Sermon Transcript – Alan Kosmatka Funeral

June 09, 2015 | Pr. Chris Rosebrough

Welcome to the Teaching Ministry of Kongsvinger Lutheran Church. Kongsvinger is a beacon for the Gospel of Jesus Christ and is located on the plains of Northwestern Minnesota.
We proclaim Christ and Him crucified for our sins and salvation by grace through faith alone, and now, here’s a message from Pastor Chris Rosebrough:
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0:27The holy Gospel
0:29According to Saint John chapter 3 verses
0:331 through 16.
0:36there was a man of the Pharisees named
0:38Nicodemus a ruler of the Jews this man
0:41came to Jesus by night and said him
0:43Rabbi we know that you are a teacher
0:45come from God for No One Can Do This
0:47these signs that you do unless God is
0:49with him Jesus answered truly truly I
0:53say to you unless one is born again he
0:56cannot see the kingdom of God
0:58Nicodemus said to him how can a man be
1:00born when he is old can he enter a
1:03second time into his mother’s womb and
1:04be born Jesus answered truly truly I say
1:08to you unless one is born of water and
1:11the spirit he cannot enter the kingdom
1:13of God that which is born of the flesh
1:15is flesh that which is born of the
1:17spirit is Spirit do not Marvel that I
1:19said to you you must be born again the
1:22wind blows where it wishes and hear it
1:24sound but you do not know where it comes
1:26from or where it goes so it is with
1:28everyone who is born of the spirit
1:31Nicodemus said to him how can these
1:34things be Jesus answered are you the
1:36teacher of Israel and yet you do not
1:38understand these things truly truly I
1:41say to you we speak of what we know and
1:43very witness of what we have seen but
1:45you do not receive our testimony if I
1:47had told you of Earthly things and you
1:49do not believe how can you believe if I
1:51tell you Heavenly things no one has
1:54ascended into heaven except he who
1:55descended from Heaven the son of man and
1:58as Moses lifted up the serpent in the
2:00wilderness so must the son of man be
2:02lifted up that whoever believes in him
2:04may have eternal life for God so loved
2:08the world that he gave his only son that
2:11whoever believes in him should not
2:13perish but have
2:15eternal life foreign
2:18in the name of Jesus
2:21and you say Amen
2:24for God so loved the world
2:26that he gave his only son that whoever
2:29believes in him should not perish but
2:33eternal life this is our text
2:35Alan katsmotska hard-working farmer
2:38crane operator employee at American
2:42obedient son faithful husband
2:45and father and true friend
2:48he loved to work with his hands worked
2:50with wood he loved a fish
2:53life goes by so quickly does it not you
2:56know it was only Yesterday When Alan was
2:58young and Live Strong and Hardy you know
3:01it was only Yesterday When Alan would
3:03ride his bike to his favorite spots on
3:06the Red River with his fishing pole in
3:07hand and a bucket of worms
3:09it was only yesterday that Alan would
3:12ice fish with his buddies Victor and
3:16in youth we have our whole lives ahead
3:19of us
3:20and when our children are small
3:23we appear to them as strong and
3:27as the years add up though and they add
3:29up quickly
3:31we learned that our strength doesn’t
3:32last and soon we become weak and
3:35oftentimes that weakness comes with pain
3:38and with suffering
3:40the days of playing fishing the days of
3:44falling in love with the woman of your
3:46working with your hands
3:48putting in A Hard Day’s Work and looking
3:50at what you’ve accomplished with that
3:52strong sense of satisfaction and pride
3:54those moments with your son teaching him
3:57how to throw a ball catch a fish drive a
4:01they all become memories and then slowly
4:04and quietly you yourself become a memory
4:08as death comes to visit you as death
4:11comes to visit us all
4:13we breathe we cry
4:16we love we laugh
4:19we toil
4:20and then finally we rest
4:23it’s also precious and it’s also awful
4:25all at the same time
4:27and we want to know what it all means
4:30why are our lives a vapor
4:33why must we toil as hard as we do to pay
4:36our bills and buy our groceries and why
4:39is this life so short
4:41and so difficult
4:44how is it possible that one day we are
4:47young and carefree and the next day
4:49we’re weather worn tired spent and then
4:52no longer here
4:54how is it possible
4:56that one day at church you’re exchanging
4:58vows with the love of your life in front
5:01of the altar
5:02and then the next day your Earthly
