true where are the nine they’re doing
22:56exactly what you told them to do Jesus
22:58and that Moses requires but you’ll note
23:01that in asking in asking the question
23:03this is not Jesus saying well when good
23:05things happen to you you better be sure
23:07to give thanks and praise to God who
23:09wouldn’t okay that’s not the point the
23:12point is is that you have a Samaritan
23:15giving praise to God a Samaritan being
23:18the recipient of God’s mercy his grace
23:21and his cleansing and that’s the big
23:23Point here and then Jesus says these
23:26words rise and go your way your faith
23:30has made you well and here again I come
23:33back to the late Dr Norman Nagel who
23:35continue to describe Faith as eyesight
23:38Faith always has an object that it’s
23:40looking at and you’ll can you can you’ll
23:42note here that you can rip place the
23:45object of his faith that you can replace
23:47the word faith with the object of his
23:49faith and it doesn’t change the meaning
23:51of the text at all so the text says Rise
23:54and go your way your faith has made you
23:56well but his faith the Samaritan’s faith
23:58is in Jesus so note Watch what it says
24:02Rise and go your way your Jesus has made
24:04you well
24:05and indeed he has in fact he’s saved you
24:10and that’s the big Point here so
24:13brothers and sisters
24:15your Jesus has healed you he has made
24:18you well he has taken your sin and your
24:22leprosy and your corruption in his own
24:24body bled and died in your place he was
24:28the one who went derelict as a result of
24:31your sin and mine in his own body on the
24:34cross so that you and I can finally be
24:36made well and he is today forgiven Us in
24:40pardon us of all of our sins and he’s
24:42promised us that when he returns in
24:44glory to judge the living and the dead
24:46he will raise us again and our bodies
24:50will never again experience sin
24:54experience the corruption of sin and its
24:57diseases and all the things that come
24:59along with our Rebellion against God
25:01instead we will be raised in perfect
25:05health in a World Without End no
25:08suffering and no pain and in the
25:10meantime you’ll note that our epistle
25:13text tells us that God Christ has also
25:16given us something very important he’s
25:19given us his holy spirit the Holy Spirit
25:22dwells in each of us who have been
25:24baptized into Christ and the Holy Spirit
25:27is the one who gives us strength now to
25:31not gratify the desires of our corrupted
25:34leprous sinful flesh and you’ll note
25:37your your leprous sinful flesh still
25:41desires sexual immorality and impurity
25:44and sensuality and idolatry and sorcery
25:47and enmity and strife and jealousy and
25:50fits of anger and rivalries and
25:51dissensions and divisions in envy and
25:54drunkenness and orgies yes this is what
25:56your sinful flesh desires but we have
25:59the Holy Spirit because Christ has sent
26:02him who gives us the power to not
26:05gratify the desires of our sinful flesh
26:08and to mortify our sinful passions so
26:11that in this life rather than
26:14producing the symptoms of this leprous
26:17sin disease instead we bear the fruit of
26:20the spirit whom the spirit now produces
26:23in us love and joy and peace and
26:26patience and kindness and goodness and
26:29faithfulness gentleness and self-control
26:32those who belong to Christ and you do
26:35they have already now crucified the
26:37flesh with its passions and its desires
26:39and you are not required to obey its
26:43desires the holy spirit will give you
26:45the strength to say no and so what a
26:48great thing we see here we come to Jesus
26:51leprous crying out to him for Mercy he
26:54gives us Mercy cleanses us heart and
26:57soul promises to cleanse us also in body
27:00when he returns so rise go your way in
27:03peace today your Jesus has made you well
27:06in the name of Jesus Amen
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