5:05remains are in front of the altar as
5:07your friends and family and Community
5:08are gathered to say their goodbyes
5:12this is not just Alan’s story
5:15this is your story too and it’s mine
5:18and if God had not given us the answer
5:20to these questions then life would seem
5:23short life would seem mean and life
5:26would seem meaningless but I tell you
5:29this Alan knew the truth about this life
5:33and Alan was not only a hard-working
5:35farmer crane operator employee at
5:37American Crystal woodworker fisherman
5:39obedient son faithful husband and father
5:42and true friend he was also a baptized
5:45believer in Jesus Christ Allen was born
5:48from above and because of that
5:50we’re not here to say goodbye to Alan we
5:54are here to say
5:55we’ll see you soon
5:57and with this thought Let Us return
6:00again to Our Gospel text for this
6:02now there was a man of the Pharisees
6:04named Nicodemus a ruler of the Jews this
6:08man came to Jesus by night and said to
6:11Jesus Rabbi we know that you are a
6:13teacher from come from God for no one
6:16can do these signs that you do unless
6:19God is with him
6:21and Jesus Takes this statement almost in
6:25a way ignores it and then he says this
6:27amen amen truly truly I say to you
6:30unless one is born and the Greek word
6:33says Anno thin it’s an interesting word
6:36we translated in our English as born
6:38again but it can actually mean born from
6:39above it’s one of those weird words it
6:41kind of has a dual meaning it’s
6:43difficult to tell what Jesus is talking
6:45about so he says unless one is born Anno
6:48thin maybe born from above maybe born
6:50again he cannot see the kingdom of God
6:54but that statement is amazing in and of
6:59who here doesn’t want to see the kingdom
7:01of God
7:02who here doesn’t want to see The God Who
7:05Made Us who made the universe the Stars
7:08the Earth the soil that the farmers are
7:10putting their crops into the ground the
7:13one who hung the moon and set the sun on
7:18all of us want to see that God
7:21we also want to see his kingdom and
7:23Jesus says unless one is born from above
7:25he cannot see this Kingdom the Nicodemus
7:28thinking that Jesus said that somebody
7:29had to be born again like you know born
7:31like a second time by crawling into his
7:33mother’s womb thinks that Jesus is
7:35speaking nonsense and so he says well
7:37how how can a man be born when he’s old
7:40can he enter a second time into his
7:41mother’s womb and be born
7:44Jesus answered amen amen I say to you
7:48unless one is born of water and the
7:51spirit he cannot enter the kingdom of
7:54referring to baptism that which is born
7:57of the flesh is flesh that which is born
7:59of the spirit of spirit and do not
8:01Marvel that I said to you you must be
8:04from above the wind blows where it
8:06wishes you hear it sound but you do not
8:08know where it comes from or where it
8:10goes so it is with everyone who is born
8:12of the spirit
8:14Nicodemus said to him how can these
8:17things be you know you can just see his
8:20brain exploding
8:22doesn’t get it
8:24and Jesus says are you the teacher of
8:26Israel and yet you do not understand
8:27these things amen amen I say to you we
8:30speak of what we know we bear witness of
8:31what we have seen but you do not receive
8:34our testimony if I have told you of
8:36Earthly things and you do not believe
8:37how can you believe if I tell you of
8:39heavenly things no one has ascended into
8:42heaven except he who descended from
8:44Heaven the son of man
8:46and now things get really interesting in
8:48the text just as Moses lifted up the
8:51serpent in the wilderness so must the
8:54son of man be lifted up that whoever
8:57believes in him
8:58may have
9:00eternal life you see Jesus was referring
9:02there to a story in the Book of Numbers
9:04where the children of Israel after being
9:06set free from slavery in Egypt remember
9:09the whole Exodus story they’ve made
9:10movies about it you know Charlton Heston
9:12are you familiar with that the whole
9:14parting of the Red Sea yeah
9:16so they get into the Wilderness God had
9:18rescued them mightily and what do they
9:20do they Grumble against God we can’t
9:22stand this worthless food that you’re
9:24feeding us God did you bring us out into
9:25the Wilderness to have us all die out
9:27here because there weren’t enough graves
9:29in Egypt and so God punished them by
9:31sending a bunch of fiery serpents into
9:33the Israeli camp and they were biting
9:36people and they were dying and then they
9:38realized oh we’ve sinned and so they
9:42to God they went to Moses and said pray
9:44to God on our behalf to take away the
9:46serpents and Moses didn’t take the
9:48serpents away instead God told them to
9:51go and create a bronze serpent hang it
9:53on a pole and anyone who was bit by one
9:56of these serpents can look at it
9:58literally just look at it and they would
10:01you’re thinking well that’s kind of
10:03interesting but what Jesus is saying
10:05here is that that snake on the pole in
10:08some way represents him because what did
10:10they do to Jesus they nailed him to a
10:14they hung him
10:16and he died
10:17and Jesus says much like the way you
10:20look the children of Israel looked at
10:22that bronze Serpent and lived look on me
10:25you’re crucified Savior and you too
10:28shall live but not life as in you’ll
10:32avoid death here and now instead the
10:35life that Jesus offers is to bring you
10:37back from the dead
10:39that is what he has promised us and then
10:42we have this wonderful verse that every
10:43one of us knows because we’ve heard it a
10:46thousand times in fact they even have a
10:48guy who goes to football games and
10:50stands behind the goal post with the big
10:52clown hair on right and he holds up the
10:54sign it says John 3 16 this is what this
10:58text says
10:59for God so loved the world
11:02you think God’s angry I think God’s mean
11:05you think God has it out for you that’s
11:08not what this text says this text says
11:11that God loves the world are you part of
11:14the world I am
11:16you are that means God loves you
11:19he loves you so much that he literally
11:22gave His only begotten son
11:25so that whoever that’s me that’s you
11:28whoever believes in him should not
11:31perish but will have eternal life
11:35so God loved Alan cutsmotska so much
11:39that he gave his only begotten son Jesus
11:42Christ to bleed and to die for his sins
11:44and the Waters of Allen’s baptism the
11:48Roman Catholic Church where he was
11:49baptized Alan’s sins were washed away
11:51and Alan was buried and raised with
11:54Christ and born from above
11:56and because Jesus himself has conquered
11:59the grave
12:00you may have heard about it
12:02on the third day Jesus after after Jesus
12:06was crucified for our sins under Pontius
12:08Pilate Jesus rose bodily from the grave
12:10and because of what Jesus has done and
12:13because Jesus washed away Alan’s sins
12:16and because Alan had faith in these
12:19promises Alan has not perished
12:23Alan has presently
12:27eternal life
12:29and this is what he wants you to know
12:32God doesn’t Only Love Alan consmotska
12:35God loves you
12:37and he loves you so much that He sent
12:39Jesus to bleed and to die for your sins
12:41and Jesus is Calling You just as he’s
12:44called Alan to repent of your sins and
12:47to believe in Jesus for the Forgiveness
12:49of your sins and you too will not perish
12:53but like Alan you will have eternal life
12:56for the day is coming scripture says
12:58that that same Jesus who was crucified
13:00died and was buried rose again and
13:02ascended into heaven he’s going to
13:04return in glory and he’s going to judge
13:06the living and the dead and on that day
13:09all who are in Christ will burst from
13:12their graves having been resurrected
13:14just as Jesus was resurrected and on
13:17that day Christ will judge the Nations
13:20and he will create a new heavens and a
13:22new Earth and we who are in Christ will
13:25spend eternity with him in a world
13:27without sickness a world without disease
13:30a world without death A New World
13:33Without End
13:35and all of this is a gift of God given
13:39to us by Grace by God’s Great mercy and
13:42love for us received by faith
13:46eternal life for free given as a gift
13:49because of God’s great love for Alan and
13:53also for you
13:56so do you believe
13:59funerals are a great time to think about
14:01our own mortality
14:04each and every one of us
14:06is on our way to the same place
14:09and each and every one of us has a
14:11rendezvous with Jesus
14:13and because Jesus is bled and died for
14:15our sins nobody
14:17on the Judgment Day needs to hear from
14:19Christ depart from me I never knew you
14:22each and every one of us because of what
14:25Christ has done for us
14:28that opportunity to have eternal life
14:32repent believe
14:34and today is not a day to say goodbye to
14:36Alan today is just a day to say we’ll
14:40see you soon in the name of Jesus
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